A Tale of Two Boybands 11


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie (Steve) or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Note:

Special thanks to JM for his contribution to the story. Other stories that have recently captivated my attention that you ought to read are: "Now or Never", "This I Promise You", "BSB-N Sync Chronicles", "A Love Like This", "'N Sync Saga", "The Price and the Prize(I think)", "Love Me", "My Lance", "Decisions", "Intimate Stranger", "Justin's Journal", "A Prince Named Justin"(the two latter ones are just too cute not to mention) and of course many more. For a complete list, email me. Yet another plea for emails.



The men of `N Sync engaged in a group hug as if JC, Justin, and Lance were on their way to another world instead of just going to the mall. After the group hug, JC, Justin, and Lance piled into the elevator, which took them to the lobby. When they arrived outside to the waiting car, JC got into the driver as usual. Justin shouted, "shot gun!" as they reached the car, but later offered the seat to Lance was trailing behind them by several feet. Lance, of course, rejected the offer and got into the backseat forcing Justin to take the front passenger seat- guilt free.

The engine turned on and so did the radio. The radio station left by the previous driver was that of an adult contemporary station. Of course, one of the station's heavy rotational songs was "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely". JC reached below to switch the station when Justin stopped him. Their hands touched briefly, before Justin pushed off JC's hand.

"Don't tell me you actually like that song now?" JC asked his best friend, with a wide grin plastered across his face.

"I do." Justin said, trying to hide his brewing laughter. "I really like this song now. It really grows on you when you're trapped in some building for several days and this is the only song they played."

"You can't be serious." JC laughed some more while fumbling for the radio.

"Yes, I am." Justin said. "I can even sing it, too. Do you want me to show you?"

Justin wasted no time for JC to answer his question. He turned the speaker up a tad bit and began to sing along to the Backstreet Boys' hit.

"Since when did you enjoy singing to cheesy pop songs?" JC asked, laughing some more.

Justin was about to answer when Lance beat him to it.

"Since never." Lance said from the back seat, laughing also.

JC and Justin exchanged quick glances and then broke down in a fit of laughter. Since then, Justin began to sing again- this time he was so into the song that he began to sway his body from side to side.

"What have they done to my Justin?" JC said.

"Hey, since when was I yours?" Justin shot back.

"After Lynn, I have bids on ownership of that body of yours." JC said in response.

"So, I'm now just a piece of property." Justin whined. "No fair."

Their playful exchange of words in what they considered to be a "heated argument" continued throughout the ride. It only ended when they pulled into the parking lot of the mall. The mall was pratically empty since it was early in the morning on a weekday. Otherwise going to a mall without a bodyguard would be impossible, but they had JC to be their bodyguard.

The car stopped and almost instantly, Justin fell out of the car. Justin had many obsessions. Mainly wearing the color baby blue until the color became synonymous with his name and the other being shopping. That was why he and Britney became such close friends. On the contrary to popular belief, Justin and Britney were merely good friends who shared the same passion for shopping.

Justin was several yards in front of them. JC had to drag Lance out of the car to meet with Justin who was standing impatiently in front of the mall entrance. As soon as they stepped into the mall, Justin ran lose, checking out everything he saw to his liking. JC just laughed as he tried to calm his best friend down. Justin would ask JC's honest opinion on certain items of clothing and JC would answer honestly, "That would look great on you". By the end of the first hour, Justin had a pile of clothes to clothe everyone staying at the local Salvation Army.

"How does this look?" Justin asked, stepping outside of the dressing room to show JC yet another outfit in the color of baby blue.

"You look lovely." JC mimicked a British socialite.

"Are you sure it doesn't make my butt look big." Justin asked.

"Justin, you don't have a butt." JC told him, laughing out loud.

Justin smiled at JC. "Oh yeah, you're right." He said, getting back inside.

JC sat on the bench for several more minutes while Justin tried on some more clothes. He scanned around the store and found Lance sitting at the back of the store. Concerned over his friend's state of mind, JC excused himself from his duty of baby-sitting Justin.

"Hey, Just. I'm going to check on Lance. If you're done, just pay with my credit card." JC slid his credit card underneath the door. "And wait for us on one of the benches outside, okay?"

JC stood up and was met with Justin's ocean blue eyes. He wore a look of concern, which JC was immediately able to decipher.

"I'm sorry. I know I'm taking too long." Justin apologized.

"I'm not mad at you. You go ahead and take your time." JC explained. Justin's look did not disappear. "Don't give me that look. I'll be back. I'm not going to leave you here. Besides, you have my credit card. If I don't come back and get you, you spend all the money on that card. I will be back for you, promise." JC had to reach over and gently cupped Justin's face in his hands.

"Okay." Justin said at last and then returned to trying on some more clothes, thus freeing JC to find Lance and therefore comfort him.



"Is this seat taken?" JC asked Lance. "Can I sit here?"

"No, it's a free country. You can sit there if you want." Lance said.

"Something wrong, Scoop? And don't say no because I know each and every one of you. I know something's been bothering you." JC said.

Lance looked up. His eyes began to mist over. The tears were coming and JC had to act quick. He reached into his coat pocket and found nothing. He scanned the store and found no restroom. Then he remembered they had passed one when they came to the store.

"C'mon, let's get that face wiped clear of tears before someone thinks I'm abusing you or something." JC said, reachng out for Lance.

Lance reluctantly took JC's hands and allowed himself to be led to a nearby restroom. JC entered the restroom and double checked each stall to make sure the restroom was empty. When he was convinced the restroom was vacant, he ushered Lance to enter. He helped Lance onto the sink. He reached over for some paper towels and dumped them into the nearby sink, which he ran water freely into. Once the paper towel was soaked wet, JC retrieved the paper towel and began to gently massage Lance's tear-strickened face.

"Much better now?" JC asked.

Lance nodded, but not before holding onto JC's masculine, yet sensitive, hand.

"Thanks." Lance finally spoke, hopping off the sink. "Thanks for being there for me."

"No problem." JC said, smiling. "So, what is really bothering you? I'm beginning to worry about you and you never make me worry."

"Of course, only Justin-" Lance mumbled to himself.

"That's not what I mean." JC said. "It's just that Justin's the only one who always seems to get into trouble. The rest of you guys just don't." JC wasn't making any more sense than Joey was when he was half-drunk. He turned to Lance and took Lance's hands into his.

"They're not understanding of you, are they?"

"No." Lance said.

"Have you tried to explain to them?"

"No, not really."

"Why not?"

"Never a good time."


JC was getting frustated by Lance's lack of enthusiasm to share his problems with him. He didn't want to keep bringing Justin into the picture, but that was exactly the reason why he and Justin were so close. Justin, who was extremely emotional, would often break down and cry out to JC. JC merely had to sit and listen to Justin and then once he was done pouring his heart out, JC had to coax him, picking up the pieces of his broken heart and mending it in no time. With Lance, things were different. JC looked at his watch. It was now 9:30am and his stomach was starting to growl. He could feel it shake.

"How about we talk this over breakfast?" JC suggested and to his surprise, Lance accepted.

They exited the restroom and found a nice restaurant in the eatery of the mall. What was supposed to be a short breakfast conversation about Lance's problems turned into a lengthy engaging conversation covering not only Lance's emotional turmoil, but that of JC's as well as it turned into a lunch date.

"So how did you know you were gay?" Lance asked JC.

"Hmm..." JC had to ponder over that question for a moment. "I don't know. All I know was that when I found out Nikki cheated on me with Rich, I was feeling all kinds of emotion. I was angry, sad, bitter, but more than anything else I was relieved. I was relieved that I was now single and I could possibly start something with Kevin."

"I know what you mean. Kevin's a hottie." Lance said, smiling.

"You, too." JC laughed. "So how did you know?"

"Know what?"

"You know, that you were gay." JC clarified.

"Oh, right. That question." Lance paused for a second. He wasn't sure if he should tell JC how he knew he was gay, but JC was very persistent. He even kneeled down before Lance and when a guy got on his knees, you had to submit. "It involves Justin."

"Oh." JC's heart stopped beating for a nanosecond. "Go on."

"You know how almost all of last year, Justin and I were roommates."


"Well, this one day, I was extremely tired. I had stayed up the previous night, chatting with fans online and making business calls. I was exhausted in the morning. I slipped out of bed and without even thinking, I walked into the bathroom. Justin didn't notice me right away, but let me tell you, I sure noticed him. I just stood there, mesmorized by his beauty. I think he was drying himself or something. It didn't matter. What mattered was that he was standing there before me naked. My eyes started to wander all over his body. I really liked that little happy trail that led to his-"

"Okay, okay." JC said as the waitor brought their food. When the waitor left, JC looked up at Lance, who was smiling as if he was still in that bathroom seeing Justin nude. "Lance, you are lucky that you're my best friend. If it was someone else who spied on him like that, I'd kill him."

"I'm sorry." Lance quickly said.

"Don't apologize. It wasn't me you spied on. Besides, now that Justin's the hot topic, I have a few confessions myself."

"Really, what?" Lance's smile returned with much excitement.

"Well, as everyone knows Justin and I are extremely close."

"Extremely close."

"Well, there was this one time that I stayed at his house. And his mother was not there. She had something to do in Europe, you know with the whole Innosense thing. A few days earlier, he had received some threatening phone calls and he begged me to stay with him in his room in his bed. His bed was against the wall. I agreed thinking that I would sleep on the outside, but no the brat wanted to sleep on the outside. So here I was sleeping on the bed between the wall and Justin. In the morning, of course, I woke up earlier than the grouch. So I tried to get out of bed without waking him up or else he'd throw a fit and I'd really hear it from his four parents and eight grandparents. So, I decided to slide out of bed and as I was sliding down, he turned around suddenly and pinned me against the wall."

"Not bad." Lance quickly interrupted.

"Well, I didn't tell you my position. My face was nestled in between his legs. There's just something about that boy. I didn't want to move. I wanted to stay there forever. Ever since that day, I have been doubting my sexuality until Kevin confirmed that I was gay."

"Oh my god. JC, you pervert. And you went off on Brian like a mad man for touching him."

"Hey, that was the only time and I never did anything wrong. I just didn't move that's all." JC acting defensive in front of Lance, hiding his brewing laughter inside.

While Lance and JC shared their stories of how they knew they were gay, most of which involved Justin, Justin waited on the bench outside the store patiently for JC's return like a good boy that he was. He glanced at his Rolex watch and noticed the time was getting late. It was almost one. In little more than two hours, school would be out and he would not be able to leave the mall alive in one piece. He waited for several more minutes. He couldn't wait any longer. He had not even eaten yet. He got up to leave the mall. He walked outside and rounded the corner when he felt something was wrong. His intuition told him that he was being followed. He picked up his pace and darted behind the mall when someone had hit him from behind. He turned around and saw his attackers, both of whom looked like they just stepped out of a WWF ring. They yanked on his bag and started to attack him. Of course, Justin wouldn't let go of his bags. He would die first before giving up his clothes. One of the attackers reached for his watch when he fell down to the ground next to Justin. Justin looked up and to his pleasant surprise, there was Brian to save the day, again. To Justin's far right were two men weighing in at 500 lbs of muscles between the two of them averaging a little over 6 foot. To Justin's left was Brian, a 5'8" individual weighing less than 150 lbs. He was courageously stupid enough to abide by the good sumaritan law, taking the contents of the law to the next level as helped defend Justin from two 200lb+ men in a dark and quiet alley. Brian was quite the shining white knight decked in his button down white shirt and khakis topped with his white trench coat. Justin smiled at Brian's chivalry, trying to get up, but quickly fell back to the ground as the other attacker slammed his fist into his abdomen.

Brian jumped on the attacker, bringing him to the ground and began to pound his fist on his back when the other attacker found his way on his feet and grabbed Brian's wrist. The other attacker recovered from his brutality and began to take revenge on Brian, punching him continuously in the abdomen while the other attacker held him in position.

"Stop it. Please!" Justin wailed, dropping down to his knees- tears in his eyes.

"Looks like pretty boy is crying now." The attacker stopped punching Brian and walked to Justin. He stood in front of him for a moment and then dropped down to the ground until he was face to face with Justin. "I'll give you something to cry about." He said. He grabbed Justin by the hair and tilted his head backward. He opened his mouth and slobbered Justin's neck with his wet protruding tongue while his other hand reached inside Justin's pants to seize his penis. He squeezed and twisted Justin's penis until Justin yelped in pain.

"Don't touch him!" Brian yelled, but was silenced by the attacker with another blow to the stomach.

"I can fuckin' touch him anyway I want." The attacker told Brian and then he returned to Justin, who remained paralyzed on his knees.

He then grabbed Justin by the hair and dragged him behind some cardboard boxes. Brian kept hollering obscenities out loud, threatening to beat the crap out of them if Justin was hurt in any way.

Several minutes later, he returned with some clothes in his hands, but there was no Justin. He walked up to Brian and took one last punch. "He's one good fuck." He whispered into Brian's ears before the other attacker finally released him. Brian fell to the floor, grabbing his stomach. The pain he went through for Justin never seemed to end. He thought the emotional kind was bad enough, but the physical kind was just as bad. However, the pain soon disappeared and a smile replaced Brian's tears when he looked up and found Justin in his boxers helping him up from the ground.

"Are you okay?" Justin asked Brian as he leaned Brian against the wall to rest.

"He didn't?" Brian asked instantly, still holding onto his stomach.

Justin shook his head. He walked up to Brian and started to unbutton his shirt. Next he ripped off Brian's wifebeater off his chest and used that as a cloth to dry Brian's tears.

"He just wanted my clothes and touched me here and there. Nothing really." Justin said, wiping away Brian's tears, as if being sexually assaulted was no big deal.

Brian dropped his hands and grasped Justin's wrist, dragging him out of the alley.

"Come on, we have to report this to the police." Brian said.

Justin stopped Brian and this was when he noticed a cut on Brian's abdomen. He crouched down to get a further look at the cut and noticed that it was still bleeding.

"We have to take you to the hospital." Justin said, pulling Brian out of the alley.

"We can't. Not with you looking like that." Brian took off his coat and placed it over Justin's shoulders. "There, now we can. Here's my keys."

Justin turned his back on Brian.

"Hop on top of me. I'll carry you to your car." Justin said to Brian.

Brian looked into Justin's eyes full of concern. He would have preferred Justin to carry him in his arms, but oh well, piggy back ride was still good. He quickly submitted to Justin's request, hopping on top of him. Justin darted out into the parking lot and deposited Brian in the passenger seat before hopping into the driver seat. He turned on the engine and was pleased to hear Brian had taste in music. In his CD player was a copy of "No Strings Attached". The song on repeated mode was none other than "I'll Be Good for You".

"I don't care what the critics say, that's my favorite track on the album." Brian said, smiling while holding onto his stomach.

"Thanks." Justin said softly before taking off at high speed.

Within minutes, Justin had sped through traffic jams, passed several blocks, dodged several cops, and to slam the breaks right in front of the hospital. He quickly scrambled out of the car and helped carry Brian, this time to much Brian's surprise, Justin carried Brian in his arms and carried him inside.

"I need help!" Justin yelled, placing Brian gently on one of the seats. "My friend's bleeding." Everyone stopped their work and just stared at the youth in just a pair of boxers and a trench coat. "What?! You've never seen a guy in his boxer shorts carrying another guy before?! He's hurt, now let's get to work!"

This time everyone heard Justin loud and clear. They dropped their task at hand and rushed to aid Brian. As they wheeled Brian away, Justin held onto Brian's hand. Tears now filled his eyes. Justin finally let go when Brian whispered to him, "I'll be okay."

Justin sat down on one of the seats, waiting for Brian. He didn't care that people stared at him as they walked by. The only thing that concerned him was Brian's well-being. He rested his head against the hard chair when an hour later, he felt a warm hand on his shoulder and immediately knew it was Brian.

"Everything okay?" Justin asked, getting on his feet to aid Brian.

"Yeah. Just a small cut, that's all. I got stitches." Brian answered.

"Can I see?" Justin asked.

"Yeah. But it's ugly, don't say I haven't warned you." Brian said, pulling up his shirt for Justin to see.

"Ewww." Justin cringed at the sight.

"Thanks a lot." Brian said, walking outside with Justin following him. "No thank you whatsoever. Just an insult."

"Hey, I saved you." Justin said, getting into the driver seat after helping Brian get into his seat. "If it wasn't for me giving up all of my belongings, they would have beatened you to death."

"If it wasn't for me stepping in in the first place, they probably would have left you for dead in that alley." Brian shot back.

"Okay, you win." Justin smiled. "Since you won, where do you want to go? My treat."

"You mean as in a date?"

"Well, whatever you want to call it. I haven't eaten all day and I'm hungry."

"And here, I thought Mr. Justin Timberlake wanted to repay me for my bravery for saving his ass-"

"Brian, it's a date." Justin quickly recovered.


Brian and Justin found a nice outdoor restaurant to have a late lunch, but not before getting Justin a new outfit to wear. They spent no less than two hours at the restaurant, ordering expensive food and maxing JC's credit card while enjoying each other's company. After lunch, they wondered off to the zoo. Sure, Justin had been to Los Angeles before, but he had never been to the zoo. On business trips, he couldn't leave the hotel without a bodyguard. On personal trips, it was pretty much the same. He couldn't leave the hotel without JC. They spent the entire day at the zoo, reliving their childhood days. It was during this time when Brian realized how much younger Justin was to him. He was just a boy. Sure, he was 19 and at 6'1" and 182 lbs, he could easily be mistaken as being older by his defined bone structure, but he had the mentality of 5 year-old skipping along the brick road. He petted all the animals he was allowed to. He chased squirrels at a near by park. He rode the elephants until he was forced to get off. All the while, Brian sat and watched on a bench. Their day soon ended as all good things must come to an end. With the inevitable sunset upon them, Brian walked Justin back to his hotel room. They got into the elevator with many others. When the other patrons left the elevator, Brian inched closer to Justin. He watched as the elevator lights switched on and off. They were one floor away from Justin's floor. Brian had to act quick. And quick, he did.

"What's going on?" Justin asked, almost whispering as Brian slid his arms around Justin's waist to hold him, bringing him in for a kiss. "We can't do this." Justin shook his head. "We can't."

Brian continued to hold onto Justin and with his free hand, he reached out to stop the elevator doors from opening. He slowly pushed Justin against the enclosed walls of the elevator. Despite Jusitn's pleas, Brian drove his tongue inside Justin's mouth, tasting him. When Justin did not respond as Brian had hoped, he stopped. Brian retracted to the back of the elevator as the doors began to slowly open.

"Tonight, I'll wait for you." Brian said, as people rushed inside, pushing Justin outside the elevator.

And the elevator doors slammed shut.

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