A Tale of Two Boybands


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of fiction and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. Believe me, that would suck in my case, but not to others.

So, enjoy!


The headline screamed across every major entertainment news segment, plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and to be repeated every hour on the hour by MTV news. " `N Sync breaks BSB record", "Backstreet Can Kiss their record Bye, Bye, Bye", and other variants of such descriptive headlines were heard time and time again on radio stations across the country. Outside a trendy New York hotel, the members of the so called first boyband hurried outside to the waiting limo. They moved quickly as any other day. They had gotten used to the hustle and bustle of every day business. Today was like any other day with the minor exception. They easily slipped into the limo unnoticed. Yes, there were a few groupies waiting outside to catch a sighting of their favorite celebrity, most of who were girls of pre-teen years, otherwise the street was empty.

"I wonder where everyone went?" Nick asked, getting comfortable in his boyfriend's lap- belonging to none other than his fellow bandmate, AJ.

"Jeez, I don't know, Nick, maybe across the block infront of Virgin Megastore." AJ sounded frustrated as he ushered his boyfriend off his lap and into the arms of a waiting Howie.

All members of the group, with the exception of AJ, turned to catch a glimpse of the huge crowd surrounding the store. Apparently `N Sync had just arrived for yet another autograph signing sessions for all their fans who missed the 21st session. They were always concerned and caring toward their fans. Not that the BSB didn't, but they had little time to do charitable work for their fans. They had dinners to attend, vacations to enjoy, and families to spend time with. They couldn't possibly be doing autograph signing sessions two days in a row like `N Sync. It was impossible, but `N Sync made it too simple.

"This can't continue." AJ finally spoke up, drawing the attention back inside the limo from the outside crowd. "If this continues, we can kiss our career good-bye."

"What do you say we do, AJ?" Howie asked.

"Oh God! He's on the cover again!" Nick shrieked, tossing a pile of magazines on the floor by Brian's feet.

Brian bended down to pick up the first few magazines with Justin gracing the cover. He wiped the dirt off the cover and smiled affectionately to himself as he placed the magazines behind his back. His cousin, Kevin, flashed him a smile. He, too, understood. Who wouldn't smile at a gorgeous Adonis like Justin Timberlake. Sure, he's a mere boy at a tender age of 19, but his heavenly good looks were almost too much for Brian to contain.

"Will you for once stop thinking about yourself?!" AJ snapped at Nick.

"I'm just tired of him being on the cover of every damn magazine in the world." Nick said. "That used to be me."

"That was never you." Brian said, giggling.

"Now back to the issue at hand." AJ said. "They must be stopped. I don't care what needs to be done, they must be stopped."

"How do you say we do that?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, AJ. We've tried everything in the book. What else can we do?" Nick asked. "It's not like I can get any more beautiful."

"Beautiful my ass." Kevin murmured to himself.

"We've tried everything in the book, but when the book does not work, we need to move on." A wide grin appeared on AJ's face as he continued to outline his plans to bring down and ultimately destroy their arch rivals.

Brian listened intently as with others to his bandmate's plans and was increasingly bothered by his plan. Sure, he wanted more than anything to continue to be a successful music group like anyone else. `N Sync at the moment was making that an impossible task. He understood that in order to achieve this goal, he had to make sacrifices like he always did, but was it worth saving his career if he had to destroy the one person he loves most? He had to think about it.

He remained quiet until the very end when he told them that he had to think about it first. Peer pressure was some kind of force as it appeared everyone thought AJ's plan to be a brilliant masterpiece. Even Kevin was persuaded to take part in this, which disgusted Brian.

As soon as the limo stopped in front of the hotel, Brian fled away and walked into the hotel alone. Again, no mob. He walked straight to his room without being stopped for an autograph or some other favor. It was something he was not used to. However, it was something he didn't mind getting used to at all. He closed the door behind him only to have the door slammed in his face. Entered his room was his cousin.

"Hey, Kevin."

"Brian, what's wrong?" Kevin asked. "You left so soon."

"I don't feel too good." Brian said, sincerely. He felt ill hearing AJ's plans.

"You know AJ is right. We've tried everything in the book. This calls for drastic actions." Kevin explained.

"I can't believe you're saying that!" Brian shouted. "I can't do that to him. I can't hurt him. You of all people should understand."

"I understand, but this is what needs to be done. For our career, for our future. Brian, listen to me, it will never work out anyways." Kevin said. "I can't believe you won't sacrifice something as minuscual as that for our group. After all, I'm willing to sacrifice mine for the group."

"Go figure." Brian mumbled.

"What the hell was that supposed to mean?" Kevin demanded to know.

"You know exactly what I mean. You and him- it was just sex."

"Just sex!" Kevin shouted out loud. "Just sex. I have spent the last two years with him. Let me tell you. It was not just sex. I loved him very much and at this point I'm willing to hurt him so we can eat."

Brian lay down on the bed, pondering over what Kevin had just said to him. He was willing to hurt his lover (okay, ex-lover) to help the group. Why couldn't he do the same?

"He's right, Brian."

Brian looked up to see AJ standing in the doorway. Howie and Nick were just yards away. AJ invited himself into the room and shut the door before Howie and Nick could join.

"Do this for us." AJ pleaded. "Do it for Nicky, there. You know he deserves more covers than that white boy wannabe thug from the ghetto scene. Do it for you."

"You're asking me to hurt to hurt him, which I can't do." Brian said, shaking his head.

"Sure you can." AJ said. "Kevin could. You can, too. Just think about it, okay? And if you agree to it, I'll throw in a little Nicky."

AJ then walked out of the room, leaving Kevin and Brian alone in the room.

"The problem is that I don't want Nick anymore. I want Justin." Brian murmured to himself while his cousin slid onto his own bed next to him, thinking about when their paths met and how life became so complicated.

***There you have it...the very first installment of "A Tale of Two Boy Bands". I really don't care if anyone reads it since I've practically written half of the story already. However, I'd love to hear comments and feedbacks and please no hate mail. This is not a teenybopper site and I don't expect to read them either. ThanksJ