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My name is Chase I'm 18 with short blonde hair, I have bright green eyes. I'm 5'8" and 140lbs. I don't work out but I'm kinda skinny. I'm driving my new car that my parents bought me for my 18th birthday. It's a 2000 Dodge Durango, it's red and fully loaded. I'm listening to the new N'sync CD that I just bought. I'm on my way home from work and I'm excited cause my boyfriend is taking me to see N'sync tonight. I pull into my driveway and run into the house. "Hi mom, hi dad." I run up stairs and jump into the shower. I dry myself off and get dressed. I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was time for me to meet Chad at the concert. I head over to the concert and walk up to the reserved ticket window.

The young lady looked at me oddly. "Can I help you sir" she asked. "I'm here to pick up the tickets I reserved, the name is Chase Hunter" I replied. She looked at a list and grabbed an envelope. "Here you are sir' she smiled when I thanked her. I was confused when I look at the envelope, Chad's handwriting was on the front. I opened it and saw a letter along with the two tickets. I opened the letter and started reading it:

Dear Chase,

I'm sorry for being a coward and not telling you this in person. But I can't see you anymore. I have been seeing someone else for nearly two months. I'm sorry I lied to you and I feel bad for it. Take these tickets and have a good time. You will find someone much better than me someday. I did love you but I could keep this a secret anymore. I hope you have a great life but please don't try and call me.

Love Chad

I started crying after I read the first line and by the time I got done reading it I was crying non stop. I wiped my eyes and proceeded into the building. I found my seat and sat there feeling like shit. I kept looking at the empty seat next to me that should have been Chad's. It was 20 minutes till the concert started. When I heard a kid scream "mom I can't see anything from here" I looked behind me and saw a little boy crying and his mom trying to get him to stop. I stood and walked up to them. "Excuse me miss" she looked at me. "Yes" "I have an extra ticket for a seat up front and was wondering if your son would like to sit next to me so he could see better" I told her. She thought about it for a minute, then nodded "thank you sir I'll sit here and after the concert I'll get him ok" I nodded "I'll sit with him till you come" I crouched down closer to the boy "and what would your name be" I said with a smile. "I'm billy" he said quietly. "Well billy would you like to get a better view" he nodded. I reached out my hand and the boy grabbed it. "Behave billy" his mom called after him. "I will mom" he yelled back. I showed Billy his seat and sat down next to him.

The show started a few minutes later. It was really good except for the screaming girls. I had to lift billy up on my shoulders so he could see. He was excited to be able to see better. The concert was winding down when they played 'this I promise you' I thought about Chad and tears ran down my face. "Are you ok mister" billy asked. "I'm fine Billy and my name is Chase" I smiled at him. He turned back to the concert. The last song they did was 'bye bye bye' as people left I sat with Billy till his mom came. She thanked me and left with Billy. Billy gave me a hug before they left and I had to smile at him.

I sat in my seat and thought about Chad again. I started crying as I reread the note. I don't know how long I was sitting there but I jumped when I hand touched my shoulder. "Are you ok" the voice asked. I tried to stop crying but I couldn't. The person took the seat next to me. I was crying so bad the letter fell from my hands as I buried my face into my hands. The person picked up the letter and read it. "I'm sorry Chase" the person said while pulling me into a hug. I clung to him tightly and cried into his chest. "It's all right let it all out" he said. As I was there crying. Four guys were walking out towards the seat after spotting there friend. "Lance what's wrong" another voice asked when the running stopped. Lance handed them the letter. "Oh my god this is horrible, how could someone do this to him" a new voice said. Lance held me till I calmed down.

I looked up at him. "I'm sorry" I stood up and started to leave when I felt a hand on my arm. "Chase why don't you come out to get something to eat with us" a blonde curly guy asked me. "I don't want to be a bother" I said looking down. "Your not being a bother, you look like you could use five friends anyway" he answered. "Ok thanks Justin" I said. "Oh he knows our names, you must be a fan" JC asked. I nodded. I walked with them to their dressing room so they could get their stuff. "Lance I want to say thanks for being there" I hoped he was mad cause I got his shirt wet. "It wasn't a big thing I saw someone who needed a shoulder to cry on and I was more than willing to lend mine" he replied with a smile.

We exited the building. "Umm guys I can't leave my car here" I said. 'What are you driving Chase." Justin asked. "My Durango" I said. "Can I drive with you" asked Lance I nodded. "We'll meet you there you two" JC called out. I opened the doors and Lance climbed in. I started the car up and we left. Lance turned in the CD player and quickly turned it off when he heard the beginnings of bye bye bye. "Hey I like that song" I said. "Sorry I just get sick of hearing our songs on the radio." he said. "It's ok.


meanwhile in the limo carrying the other guys


"guys did you noticed how Lance wanted to drive with Chase so quickly" Justin asked. The other nodded. "I think Lance likes him" JC said. "Same here" Justin said. Chris and Joey nodded. "I wonder what he does to have a nice car like that" Joey said. "Ask him when we get to the restaurant." Justin said.


"Chase can I ask you something" Lance said quietly. "Sure" "who was the boy you were talking with after the show" Lance asked. "He was just a kid that couldn't see where his seat was so I told hi mom that he could use my empty seat so he could see better" I told him with a tear running down my face. "Chase I'm sorry for bringing it up but it was a really nice gesture" lance said placing his hand on my hand. "Lance why were you in the stands after the concert" I asked. "Went to get a drink cause we had no bottles of water left but when I saw you there crying I could just leave you there." he said. "Lance......." I started to say but he cut me off. "You don't need to thank me" he said.

We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. "Chase do your parents know your gay" lance asked. 'Yeah they confronted me a few years ago" I said. We walked in the restaurant and saw the guys. "Hey you two finally got here" Joey said. We sat down, it surprised me that Lance sat next to me. I noticed Justin nod to JC and wondered what was going on. We ordered and waited while our food arrived. "Chase what do you do for a living" Joey asked. "Well considering I just got out of school and that I'm only 18 I work at my dad's company, I'm what you might call an errand boy" I said. "Your dad owns his own company that is cool" Joey said. Actually he owns a few companies" I said. "WOW" Chris and Joey both said. "That is so cool Chase" Justin said as JC and Lance nodded. Our food arrived and we started eating. "So chase what do you like to do" Justin asked. "Well I love to listened to music and make remixes on my computer, plus I also do some Djing at certain clubs. I love computers and music I can play the keyboard and the drums. I also write songs." I said. "Cool you gotta let us listen to some of your songs" JC said. "Sure, actually what hotel are you guys staying at" I asked. " the one down the street. Why" Lance asked. "Why don't you guys stay at my house with me it'll be more private and cheaper." I said. "Sure" they all said. After we ate we headed to my house, lance was with me again. " what about your parents Chase" Lance asked. "They are gone or a few weeks on business" I said.

We arrived at my house 10 minutes later they guys al looked at my house and their jaws dropped. "That's your house" Justin asked. "Yep" I lead then into the house and showed them around. I told them they could pick their own room. Not surprisingly lance picked the room right next to mine. I told the guys that I was gonna go for a walk and that I would be back in 30 minutes Lance offered to come with me but I declined. I left my house and walked down the road I started thinking about Chad again.

I found the park and went over to the swings and sat down. I was thinking about Chad and lance when I was hit with something hard and I fell to the ground I looked up and saw two guys. One had a baseball bat and the other one had a knife. They took my money and as they were about to leave the one with the knife said "man I need some release and it looks like I found the perfect one" he took his knife and cut my shirt down the back while the other guy held me down. They both took turns raping me then The one with the baseball bat decided to beat me so I couldn't run and tell anyone he slammed the bat into my leg. I screamed in pain. He kicked my in the gut and punched me in the face. They ran away. My clothes were torn and my leg was broken.

I saw a person walking by and yelled "HELP PLEASE" the figure looked over and ran to me. I saw that it was Justin. "Oh my god Chase what happened" I tried to tell him by everything went black. Justin called JC on his cell phone then called 911 the ambulance took me to the hospital and Justin rode with me. He told the guys to meet us at the hospital. The doctors rushed me into a room and Justin was taken to a private waiting room. A few minutes later the guys rushed in. JC asked what happened, Justin told them all the he knew. He looked over at lance and saw that he was crying.'Lance you like him don't you" Lance nodded. "Actually J I think I love him" Lance said. Justin pulled lance into a hug. A doctor came into the room "are you here with Mr. Hunter. They all nodded. They doctor told them that I was severely raped and beaten but that I would be ok. "Can we see him' Justin asked the doctor nodded and showed them my room. When the door opened I opened my eyes when I saw the guys I was much happier. Lance ran to my side and grabbed my hand "are you ok Chase" I nodded. "You had me worried I thought I had lost you when Justin phoned us" lance said. "Lance tell him what you told me" Justin said. I looked to lance with confusion. "Chase Hunter I love you and I don't ever want to lose you. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you I noticed you while we were singing and I fell in love." he said. I squeezed his hand and pulled him closer to me so that out noses were touching. Lance Bass I love you too" I said as I kissed him.

To be continued.....

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