Our Life

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Chapter 1

"Yeah...ok...sure....I need to think about this...ok...Bye." Nick opened his eyes to the sound of his lovers voice. He blinked and focused in the dimly lit room.

" Kevin who was that?" It was a simple question and by the way Kevin had been talking he knew kev was on the phone, the news however he wasn't sure about.

"It was Social Services," I said bluntly, the news I had just received could have been the happiest news in the world or the worst news in the world, but I couldn't think. It couldn't be, it couldn't have happened could it? My mind started racing through the past, counting all the times we'd made love. And then I remembered one night, it was a thursday I believe. We were so much in love, or so we thought, and we were in a frenzy and we forgot to use a condom. I guess it was true I had a Son.
     What would it be like to be a dad? Me a dad? Could I do it could I raise a child? All of theese questions and more were racing through my head. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw my angel, my Baby, my Nicky. What would he think of this? Would he break up with me? I couldn't bare to think of life without him. We were soulmates! But what if Nick couldn't see that what if he didn't want me because I had a child? Then I started thinking about my family what would they think? Brian would be ok, my brothers would be ok, but my mom. I'm not so sure she would approve. My mother knew I was Bi-sexual and so did my dad, they had known all along. I remember the day I came out to them.
     It was when I came home for christmas before my dad got sick. I sat my brothers and my parents down, I remember I was so nervous, and said; "Mom, Dad,Tim, Jerry I'm Bi-sexual." I had wated for they're reaction and pretty soon my dad spoke up. "Well son I'm finally glad you decided to tell us." I sat in shock for like 5 minutes thaen said, "You knew?" my parents just smiled and explained they always know they're boys. But what would they think now about me being in a relationship with a man and having a son.

    Nick looked at Kevin worried, and got out of bed. They had been on break from tour for about 2 weeks. Brian had gone up to Georgia to visit Leighanne's parents with her. Howie was going clubbing at home and just relaxing, and A.J. had taken Amanda, his girlfriend, to a relaxing vacation in the Bahamas. I walked up to Kevin and put my arms around his chest hugging him.

    I jumped when I felt warm loving arms wrap around me peeling me from my thoughts. I looked up at nick, he could see the fear in my eyes. He took hold of my hands and pulled me up. He walked me over to the bed and sat me down.

"Ok sweety what's wrong?" Nick asked in a very gentle, soothing tone.

"Nick...," I started," I...I...I'm a father."

    Nick sat there a minute. Could he have heard right, did Kevin just say he was a father. How? What? Huh? Nick couldn't beleive it, his Kevin, a father? Nick stared at Kevin a minute, Kevin looked at the floor. It was true! Kevin was a father. After a minute or so Nick calmed down some, he calmly asked; "How, with who?"

"Karen... Karen Jacobs, five years ago I had a girlfriend named Karen. You don't remember her?" I asked.

    Nick thought a minute, he remembered she was tall about 5'9", slim, Blond hair, Hazel eyes. She was very nice always made him laugh. " Yes."

"She is dead, she died in a car accident a week ago. She was walking her......son to the park when a car went out of control. They were crossing the street, She pushed him out of the way and was hit full blast." I said sadly. Karen and I had been together for a year and about a month before we broke up was the last time we consummated our love. That must have been how she got pregnant. I asked the guy who called me how he knew it was mine, he said he looked at the childs blood chart and ran the other parents dna through the computers and they came up with me.

"Whats his name? How old is he?" Nick asked

"His name is Tyler Wesley Jacobs he is 4 years old." I said looking at the ground

Nick couldn't beleive it it was true. He sat back with a sigh and asked; "What are you going to do?"

"Nick what would hapen to us if I took Tyler?" I asked silently praying Nick would accept it.

Nick thought about it was HE ready to have a son? Did he think he could be a parent? NO he didn't think he could be a parent but was willing to try, I mean after all neither was Kevin. "Kevin I will support you in every way."

I smiled lightly at least my baby wasn't going anywhere or leaving. "I love you." I said thats the first time we had said I love you well actually I only said it.

Nick was shocked he smiled and replied," I love you too." Nick leaned over and kissed Kevin.

I was alittle suprised when Nick kissed me but quickly gave in. It was true I loved Nick with every fiber of my mind body and soul.

When Nick and Kev broke apart Nick sighed and said,"Do what you have to."

    Nick looked at Kevin he knew Kevin always wanted kids, but he also knew not this way.

"What did the man on the phone say?" Nick questioned.

"He told me about my son and why they are contacting me. He also asked if I knew Karen and then they asked me to take custody and if I did he would fax me the papers to sign. I told him that I needed to think about it and I would get back to him. He gave me his number and said he would need an answer by midnight tonight." Nick looked at the clock 5:00AM, he sighed, the call had come at 4:30.

"I guess you should call him." Nick stated bluntly.

    I stood up and walked to the desk where the phone was. I dialed the number that was on a piece of paper laying on the desk. The same man picked up.

"Hello Jay Andrews(hehe zak and andy)." Jay said.

"Yes Mr.Andrews this is Kevin Richardson." I stated matter-of-factly.

"Ahh yes Mr.Richardson, have you made a desicion?"

I gulped and said, "Yes I have decided that I am willing to take custody of Tyler." I faintly head nick Ex-haleand then heard Jay.

"Oh that's wonderful Mr.Richardson could I have your fax number so I can fax you the neccisary papers?"

"Yes its 777-8***."

"Ok all of the information I will fax to you. Goodbye." He said as I heard the phone click.

    I sighed and hung up the phone I turned to look at Nick. He was sitting up looking at me I smiled simpathetically and walked out the Bedroom door. I walked down the stairs and into my office just in time to hear the fax start. Once it finally stoped I had a stack of at least 30 papers. I looked through them all to find only half were for me to sign the rest were info on Tyler. I filled out all the forms and faxed them back. I started to read the other papers most were medical records, dental records, and other thing like that. I came across his birth certificate and looked at it.Tyler Wesley Jacobs, born: August 29th 4:33 AM to Kevin Scott Richardson and Karen Marissa Jacobs approximately 6lbs 3oz. 19 in. long, Eyes Green, Hair Blond. I sighed and put it in my fileing cabinet. My eye caught another peice of paper it said that Tyler would arive by plane in 3 days. I sighed and decided to head up to bed it was a long night.

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