**This is fiction and doesn't imply anything about anyone involved. If this is illegal to view, leave, like ya havn't heard that already.**

~ Searching So Hard To Find ~

~ Part 2 ~

Justin awoke in the bus, not knowing how he got there, and not caring at the moment as he sprung up and ran to the bathroom. After ridding himself of some of the alcohol he stumbled back out into the back of the bus and plopped down where he had been. He felt like shit, totally udderly horrible. He placed his head back down and found there to be a funny feeling object. He didn't care, he just wanted to get back to sleep before he felt like he was going to throw up again. As he started to drift to sleep, he felt a hand on his forehead, brushing his hair back. Justin opened his eyes and looked up to find Lance smiling down at him. Justin opened his mouth to say something but Lance put his finger to his lips. "Shhhh." he whispered. "Just get some sleep, you had way too much to drink last night, just sleep." Justin graciously oblidged and was soon asleep in Lance's lap.

About an hour later Justin awoke, looking up he found Lance to be asleep, his head still in Lance's lap. Suddenly he felt nausous and ran to the bathroom and began to puke like he'd never puked before. Soon he found a hand rubbing his back as he knelt over the toilet. "Don't let me drink ever again." Justin complained, once he stopped throwing up for a second. The next thing he knew he was at it again. Once Justin felt like he had thrown up everything he possibly could, he weakly attempted to stand up. Lance grabbed his arm and helped him up. Grabbing him around the waist he slowly walked him back to the couch. Lance propped him up on the couch and recovered him with a blanket. He sat next to his head and stroked his forehead again. Justin looked up at Lance confused, "How did I get back here? Last thing I vaguly remember is sitting on a park bench."

"I saw you leave earlier, and when you didn't come back or call, I started to get worried. I came out looking for you and I found you passed out on the bench. I got you concious enough so you kinda helped me get you back. I laid you on the couch and just let you sleep." he said, smiling down at Justin.

Justin couldn't help but smile up at him. "Thanks a lot man, it means a lot to me. Where are the other guys?"

"They're all out, JC said he hopes you feel better. I had a hard time keeping Chris quiet this morning, I didn't want him to wake you up. Even if his is 30 he's still 5." Lance laughed. "And Joey never came back last night, he told us not to count on him coming back."

"If Joey didn't come back, why were you worried that I didn't? Because you know I couldn't get any girls to sleep with?" Justin asked looking down.

"Are you crazy? There are so many girls that would sleep with you if they had a chance. I dunno, I kinda had a feeling something wasn't right. I saw you yesterday afternoon, you looked like you had a lot on your mind and I was worried about you."

"Thanks a lot, if you hadn't, who know what woulda happened to me." he weakly smiled up at Lance.

"What are friends for?" he smiled back.

"You don't have to stay here and take care of me, you can go out with Sarah, I'm sure she misses you."

"Why would she miss me? We've been friends forever, I'm sure she woudln't miss me for one afternoon, I think she's getting sick of me." Lance laughed.

"But aren't you guys 'together'?" Justin asked. "And be honest, I see you guys together, you love each other."

Lance looked down at Justin pensively. "Justin, we're not together, we've been best friends for years. Of course we look like we love each other, we do, in a brotherly sisterly kind of way. Thats it, nothing more than that."

"Yeah.. whatever you say." Justin said, not believing him. Lance sat a moment before speaking again, he needed to decide whether he was really going to do it or not. He took a deep breath and gathered up his courage. "Justin..." he said softly.

Justin looked up at him, "yeah?"

"There's something I need to tell you, something I should have told you a long time ago, but I was scared..."

"What is it Lance?" Justin asked worried.

"I... I should have told you earlier, your one of my best friends, but I was worried what you'd think.. and I was scared it would hurt the group..." he paused, looking down at Justin's kind face. He knew it would be ok. "Justin, I'm gay."