Something New

By: Scoop

Warning: This is a fictional story, describing erotic relations between consenting adult men. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it is illegal for you to read something like this, then go find something else to do.

The following story is entirely a work of fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about any real people. All of the characters in the story are fictional, and must not be confused with any real people. The characters in this story may have the same names as some real people, but the characters are in no way supposed to actually represent any real people.

The Scoop: Well, well, chapter 4 has peaked some people's interests. Guess I should backtrack a bit to explain things...


Chapter 5 - Who Says You Can't Always Get What You Want?

I stayed at the shooter bar and had a few more shots, but I switched to Pepsi before the buzz kicked in. After about half an hour or so, Nick came over and stood beside me.

"Hey Jeff, what's up?"

"Not much Nicky, just relaxing at my perch."

His giggled response at me calling him 'Nicky' told me that he was feeling his liquor. Good.

"Brian is the only one that has ever called me 'Nicky' either bit often."

"Really? You and Brian are close aren't you?"

"Yeah. Me and him are like this." He crossed his index and middle fingers to demonstrate. "He helped me make it through all the touring first when we started. It was hard at my age."

"Yeah, I can imagine."

"How old were you when you started performing for people?"

"I started performing at the age of 17. That's when I met Brad. He was at a few of our shows in town. I kept seeing his face, sitting at the closest table to the stage over and over again. He finally got up the nerve to come and talk to me and we were together from that point on."

"Sounds nice. What was he like? That is if you don't mind me asking. I know it's none of my business so if you don't want to talk about it, that's OK."

I didn't want to talk about it. But, opening up to him would get him to trust me, so...

"Bartender! Four more shots of tequila please."

The bartender arrived with the shots and I paid him, giving him a nice tip (hell, if I couldn't get Nick, I might have a chance with him - he had a great ass). I downed two shots back to back and held the other two for later.

"Brad, was the sweetest, most caring, and sexy person I had ever known. He had these beautiful blue eyes that I could just sit and stare at for hours. He was no nonsense, which I liked about him. And his bullshit detector could see you coming from across the street.

"He never had anything mean to say to me, but he always let me know if I was pushing things either bit. Stern, but fair."

I slammed another shot. The dam was opening and I wasn't going to get swept up in the flood. Not again.

"Who proposed?"

"He did. And it was the sweetest thing he could have ever done. We went to a Madonna concert when we were 19. I had worked my ass off to get those tickets for him. He loves Madonna and I would have done anything to help him get the chance to see her.

"Anyway, we were fifth row center, not too bad at all. Half way through her second encore, Madonna just stopped. The music died and everyone didn't know what the hell was going on. All of a sudden, this big spotlight was shining on Brad and I. Madonna walked up to the edge of the stage and looked at us.

"'Hi guys', she said. 'What's up?' I didn't know what to do, so Brad answered 'Not Much. What's up with you?'"

"'Well Brad, y'see, there's these two guys in the audience that have been together for two years. They're a great couple, and, I must say, really cute. One of them contacted me through my management and asked me for a little favor. After he told me what it was, how could I say no?'."

"No way!" Nick's face lit up with a smile.

"Hold on Nicky, let me finish."

"Sorry." Nick had taken my last shot of tequila and downed it. I looked at him, and he simply smiled back at me.

"Anyway Brad looked at me, and said 'That's so sweet of you.' By this time there was a boom mic and camera on us. Everyone in the arena could see what was going on.

"'It is sweet of me isn't it? So, here goes. Jeff. Brad here has been wanting to ask you something for a little while now, but he's been afraid to do so. That's what this is all about. Jeff, Brad wants to know if you'll marry him.'"

"Damn! I'd love to have someone do that for me."

"Yeah. It was the sweetest thing ever." I could feel a familiar burning sensation slowly starting to make itself known. Enough of this shit for now. If I don't have Nick where I want him, I won't get him.

"Anyway, how about another shot Nicky?"

"Sure, sounds good to me."

"Great. You get this one, I'll get the next one, and we'll go from there."

"Fine with me."

2 Hours later

"Jeff, I think I've had enough."

About damned time! Hell we'd had so many shots even I was starting to get a bit fuzzy. This kid could hold his liquor.

"OK, what'd'ya wanna do now?"

"Let's head back to the hotel!"

"OK, it is kinda late." Got him.

"Where's everyone else."

"Probably gone home. It's after 3 in the morning."

"Oh, OK. Let's go then."

We pushed off from the bar and headed towards the door. There were still a lot of people on and around the dance floor and it took us quite a while to get through them all. Well, it took Nick a while. I handle crowds a little bit differently than he does.

As I held Nick by the shoulders to guide him out the door, I looked back and saw Brian looking at us. I mouthed the words 'don't worry' as clearly and slowly as possible. He responded by mouthing 'I hope so'. Prick.

I woke up the next morning, or rather, afternoon hangover free. Nick's arm was wrapped around my chest tightly and he was hugged into me from behind. It felt like he was trying to crush me, so I pushed his arm off me and got out of bed. I wasn't too sore, but I was stiff enough to know that I had sex last night.

I looked down at Nick and he was sleeping peacefully, now hugged into my pillow, with a big smile on his face. He looked so... cute. Damn, I was getting hard again.

After dismissing thoughts of waking him up and fucking that tight ass again, I decided a shower was more along the lines of what I needed. So, I had one.

Just before I was going to turn off the water and step out of the shower, I heard the bathroom door open and close. Knowing what was coming next, my cock started to get hard again. Sure enough, the shower door slid back and there stood Nick in all his naked glory. His lovely 8.5" standing at attention ever so nicely.

"Mind if I join you?"

I wanted to get out and call room service, but I figured, to hell with it, I can use another good orgasm.


Nick stepped into the shower facing me and smiled. I grinned back at him and started rubbing my hands across his nipples to which he responded with a deep throated growl. I turned him around and held him in my arms, still tweaking his nipples between my fingers while I sucked at his neck. I know I was doing a good job because I practically had to hold him up.

He pushed his ass back against me and my cock started rubbing against his ass.

"Oh god Jeff, give it to me, please."

Who was I to say no?

I pulled him around to the back of the shower stall (I didn't like water running in my face while I rammed a nice ass.) Using the soap to lube myself up with one hand, I played with his rock hard (and leaking) cock with my other, making Nick moan.

"Ready boi?"

"Fuck yes, give it to me."

I lined up and was about to push in but common sense took over. I opened the shower door and got out.

"Where are you going?"

"Where else, to get a condom." I ran into the bedroom and retrieved a condom from the bedside table and rushed back into the bathroom.

"Put this on me," I told Nick as I stepped back into the shower and closed the door.

Nick smiled gladly and got down on his knees. Before he slid the condom down over my length though, he took the head of my cock into his mouth.

Damn, he was good! His tongue worked over the slit and I had to brace myself to keep from falling down. Before I even had a chance to moan, my entire length was down his throat and he was slowly milking me.

"Boi, you better stop that or you won't be getting that thing up your ass."

He stopped sucking but didn't let me slip from his mouth. He just looked up at me, this animalistic, lust-filled power in his eyes. I was in for the fuck of my life. Oh no. Please, stop.

Nick pulled off of me and picked me up in his arms in a bearhug-type hold. With me in his arms he walked back to the bedroom and just dropped me on the bed. Before I stopped bouncing, Nick was back down, sucking my entire length into his mouth.

My head was spinning and it was all I could do to keep from screaming at the top of my lungs from the amazing sensations he was creating. I don't know how many guys he's been with, but this guy could fucking deep throat!

"Oh god! Nick! I'm close babe, don't - OH - don't stop."

I felt my legs being lifted slightly, but it was almost as if it wasn't my legs that were being lifted. I felt somewhat detached from my body. As if Nick was directly stimulating every nerve ending in my body, but I wasn't in my body. Hell, maybe it was just the hangover.

"Oh fuck!" I felt two fingers quickly go inside my ass as far as they could. I was pushed over the edge. "Nicky, I'm going to blow!"

He pulled back to catch my hot load into his mouth. As I started to cum all I could see was stars. There was no bed, there was no hotel, no Nick, and no me. Just the most intensely pleasurable feelings I've ever had.

After what had to be the longest, most intense orgasm I've ever had, I finally drifted back to Earth. When I opened my eyes I could see Nick still kneeling between my legs, licking his lips trying to get every last ounce of my cum.

"How was that," he asked with a huge grin.

"Oh. My. God."

"Yeah, I kinda thought so."

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes again, enjoying the remnants of my sexual bliss. That's when I heard something.

"You know we left the shower on?"

Nick looked back to the bathroom. There was a little bit of steam coming out through the door. He looked back and me, shrugged his shoulders and grinned evilly.

"You know we still have this condom here with the wrapper open." It wasn't a question, it was a preparatory statement. It translated into 'I'm using this thing.'

And his actions confirmed it. He pulled the condom out of the wrapper and quickly pulled it down over his precum coated, rock-hard cock.

"You ready for the fuck of your life?"

In all honesty, after what just happened... no. But who was I to turn down sex? "Gimmie all you got, Nicky."

"Oh yeah."

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and lined himself up. I felt the tip of the condom against my tight entrance.

"Ready, boi?" Deja vu.

"Whenever you are."

And with that, Nick was buried completely inside of me. The pain was immense. Hell, Nick was a big boy. But he stayed perfectly still, giving me some time to adjust. He just looked at my face, waiting for me to tell him to continue. After what had to be at least a minute, I nodded my head, telling him it was OK to go ahead.

Nick pulled out almost all the way and slowly - ever so slowly - pushed back in. It was amazing. His hard cock filled me entirely and the sensation was, well, mind blowing. He moaned loudly as his full length entered me again.

"God, you're so hot."

Nick pulled out just as before, and back in, just as before. I was greatly enjoying this, but I wanted - I needed - more.

"Fuck me harder!"

"Damn, I thought you'd never ask."

He pulled out again, then slammed home as fast as he could. He was fucking me like an animal now. Hard, and fast. I moaned loudly every time he rammed my prostate, as did he.

"Oh fuck Nick, don't cum yet!"

He leaned down and pulled me towards him at the same time. Our lips met and his tongue quickly found the inside of my mouth. The kiss was hard, yet passionate. When he pulled away he looked me straight in the eyes. "Don't worry, I'm not going to cum anytime soon." He winked at me, then went back to ramming his rock hard cock up my ass.

Boy, was he telling the truth. He just kept going, like some kind of machine. For another 45 minutes he continued to fill me with his piece of steel. And he didn't slow down, or take a break or even get out of breath, he just kept going. About half an hour in, I lost the feeling in my legs, and my arms were tingling. Frankly, I didn't care.

"Oh fuck, I'm really close Jeff."

"Oh god Nicky, give it to me. Fill me!"

He stopped. I looked at him wondering what the hell was wrong. Then I felt him pull out completely.


He looked at me. "You really want me to cum inside of you? Without the condom?"

Hmmm. Good question. I don't think he would have anything. But then again, in his profession, he's probably gotten a lot of tail. God only knows what could have happened.

"I think for safety's sake we better keep the condom on."

"Good. I was hoping you'd say that. No offense."

"None taken, now get that thing back inside me!"

The boy listens well. He rammed his entire length back inside me less than a second after I told him to. He resumed his pounding of my prostate which had us both feeling immense pleasure.

"Fuck, here I cum babe!"

With one final thrust he buried himself inside me. His head went back and he closed his eyes, and I could feel the tip of the condom fill against my prostate. That little sensation was all I needed to be sent over the edge again and I let out another load of cum all over my chest and abs.

Nick's orgasm subsided and he let my legs slip from his shoulders, then collapsed on top of me.

With a little effort, I wrapped my arms around him and held his body, feeling each deep breath. He looked me in the eye then kissed me gently on the lips.

"You... are amazing," I breathed out.

He smiled at me. "So are you. Believe me, so are you."

I giggled. "Yeah, I can lay here and take it with the best of 'em."

Nick shook his head and left. "No silly. I meant last night. My ass still feels empty from having that big... thick... hot... cock of yours inside me. I can still feel it hitting my prostate, and pulsing as your hot cum filled the condom."

I was getting hard... yet again!

"The feel of that big cock of yours just makes me want to keep you in this bed and ride you all day."

That did it. I was rock hard for the third time since I woke up this morning. I reached over to the bedside table again and grabbed another condom.

"I'm not going to stop you."

Nick looked at the condom, then back at me with a lust-filled look in his eyes. He got off me and proceeded to open the condom and put it on me.

"Too bad we have rehearsals this evening."

He sat on top of me, a leg on either side, and lined himself up. Then, without hesitation he let impaled himself on my shaft.

"Oh fuck," We said in unison.

As with before, he let himself adjust before continuing.

"I don't know about you Nicky, but I'm going to like this tour."

I am Scoop, hear me type. Yeah, I know. That explained very little. But I wanna keep you interested so I'll spread the details over a few chapters (maybe 15 or 20, I dunno). And just in case you think I'm only doing this to piss you off:
You're not entirely right.

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