Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, and Me 2

Written By: Shawn

Co-Authored by: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer:

This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nickolas Carter of the Backstreet Boys or Justin Timberlake of Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story!

A Note From The Authors

In the last story, the sentence, "This is really my first time writing this type of story, so I hope you enjoyed it" obviously refers to Shawn, not Jayson and Joshua Vascardi. Some readers did ask about that, so we thought we'd clear it up. Two very good stories are written by the co-authors of this series, that you really should check out. They are Loving BSB and Nick & Brian. Also, in the last story we referred to Charles as Lord Charles Hollingsworth and Amanda as Princess Amanda von Omberg-Hollingsworth, this has changed. Upon doing some research, we found out that Lord is not actually a title, its an honorary title used to refer to someone who holds the title of Baron, Viscount, Earl (a.k.a. Count) or Marquess, or a member of the British House of Lords. So from now on, Charles will be referred to as Viscount Charles Hollingsworth, Amanda will use her actual title, which is Viscountess, and of course Shawn is also a Viscount. Here is a list from lowest to highest of the British titles: Baron & Baroness, Viscount & Viscountess, Earl (a.k.a. Count) & Countess, Marquess & Marchioness, and the highest nobility title is Duke & Duchess. Also, in this story we say that Millenium hasn't been released to public sale yet, yes we realize it has been, but this story takes place about a month before the release of Millenium. And now on with the story!

Chapter 2

A wave of nervousness suddenly washes over me, why I really don't know. I mean being the son of Viscount Charles Hollingsworth and Viscountess Amanda von Omberg-Hollingsworth, I've met famous people before, but I guess I'm suddenly nervous because Nick and Justin are on the plane with me.

There's twelve first class seats on the plane, then a divider, and then begins the coach section, which is already completely full. Apparently the Backstreet Boys and Nsync were the last to be boarded, for obvious reasons. The curtain between the coach and first class sections is pulled so that nobody can see them as they sit down.

As I said, I was in seat A-5, JC and Lance take seats A-3 and A-2, which are in front of me. Justin and Nick take seats A-6 and A-7, which are across the aisle from me, and Brian takes seat A-4, which is next to me. Luckily for me, I'm not as popular as my parents are, so none of them recognized me as the Hollingsworth heir.

I tried my best to ignore their presence by putting my headphones on and playing one of my CDs and reading a book. Well, with all of the fancy, formal, high-priced education I have received thus far, I should have realized that it would be quite impossible to avoid talking with them at all during the non-stop flight to Orlando.

Shortly after the airplane was up in the air, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I moved my eyes from my book, to the smiling face of Brian Littrell, as he extended a hand.

I set my book on the tray table, removed my headphones, and quickly pull off the gold ring, with the Hollingsworth family crest on it, off of my finger and slip it into my vest pocket, hoping Brian didn't see it, before shaking his hand.

"Hello, I'm--"

"Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, I know," I reply with a smile.

"Hi, and you are?"

"Shawn," I reply, leaving out my title, Viscount, and my last name, Hollingsworth.

"Is that it? Do you have a last name or is it just Shawn?"

"Um, Thomas, Shawn Thomas," I lied.

"Hey, cool, Thomas is my middle name," replies Brian with a grin, "It's nice to meet you."

"Same here," I reply with a smile.

Brian looks at my cd player for a moment, and gets an odd expression on his face. I wonder for a moment what that's about, and then as I realize what cd is in the player, I realize what the look is about. The cd is the Backstreet Boys new cd, Millenium, which has not yet gone on public sale. The only reason I have it is because of whom I am, Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth, the rich noble-blooded son of Viscount Charles Hollingsworth and Viscountess Amanda Hollingsworth.

Lucky for me Brian didn't say anything about the cd, and just forgot all about it. Over the course of the flight I talked a lot with Brian, JC, and Lance. Nick & Justin popped into the conversation every now and then, but were for the most part talking solely with each other. Out of the corner of my I could swear I saw them holding hands a few times, but I'm not sure.

The plane landed and we all got off. They wanted to talk to me a little more, and introduce me to the other guys, so I was told to come over to Kevin Richardson's apartment later that night. Lucky for me, Justin, Brian, Nick, Lance, and JC were mobbed by fans the second they were spotted. I say this because, the chauffeur for the limousine that I was to use was holding up a sign reading, "Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth."

I quickly walked over to him and replied, "I'm Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth."

The chauffeur was obviously expecting somebody older, because he gave me the "You couldn't possibly be who you claim to be" look and said, "May I please see some identification."

I quickly pulled out my wallet and showed him my id, which clearly read "Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth."

"I'm so sorry, m'lord, please let me take your luggage."

"First of all, you can call me Shawn, second, do you see those five guys over there who have all those girls asking them for their autographs?"

"Yes, I do, what about them?"

"Don't use my title, or my last name around them. Being a viscount, I don't really have that many friends, and I'm afraid that if they knew they'd treat me differently, so please refer to me as Shawn, or Mr. Thomas around them."

"Whatever you say, Vis--, I mean Shawn."

"Thank you."

After Lance, Nick, Justin, Brian, and JC signed about a dozen autographs and posed for about a dozen pictures, airport security finally gets the mob of girls under control. Brian pulls the guys off to the side and replies, "Something tells me that our new friend Shawn isn't who he says he is."

"Why do you say that, Bri?" asks JC.

"Well, for one thing before he shook my hand on the plane, he removed a very fancy gold ring from his finger and put it in his vest pocket, as if he didn't want me to see it. There appeared to be a family crest engraved on it."

"Hmm, that's kinda strange, anything else?" asks Lance.

"Yeah, here's the really strange part, I looked at his cd player, and I saw the name of the cd in it, it was our cd."

"What's so strange about that?" asks Nick.

"Its strange because it wasn't "Backstreet Boys", it was "Millenium," which hasn't been released to public sale yet."

"That is a bit strange," replies Justin, as he looks over to Shawn for a moment, "You know something? He does look kinda familiar, I think I've seen him somewhere before, but I cant place him."

Well, this time Ive really screwed up. I finally feel like I have made some good friends, and its all because I lied about my last name. Did Brian see me put my ring in my vest? What if he saw the name of their cd? What if one of them recognizes me?

I sit in my limousine on the way to the boarding school wondering, what they will think of me? Should I tell them? How can I do this? I am really beginning to like them. I was so lost in my thoughts and I didnt even hear the driver tell me we were here.

"Hello Im Nancy welcome," says the lady at the reception desk as I walk in.

"Hello, Im Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth" I kindly reply.

"Oh, Viscount Hollingsworth we have been waiting for you. It is a pleasure to have you hear. Let me go get the Dean so we can have you sign in, give you a tour of the campus and show you where you will be staying."

"Thank you very much Nancy."

Moments later the dean comes out and we go make small talk as she shows me around the campus. The tour took a while and I finally get set up in my room. After I make sure everything is to my satisfaction, I decide to surf the web and check e-mail for a while before I go to Kevins apartment later to meet the rest of the groups.

It was a long flight, as I sit on my bed staring at my poster of Justin Timberlake. I start to feel my erection growing in my slacks, begging to be let free as I look over the poster many times and dreaming of what I want to do with Justin. Then I look right next to it and see my poster of Nick Carter, he looks so sexy in that pose. I lay back on my bed and start to rub my cock through my slacks. I open my slacks and my 8 inch cock jumps to attention leaking with pre cum which I use for lube and start pumping my cock furiously thinking about Nick and Justin. I start stroking it fast with a mad rage, and the first spurt of cum shoots like crazy into the air and lands on my slim body. The next few spurts come out mad as I scream in passion, as my orgasm subsides.

As I start to clean myself up I remember I am supposed to go to Kevins apartment, so I pick out something to wear and call the limousine and ask him to take me there. We drive for about 20 minutes and I start to think about what I should tell them. Should I tell them the truth about me? I start to get worried as we pull up in front of his building. I am so nervous. What should I do? Ill just see it they bring it up.

I walk up to the entrance and buzz Kevin's apartment number from the card that Brian gave me at the airport.

"Hello?" Kevin says as he comes over the speaker.

"Hey, Kevin? This is Shawn Thomas, your cousin invited me to drop by." I reply nervously.

"Oh yeah, Brian mentioned that. One minute Shawn let me buzz you up." Kevin replys.

A couple of seconds later I hear a loud buzz and I open the door. I go to the elevator, and theres Nick and Justin standing there waiting for the elevator.

"Hey Nick, Justin." I say as I am smiling from ear to ear.

"Hi Shawn." Nick says with a sexy smile on his face.

"Hey Shawn, hows it going" Justin asks looking as sexy as possible.

We stand there and make small talk until the elevator comes and we get in. Nick pushes the button for Kevins floor, as I look him and Justin over, I almost fainted. We continue to talk as we reach the floor, we get out and quickly walk to Kevins apartment, which is not too far from the elevator.

We knock and Kevin immediately opens the door to let us in. As we walk in we see Brian, A.J., Howie, JC, Lance, Chris, and Joey, sitting around talking about little stuff. They start to ask me questions.

"So, where did you go?" Brian says with a curious look on his face.

"Yeah you took off so quickly." Lance quickly adds.

"Oh I had to get my room setup at the boarding school." I reply.

"Oh, youre going to a boarding school?" Justin asks.

"Yeah my parents sent me there."

"Really, where are you from?" Nick asks with a gorgeous smile on his face.

"Im originally from New York, but since my nanny died I have moved here." I say with a sad look on my face.

"Oh, Im sorry" They all add.

"Its ok, she died yesterday morning."

A moment of silence passes, and we regain conversation.

"So, how do you like the new cd?" Brian asks curiously.

"I thought it was great." I say accidentally slipping my mind.

"New cd?" asks AJ with curiosity.

"Well, Shawn here has a copy of Millenium," replies Nick.

"How did you get it?" Kevin asks, "It doesn't go on sale for another month."

"Umm, well I think I should be totally honest with you guys. I think you guys are great, especially you Nick and you too Justin. But there are some things I should clear up first." I say with my head facing the ground.

"My name is really not Shawn Thomas." I mutter as I am still looking at the floor. "I am Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth. My father is Viscount Charles Hollingsworth, and my mother is Viscountess Amanda Von Omberg- Hollingsworth, I am very sorry I lied to you all, but I was afraid that if I told you who I really was you would only like me for my title, or feel very uncomfortable around me. Thats how I got your new cd before it was released."

"Thats where I saw him before, in People magazine," Justin exclaims.

"Also I have one other thing to say. Im gay." As I make that statement I start to get up and walk towards the door. Feeling someone grabs me by the arm and turns me around.

"We also have something to say to you Shawn" Nick says as he looks into my blue eyes.

" Yeah we havent been exactly truthful to you Shawn." Justin says shyly.

So I sit down and expect the worst. "Shawn, Justin and I are gay and we are a couple." My face looks so relieved. "I thought I saw you two holding hands on the plane. So you guys are not mad at me?" I ask everyone.

"No not at all, but we admire you for having the courage to tell us before anything got out of hand." Kevin says.

"You guys would have probably found out sooner or later, I just wanted to tell you before we got in too deep." I say.

"What was that ring you put in your pocket before you shook my hand?" Brian asks.

"Oh you saw that, that was my family ring." I say as I pull out the solid gold ring with the family crest engraved on it from my pocket.

"Can I see that?" Brian asks. All of us get in closer and I show off my ring. Then I place it back on my finger. We continue talking for another couple of hours, when I realize what time it is. "I have really got to go." I say. Before I leave Nick and Justin meet me in the hallway.

"Shawn would you like to have lunch with Nick and I tomorrow? Justin asks with puppy dog eyes.

"I would love to" I reply. "But I am very tired. Here is my cell phone number." I quickly jot the number down on the back of my card, as I hand it to Justin. "Call me tomorrow and we can arrange things tomorrow."

"Thanks." They both reply in unison.

I get on to the elevator, and pull out my cell phone and call the limousine. The limousine quickly pulls up and takes me to the boarding school. All the time I am wondering why everyone else was so quiet during my visit. I have to make a note to get together with them and get to know all of them better. Not just the men of my dreams. Although nothing would probably give me more pleasure then exploring every inch of their hot bodies.

I get out of the limousine and walk to my room. I get undressed and head off to bed a waiting the things that will happen tomorrow.

Back at Kevins apartment

"Well we should head off we have a big day tomorrow." Brian says, as everyone starts to leave.

Nick and Justin get into Nicks Durango and head off to Nicks house.

As they pull into the driveway they start to realize they havent kissed one another in a couple of hours. They immediately embrace in a passionate kiss. They sit there making out like crazy, when they realize there still in the car. They get out and run into the house holding hands. The second they get into the house they embrace in another passionate kiss, as they start to remove each others clothing until they are completely naked and sporting hard-ons. They start groping each others cocks. As they break the kiss, Nick goes to his knees and begins sucking on Justins 81/2 inch cock. It doesnt take Justin long and before Nick knew it he was swallowing a huge load of Justin s sweet cream. Th slowly walks into the bedroom.

"Nick, I want you inside of me." Justin says looking deep into nicks eyes. "Are you sure youre ready? It still might be hard for you to handle after what had happened." Nick says with a loving tone in his voice.

"Nicky, I am sure. I love you and I want you inside of me."

"I love you too Justin."

They get on the bed as Nick lubes up his 9-inch cock, Justin lays on his back patiently. Nick puts a glob of lube on his finger and starts to lube up Justins awaiting hole. As Justin shudders, when the cold lube touches his bottom. Nick slowly puts a finger into his hole getting it nice and lubed up.

"Nick, Im ready." Justin says impatiently.

"Ok, here goes nothing." Nick says as he positions his cock at the entrance of his lovers hole. Slowly Nick starts to penetrate Justins hole.

"Oh, Nick. I love you!" Justin says as he starts to cry.

When Nick sees Justin starting to cry he immediately stops and cuddles up to Justin.

"Im so sorry..." Nick starts to try to say, as he is getting kissed by Justin.

"No you shouldnt be sorry, I told you to. I love you so much, But the memories of what happened are still there, and they hurt more than ever." Justin says snuggling up close to Nick.

"I love you too Justin. How ever long it takes I will be here." Nick says laying his head on the pillow.

What a day, I think to myself as I slowly get up to start off the day. I go to the bathroom and clean myself up, as I go trough the things I need to do today.

I get on my computer and check e-mail and respond. Then I cheer up when I realize I am getting together with Nick and Justin. A smile comes to my face, as I pick out todays clothes and I get dressed. I pick up my cell phone on the way out and lock the door to my room. I head off in search of the bookstore to buy the required books for the courses. I quickly get what I need, and pay for the stuff. I pull out my cell phone and call my limousine driver and ask him to take me to a mall, to go shopping for new clothes. I just realize the time when we pull up to the mall. I tell the driver I will need the limo in about an hour and a half.

"Good morning sexy." Nick says as Justin comes out of a sound sleep.

"Morning, your not mad at me for last night?"

"No I could never be mad at you, I love you." Nick says reassuringly.

"So whats on the agenda today?" Justin asks smiling as he goes in for a kiss from Nick. They kiss for a few minuets getting lost in the moment.

"Oh well Im sure Shawn might be up by now, do you want to call him and do lunch or something?" Nick says.

"Yeah." Justin says pulling his cell phone out of his pants pocket on the floor. He quickly dials the number.

"Hello, this is Shawn," I say answering the phone on the first ring.

"Hey, Shawn it me Justin."

"Oh hey Justin, how did you sleep?"

"Good, and yourself?"

"I slept better than usual." I say.

"Well Nick and I wanted to get together with you today." Justin says with a smile on his face.

"Yeah where do you want to get together?" I ask

"How about we go to lunch, and maybe we could join the groups somewhere." Justin asks.

"Sure lunch it is. Where at?"

"How about you come over here, and we will decide then?" "Sounds good." He gives me the address, and I quickly call the limousine. I jump in and give him the address. We drive for about 20 minutes, before I hear the sound that is produced when somebody slams on their brakes and goes into a skid. It sounds like an accident, I quickly unroll the window between the passenger and driver compartments to ask what is going on, and I see the driver slumped down over the wheel, he apparently had a heart attack while driving. The limousine is swerving out of control, and I cry out in horror as I feel another car ramming into the side of it...

To be continued...

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