A Tale of Two Boybands 26


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION- I can't stress this enough) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. Yes! Entertainment. That's all... think of it like a movie. You watch for entertainment and you read for entertainment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

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Kevin eyes opened wearily at the sound of footsteps in the hallway. It was Brian, again. It had been Brian for the past two weeks. The same routine, night after night. He wondered how Justin could remain asleep during all the commotion. Tonight, he finally decided to confront his cousin. Kevin was not going to lose another night's sleep because Brian couldn't get some booty action from Justin. He put on his robe over his muscular form and walked into the hallway. He opened the door to his cousin's room. As expected, Brian was no where to be found. Lying on the bed in only his skin was Justin. Night after night, Brian would strip his young boyfriend of his boxers, leaving the boy naked on his bed while he got off in the privacy of his basement.

Kevin walked hesitantly towards the bed upon which Justin lay. He could see his form in the darkness. He was lying on his side. His back facing Kevin with one leg draped over another. What little light from the moon hanging low seemed to bounce off his bare body. He was glowing inspite of the darkness. Kevin couldn't resist touching the young heartthrob just once. Just once to understand what it was in this boy that made grown men crazily head over heels. Justin let out a soft moan as he shifted his body across the king-sized bed. Kevin quickly shook his head, taking a tissue from his robe and placing it over Justin's engorged cock. Teenagers, Kevin said to himself as he walked away.

Kevin locked the door behind him and followed Brian's path down the stairs, outside the deck doors and into the basement. He tiptoed down the stairs. He didn't want to intrude on his cousin while he was "hard" at work, but he had to talk to him.

"Kevin!" Brian was shocked to say the least at the sight of his cousin looking down on him. He quickly got off the couch, pulled up his boxers, and hid Justin's boxers behind his back, completely forgetting to turn off the `Tearin' Up My Heart' video Brian would often to jerk off to. "What are you doing here? What if Justin wakes up?"

"You mean to say that the alarm system which locked the all the doors of the house from the inside as well as the outside is not enough. Don't worry about Justin. I made sure he's not going anywhere. I have him shackled to the bed frame." Kevin responded, taking a seat on the couch, making sure he didn't step on any of Brian's love residues.

"You what?!"

"Just kidding. He's still sound asleep. You amaze me, Brian. You finally have the real thing in your bed, naked, I might add, and you're here all by yourself, masturbating. You know Justin, the kid sleeps through everything. I'm sure you can fuck him and get it over with and he wouldn't know a thing." Kevin said, smiling mischievously.

Brian joined his cousin on the couch, also avoiding his own cum.

"Justin means the world to me." Brian explained.

"Wow. You must love him. Isn't an unwritten rule of Brian Littrell that if you don't get some by two weeks, you dump the guy. What happened here?"

"I want our first time to be very special. That's all." Brian said.

"Of course we all want our first time to be special, but Brian, you can't just plan things like this. I still can't believe you set a day for having sex. What if he wasn't feeling good on that day, would you still force him to have sex?"

"Hey. Do you remember `Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss'? He said that if you don't mark in the calendar, it will never happen. I wanted to make sure we make love." Brian explained.

"All I'm trying to say is be a little more spontaneous. Take the lead. Be the man that you are. You can do it. And the sooner the better for me. Maybe then I can get some sleep."

"You think spontaneity is the key?"

"Brian, sex is a very natural. It just happens. And more often than not, it happens when you least expect it. You let your emotions take control of your body. Trust me. It's so much better that way. Besides, it takes so much pressure off the both of you." Kevin explained to his naïve cousin. "I'm returning to bed and I think you should, too." Kevin said, stopping at the stairs. "Just one question, how does he not know that you remove his boxers night after night?"

"Easy. After I'm done down here, I return with a fresh pair of boxers that I put on him. I keep the others in a hidden place." Brian smiled. "Good night, Kevin."

"Good night, Brian."


The following morning, Brian got out of bed at the crack of dawn. He had been neglecting his morning jog for quite some time now that Justin was with him. The morning jog was essential to his health. If he wanted to spend the next fifty years with Justin, he had to return to his routine. He put on his jogging suit and off he went around the neighborhood at ease. At the distant sound of his shoes hitting the pavement, doors began to lock simultaneously along his path. Shades drawn low. Sprinkles stopped raining on the sidewalks for fear of interfering with Brian's route. Dogs were ushered inside the confinements of their dog houses. Newspaper boys turned at his sight, opting to take the longer route. For a little man, Brian exude fear of gigantic proportion.

He returned to his lovely country estate an hour later. An hour was sufficient for his heart, he thought. When he arrived at his room, he found Justin missing. The shower was on in the personal bathroom. Spontaneity. He remembered his cousin from the night before. It made things more exciting, that was for sure as Brian glanced down at his throbbing cock. He abandoned his jogging shoes at the bathroom doorway as well as his clothes. He opened the door slightly ajar, squeezing himself into the steam-filled quarter. From his viewpoint, he could see Justin's silhouette in the bathroom behind the curtains. Smiling to himself, he tiptoed his way inside the showers without Justin's knowledge of his presence. Brian watched as Justin jerked off at the corner of the shower. The water pounded fiercely on his bare skin, leaving temporary dimples where they touched. Brian watched as the water slid across his spine converging into a single river of water in the crevice between his two butt cheeks. Of course, being the horny dog that he was, Brian crouched down behind Justin. Closing his eyes, he bit Justin hard on his left butt cheek. Bad move on Brian's part. Justin cried in pain. He jumped up and hit his head against the showerhead. He fell down, bruising his ribs as he crashed onto the hard bathtub. As he fell, he pulled Brian with him, whose rock hard head cut Justin's lips open. The blood now intermixed with the water flowing into the drain. Justin's cries intensified as Brian's elbow crushed his most sensitive area. Brian quickly removed his elbow and positioned himself over Justin. He brushed away the wet pubic hair and started to massage Justin's injured member. Justin let out a desperate moan, pushing Brian off of him.

"I wasn't only hurt there, Brian!" He shrieked, crawling his way out of the bathtub.

He ran outside, almost slipping at times.

"Justin, wait!"

It was too late. Justin tripped over the laced tennis shoes in front of the bathroom. He fell hard against the dresser as books from a nearby desk toppled all over his back. Brian rushed outside the bathroom, neglecting his clothes. He found Justin under a pile of books. He was crying his tears out. So much for spontaneity.

"I'm so sorry, Justin." Brian tried to console his young boyfriend.

"What were you thinking, Brian?!" Justin tried to push Brian away so he could dry his own tears for once. "Sneaking up behind me like that. Am I nothing but sex to you, Brian?"

"Of course not. Justin, you mean the whole world to me. And yes, sex is a part of this world we live in, but it's not just sex." Brian was tongue-tied. He was no longer making sense.

"Brian, I'm a guy for Christ's sake." Justin got on his two feet, limping, to the bed. "I want flowers. I want to be complimented on the way I look. I want a candle lit dinner. I want my boyfriend to listen to what I have to say, not just stare at my crotch. I want the romance, Brian. I want the romance."


Brian forgot where Justin was coming from. He glanced around the room and located a bouquet of sunflowers in a vase- the same sunflowers he had gotten delivered to Justin just a week ago. Justin was raised by his mother who instilled such "feminine" ideas in her son such as no sex without love. Justin, unlike most men, was used to thinking with his heart, not his other vital organ. Brian had to understand Justin's point of view if anything were to happen significantly in their still fledgling relationship.

"Yes, really." Justin continued. "Like that time when you arranged the dinner and guest home for just the two of us. Although, the night ended with you sick, it was the most special thing anyone has ever done for me. Brian, it might surprise you to know this, but I like being pampered. It makes me feel special."

"So, you don't like spontaneity?"

"Not if you attack me like that. I'd feel too much like a piece of meat, which I don't like at all." Justin explained.

"I'm sorry." Brian repeated, again. "Here, let me help you get dressed."

"Thanks. I don't want this to be a family affair."

"Trust me. I don't want it either."


At a quarter past 8:00am, Brian and Justin made their grand appearance down the stairs. Of course, Justin was limping the way down, but the appearance was grand nonetheless.

"What are you doing here?" Brian questioned Howie's presence as he set Justin down at the table.

"I've been having breakfast with you guys for the past two weeks. You'd know this if you haven't been staring at Justin all the time during breakfast." Howie responded, but was left speechless when he saw Justin's bruised face. "What happened?"

"That's what I want to know." Kevin said a minute later when he entered the kitchen. He pulled Brian aside to talk to privately.

"A little rough on the kid, aren't we?" Kevin inquired, looking past Brian to Justin was being attended to by Howie.

"I took your advice from last night and tried to be spontaneous."


"Well. Just look at him."

"So he said, no, and you beat the crap out of him?"

"I would never do that." Brian said. "He fell down himself."

"Sure, that's what all the abusive bastards say."

Brian ignored Kevin's disparaging remarks and returned to the kitchen table just in time to prevent Howie from fully examining Justin with his expert medicinal hands. He slapped Howie's hands off of Justin's crotch and helped Justin to a bowl of cereal.

Brian spent most of the next few days contemplating what Justin had told him that morning in their room. Sure, Justin was male. There's no denying that. He had all the anatomy to prove it. He thought that sex was all guys ever think about. He knew for sure that sex consumed most of his thoughts throughout the day as he was playing with his belt yet again for the 1000th time today. He never expected Justin to be the rare exception. Seriously, the boy exuded "sex". The way he would thrust his hips during concerts. The way he would grab his crotch at just the right moment. Brian just didn't understand, but he would try for their relationship's sake.


After a hard day's work, Brian finally was released back to his safe haven away from his hectic life. He stayed in his room despite Justin being outside in the orchards chasing squirrels around with Ted overlooking. He glanced outside and then returned his attention to the vase of sunflowers. The very same bouquet of flowers he had delivered to Justin days prior to their "first". He was surprised to see that Justin had kept them in a vase for sentimental value.

Brian removed the flowers from the vase and as if his hands were poison, some of the petals dropped limply onto the floor. Only three flowers were intact. Two small ones and one big one.

Brian, you're a genius!

Brian darted into the hallway toward the linen closet. In addition to linen, there was sewing basket inside the closet. Brian retrieved a spool of yarn from the basket and returned to his room. Placing the flowers intricately in a triangular form, Brian tied the flowers together. He attached the thread to each flower, tying the three pieces of thread at the back. He marveled at his creation. If Justin wanted romance, he was going to get it.


Evening arrived and Justin was treated to a home-cooked meal. Of course, Kevin was there to help out, but it didn't make a difference to Justin so long as Brian tried to be romantic. Candles adorned the table they sat around. A single rose was placed on the table as a centerpiece. `I'll Never Break Your Heart' serenaded the two lovers as they made their way towards their upstairs bedroom. This time there was no mistake to be made. Brian opened the door for Justin, allowing him to enter the room. Every inch of the room was filled with red roses. In each bouquet, stood a sunflower to contrast with the red flowers. Justin was more than delighted. He was thankful for the evening's events.

"I feel so special, Brian." Justin said, bouncing a bit on the bed.

"That's because you are." Brian smiled to himself for coming up with such a line. "Here, I have something for you."

Justin allowed Brian to interlaced his fingers with his and pulled him off the bed. Brian led him to the closet. Opening the closet just slightly, Brian returned to Justin with a huge box.

"A present?"

"Just for you, Just." Brian whispered, tip-toeing to kiss his angel on the bridge of his nose. "Try it on."

Justin returned the kiss, but this time on the lips. No tongue. Not yet. That was saved for later. Justin skipped his way to the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar just to tease Brian a little. He managed to rip open the box within seconds. It was just like Christmas morning. He was a little boy again in the cozy living quarters of his two-story, 6-bedroom house he called home.

Justin's jaws dropped. He picked up the provocative, but horribly designed piece of what they called it, yes, lingerie. That was the only thing Justin could think of when he saw the three flowers strung together.

"Um…Brian, how am I supposed to wear this? He can't be serious." Justin threw his hands up in the air. "I can't wear this. Mom would kill me."

"When I saw it, I thought of you."

Justin turned around to find his boyfriend leaning seductively against the door.

"Brian, aren't these the same sunflowers you stole from my vase earlier today?" Justin asked.

"Yes." Brian swallowed hard, approaching Justin. He didn't expect Justin to notice the missing flowers. "As I was saying, when I look at these flowers, I saw your eyes."

"But my eyes are blue, not brown."

"Bare with me, Justin. Work with me. Can't you see I'm trying to be Don Juan?" Brian was a bit agitated with Justin. "As I was saying, when I look at these flowers, I saw your eyes. Full of life. Justin, I've been dead for so many years as if the very same blood that's circulating throughout my body, giving me this erection right now I might add, was drained from my body. I couldn't eat, think, sleep without thinking you. But you've given me that life, again. When I see these flowers, I see the life in your eyes. The life you've given back to me just by being here with me."

"Brian, I'd love to wear this for you now even though it totally clashes with my skin tone." Justin said, sarcastically.

Justin took the present from Brian's grasp, almost ripping the attire into pieces. Justin sighed as he removed his jacket. Apparently, disgusted by Brian's behavior, again. A promising night turned nothing but another pursuit of sex. He began stripping away his pants when Brian suddenly stopped him.

"Justin, would you please just put it on so we can get this over with and go on with our lives?" Brian thought loudly. Oops. I did it again.

"Just great! Since when was making love to me a chore to you?" Justin asked, hurt released the tears from his ducts.

"That's not what I meant to say." Brian said, consoling Justin.

"So much for the romance, Brian. And I thought gay men are more emotion-oriented. Hell, Joey's even more romantic than you." Justin told Brian and then left the bathroom despite Brian holding onto him.

The two lovers got into bed after both had stripped down to their boxers. Nothing was said. Nothing was going to happen. Lights were turned off, leaving only the dim light from the moon to guide them in the dark.

"I guess I can't have ice cream tonight." Brian heard Justin mumbled quietly.

"Justin, you weren't behaving tonight. No ice cream." It pained Brian to have to say this to his beloved Justin, but he was still very upset.

He heard some sniffles coming from behind his back. Warm tears had fallen onto Brian's bare back. Brian couldn't help, but feel horrible, responsible for Justin's pain. He got out of bed despite Justin pleading with him to stay. He slipped on his slippers and he was gone. Downstairs he went, meeting Kevin at the kitchen table. A bowl of ice cream in his hands.

"Didn't go too well?" Kevin asked. "I guess you won't meet that 2 weeks rule of yours."

"How did you know?" Brian asked his cousin.

"It's still very early in the night. If it went well, you two would still be at it. What happened this time?"

"It was my fault. I said some awful things to him." Brian said, taking a seat across from his cousin. "Why do I have always have to do something stupid? Why can't I be a Casanova like you?"

"Because there's only one Kevin Richardson." Kevin answered. "And Brian Littrell is his own man. The night's still young. Take him a bowl of Orea Ice Cream and maybe he'd let you suck his dick tonight." Kevin suggested. "I went to the market today and I was only going to buy plain vanilla ice cream, but then I thought about Justin. I think I've been quite hard on the kid lately. I felt bad."

"Thanks, Kevin." Brian said, scooping up some ice cream from the fridge.

At his cousin's advice, Brian took the bowl of Orea Ice Cream back upstairs to his room. When he arrived at his room, he found Justin sitting on his bed. His back against him as he stared aimlessly into the nightly skies. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Justin Timberlake occasionally thinks. Brian walked up behind him, wrapping his arms around him. He gave him the bowl of ice cream, which he took in his hands. Brian kissed him, again. And again until the tears were no more.

"I'm sorry, baby." Brian whispered softly into his boyfriend's ear. "Gay or not, I'm still a guy and therefore biologically I'm not as sensitive to your feelings as I should be." Brian said, taking the bowl away from Justin. He positioned himself in front of Justin. Taking the spoon, he dug into the hard ice cream until enough filled the spoon. Like the many times before, Brian fed Justin his food. "There's just something about you that drives me crazy. Maybe it's the aroma that lingers on your baby soft skin. Or the passionate heat that emits from your body when I touch you. I don't know, Justin. All I know is that when I'm with you, I get this surge of energy, this life force. I can't always control myself, but I promise you I will try."

The ice cream soon turned into a pool of pudding like mess. Brian placed the bowl on the nightstand. He lay Justin back on the bed. He wanted Justin to rest for the night. He had gone through enough for one night. He turned off the lights when Justin surprised him by turning the lamp back on.

"Brian, I'm ready." Justin said.

He got up on the bed in a straddling position over Brian. Justin was in the dominant position, a position Brian was not used to. But change was good. Closing his eyes, he pulled his shirt over his head. He reached for Brian's hands and guided them along his body. Brian couldn't help, but run his hands all over Justin's firm pecs, squeezing the erected nipples. Moans of pleasure escaped Justin's throat as Brian inevitably returned to the dominant position. He expertly removed Justin's boxers. His strong hand massaging his boyfriend's cock until it hardened while his lips sucked on the nape of his neck. Justin continued to moan as Brian continued to work on his body, sending his young body into orgasmic ecstasy. Brian felt Justin poking him in the stomach. It was now time for the release. He moved from Justin's neck to his abdomen to his cock. Taking the engorged piece of meat into his mouth, Brian grabbed onto Justin's legs. He sucked the rod like he sucked soda pop through a straw on a hot summer afternoon in '79. He licked the phallus like he licked an ice cream popsicle later that same screeching afternoon. He played with his boyfriend's balls, squeezing them in between his fingers. Ejaculation was just minutes away as the balls in his hands tightened. However, being the romantic guy that he was, Brian wanted he and his young lover to come together. He turned Justin over on his stomach and whispered seductively into his ears. "I'll be B-rocking your world tonight, baby." Justin responded with nothing more than a soft moan. With one hand under Justin, still stroking him and squeezing the tip of Justin's dick closed to prevent any premature release, Brian used his free hand to massaged Justin's ass. Getting him comfortable, Brian guessed. He pried apart the butt cheeks a bit and insert one finger. Justin winced in pain as another finger entered him and then another.


"It's okay, baby. I'm going inside you now, baby." Brian warned Justin.

"You mean you're not in me yet?" Justin asked, a little concern over the pain to come. "Why can't we just kiss and suck each other's dicks?" Justin asked, remembering the painful experience he had the last time someone had inserted one of their love wands into him.

"Baby, that's what you do when you're in high school. And clearly, we're not in high school anymore." Brian answered.

"Brian, we were never in high school." Justin mumbled through the pillow.

"You weren't, but I was." Brian said, as he slowly removed his fingers one by one until there was none.

Justin buried his face into his pillows in anticipation of the pain that must be inflicted upon him in order to feel the pleasure that would inevitably come. He felt the bed rocked- his body crushed, but no burning pain. He didn't feel as if he was ripped apart. Brian was a good lover, so he thought as Brian bounced on top of him a few more times. Brian couldn't believe this was happening. At last, the opportunity to fuck or politically correctly termed, make love to Justin Timberlake ruined because for some God awful reason, B-rok was not so rock hard when needed.

"Brian, what's going on?" Justin asked as Brian would not get off him.

"Nothing, baby. Just lay there. Spread your legs little." Brian instructed, hoping that maybe he could squeeze his limp dick into Justin.

Justin did as he was told, but still no luck. Brian literally jumped up and down on Justin trying to somehow make his body cooperate with his raging hormones. He kept this up for several more minutes until Justin could not take it anymore. The constant moving of the bed induced a vomiting attack. He vomited his dinner and dessert onto the floor by the bed.

"Brian, can you please stop now?" Justin asked, wiping his face with the back of his palm.

And Brian did.

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