"Savage Garden Picture Show"

By Chris Engelke

Disclaimer: This is a spoof of the cult classic "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Of course, I am taking major creative liberties with this story. Also, this story doesn't mean that any person mentioned in this story is gay, bi, het, or whatever.

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Author's note: Yes, I will be continuing "Coming Out Of The Dark". I just wanted to write a Savage Garden fanfic.

Chapter One:

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Brisbane, Australia. Daniel and Michelle were at the wedding of two close friends. The wedding was absolutely perfect. The bride naturally wore white as she had been saving herself until her wedding night. The groom wore a black tuxedo with a white shirt. His pants were at least three inches too high. People were wondering whether this guy was planning for a flood or something.

The bride's name was Sharon and the groom was Chuck. Sharon and Chuck were high school sweethearts, having dated since they were 15. Naturally, they had never dated anyone else than the person they just married. They met when they were sophomores. Sharon was the head cheerleader and Chuck lettered in football, basketball, baseball, and track and field.

It was love at first sight for Sharon and Chuck. After their third date, Chuck gave Sharon his letterman's jacket. When he put it on her, she shrieked so loudly, people were starting to stare at them.

"Gosh, Sharon. That certainly was a loud scream." Chuck chuckled. Sharon just giggled in response.

That was five years ago. Now they were man and wife. They drove away in a red convertible, which was a present from Chuck's parents. On the back of the car was a "Just Married" sign and a dozen cans were tied together with string and attached in three equal lines to the car's bumper. They drove away in a cloud of exhaust and dirt. Their honeymoon would be in Hawaii, a place Sharon had wanted to go all of her life.

After the guests had left, the only people that remained at the tiny church that was located miles from anything, were Daniel, Michelle, and three church workers who strangely looked like Ana, Lee, and Ben. The look-alikes for Ana and Lee were nice looking, but the one that looked like Ben ... WOW!! Now, there was a hunk! His hair and eyes were very sexy and he had muscles to die for. His cock was... (Cough!) Sorry... my mind wandered away from me for a minute.

The church workers were cleaning up after the wedding. Daniel and Michelle were taking a walk on the dirt parking lot.

"Gee, Daniel!" Michelle said. "Wasn't that the most beautiful wedding there ever was?"

Daniel beamed. "Boy, that Chuck certainly lucked out marrying Sharon! She is the best cook to ever come out of good ole Brisbane High."

"She's lucky to have him too! He'll soon get that promotion to Head Fry Guy!"

Michelle and Daniel looked at each other with extreme passion. Their hearts started beating faster and they started to breathe heavily.

"Michelle?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, Daniel?"

"I'm so glad we met in Professor Cynthia's class this semester."

"Oh, Dan!" Michelle gushed. She grabbed Dan and passionately kissed him.

"I've got only one thing to say now." Daniel responded.

The instrumental beginning for 'I Knew I Loved You' started. Daniel sang the first verse to Michelle with love in his heart.

"Oh, Daniel!" Michelle said, and then started to sing the second verse. Unfortunately, she was singing very badly. Daniel couldn't take her singing for too long and cut her off.

"Michelle? Shelly? Shelly belly?" Daniel kept calling Michelle all of his pet names for her until she finally stopped singing. The background music stopped abruptly. "Thank God!" he said and breathed a sigh of relief. "Michelle, I love you dearly, but how many times do I have to tell you that you just cannot sing? Leave the music up to me!"

Michelle smiled wickedly. "I'm sorry, honey!" The background music suddenly started again. Daniel finished singing the song. Michelle then told Daniel in a fake sweet voice, "Danny, dear, your voice isn't hot either. I think you should switch instruments. Maybe guitar is the one for you."

"Gee, honey..." Daniel said in reply. "You sure know how to ruin a proposal!"

"Proposal?" Michelle squeaked in shock.

Daniel went down on bended knee. "Michelle, I have loved you from the first day we met in Professor Cynthia's chemistry class. You mean the world to me. I would do anything for you! Would you do me the honor of marrying me?" He pulled a small gray box out of his jacket pocket. He opened the box. Inside was a beautiful engagement ring with a very large diamond. He took the ring out of the box and put it on Michelle's ring finger.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Michelle screamed. "I will marry you!"

"You have made me the happiest and luckiest man in the world! Let's go tell the professor the great news!"

Daniel and Michelle rushed to his car and sped off, going to see their friend and professor to thank her for introducing them. What they didn't know that this small drive would change their lives forever.

[*Thunder is heard in the distance*]