The Perfect Couple: Kevin & Nick
Chapter 1
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work.
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Chapter 1

Nick Carter has known since he was fourteen years old that he was gay. Since he was fifteen, he's been head over heels in love with one and only one person, although that person doesn't know it. Nobody in the Backstreet Boys even knows that Nick is gay. Other than Nick's sister BJ, nobody in his family knows either. BJ thinks that Nick should come out to the family and his friends, but he's totally terrified of doing it. Despite the fact that BJ accepts him, and insists that the family and his friends will also accept him, Nick isn't sure. In fact, he's sure that he'd be kicked out of the Backstreet Boys, and that his family would disown him.

Another reason that Nick doesn't want to come out is because he knows that he doesn't stand a chance with his one and only true love, as he has taken a wife, Ms. Kristen Willits, or as she is now, Mrs. Kevin Richardson. Attending Kevin's wedding was probably the hardest thing that Nick has ever had to do in his life. He managed to pass off his crying during the ceremony as tears of happiness for his band mate, but deep down he knew that those tears were really tears of agony and sadness. Tears that he couldn't help but shed as his heart was breaking into a million pieces as he watched Kevin commit himself to Kristen.

Nick has tried ever since the ceremony, to forget about his feelings for Kevin and to move on. But it seems that the harder he tries to forget about loving Kevin, the more he ends up loving him. Nick's dreams are filled with images of Kevin every night. Only in these dreams, Kevin is with him, instead of Kristin. Before the wedding, these dreams were a happy experience for Nick. Now, they're nightmares that taunt him and dangle what he can never have in front of him every night, night after night. Nick is sure that he will descend into madness if these dreams continue.


Kevin is sitting in his office at his apartment, carefully going over the details of the upcoming tour that the Backstreet Boys are doing with *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears. Kevin's eyes soon fall upon the collection of framed pictures on his desk. One is of his mother, Anne, along with his brothers, Tim and Jerald, and their families. Another one is of Kevin's late father, Jerald Richardson. The third picture is of him with the other members of the Backstreet Boys, and the last one is the most recent, a picture of him and Kristin on their wedding day.

Deep down, Kevin knows that his love for Kristin is not as strong as it should be for him to have pledged to be her husband till death parts them. In all reality though, marrying Kristin was the perfect solution in Kevin's mind. It was a way to help him deny his true feelings, and to go on hiding in the closet. He's known since he was seventeen years old that he was gay, when he found himself lusting more after the guys on his high school's football team than the cheerleaders. But, Kevin has always done his very best to push these feelings away and to bury them. He doesn't want to accept the fact that he's gay, because he's afraid that if he accepts that, he'll also have to accept the fact that he is in love with Nick.

If he accepts the fact that he's in love with Nick, going on with a normal life would be impossible. He knows that he would need to come out of the closet and tell Nick how he feels, which is something he seriously does not want to do. He's very afraid that he'll be kicked out of the Backstreet Boys. But, even more so, he's afraid that his family will disown him. His family is, after all, very, very religious. His older brother Tim is an ordained minister, and he officiated at Kevin and Kristin's wedding. He knows that his religion speaks very badly about homosexuality and that it is one of the worst possible sins one could possibly commit. That is why Kevin is afraid of telling his family. He doubts that their love for him is totally unconditional as it should be, and that they only will love him as long as he fits the mold of the son and brother that they want.

Kevin takes the picture of him and the Backstreet Boys, and opens the back of it. From within it he removes a small silver key. He pushes his chair out a bit, and pulls up a section of the carpeting under his desk. He inserts the key into the small keyhole in the floor, and opens a small secret compartment. From within it he pulls out another picture. It's a picture of him and Nick, wearing matching outfits. Occasionally photographers have had them do that, wear matching outfits at photo shoots. The picture is framed in a gold heart-shaped frame, with small red heart-shaped rubies encrusted in it. In the picture both Nick and Kevin look immensely happy, and as Kevin gazes at the picture, tears begin to form in his eyes, as he looks at the man that he wants so badly, yet can't have.

"Kevin? I'm home, honey. Where are you?" yells Kristin as she comes in the front door.

Kevin quickly puts the picture back in the compartment, locks it, and returns the key to its place, before quickly drying his eyes and replying, "In my office, darling."


Meanwhile, across town at Brian's apartment, Brian sits in his bedroom in deep thought. Thinking about his life, the upcoming tour with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and *NSYNC, and his feelings for one of it's members. Brian, who has had the feeling that he was bisexual since he was sixteen years old, does have feelings that he cannot deny for James Lance Bass. He does indeed find him to be very, very attractive, handsome, and just plain gorgeous. Despite loving his fiance, Leigh Anne Wallace, he knows in his heart that if the opportunity to be with Lance arose, he would dump Leigh Anne so fast, that her head would be spinning from dizziness.

Brian has the same fears as his cousin, that his family won't accept having a bisexual son. Yes, Brian is very attracted to and in love with Leigh Anne, but he also knows that he does still prefer men, and that Lance is his dream man, and he would sacrifice anything to be with him. Of course Brian's other fear is that he'll be kicked out of the Backstreet Boys for being bisexual. He doesn't want this to happen, because the BSB is probably the best thing that has ever happened to him. But, Brian also has another fear that is weighing on his mind. He fears that if Nick knew that he was bisexual, that it would be the end of their friendship, that 'Frick and Frack' would no longer be the same.

In his time with the BSB, his friendship with Nick has become very, very important to Brian; in fact Brian thinks of Nick as the younger brother that he's always wanted. So, he would be totally devastated if this friendship ended. So, a long time ago, Brian decided that he would remain in the closet about his bisexuality, and just live the life of a normal straight person. That he would marry Leigh Anne, have kids, and try to be happy for the rest of his life. Brian knows that this is probably going to be a very hard thing to deal with, being untruthful about himself with his wife, his family, and his closest friends for the rest of his life. But, he is so sure that it will cause him even more pain if they did know the truth.


"Hey honey," replies Kristin in her usual chipper voice as she runs over to Kevin, and sits down in his lap. Kristen wraps her arms around Kevin's neck, and begins to kiss him passionately on the lips, as Kevin does his best to return the kiss, despite the fact that his heart is really not in it. He knows that it's wrong of him to be doing what he's doing. He sort of knew it before the wedding, but didn't pay any attention to it then. But he knows, especially know that they're married, that marrying Kristin, who obviously does love him, just to hide his own homosexuality was very wrong.

Kristin doesn't know it, but on their wedding night, when Kristin was in the bathroom, "changing into something more comfortable," Kevin was laying on the bed, looking at a shirtless picture of Nick, and burning that image into his mind, just so that he could keep a hard-on, cause he knew he'd have to make love to Kristin. Something else that Kristin doesn't know, because the room was dark, is that Kevin had his eyes tightly closed the entire time he was making love to her, with tears seeping through the corners of his eyelids. Kevin was actually crying while making love to Kristin, not because he loved Kristin so much that it was a very emotional thing to be making love to her, but because he was losing his virginity to Kristin, instead of Nick.

True, a lot of people would say that Kevin wasn't losing his virginity making love to Kristin, but as far as Kevin is concerned he was, and that fact was enough to make him cry as his heart was also breaking to an extent, as he realized that his already slim chances of ever being with Nick, have gotten even slimmer. One can only imagine how angry Kristin would have been, had she known that Kevin was thinking about Nick while making love to her.

"Hey, Kevy, how about we go upstairs?" replies Kristin in a mischievous voice as she breaks the kiss and gives Kevin an erotic look.

"Not right now, Kris, I'm very busy with stuff for the upcoming tour," replies Kevin, as he motions towards all of the papers on his desk.

"Oh, come on, Kevy, you have plenty of time to get all of that work done," replies Kristin in a pleading voice, as she gives Kevin the sad puppy face, "We're newlyweds, come on, let's go upstairs? Please? Pretty please?"

"Not right now, Kris, I'm really not in the mood," replies Kevin, coldly as he pushes Kristin off of his lap.

"Fine!" yells Kristin in disgust as she storms out of Kevin's office and slams the door behind her. Kevin gets up and locks the door, before turning on his stereo as "I Need You Tonight" starts blaring from the speakers. Kevin goes back over to his desk, unbuttons his shirt and undoes his belt as he lets his pants fall down to his ankles. Kevin then pulls his blue boxers down to his knees, as he once again unlocks and opens the secret compartment in the floor under his desk.

This time, he pulls out a laminated photograph of Nick, the same one he looked at on his wedding night. In the picture Nick is wearing a pair of tight green boxer-briefs which outline his package very nicely. Nick didn't even realize that this picture was taken. Kevin also takes out a small container of lubricant and applies some to his hand, as he starts to run his hand up and down his length. Kevin looks at the picture of Nick, as he listens to Nick sing, and slowly jacks himself off, thinking about the only person that he will ever love.


"Justin, where are you?"

"In here."


"In here, in the bedroom."

"What ya doing?" asks Lance as he walks into the bedroom and lays down on the bed next to Justin.

"Just resting a bit."

"Well, would you mind terribly if I said I'd like to make love to you?"

"Of course not, Lance, honey," replies Justin, "I love you so much. I wish that we could make love twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Unfortunately neither of us has that much stamina."

"Just, nobody has that much stamina," replies Lance with a grin as he pulls Justin into  a passionate kiss, as their tongues start wrestling around in each other's mouths.

Justin and Lance have been together now for almost a year and a half. They've exchanged rings and vows. So, they do consider themselves to be married, even if it isn't recognized in Florida. After the Governor of Vermont signed civil unions into law, Lance and Justin did start talking about the idea of moving to Vermont, and legalizing their union. They're not sure though on whether or not they'll do it. They've seen pictures of Vermont and it is a very beautiful state, but they'd probably miss Orlando. Though it probably wouldn't be all that bad either to move to Vermont. They could buy a nice home there, make that their primary residence, and only come down to Orlando and use their home here as a vacation type home. Which they would likely have to do several times a year, since *NSYNC for all intents and purposes is based out of Orlando.

Justin carefully starts to unbutton Lance's shirt, as Lance starts to unbutton Justin's shirt. Once all of the buttons are undone, Lance and Justin sit up on their bed and remove their shirts, tossing them down on the floor as they unbuckle the belts on their jeans. Lance and Justin both remove their own jeans, but only Lance removes his underwear. Lance gives Justin a seductive look as he grabs the waistband of Justin's baby blue boxers in his teeth, and begins to slowly pull them down. Lance pulls them all the way down Justin's legs and off, before turning his head swiftly and letting go, sending the boxers flying across the room.

Lance leans down and begins to kiss and lick his way up Justin's leg, as Justin begins to release soft moans, letting Lance know that it feels good. Lance continues to run his soft velvety tongue all the way up Justin's right leg, before stopping, and smiling at Justin. Lance moves on the bed, and kneels between Justin's legs, as he slowly lifts Justin's legs up. Justin rests his legs on top of Lance's shoulders, as Lance, who knew that Justin would say yes, came prepared, and reaches down to the side of the bed and removes a container of lubricant from his jeans pocket. Lance opens the container and applies some lubricant to his rock hard tool, and then as gently as possible, begins applying the lubricant to Justin's hole, as he gently inserts first one, then two, and finally three fingers into it to loosen Justin up.

"You ready babe?"

"Yeah, Lance, I'm ready."

Lance smiles down at his boyfriend and lover before positioning himself at Justin's opening and slowly pushing forward. In their time together, Justin and Lance have made love to each other so many times that entry doesn't hurt anymore. Both Lance and Justin were virgins when they got together, and they are very happy that they both decided to wait for a person they loved to lose their virginity. Lance and Justin's love has only strengthened in the time that they have been together, and neither of them can even begin to imagine life without each other. As Lance said to Justin when they exchanged rings and vows, "You have my heart, that's a permanent lock."

Lance continues to push forward until his entire length is buried deep inside of Justin. Lance leans down and initiates another passionate kiss with Justin, as he begins to pull himself out. Lance stops when just the head of his tool remains inside of Justin, before thrusting forward. Both Justin and Lance moan with pleasure, however it is muffled by their kiss. Lance continues his thrusts in and out of Justin, as they both continue to release moans of pleasure. Lance breaks his kiss with Justin, and begins to kiss his way along Justin's left collarbone, before running his soft, velvety tongue along the length of it back to Justin's neck. Lance then begins to kiss Justin's neck and then sucks on it, giving Justin a somewhat large cherry-red hickey.

"Oh, yes, Lance, that feels so good," as Lance continues his thrusting.

"Oh, baby, Justin, I love you."

"I love you to, Lance."

Lance continues to thrust himself into Justin, slowing the speed of the thrusts often, and sometimes even stopping all together, because he wants this moment of passion with his beloved Justin to last for as long as possible. A few times Lance did get very close to cumming, but he is doing his best to delay his orgasm, until Justin is ready to orgasm too. They're so in sync with each other by this point, that they can for the most part tell when the other is getting close, just by looking deep into each others eyes, the windows to their souls. Lance and Justin's love is deeper than either of them ever thought was possible. Lance cannot function without Justin at his side, and the same goes for Justin. They've come to depend on each other so much, that it would be totally impossible for them to spend time apart. Of course it's unfathomable that they would spend anytime apart. They are after all in their minds married to one another. True, Florida doesn't recognize their union in a legal sense, but in their hearts, they're as legally married to one another as Randall and Lisa Timberlake, Lynn and Paul Harliss, or Diane and Jim Bass.

As Lance and Justin gaze deeply into each other's eyes, the unspoken words of love and adoration pass from one to the other and back again. Justin nods to Lance to signal to him that he is approaching the point of no return, so Lance speeds up his thrusts in and out of Justin, as they both start moaning loudly once again.

"Oh, Lance, I'm getting, so, so close," moans Justin, "mmmmph."

"So am I, Justy, my darling angel," moans Lance as he gets ever closer.

"Oh, yes, Lance, I'm gonna, I'm gonna," shouts Justin, as he begins to shoot load after load of his juices all over his stomach and chest, some of it hitting Lance in the chin.

At almost the exact moment that Justin comes, Lance does as well, shooting his warm loads deep within Justin's ass, as he shouts out Justin's name. When Lance's intense orgasm begins to subside, he pulls out of Justin, and collapses on top of him. They both heave for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath, before rolling around on the bed for a little while. They kiss each other passionately, tongues wrestling in the other's mouth, exploring the well-charted territories of the other's mouth. After several minutes of kissing, Lance and Justin break their kiss, and decide to go into the bathroom and relax in their whirlpool tub for awhile.


To be continued.

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