Look into my eyes (Oh)...Tell me what you see (Baby!)...Ya see a man who thought you loved me...You played me like a fool but I see right through you...I look into your eyes (Yeah)...Tell you what I see (tell you what I see)...I see a girl who ran game on me...You thought you had me fooled but I see right through you! -- N Sync

See Right Through You
Chapter 8
by JT Poole (jtsplace@nctv.com)

Metropolis -- Department of Unexplained Phenomenon

Psion's POV

Why am I even considering letting these new guys join this team? The Governor can't just keep pardoning these guys from prison and then have them join my team. I don't have to support them being around here and I don't have to work with them. I'm happy with the group I have now and I don't feel like getting to know six more people that will probably cause more trouble for all of us that are already here.

From what I can see so far these new guys are nothing but common criminals that will only ruin my group. The first guy, Ian Randall is his name and he seems to be able to clone himself and has been affectionately named Clone. Seems he was put in Belle Reve last year for trying to kill Clark Kent after raping him. Oh this is just great. When Michura finds out about this she's going to freak the fuck out. How in the hell is he going to be able to work on this team with us when he's raped someone and tried to kill them afterwards? I know she doesn't have to worry since the word GAY has been thrown around a few times in reference to his sexuality. I guess I'll have to keep his file secret until I find out what to do with him.

Next we have Cameron Scott, he has the power to manipulate the weather. From reading his back story, he had a terrible childhood and has trust issues. Can you say, doesn't play well with others? He's not going to fit in around here and I'll probably spend most of my time trying to win his trust so he can follow the rules around here.

Moving along, I'm cornered with a young lady from my past named Laterra Daniels but the rest of the world know her as Protectra. Protectra isn't a criminal per se as the others are, but she has done some things in her life time that makes her just as bad. Protectra is a force to be reckoned with. With her powers to turn invisible and pass through any solid object she makes for one of the best covert operatives the world has ever known.

Now I get to Adamm Layne, also called Braun mainly because of his bulky body and his enhanced strength. With the added benefit of flying, he'll make a good addition to the team, but he has a bad attitude when it comes to authority figures. I just hope he and Defender don't go head-to-head or the whole building might come down.

Getting to the last of the bunch, I stop at Lyla Foster and basically close her folder since I was the one responsible for sending her to Belle Reve. Lyla is codenamed Inferna and has the power to create fire and control it. Knowing a little bit about her past with Lex Luthor and his foundation, she might be able to help us take Lex down. I just hope these new additions don't end up being the end of the Department of Unexplained Phenomenon.

"So why is it that you're looking at me like that?" Clone (Ian) asks, walking over to where I sat and put his hands on the table.

"Could it be that I don't like you?" I say to him, using my telekinetic power and pushing him away from the table.

"Then I say we have a problem then Mister Boss Man," Clone says, pressing a button on his bracelet and erecting a force field of some kind around his body.

"Be quiet and don't piss me off. I'm in no mood for this and I won't be held responsible for what I might do!" I scream out, using the full force of my telekinetic powers and knocking him against the wall across the room, short circuiting the force field around his body.

"What the hell is wrong with you man?" Braun (Adamm) asks, running to Ian's aide.

"Get away from him!" I scream out, using my powers to move Adamm away from the man on the floor. "Let him help himself!"

"What's going on in here?" Byte asks, rushing into the room and standing behind me.

"Just setting the pecking order around here," I say, standing up now. "Now let's get this show on the road."

"JT don't kill anyone in the process of getting the show on the road," Byte says as she sits down at the table as the others joined us in the room.

"As long as everyone knows their place everything will be fine. Are we clear Mister Randall?" I ask as he got up off the floor and came back over to the table. "Remember I have my eye on you."

"Well I hope you like what you see. If you play your cards right you can see more of me," he says as I was about to say something until Byte placed a hand on my shoulder to stop me.

"Mister Randall please be quiet," Byte says as she taps her fingers on the table and some robotic arms pop out of the chair to wrap around Clone to keep him still and quiet.

"That's so much better," I say as I pressed a button on the table to turn on a view screen.

Back in Smallville -- After N Sync's Concert

Lance's POV

I don't know what to say, think or do right now in regards to what I saw Joey do tonight. I don't think he's one of those metahumans they talk about on Television but the way he made that snake disappear off of that guy by just waving his hand is a sign that he's something.

Since the show ended I've actually been too scared to even go in the main dressing room anywhere near him. He's one of my best friends and I don't even know why I'm freaking out like this. My mind is telling me I should be freaking out and calling those special people that handle people with special powers but my heart is telling me not to be afraid of him, that I can trust him. I don't know if I can or not, but I don't know what to do right now. Should I trust that he won't hurt me or should I turn him in?

"Scoop it's getting late. We have to be heading back to Lex's place," Josh says, walking into the room where I was. "The others are already ready to go. They're waiting for us."

"Yeah okay," I say, getting up and hugging Josh. "Baby will you protect me?"

"I love you Lance, I'll do my best to protect you from any and everything," he tells me as we kissed and held hands as we walked out of the room towards the van waiting to take us back to Lex's mansion.

"It took you guys long enough," Justin says, frowning a little bit. "Did you two stop to fuck or something?"

"Jerk! We didn't do anything like that Justin," I say, glaring at him as me and Josh slid into the seat behind him, still holding hands. "I'm not in the mood for any of your crap tonight so just keep it to yourself please."

"What the fuck ever," Justin says as his eyes started to glow and then stopped.

"What in the hell is going on here? Oh my God your eyes!" I screamed as Joey, Chris and the driver turned to look at me.

"What's wrong Scoop? Who's eyes?" Chris asked as his eyes started to glow too.

"What the hell is going on around here?" I asked as it seemed like everything around me was slipping into some bad nightmare.

`You're getting sleepy Lance, what you've seen tonight has all been a dream,' I heard Chris' voice in my mind.

"Chris what are you saying?" I ask as I closed my eyes and everything went black.

Chris' POV

That was totally a close one. He saw my eyes and Justin's eyes glowing. If my hypnotic suggestion doesn't work he's going to remember everything and he'll be more scared and pissed than he already was. What are we going to do if this happens again? Did he tell anyone? Does Josh know what he possibly saw? Damn, this is getting harder for each of us by the day. I don't know why Justin is against us telling them. For some strange reason he's the only one of us that doesn't want them to know about us. When Joey and I first discovered our powers, we thought it would be best to tell them, but Justin objected. I'm getting tired of having to erase their memories or implant hypnotic suggestions in their heads when we do something suspect. I don't like doing that to them, I could be possibly fucking up their minds and there's nothing I can do about that until Justin decides to go ahead and tell them.

`Are you alright baby?' Joey mentally asks, touching my hand now.

`I'm fine baby, I'm just a little bit tired,' I tell him, lying my head on his shoulder.

`Baby there's something else going on with you, I can feel it," he mentally tells me.

`Honest Joe, I'm fine," I tell him, kissing the top of his hand. `I just need to get some rest.'

`You need more than rest baby,' he says as he looked down at me. `You don't look so hot.'

`What do you mean by that?' I mentally ask him.

`Honey you have rings under your eyes and you look like you're older than what you are,' he mentally tells me.

Damn, my psychic illusion must have faded while I was working with Lance and Josh. He's seeing what I've been trying to hide from him and the others for the last couple of days. He doesn't need to worry about me right now, but it's too late, I can't make him forget what he's seen. If I even try, he'll know I've messed with his mind. That's my husband for you.

`Come on baby tell me, I know there's something wrong with you. You might as well go ahead and tell me,' he says, lifting my chin and kissing me.

`I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been like this for a few weeks,' I mentally tell him. `Since we got back into the States, I've been feeling like this.'

`Do you think it's something you caught while we were in Mexico?' He mentally asks me.

`I don't know baby,' I mentally say as Justin looks over to us.

"We're here, let's go. I think we need to talk," Justin says, getting up to get off the van.

`Let's go baby, I don't like the vibe's I'm getting from him,' I mentally say to Joey.

"Hey you two wake up," Joey says, waking up Lance and Josh.

"What is it?" JC asks, looking up at him.

"Come on, we're here, go to your room and sleep," Joey tells him.

Back in Metropolis -- Department of Unexplained Phenomenon

"Okay guys do we have any more news?" JT asks, getting up and walking around the table.

"Well I found out that the boy slash changing man is in fact an operative working for Lex Luthor named Rory Daniels. He isn't a shape shifter like we thought, he has the psychic power to create illusions," Shelby says, pressing some buttons on the table.

"So he's working with Lex, but why?" JT asks, looking at the information being displayed on the view screen. "What does Lex have on him to make him do his dirty work?"

"I think it's nothing like that Psion, I think it goes to more of a love-hate relationship," Shelby says, looking at JT funny.

"What do you mean by that Byte?" Laterra asks now.

"I think she means that our changing boy is in love with Luthor," Ian says, smiling now.

"Yeah he is, but Luthor isn't in love with him," Cameron says, looking down.

"Good answers," Shelby says and then shakes her head. "But that isn't the issue right now, the issue is he's somewhere around the guys of N Sync and he's trying to get to Lex. We originally thought he was trying to hurt them, but I think that he's trying to get to Lex for spurning his advances."

"Okay and I hope you're not suggesting that we go stop him from doing that," JT says, sitting back down now.

"No I'm not saying that all, but something's not right. I think it's odd that he decides to show up at the concert like he did. How did he know Lex was going to be there?" Shelby asks.

"He might have an `in' with Luthor," Ian says, looking over at JT now.

"Or he could've been following Lex around, posing as people he knows," Cameron says, twiddling his thumbs at the table.

"Byte are you sure this guy's powers are psychic only?" JT asks her.

"Why do you ask?" Shelby asks.

"Remember when I was attacked by Clark the first time, I couldn't get any of my powers to work and then I was able to get him off of me," JT says, looking up at her. "Do you think he's capable of morphing powers like I do?"

"That's a possibility JT but I don't think that would interfere with your psychic powers not working," Shelby says, walking around the table now. "If he was able to look like Clark, I don't think he was able to stop your powers from working like you said."

"Well I don't understand why Clark Kent would openly attack me and I don't understand why my powers didn't detect him before he attacked me," JT says, turning around. "That guy must've changed into Clark Kent and used his powers to mask himself from my telepathy."

"That's all viable JT but do you have any proof of it?" Shelby asks.

"No," JT answers her. "I just didn't sense Clark Kent attacking me is all."

"Well he is a psychic too," Laterra says," turning in her chair. "That's something to go on."

"Yeah, but not enough," Shelby says.

"Why are we waiting around here for? Why aren't we out there kicking ass?" Adamm says, turning to JT now.

"Because JT hasn't given us an order to," Chad says, standing up now.

"Chad calm down," JT says, turning to look at Defender.

"Why are they even here? Aren't we strong enough to take down Luthor by ourselves? We haven't had the need for help in the past, why do we need it now?" Chad asks, looking at JT and then Shelby.

"I don't know, that's something you have to ask the Governor," JT says, turning around. "I'm in no mood to argue about politics and this issue, let's just drop it and stick to the business at hand."

"Whatever JT, this is bogus and you know it," Chad says, turning around now.

"Chad please sit back down," JT tells him.

"No, I don't wanna sit down, I'm leaving," Chad replies, looking back at JT.

"Come on Chad, don't do this," JT says, walking over to him.

"No JT I'm not going to stay here. I read their files and I don't want to be around them," Chad says as JT shook his head.

"Chad this isn't the time or place for this," JT tells him.

"Well when is the time and place for this JT? What happens when he rapes one of us, or she tries to kill us or she tries to burn us out!" Chad screams as Michura turns around and looks at him.

"What did you just say Chad?" Michura asks, getting up now.

"That's right Aqua, JT let a rapist on the team," Chad says, pointing at Ian now.

"I didn't let him on the team, he was thrown into the team. I can't go against what the governor says and you two know that," JT tells them.

"When you created this team you told me that I would be safe from...oh never mind!" Michura shouts, changing her body and water and disappearing out of the room.

`Chad calm down and now! You've caused enough problems for one night!' JT mentally says, a little bit too forceful as Chad falls to the floor and starts shaking.

"Oh God, Defender!" Shelby screams, running around the table to him. "What's wrong with him?"

"Oh God, I think I just sent him into epileptic shock," JT says, frowning now as Shelby's eyes start glowing and the area on the floor around Defender started to change into a stretcher and it started floating.

"I'm going to get him into the infirmary," Shelby says, getting Chad out of the room quickly.

The Kent Farm -- Out in the Barn

"Are you sure you're okay baby?" Whitney asks, hugging Clark now.

"I'm okay, stop worrying about me," Clark says, sitting down on the edge of the bed and pulling Whitney down into his lap.

"Well like I told you earlier, I'm your boyfriend, I have to worry when you're crying about something baby," Whitney says as Clark leaned in and kissed him on the mouth.

"Well I'm glad you're my boyfriend, but I'm a big boy, you don't have to worry about me," Clark tells him as Whitney starts caressing the side of his face.

"Yes, I can tell that you're a big boy Clark," Whitney says, smiling as he leaned in and kissed Clark's lips, letting his hand move down to Clark's chest. "I can feel that you're a big boy too."

"Ah, maybe we should call it a..." Clark says as Whitney pushed him backwards on the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. "Whit are you doing?"

"Showing you how much I love you," Whitney says, leaning up and pulling his shirt over his head. "I love you Clark and I'll do anything to prove that to you; even go as far as giving myself to you."

"You don't have to do that Whit," Clark says, looking up at Whitney now.

"I don't have to Clark but I want to," Whitney tells him, leaning down to kiss his lips. "I love you and I think now is the perfect time to show you just how much."

"I think now is the perfect time for you to get up off of him and leave him alone. Can't you see he doesn't want to do anything with you?" Lex asks, standing in the room now.

"What the hell are you doing up here?" Whitney asks, turning around to see Lex.

"It seems I'm helping Clark protect himself from the likes of you," Lex answers him. "He clearly doesn't want to do anything with you and hear you are forcing yourself on him!"

"I am not forcing myself on him," Whitney says, looking at Clark now as he wiped the sweat from his face.

"He's clearly flustered here Whitney. He doesn't want to have sex with you," Lex says, walking over to Clark and pulling him up out of the bed.

"Lex stop it," Clark says, pulling away from Lex now.

"Clark, I'm trying to protect you from the overzealous guy there that's trying to put the moves on you," Lex says, glaring at Whitney.

"Lex I don't need protecting," Clark tells him.

"Yes you do Clark. He's trying to sex you up against your will. We don't need nothing like that happening to you again," Lex says, hoping that would get Clark into his arms.

"Oh God! How dare you try and say I was..." Whitney says as Clark looked at him and then Lex. "Clark I wasn't trying to..."

"What do you call it when you do something to someone that they don't want to do?" Lex asks, glaring at Whitney now as he pulls Clark closer to his body and hugs him and Clark wrapped his arms around him.

"I...I..." Whitney stutters, looking at Clark in Lex's arms now. "I'm sorry Clark; I wasn't trying to force myself on you."

"I think you should be leaving now Whitney," Lex says, rubbing Clark's back now.

"That's not your decision to make Lex. Clark do you want me to go?" Whitney asks, looking at Clark now, getting a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach at how Lex was holding the man he loved.

"Right now I think it would be best if you did," Clark replies, not turning to look at Whitney.

"Okay, I guess I'll go," Whitney says, grabbing his shirt off the bed and looking at Clark one more time. "I'll talk to you later on, goodnight baby."

Chapter 9

A Few Days Later -- Smallville, KS -- Outside of the Luthor Mansion

'Okay guys get into position and let's get ready to raid this place,' Psion telepathically says, floating in the air above the Luthor mansion while being invisible.

'I'm already in position,' Byte mentally says as she touched the wall of the part of the house that Lex Luthor was suspected to be in.

'I'm in position too. Just tell me when I get to burn this place down,' Inferna mentally says just as her eyes started to glow a bright orange color.

'I'm not sensing anyone inside of the main house,' Psion telepathically says as he disappears and then reappears on the ground next to Byte. "Something's not right here Shelby, Luthor's not around here."

"Of course I'm here," Lex says, catching Byte and Psion off guard as he threw a strange looking net on top of them. "I knew that if I played my cards right I would catch you freaks in the act of doing something to out you so to speak."

"What the hell!" Psion screamed as he struggled to get free of the net.

"Psion stop struggling," Byte says, grabbing a hold of Psion, trying to calm him down.

"No! We have to get away!" Psion shouts as his eyes start glowing white and he projects psychic and telekinetic energy all around his body, melting the substance of the net.

"Psion stop!" Byte screamed, trying to get away from Psion now as his power was hurting her in the process of him freaking out.

"You can't hurt me there Psion. You're doing my damage to your friend than you are me," Lex says, laughing now as Psion fell to his knees, still struggling with the net.

"What the hell did you do to him?" Byte asks, staring at Lex now as Psion lay on the ground in front of her feet.

"I know a thing or two about Psion. I know how to short circuit him and his powers," Lex says, smiling at the woman now.

"That's not possible," Byte says, looking at Lex and then down to Psion.

"Sorry Luthor but you're not going to get away with hurting the boss man," Lex heard from behind him as Protectra appeared and knocked him down to the ground.

"I like it when a woman acts like a man," Lex says, smiling now.

"Keep talking smart guy and I'll beat you into submission," Protectra says, ready to hit Lex again until Psion moved. "Byte I think you need to help the boss man out."

"What's going on around here Lex?" Lionel Luthor says, walking outside to see what all the commotion was. "I was just about to turn in when I heard all of this commotion out here."

"Don't worry about it Dad, things are under control now," Lex says, smiling now as he turned around and got up off the ground. "I'm getting ready to escort our guest out of here."

"That's what you think Lex," Clone says, smirking as he stepped into the light and Lex gasped.

"You!" Lex shouts, running over to where Clone was and grabbing him.

"Na uh Lex," Clone says, shaking his head now. "Don't think you can just hurt me and get away with it."

"Why you jerk! How dare you show your face around in Smallville again! After what you did to Clark you should've been killed!" Lex shouts as Clone pushed him to the ground.

"I didn't do anything that you didn't want me to do Luthor," Clone says, smirking now. "I can't help it that I did more than what you wanted me to do."

"How dare you..." Lex says as it got bright around them all of a sudden.

"Quiet!" Psion shouts, appearing in front of Clone and Lex.

"You don't give orders around here Psion!" Lex shouts as some lights come on around them and other people joined the party.

"I think it's time we made our exit," Psion says, disappearing as Clone, Byte, Protectra and Inferna disappeared too.

"Lex what the hell is going on?" Lionel asks, looking around in the spaces where Psion and his teammates were.

"I'll explain later Dad," Lex says, running into the house now.

Two Days Later -- The Kent Farm

Clark's POV

It's been a few days since I've actually seen Whit and I'm getting worried. I know the way things went down the other night might've pissed him off but I was scared. I love him but I'm scared to do something sexual with him. I want to give myself to him but I...I'm scared that I won't be good enough for him or that he'll just use me like Lex says he will. I know I shouldn't listen to what Lex says but he has a point in a way. If I would've listened to Lex when he told me...told me about Ian Randall, I wouldn't be so scared right now. I was scared the other night and with the way Whit was acting, he was acting a little bit like Ian did when he...he raped me a while back. I don't want to think about him or that stuff but since coming to terms with my sexuality, I've been thinking about all the things that could possibly happen to me being gay. With my enhanced strength and senses I shouldn't have to worry about gay bashing, but there are other things that can happen that I don't even want to think about right now. I feel it in my heart and soul that Whitney loves me and I know in my mind that he'll never hurt me like Ian Randall did. I just have to trust in my heart and believe in the love that we have for each other.

I guess I need to just suck this stuff up and go talk to him. I haven't heard from him since that night and I know he's probably thinking the rest about me right now. I don't want him thinking the worst about me, especially when Lex is involved. I guess I'll run over to his place and see what's going on.

Later that Night -- The Fordman Farm

Whitney's POV

Why haven't I heard from him? It's been almost a week now and I thought he would've at least called to talk to me or shown up here to see me. I know he's gone to Lex and forgotten all about me now. Why did I have to fall in love with a guy that was so close to Lex Fucking Luthor? No one and I mean no one around here can compete with Lex, he's the richest guy in this damn town and he has the resources he needs to make things happen. It looks like he's used his so called resources to turn Clark against me. I shouldn't have left him alone with Clark the other night; I should've just stayed there until Lex left or suggested that Lex left with me. It's wrong, damn wrong for me to lose the man I love to Lex Fucking Luthor! Since all this started I've started thinking that maybe I should leave Smallville and forget about Clark. I love him but maybe I'm way out of my league trying to be with him while Lex is still in the picture. What am I going to do?

Maybe I should just pack up my crap and move on. I don't have a chance with Clark as long as Lex's around and I'm sure Lex is doing all that he can to make Clark forget about me. I have nothing here in Smallville and right now I should just go ahead and cut my loses. Getting up to go grab a beer, I'm sidetracked by the sound of someone knocking at the door.

"Oh great, who could that be? I'm not in the mood to be bothered by anyone," I say, walking over to the door and opening it to see Clark standing there. "Clark!"

"Are you in the mood to be bothered by me?" He asks, looking down now as I wonder how he had known what I had said.

"Clark you know I'm always up for seeing you," I tell him as I stood there looking at him as he looked up at me. "Come in, it's cool out."

"Are you sure you want me to come in now?" He asks, still looking up at me.

"Yes I want you to come in Clark," I tell him, taking his hand and pulling him into the house and leading him into the living room where I just was. "Just have a seat."

"Okay," he says, sitting down on the sofa as he smiled weakly and then looked down at the floor.

Oh God he's so cute sitting there like that. I know things are a little bit shaky between the two of us but I just want to hold him in my arms and kiss him all over. God, why can't things ever be easy for me?

"Do you want something to drink Clark?" I ask, getting up and standing in front of him now.

"N-no, I'm good Whit," he says as his voice sent shivers throughout my body. "Whit..."

"Yes?" I say, turning to look at him with a soft smile on my face.

"I was thinking..." he says, looking down again. "You know that I love you right?"

"I...I guess," I say, not really knowing where this conversation was about to go.

"Whit I do love you," he says, getting up now and standing in front of me as he reached out and touched my shoulder. "You know what you told me about what you've always dreamt of doing with me?"

"Y-yeah," I say, feeling the air around us crackle with a little bit sexual tension and excitement as he leaned closer to me and kissing my lips softly.

Damn that was nice and I see that I've missed that more than anything. Just the touch of our skin sent all kinds of sensations throughout my body. Leaning closer to him I gave him a soft kiss and he stood there non-moving, all tense like. I could feel that he was nervous and I didn't know if me taking the initiative to kiss him was upsetting him and making him tense.

"Are you sure you want to be here doing this Clark?" I ask him as he nods at me and I kiss him again.

"I love you Whit and I want to be here with you, doing whatever it is we're going to do. You have my heart and I trust you with it," he says, looking into my eyes as he caressed my cheek. "I'm here with you and as I said, whatever happens between us happens. I love you."

"I love you too Clark," I tell him as I began to unbutton his shirt and slid it off of his arms as I touched his chest as he tensed up a bit and then relaxed as my hands moved up to his nipples.

He was moaning under my touch now and I didn't want to stop but I did so I could remove my shirt and have us both be equals. I very much enjoyed the feel of his skin on mine and wanted to feel it again. By the looks of things Clark was really nervous and was a little bit scared. Taking a chance, I took his hand and placed it on my chest as he moaned again and started moving his fingers in small circles on my chest, tickling me a little but also turning me on more. Damn my dick is hard already and I hope that doesn't scare him.

He leaned in and kissed me again, this time his lips lingering a little bit more on mine as he looked into my eyes, his nervousness fading as his fingers still traced teasingly over my chest. He was smiling at me now and his hand had since stopped but his other hand was on my hip now, with his fingers inching closer to my ass. Was that a sign of what he wanted or was that just my mind getting carried away with things?

"What are you smiling about handsome?" I ask him as he leaned in and kissed me again.

"I'm happy that you were here and that you didn't turn me away," he says, looking down now as I lifted his chin up so he could look at me.

"I wouldn't turn you away Clark," I tell him as I noticed that his hand was on my ass now.

Something within my soul took over and I went for the belt of his pants, undoing it quickly as his pants fell down his legs to the floor. There was an outline of his cock jutting out in his boxer shorts that looked like it was begging for me to touch. I looked down at it and then smiled hungrily at him as he smiled weakly but another kiss from me widened his smile.

"Clark are you okay?" I ask him as he nods his head and then started snapping the buttons on my button fly jeans.

"I'm more than okay Whit," he says, smiling at me as he palmed my cock through my briefs.

He leaned in and kissed me again as he continued to stroke my dick. He toed his shoes off and then stepped out of his pants. He stood in front of me in nothing but his boxers shorts on and I could see that my baby was sporting a lot of meat that was sure to keep me satisfied for years to come. Reaching down and touching the outline of his cock he tensed up a bit and then took in a breath. Moving my hand away, he grabbed my hand and put it back on his crotch.

"Your hand feels a whole lot better right here," he says, patting my hand as he kissed my lips.

He was probably about a good eight or nine inches, give or take a few centimeters and very thick. I can just imagine how good it would taste pumping in and out of my mouth. I was so excited about what was going on, I was getting ahead of myself. He smiled at me again and then took my hand in as his as he lead me towards the back of the house to my bedroom.

"I think we'll be more comfortable in here," he says, pushing me down on my bed and then lying beside me as he pushed his boxers down, revealing the rest of his beautiful body to me.

Taking his lead, I slid my briefs off and smiled weakly, hoping my body was beautiful enough for him. Taking in the sight before me he was more than eight inches and really thick. Closer inspection of his dick and balls revealed that there was little hair on his balls but he had a nice brown patch of pubic hair that I wanted to run my fingers through. I rubbed his chest again and then moved all the way down to his dick and started stroking him. He started moaning and squirming around a bit as he leaned closer to me and started sucking on my bottom lip.

"Oh God Whit, I've dreamt of you touching me like this," he says, caressing my face again.

We continued to stroke each other's cock and I'm sure he could tell that I was hungry for him. Taking another chance, I moved down his body and kissed the tip of his dick. He gasped and twitched as I licked the length of his cock and then kissed his balls.

"Oh God baby..." he mumbled as his hands found my head and he started running his fingers through my hair. "Oh God...God that feels so good. Whit I love you."

I continued to suck him as he moved his hips up towards my mouth. I can honestly say that I'm the happiest man on the planet right now. I've always wondered what it would be like to be sucking Clark Kent's dick and now I know. I know there are other guys and girls around Smallville that wanted to go down on him and I got the honor of doing that. I don't know if he's ever had a blowjob before but I'm going to do my best to give him the best damn blowjob of my life. From what I'm doing now and the way he's moaning and moving his hips he's enjoying every minute of it.

Clark's POV

Oh I love this man sucking on me. I never knew this could feel so good. Oh God his tongue is exploring every inch of me from the top of my dick to the bottom of my balls. Oh God I don't know how I ever went without getting this. I love this and I want to get it more often. He was so good at what he was doing I was getting to that sexual cliff and I wasn't ready to jump off of it yet. Stopping him from what he was doing he looked up at me with a pout.

"I think you need a turn now," I tell him as he looked up at me. "I think it's my turn to show you pleasure."

"Are you sure Clark?" He asks, sliding back on the bed now as I moved around on the bed, sitting middle ways of the bed now.

"Yeah I'm sure," I tell him as he moved up to where I was and took my previous place on the bed. "I want to do to you what you were doing to me."

I looked at his dick jutting up from his blonde bush of pubic hair and I just sat there watching it. It looked so amazing to me, it was like I was mesmerized by it. I guess Whit thought I had changed my mind because he sat up before me and waved his hand in front of my face.

"Clark you don't have to," he says as I could see the car and love in his eyes.

"I don't have to but I want to baby," I tell him, pushing him back down on the bed and straddling his legs as his head hit the pillow softly.

"Clark you don't really have to do this if you're not ready," he says as I grabbed his dick and held it in my hands as I moved my head down, admiring his dick closely as I stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of it.

"Oh yes," he moaned out as I licked his dick again.

Whitney's POV

Oh God yes, his mouth feels so good on me. His mouth is working wonders on me and I don't know if I'll be able to hold off on cumming anytime soon. Clark's mouth is magic and it's got me under a spell.

"Oh God yes," I moan, running my fingers through his hair as I leaned up on one elbow to watch him. "Oh that feels so good."

I was about to say more until his tongue swirling around on my dick caught my words up in my throat and I moaned out again. I was feeling so good I couldn't do nothing but moan at what he was doing to me. For a guy that claims to have not sucked dick before in his life or done anything sexual has a whole lot of skills under his sexual belt. Clark might not know what he's doing but he's doing enough to work me over.

"Oh God," I say, not really able to get much of anything else to come out since my mind wasn't able to really focus on any other words.

"I'm not God Whit," he says, coming up the bed to kiss me.

"No you're not God but you're perfect," I say as he smiled weakly at me.

"I...I'm glad you liked it Whit," he says, looking down at me and then moving closer to my ear. "Whit could...could you make...m-make love to me?"

Oh damn I'm dead. I must be dead because I could've sworn he asked me to make love to him. Oh God did he just ask me what I thought he asked me?

"Whit is there something wrong?" He asks, touching my chest now.

"Huh?" I say as he looked closely at me and then frowned.

"I...I asked you a question but maybe...maybe I asked the wrong question," he says, moving away from me now.

"No...no you didn't ask the wrong question," I say, grabbing his hand and then caressing his face. "Are you sure that's what you want to do Clark? I don't want to rush you into anything you're not ready for."

"If I wasn't ready for it I wouldn't have suggested it baby," he says, looking down at his lap now. "Now stop asking silly questions and let's get to it already. If you do something I'm not comfortable with I'll tell you baby."

To accommodate his wishes I reached over to my bedside table and shuffled things around, looking for a condom. Finding one of the things I was looking for, I grabbed a condom but had to keep looking for the lube. While I was looking for the lube I looked over my shoulder to see that Clark had changed positions and was now on all fours at the foot of the bed with his head down with his lovely ass tooted up in the air.

"Clark are you okay?" I ask, noticing that he was breathing kind of strange and when I touched his leg, I could feel that he was trembling.

"I'm okay Whit just a little scared is all. Don't worry about that baby," he says, holding his head back down.

"Baby I'll be as gentle as possible," I say, rubbing his back as I could feel the tension ease up in his back. "Just relax baby."

"I'm trying to relax Whit," he says as I grabbed the pillow and handed it to him.

"Well just relax baby. I don't want to hurt you but this may hurt a bit. If you want, I'll stop anytime you say so," I tell him, rubbing his buttcheek.

"Don't worry about that baby. I'm sure it won't hurt as bad as it did the first time," he says as realization hit of what he was talking about and then I didn't feel like going through with this anymore.

I looked at his beautiful butt just there waiting to be explored by me. I really want to make love to him right now but my mind is plagued with images of Ian Randall brutalizing him that night. I just can't believe that man hurt him like that. That jerk should know better than to hurt this beautiful angel. I don't want to disappoint Clark right now but I...I don't want to go through with this now.

"Whit is there something wrong?" Clark asks as I look up to see him looking back at me.

"N-no Clark, there's nothing wrong," I say, looking at his butt still as I looked down to see that my dick was still hard.

We're here right now together and we love each other. I'm not going to hurt him and he's here with me, willingly giving himself to me. I shouldn't be dwelling on what Ian Randall did. Clark's not dealing with that and I shouldn't be either. I should just savor this moment and go with the flow. I've waited so long for this moment and I shouldn't be turned off about doing that.

"Get ready," I say, grabbing the lube bottle and applying the contents to the ring of his ass and sliding a finger into him as he took in a quick breath of air. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay baby just go slow," he says, moving his ass from side to side as I continued to work my finger in and out of him.

Opening the condom and rolling it on, I got up behind him and kissed his buttcheek as he giggled. Placing the head of my cock to his ass, I slowly pushed into him and he gasped and took in more air as he started doing this pregnancy breathing exercise thing. I stopped my movement and he groaned while trying to get his breathing under control.

"Are you okay Clark?" I ask him as he nods his head. "Are you sure baby?"

"I'm sure Whit," he says, laying his head on the pillow now and then using his hands to pull his buttcheeks apart and then massaging his ass.

I could feel his ass muscles working on my cock now and then he started moving back a little bit, taking more of me into him. Taking the hint, I went further into him until I was all the way inside of him. When my balls were up against his butt he moaned and then reached between us and touched my balls. Making me groan now, he started flexing his ass muscles, trying to milk my dick. Seeing that he was doing all of that I started to fuck him slowly.

"Oh God I can feel you deep within me Whit," he says, leaning up as he started moving his ass back to meet my thrusts.

I gripped his hips and pushed deeper into him. He was moaning loudly now and was acting like he was getting into it more. He started moving faster, pulling me into him harder and deeper. He started groaning now and I got worried, am I hurting him? Is he in pain or is this just how he sounds doing this?

"Clark are you..." I say as he interrupted me with his moaning.

"Oh God baby fuck me...fuck me!" He shouts, bucking now like he was a bucking bronco.

Oh yeah, this is getting good. We're both moaning and he speeds things up a little bit more with his moan. I'm getting close to cumming now and the way he's working on my dick, I'll be there in a few more thrusts.

"Oh God I can feel myself getting close," he says, bouncing back to meet me thrust for thrust now.

"I'm getting close too," I say, speeding up my thrust into him.

"Whitney I love youuuuuu!" He screamed out as his ass started milking me more and I could feel him shaking now as he leaned up and started stroking his cock to my thrusts as I could feel myself sliding over the edge too.

Pulling out of him, I snatched the condom off and shot my load all over his back. Oh God that was the best orgasm I've ever had in my whole entire life. I don't think I've ever cummed like that before. Trying to get my breathing under control I grabbed Clark and pulled him back to me as I fell backwards on the bed with him landing in my arms.

"Oh God that was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life," I say, smiling at him as he laid his head in the crook of my neck.

"It was all amazing for me too," he says, kissing my cheek now. "Thank you Whit."

"For what baby?" I ask, leaning up to look at him now.

"For being gentle with me and sharing this with me," he says, rubbing my leg now.

"I'll do anything for you baby," I tell him as I laid back down, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

"How did I do baby?" He asks, tracing circles on my leg now.

"Baby you were perfect," I tell him as I pulled him up to me so that we could kiss each other's mouth. "I love you Clark."

"I love you too Whitney," he says as he laid on my chest and I grabbed the comforter, pulling it over the two of us.

Metropolis -- Department of Unexplained Phenomenon

"So what's the plan now JT? We could've grabbed him the other night and he could've been in prison right now rotting like he's supposed to be," Byte says, sitting down at the conference table.

"Yeah we could've grabbed him Shelby but things were getting tight there. We'll just have to come up with another plan and go after him then," Psion says, getting up from the table now.

"Boss we followed your plan the way you laid it out. We did everything you told us and we still got caught. He still knew we were there," Protectra says, turning around in her seat.

"Yeah I know we followed the plan like I laid it out but the question is how did Luthor know we were there?" Psion asks, turning around and walking around the table.

"I think we might have a mole around here," Clone says, looking at Psion now with a smirk on his face.

"Well if we have a mole around here it would be you since you're the only one of us that has a connection to Luthor," Inferna says, glaring at Clone now. "Out of all of us here you're the only one that can be connected to him. You confirmed that the other night with your conversation with him."

"I'm not a mole!" Clone shouts, getting up from the table now. "I'm not telling anyone what's going on around here."

"Sure you're not," Inferna says, glaring at Clone as Psion turned around again and walked around the table to Clone, grabbed his hand and then pushed him down in the chair.

"What the hellll!" Clone screams as Byte got up and moved over to where Psion and Clone were.

"JT what are you doing?" Byte asks, standing behind Psion, scared to touch him while he was holding Clone's hand as the young man continued to scream.

`I'm scanning his mind,' Psion mentally tells Byte as she stepped away from the two men as Psion stopped glowing. "There's been a grave mistake made around here."

"What do you mean by that JT?" Byte asks as Psion moved away from Clone and looked away from him.

"Ian I'm sorry," Psion says, sitting down in his chair and looking down at the table.

"JT what did you see?" Byte asks, walking around the table and sitting in her seat as Psion got back up.

"Ian why didn't you tell the truth about what happened instead of lying the way you did?" Psion asks, looking at Clone now. "Why let people believe you did something you had no control of?"

"Okay JT you're scaring me now. What is it that you're talking about?" Byte asks, looking at Psion and then looking at Clone.

"Ian didn't rape Clark Kent willingly," Psion says, looking over to Clone now. "Tell them what Luthor did Clone."

"I don't know what you're talking about boss man," Clone says, looking down now.

"Ian just tell them the truth," Psion says as Aqua and Defender walk into the room.

"JT what are you trying to say? He didn't rape Clark Kent willingly, then how did he do it?" Byte asks.

"Luthor drugged him up and then brainwashed him into doing it. Luthor conditioned him to do what he did to Clark in hopes of sending Clark running into his arms," Psion says, shaking his head. "You served time in Belle Reve for something you were brainwashed to do and you're acting like he had nothing to do with it."

"He still raped him JT," Aqua says, walking around the table.

"Michura he didn't rape Clark willingly, Luthor brainwashed him to do it," Psion says, moving over to Clone now. "I'm sorry for misjudging you."

"Well I'm not sorry," Aqua says, crossing her arms across her chest. "I don't care if he was drugged and brainwashed, he still assaulted that man. No amount of brainwashing is strong enough to make him do something if he really doesn't want to do it already."

"So you're saying regardless of that he wanted to rape Clark Kent anyway?" Defender asks, looking at Aqua now.

"Damn right that's what I'm saying. Drugs and brainwashing isn't a damn excuse," Aqua says, turning away from Defender.

"You're a hard bitch I see," Protectra says, walking around to where Aqua was. "Boss said that he wasn't responsible for what happened and I believe what he says. He apologized for misjudging the guy and I think you should do that too."

"Well keep thinking heffa," Aqua says, huffing and then stomping out of the room.

"LaTerra let it go," Psion says, turning around and walking towards the room doors. "Meeting dismissed."



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.