A Tale of Two Boybands 21


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION- I can't stress this enough) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. Yes! Entertainment. That's all... think of it like a movie. You watch for entertainment and you read for entertainment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Note:

Last time we visited the story before my mental breakdown, JC was taking Justin somewhere. Where on earth is he taking him? What "good" thing does JC have in mind for Justin this time? Remember the force feeding, the imprisonment, the horny torture all in the best interest of Justin...can JC top it off this time? Well, let's see. Go ahead...read. You know you want to.



Justin's eyes opened and shut wearily, gazing at JC through the tears flooding in his eyes. Justin was oblivious as to what was happening. All he knew was that JC was driving him somewhere into the night. But to where, he had no clue. Not once did JC look down at his angel- his eyes glued to the empty road ahead of him. He was afraid, knowing himself too well. One look into Justin's deep blues would make him turn back. Signs of the subway station inevitably appeared from nowhere. JC's eyes welled up with tears. How he wished the signs would dissipate into the night. Taking a left turn instead of a right turn away from the signs, he continued to drive. Just maybe, this night would end differently. Just maybe, he could be the man, again, and take charge of his own destiny. Just maybe. But no. Fate was against him. The subway street signs reappeared on their path. His driving away from the subway took him on a path straight to the subway station, again. He let go of the steering wheel with one of hands. The night's inescapable end would soon be reached. He had to feel Justin, again. His hand dropped to the seat next to him. Finding its way to Justin's hand, he squeezed the cold long fingers, not wanting to let go. Justin's tears stopped falling momentarily as a smile crept on his face. The warmth returned to his numbed fingers with every passing moment that JC held his hand. Suddenly, JC loosened his grip and Justin's fingers slipped out of JC's hold and fell onto the seat. He had to let go. Had he not let go of Justin, he knew he wouldn't be able to bring the night to an end.

The car stopped in front of the subway station. JC turned off the ignition and sat silently for a moment to gather his strength to do the hardest thing he had to do- let go of the person he loved most. He pressed the button, automatically unlocking the doors of the car. He turned to face Justin, whose porcelain face was washed away with tears. JC leaned into Justin. His fingers wandered their way to his face, gently wiping away the tears from his face. Justin placed his hand over JC's to prevent him from leaving. Yet, without any hesitation JC removed his hand. Afraid to look Justin in the eyes, he diverted his attention to the dark subway ahead of him. Justin leaned toward JC to plant a kiss on his quivering lips when JC pushed him away. Justin collapsed onto his seat. He slammed his fist onto the window and shot back at JC with eyes of a tiger.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Justin yelled, grabbing JC's face.

JC turned to face Justin, grabbing his wrist. JC watched as Justin tried desperately to break loose. He gazed deeply into Justin's tearful eyes. Immediately, he was haunted by the nightmares that had plagued his sleep. The pain reflected in Justin's eyes was not Justin's, but his own. Justin was the sole reminder of that night. JC could not learn to forgive himself with Justin throwing himself at him every waking hour. He did not deserve Justin. He was going to let Justin go and give him away. JC let go of Justin's hand. He stared coldly into the boy's tearful eyes.

"Get out of the car." JC ordered.

When Justin didn't move an inch, JC stretched over him for the door handle. He wanted to open the door and push Justin out, but the mere of touch of Justin's gentle caress paralyzed him. JC surrendered as he slumped back into his seat.


"Shut up." JC murmured.

"Josh." Justin pleaded for JC's attention.

"Shut up. I don't want to hear you speak. I don't want to hear you breathe. Just shut up." JC said, sternly.

"Josh, you don't love me anymore?" Justin uttered softly. Tears had consumed the boy's entire body as reflected in the silent tremors. "Because I still love you."

"I don't want to hear it."

"I still love you. I have always loved you and I will never stop loving you!" Justin shouted into JC's face, forcing him to fight back with as much force.

JC charged at Justin, pinning him against the car. Justin whimpered softly- another teardrop fell down his smooth face. JC had slammed him against the car so hard that the sharp pain in his back instigated painful memories of the night he was raped by his best friend. JC's eyes wandered from Justin's fear-stricken face to his hand firmly pressed onto Justin's member under his jeans. JC quickly withdrew.

"I'm sorry." JC slammed his fist into the window.

"That's okay." Justin said quickly. "I know you didn't mean to."

JC sighed deeply. He shook his head and let his head fall onto the steering wheel. He couldn't believe how hard it was to let someone go. He had let go of his dog when he was a little boy. Why couldn't it be just as easy to let Justin go?


"We can just forget about it and return to our hotel." Justin suggested. "I know this one site in town that we can visit. I heard it's really beautiful during this time of the season."

Justin continued throwing ideas of vacation spots to JC. JC, wrapped in his own thoughts, heard nothing. He just sat silently. Where is Brian? He thought. If he didn't show up any time soon, he would be forced to take Justin back. With the thought creeping in his mind, JC secretly prayed the time would fly back quickly. JC looked at the time. It was only 2:00am. They had been at the subway station for nearly half an hour and Justin had rambled on for a quarter of an hour. Finally, he stopped. It was JC's turn to speak.

"Justin, I can't."

"Can't what?" Justin asked with a dumbfounded look on his face. "Can't go to LA to next month. That's okay. I asked Kerri and Tony, they said we could visit them next week. It would probably be better with Kerri's schedule."

"Justin," JC stopped the boy from uttering another word by placing his slender fingers over his lips. "I can't go with you."


"I can't be with you. I can't have you be with me."

"I don't understand. We always go together."

"Justin, I have contacted Brian. In no time, he'll be here to take you away." JC said.


"Don't bother. I have already made arrangements with him. He is going to take care of you from now on. I don't deserve you. He does. He loves you deeply. He would do anything for you. He would die for you." JC explained.

"JC, how many times do I have to tell you? I love you. I don't love him." Justin repeated several more times before JC interrupted him. "You don't believe me?"

JC shook his head. JC focused all his attention to the boy sitting next to him. "If I were to lean in to kiss you right now, will you let me?" JC asked, placing his lips on Justin's, then let go. "If I were to let my hands roam all over your body, will it be okay with you?" JC asked Justin, who gave no verbal answer. JC leaned forward, slipping Justin's shirt off his shoulders and then ripping away Justin's wifebeater with his teeth. Again, there was no resistance from Justin, only heavy breathing as the muscles of his body tensed. "If I were to fuck you right here right now, will you stop me?" JC asked. Not waiting for Justin's answers, JC lowered his body over Justin's. His hands reached inside Justin's boxers to stroke the tender phallus. Justin swallowed hard, digging his fingernails into the soft cushioned seat. The stroking was not soft and gentle, but hard and aggressive as JC clamped the stalk. At times, Justin had to bite down his lips to prevent any painful whimpers slip. JC glanced at Justin a few times before maneuvering himself to Justin's crotch. His face- inches away from Justin's manhood, ready to devour, when Justin finally stopped him. JC pulled Justin's boxers to his waist and then returned to his seat.

"At last." JC whispered softly before hitting his head several times on the steering wheel.

"Please, Josh." Justin reached in to stop JC from torturing himself.

"I don't want you to stay with me for 'N Sync. I don't want you to stay with me for me. I want you to stay with me for you. Every time I look into your eyes, I see two things. Pain- my pain that is reflected in your eyes. Justin, I cannot forgive myself for hurting you. I just can't. Not when all I see in your eyes are my pain and your fear. Justin, I know you so well. Hell, I've known you half of your life. I've watched you grow from this scrawny little boy to the hottest teen heart-throb today. Justin, you say you forgive me. But I know better. You are never much of a liar. I know it's painful for you to even let me touch you. You used to giggle, melt in my touch. Now..."He gazed into Justin's ocean blues and suddenly Justin was just a vague image before him. Tears had now formed in JC's baby blues as well. JC was never the man to shed tears, but tonight, he just couldn't control them anymore. "I can't forgive myself." Justin froze in his seat when JC leaned in to kiss him softly on his lips and then abandoned him in the car.

When Justin finally processed what had just transpired between him and JC, he reached to the side of the door to unlock it. But it was locked from the inside. Justin pounded on the window several times before giving up. He collapsed onto the seat, pulling his legs up and sobbed by himself.


JC dragged himself through the dimly lit subway station. Many times, he wanted to return to the car and just take Justin with him, but decisions had already been made- decisions that were made in the best interest of Justin. Of course, JC determined what was best for Justin.

In the corner of JC's tearful eyes, he saw a shadow approaching him. JC didn't have to look any further, he knew it was Brian. Upon seeing JC, Brian rushed to JC. He grabbed JC by his arm and pulled him aside.

"Justin?! Where's Justin?!" Brian immediately asked, oblivious to the tormented pain JC just endured.

JC calmed Brian down before ushering him to sit down beside him on the tracks. A very important deal was going to take place, with a life being exchanged from one hand to another. Giving Brian little to no explanation when he first called, JC was not going to leave anything out.

"Brian." JC found himself stalling. His vocal cords paralyzed. Nothing audible escaped his throat. Only tears ran freely down his face.

"JC?" Brian whispered.

"Justin is the person I love most." JC said, wiping away tears from his eyes. "There is not one person in this world I would die for." Brian nodded in agreement as he, too, shared the same feelings of love for the same earthly angel. "But I have committed sins only monsters are capable of. I don't deserve him."

"JC, you didn't mean to." Brian said.

"Whether I meant to or not, I did. For that I can never forgive myself. Therefore, I have made the decision to give him to you."


"If I can't have him, there's no other person that I would rather have Justin be with than you. I think we must have shared the same heart or something because I see the same love in my eyes when I look into yours. I only wish that you keep him safe- protect him. That would be hard knowing how much your bandmates hate him. For what reasons, I don't understand. So I don't think it's a good idea for too many people to know about him. If I ever find out that he is hurt in anyway, I won't let you get away with it. Justin means the world to me. And if you love him the way you claim to, he'll hold the same value in your heart." JC paused to retrieve the keys from his pocket and handed the keys to Brian. "The keys."

"JC, I-" Brian was hesitant with the terms of the deal, but took the keys. He knew in his hear that he could love and cherish Justin the same way JC had always done.

"The car is parked right outside the subway station. He'll be waiting for you." JC told Brian.

Brian looked at the silver key in the palm of his hand. With this key, he could now have what he had always dreamed of- the chance to be with the person he loved. Brian looked up to find JC had disappeared into the night. He got up on his feet. With the key held tightly in his grip, he walked toward the car. As he neared the car, his heart began to race harder to the point that Brian had to stop to steady his heartbeat. He was afraid. What if he could not fill JC's shoes? What if? What if? Brian glanced over his shoulder and he could see Justin's crown of golden curls in the car. Indeed, he was there, waiting for him to take him away. Brian walked up to the car and quietly unlocked the passenger seat door without disturbing Justin. Upon hearing the door unlock, Justin opened the door, hitting Brian in the knee in the process. Brian grabbed his knee and ran after Justin, who had disappeared into the subway station.

"Justin!" Brian shrieked, dragging his leg. "Justin!" Brian stopped and scanned the premises of the subway station for Justin. Brian tried to walk across the tracks onto the other side, but was forced to stop in his tracks. A subway train, making its regular round across town, had knocked Brian off his feet. He landed on the pavement- head first. Using the palms of his hand, he pushed himself off the ground just in time to see the end of the train passing by. Brian stood on his two feet- paralyzed. He couldn't move an inch. There stood across the tracks was the object of all of his emotions- his desire, his affection, not to mention the tent in his pants. Justin stood- chest bare with his hands buried deep in his pockets. He was trying to say something, but Brian could not hear him. The subway train still echoed throughout the station. Brian, finally gaining enough courage, ran across the tracks, wrapping his arms around the boy's waist. Justin momentarily leaned into Brian's embrace, allowing Brian to whisper into his ears.

"What did you say?" Brian asked Justin.

"I'm ready to go now." Justin replied.

Brian cupped the boy's face and nodded. "Okay. Okay." Brian said, taking Justin's cold hands in his and leading him to the car, to their new life.

Brian gently placed Justin in the passenger seat as if Justin was a fragile porcelain doll. He found Justin's ripped wifebeater and shirt on the floor. He asked no question. He just took the shirt and placed it over Justin's chest. He pulled the seatbelt across Justin's chest and secured it in its lock. Now, it was his turn to get in the car. Brian got into the driver's seat and instantly turned on the engine and off they went.

Within an hour, Brian halted the car in the driveway of a two-story country house. The house, Brian's first big purchase, stood on 13.4 acres of land. Right outside was an old rocking porch the previous owners left. In the background, there was little peach orchard. Justin smiled warmly to smell of peach blossoms. He opened his eyes to this beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. The two-story house brought back memories of his own childhood home back in Tennessee. He had always wanted to return home back in Tennessee. This was close enough.

Brian opened the passenger seat for Justin to step out. Justin stood in front of the house, taking in its beauty. He smiled at his new home. He turned around and found Brian carrying his luggage in his hands. Justin walked back to Brian to take his luggage, but Brian insisted on carrying the heavy luggage. From the time the two groups first met in Europe four years, Brian had always watched JC from afar taking care of Justin- from him singing Justin to sleep to him carrying Justin's backpack. He wanted to do the same for Justin- take care of him.

"I can carry my own luggage." Justin said, however, Brian would not let go. He stubbornly held onto the luggage. "Please, Brian. I already have eight grandparents, two moms, three dads including JC who all treat me like I'm a poor defenseless little boy. I don't need you to be another dad. I can take care of myself."

"I'm sorry, Justin." Brian apologized. He handed Justin his luggage and noticed the goosebumps penetrating to the surface of Justin's chest. "Here let's get you inside. You must be cold."

Brian led Justin inside his country home and up the stairs. Brian tiptoed across the hallway to the next available room. He didn't want Kevin to know that Justin was here. He had plans to talk to Kevin first thing in the morning. Until then, Kevin was to remain clueless of their new tenant. Brian opened the door to a room located across the hall from his room. He walked Justin to the bed and walked away, but was stopped by Justin's lonely cries.

"I don't want to be alone tonight." Justin said, his eyes misted over with tears. "Please, can I stay with you tonight?"

Brian reluctantly agreed. He wished Justin hadn't requested to stay with him. How in the world was Brian to restrain himself from repeating history of five years ago when Justin shared a bed with him. He rushed to pick up Justin's luggage when he realized he had relapsed into the role Justin wished he hadn't. Brian quickly handed Justin his luggage and together they walked across the hall into Brian's room. Upon entering Brian's room, Justin surveyed the room. It was a peculiar sighting. Brian had plastered pictures of him on his four walls. The pictures were chronically placed around the wall starting with the picture Justin and his bandmates were forced to pose for "charity" up until more recent concert pictures that were never printed in magazines. Brian must had attended some of the concerts in order to get those pictures. Justin dropped his luggage in the doorway for Brian to retrieve. Brian placed the luggage in the corner of the room and went into his closet. He found one of Nick's pajama set he had left the year before. Sure Nick was bigger than Justin, but both boys were of the same height. The clothes should fit fine. Brian returned to find Justin leaning against his desk in the corner of the room. Tears had already managed to slip. Brian rushed to Justin, taking his hand in his. He rubbed the backs of Justin's hands before bringing them forth for a kiss.

"Everything will be okay. I'm here for you now." Brian assured Justin, who nodded in response. "Here let me get you ready for bed."

He rubbed the backs of Justin's hands before bringing them forth for a kiss. Big mistake. Just one kiss was enough to intensify the animalistic urges in Brian's already over-heated body. He did not have to look down between his legs to know what his body is begging him to do. He needed a quick release and fast. He softly pecked Justin's cheek before abandoning him to enter the bathroom, where he relieved the tension in his pants. He began by unzipping his pants and found himself unable to stop just at his pants. Brian was now standing before his bathroom mirror completely nude. He stole a glance of Justin's face through the aperture. Justin looked so lost in his little world. Brian returned to his more important task at hand- that of taking care of himself. He began to jerk off, but tonight, he found the routine to be less satisfying. Normally, he was able to masturbate by simply watching Justin prancing around in `N Sync videos or other countless taped appearances. To this day, Brian had over ten eight-hour long tapes of recorded `N Sync appearances. Yes, Brian considered himself a fanatic and was not one bit ashamed. Even posters on his walls were enough to elicit such a response from his body. However, tonight, it was much difficult. How can he jerk off like he had done many years before when he had the real thing sitting on his bed?

Brian walked out of the bathroom- still nude. He approached Justin. Maybe Justin would be willing to help him out. After all, it was at his suggestion that Brian had allowed Justin to stay in his one-bed bedroom. Justin looked up to find Brian standing before him completely nude. Suddenly, a strange feeling of sadness washed over his body. He had not expected this from Brian. He knew what Brian had wanted. And he knew that if he were to remain with Brian, he would eventually give himself to Brian, but not on his first night. Still, Justin set aside his morals. He got up and dragged his feet toward the bathroom, shutting the bathroom door behind him. Once inside, as hard as it was, he proceeded to strip away his clothes. He didn't quite understand why he was crying. It wasn't as if Brian had forced him to do so. It wasn't as if he was that pure anyway. In a way, he brought it upon himself. He must had been doing something to draw so much unwanted attention. Lou, Carson, JC, Brian, and the list went on.

As soon as the last article of clothing fell to the floor, Justin soon followed. After several minutes, Brian decided to check on his new boyfriend. Brian opened the door to his bathroom to find Justin on the floor. His legs pulled up against his chest, concealing all that was needed to remain hidden from such lustful eyes. Justin was gently rocking himself to sleep when Brian approached him.

"I was waiting for you." Brian said, stroking Justin's face tenderly. When Justin gave him no response, Brian inched closer to whisper into Justin's ears. "I can't wait to finally fuck you tonight."

"Fuck?" Justin was now emotionally hysterical. He pushed Brian away, but Brian only held him tighter to his chest. "Fuck? Did you bring me here just so you can fuck me? You said you'd make love to me."

"Right." Brian corrected his previous mistake. "Of course, I'd make love to you." However, even with Brian's new found vocabulary for the sexual act, Justin continued to weep in Brian's hair. "Baby, what's wrong?"

"I can't make love to you."

"What? You mean you don't want to make love? You know that is what lovers do to show each other how much they love each other."

"No, not tonight. It's just the little sexual experiences I've had hadn't been all that memorable to me. Please, Brian. You understand, don't you?"

"Of course, I do." Brian said, bringing Justin closer to him, almost suffocating him. Looking directly up at the mirror, Brian continued. "Then when do you think you'll be ready, baby?"

"I don't know." Justin replied sincerely. "Um...Brian, how soon do you, you know?"

"Make love?"


"Usually the first night and the longest two weeks."

"Oh." Justin sighed. "I'm sorry."

"For what? You're not ready. There's nothing to be sorry for." Brian said, rolling his eyes in disappointment. This close, but still no cigars.

"Um...we can try later."

"Really?" Brian's suddenly became enthusiastic, again. "Like when?"

"I don't know." Justin answered. "Maybe some time next week."

"Baby, I don't want to pressure you or anything, but I have a very busy schedule ahead of me. Can you give me a day? Like is Tuesday okay?"

"Tuesday?" Justin pondered, counting his fingers. "That's three days from now."

"Yes, but it's next week." Brian added.


"Very well." Brian sighed.

"Um...do you, um...like on Thursday." Justin stuttered. "We can set a date for Thursday."

"Thursday sounds good to me. I'll be here after work."

"When will work be over?"

"Nine o'clock."

"You can't get out any earlier?"


"Oh, nothing. I just thought it'd be nice if we had dinner or something before our night together."

"Right." Brian reluctantly agreed. "I'll make sure to leave early from work."

"Thank you." Justin whispered, laying his head on Brian's shoulder.

"You're welcome, sweetie. Justin."


"May I kiss you goodnight?" Brian asked.

Justin lifted his head to face Brian. He gazed deeply into Brian's warm eyes of affection. Without much hesitation, he surrendered to Brian's request, nodding his head. Justin closed his eyes and puckered his lips, ready to receive Brian's loving kiss when Brian whispered seductively into his ears.

"Not here." Brian said, placing his two fingers on Justin's pout. Justin opened his eyes. With his eyes, he followed Brian's fingers as they trailed along his bare body, stopping at his navel. "But down there."



Justin closed his eyes, biting his lips. He rested his face on its side against the wall. Brian crouched before Justin, inching closer to him. He slipped one hand in between Jusitn's legs to part his limbs. Closing his eyes, Brian dipped his head in between Justin's legs, ready to taste him when the phone suddenly rang. Brian sprang up. He bolted out of the bathroom to answer the phone. Kevin was not to know of Justin's presence. As he picked up the phone, Brian mumbled to himself, "This ain't no movie. What the hell is the phone ringing at such a convenient time?"

"Hello." Brian hollered into the phone.

"Brian, it's Howie."

Of course, it was Howie for only Howie would call at three in the morning to interrupt such an earth-shattering event in his life that would change his life forever for the better.

"What is so damn important you can't wait for morning?"

"I'm sorry. Did I call at a bad time?" Howie asked, sincerely.

Brian peeked through the aperture of the bathroom to catch a glimpse of Justin still sitting on the floor. He now had brought his clothes to cover himself. Just to protect himself, Brian decided to continue his phone call in the hallway away from Justin's earshot.

"Yes." Brian answered. "So, what is so important?"

"It's Justin." Howie paused and then continued. "Chris called me about an hour ago. Justin is missing. Chris wanted me to call you to see if he was with you."

"Why, why would he be with me?" It was so hard for Brian to lie to his friend.

"No reason. Chris just thought that since you were his friend, he might come to see you. In any case, if you see Justin, please give Chris a call." Howie told his friend. "He's worried sick and the other guys all fear for JC's life. Apparently, they got into some heated argument and now Justin's gone. Chris is threatening to do away with JC if Justin isn't okay."

"Sure thing."

"And one more thing. AJ has scheduled us for 10 o'clock sharp." Howie said. "Don't be late."

"I won't. I might even be present mentally as well." Brian added.

"You better be. Remember next time."

"Yes. I'll see you tomorrow at 10 o'clock." Brian said, then hanging up without saying good-byes.

Brian turned off his phone and returned to his room to find Justin already sleeping in his bed. His body rolled into an infantile position to keep warm. Brian walked to his bed and lay down. He pulled the covers over Justin and himself. He gazed intensely at the sleeping angel. He wanted to hold him in his arms, but was afraid to. Then, he thought about JC. JC would. Brian maneuvered himself closer to Justin, taking the boy in his warm embrace. The boy felt so good next to him. Brian wondered how good it would be to finally be inside of him. Brian brushed away Justin's curls and kissed him softly on his forehead and tightened his embrace around Justin. That was easy enough.

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