The Perfect Couple: Kevin and Nick
Chapter 3
Written by Jayson Colin Vascardi
Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work.
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Chapter 3

Note: Just to avoid any confusion, Kevin is now divorcing Kristin. I've made the changes to Chapter 2, but for those of you who read the original chapter 2 of this story, it said that Kevin was going to seek annulment. I wrote that without really doing any research on annulments first, and after doing so, I realized that Kevin doesn't have grounds for an annulment. So I've changed the storyline of the story so that Kevin is just dissolving his marriage to Kristin, not declaring that the marriage never existed.

"Well, its done," replies Kevin, "My lawyer is drawing up the divorce papers as we speak. Now all I have to do is figure out how to tell Kristin."

"Well, Kev, it's for the best. If Kristin truly does love you, then she won't want to keep you in a marriage that only makes you miserable," replies Brian, "And from what I know of Kristin, I honestly don't think that she is that type of person."

"Yeah, well, I hope so," replies Kevin, "So have you thought about how you're going to tell Leighanne that your wedding is off?"

"Oh god, no I haven't," replies Brian, "I know it would be heartless and cruel but I'm almost considering going home now, having the locks changed, packing up all her belongings and putting them out on the front steps with a note saying that it's over, the wedding is off, and just please go away and forget about me."

"You're right, that is heartless and cruel."

"I realize that Kevin. I just don't think I can face her. I honestly don't have a clue how I am going to look Leighanne in the eyes and say that the wedding is off."

"Well, I can understand what you're going through. I don't know how I'm going to tell Kristin that I've filed for divorce."

"Yeah, well, it's for the best Kevin," replies Brian, "So have you thought about how you're going to tell Nick?"

"Tell Nick what?"

"That you're in love with him of course!"

"NO! Brian, I can never tell Nick how I feel about him, NEVER!"


"You think any members of the BSB are gay?"

"I don't know Chris," replies JC, "You know that Kevin and Brian aren't for sure. Though I suppose there's always the chance that Nick, Howie, and AJ might be. I mean look at us. Out of the five members of *NSYNC, only one of us isn't gay."

"Yeah, boring old Joey," replies Justin with a grin, "It's such a shame that he has to waste his good looks on girls."

"Well, what do you care honey? You have me."

"I know, James, I have you. I love you with all my heart, and I'll never stop."

"Ditto," replies Lance with a grin as he pulls Justin into a passionate kiss as their tongues start to wrestle.

"Isn't young love grand?"

"Yeah, JC it is. Now I just wish I could get some love from someone," replies Chris, looking rather down, "And as much as you try to deny it, I know that your heart yearns for a cute guy to love you too, JC."

"Yeah, I admit that having a boyfriend would be nice," replies JC, "But I don't have any prospects, and for the moment I'm happy. I'm not saying that I would pass on a relationship if one presented itself, but until one does, all I can do is wait."

"You're both find someone," replies Lance, as he ends the kiss with Justin, "And be infinitely happy, just like me and my baby here."


"Shutup Chris!" replies Justin, "Only James has permission to call me that!"

"Well, I'm older then both of you, so I don't need to get your permission for anything."

"Oh yeah, I forgot," replies Lance, "That's right, we're talking to Chris here. The old man of the group."

"Yeah, the really old man," replies JC with a grin, as he joins in on the making fun of Chris.

"I hate all of you," replies Chris with mock anger as he crosses his arms and turns his back to his friends.


"Kevin! You've got to tell him!"

"NO, Brian! I can't tell Nick how I feel about him. There's no way in hell that he returns the feelings, and I could never continue to live if Nick told me he hated me because I way gay."

"Nick is not going to hate you! I'm his best friend remember? I know Nick better then anyone, even his mother. In the years that we've all been together Nick has confided things to me that he hasn't ever told anyone, not even his mother. So I know him very well, and I guarantee that he won't hate you because you're gay."

"I don't care, Brian! I'm not taking that chance. Brian, to be perfectly blunt here, I'd take you to my bedroom and make wild passionate love to you before I'd tell Nick how I feel about him. And until hell freezes over, I'm most certainly not going to make wild passionate love to you, Brian."

"What I'm not good enough for you?" asks Brian with a mock hurt look on his face.

"You know that's not the reason, Brian," replies Kevin, "You're a very attractive young man. But, you're also my first cousin."

"So? According to all those old Southern jokes that Northern people tend to tell, all us Southerners have sex with our cousins," replies Brian as he talks with a very heavy Southern drawl.

"Brian, shutup already. Or I may just start believing that you actually want me to take you to bed."

"Okay, okay, I'll shutup now," replies Brian with a grin, "And just to set the record straight here Kevin, as straight as it can be that is, I have no desire to sleep with you Kevin. I mean if we had to share a bed, I suppose I wouldn't mind that, but any activity other then sleeping would be completely out of the question. Of course then again, I'd probably never share a bed with you even if I had to."

"And why's that, Brian?"

"Like I really would want to climb into bed with my cousin who loves to sleep naked."

"Brian, trust me, if it came down to us having to share a bed, I'd be wearing clothing."

"You wear clothes in bed?" asks Brian with a grin, "Is that possible?"

"Shutup you!" replies Kevin, as he grabs Brian and puts him in a headlock as he messes up his hair a bit before releasing him and giving him a quick hug, as Brian thinks to himself, "Kevin loves Nick? Yikes. Other then Lance, Nick is..."


Nick lies on his bed, all alone in his apartment here in Orlando. He wishes more then anything that Kevin was laying next to him in bed, and that he could be open and honest with Kevin about his feelings for him, but he knows that that can never happen. Suddenly Nick's cell phone rings. Nick reaches over to the bedside table, and answers it.

"Hello, this is Nick."

"Hey Nick, it's Brian."

"Hey Bri, what's up?"

"I was wondering if I could come over for a few minutes and talk to you?"

"Sure, Brian, you know that you're always welcome here," replies Nick, "Come on over. You have the key, so just let yourself in, I'll be in my bedroom."

"Okay, thanks, Nick, I'll be over in a few minutes. Bye."

"Bye," replies Nick, as he presses the end button on his cell phone and puts it back on his bedside table, as he thinks, "I wonder what Brian wants to talk to me about?"

Nick would normally get up and put some more clothes on, considering that all he's wearing currently is a pair of dark green boxer-briefs. But it's only Brian coming over, so Nick doesn't mind Brian seeing him like this. Brian is after all Nick's best friend, and on tour they often share a hotel room, so Brian has already seen Nick naked on more then one occasion, so it's not like Brian should have any real problem seeing him in his underwear. Nick continues to lie on his bed, and as hard as he tries to fight it off, sleep overtakes him, and he soon falls fast asleep.


To be continued...

I know it's a rather short installment, but it's better then nothing. I will get Chapter 4 out as soon as possible. Until then, you all get to think about what exactly is it that Brian wants to talk to Nick about? Is Brian going to tell Nick about Kevin's feelings for him? Or something else entirely? The answers to this and more in Chapter 4 of The Perfect Couple.

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