Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, and Me

Written by: Shawn

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This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, enjoy the story.

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This is really my first time writing this type of story, so I hope you enjoy it. This chapter is dedicated to Joshua Vascardi, in his memory. And, also this will be part one of last chapter of this story. It would be to hard to continue writing this story, because one of the people who have taught me how to write has passed away. Josh, and Jay Vascardi, have helped me with this story from the beginning, and It would be too hard to continue this story. But there is a bit of good news, I have started a new series, it is going to be called BSB’s Prinze. Look for it very soon. There will be a lot more chapters than this one, and they will be closer together, in time. I have not had too much time with this series. So, the next will be better. I would like to thank all the people who have e-mailed me regarding the story, you all have helped so much. WOW, finally, feels much better to be back. I would like to thank all the people who have e-mailed me with your concern. I am a lot better after my accident. I would like to thank Matt for his help with this chapter. And also would again like to thank Shawn, you have helped me so much, I don’t know how I can repay you. Well, this, is going to be a mind blowing chapter, to all who have helped. And now on with the story!

Chapter 6

Justin and Lance continue driving, until they reach Lance’s apartment. The whole trip Lance has been very quiet, all these thoughts about what he did to Brian and Nick are just eating him up inside. All these thoughts running through his mind making him so confused. Suddenly Justin finally says something that shocks Lance to no end.

"I know what you did back there!" Justin says as Lance snaps out of his trance. In

"What...what are you talking about?" Lance manages to get out.

"Back at Nicks house, you faked it." Justin states with a catch in his voice.

"f…faked what?" Lance says as he’s trembling.

"You faked not remembering you and Brian together. I knew it, I saw it in your eyes, you couldn’t even look at him." Justin says.

Lance bursts into tears and confesses everything.

"I had to, I love you. I couldn’t stand being with out you. I had to, he could never understand me the way you do, I know you love me to or else you would have never jumped off the couch throwing Nick to the floor to come to me. It’s fate Justin…you know it as much as I do." Lance says with tears running down his face.

Justin turns Lance’s face and gives him a passionate kiss, for what seems like hours, but they continue to kiss till the sound of heavy raindrops falling on the hood of the car. "I know I knew it. I just don’t know how I faced it without you." Justin says as they break the kiss and start running into Lance’s apartment building. Lance unlocks the door, and they quickly go to Lance’s apartment.

"This brings back so many memories." Justin says as he sits down on the couch.

"Yeah, it does." Lance says joining Justin on the couch.

"So, where were we?" Justin says grinning.

"We were just in the car. Remember?" Lance says laughing.

"Of course I remember that. Silly, I drove us." Justin says with a smile on his face, as he seems to remember everything he loved about Lance. He still doesn’t remember how it ever got started with the whole break up Idea. Justin leans over to Lance as he kisses him on the cheek. Lance snaps out of his train of thought, thinking how he could have ever let him go.

Lance moves his face to Justin’s for a kiss, when all of a sudden Justin moves his head and Lance misses and dives face first onto the floor. Justin starts cracking up, as he goes down to the floor and picks Lance up planting a sweet kiss on his lips.

Justin and lance walk hand in hand to the bedroom, which seems all too familiar to Justin. The memories of him and lance, and the future possibilities. Justin turns to face Lance.

"I love you so much, Lance. I don’t know what I would have done to try and get you back. Every time I closed my eyes I saw your sweet face. And it was hurting me inside not to be with you. I know it didn’t work in the past, but the break up has made me realize how much I love you." Justin says looking deep into Lance’s soulful eyes. A stray tear escapes as Justin sweetly moves his hand and wipes the tear with his soft thumb.

Justin moves closer to lance and starts passionately kissing him. Lance pushes back with force as he returns the kiss. Justin breaks the kiss as he pushes Lance on the waterbed. "Oh, I remember this." Justin says laying little kisses on Lances soft neck. Lance softy moans while running his fingers through Justin’s hair. Justin takes off Lances shirt and kisses his chest. Licking and sucking on each nipple. While kissing his way down Lance’s stomach, his hands venture further, undoing Lance’s pants and pulling them off, along with his boxers. Justin starts kissing lower and more passionately as he gets closer to his prize which is standing high and proud, leaning towards Lance’s stomach. Leaking precum, Justin wraps his hand around Lance’s cock, giving it a few pulls as he leans down and sucks the precum from the head; he quickly takes the entire length down in one thrust. Lance’s moans get louder and louder, as Justin is sucking his cock like there’s no tomorrow. Lance’s body shakes violently as his hot load erupts into Justin’s waiting mouth. Justin eagerly swallows Lance’s entire delicious load. Lance just lays back; his body is limp with exhaustion. As Justin crawls up the bed to his lover, and softly kisses him on the cheek, as they both soon fall asleep in each other’s arms.

As we sit there driving to Kevin’s apartment for breakfast.

I can’t help but think about everything that just happened. I knew I was in love the second I met Nick, but last night. I think I might have taken advantage of him, he was on the rebound, but it all happened too fast. These thoughts race around my mind, ‘what if I did something wrong.’ ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ ‘everything just seems to be happening so fast.’ All the same thoughts are running circles around my head as Nick snaps me back to reality.

"It’ll all be ok, Shawn, I have never felt this way about anyone, before. I love you so much, I knew the second I met you, we clicked. I felt something special about you, and I knew we were meant to be together. I will always be there for you, as I know you will always be there for me." Nick says looking deeply into my eyes, practically reading my thoughts, and putting all of my fears to rest.

"Oh, Nick. I feel the exact same way you do, and I am so happy just being with you." I say as a tear runs down my cheek. Nick moves in closer wiping the tear and kissing me softly on the cheek before saying.

"We’d better get inside." Nick says holding my hand.

We go into Kevin’s apartment, and as planned all of us, excluding Lance & Justin, are there, eating the breakfast. Brian and Kevin made. After we finish the large quantity of food, we talk about what we are gonna do today.

"Well, I’m gonna hit the mall." AJ says with a smile.

"I think I’ll join you. After all, someone has to make sure you don’t spend all your money." Howie says with a grin.

"Well, I’m gonna show Shawn around." Nick says.

"Well, Do you mind if I join you?" Brian asks.

"Sure, It’ll be fun with the two of you." I say smiling.

Kevin, JC, and Joey, and Chris all decide to go to the movies. We all agree to meet up for lunch at 1:30.

My cell phone starts to ring as I get up.

<Ring, Ring, Ring>

"Hello, this is Shawn." I say answering the call.

"Hey, Shawn." Jess says in her on perky way.

"What’s up Jess?" I ask.

"Well, there are these 2 guys here, and they wanted to know where they could get in touch with you. I don’t know why. But it seems kinda important." She says.

"Well, ok, Jess. Put them on, I might as well get this over with now." I say.

"Ok." She says putting one of them on the phone.

"Hello, Viscount?" The man on the other end says.

"Yes this is Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth." I say Identifying my self.

"Hi, this agent Jonathon Grey. I’m with the FBI. We are conducting an investigation on the death of your parents." He says to me.

"THE DEATH OF MY WHAT???" I say in shock.

"Your parents." He says unsure of himself.

"My parents aren’t dead, they are in Europe." I say to Grey.

"Haven’t you seen the papers?" He asks.

"No, I haven’t. Why?" I reply.

"Well, it’s in the papers and on the news." He says.

"What is?" I ask.

"Your parents death." He replies.

"MY PARENTS ARE NOT DEAD!" I say shouting at him.

"Well, according to the Fax I received this morning from London, it says they are. I will need you to come back to New York to help settle their estate. Since you are their only surviving heir, there are some legal matters that need to be dealt with immediately." He says to me.

I sit there with my jaw dropped to the floor.

"Of course I’ll be on the next flight out." I reply.

"Thank you very much, we will be waiting at the airport to fill you in on the details. I would much prefer not to discuss it over the phone." He says, with that ending the call.

"Well, I’ll be expecting you then." With that I hang up the phone.

I tell Nick and the other guys about the phone call.

"Well, since we have a couple of weeks off, I want to go with you." Nick says.

"Yeah, Same here." They all agree.

"Ok, then. We leave the next flight out." I say pulling out my phone to make the call to the airport.

"Yes, this is Viscount Shawn Hollingsworth, I need a private Jet, ready in 20 mins. To go to New York." I say to the girl on the other end of the phone.

"Yes sir, we will need you to come in and sign a few things before you depart." She says politely.

"Of course, I’ll be there in 15 mins." I say as Nick grabs his keys.

<Ring, Ring, Ring>

"Hello, this is Shawn" I say answering the phone.

"Hey, Shawn. What’s up?" Justin says

I quickly tell Justin what has happened in the last few mins. He and Lance agree to meet us all at the airport.

Everyone gets into Nick’s Durango, and we head off to the airport. We soon enough arrive at the airport, and I pay for the Jet and Sign the papers required. As, All of us start boarding the Jet, and taking our seats.

"We really need to talk." Justin says to Brian.

"I don’t want to talk about it, I lost you won. What’s done is done and nothing I can do or say will change that, so therefore, we have nothing to talk about." Brian replies.

"No, Brian. You have it all wrong. Lance has something to tell you." Justin says looking at Lance.

"I’m really sorry Brian. I don’t know how to tell you this, but I remember you and I together. I remember every moment we spent, and every memory we shared, but I also remember everything Justin and I have been through. I’m really sorry I did this to you, and I am so sorry, I caused you this much pain." Lance says to a silent Brian.

Brian sits there speechless, staring into space. He just sits there quietly, as we land In New York.

As we land and depart the jet, there is a limo awaiting me. I quickly get in along with the rest of the guys. As agent Grey begins filling me in on how my parents died.

"Well, I didn’t want to tell you this over the phone. But your parents have been murdered. Their bodies were found dead in their penthouse, in London, about 9:00 am yesterday morning. A knife to the back of her neck killed Viscountess Amanda Hollingsworth, instantly, and was still found there. They did the autopsy and found out Viscount Charles Hollingsworth was killed by an overdose of--" Grey’s statement was cut off by his cell phone ringing.

<Ring, Ring, Ring>

"Agent Grey here" he says answering the call.

His call goes on till we arrive at my mansion. I get out of the limousine to punch in the code to open the gates. As I get back in the limousine, Grey puts his cell phone away. We get to the main house as Jensen continues to tell me about the evidence.

"So, we think the killer may have contacts here in the states, so we want to keep you under 24 hour surveillance." Grey says looking at his watch.

"Well, this house is equipped with a complete surveillance system. Hidden outside cameras, over looking every aspect of the gates. Hidden cameras, in the house, all closed circuit video, and a special security room equipped with all the latest technology. Hidden doors, thumb print locks, voice commands, A computer generated voice prompt command system. Computer phone systems, with video attachment, using the camera posted in the kitchen, and living room. Voice activated alarm systems." I say confidently.

"Wow, this is pretty impressive." Nick says.

"Yeah, this is totally awesome." They all agree.

<Ring, Ring, Ring>

"Hello, this is Shawn." I say answering my cell phone.

"Hey, Shawn." Jess says.

"Hey Jess, I’m home now. Why don’t you come over? Ok?" I say to her.

"Ok, I’ll be over in a Few, I’m gonna bring Mike over, ok?" She asks.

"Yeah, cool. See ya in a few." I say with that ending the call.

"Well, I think we should just send someone over, just as a precaution." Grey says.

"Ok, If you want." I say confirming.

"Ok, someone will be here in about an hour." He says getting on his cell phone.

A few minuets later, Jess, and her boyfriend Mike come over.

As we go into the family room, I introduce everyone, and I start telling them about what has happened. A few mins later Agent Grey comes in and announces that my bodyguard is here. Grey introduces him As Matt. He’s about 5’10 and very muscular. I introduce him to my on staff security team, and all my bodyguards.

They all seem to get along pretty well. London is flying my parents in to New York in 3 days, and I have to stay around and get everything set up, to inherit my fortune. I tell the chef to make one of my parent’s favorite dishes, in their memory. After dinner, we go to the living room, and discuss the sleeping arrangements. Nick and I sleep in my room, while everyone else gets there own room, all the while Brian has been so distant throughout the day. As Jess and her boyfriend leave we make arrangements to meet here and have lunch together. We all go to our rooms and get some sleep. Nick and I fall asleep wrapped in each other’s bodies. I untangle myself, and head to my parent’s room, to look for all the legal papers, and find out what I am supposed to do.

I finally find the legal papers, in a vault hidden in the floorboards. I get all the legal papers, and start reading through them thoroughly. They conclude after the death of my parents, I inherit all the money, the title, and all possessions of Viscount and Viscountess Amanda Hollingsworth. I also receive money from a trust set up at my birth, by my parents. All this newfound richness reels through my head, as I can’t believe what I am reading. I also find bankbooks, with large sums of money in them, and a trust set up for my nanny. It says when I turn 18 she gets what has acquired in this high interest trust fund, on top of receiving a weekly salary. I make a not of it to ask my lawyer what this is all about. I go back to my room and snuggle up close to Nick as I fall fast asleep.

The next morning everyone wakes up to the smell of food. All kinds of breakfast food, everything you can imagine. After breakfast I call and make an appointment with my lawyer for 2:00 this afternoon. Everyone decides to go shopping at the wonderful shops around here. Well all get into our limos and go. Jess and I go to lunch with Mike, and Matt, and discuss what I have missed. After that I head off to my lawyers office, to arrange things. I arrive there on time, with the legal documents that I found in the vault. We carefully go over everything, as he explains them all to me making sure I know what I am getting. All of this suddenly hits me, as I fall back in the nice chair, I think… ‘my parents are dead’ it finally hits me head on, I sit there thinking, staring, and not knowing what to do. I just finally let it all out, and cry. I hear Matt come in and tell me that Nick is here. I am totally unable to do anything, my lawyer leaves the room, and I wrap my arms around Nick, sobbing uncontrollably into his shoulder.

As, I finally clam down, I tell my lawyer to take care of all the legal matters, and to set up funeral arrangements. I go home and fall fast asleep into Nick’s comforting body.

I wake up and stumble out of my room, to find everyone eating breakfast in silence. I call my lawyer and he has made the arrangements to have my parents bodies flown in and the funeral in two days.

Finally, two days pass those were the worst two days of my life. I had to go identify the bodies, they looked so horrible. I was hoping they would pop up, and say "gotcha" like some sorta sick joke, but I poked them and they were really dead. I sure am glad Nick was there or I would just have passed out right there. I stand there at the door to the room of the big church, where the eulogy is being given. I am to give it. I have written it, and rewritten it; all I can hope for is that it will do my parents half the justice they deserve. We gather around as my parent’s coffins are being closed. All the flowers around the room, from all over the world. Their coffins are moved to the mausoleum were they are put in there. I am by now sobbing my eyes out, as Nick holds me and comforts me.

Days later, I head to my lawyer’s office, to get the estate settled. Matt is with me, while Jess shows Nick and the guys around the city. The lawyer’s appointment goes very slow, and is also very interesting, as I finish signing all the necessary paper work, I tell Matt to bring my 99’ Midnight blue mustang convertible around, I feel like driving today.

Matt is soon pulling the car around as I jump in, "Put your seat belt on, and get ready to go for the ride of your life. It’s time to teach these people how to drive a mustang." I say peeling out of the parking lot. As I get on the thruway, heading to the mall where Jess is I tell Matt to call Jess’s cell phone and let her know were on our way. We soon enough arrive at the mall, as I see my angel, Nick standing there looking at shoes, while Brian and Jess are trying to pull him away from the store. I quickly go walk up to them, when suddenly I fall, dropping flat on my face. "HELP!!!!" I manage to scream on the way down.

To Be Continued...

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