A Tale of Two Boybands 13


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

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Justin abandoned Brian in the alley. He ran down the empty streets as the raindrops continue to fall upon him. As he ran, he could hear his cries silently echoed in the air. He wiped his tears, tearing at his flesh of his cheeks. He stopped at the corner, drawing an oncoming taxicab's attention toward him. He flagged down a cab and ordered the cab driver to take him to Le Bistro. Memories of the event in his immediate past flooded his mind while he rested against the car seat. He had enjoyed every minute while he was with Brian until he realized how much he was enjoying Brian's company. That was when the crying spell began as he started to feel guilty for betraying JC's love. He was sure that he had feelings for Brian. Then why the sudden outrage upon hearing that JC was with Lance all night? Of course. He loved them both. He felt torn into pieces between the two men he had fallen in love. Each forcing him to chose one side or the other when he clearly knew he couldn't chose one without hurting the other.

The cab stopped in front of the trendy restaurant, Le Bistro, dropping off Justin as he had directed the cab driver to do. He paid his fare and marched past the doorman. He had to see for himself if Brian was lying or telling the truth. As he walked past the front door, he could see JC in the corner of his eyes on the second floor at a table they used to share. Whenever, they visited Los Angeles, JC would always take him to Le Bistro to the second floor to the table in the corner. Now, he was taking Lance. They were enjoying a fine dinner of aphrodisiac clams. They laughed as they ate. They gazed into each other's eyes as they spoke. All reminisced of the times they used to share. Justin needed not to stay a minute longer. He had seen what he came to see. Enough was enough. Justin ran back outside the restaurant. Immediately, he was greeted by a cab stopping in front of him. Justin opened the door and hopped in. He asked the cab driver to take him around the city. Little did he know that the driver was bought off by a certain Alexander J MacLean.

The driver drove him around town for several hours. During his lonely ride in the taxi cab, he heard his group's next single for the first time on the radio. "We have a very special request from Brian to Justin and now `It's Gonna Be Me' by `N Sync," the DJ announced before playing the new single. Justin told the driver to turn off the radio. He had to think and the music wasn't helping his cause. The driver continued to drive for several more hours in utter silence before halting in front of an old rusty house. Justin's face immediately lighted up at the sight of Brian's car. He jumped out of the cab, graciously rewarding the cab driver, who drove away quickly into the night. Justin walked past the gated fence and made his way to the front door. The door was wide-opened. So, of course, he invited himself in. Justin didn't make it very far into the house. He felt someone behind him. He wanted to turn around, but it was too late. A hand covered his mouth as he felt a needle injected into his neck. And then it was dark from then on.

Brian walked aimlessly along the streets of Los Angeles. He was sure that he and Justin had something special that both should pursue. He was sure that Justin would give him a chance, but he didn't. He would have done everything, given everything to have Justin's heart. If Justin asked him to, he would walk out on his band to be with him. If Justin wanted him to, he would take out his heart to prove how pure it was. Why didn't he give me a chance? Brian kept repeating to himself. Why didn't he?

Brian eventually found himself in front of the old house, which he used as a sanctuary for the past few days. He didn't want anyone to disturb him. Not fans. Not reporters, but most importantly, he didn't want his bandmates to find him and force him to leave without pursuing Justin's heart first.

Brian entered the empty one story house and immediately sensed something sinister. He walked along the cracked wooden floor and knew someone else had been in the house. Last time he left the house, the cracks on the floor were not that big. It appeared as if someone three times the size of Brian had skipped around. Brian located an old baseball bat behind the couch. He grabbed it and with that in hand, he made his way into the bedroom. He was going to open the door when the door opened and revealed a smiling AJ.

"How did you find me?" Brian asked, passing a glare in Howie's direction.

"I had to tell him." Howie whispered back as he walked past Brian.

"We need to talk." AJ hissed into Brian's ear as he pushed Brian off to the side.

AJ walked out of the room. Following close behind were his cousin, Kevin, Nick, and Howie. They shut the door behind them and gathered on the couch, leaving Brian to retrieve an old chair from the kitchen.

"Glad you can join us." AJ said as Brian returned to the living room.

"Cut the crap, AJ. What do you want?" Brian asked.

"Feisty, aren't we." AJ smiled, pulling out a cigar, which Nick was more than happy to light it up for him. "You see we've been grueling inside the studios for the past several days while you're here having a dandy good time in LA."

"And?" Brian was getting frustrated with AJ's stalling technique.

"During our time in Orlando, we've come to the startling conclusion that we sound like crap without you piping along. In other words, we've come here to take you back." AJ said.

"I was never kicked out of the group." Brian mumbled.

"You only wished." Nick murmured from behind AJ.

"I've come to realize what a jerk I've been. We all have." AJ got up from the couch and made his way to the bedroom. He continued, "So, I'm offering you your position back in the group. And this!" AJ finally said, kicking down the door and turning on the lights in the bedroom.

In the middle of the room was a canopy bed draped with white sheets that danced along with the wind. The lights intensified above the bed, leaving the corners to swallow in the shadows. The sheets were thick enough to keep whatever inside hidden from Brian's point of view. Nonetheless, Brian knew what lay inside. AJ walked over to the bed as the others joined him. He grabbed the flying ends of the sheets and flung it over his shoulders. The sheets slid off the bed, revealing what Brian feared most to be inside. Lying on the silken sheets was none other than Justin Timberlake-completely nude. The only thing keeping him covered was a red ribbon strategically placed around his waist to hang over his manhood. He was still unconscious from the potent poison AJ had injected him earlier.

"Doesn't he look so cute and adorable? I personally dressed him up myself. Like it? Of course, I can see the tent in your pants." AJ hissed into Brian's ears as Justin's otherwise still body twitched a little. "Now I have been thinking about all this how you came from being a talented and confident singer to being a loser that you are today." AJ paused for Brian to take his position by the bed. Brian kneeled down by the bed, taking Justin's hand in his. With his free hand, he stroked the side of Justin's face while squeezing his left hand. "The conclusion I came up with is this!" Suddenly thunder bolts of lightning short circuited every house along the one way street, leaving them in complete darkness. AJ's angular face appeared before a lighted candle like a ghost, accenting his hollow cheek bones. "This." He said, moving the candle from Justin's head along down his entire body. "We all want what we can't have. You want Justin Timberlake, the one thing in this world you can't have and it's driving you crazy. I know this. Sure it took me a fuckin' while, but I know now. Take Kevin for example. How else could two equally fuckin' boring individuals be together for two whole years? Because neither one could have the other."

"AJ, what are you doing?" Brian asked as AJ took hold of his hand and placed it over Justin's slowly beating heart.

AJ guided Brian's hand along Justin's entire body, stopping at the red ribbon. AJ squeezed Brian's fingers onto the ribbon. He lifted the edge of the ribbon, exposing parts of Justin's genitalia in the process.

"No." Brian cried, pushing AJ to the side to escape the bed scene only to be stopped by Nick on his way out of the room.

"No?" AJ repeated, shaking his head. He stood in front of Brian and spoke again. "I can't believe you are such a loser. Here, I am risking my life to bring to you the object of your desire as a token of my enduring friendship and you are telling me that you won't accept my gracious gift because you don't have the balls to fuck him." AJ glared into Brian's teary-eyes and then walked back to Justin. He leaned over him. Seizing the loops of the ribbon, AJ pulled the two loops apart, tightening the bow around Justin's penis and hence inducing a slight whimper of pain from Justin as Brian rushed to his side. "Well, if you don't have the balls, I know many who do."

"AJ!" Brian shrieked as AJ got on top of Justin with his zipper pulled down.

AJ smiled at his small victory. He got off of Justin and returned to Brian's side. "He's my gift to you, Brian. He'll remain like this for you to take as you please for another hour. After that, you have the option to drug him again or if you prefer more action, take him while he's conscious. I don't care if you fuck him all day for the next couple of days. When Friday comes, I want to see you on that plane to Orlando with us." AJ said.

AJ blew out his candle and then joined the rest of his bandmates at the back of the bedroom, giving Brian enough space. Brian slid onto the bed. He positioned himself in a straddling position on top of Justin. His hands traced AJ's movements along Justin's body. He felt the baby soft skin of Justin's face. His hands glided along Justin's neck and found their way all over Justin's sculpted chest, feeling every ripple of the youth's torso. His hands traveled southward along Justin's "happy trail" and this time without Kevin's disapproving glare, Brian invaded Justin's most sacred area. He yanked the ribbon right off of Justin, forcing another anguish moan from Justin.

Upon hearing Justin's moans, everyone rushed to the bed, surrounding the two in bed. Brian looked up to see the faces of his bandmates with their salivating mouths opened. His gaze now rested on Justin, who lay stretched out on the bed in only his bare skin. Brian shook his head as tears fell. He couldn't go forward with his heart's desire. As much as he wanted Justin, he didn't want to take advantage of Justin's vulnerability. And vulnerable he was. He was unconscious. He could not say no. Brian had to say no for the both of them. Justin was too special to him. He wanted their first time to reflect how much Justin meant to him. He threw his body over Justin's to cover him and told everyone to leave them now. AJ shook his head in disbelief, tossing a duffle bag into Brian's face.

Brian dumped the contents of the bag onto the bed, hoping that the bag would contain Justin's clothes. Sure enough, they were Justin's clothes. With the help of Kevin, Brian dressed Justin back in his clothes. Kevin held Justin up in a standing position, leaning his body against his as Brian pulled the boxers and jeans on Justin. Kevin returned Justin to the bed while Brian went into the bathroom to get a wet towel. Kevin set Justin in a sitting position. He slowly pulled the wifebeater over his chest before Justin fell forward, knocking Kevin onto the ground and falling on top of him. Instantaneously, Kevin rolled Justin over until he was now on top of the unconscious boy.

"Kevin, what are you doing?" Brian asked when he returned to the room.

Kevin suddenly became defensive at Brian's tone of voice. He stared at Brian, who returned the cold stare. Kevin broke Brian's glare to look down at himself. His hand somehow found its way on top of Justin's crotch. Kevin quickly removed his hand and apologized to Brian as he got up.

Brian ignored Kevin's apology. He rushed to Justin. He grabbed Justin's hands and pulled the boy toward him, slapping him several times on the face to wake him up. When Justin did not respond, Brian had no other choice, but to beg his cousin to carry Justin out of the house. Kevin, reluctantly, agreed. He tossed the boy over his shoulder and carried him to Brian's car, where he dumped Justin in the passenger seat, carefully placing his head against the window and sped off, not paying attention to the parked car a few yards away.

"Thank you." Brian uttered to his cousin before getting into the car.

Within minutes, Brian's BMW came to a screeching halt in front of the hotel. By now, Justin had started to regain consciousness as he was now walking with the help of Brian still carrying him in his arms. Brian helped carry Justin into the elevator. He placed Justin against the wall and ran to press the buttons during which time, Justin had slumped onto the elevator floor. Brian kept his attention focused on the trail of chasing lights on the top, trying hard not to look over his shoulders where he would find Justin. Brian busied himself with humming to "I'll be Good for You" when he heard some muffling noises coming from the back. It was Justin. He was mumbling something. Brian crouched before him to give himself a better audio perception. Justin's eyes slowly opened as he spoke softly in broken phases to Brian.

"Justin, what is it?" Brian leaned in closer, afraid to hear the sound of Justin's voice.

Justin turned to Brian, leaving just inches away between his lips and Brian's ear. "Why didn't you want me? Was I not sexually desirable to you?" Justin bit his lips as a teardrop slipped past his lids.

Brian was thrown off guard by Justin's questions. "No, Baby." He said, taking Justin's hands into his. "You are so desirable, but I want our first time making love to be special."

Justin wiped away his tears with the back of his palm upon hearing Brian's response.

"You'd make love to me?"

"Yes." Brian said, smiling.

Justin leaned in to embrace Brian as he choked on his laughter. As Brian held Justin in his arms, he could feel him shaking. He remembered that he and Justin were both in rain earlier in the night. Justin's temperature had increased significantly since the last time Brian had touched him.

Brian pushed Justin off him, which baffled Justin. He placed Justin against the wall, again, feeling his forehead when Justin surprised him with his initiation of a kiss, which intensified in passion. Their tongues wrestled with each other while their lips remained lock. Their hands began to wander- Brian's on Justin's back, while Justin's over Brian's chest until Brian whimpered in pain from the cut from the other day. Brian maneuvered Justin's body onto the floor without breaking their kiss. Their kiss soon reached an ultimate high as both their bodies responded with an erection between their legs.

Justin broke away, turning his face from Brian, only to have Brian force his lips on Justin's neck and them moved back to it's rightful place, locked on Justin's lips. Their tongues massaged some more and their breathing intensified some more. Brian was moments away from abandoning Justin's sugary lips to taste Justin's other juices he still had yet to taste when he felt a hand tightening around his neck. He was punched in the jaw and dragged away from Justin. Justin then was dragged away, too. He was crying and kicking and screaming out Brian's name, but it didn't make any difference. JC was angry. He was a madman. He threw Brian against the wall and proceeded to punch Brian in the abdomen, only stopping when he recognized the blood on his fist was not his own.

As soon as JC had left the elevator box, Brian crawled out of the elevator to see his beloved Justin get pushed inside a room. JC pushed Justin inside his room while Joey blocked the doorway. Chris and Lance were now right outside the room to find out the cause of all the commotion. Justin continued to struggle, trying desperately hard to escape JC's grasp and hopefully make it out of his room in time to stop Brian from leaving.

"JC, let me go!" Justin shrieked.

As if Justin had cried out the wrong name, JC flung his arm, slapping Justin across the face, sending the already weak boy onto the ground. Lance saw the changing events and pushed Joey out of the way to aid Justin. He dropped on his knees and scooped the boy in his arms, massaging his left cheek with JC's lovely handprint still burning through his flesh. Lance glared into JC's eyes, sending him a message that he had stepped out of line. JC's eyes began to well up with tears. He knew very well how far he had stepped out of line. He quickly exited Justin's room, leaving Lance behind to tend the unconscious boy.

JC shut the door to his room behind him and began to pound his head against the walls several times until the door opened. It was Lance. The lights from the pale moonlight cast a shadow over him. JC could see Lance's dark figure approaching him. He turned around to see Lance standing before him.

"Jeez, JC, what the hell did Justin do to make you slap him like that?" Lance asked, sitting down next to JC.

"I didn't hit him that hard. I swear." JC cried into Lance's arms. "Is he okay?"

"I don't know. You hit him really bad. He was still very weak when I left his room to find you." Lance explained.

"I can't believe I hit him." JC hit his forehead with his fist a few more times. "I saw him with Brian and I lost control of myself. He's no good for him. Every time he's with Brian, something bad happens. I never meant to hurt him. Honest."

"I know. I know." Lance said, trying to comfort his best friend.


The morning prevailed, sending the streaks of sunlight through the tinted window in Justin's room. Justin rolled to the other side to avoid the direct hit of the sunlight against his eyes. His face landed on top of a book, sending him through a whirlwind of pain again. Tears began to flow down his face as he was reminded of certain events of the night before. He remembered distinctly of finding out that JC and Lance on a date. He remembered running into the night to escape it all. After the cab ride, there was little that he could remember other than JC slapping him in the face. He got up on his bed and heard the sound of a drill going off near his door. He knew it was his best friend, JC Chasez, hard at work. Justin struggled to get out of his own bed. He fell out of bed and crawled to the door.

"JC! What are you doing out there?!" Justin cried, pulling himself up from the floor.

"I'm sealing this door shut." JC answered sincerely, adding the lock onto the door. Chris and Joey were now standing by him as he locked Justin's door from the outside.

"Are you nuts?" Chris asked JC.

"Chris, help me!" Justin shrieked from inside when he heard his best friend's voice.

"No, I am not. I'm trying to protect him from Brian Littrell." JC told Chris.

"JC, let me out of here!" Justin cried, slamming his shoulder against the door several times. "Let me out of here!"

"Sorry, Just. You're going just to have to tough it out in there. I know you don't see it now, but I'm doing this for your own good. You'll thank me later." JC told his best friend through the door. "You go get ready. I'll bring you breakfast in a little bit."

"Fuck you, JC!" Justin hollered back in anger.

"I love you, too, Justin." JC said, walking away after making sure the lock is secured. He turned to face the remaining members of his group. "No one unlocks this door without my permission. Everyone clear on that?"

"Sure, Big Daddy, but don't you think it's a little drastic to have him locked in that room?" Chris asked, again.

"Whatever it takes to keep him away from Brian Littrell, I will do." JC answered. "Last night, I saw him. He had his hands all over Justin. You guys remembered last time, don't you?"

"Jesus, JC! That was four fuckin' years ago." Chris said. "Don't tell me you haven't touched Justin inappropriately before."

"But you said that the Backstreet Boys-" Joey began but was interrupted by Chris.

"Yeah, but little Brian Littrell is harmless." Chris said.

"Harmless or not, he is still a Backstreet Boy. I know those guys. They will do almost anything to get ahead. I can't let Justin be with someone who can turn around and hurt him like a switch just for his career. Justin deserves better. He deserves more." JC said.

"Like you?" Chris mumbled.

Joey and Chris had no other choice but to follow JC's lead. When it came to Justin, JC made all the decisions and no one could even suggest anything to him. JC would not listen to anyone because only JC knew what was best for Justin. There was no doubt.

JC returned to Justin's room with Joey following close behind him. Joey was making himself useful by carrying in a tray with a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal drenched in milk and a glass of milk, one of Justin's favorite combination as JC ordered Joey to fetch. JC opened the door to find Justin, still in the clothes he wore the night before, sitting on the bed with a magazine in his hands. JC walked to the side of the bed and ushered Joey to join him on the bed. Joey did as directed by JC, placing the tray on the nightstand.

"Why aren't you getting ready? You know we have a tight schedule ahead of us today. We have an interview in an hour." JC said as he reached over for the bowl of cereal. JC continued when he realized Justin wasn't going to respond to him any time soon.

"Very well." JC sighed as he sat down on the bed next to Justin. "Then will you at least eat breakfast so people won't think I'm starving you." Justin, again, ignored JC, agitating him even more. "Please, for me." JC pleaded as he placed the spoon in front of Justin's mouth.

"I'm not hungry, JC." Justin said with his arms crossed over his chest. "I'm not going to eat."

The name of JC echoed through JC's mind. Justin had always referred to him as Josh. It had always been Josh and Just. He used "JC" whenever he was angry at JC, knowing that JC would get the message that he was angry and leave him alone. JC dropped the spoon in the bowl and got up from the bed, but he was not ready to leave yet. He signaled Joey to the head of the bed while he moved to the foot of the bed. As soon as Joey moved to his position, JC grabbed Justin by his feet and dragged him further down the bed as Joey pulled his arms over his head and pinned him against the bed.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Justin yelled at JC as JC got on top of Justin.

"You're eating even if I have to shove the food down your throat!" JC shot back.

He placed the spoon of cereal and milk at the base of Justin's lips for him to eat. However, Justin refused, shutting his mouth as the cereal spilled all over his face. Still, JC was persistent. He filled another spoonful of cereal and this time, he pushed the spoon into Justin's mouth only to be stopped by his teeth.

"Damnit, Justin! Eat!" JC yelled as he and Joey struggled with Justin to get him fed.

As JC struggled on top of Justin, he accidentally pressed his knee onto Justin's crotch, crushing the sensitive area. Justin yelped in pain as Joey continued to tighten his grip on his wrists.

"Get off of me, you perverted asshole!" Justin shrieked through his tears at JC. "You're on my dick."

JC looked down below him and realized what Justin was screaming about. However, instead of relieving the pressure, JC unzipped Justin's pants and kneed Justin right in his privates sending Justin through a whirlwind of pain.

"Fuck you, JC!" Justin yelled.

"Oh yeah, Justin! Fuck this!" JC shouted back, grinding his knee into Justin's crotch with greater force. "Eat this!" JC pushed another spoonful toward Justin's mouth while still crushing his balls.

"Mommy!" Justin cried.

Tears now flow freely down Justin face. The pain was too much for Justin to take any further. He gave into JC's demands and opened his mouth slightly for JC to shove a spoonful of cereal into his mouth. Justin shut his mouth again and began sobbing onto the pillow as Joey pinned him down and JC fed him again and again. The torture finally ended when Chris and Lance walked into the room. Chris, playing the reassuring older brother role this morning, dragged Joey off the bed and pushed JC away from Justin.

"What the fuck are you doing to him?" Chris asked, glancing back at Justin who buried his tear-soaked face into Lance's chest.

"He didn't do anything wrong, Chris." Joey defended his best friend of over 10 years.

"Shut up, Joey! I wasn't talking to you." Chris snapped. "Outside now, the both of you."

JC took one last look at the crying boy before joining Chris and Joey outside in the hallway.

"What the fuck were you two doing?" Chris asked, again. This time he was serious about getting a straight answer.

"I was trying to feed him." JC mumbled, looking down at his shoes to avoid eye contact with Chris.

"Well, it sure as hell didn't look like that." Chris continued, "Look, JC, I know you have to play the Mommy Timberlake role, but seriously was it necessary to pin the boy down and- Jesus, you're a guy, too. That was torture there in the room. Just look at his face. Next time, he needs to get fed, I don't want to see you near him." Chris made his last closing remarks and left the JC and Joey to ponder over their actions.

Joey, still, did not think they stepped over line. He still didn't see what they did wrong. JC, on the other hand, was full of remorse as he now just realized how he allowed his anger to get the best of him. When it came to Justin, it was hard for JC to keep a clear head over his shoulders all the time.

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