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NOTE: To prevent missunderstandings and confusions let me explain this, I use italic letters to represent thoughts, "normal quoted" letters to represent speaking, and normal letters without (") to explain things as in:

Nick was exited thinking Now Kev is suposed to be able to read minds, I wonder If i can test that "Kevin can you try and read my mind and tell me what I'm thinking?" Kevin is a queen, Kevin is a queen!!!...

"Sure, no problem Nick" Kevin responded and started to probe Nick's mind "NICOLAS!!!, you are que queen in this group!"

Can you see the use of the diferent tipe of writing?, I hope this little note helps to make you understand better the story, I know it's a sily example but well miy brain is drained right now.


Last chapter:

Kevin tried to punch Cain hard but Cain moved at an inhuman speed.  Kevin broke the floor as if it were made from paper and started to move at an equal speed. With out his mind there to control him he was set free to use all his power without any kind of strings attached, making him a destruction machine with the only goal being to find  prey

Cain tried to use his mind control Discipline Dominate to control Kevin's actions but got in return a strong resistance. With a little push the resistance disappeared and Kevin's body lay on the floor. He is strong, too damn strong! Only because I'm his Sire could I control him but he fought the control. Once he learns how to use his powers he will become unmatched, but he will need practice. He already has all the power, but he needs to learn how to activate it, He is too powerful for any vampire, but lacks experience and that could be his weak point. These mortals can be a trouble too

Brian and AJ just looked through the door, too shocked to even try to move, their minds trying to digest all the information their eyes and ears were sending them, but a thought raised in their minds that wasn't the Kevin they know?

And now chapter 2:

Still shocked to the core, AJ and Brian stared at the fallen figure of their friend, not knowing what to do, or even if any thing was real.

This must be a bad dream or something. Maybe the drinks at the party are making me see illusions, yes that must be! AJ was deep in thought surveying the situation and trying to blind himself from the reality until Brian captured his attention.

"What you did to my cousin you .......whatever you are?" Brian screamed, his concern for his cousin being greater than the fear for his own well being.

Cain was both amused and annoyed by this pair of mortals that were interfering with his mission, yet he knew the importance of their well being for Kevin, so he chose to ignore them for the time being. He was trying to make a plan to protect them all. If only Kevin could return to consciousness and help him.

Brian was going to restate his question to Cain when the sound of the house door being forced stopped him What the f....?

AJ tensed too, hearing the door This is getting ugly, I wonder if this could get worst.

As if reading AJ's mind, the door opened and three beings entered the house talking about having a little fun with their prey before taking them to their master. AJ wanted nothing more than to slap himself hard just for having the thought.

When both he and Brian returned their gaze to the main bedroom, there was no trace of Cain, except the destruction inside and Kevin's body. Damn! both sighed.

"Just great" Brian stated "AJ, help me with Kevin. We can't leave him here like this".

"But what if he wakes and tries to attack us again?" ....... Wait a minute, am I accepting this as something real? AJ questioned himself.

"Just help me! Damn! They are getting closer. We have to reach the closet, it's our only chance. Lets do it as quietly as possible" Brian commanded.

Meanwhile at the party:

"Howie, don't you think that is enough time for them to have reached Kev's home and called us back?" Nick asked a bit uneasily

"Yes Nick, but remember, we need to stay here. We are one of the principal guests at the party, it would be rude and besides, Kevin would kill us if he finds out!" Howie tried to ease Nick's mood.

"I know, but in the first place, he was the one that went out. "This is unfair - he is the so-called 'older wiser' one, and he always jumps on us if we try to do that." Nick argued.

"Nick, don't be that way. Remember that Kev always does the dirty work for our own good, and believe me, taking care of you is the hardest thing. No pun intended!" Howie smiled, but Nick just slapped his head "ouch! kiddo you will pay! Remember, I'm the second 'older and wiser' and you are under my power now!".

"Yeah whatever, you latino power freak!!" Nick joked.

"Really Nick, I'm also a little scared. I bet this is the first time that Kevin left something like this. Well this party is almost finished so maybe we can go and try to find the others at Kevin's, do you like that?" Howie went to his managers to explain them why their leaving.

"Hi boys, how is Kevin doing? Is he feeling better?" Alan, one of his managers asked them when they approached him.

"Not really Alan. He felt really bad, maybe the flu or cold or something else. In fact, Nick here is feeling bad himself. Right Nick?" Howie stated.

"Who me?!" Nick replied, a little taken aback by Howie's statement, but he quickly added in is best ill performance "Yes me!, I'm feeling weak and sleepy and my head hurts. I want to go home please" Damn I'm good, only Kevin or Brian could tell if I'm acting.

"Well, if you feel that bad you can go, but promise me that you and Kevin will take it easy, and if you still feel bad go to a doctor" Alan commanded. Both Howie and Nick nodded and saluted him like military officers.

"Please explain this to the others. We really have to go" Howie pleaded and headed for the exit.

"See Nick, it wasn't difficult!" Howie smiled proudly.

"Well FYI, I was the one that performed there, and next time I would prefer hearing the plan first" Nick smiled too.

"Just a question Nick, does Kevin knows how well you can lie?" Howie asked seriously.

"Believe me, he knows. I don't know how, but he does. It's like a sixth sense!" Nick answered.

The pair got in the sand colored SUV and drove to Kevin's house.

At Kevin's house:

"Don't even breathe AJ, stay quiet" Brian whispered and then he started to pray. AJ just nodded.

The three started their quest for the boys seeking on all the first floor, and then trying the second one. They stopped at the main room door.

"Looks like someone was here before us Marius" an attractive blonde woman stated "Our Prince would be disappointed and you know how distasteful that can be".

"Minerva, sweet Minerva, you are so kind to be interested in my well being. But remember that you to are part of this team, and your sire would be as angered as mine if we don't complete our task, so shut up venomous angel. If you don't want to be taught a lesson right here" commanded Marius, the tall, dark haired leader of the team.

"Marcus, Minerva, do you feel the vibe near here?" asked Henry a bulky male "It makes me uncomfortable, like when you are near a church or temple".

That stopped the little fight between Marcus and Minerva. They also felt the energy, focused in the closet.

In Kevin's mind:

Not again! I'm sacred! This is so cold and scary; is there somone out there? Kevin felt just like the last time: alone, but at the same time it felt like being watched. That made his skin raise goose bumps. But this time he felt stronger and readier but the confusion was still there. Am I dead? or am I still in a nightmare? God help me! Suddenly he felt a chill and turned around.

hi there Kev! Miss me? His darkest side asked, amused with wild red-green eyes and a wicked smile.

You again? Fuck! Last time he appeared Kevin was too weak to put up a fight, so Dark Kev won. But this time he felt compelled to kick somebody's ass, and there he was, all cocky and being a smart ass. Suddenly he felt angry with all and everyone, anger building up inside like a volcano ready to explode. He choose the wrong man this time.

Aww, it was just a tiny bit of space that separated me from killing your friends. I bet your cousin tastes sweet, but don't worry, the second time will be easier Dark Kevin said.

That's it! You are history! With that he jumped, sending his fist to collide with his enemy's face.

Inside the closet:

Damn, they know we are here. What else could be wrong? Brian questioned himself and steepped back from the door. When he turned to face AJ, he was pale with fear.

"Henry, open that door now" commanded Marcus.

With that, Henry tore apart the door of the closet and smiled at the scared occupants. This would be so easy, but wait there are only three of them. "Where are your other friends?" He asked.

Brian was so scared and shocked that he kept quiet for a moment.Then he started to pray.

The three visitors became uneasy, and Minerva slapped Brian hard "stop or you will feel my wrath" The hit sent Brian to the ground, and his nose became bloody. Minerva cleaned his nose with her finger and tasted the blood, making a blissful face. Then she spoke in a velvet voice near his ear "It would be nice to drain from you this sweet candy. I bet your two friends here taste as good as you" Then she turned her attention to AJ and Kevin "Tatoo boy here must be a wild ride, and that tall handsome man must be a hell of an experience. I wonder why all this commotion for them? The latino one must be an exotic experience. I love latino taste, so unique and spicy! But you know Toreadors like beauty and perfection, taste and style, so maybe we choose little Nick or Kevin. But maybe Ventrue Clan already has claim on that one!" She moved with the grace of a cat and inspired a mix of awe and chills.

AJ reacted quickly and hit her with a heavy suitcase effectively sending her to the floor. He ran to the door but was met by Markus who hit him, and sent him flying against a wooden chair that broke on contact. Marcus felt very annoyed by this walking food bag so he came closer to him and attempted to hit him again, when suddenly a sigh escaped his mouth. He crumbled to the floor as if he was dead, his heart staked with a broken chair leg. The shock was written in Marcus and AJ's faces.

"WOW! It seems that they aren't as lovely as everybody thinks. I knew that all that good boy's shit was fake!" Minerva stated, amused by the events unfolding. She walked slowly to AJ "You seem like a wild, scared animal. Such a turn on! I almost smell your fear" She grabbed AJ like a rag doll and brought him to the closet "Now be a good food and stay here quiet or else you will know the true meaning of fear and pain. Besides I don't like to make a mess. I have class you know, I will be kind to you because you amused me with what you did to Marcus. He deserved that, don't you think Henry?".

"Yes madam!" He knew better than to fuck up or contradict her. She was a demon in a beautiful outfit. She could be merciless, but her ways were subtler than others. He could be stronger in a physical way, but she.......

Outside the House:

Howie and Nick parked outside the house and found it odd that there, parked beside Brian's car was a mysterious one.

"Nick, stay with me and be quiet. I have a bad feeling about this. They could have tried to call us to tell us everything was ok" Howie knew there was a gun in the house, so he went right there and grabbed it, becoming nevous. He didn't like guns, but he needed to protect Nick and himself and find out what was wrong. He heard noises coming from the second floor, so he and Nick headed there quietly.

In the Room:

After securing AJ in the closet with Brian and Kevin, Minerva returned to Marcus. "Aww, poor thing, the great Marcus paused by the little mortal how amusing" She knew that Marcus was in a defenseless position. It was like a state of stasis in which he couldn't move or even heal himself, but was fully aware of everything around him. It was like being a paraplegic, but worse, because he was totally still - not even allowed to move his eyes. Vampires called this state 'Torpor'. Contrary to the folklore, a vampire staked with wood doesn't die or crumble in to dust. But in this state it's easy to kill them, because they can't heal, and only wood through their heart can stop them like this.

Damn bitch help me take out the wood or you will suffer my rage! Marcus' anger was escalating, but he couldn't do anything but be at the mercy of Minerva's will.

Minerva knew too well that she had to help Marcus. Not willingly, but because any high rank vampire could scan her mind and know about this. After her little fun she took out the wood, setting Marcus free.

Another sigh escaped Marcus' mouth, and in no time he was up and grabbing Minerva by her neck. "Listen to me well you little harpy. Never ever act like that again, or else!" His fingers tightened around her throat in a painful way. She give him a wicked smile in return.

At that precise moment Kevin woke and became aware of his surroundings. What's happening? Why I'm nude in my closet.... and what's with AJ and Brian?! "What's going on?" He was greeted with the scared faces of Brian and AJ.

"Shit!" exclaimed both, thinking that Kevin would finish the work started by the other three.

At this sight, Henry walked inside the closet and grabbed Kevin by the neck and took him outside "Boss, this one is awake now!"

Marcus let Minerva fall to the ground and grabbed Kevin's chin and examined him. "So this is the Richardson guy. Well, other than his good looks I don't see anything special about him. Maybe we can play with them in the mean time." With that he used his tongue on Kevin's neck seeking his artery.

"Leave him alone, you sick bastard!" Brian screamed, and was quickly silenced by Minerva who did the same as Marcus. "No! Get away from me witch!" He closed his eyes and once again started a prayer.

Minerva felt the energy, and with out a second thought she broke one of his fingers electing a loud scream of agony.

At the sight and sounds before him, Kevin felt his blood boil and his rage skyrocketed. With inhuman velocity, accuracy and strength, he grabbed Marcus' arm and twisted it in a grotesque way elicting another scream of agony. "Leave him alone!", he commanded with a deep voice.

Minerva was shocked. Marcus was in the ground with a pained face. She immediately tried to scan Kevin's aura, and suddenly became aware of two things. Kevin was a vampire, and he was pissed off. The pale red aura around him gave here that piece of info, but how? A week before all of them where simple humans. She was sure of that each one of them had auras full of vibrant, live colors, not pale like undead beings. That meant that someone had embraced him in the last few days. He was a neonate, without experience, still an easy prey.

"It seems like someone was here before us, and embraced you", She smiled and sent Brian against the wall. "Don't be afraid, it will be quick", she stated, jumping against Kevin all with amazing velocity. But he reacted as quickly and sidestepped, but someone bulky grabbed him from behind in a bear hug.

AJ's eyes and mouth were wide open. The sight before him was surreal, but he shook his head, and headed to Brian's side to help him.

Marcus got up and his fist connected several times against Kevin's body who was at his mercy in Henry's bear hug, "That will give you a lesson, stupid neonate! It seems your sire didn't tell you that vampires can't die easily. There are only 4 ways to kill us quick: with sunlight or fire, decapitating us, taking out our heart, or giving us a huge amount of damage. Now I will teach you how much pain a vampire can endure, and guess who is our volunteer?".

Kevin digested all the new info and in a quick move he opened Henry's arms. Then he approached Henry from behind, took him in an armlock, and bit him in the neck sucking the blood that started erupting. In seconds Henry became relaxed and almost willing and Kevin's strength rebuilt, Minerva tried to attack him, but he managed to grow long and sharp claws that dug inside her chest, ripping her heart out, and then smashing it in his hands. Minerva's shocked expression was to short before she started to age in seconds and became dust. Kevin didn't think too much about his actions. His eyes turned from green to red, his anger dictating his actions. He would have to protect himself and the others.

Marcus was scared. How could a newly neonate be this powerful? He had already killed Minerva, and was dealing with Henry at the same time without too much problem. He had to stop this mess right now!

"Look at me Kevin!" The moment Kevin's eyes loked with Marcus' he felt as if someone was trying to control him in his head. Let Henry free and come to me slowly. Kevin felt compelled to obey, but then he remembered how they treated Brian, and his rage returned, forcing him to resist the alien force inside his head.

"No!" Kevin screamed, shredding Henry's weakened body several times with his sharp long claws, effectively killing him. Then turning his attention to Marcus, who tried to run too late, and was intercepted and nailed by Kevin.

"Who are you? And who is your sire?" Marcus asked through clenched teeth.

Kevin aimed is next attack to Marcus' heart, and once in his hands, he started to pull it out, tacking the last agonized scream from Marcus. At that moment Howie and Nick entered the room, Howie aiming my gun against him.

Outside the room:

"Howie, did you heard the screams? They came from Kevin's room. God, something is happening", Nick whispered in fear.

"Yes Nick, hurry we have to help them" Someone is hurting my brothers and he will pay. Howie climbed the last steps of the stair and reached Kevin's bedroom, gun prepared.

Once inside:

Dear God, a monster did a massacre here. That man is killing another. Were are Kevin, Brian and AJ? "Stop!" Howie screamed, But when the blood covered man turned and he saw his red eyes and fangs, Howie's body acted before his mind could react and he fired four shots at the man.

Kevin just felt four impacts in his body and was thrown back and to the floor, not before pulling completely out Marcus' heart.

"NOOOOO!!! KEVIN!!" Brian screamed at the top of his lungs.

TBC ....

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