Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, and Me
Written by: Shawn
Legal Disclaimer
 This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys or Justin Timberlake of Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, enjoy the story.
A Note From The Author
 This is really my first time writing this type of story, so I hope you enjoy it. I would like to say, to all who have sent E-mails. Thank you very much. I am still having problems, and the delay will continue. I thought it would be a little unfair to those dedicated readers, to just leave them, with that cliffhanger. I also urge you to read Loving BSB, Nick & Brian, Brian & Justin. They are all great stories. I would also like to thank JM, author of Brian & Justin. And Ryan & Drew, for helping me proofread this chapter. I am sorry about the length of it, but it is better than nothing. And now with further a due, on with the story.
Chapter 4
Nick awakens from a sound slumber, only to notice Justin softly snoring. He then rests his head on his lover well-defined chest and falls back into deep slumber.
<Ring, Ring, Ring> The phone rings waking the two lovers.
"Hello" Justin says.
"Hey Justin, It's me Brian." Brian replies sadly.
"How's it going with Lance? How are you holding up?" Justin asks concerned.
"Well, I am have a lot of good luck, all I need is one thing and he'll probably snap back. Hopefully that will work. But I just don't know what." Brian says with a frustrated tone to his voice.
"Well, why don't all of you come over and have breakfast, and we can work on it then?" Justin asks.
"Ok, I'll get everybody together, why don't you call Shawn, maybe he'll have an idea or something."  Brian replies.
"Ok, I'll start breakfast, see you guys in a bit." Justin says with a yawn.
"Ok, we'll be there." On that note they hang up.
"Nick, come on baby. Wake up my sweetheart. Company will be here." Justin says gently shaking Nick.
Nick jumps up with a shot. "Company?" Nick shouts.
"Yeah, Brian, Lance and every one is coming over for breakfast. I'm gonna call Shawn, to see if he wants to come. We are all gonna try and help lance get rid of that crazy case of amnesia." Justin says.
"Oh, ok. I had the strangest dream, but never mind, let's get started on breakfast." Nick replies putting some clothes on.
<Ring, Ring, Ring>
"Hello, this is Shawn." I say answering my cell phone.
"Hey Shawn, just called to invite you to breakfast. We are going to help Lance get his memory back." Justin says.
"Oh, Ok. I'll be right over." I reply.
"Ok, we will see you then." Justin says, hanging the phone up.
"Ok, Shawn is on his way over." Justin tells Nick.
They make French toast, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and other breakfast dishes. Everyone arrives, and they begin eating the delicious breakfast Nick and Justin has prepared.
Everyone clears their plates, and they begin thinking of ideas, on how to help Lance get his memory back.
Gradually Lance starts to come out of his shell and starts asking questions. All of them to which he knows the answer, or at least thinks he does.
 They are sitting around the living room, when all of a sudden Lance starts jumping up and down, screaming Justin's name. Justin jumps up; almost dropping Nick who is lying on his lap and nearly falls to the floor, while Justin runs immediately to Lance.
"Oh, my god. Justin oh baby, I remember. I remember you and me. " Lance shouts, while jumping up to kiss Justin on the lips.

To Be Continued...
I hope you enjoyed this part of the story, the next part will be longer, I promise. There will be a longer delay due to personal problems. Send all comments and suggestions to MadCat109@yahoo.com, all emails will be answered.