A Tale of Two Boybands 6



This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

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They were somewhere between Kansas and Utah when the sun rose again. Kevin couldn't believe they had spent the past two days on the road driving across America. He was exhausted from the constant driving, sleep deprivation, and midwestern heat, yet he continued to drive. He knew in no time he would be able to see JC's perfect smile smiling right at him.

"Kevin," Brian looked up into his cousin's eyes.


Brian looked over his shoulders to find Justin still sound asleep. "I want to stop by the next town if possible."


"I want to get Justin some clothes."

"I thought you prefer him in those ripped boxer-briefs." Kevin said, smiling.

"Believe me, I do. But let's face it- there has to be something morally unfitting to handcuff someone to the car in only his ripped boxer-briefs. I'm sure he prefers to be wearing more clothing like the rest of America." Brian explained.

Kevin quickly agreed to his cousin. This was the first time Brian allowed his brain to do his thinking instead of his dumbstick. Kevin was more than willing to stop at the next town. Besides, within miles away from the next town, Kevin's phone rang continuously for several minutes, forcing Kevin to speed up to the next town.

"I'm going to take his phone call. I think it's urgent." Kevin told his cousin. "You get Justin some clothes and be back in fifteen minutes."

Brian smiled and parted ways with his cousin. Brian walked aimlessly around this ghost town until he found a boutique. He walked in and instantly could detect the lingering scent of the thrift-store. He shook his head as he searched through racks of clothes. Justin's high maintenance taste would definitely have to be compromised if he wanted to continue this trip wearing more than a ripped pair of boxer-briefs. Brian settled on a baby blue cotton t-shirt and a pair of trousers, obviously too short for Justin's 6'1" frame. He sets the trend anyways. Maybe he can bring back highwaters.

Brian laughed quietly to himself as he approached the car. He opened the door to the back seat and entered. Justin greeted Brian with his million-dollar smile stretched across his defined face.

"I got you some clothes." Brian said, smiling as he retrieved the clothes from inside the bag. "As much as I perfer you to be handcuffed to Kevin's car in only your boxer-briefs, I get this feeling that you want to wear more clothing."

Justin couldn't agree more with Brian. He smiled at Brian's sense of humor. All this time, he thought that only Chris had a sense of humor. Who would had thought Brian Littrell also had a sense of humor. Justin closed his eyes, allowing Brian to do what he had to do. Brian ran his fingers across the band of Justin's boxer-briefs. He tugged onto it and with his eyes shut tight, he removed the skin- tight clothing off Justin. He quickly stuffed the briefs into the bag and retrieved a new pair of boxers. Brian felt his way along Justin's inner thigh and tried to put on the boxers, but failed miserably. Justin yelped in pain as Brian dove his hands into Justin's balls, perhaps even cutting the sensitive skin with his sharp fingernails. Brian grabbed the boxers and placed them over Justin's genitalia so that he could look at Justin without further violating him.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to." Brian apologized through his tears unaware he was inflicting more pain as he squeezed Justin's privates while keeping him hidden underneath the boxers.

A single teardrop fell down Justin's face and Brian released the pressure.

"I'm sorry. Don't cry." Brian said.

"That's okay." Justin said. "I know you didn't mean to."

Brian, still had forgiven himself for causing Justin pain, fell backwards against the seat.

"Brian, you and I both know that it's not going to work." Justin paused to make sure he got Brian's undivided attention. "I look at those boxers and right away, I know that they're too small. Why don't you just release me so I can get dressed myself? Besides my mother, no one has ever seen completely nude."

Brian was shocked to hear Justin's revelation that he was still a virgin. Like the rest of America, Brian had always thought Justin was some stud who could have any woman he wanted and therefore he must had had sex on more than one occasion.

"Please." Justin whined.

Brian took one look at those puppy eyes and he couldn't fight that lovely pout of Justin. He crawled to the front seat and retrieved the keys from the glove compartment. He returned back to unlock the handcuff thus releasing Justin.

"Remember, come back in about 10 minutes or else Kevin will kill me." Brian reminded Justin.

Justin slipped out of the car with the clothes covering his private area. He darted toward the nearest tavern and used the restroom as a dressing room. He quickly put the clothes on and was utterly disappointed with Brian's selection, but hey clothes is clothes. Justin walked out of the restroom and was prepared to return to the car as directed when he heard his name on the radio. News traveled fast in ghost towns like this one. Apparently, one of the fans at their previous stop had called into a radio station claiming that she had seen him along with two other members of the Backstreet Boys. He leaped onto the counter and grabbed the bartender by his shirt collar.

"I am Justin Timberlake. Please help me. I am being held against my will and I don't know where they are taking me or what they will do with me. Please, help me." Justin yelled.

The bartender looked at Justin as if he had grown two heads and laughed. "How do I know you're this so-called Justin Timberlake they're talking about?"

Justin looked at the bartender in disbelief. He released his shirt and walked out, giving up all hopes of being rescued.

Meanwhile a few blocks away, Kevin was on the phone inside a phone booth. He was yelling into the phone, slamming his fist against the phone booth a few times, and when he had composed himself, he spoke eloquently into the phone.

"Jesus Christ! Why didn't you call earlier?"

"I just found out today." Howie answered. "They said that they'll going to get Justin back even if it means that they will have to drag Justin's dead body back to New York. Furthermore, Billy's still alive. He's threatening Nick if he doesn't get the real thing. He wants to finish what he started."

"So, where are they now?" Kevin asked.

"I don't know. Somewhere near Wyoming." Howie said.

"Shit! We're near Wyoming. Howie, I have to go now." Kevin hung up before Howie was able to divulge any more information.

He turned around and found Brian staring back at him. They proceeded to walk toward Kevin's car when they tripped over each other from the shock they experienced. Inside, there was no sign of Justin anywhere except for the dangling handcuffs.

Kevin immediately turned to Brian demanding an explanation.

"He asked me to release him so he could get dressed on his own. He promised me, Kevin, that he will return right away." Brian explained.

"Jeez, Brian. Why did you let that kid trick you into doing what he wants you to do? Do you know who I just spoke to?"

"Who?" Brian asked.

"That was Howie. He called me to let me know that they're here and that they will get Justin back even if it means they have to drag his dead body back to New York." Kevin explained. "We have to find Justin quick."

Kevin and Brian rushed inside the car. Kevin turned on the ignition and was immediately greeted with "Bye, Bye, Bye" blaring from the speakers. "I am so sick of this song!" Kevin said, turning off the radio and then speeding away.

Justin walked away aimlessly, having no knowledge of his surroundings. He just knew that he had to get away. He walked for several minutes when he sensed he was being followed. He looked over his shoulders and saw a familiar car. The window rolled down and Justin picked up his pace.

"Hey, kid, do you want to be a video?" An unfamiliar face popped out of the car. Justin ignored the man and walked faster ahead. "I said I wanted to video tape you. Hey, aren't you that curly hair kid from that group, 'N Sync?"

"You must have the wrong person." Justin said, finally.

"Don't be shy. Why don't you reenact the video for us?" the man hollered at him.

Before Justin could answer, he heard his voice blaring out loud in "Bye, Bye, Bye". He found himself reenacting the video as he ran for his life. Justin fled away in high speed only to slow down to check on his progress. He continued to run, but soon his legs were falling weak. They were giving in on him. He realized he couldn't escape his ultimate destiny. He was not going to let anyone control his destiny anymore. If they wanted him back, they would have to drag his dead body back. He stopped in his tracks and turned around to face the speeding car. He clenched his fists, mustering enough courage (okay, stupidity), and charged at the incoming car. He was stopped short in his path to self-destruction when he was pulled into yet another car.

Justin struggled first with his abductor before opening his eyes to see Brian standing above him. His smile soon appeared.

"Brian, I'm so glad to see you." Justin said, reaching in for a hug.

"Then why did you run away?" Brian asked.

Brian crawled to the front seat and rested his head in his palm. His eyes soon welled up with tears. Brian looked into the rear mirror to see Justin and no longer enjoyed the view. Of course, now he was fully clothed, but that was a different matter. Justin heard Brian's soft muffling cries and was consumed with guilt. He was apologetic for taking advantage of Brian. He knew that Brian would have done anything and everything for him. He toyed with Brian's heart until he finally got what he wanted. By doing so, he had hurt Brian's already fragile heart.

Kevin would glance back and forth between his cousin and Justin. He could see the pain in Brian's eyes and see it reflected in Justin's eyes. He was starting to feel their pain as they continued to drive. Just seeing Brian going through so much pain was becoming unbearable to Kevin. He tried to focus on the road ahead, but it was becoming impossible.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was JC and Kevin's pain seemed to wash away as he halted his car in the middle of the road. He got out of the car and was surprised to see Brian trailing behind him.

"Where are you going?" Kevin asked.

"I have to relieve myself (and not that way)." Brian answered.

Kevin looked over his shoulders and saw that his car was unlocked with Justin inside. He was bewildered by Brian's sudden change.

"If he's going to run away, there's nothing I can do to stop him." Brian said, before slipping into the bushy desert.

Kevin took his phone call several yards away from Brian. He spent a total of ten minutes listening to JC as he recounted the events in the last 24 hours. They had to prepare for the Tonight Show yet no one had the energy or the motivation to prepare for the ever so popular late night show. The group was tearing apart as members were on each other's case over petty little things. JC was becoming more easily aggravated as the date of April 4th, 2000 neared. How could they face another public appearance with just four members? How much longer could JC put this front without collapsing down? Kevin had to assure JC that everything would be okay. However, Kevin realized it was useless telling JC that everything would be okay when Kevin himself did not know if everything would be okay. They said their good-byes and ended their conversation promptly.

Kevin located Brian among the thicket and waved him down to join him. They walked side by side toward Kevin's car, sure in their minds that they would have to return to New York and face the fire that was their bandmates. Instead, to their surprise, they found Justin sitting quietly in the back seat. His head rested on his palms as if he was a schoolboy waiting for the school bus to round the corner and take him to school. Brian got into the passenger seat. As he buckled belt, he uttered, "I thought you were gone."

"No." Justin said.

Brian returned his focus to the road ahead when he heard Justin's voice.

"Brian." Justin hesitated. He didn't want to push it.

"Yes, Justin." Brian said.

"Um...I really need to pee."

"Why didn't you go when we were out?" Brian asked.

"I wanted to ask you first." Justin said.

Kevin couldn't help but smile at how cute Justin was grabbing onto his crotch. He glanced at his cousin and Brian nodded his approval, giving Justin his permission to use the potty.

Justin darted across the road to the other side. He scanned for an area with enough bushes to hide in. He stopped in back of old tree surrounded by several bushes and cacti. He dropped his trousers and pulled out his penis, randomly spraying the good earth around when he heard a hissing sound. Justin screamed at the top of lungs, sending rodents back to their underground lair and birds aflying.

Kevin and Brian heard Justin's scream and quickly rushed to the scene to save Justin. Upon their arrival, they broke down laughing at the sight of Justin hanging from a tree.

"Why are you up on that tree?" Kevin asked.

"Stop laughing at me." Justin whined. "I saw a snake."

"I thought those teenybopper magazines only print lies." Brian said.

"Those things always print out shit, but unfortunately in my case, they are true. I am scared of snakes among other things." Justin said, still holding onto the limb of the tree.

"Get down. Here, I'll catch you when you fall." Kevin said, standing under the tree.

Justin nodded and dropped out of the tree and into Kevin's waiting arms. Though Justin was 19, he weighed almost as much as Kevin. Kevin struggled just to keep Justin's feet off the ground. He carried Justin across the road and deposited him on the ground on the opposite side of the road. Upon landing, Justin scurried into the car. Kevin and Brian soon joined him. A smile plastered across their faces for hours.

Kevin had planned on driving nonstop for the remaining of the trip. If they were to arrive in LA in time for the Tonight Show, they could not afford to stop. Unfortunately, Kevin was forced to pull off the road again when his phone rang. It was Howie.

"Hello, Kevin. How's it going?" Howie asked. Kevin could sense the tension in Howie's voice, but he chose to ignore it.

"Good. We're doing great. I'm predicting that we'll cross the Californian border in no time." Kevin answered.


"How are the rest of the guys?" Kevin asked.

"Good." Howie said. "Speaking of the guys, they're here. AJ wants to talk to you. It's urgent."

"Howie." Kevin said as AJ came onto the phone. "AJ?"

"Kevin, can I ask you something?"


"What the fuck do you think you're accomplishing by returning Justin to his group?" AJ hollered into the phone, tightening his grip on the phone as if the phone was Kevin's neck.

"We're doing the right thing." Answered Kevin.

"Fuck you, Kevin! Brian, I can understand. He's so weak emotionally that he can't even accept his sexuality for years. But you, Kevin, I am so disappointed in you. How the hell are you going to win him back when you push Justin in his face?" Kevin was speechless upon hearing that his bandmates knew all along about his clandestine affair with JC Chasez of 'N Sync. "Yeah, you know what I mean. We all know about your little rendezvous with JC. How are you going to win him back? Have you ever thought what would happen if you return Justin to JC? You are going to deliver him into JC's arms. He'll probably be crying to JC, claiming shit like the Backstreet Boys kidnapped him and held him against his will in some abandoned building. Heck, he might even throw in that little rape incident. And then what will that lead us? Nowhere. We might end up in some prison. You and I can handle ourselves, but what will poor Nicky do?"

"Shut up!" Kevin cried. "I need time to think."

"Well don't think too long. We have no time to waste." AJ said.

"What do you want me to do?"

"We will meet you guys in the parking lot by the studios where you'll return Justin back to us." AJ said. "Think about."


(okay, another author's note: who thinks Kevin will give into AJ's demands?)




Kevin turned off his phone and returned to his car. He looked at the rear end mirrow and saw his cousin enjoying a playful game of cards with their kidnapped victim. Sure, Justin was all smiles now, but there was no way in predicting how he would react once they return him to his group. What if Justin told everything about his kidnapping to JC? JC would never forgive Kevin. He would hate him forever. As Kevin drove into the parking lot, such questions weighed heavily on his mind. He parked his car and got out of his car. Kevin and Brian proceeded to escort Justin outside the parking lot and into the studio when Kevin stopped them.

"Um, I don't think this is a good idea." Kevin said to Brian.

Brian was shock to hear such words coming out of his cousin's mouth. They had traveled long and hard to get where they were. There was no turning back now.

"I mean, I think you should go ahead first." Kevin saved himself. "I don't want to ignite a media frenzy. You go and fetch JC while I stay here with Justin."

Brian looked at Justin and upon Justin's assuring nod, Brian smiled and stepped away. He walked across the parking lot and disappeared into the elevator.

Kevin remained with Justin. Justin, avoiding eye contact with Kevin, kept looking down at his shoes while humming softly to himself. Kevin, on the other hand, was a little more agitated. He scanned the premises of the parking lot looking for AJ and his bandmates. After several minutes of waiting, Justin decided he would go and find JC, himself. He turned around and began walking toward the elevator when Kevin was forced to stop him. He grasped onto Justin's arm and held in position.

"Kevin, let go of my arm!" Justin demanded.

Kevin tightened his grip around the youth's arm stalling time for AJ and the others to arrive. In the corner of Justin's eyes, he could see a car driving slowly toward him. He looked straight into Kevin's eyes and his eyes started to well up with tears when he realized Kevin's betrayal. Kevin looked into Justin's teary eyes and couldn't look any longer. The car soon came to halt just feet away from them. Kevin released Justin into the arms of a waiting kidnapper. Justin did the best he could to fight off the man, kicking him in the chin. He ran in the opposite direction only to have the wind knocked out of him by yet another man. Justin fell to the ground in pain. He cried out for JC and Brian to help, but his cries were so weak, no one could hear him but Kevin.

Kevin stood for several more seconds, watching the men dragged Justin's almost lifeless body across the parking lot. He couldn't bring himself to go with the plan. He charged the two men, knocking down one of them. He got down on his knees to check up on Justin when he was hit from behind by another. He got up and fought off his attacker some more. Several more minutes had gone by and soon Kevin found himself on the ground beside Justin. He, too, was battered severely. He tried to pick himself up from the ground, but was met with another fist to the stomach as he fell backwards from the ground. He heard screeching tires from afar and momentarily he heard screaming. It was JC. He knew that voice anywhere. But he was not screaming his name. It was Justin and only Justin who occupied JC's mind.

"Justin!" JC hollered.

"Oh my god, Kevin!" Brian shrieked.

JC looked at Justin and Kevin lying on the cemented floor. He turned around and saw the speeding car coming towards them. He yelled some more and before he knew it, he had summoned up all his courage and energy and darted across the parking lot, leaping over cars like madman on PCP. He made it so easily as he appeared to have gained superhero powers found in Joey's dreams like he would always do every night. For once his spastic movements were beneficial as his strong arms knocked down a few of the men when he ran past them. His movements were quick and swift. In no time, he reached Justin and Kevin. He looked one last time at the coming car and without any hesitation, he lifted Justin up in his arms and saved him from the speeding car while leaving Kevin to fend for himself. Kevin looked up and no longer saw Justin. He turned around and saw Justin with JC. He looked up at the car, again, and rolled away, missing the car by inches.

Kevin didn't remember the next few minutes. He remembered seeing JC in Justin's arms as Justin wailed for help. JC had apparently gotten hurt while saving Justin from the speeding car. Kevin painfully remembered his lover risking his own life to save the life of another while abandoning him to save himself. It was during that split second of a moment that Kevin painfully realized that when it came down to it, JC would always choose Justin.

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