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Retreat 6
by Schuyler

“You’ll be swell
You’ll be great
Gonna have the world on a plate
Starting here
Starting now, darling
Everything’s coming up roses and daffodils for baby and me.”

Two days later, there was a letter size package slipped under the door by the time JC awoke. Inside was a blue envelope, a good luck card from Corbett. Inside, she’d written the words to “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.” He smiled and tucked it away before heading to the elevators to meet Johnny.
Chris got off the phone with his production team back at Fuman Skeeto and ran down to the hotel’s first floor conference room. The only seat left was between Joey and Justin, opposite JC. Chris sat, trembling a little. JC could see it and tried to smile as if it was all no big deal.
Johnny, in town for three days and the beginning of the tour, breezed into the room with his tiny, ever present assistant in tow. “How’re things going?” He strode to the head of the table.
“Badly,” JC replied. He cued up his prepared speech in his head. “I can’t keep going out every night like this, Johnny. I’m exhausted and the tour’s starting.”
“Oh, we’re going to tune it down when the tour starts.”
“But it’s hurting something else.” He hesitated for just a second, looked down at his hands, before continuing. “Johnny, I’m seeing someone and this behavior is upsetting him.”
Everyone in the room looked mildly shocked, except for Chris, who was sweating.
“Who is it, JC?” Johnny asked.
“It’s not important, but this is hurting him and our relationship and I can’t do that.”
“Is it someone in the industry? Is it someone in the band? Is it Joey?”
JC calmly repeated himself. “The clubbing is hurting our relationship and I won’t do that.”
“Just tell me who it is and I’ll talk to him.”
“He’s upset by this, Johnny, and that upsets me too.” JC was trying to evade the questions. It wasn’t really working.
“JC,” Lance half-pleaded, “just tell us who it is. You can trust us.”
Chris slammed his hands on the table and rose to his feet. “It’s me!” he yelled between choked sobs. “I’m JC’s lover!” He fell back into his chair. Joey's arms were instantly around him, attempting to comfort and console. JC wanted to rush to him, make everything better. He couldn’t stand the sight of tears on Chris’ face.
Johnny, looking as if he’d seen a ghost, fell heavily into the chair beside him. “We have to call all this off,” he said almost breathlessly.
“Johnny,” Lance asked, “are you okay?”
“Yeah, everything’s okay. Just no more clubbing for JC. It’s nice to get the rumors about JC going, but if anyone dug too deep and found a relationship, that would be bad for everyone.” He paused to collect himself. “Do any of the rest of you have something to share?” Joey looked up from Chris to Lance for just a moment. Lance shook his head. No one needed to know about Joey and Kevin. “Great. Then you boys get some rest. Big night tonight.”
JC always liked to have some time alone before a concert, especially the opening night of a tour. So, while he was soaking in the bath, Chris went next door. He knocked twice. “Come in.” He pushed his way inside. Joey sat on the bed lacing his sneakers. He smiled broadly. “Hey, Chris. You feeling better?”
“Yeah. Can I, umm, sit down?” Chris looked guilty.
“Sure, man. Is something wrong?”
Chris sat next to a concerned Joey. “I just thought that I should apologize. You’re my best friend and I’m sorry that you had to find out about me and my relationship with JC that way.” He stared directly at the floor, his hands clasped in his lap.
Joey threw an arm around Chris’ shoulders and held him tight. “It’s no big deal, Chris. You weren’t ready to tell me, and I understand.” He chuckled. “I wasn’t exactly forthcoming about my relationship with Kevin.” Joey let go and lay back on the bed. “But I gotta ask, why didn’t you tell me you were into guys?”
Chris, comfortable again, fell back beside him. “Well, at first I wasn’t sure. Then I was sure, but I wasn’t sure how you’d take it. Then I got involved with JC and I thought it would cause problems in the group. I guess the reasons just piled up.”
“Chris, you know I would never try to come between you and C, but I gotta say this. He’s a great catch.”
“You think so?” Chris rolled up on one elbow.
“Definitely. He is hot!”
“Don’t go there, Joe. I could say some things about your man’s ass that I know you don’t want to hear.”
“You better not.” Joey countered, reinforcing his threat with a pillow swung at Chris’ head. JC, in his bath, could hear Chris laughing through the walls.

All of the guys loved performing, but Justin had been a little more energetic. After two weeks on tour, the others wondered where he got the extra juice. As soon as they returned to the hotel, they made plans to hit the hottest club in Concord, New Hampshire, despite Joey’s remark that, “Saying it’s the hottest club in Concord isn’t really saying much.” Justin, still bouncing off the walls, headed for his room. “Sorry, guys. You go on without me. I’m gonna turn in.”
Joey made a face and consulted his watch. “What the hell are you talking about? It’s only ten fifteen!”
Justin performed the worst fake yawn and stretch ever. “I know. And I am bushed. Goodnight!” He hurried into his room.
Lance held up a hand to Joey. “He’s being weird, I know. I’ll talk to him in the morning. Let’s get going.”