A Tale of Two Boybands 3

This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Notes:

OMG! I just found the sexiest Justin Timberlake pix on the net- just thought I'd share with everyone. Special thanks to JM of "Brian and Justin"fame. Stories that I have recently read and think you should check out: "A Love Like This", "This I Promise You", "Utopia", "Carson and Justin", and of course many more. Also check out these lovely titles by my fellow women writers, "Intimate Stranger", "Justin's Secrets", and "Millenium Love". And last, but not least, read my new best friend's story, "My Lance".



As expected from management time and time, again, the guys of 'N Sync were forced to face the public hiding behind facades of smiles and laughter inspite of the fact that their fellow bandmate was missing. JC tried hard not to show his emotions. He smiled affectionately at the fans, signing his autographs and trying hard not to shake so violently while he signed his name. After the autograph signing session was over, the guys performed "Bye, bye, bye" with Chris filling in Justin's part. Although, Chris sounded great, he was no Justin Timberlake. The event ended before midnight. As soon as the event ended, JC ran to his room and shut the world behind him. He crashed on top of the bed and just stared at the ceiling.

Meanwhile miles away in an abandoned building, Justin stayed wide awake. He was afraid of falling asleep. He was afraid that if he were to fall asleep, he would not wake up again. It was very cold. He was shivering. He could feel the moist seeping through the ground. It was very filthy. Rats roamed free. Spiders were just as plentiful if not more. A spider fell on the tip of Justin's nose, causing a chain reaction as he jumped to his feet, knocking down a few antique furnitures and the only dim light bulb. He fell to the floor, pulling his feet up to his chest, and quietly sobbed to himself, afraid of making himself audible to the outside world. Soon, he fell asleep- exactly what he didn't want.

As much as the night seemed to wear on, Justin's sleep was brief. The sunrays radiated through the cracks in the roof, striking against Justin's youthful skin. The door squeaked opened followed by heavy footsteps. Justin, still blind-folded, retreated backwards and crashed against another piece of furniture. He felt the legs of the table and hid underneath the table. The footsteps continued to approach him. He could hear his kidnapper coming closer and closer to him. His heart raced faster as the kidnapper inched closer. Then the sound of footsteps stopped. Next, he heard the noises indicative of paper bags. Justin was baffled. He expected the worst, but smiled warmly to the scent of a freshly baked peach cobbler. The scent became stronger and stronger as if it was right underneath his nose. His senses were right. The piece of pie was placed right on top of his lips. Instantly, Justin's watery mouth opened wide to engulf the pie. He swallowed the pie, savoring its sweet taste in his mouth. He ate another bite and another before he returned to the realization that he was still held hostage somewhere against his will. He spat the third bite and hollered obscenities. Soon, he was silenced. A familiar hand created a tight seal over his mouth. Justin let a teardrop fell down his defined face. He was showing his weakness, again. His body was becoming weak, too, as his body was lowered backward onto the cold ground. He felt the body of another lowered on top of his. As before he expected the worst, instead he was surprised to hear the voice all too familiar to his ears.

"Sshh..." the man whispered into Justin's ears. "They're coming. I have to leave now."

The man removed his hand from Justin's lips. He stepped away. Justin could hear more footsteps in the far distance. He heard the man walking further and further away when he surprised himself. He rolled over and lifted his head.

"Please, don't go." Justin pleaded. "Please don't leave me."

The footsteps stopped and started, again. This time the footsteps were in the direction toward him. The man kneeled down before Justin and helped the blindfolded boy to his feet. He walked the boy to the corner of the building and set him down.

"I'll be back." The man assured him. "In the meantime, you take care of yourself. Don't aggravate them."

Justin bit his lips and nodded slightly.

"Wait." Justin said, quickly.


"Can I see your face?" Justin asked.

"I can't." Was all Brian could say. He couldn't let Justin know that he was a part of the scheme to kidnap him and hold him hostage against his will. He couldn't let him know his true identity.

Brian exited the building as AJ and Nick made their way toward the building. He stared coldly at his fellow bandmates as they walked past him. He warned them before and warned them now, Justin was not to be touched.

"If one single hair strand falls from that boy's head, I'll quit the group. And you know I will." Brian uttered, before joining his cousin in the car.

They drove several miles to a public beach and just parked their car. They sat in silence, each wondering how they were manipulated into committing such a crime.

"How is he doing?" Kevin finally broke the silence.

"I don't know, Kevin." Brian said. "He's very afraid. And I can't imagine what else he's feeling. When will this all end? Why can't we just release him and return him to his band?"

"You know we can't." Kevin told his cousin. "Not until after Tuesday."

Silence filled the car, again, but not for long. Kevin's cellular phone started ringing. Kevin hesitated at first, fearing who might be calling. After taking one look at Brian, Kevin answered the phone. His suspicions were right. It was JC on the other line. His voice was scratchy, not like the typical JC. He must had stayed up all night and the sleep depravation was evident in his voice.

"Don't worry. He's alright." Kevin comforted his former love.

"How do you know?" JC asked instantly. "Do you know where he is?"

"No." Kevin said instantaneously. "Of course, I don't. But I know that Justin's a good kid. God is watching over him. He'll be able to pull himself through whatever situation he is in."

"I know. It's just he's been missing for over 24 hours. I'm worried to death about him. None of the guys can focus on anything. Today, we've been practicing for the Tonight Show and no one could get the steps right. I was yelling at everyone today. I was being a total bitch. I had to be strong in front of them, but inside, I'm a total wreck. Inside, I'm dying know that Justin is somewhere out there all alone by himself." JC explained.

Kevin lay the phone down as JC continued to cry into the phone. He picked it up and apologized to JC. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" JC asked.

"I have to go now." Kevin said and turned off the phone without saying good bye to JC.

As promised, Brian returned to the abandoned building. This time, bearing a box of hot off the oven pizza- New York Style. Brian unlocked the chains and entered. Upon entering, he was greeted with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Brian examined Justin for a few seconds for any signs of harm. Besides a scratch mark on his neck, he was fine. Justin had survived AJ and Nick and had been waiting anxiously for his return. Brian sat down beside the bound boy and enjoyed the warmth of his youthful body pressed against his.

"You missed me?" Brian asked.

A nod was all he got in response. But a nod was better than a mouthful of obscenities. He was relieved that Justin trusted him enough for him to place his arm around his body.

"I brought you food." Brian said.

"I know. I can smell it. Pizza, right? But I can't eat it anyways. I'm all tied up and I don't expect you to release me either." Justin was right. As much as he wanted, Brian could not release and set Justin free- not until after Tuesday. That was the plan.

"I can feed you." Brian said. "Can I feed you?"

Again, all Brian got in response was a nod. Brian opened the pizza box and retrieved a slice. He hand fed Justin until a quarter of the small pizza was finished. A sausage fell off one of the pizza slice onto the palm of his hand. Instead of letting the sausage go to waste, Brian shoved the sausage meat inside Justin's mouth. Still wanting more, Justin surprised Brian when he licked the tomato sauce off his fingers. Just the touch of Justin's moistened tongue massaging Brian's finger even though it was the tomato sauce that drew Justin to his fingers aroused Brian as he could feel himself getting hard. He began to moan quietly as Justin continued to work his magic on Brian's fingers. (Hey, a finger is a finger, whether it belonged to a woman or a man).

Without even thinking, Brian soon withdrew his finger and replaced his finger with his lips. Surprisingly, there was no resistance from Justin as Brian slipped his tongue inside the boy's mouth. Brian broke the kiss and his lips progressed onto the boy's nape while his hand roamed freely under his shirt. Brian could hear Justin's heavy breathing, which further aroused him as he pinched Justin's erected nipples. He wanted nothing more than to rip the clothes off the bound boy and take him right there on the floor, but he was interrupted by the squeaking noise of the door. Immediately, he retracted his hand and abandoned the boy who was now weakened by the intensified passion they just shared. Justin just sat, catching his breath while Brian left the building with the intruder. It was his cousin. They got into the car and drove away.

"What did you think you were doing?" Kevin asked his cousin.

"Nothing." Brian said.

"That didn't look like nothing. Brian, you know if the guys saw what you were doing in there today with Justin, that will get him killed."

"I don't understand." Brian sighed. "Why can't I be with him? Why can't I love him? Why must there be this stupid rivalry between the two bands anyway? Why?" Brian cried, before rushing out of the car and running across the street in the middle of a congested traffic jam.

Brian ran past Howie on the way to his room. He got in his room and shut the door behind him. He collapsed onto the floor and buried his face in his hands. Kevin was right. The closer Brian got to Justin, the more dangerous it was for Justin. He couldn't let him hurt anymore. At the same time, he couldn't keep his feelings hidden any longer. He had repressed his feelings for so long, it was literally driving him insane. Every time he thought of Justin, his heart ached in pain and desire, emotions too deep and entwined in his mind that he felt no one could understand, not even his cousin, Kevin.

After hours of just crying, Brian looked out the streets of New York and saw the sun setting before his eyes. He had initially decided against visiting Justin tonight, but he couldn't stop himself from marching out of the hotel. He walked down the street and stopped by an Italian restaurant, remembering one of Justin's favorite dish was chicken alfredo. It was still hot when he arrived at the lonely prison. He unlocked the chains and entered the cramped building. Just like earlier, Justin's smile embraced Brian's entrance. He walked up to Justin and helped him to his feet. He led him to the table and sat him down on a dirty chair. Brian sat across from the boy.

"I've been waiting for you." Justin said with a smile.

"I've brought you food." Brian said, feeding Justin his dinner using a fork.

"Mmm...chicken alfredo. How do you know all of these?" Justin wondered. "I thought only JC knows me like his favorite Nicholas Sparks novel."

"JC is not the only person who knows you." Brian snapped, feeling a bit irritated by the mention of his arch rival. Brian detected Justin's sudden change in mood and immediately regretted his last comment.

"I'm sorry I said what I did. JC's a great person. And you're lucky to have him in your life."

Brian continued to feed Justin his dinner until there was nothing left. Brian hadn't eaten dinner himself, but his empty stomach was satisfactorily filled just seeing how much Justin enjoyed his dinner. After dinner, Brian led Justin back to the floor and set him in the corner. Brian got up and began walking away when Justin spoke softly.

"Hold me, Brian."

The sheer mentioning of his name sent shockwaves down Brian's spine. He was stunned that Justin had discovered his identity after he had tried so hard to remained unknown to him.

"Of course." Brian said, returning to sit next to Justin.

He held Justin in his arms and rocked the boy gently to sleep. In less than an hour, Justin had fallen into a deep sleep. He had been so good all day, not angering AJ and Nick, which was vital to his survival. But how long could he keep this up? Brian stroked the side of Justin's face lightly, trying hard not to disturb his sleep. His skin- still soft as a peach. He tossled Justin's golden curls. His curls- still silky and smooth despite his rotten situation. How beautiful one person could be? When he was sure enough that Justin had fallen deep asleep, he gently lay the boy's body back on the cold ground and kissed his lips softly. He slid off his own warm jacket and placed it over Justin's bound body, leaving just a silk shirt on. It must had been cold last night. He didn't want Justin to come down with a cold. Now, that JC was not near, Brian wanted to make sure he did his best to fill JC's shoes.

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