Look into my eyes (Oh)...Tell me what you see (Baby!)...Ya see a man who thought you loved me...You played me like a fool but I see right through you...I look into your eyes (Yeah)...Tell you what I see (tell you what I see)...I see a girl who ran game on me...You thought you had me fooled but I see right through you! -- N Sync

See Right Through You
Chapter 7
by JT Poole

Later That Evening -- Behind the Stadium

Psion's POV

I barely got out of there alive and right now I feel like I'm ready to explode. My body is overheated and my mind is on fire. Why in the hell is Clark Kent trying to help those guys? I know why he would be trying to help Lex, but why them? What's the connection he has with them? I hope Byte has some information for me regarding this new development. With the way things are flowing, I'm totally in the dark here.

When I discovered who Clark Kent was and what he was capable of doing a while back, I made sure that my team would be strong enough to take him down if needed when our plan went into affect to take down Lex. Now that he's here helping these N Sync guys, I don't know what's going on and basically I don't know what to think about this crap.

Floating up into the air again to see if anything else was strange, I noticed the young man I had spotted before things went down with Clark Kent. Using my powers to get a better view of him, I tell you, this boy is a dead ringer for that Harry Potter guy Daniel Radcliffe. If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone actually used magic on him and de-aged him a few years. Opening my mind a bit, I sensed what could only be the distinct emotion of fear and hatred. Trying to track where this emotion was coming from, I faded away and reappeared on the ground within the backstage area of the stadium. Doing my best to pinpoint what I was looking for, I stopped in my tracks when I felt the abundance of the emotion coming from Justin Timberlake.

"Byte come in," I softly say, pressing the button of my communicator.

= Where are you Psion? =

"I'm in the backstage area of the stadium. I'm watching those N Sync guys from the backstage area. That kid from earlier is still in the area along with Clark Kent," I tell her as I notice that Chris Kirkpatrick has spotted me. "I have to move Byte, I've been spotted."

= Don't go too far. I think you'll be needed there sooner than you think. =

"Why shouldn't I go to far Byte?" I ask just as the kid appeared on stage in a puff of smoke, surprising the N Sync guys and the audience. "Never mind Byte I see why."

= Keep your eyes on the guys of N Sync and make sure that none of them leave. Scanner and Aqua should appear in just a moment."

"Oh great, just make sure the others are on standby," I say as the kid turns around and his body starts to change. That's not Daniel Radcliffe, that's someone else. It's a shape-shifter.

= I saw it Psion, I'm trying to find out who that is. Incoming. =

(<Scanner's Portal Sound>)

"What's going on Psion?" Aqua asks, walking up behind me.

"We have a shape-shifter on our hands guys," I say, keeping my eyes on what was going on. "Right now he's out on stage with them and from the looks of things they are just as surprised as everyone else. He doesn't belong out there and if he's not removed from the equation, he's going to expose a whole lot of people."

"Well let's see, we don't have to worry about exposure, let's get out there and take who or whatever it is out," Aqua says as her eyes start to glow a dim blue color.

"Scanner are you up to this?" I ask him, wanting to make sure he'd be able to handle things.

"Yep, just tell me what you need," he says, looking around nervously at Aqua and then looking out at the guys on stage.

"Okay Scanner. We don't have time to be star struck either," I tell him as I stepped back, grabbed both of their hands and the three of us faded away only to reappear out on stage in front of the kid.

"What the hell is going on?" Justin asks, stepping back as I turned around and used my telekinetic powers to erect a shield around their bodies.

"Who are you kid?" I ask, looking the kid in the eyes as he started smirking as I sensed his thoughts at the last second. "Move back!"

Before the others could react, the kid had changed again to look like Lance Bass. Oh this is going to get strange and difficult. Before I or the others could do anything, the kid had taken off running off the stage into the backstage area. With the audience just as freaked out as the N Sync guys, I floated into the air and telepathically instructed Scanner and Aqua to locate the kid as I tried to use my telepathic powers to make people forget what they've just seen.

`You didn't really see what you just saw. This is all an adrenaline induced illusion. You're safe now, you're okay,' I telepathically project into the minds of everyone in the audience, opening my mind too much, not noticing what was going on behind me.

`What are you doing?' I mentally heard as I turned to see Chris Kirkpatrick staring at me. He must be the telepath among them. `You can't do that all by yourself.'

`I can and I must,' I telepathically say, projecting that mental suggestion into the minds of everyone in the audience. `I can't fail, if I do, your concert is ruined and you all may possibly be exposed as metahumans. Now you don't need that do you?'

`No we don't," he says as I felt something else near us and turned around quickly to see Lex Luthor approaching the N Sync guys. `What's wrong?'

`Lex Luthor, he's approaching you guys,' I telepathically say as all the people in the audience fell to the ground, a sign that my suggestion worked. Now I need to do my best to stop Lex.

Floating back down to the floor, I stop in my tracks when Lex smiles at me and snaps his fingers, causing pyrotechnics to go off all around me. Loosing my footing, I fell off the edge of the stage into the crowd of people that was already passed out. Getting back up, Lex walked to the edge and smirked at me and then kicked me in the face.

"I told you once that you and your friends couldn't stop me or ruin me. I'm more powerful than you think I am," Lex says as I use my telekinetic power to push him back away from me.

"That's all you got Psion? I've done my homework when it comes to you and your group of friends," he says as I float back up to the stage and he motions for someone to join him.

Getting ready to attack him, I erected a telekinetic field around my body and flew towards him. Smiling still, he opened a box that a man had brought over to him and he pulled a snake out and threw it at me. What the hell!

"No!" I screamed out as I lost my concentration, my telekinetic field dropping in the process and the snake making a connection with my body. "No! No! Help me!"

"As you can see Psion, like I said, I've done my homework," he says as he starts laughing and walks past the N Sync guys. "The next time you think about ruining my plans, don't."

`Help me, someone help me!' I telepathically call out, struggling to get the snake off of me as I was too scared to get any of my active powers to work.

= Psion! Psion! Calm down. =

`Help me! Somebody please help me!' I continued to scream out.

= Psion please, you're sending ripples across the Astral Plane. =

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Chris Kirkpatrick screams as Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake got over to him. "So much pain! Help him, not me!"

"Help who?" Justin asks, looking in my direction.

"Him!" Chris screams as a beam of psychic energy projected from him, hitting everyone and everything in the vicinity of his body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"We have to help him," Joey says as he moved over to me, waved his hand and the snake disappeared as I continued to struggle.

`Guy calm down,' I hear in my mind as I opened my eyes to see that the snake was gone.

Getting off the floor, I looked around and disappeared. Reappearing on the outskirts of town, I floated in the air crying, trying to get the thought of that snake on me out of my mind. How in the hell did Lex Luthor knew that I was afraid of snakes? I'm going back to HQ and find out just how it was that he was able to know that little bit of information.

Back at the Stadium

Justin's POV

I don't know what the fuck just happened out here, but I know we're going to have a hard time explaining all of this to Lance and Josh. I know that guy tried using his powers to erase the memories of the people out there, but I wish he would've included them. With the way things have been going as of late, we haven't had the chance to sit down and actually tell them about our powers yet. They didn't know a thing about us and after what Joey just did a few minutes ago, they probably know something now.

With the way Josh and Lance are looking around, they know something strange is going on, but I don't know how we're going to break this to them. I bet they're wondering why we're not shocked about what happened earlier and they probably want to know why and how Joey was able to get rid of the snake by waving his hand. This is going to be a long night and with the stuff that just went down here, I don't know how we're going to try to explain this to the fans.

"What're we going to do about this?" I ask, looking at Chris and then Joey.

"We have to act like nothing happen and continue on with the show as soon as I can use my power to wake everyone up.

"No man, I'm talking about Josh and Lance," I say, pointing over my shoulder at the two of them.

"We'll deal with them later on after the show," Chris says as his eyes start glowing. "Okay, let's get back into position."

"You're waking everyone up now?" I ask him as he nods and I move back over to where I was.

Yep this is going to be a long night. I don't know how we're going to tell them and the way Lance is looking, he's scared. I wonder if there's a way that Chris can use his powers on Lance and change his emotions or something. Please let this go off without another hitch.

Out in the Audience

Clark's POV

I don't know what's going on, but something's not right. My head feels rather strange and I can't seem to remember what happened in the last few minutes. This is a strange feeling I've felt before and I don't like it. It feels like someone's been messing with my mind and made my world go topsy-turvy again. All I need to know right now is who did it and why... I just hope something bad didn't go down and it involved me. I don't need any more bad things on my consciousness right now. After loosing Pete, I made a promise to myself that I would do everything within my power to keep myself under control. His death was enough sadness to last a thousand decades for me.

Turning around and looking at everyone around me, I noticed that I wasn't the only one affected by whatever it was that happened. Helping Whit off the ground, I spotted Lana and Chloe walking towards us. Please don't let her be coming over to start more drama, I just don't feel up to dealing with her right now.

"Clark baby, what's wrong?" Whitney asks, looking up at me as he turns to see Lana and Chloe too. "Oh no, not again."

"What's that supposed to me Whitney?" Lana asks, smacking him on the arm. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you didn't want to see me."

"Well you know better, so please go," he tells her as she throws her hand up and turns her head.

"What is it Lana?" I ask her as she started smirking.

"I know something you don't know," she says, sounding more like a five year old now.

"Do I really care?" I ask as Chloe just shakes her head. "I'm not in the mood for games right now and I don't want to waste...waste time talking to you."

"Whatever Clark, I'm the best person to talk to out here...well besides Chloe of course," she says, smiling as Chloe frowns at her.

"Just leave us alone Lana," Whit says, grabbing my hand in his as her eyes widened.

"So it is true, I thought you two were only here together to piss us off," Lana says, turning around and stomping off.

"If I'd known that would have ran her off, I'd done it earlier," Whit says, smiling at me as he turned back around to see Chloe still standing there.

"Is there something wrong Chloe?" I ask her as she nods. "Well what's up?"

"I have some bad news...news that you might not like," she says, looking at the two of us now.

"What kind of bad news?" Whitney asks her as I could detect the nervousness in his voice.

"You remember that kid Ian Randall from last year?" She asks, looking down at the ground. "He's been released from Belle Reve and the governor pardoned him."

"Wait a minute. Isn't that the guy that was able to clone himself and the one that tried to...ahhh never mind," he says as I gasped and turned around quickly.

"I'm sorry Clark," she says, stepping closer to rub my shoulder as I pulled away from her. "I'm sorry Clark...I guess...guess I'll go."

"Ch-Chloe wait," I say as she looked up at me. It's not her fault what that creep tried to do to me, but I know she still blames herself for setting me up with him. "Thanks for telling me."

"You're welcome," she says as she turned around and walked away from us as I turned my attention to the stage to see that the guys of N Sync were ready to get ready to perform their last number.

Metropolis -- Department for Unexplained Phenomenon

= Incoming. Psion is approaching in five, four, three, two... =


"Byte!" Psion screams as the light fades away from his body and he is completely seen.

"Calm down Psion," Byte says, walking over to where Psion appeared in the room

"Calm down? I'm not going to fucking calm down! Lex Luthor threw a fucking snake on me! A fucking snake! How in the hell did he know I was scared of snakes?" Psion asked, walking over to a conference table.

"I don't know Psion. How many people know that fact about you?" Byte asks, looking across the table at Psion.

"All of you do," Psion says as the room got bright, signaling the arrival of Scanner and his passengers.

"Well I don't know how he would find that out. I don't think anyone of us would betray you JT," Byte says as Scanner and Aqua walks over to the table and sits down.

"The kid got away?" Psion asks, standing up and looking at Scanner and Aqua.

"Sorry Psion, but he changed again and we sorta lost him," Aqua says as some water splashed around her body and she was wearing her regular clothing again.

"Well that's just great. That means there's a shape shifter hanging around with the N Sync guys and they can possibly be in danger," Psion says, slamming his fist down on the table.

"Calm down Psion, it's not like it's their fault," Byte says as her eyes starts glowing and a cup of coffee appeared in her hand.

"It might not be their fault Shelby, but the kid is still out there and he might hurt somebody," Psion says as his eyes start glowing.

"Come on JT, you need to calm down," Byte says, getting up and walking over to where he stood. `I know you're upset about the snake, but don't go taking your anger out on everyone around.'

"I'm not doing that," Psion says as Aqua and Scanner look at the two of them and shrug their shoulders.

"Just calm down," Byte says, handing him a folder. "This is for you. I was told that we have six more people that will be joining us."

Psion's POV

Oh this is just fucking great. What is the Governor trying to do here? I know we're a secret strike force and all, but we should have some limits. I think the six of us already here is enough to keep the area protected. Hell, I have enough power to fight just about anything by myself; I'm a psychic fighting machine with some other good defensive powers of my own. Byte is an amazing woman that has the ability to talk and interact with any device she can touch or reach her mind out to. Aqua is the queen of the Seven Seas so to speak with her powers to control water and aquatic energies. Scanner is, well...he is just himself. He's new around here and all I've seen him do is teleport people and things and he can run like really fast. They said he has other powers, but I can't detect what they are yet. Defender is a very strong man that can manipulate any kind of energy and he can run just as fast, maybe faster than Scanner. Jinx is a young woman that's magical like me. I sometimes think her magicks are just as strong as mine. Then again maybe hers are stronger than my own.

Looking through the folder, I see the dossier for the six new members plus one more. It seems we have a new file for Clark Kent and it has updated information attached to it. Wonder where the big wigs got this information from... I don't know why they keep including his file, he's not ready to work with a team yet. I went to go recruit him a while back, but felt that he wouldn't be right working with us, doing what it is we do. I don't think the guy is comfortable with using his powers. Then again, the way he acted towards me tonight, maybe he is. In time, maybe he'll come to us. Right now, I have to go greet Hailstorm, Braun, Clone, Protectra, Inferna and Shadow Girl. I hope these aren't more bad apples from Belle Reve, I don't want to have to deal with another loose cannon like Amanda Jefferies.


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