"On The Mend"
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This story is fictional and does not reflect on the sexual proclivites of any member of the Backstreet Boys or on Leigh Anne Wallace.Please allow this story to suspend your disbelief for a while and fantasize about the fictitious events contained herein.

Congratulations to Brian and Leigh Anne on their recent marriage.
When I heard they got hitched on Sept. 2nd, I wrote up a blessing for them:

May their life together be long and blessed.
May their passion for one another ever flow.
May their happiness know no boundaries.
May their love together forever grow.

In a world where living "Happily Ever After" is seemingly impossible,
may their life and love together be the standard that others look at and aspire to.

Brian and Leigh Anne had just finished dinner and were relaxing in their Georgia home when Brian's cell phone rang insistently.

"Hello" Brian asked as he picked up and flipped open the cellphone.

"Brian…its Nick" Nick Carter spoke softly into the phone, his voice cracking as he spoke his own name.

"Frack? What's the matter, are you OK?" Brian asked worriedly as Leigh Anne shot him a concerned glance from beside him.

"She what?!? Oh…Nick….man…Where are you now?" Brian asked, his voice both concerned and comforting at the same time.

Brian nodded as Nick spoke to him a bit longer, then Leigh Anne gasped lightly as Brian held the phone slightly away from his ear, and the tinny sound of Nick's crying was easily heard.

"Nick….Nicky….Kaos…" Brian replied soothingly, "It's all gonna be ok, man…why don't you come up here and spend a few days with us and just relax and take some time to get over her and deal with what you're feeling now."

Leigh Anne's eyebrows raised slightly and she nodded her head and Brian mouthed the words "Nick's girlfriend dumped him" to her.

Leigh Anne reached over and grabbed the phone from her newlywed husband.

"Nicholas Gene Carter" she said in a commanding, yet kind tone. "You go pack some clothes and get your butt up here to Georgia. You hear?"

Brian's eyes widened as he watched Leigh Anne take charge and a second later, she snapped the phone shut and smiled.

"He said he'd be up here in about 3 or 4 hours, depending on traffic."

Brian smiled and nodded "Thanks Leigh….I've never heard him that upset before."

Leigh Anne shrugged and said, "They'd been going out for over a year, and she just up and dumped him in public….think about it...if I would have just cut you free a year or so ago….how would you have felt?"

"Miserable" Brian said, his eyes clouded at the thought of his wife ever leaving him.

Leigh Anne smiled and laid her head down in Brian's lap.

"Good Answer!"

Brian smiled and then moaned as Leigh began to rub and tweak his nipples through his shirt.

"I know what we can do to kill an hour or so before Nick arrives." Leigh Anne said with a small grin.

Brian's eyebrows raised in surprise and he grinned at the forwardness of his spouse.

Two and a half hours later, Brian lay gasping, his cock spent inside Leigh Anne and his muscles twitching as his long member slowly deflated.

Leigh Anne smiled as she looked at her exhausted husband. He was a wonderfully caring lover, and with her imagination, experience, and guidance in bed, his technique was quickly becoming better and better. She suppressed a laugh as she remembered the first time they made love, Brian so nervous that he almost came before he could claim her.

She had to admit that Brian had come a long way, and between them, they had had a good time advancing him sexually. Brian moaned slightly as Leigh Anne slipped out from underneath his small frame, kissing him lightly on the nape of his neck as she curled up in bed beside him.
Leigh Anne was pleased with the thought of having her husband's bandmate and best friend, Nick Carter around for a few days. Maybe with some planning she could further her husband's sexual education as well as fulfill some of her own sexual fantasies.

Nick sat in his car outside Brian's house with his head against the steering wheel. His girlfriend Mandah had broken off their relationship with him in an incredibly callous and public manner that afternoon. Nick had taken Mandah out for an early dinner and had brought the engagement ring that he had gotten made especially for her. After a especially quiet and tense meal, he had nodded to the waiter and slipped out of his seat, kneeling down on one leg before her. Nick had taken Mandah's hand and kissed it before quietly opening the box and holding it up for her inspection then popped the question.

The reaction from Mandah wasn't what he had imagined at all as she stood up and closed the box in his hand and shook her head.

"Jesus Nick! Your timing is usually pretty awful, but this time it takes the cake" Mandah had said not too quietly. Nick began to break out into a sweat as he noticed that all eyes in the room were focused on them.

"No Nick…I won't marry you. I was going to suggest we take some time away from each other tonight and re-think our relationship, but I see there really isn't anything to re-think. I don't love you. I never did. It's over Nick. I don't want to see you again!"

Nick's eyes filled with tears as he listened in shock to the words that came from Mandah's mouth. He shook his head and stood up, then quickly hurried to the bathroom as Mandah turned and left the restaurant.

Nick sat in the bathroom and let the events of the last few minutes replay themselves in his mind, each time feeling more shamed and depressed. As he thought of her parting words to him, he burst into tears and buried his head in his hands.

A half hour later, when he had gotten hold of his emotions, Nick grabbed his cell phone and called Brian.

Nick looked up through the car window at Brian's house and sighed. Leigh Anne was right, he needed to just forget about her and move on. Nick had thought of all the times that the rest of the guys in the group as well as his own family had tried to warn him about Mandah, telling him that she was bad news or that he should find someone better for him. He had just ignored or laughed off their comments, so sure was he that they were so much in love. He had been so wrong, and what's worse, he never saw it coming.

Nick opened his door and got out of the car, then grabbed his bags from the trunk and shut it. He headed across the street and to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell.

A minute later, a freshly showered Brian opened the door and stepped out and hugged his friend. Nick threw his arms around Brian and squeezed himtightly as he buried his nose in Brian's damp hair.

"Oh Brian….she totally humiliated me."

Brian squeezed Nick and sighed, shaking his head back and forth.

"No, Nick. What she did was give a very public display of what kind of a real bitch she is. I am sure she left the restaurant before someone could walk up to her and cuss her insensitive ass out."

Nick smiled a little and pulled back.

"I'd pay some serious money to see that."

Brian grinned broadly and then replied, "Well…I'll take cash or charge. I recorded Leigh's telephone conversation with her from an hour ago…I didn't think my little Leigh even knew those kinds of words, let alone how to use them like she did. My good wife showed some signs of some serious potty mouth when she spoke with your ex-bitch… er…girlfriend."

Nick's eyes lit up and he laughed for the first time since that afternoon.

"Oh Nick…I for one am glad to see her go. Good riddance to bad rubbish, you know? You can do so much better than her."

"Yes he can!", Leigh said from behind Brian as she walked up and put her arms around Nick's waist and gave him a tender squeeze and a light kiss on the lips.

Nick jerked back slightly as he felt Leigh Anne's lips press against his own. Brian smiled as he saw the look of surprise and shock on Nick's face, committing it memory to bring up the next time he and Nick joked around about something.

Leigh Anne led Nick upstairs to the guest room while Brian headed into the kitchen to reheat some leftovers from dinner for Nick. Leigh Anne opened the door to the guest room and let Nick walk in first walking over to the chair by the bed and dropping his suitcase and other bags on the chair and floor by the chair. Nick sighed as he turned around to Leigh Anne.

"Thanks for letting me stay for a while. I…I…"

Leigh Anne shook her head, "Don't worry about her anymore. She's so not worth the effort. Just relax and try to let her go and deal with your own feelings."

Nick hung his head and sighed again as he sat down on the footboard of the four poster bed.

"I can't believe that I couldn't see her for what she was. I feel like such a fool."

Leigh Anne walked over in front of Nick and put her arms around him, giving him a tender squeeze.

"You followed your heart, Nick. There's nothing wrong in that. Everyone makes mistakes, they hurt sometimes, but you learn from them and move on. Don't ever stop following your heart though."

Leigh Anne put her hand under Nick's chin and pulled it up so that his eyes met hers, then she leaned in and kissed Nick on the lips, letting her tongue enter his mouth briefly.

Nick's eyes met Leigh Anne's a fraction before she kissed him, then fluttered closed as he let the smaller woman kiss him passionately. Nick was amazed to feel such passion from a single kiss, having never felt its ilk with anyone he had kissed before.

A few seconds later, a flushed and flustered Nick opened his eyes and saw Leigh Anne standing in front of him smiling.

"Brian's heating up some dinner for you. I am sure you didn't get a chance to digest anything you ate at the restaurant today. Go ahead and get settled and come down and we can all talk for awhile."

Nick nodded dumbly and watched as Brian's wife, the woman who had just kissed him, walked out the door and downstairs to check on her husband.

Leigh Anne smiled as she walked through the living room towards the kitchen, her plan was going better than she had hoped. The kiss she had just shared with Nick had proved something she had suspected for some time, that Mandah was a total cold fish in bed. Nick had practically exploded when she kissed him. Leigh Anne shook her head and thought of what a pity it was to let go to waste such a young, horny man like Nick. Leigh Anne then smiled, hopefully she and Brian could remedy his situation.

Nick shook his head as he sat on the bed, wondering what had just transpired. Leigh Anne, his best friend's wife, had just been playing tonsil hockey with him. Nick's eyes widened and he ran into the bathroom, wetting a washcloth with cold water and wiping his face off. Nick couldn't get his mind off that kiss. He had never been kissed like that before in his life. Nick smacked himself in the face with the washcloth in an attempt to snap out of his daze.

'C'mon man! She's married! Married to Brian…your friend, your BEST friend, your Frick!' Nick thought and shook his head. 'Why the hell did she kiss me? That wasn't a pity kiss, was it? No…I've had pity kisses before, that was definitely not a pity kiss. That was a….whoa! What the hell am I doing thinking about what kind of kiss that was…JESUS CHRIST! Just let it go man! I mean….forget about it….get a grip! Oh God! Now look at that shit! You threw a bone! Cripes! You're sporting wood here! Think of something else, and HURRY!' Nick's thoughts reverberated loudly in his head and he immediately began to think of his mother and grandmother naked which immediately acted to kill his untimely arousal.

"There!" Nick said to his reflection in the bathroom, "Now get downstairs and stay cool before something else happens or they come in here looking for you!"

'Jeez!' Nick thought, 'I'm talkin' to my reflection now….can this day GET any worse!'

Brian had just finished pulling the last of the leftovers out of the oven as Leigh Anne walked in and opened the cabinet, grabbing two plates and putting them beside the food.

"You better eat something yourself, tiger!" Leigh Anne grinned at her husband, "I am sure you have to be hungry after that show of endurance you put on earlier."

Brian blushed and grinned, leaning in to peck a kiss on Leigh Anne's lips.

Brian piled the food onto the two plates and then set them down on the table, grabbing two sets of napkins and utensils from their drawers.

Nick walked into the kitchen as Brian finished grabbing the last of the utensils.

"Grab a drink from the fridge Nick." Brian smiled.

Nick grabbed a soda and sat down beside Brian in the middle of the table. Leigh Anne sat down opposite Nick and Brian and smiled as the two boys picked their way through the remaining leftovers. As Nick finished his food, Leigh Anne leaned forward and stretched her hands out, grabbing Nick's in her right and Brian's in her left. Nick, remembering the kiss from earlier, nervously stared at Leigh Anne, waiting for some explanation behind her actions.

"So Mandah said you had proposed to her at the restaurant.", Leigh Anne said, shaking her head sadly. "I wanted to say how sorry I was to hear that she treated you that way after you popped the big question. Women like her get what they deserve. Years from now you'll see her sorry ass on a talk show regailing everyone about her time with you. She'll be married to and cheating on some piece of Florida redneck trailer trash and will wind up making a much more public fool out of herself on television than she did today in that restaurant."

Nick smiled ruefully, "Make sure to tape that show. I am sure my whole family will want a copy of that one."

Leigh Anne smiled and nodded and got up from the table and walked over to the stairs.

"Goodnight Nick. Try to clear your head out and get a good night's sleep. Things will look better in the morning. And remember…if you need anything, we're just down the hall."

Nick smiled at Leigh Anne and watched as she ascended the stairs then turned to Brian.

"Want to go watch a movie?"

Brian nodded and the two got up and walked into the living room and turned on the television. Moments later, Nick stopped the remote on HBO as he saw the motion picture association rating to a movie flash upon the screen. A few seconds later, Brian's eyes widened as he recognized the movie and the premise as well.

Brian looked over at Nick nervously and tried to smile, "You wanna watch this? It's kind of a chick flick."

Nick shrugged his shoulders, "Nothing else on that is just starting up…this is as good as any."

Minutes later, Sandra Bullock looked up from her chair in the movie after it was revealed that her husband had been cheating on her with her best friend and wanted a divorce, Nick sighed and leaned his head to the side on Brian's shoulders.

"Kinda unbelievably ironic, this movie?", Nick sighed. "At least I didn't marry the bitch. I think I just used my God-given "get out of jail free" card by asking her to marry me and getting turned down."

Brian chuckled and leaned back on the sofa, swinging his legs up onto the sofa and straddling Nick's body. Nick leaned back and rested the side of his head against Brian's chest, listening to both the sound coming from the television with his one ear and the sounds coming from his best friend's heart and lungs with the other ear.

Brian smiled and ran his fingers absently through Nick's hair as the two of them sat quietly, watching the movie.

Almost two hours later, Brian stirred awake, realizing that he was on the sofa, but forgetting how and why he fell asleep there. Brian smiled sleepily as he felt the warm arm that surrounded him pull tighter as he stirred, and felt the pressure of lips against his neck. Brian opened his eyes, half expecting to see his wife, and jerked nervously as he realized that the blond head of hair beside him belonged to his best friend.

Nick moaned as he felt the warm body beside him stir and begin to move. Nick began to pull and squeeze tighter as the stirrings became more frequent. Nick opened his eyes, and also had a shock as he realized and then remembered where he was and why he was there. Nick moaned lighly and was shocked to feel that sometime during his nap, his hand had made it way to the crotch of Brian's shorts, wrapping around Brian's dick and holding on tightly. Brian moaned lightly as Nick let go his death grip of Brian's dick and slowly retreated back to the side of the sofa.

"Brian? Are you awake?" Nick asked quietly.

Brian held his breath for a millisecond then began to mumble incoherently in a effort to allay Nick's nervousness over what had just happened. Nick relaxed visibly, thinking that Brian was mostly asleep and probably wouldn't remember anything.

Nick scooted over to Brian and shook his shoulder slightly, in an effort to wake him up.

"Brian?" Nick called lightly, "Get up. Let's get going upstairs to bed. You shouldn't sleep on the sofa here, it's bad for your back."

Brian sighed and slowly opened his eyes.

"Nick", Brian smiled and put his arms around his friends shoulders, smiling as he thought of how his pretending to be asleep had worked.

Nick and Brian walked slowly up the stairs to the second floor. Brian stopped at Nick's door and turned to Nick and put his arms around him, hugging him tightly.

"I am sorry about Mandah, Frack. You didn't deserve to be treated like that. If she didn't see what a great guy you are, what all our fans see in you, then it's better off that she's as far away from you as possible. You can only go forward from here Nick, remember that. Never go back."

Nick nodded and lowered his head to Brian's neck, his lips again coming into contact with the side of Brian's neck, causing the smaller man to shiver at the touch.

Nick sighed, blowing a gust of breath across Brian's neck. Brian barely suppressed a moan as he felt Nick breath tickle the hairs on his neck. Brian moved to pull away as he felt his manhood swell to hardness, first poking then rubbing against Nick's thigh.

The breath that Nick had taken after his sigh caught in his chest as he felt the familiar poking against his thigh. Nick pulled back and looked Brian in the face, their eyes meeting.
"Thank you for letting me come here and helping me deal with my fucked up life."

Brian smiled as he saw a glimmer of the old Nick that he remembered before today's events and hoped to see again very soon. Brian's musings were cut short as he felt Nick pull up and turn to go to his room. Nick's hand fell from Brian's shoulder, down to his flat stomach, brushing further down, slowly working its way over the thick bulge in his shorts before slapping against Nick's hip as he made his way into the room. Brian gasped slightly at the feeling, then quickly made his way to the master bedroom where his wife slept.

Nick turned in time to watch Brian's silhouette walk away from his door and down the hall, back to his own bedroom where his wife lay sleeping.

Leigh Anne lay half asleep, her mind half-filled with the fantasies and visions that washed around in her subconscious mind. Her mind awakened fully as she heard the sound of her husband and his best friend coming up the wooden stairs and stopping at the guest room and talking in low, hushed voices. Several minutes later, Brian opened the slightly ajar door of their bedroom, peeled off his clothes and slipped into bed beside her, his hands roaming freely over her body, coming to rest as he cupped her ample bosom from behind. Leigh Anne's suspicions that he and Nick's night on the couch had been less than innocent were confirmed when she felt Brian's manhood, hard and dripping pre-cum pressing against her buttocks. Leigh Anne moaned as Brian kissed her neck and slipped his one hand from her breast to her cunt, fingering it lightly. Brian smiled as his wife became fully awake from the pleasure of his foreplay. Seconds later, he heard Leigh Anne gasp as he slipped two fingers deep inside of her. Leigh Anne moaned as she felt Brian's slim digits fill her and she carefully rolled onto her stomach, keeping Brian's hand where it was as she opened her legs wide, granting him access to her. Brian moaned as he felt Leigh Anne grind her ass into his dick. He was painfully hard and ready to fuck. Brian pulled up slightly to get better leverage for his next move when Leigh Anne suddenly threw her ass backwards, impaling her ass on Brian's dick. Brian gasped and Leigh Anne moaned as they felt this new feeling. Brian had never had anal sex with Leigh Anne, or anyone for that matter and was taken back by the intense heat and tightness that surrounded his dick. Brian slowly began to pump into Leigh Anne, letting her grow accustomed to this new intruder. Minutes later, Brian began to speed up his strokes, increasing the force to them as well as he got lost in the passion.

Leigh Anne moaned as she enjoyed this new kind of sex with her husband, cursing at the thought that she would have to interrupt it soon to keep herself on track with her plan.

Brian's stamina had been greatly improved since he started having sex with Leigh Anne and he was amazed at how fast this new type of sex was bringing him to the edge. Brian gasped as he felt Leigh Anne tighten up her ass around his cock as it slammed into her depths.

"Oh yeah, Nick!" Brian moaned softly, his body jerking almost entirely away from his wife as he realized what he had said in the heat of passion. Brian's eyes were wide with fear as he slowed down his pace and waited for some sign or bit of anger from his wife.

Minutes later, she turned slightly, dislodging his member from her ass and turning to face her husband.

"Honey" Leigh Anne said quietly, "I think you better go check on Nick. I am worried about him. I think he needs you with him now."

"Now?", Brian asked incredulously. "You want me to go see him now, baby?"

Leigh Anne nodded, "I'll be here when you get back and we can continue this."

Brian shook his head lightly and got off the bed, still naked and hard and put on a robe and then headed out, down the hall to check on his guest.

Nick lay in bed listening to the sounds of his best friend and his wife making love in their room. Nick had stripped and was lying on top the covers jerking off to the sounds of their lovemaking. Nick and Mandah hadn't been a very intimate couple, their lovemaking happening only when Mandah initiated it, otherwise she was cold to him.

Nick rubbed his hand up and down the shaft of his cock, the entire piece glistened with the copious amounts of pre-cum that it had generated as lubricant. Nick was so involved in his own pleasure that he failed to notice that sounds of lovemaking had stopped and the sounds of Brian's bare feet on the hardwood floor as he approached Nick's room.

Brian walked up to the room and stopped dead as he stood looking in through the half closed door to the moonlit image of Nick, laying in bed, stroking his cock.

Brian stood transfixed at the sight before him, his own cock had jumped back to full hardness at the sight and poked out of the robe, drooling beads of pre-cum on the floor below.

Brian slowly pushed open the door and walked into the room, silently crossing the distance between the door and the side of the bed.

Nick's rhythm didn't falter as he lay on the bed, caught up in his fantasies as he jerked his meat. Nick moaned loudly as in his fantasy, Brian had appeared and began to suck his dick.

"Oh yeah….oh baby…suck me Oh Bri…ahh…ummm!" Nick moaned loudly.

Brian's eyes opened wide as he heard the utterance of his friend. A second later, Brian shrugged and let go of all his inhibitions, bending over and taking his friend's cock in his mouth as he grabbed hold of Nick's hand and dislodged it, wrapping it around his own dick.

Nick stopped dead still as he felt the warm moist mouth descend on his wood. Nick opened his eyes and moaned as he saw the familiar outline of Brian's body in the dim light. Nick felt Brian put his hand around Brian's dick and so he began to jerk his friend off as he got sucked.

Brian pulled up a few minutes later and began to kiss Nick from his crotch, up to his chest, and then his neck and face. Nick moaned as he felt Brian's lips on his own again and he opened his eyes and looked down at his friend

"Brian…are you awake? Am I awake?"

"Yeah Nick…we're both awake…and…and this is what I think we both want, so why don't you go ahead and suck my dick." Brian smiled as he straddled Nick's chest, putting his dick directly in front of the blond.

Brian watched as Nick craned his neck forward, opening his pouty lips and taking every inch of Brian's cock into his mouth. Brian moaned, having to suppress simply shooting his load on Nick's mouth as he watched the beautiful youth take his cock

Nick slid a hand around the base of Brian's shaft and balls while the other hand moved behind Brian, caressing his ass and running a finger slowly up and down the crack of Brian's ass. Brian moaned as Nick's finger wiggled in and began to rub across his rosebud. Nick rubbed his finger up and down the length of Brian's hole, teasing it with gentle pressure as he sucked Brian's cock. Brian began to moan as the feelings he was experiencing from Nick ministrations on his dick and ass were almost more than he could bear. Brian began to pull his dick away from Nick's mouth and smiled as Nick's head moved right along with it, until finally letting it pop out.

"Brian…" Nick smiled, "…what the hell are we doing?"

"Talking" Brian snickered, "talking when we could be doing somethings that are a LOT more interesting."

"But…but what about…" Nick whispered.

Brian leaned down and pressed his lips against Nick's silencing him for a second.

"Who do you think sent me down to make sure you're doing OK?"

Nick's eyes twinkled as his face broke out into a grin.

"Oh...Well…I don't know if I am OK just yet. Maybe you should hang for a little longer."

Brian stifled a laugh as he looked down at Nick, pulling his face into an expression of mock insult.

"Nick man…this is as long as I hang." Brian said in mock-seriousness, "If you don't think this is long enough, you'd better bed down with another guy."

Nick began to chuckle and thrash around on the bed, dislodging Brian from his position on Nick's chest and pushing him to the side of the bed. Nick sprang on top of Brian, switching positions with the older boy, as he then straddled Brian's chest. Brian got his wind back in time to see Nick smile devilishly as his ass descended on Brian's spit lubricated dick. Brian and Nick gasped together as Brian entered Nick's virgin hole and slid a few inches inside before Nick halted his downward movement and let himself get accustomed to this new feeling. A few seconds later, Nick's ass came down the rest of the way, grinding softly against Brian's pubes as it came to rest on his crotch. Nick threw his head back and moaned softly as Brian began to slowly buck upwards in mini-strokes, each one causing the head of Brian's dick to graze Nick's prostate. Nick bit his lower lip as he felt the last of the pain give way to an indescribable feeling of pleasure, one that he had never before felt. Nick began to pant and bounce up and down on Brian's dick, each stroke lengthening from the base of Brian's cock right up to the tip and then slamming back again. Each stroke caused Nick's bloated cock to slap loudly against Brian's hard abdominals, each time oozing a bit more pre-cum onto Brian's belly.

Brian watched as Nick's expression moved from one of pain to that of extreme pleasure and moaned as Nick began to clench and unclench his hole around Brian's dick, in essence, milking it. Brian groaned at the incredible feeling of having his cock milked by Nick's ass and held out for another dozen strokes before slamming his dick home one last time as he pulled Nick's chest to him, biting down on Nick's nipple as he emptied his load inside Nick's ass. Nick rode Brian's dick blissfully, gasping as suddenly Brian slammed the whole way in and grabbed him, pulling him into a tight embrace. Nick's gasp turned into a loud moan as he felt Brian latch onto his nipple at the same time he felt Brian's cum fill his ass. Nick's breath caught as Brian moved his tongue across his nipple and he groaned as he came, shooting wads of his jizz onto Brian's stomach and chest as well as his own. Brian sighed as he felt Nick cum on his chest. He reached down and took a finger and wiped a bit of it up and licked it off his finger, delighting in the salty taste. Brian scooped another finger up and licked it off, then grabbed Nick's head and kissed him, passing him a taste of his own cum. Nick moaned and pulled off Brian's dick. Brian got up and grabbed a wet washcloth from the bathroom, wiping them both off before getting into bed behind Nick and kissing his neck.

Nick watched as Brian cleaned the cum and sweat off his own body and then wiped at Nick's, cleaning off the remaining spunk from Nick's stomach and chest area. Brian then pulled the blankets back onto the bed and curled up behind him, leaning over to kiss his neck.

"Brian…what about Leigh Anne? She's gonna freak if she finds out what we just did!"

Brian sighed and then shrugged. "I better get back there…but…."

Nick turned onto his back and pulled Brian down for a passionate kiss. "That was incredible Brian. Thank you. I…I never knew that sex could feel that good…or be that intense. It was never that way with…."

Brian kissed Nick silent once more and shook his head, "No mention of her in this bed, especially after what we just did."

Nick grinned, "I…I love you Bri. Go back to Leigh Anne. We can talk in the morning."

Brian nodded and kissed Nick once more, "Goodnight Nick."

Nick awoke some time around 10am the next morning,. Nick layed in bed, eyes closed groaning at the achy soreness he attributed to the previous night's sex and the incredible tenderness of his asshole as it throbbed from the abuse it willingly received from his best friend, now his lover.

Nick moaned, pushing the sheet that covered him down past his knees as he grabbed hold of his morning hard on and began to jack it off. Nick immediately forgot about all his body's complaints as his fingers worked the sensitive skin of his cock, remembering what it had felt like to have Brian suck it.

A small cough immediately brought him out of his reverie and his eyes snapped open to see Leigh Anne sitting on the chair beside the bed, watching him intently.

Nick was frozen with fear, his eyes wide and frantic as he stared at his best friend, his lover, his Frick's newly wedded wife beside him.

"Don't stop now Nick." Leigh Anne said seductively as her hand ducked back under her skirt as she fingered herself. "The show was just getting good."

Nick moaned as he watched Leigh Anne's fingers slide in and out of her cunt.

"Where is Brian?" Nick asked nervously, looking around.

Leigh Anne smiled. "He had some errands and stuff to do. He said he was gonna try to be back by noon, he was under the assumption that you were just gonna sleep til then."

Leigh Anne pulled herself out of the chair and shucked her skirt, then climbed onto the bed, pulling herself up and straddling Nick's face between her thighs.

Nick moaned as Leigh Anne's snatch brushed against his nose and face, her muskiness filling his nostrils and causing Nick's prick to throb and jerk wildly. Nick bent his head forward and began to tease Leigh Anne's clit with his tongue. Leigh Anne moaned and ground her crotch into Nick's face. Moments later, Leigh Anne shuddered as she felt the first of several orgasms overtake her.

'Damn that boy can use his tongue!', Leigh Anne thought as he quickly lapped up her juices and began to work for more, running his tongue and fingers all over her pussy. Nick groaned as he lapped up Leigh Anne's steaming juices, then wet the fingers of his one hand and slipped a few inside her, his long fingers finding and probing her g-spot as she shuddered her way to another wet orgasm. Nick wet the fingers of his other hand with Leigh Anne's juices and slipped them through her legs and up to her ass, rubbing her hole as he had done to Brian the night before. Leigh Anne's light moans got incredibly loud as slipped a finger into her ass as he nipped at her clit, immediately getting rewarded by a gushing orgasm that left Leigh Anne spent and gasping.

"Oh Nick. Where did you learn to please a woman like THAT? That tongue and those fingers of yours are deadly!" Leigh Anne moaned as she pulled back from Nick and licked the remainders of her own juices off Nick's boyish face.

Nick looked up at Leigh Anne and blushed as he grinned, "Well…from the girl that I dated before Mand…..from before. She spent a lot of time teaching me, and she let me focus on ways to please your partner."

Leigh Anne smiled and thought that she would have to meet this girl sometime and thank her personally. Leigh Anne leaned down again and kissed Nick's lips as she spread her legs and rubbed her wet snatch along the length of Nick's cock. Nick moaned as he lay there, letting Leigh Anne do with him as she pleased. Leigh Anne pulled up and mounted herself on Nick's dick, taking it all at once and slamming her ass against his balls. Nick jerked upwards as he felt his dick surrounded by the warmth of her cunt. Leigh Anne moaned and looked deep into Nick's eyes and smiled, "I feel completely stuffed with you inside me…You're so much bigger and wider than Brian."

Nick nodded and moaned as he began to pump in and out of her cunt. Nick watched as Leigh Anne rode his dick, slamming herself up and down on it for several strokes until she let out a strangled moan, then let herself slide the whole way down on Nick's dick.

Leigh Anne could not believe how many times Nick had gotten her off in just the last few minutes. Nick was like an aphrodisiac to her and she had to keep going until he came too. Leigh Anne threw her head back and pulled off Nick's dick entirely, watching his face fall as she pulled off him. Leigh Anne grabbed hold of the base of Nick's cock and slowly descended again, this time spearing her asshole with the tip of Nick's dick. Nick groaned as he felt himself enter Leigh Anne's ass. Leigh Anne moaned and leaned back as Nick's dick filled her ass entirely.

"Oh…I need this" Leigh Anne moaned, "Brian was fucking my ass last night right before I sent him to check on you…He seemed upset that I made him stop before he was finished, but you took care of him, didn't you Nick?"

Nick's eyes widened as far as they could without allowing his eyeballs to pop out of their sockets. 'She knows…she knows everything…and…' Nick thought nervously 'It's like she knew it was gonna happen.'

Leigh Anne smiled as she took note of Nick's expression.

"Don't look so shocked Nick, I'd have to have been beaten unconscious to miss the show you two put on last night. It was incredible…"

Nick blanched as Leigh Anne began to ride Nick's dick, which, despite the shock, had stayed completely rock hard.

"Oh…Nick!" Leigh Anne moaned as she rode his dick, "That's what he said to me last night as he slammed into my ass…so I figured I'd let him see what fucking you was really like instead of fucking me and imagining it was you."

Nick moaned as he felt his balls tense up as she rode his dick hard.

Leigh Anne let Nick fill her ass entirely, slipping a finger down in between his legs to his ass cheeks and rubbing his sensitive bunghole, causing him to moan and buck wildly.

"One thing, tho, now that you've fucked my ass…" Leigh Anne moaned as she felt Nick tense up for his orgasm. Nick looked up expectantly into her eyes. "I want to watch you fuck Brian like this."

Leigh Anne smiled deviously down at Nick as she slipped her finger as deep inside his ass as it would go. Nick yelled loudly as Leigh Anne's index finger slammed into Nick's prostate, causing his dick to explode forth within her ass, coating the insides with his jizz.

Nick pulled Leigh Anne close to his chest, placing a delicate kiss on her neck.

"Your wish…is my command."

Leigh Anne smiled down at the blond youth and shook her head, "I am glad that you and that…girl…broke up. Above everything else about her, she sure as hell didn't deserve to have a lover as hot, sensitive and caring as you in her bed."

Nick grinned brightly, and for the first time was happy to be away from Mandah for good.

Brian got out of his car and looked up at the guest room window of his house and shook his head. Brian had spent most of the day out doing a few errands and sitting at a local coffee shop trying to figure out his actions over the last 24 hours and sort through his feelings. As a good Baptist, guilt had immediately set in on him after leaving Nick's room and going back to his own to sleep with his wife. Brian began to regret the previous night's encounter with Nick, despite how incredible it was, but he was unable to purge it from his memory. Brian opened the door of the house and walked into the living room and smiled as he saw Leigh Anne and Nick together on the sofa watching television.

"How are you feeling Nick? Any better?" Brian asked as he sat down between them on the sofa.

"I'm good Bri….a little tired and a lot sore…but I'm OK!", Nick replied, shrugging his shoulders and smiling lightly as he watched Brian immediately begin to blush a deep red.

"Sore, eh?", Leigh Anne said with a devilish glint in her eye, "Funny…I'm pretty sore too! Brian can be a bit rough in bed, can't he Nick?"

Nick nodded, grinning and blushing a little bit himself as Brian sat stock still on the sofa between them, looking apopleptic. Brian's face had immediately turned sheet white as he heard his best friend and wife casually converse about the after-sex muscle fatigue they were experiencing because of sex with him. Brian expression looked as though he was hoping or praying to God for a way out of this sticky situaation. Right then, Brian felt that life-ending stroke at any given second would be a blessing.

Leigh Anne nodded to Nick and the two of them began to kiss Brian's neck and face, unbuttoning his shirt before pulling it off his body.

Brian, shaking like a leaf, turned to Leigh Anne with a half open mouth, desperately trying to find words to explain, but coming up empty. Leigh Anne kissed Brian deeply and then shook her head and giggled, "I don't sleep that soundly, pookie…and besides, you called out his name when we were fucking…don't think I didn't notice."

Brian blushed a deep, deep red and hung his head slightly until Nick pushed his head and chest back, grabbing Leigh Anne's shoulder and pulling her into a deep, passionate kiss.

Brian's look of shock turned into one of amazement as he watched his wife kiss his lover and best friend. Brian watched Nick end the kiss with his wife and smile at him before pulling him in for a second passionate kiss.

"Nick…don't forget…you have something to be doing here." Leigh Anne said, waggling a finger under his nose.

Nick grinned widely at Leigh Anne and laughed, "I don't think I'll be forgetting that Leigh."

Brian looked puzzled at Nick and his wife until she grabbed both his and Nick's arms and led them upstairs to the master bedroom.

Nick and Brian undressed Leigh Anne quickly as she dropped both their pants and began groping them both through their underwear.

Soon all their clothes were shed and they lay on the bed kissing and groping each other.

Leigh Anne kissed Nick and pushed his head down to her waiting snatch where he was more than happy to oblige her with his tongue and fingers.

Brian watched Nick go down on his wife and moaned as she kissed his neck and whispered in his ear to go suck on Nick's dick as he fellated her.

Brian smiled and switched positions, getting the three of them into an almost daisy-chain arrangement. Brian sucked Nick's cock while Nick ate Leigh Anne out, while Leigh Anne sucked Brian's dick. Leigh Anne had just had her fifth orgasm from Nick's talented fellating technique when she felt Brian's balls pull up and his dick begin to shoot off in her mouth. Leigh Anne pulled off his dick and smeared the rest of his cum on her tits, watching her husband moan and twitch as she milked the last drops of his cum onto her heaving breasts. Brian moaned and pulled himself up beside her, kissing her neck and nuzzling in her ear.

"Nick" Leigh Anne called softly, "Time for you to get busy with Brian."

Brian moaned, "I don't think I can Leigh…I am all tapped out here, I just came."

Leigh Anne smiled and shook her head, "Yeah I know, Nick is gonna fuck you this time."

Brian's eyes widened and he fought off the urge to shake his head, until he saw that his wife really wasn't asking him, but telling him what was going to happen. Nick pulled Brian up onto his hands and knees and let him straddle his wife as he got into position behind him. Brian moaned as Nick began to eat out his ass, lubricating it with copious amounts of spit. A moment later, Brian felt the head of Nick's cock poking at his hole.

Brian looked into Leigh Anne's eyes as he felt Nick press forward, popping the head of his dick inside Brian's chute. Brian gasped as he felt Nick's long, thick dick stretching his ass out to the max. Leigh Anne smiled and pulled Brian's face onto her tits, commanding him to lick off his cum. As Brian began to lick Leigh Anne's tit, Nick lurched forward and slammed into his prostate, sending Brian into a realm of pleasure he had never before experienced. Brian grunted and moaned as he felt Nick begin to slide in and out of his ass.

Leigh Anne watched the scene with delight as Nick took Brian's virginity from him. Nick grabbed hold of Brian's hips and began to take long strokes in and out of Brian's ass. Brian moaned and panted as he felt his best friend long dick him and he began to lick and nibble on Leigh Anne's breasts in earnest. Nick's strokes began to get shorter and harder and he began to slam into Brian's ass harder and harder, causing Brian to moan ever louder with each stroke. Brian looked down and moaned as Nick plowed deeper and harder into him. Brian shuddered involuntarily and cried out as his dick began to spew its load as if by magic. Brian had never cum without touching himself and this was truly a mind-blowing experience. Brian's ass tightened down on Nick's cock like a vise as he came. Nick moaned as he felt Brian's hole slam shut around his dick and he too immediately began to cum, his load gushing up into Brian's insides.

Spent and exhausted, Brian heaved forward on one side of Leigh Anne as Nick, equally drained, stumbled over and laid down on her other side.

Leigh Anne smiled at the two men as they leaned across her stomach and kissed each other passionately. Brian's sexual education had leaped forward in the past day or so thanks mostly to Nick. As she watched the two men kiss then fall into a drowsy, sexually spent slumber, Leigh Anne hoped that Nick stay with them and take all the time he needed to get over his ex. Hopefully for Brian and herself, Nick would be a long time on the mend!

-The End