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Damn memory! It's still fresh, like it was yesterday, but then I guess it is part of my new heritage.

Now I can do many awesome things: I can read and control minds, I can expand all my senses, I can know peoples feelings and change of moods, I can do many physical wonders that rank from climbing buildings with my bare hands, to withstanding bullet shots and other damage. Even now, I know that I haven't reached my limits and I'm not fully aware of all my true potential. Only He knows it well.

He tried to teach me enough for my survival; even now He visits me in my dreams, in my mind making sure I'm well. He loves me, HE cares about me, that's for sure, but all this power has it's price immortality has a high price. I know it too well now. I'm not alone, not internally not externally. Deep inside me there is an eternal struggle between my beast and me. The one that came with this heritage.I have to be strong, damn strong or It could set itself free. NO, that could be too bad.

Externally, well, I'm not alone because I'm not the only one. There are many like me, well not equals but still "family" for a lack of a better word. Each of them has some of my disciplines, only a part, depending on the branch of the family or should I say clan. Each branch of this "family" is a clan, each clan has their leaders, their elders, their disciplines, and their own agendas; and usually in a greater or lesser degree all of them hate each other and seek hegemony. But that's is hard to accomplish because of HIM and now because of ME.

You think I'm crazy or something? Don't worry it's better that way. Ignorance can save your life. I only shared this with my friends, my brothers, and my family because at some time they had to know. Many others would come seeking my "life" and my powers. If they were ignorant of all of this, they (my loved ones) could be easily used against me; this way I can try to protect them. In fact, now I'm so aware of my powers that there are few that can get free of my grip, but this only comes with practice, with time. Now time, that's a word with a whole new meaning for me! Now I can have all the time in the world! For joy, for sorrow, for love, for hate; but most of all for Redemption!

Now, if you ask me if I believe in GOD, I do. Now more than ever and I fully understand that saying about GOD working in mysterious ways! Because HE is a proof of that, HE knows him too well?...Oh yes.

Well enough of this, you will understand more if I start from the beginning:
The PastStranger's point of view:I was there observing everyone. All of this was a little to new for me. I was sleeping for so long, but then I feel him. I expanded my senses and found him, in a corner with other people talking and smiling. Oh what a sight! I focused on his deep green eyes and for a moment I felt almost as if my heart would beat so quick and explode inside me that's if it could, but no, it was still as always, as all of my eternity, deathly still. I tried to keep him near to me, and opted for a discipline that could conceal me from the eyes and minds of everyone except from him. Then I used yet another discipline to talk into his mind and ask him to join me outside this madnessKevin's point of view:

I was enjoying the record company party of because of the success of many of their acts, especially ours. I was talking with Brian and Howie, when I felt something weird in my mind. A voice and a feeling that made me excuse myself and compelled me to go outside. When I did that, I reached my car and drove to my house. On the way I kept thinking, Why I am doing this if I was so comfortable at the party? That was so unlike me, but I couldn't come up with an answer. I reached my house, went directly to my room, and stripped off my clothing. I felt like I was being watched, and it disturbed me. I entered the bathroom and took a shower. I stood in front of the big mirror and dried myself. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw a tall, handsome man. I turned around quickly concealing my body with the towel. I felt fear! How can this person reach my room with out my knowledge?

Stranger's point of View:

When my green-eyed angel left the building, I ordered him to go to his house. I followed him.

I followed him to his room and take sheer pleasure as I watched him become nude before my eyes. Indeed he has the right to become a Greek statue. Hell! I was one of the first walkers of this world; I witnessed all history through my eyes, or the eyes of my progeny! I was there at the dawn of most civilizations. I knew languages, cultures, wars, loves, and many other things, but the feeling this young man was giving me just made me believe more in my theory. Yes,  he could help me to reach redemption! But I would have to work quickly. I sensed danger and I sensed it near, my progeny were near I have to do the ritual with him, perform the Kiss, the Embrace.

  He went to the bathroom deep in thought. I just hoped he would forgive me, and understand. I hoped he would have enough inner strength to survive all of this intact, body and soul. I need it to be that way because I need his courage and his many talents. Because it would come in handy and could be the difference between life and death, sanity and madness, Redemption or hell and destruction!

I was deep in my thoughts when my Angel came out of the bathroom, dripping wet drying himself with a towel. Then out of nowhere, he became frightened, turned and tried to conceal himself behind the towel. He stared at me with his green eyes, full of fear and confusion and a little bit of anger. I could smell it. I could see the mix of feelings in his aura. I could see the orange (Afraid), the red (Angry), and some Mottled shifting colors (confusion), all in vivid colors full of life and power. Yes he will do.

Kevin's Point of View:

"Who are you? What are you doing here?!" My mind and heart are racing. This man looked tall, and powerful, yet pale and, for a little moment, sad.

"I'm a Myth my child!" The Stranger answered "But that doesn't matter any more, I have come for you You will help me to reach redemption!" The orange became the main color. He was afraid now that he knows that I came for him. 

In Kevin's mind - What? ? How? ? Why? My mind was screaming for answers and my self-preservation instincts kicked in. I didn't see any weapon, so I could try to run away and be safe. I was young, tall and strong; that must be enough I hope. I run past the door but in a flash He was in front of me! How could this be?

"Don't be afraid! I will not hurt you. In fact, this would be pleasurable for you, but latter... " the stranger said

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Said Kevin afraid of having an uninvited stranger " Is it money or something else?" I'm fucked! Damn, run, run! 

"You really want to know who I am, don't you?" the stranger said "Well it's the least I can do for you. I'm the first of my kind, the Damned. I'm the one cursed because I murdered my own blood! And all just because of a moment of JEALOUSLY! HE," pointing upward, "Made me like THIS for ETERNITY!?"

This man was crazy! Kevin thought, maybe he was a fanatic or something, but he talked about murder.//Come to me young one//What? How could you speak in my mind? This is too much! "Stay away from me, I'm warning you! I will fight you if I need to."

The stranger smiled widely "Now, how can you run or fight if I won't let you?"

What!! "What? You are crazy!" I tried to move but I can't. What the...What's happening to me? I can?  Kevin's thoughts were cut again by the alien voice inside his mind //Come to me NOW!//

Stranger's point of View:

I returned to the bedroom followed by him, but he was trying hard to escape from my mind control. His Will was strong but can't stand against mine.

I'm a puppet, how could this be? Kevin thought, "Who are you? What are you?" Something inside me was telling me that I wouldn't like the answers.

"Ok, enough playing you want answers and I will give them!" The Stranger said "I'm Cain  and I'm the supreme predatory creature on this world! If you still don't know what I'm talking about, then you tell me!" I opened my mouth and let him see my primary weapons for prey.

My eyes opened so wide and my heart picked up its pace so quickly that I thought that I would die right there. "Y  you are a Vampire?"

?Yes, I am and soon you will be too!? Cain said. With that I picked him up and threw him onto the bed, and began to kiss him with force and passion.

Kevin's Point of View:

The surprise registered slowly in my brain. A male, and not any male but a vampire was kissing me! My God, I'm crazy, but it felt so good. No one knew that I was Gay! That would be bad, me the elder of the group, the father, big bro and being Gay all my life. And their lives weren't prepared for me coming out. But Cain was so handsome and strong with his long dark hair and white skin. My body began to respond to his passion, and soon my nude body was exited and aroused. Then I felt some kisses on my exposed neck, and from nowhere came a quick pain,  fast replaced by the most sublime bliss bigger than any other I had ever experienced. Even bigger than the best orgasmic high!, Kevin's brain was being overloaded by the strong feelings registered by all his senses, the fright was quickly being erased by the overwhelming pleasure

At that same moment in the party:

"Howie, AJ have you seen Kevin?" Brian inquired of his band mates. He began to feel uneasy, Kevin was so professional and too serious to take off  from an important party just like that, in such a hurry. Something was wrong. AJ and Nick tried to inform everyone about where they were so the others weren't uneasy thinking about bad things were happening to them, so Kevin's sudden disappearance must have a good explanation  " No, why?? They responded. "Is something wrong with him?" Howie asked "I don't know for sure but he isn't here anymore. He excused himself really poorly, and looked aggravated by something!" Brian explained

About that time Nick reached them " Hi guys,  have you seen Kevin? He asked me to tell him when I saw that producer" Now Brian was sure that something weird was happening. If Kevin wanted to talk with people about business, few things could stop him. The other three saw the distress in Brian's face and begin to feel uneasy "Bran have you tried his cell phone?" AJ asked.

"Yes I did and no one answered it. Isn't that weird?" all of them say "Yeah!" at the same time, "I will try to reach him in his house, can someone come with me?" Brian asked "But remember at least two of us must stay here"

"I'll  go" the three said looking at each other "Guys,  we all want to know what happened to Kevin but two have to stay. AJ, you come with me so Howie can baby-sit Nick" Brian said trying to ease the worries of all.Howie smiled and Nick slapped Brian's head "Hey B watch it" Nick said warningly "I'm old enough I don't need Howie's  eyes on me!" 

"Yeah right!" the other guys replied. Brian and AJ excused themselves and went to Brian's car

!Damn Brian don't be so worried. Kev is a grown man and he is the one that takes care of us, now you know what it feels to be the one in charge for once?" AJ joked seeing his friend's distress

"Yes now I know and don't like it!.  I don't know how Kev endures feeling like this for each of us" Brian said seriously

"I don't know I'm the crazy one remember?" AJ replied

"AJ It's me you are talking about, I know you are better than that, I think that Kev worries more for me or Nick than for you or Howie!" Brian said.

"Thanks Bri, it's just that Kev Is a terrific Dad to all of us and gives me my space when he can, He is going be an awesome father! Some day" AJ stated

I don't know if that will be happening, maybe Kevin is bi or gay.  there are many things to lead me to those thoughts, I love him anyway but will the world  love him equally? Brian thought during the drive to Kevin's house

Back at Kevin's House:

I must stop now before is too late! Cain thought If I embrace him right now just like that I will rip out of him his right to a normal mortal progeny, If I want redemption I need to think about him first. Once he become a Vampire he could never have progeny because he will be an undead, as will  his seed. If I collect some now I could secure it in some place with today's technology. Some day he could have the joy of procreation in a different sense than a vampire could.  Of course, every person he chooses to embrace will become his child but that was a different feeling. Judging by the excitement and arousal of his body he could make Kevin cum in no time, Cain looked for a vialto contain Kevin's seed.Once he found it he returned to Kevin and continued with the embrace but in a slower  fashion and with some precise and erotic touches Cain reclaimed Kevin's seed, Kevin cumed a good amount of seed because the bliss he was feeling, so Cain used some magic to send the vial to a secure location  freezing the contents of the vial.

Kevin's body began to feel numb and weak because of the physical and emotional overdrive and the loss of blood, I'm dying is this all for me but it feels awesome! This is a dream, a mix of wet dream and nightmare -- yes that's I't. Then out of nowhere began to rise a pain that let him know about his blood loss and his body shock by it, all and every part of him started to scream, and then a huge thirst grew with every seconds passing, but He was too weak now, he just wanted to sleep, to end all the pain, when he felt a hot liquid enter his mouth and he felt how it lessened the pain and thirst, so with out thinking he began to drink

My angel was drained of his sweet vitae. I felt all his life force inside me and at the same time I felt the sadness of my actions, I had sworn never to Embrace again, but this had to be done. I can't wipe out my dammed progeny alone, I need a messenger, my angel of death in a sense, and it happens that this handsome one could be the one.  I have been feeling him through some of my children some of them went to their concerts and live performances and I had detected that some Clans had already put him in their list. It was only a matter of time until some other vampire tried to embrace him, this was the best for all! Cain thought. With that last thought he opened his wrist and blood start to fall freely in to Kevin's mouth

Moments later Kevin's heart stopped and his mouth let out his last breath, what happened? Why am I here? This is so dark and cold  Kevin thought, am I dead? //Yes you are!// a voice equal to his answered him but it sounded raspy and odd almost animalistic Who are you? Why am I here?? //You are finishing the process of joining me, and it will be forever!// What!? a shadow approached  Kevin and his eyes became wide, It was himself but yet looked darker and wild, his eyes glowed in a red color and his fangs were visible and he had a wicked evil smile

//Hi Kevin know I'm going to be your true self I'm your inner beast//, he growled and laughed coldly

Kevin felt weak and ill just at his sight and voice ?What are you talking about? This must be a nightmare, and when I wake up you and all of this will be gone!?

//Yes it is a nightmare, but It's just starting and it will last an eternity I will take pleasure killing anyone that crosses my path, even your beloved ones!//

Never! Kevin screamed at his dark self and started fighting it

At that moment Brian and AJ reached the front door of Kevin's house and used the keys "Kevin are you here?" Brian screamed . When he didn't get a reply he looked at AJ and told him "Lets go to his room - maybe he felt ill and tried to sleep". AJ nodded and followed his friend

When they reached Kevin's bedroom they saw a nude body laying peacefully in the bed, but something felt odd "Kevin are you asleep?" Brian tried but there was no answer.  Then he noticed two things: that Kevin wasn't breathing, and there was a trace of blood at his neck and he  looked very pale.

AJ saw Brian's distress and sudden look of worry and asked "Bri what's wrong?" He looked at the body and realized why he was so shocked

He jumped to the body to check for vital signs, but  found none. "Dear God! He is ..."

"NOOO! It can't be? Brian screamed cutting off AJ's cry.

At that same moment Kevin's once peaceful body began to move in what looked like an epileptic attack.  His eyes opened and showed a tremendous pain and also a glow of red "ARGH!" Kevin growled in pain and shocked his two friends "NOO!" he screamed

AJ's body jumped from the bedside to the floor and paled at the sight and sounds of his friend. Brian just stayed still, full of fear. Then another scream broke his trance

The internal struggle was evident in Kevin's eyes and face. His body screamed again in agony, aching for the thing that could stop it all; blood!  He focused his eyes on the ones near to him.  He used all his will power to contain himself and  keep from sucking dry both bodies in front of him "Get away from me! ARGHH!"

"He is not human any more!" a voice said from nowhere "He is fighting his first hunger and the beast!" 

"Who are you?" Brian questioned the air, and from the shadows a tall handsome man walked

"I'm the one that can help him right now!" Cain answered, "Step aside or you two will be in danger" he commanded

Kevin's strong will became weaker, The beast took the control and started to seek its first prey, the one that could satisfy his pain and hunger.  Brian was the nearest target so he jumped to him but was on the floor because Cain sent him there with a quick punch

"Don't interfere" Cain commanded and jumped to grab Kevin, but Kevin's blood lust sent him in to a frenzy and freed his primal beast, shutting off any control that Kevin could have over his actions.  Freeing himself from Cain's strong grip astonishing Cain by his power, for just a moment

Kevin tried to punch Cain hard but Cain moved at an inhuman speed.  Kevin broke the floor as if it were made from paper and started to move at an equal speed. With out his mind there to control him he was set free to use all his power without any kind of strings attached ,making him a destruction machine with the only goal being to find  prey

Cain tried to use his mind control Discipline Dominate to control Kevin's actions but got in return a strong resistance. With a little push the resistance disappeared and Kevin's body lay on the floor. He is strong, too damn strong! Only because I'm his Sire could I control him but he fought the control. Once he learns how to use his powers he will become unmatched, but he will need practice.  He already has all the power, but he needs to learn how to activate it, He is too powerful for any vampire, but lacks experience and that could be his weak point. These mortals can be a trouble too

Bran and AJ just looked trough the door too shocked to even try to move, their minds trying to digest all the information their eyes and ears were sending them, but a thought raised in their minds that wasn't the Kevin they know?


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