A Tale of Two Boybands 9


This is yet another story about those hunky boys of the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync written by a straight woman. Therefore, please excuse my writings if they appear to be a bit screwed due to my lack of knowledge. This story is a work of FICTION (note the term FICTION) and is purely written for the sole purpose of entertainment and enjoyment. These events did not happen to the best of my knowledge and therefore actions taken in this story do not reflect the true nature of the characters involved. This story does not imply anything about the sexuality of the person(s) involved. And if you're an underage teenie (Steve) or do not wish to read about male/male sexual relationships, this is now the time to shut your lap-top as there will be sexual explicit scenes throughout. Proceed with your own risk. Enough with the warnings, now on with the story.

***Author's Note:

I'm back! Please excuse my Giddy Teenybopper self for the past few weeks. I can never get rid of her for good. I have heard your cries from countless emails indicating the shock and disappointment when Justin proclaimed his love for Brian. I have heard your pleas to bring JC and Justin together and even threats. And, no, Rick, I am not going to kill off Brian just to please you. There shall be no bloodshed in this story (at least not this early into the story

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Kevin waved down the first taxi cab and jumped into the cab, leaving JC in the dust. Kevin's mind was consumed with mixed emotions. One minute, he was utterly depressed. The next minute he was smiling as fond memories of his times with JC flooded his mind. His smile soon faded transforming into anger. His heart was ripped out of his chest and dissected into a million pieces. He needed somewhere to go and let out his anger. He had to see his bandmates. Although, they had never been the best of friends, they were always there for each other in times of need. Kevin took the elevator, leading to the fifth floor room, hoping to get some comfort. He barged into a room from which he heard his voice singing loudly in the background.

As soon as Kevin entered, the volume on the tv decreased. "Show Me the Feeling of Being Lonely" was now only slightly heard in the background.

"Take me with you." Kevin pleaded, knowing that they were all he had now. When he received no response, Kevin kneeled down before AJ in armchair and begged him, again. "I lost everything. I can't lose this, too. Take me with you guys."

"I'm sorry. No can do." AJ said, getting up from the armchair.

Kevin persisted, tugging onto AJ's silk shirt. He only stopped when he heard the fabric ripped, leaving AJ in a very unfashionable state with one side sleeveless. AJ turned the music video on louder when Kevin appeared on the screen and then shut it off.

"What the hell is that?!" AJ asked. "You call that singing. Even my dog can sing better than you."

"AJ, please." Kevin said, repeatedly.

"We don't need you. You're useless. Don't you know that the only reason why you're still in the group this long is because of Brian. This group is intolerant of losers like you." AJ told him. "Now get out of my face. The Boys and I have packing to do. Now that 'N Sync has shattered our record and Brian is walking around LA aimlessly like a zombie, we have to work extra hard if we want to beat that record."

"AJ, what if I tell you that we don't need to work as hard to win back our number one position?" Kevin quickly caught AJ's attention.

AJ sat down next to Nick. Their hands reached for each other as they looked up at Kevin together.

"I'm listening."

"As you all know I had been dating JC on and off for the past two years. During those times, I've learned certain things about them that even their mothers wouldn't know."

Kevin paused to see if the Boys were interested. Indeed they were.

"Continue." Nick said.

"Joey is a slut." Kevin said.

"So what's new?" Howie asked.

"But did you know that when he's drunk he can become very aggressively horny? In more than one occasion, he had sexually assaulted some of his fans, some of them underage. All it takes for Mr. Hyde to appear is two glasses of vodka and a martini. Chris has cheated on Danielle in the past and has never told her. There are a lot more skeletons in his closet than our closets combined."

"You have to be kidding, right?" AJ got on his feet and stood in front of Kevin's heaving chest. "This is not the Backstreet Boys we're talking about. This is 'N Sync. Do you think the teenyboppers will commit suicide over Joey and Chris?"

"Lance." Kevin quickly saved himself. "Remember when Lance and Danielle broke up and the rumors about Justin being the reason for their break up circulated around?"

"Yes. I remember that." Howie said.

"Well, it wasn't Danielle who was infatuated with Justin rather it was our favorite albino boy."

"I can't believe Lance is gay." Howie shrieked.

"That doesn't surprise me. Just look at the kid. He looks more feminine than Ellen." AJ said, smiling.

Kevin paused to let the revelation sink in. He looked at Howie who looked the other way to avoid eye contact. His eyes turned to AJ who appeared to be lost in his evil thoughts, yet, again, concocting some evil plan to bring down their rivals. His eyes finally rested on the youngest BSB, who busied himself with counting his fingers. Counting what? Kevin was unsure.

"I can't believe it!" Nick shrieked. "First they copied us by forming their stupid little band and joining Trans-con. They followed us to Europe and back to the States. They stole our Garth Brooks idea. They copied us by breaking our record. Now, they're copying us by being gay, too!"

"Jesus Christ, tell me I did not just witness that stupidity!" AJ hollered.

Howie looked down to hide his brewing laughter as did Kevin. However, Howie couldn't contain himself, letting a giggle slip through. AJ hissed at Howie, silencing him, and turned to Kevin.

"Okay, Kevin, you got me to reconsider your position in the group. You work on bringing that stupid cousin of yours back to his senses. Me and the boys will work on 'N Sync. By this time next week, 'N Sync would be down on their knees wishing they had never crossed our path."

Kevin shook hands with AJ, thus solidifying their pact once and for all. Together, they were a team with one goal in mind- to bring `N Sync's career to a screeching halt. As soon as Kevin left the hotel, he began to question what he had done. As he pondered, flashbacks of when JC and Justin shared a passionate kissed haunted Kevin, obliterating all doubt in his heart. Besides, he was forced by AJ to vow upon his life as well as JC's not to betray his bandmates. Yet, again, for JC, Kevin would do anything.

Kevin returned to the hotel in which he and Brian had been staying. He entered his room and found Brian resting on the bed. Beside the foot of his bed, was a suitcase- Brian's suitcase. Now that Justin had Brian told him about the "kiss", Brian had to accept destiny and let fate take over. There was nothing he could do to win Justin Timberlake when there was already a JC Chasez in the picture.

Kevin's role in the plan was now complete without even saying a single word. Kevin had anticipated on spending countless hours persuading Brian to rejoin the group. Like his cousin, Brian had come to the conclusion that it was time to fold. There was nothing either one of them could do to separate JC and Justin. As Chris had said earlier, JC and Justin "are lovers sent from above."

The following morning, without 'N Sync's knowledge, Kevin and Brian slipped into the fogged traffic scene, escaping all that had pained them. It was just the two of them trapped in a taxi-cab for nearly an hour as the taxi driver drove the cousins to the airport. Yet, with only a few feet separating the two, it seemed like a world stood in their way. Brian kept to himself throughout the ride, occasionally letting a teardrop fell across his face as he reminisced over times spent with Justin while he was held captive. Kevin saw Brian's reflection in the window and wanted nothing more than to take his cousin in his arms and comfort him. However, inside, Kevin was dying just as his cousin. He couldn't even saved himself from misery and self-pity. How could he help Brian?

The flight to Kentucky delivered Brian and Kevin to their destination without any difficulty. They found their house empty of joy. There was a sinking feeling of despair as Brian climbed upstairs to his room, leaving Kevin to swallow in his thoughts some more. Kevin flopped on the couch and turned on the television to keep his mind off the past several days' events. He soon fell asleep only to wake up to the sound of a buzzing telephone ring in his ear. He stretched his 6'1" foot frame across the couch for the nearest phone on the coffee table. He picked up the phone and listened. It was AJ, ordering him to watch the entertainment news on E! Kevin did as directed and switched the channels until he landed on E! He watched intensely as Danielle Fishel was led from an LA hotel. She just had finished giving an interview entailing the details of her relationship with Lance Bass of 'N Sync as well as their messy break up, during which she revealed Lance's hidden sexuality from the public eye.

"How did you get her to talk?" Kevin asked.

"Simple. I just threw in a little Nicky and she was more than willing to talk. Besides, we taped her and Nicky having sex and threatened to send it to ABC. After what had happened with Melissa Joan Hart, Danielle was happy to oblige."

Meanwhile, across the continent in LA, Lance watched in horror as his sex life and his sexuality were the subject of the late night gossip show. The phones immediately began ringing off the hook. He chose to ignore them despite the fact they were none other than his family members demanding to know what the hell he was thinking when he decided to be gay. JC answered several of the phone calls, doing his best to calm down Lance's relatives. Lance, sitting a few feet away, could hear his mother's cries on the phone. He got up and quickly ran into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He slumped down onto the marbel floor and wet the floor with his tears.

After several minutes of uncontrollable sobbing, Justin opened the door and slipped through. He found his friend on the floor. His face buried in his hands. His hair was now darker in color due to the tears. Justin sat next to his friend and without touching him, told him that he was sorry for what had happened to him. He was sorry that they couldn't do anything to prevent this event from happening. He was sorry for everything even though he was at no fault at all. He was sorry for Lance.

"Stop." Lance finally said. "You don't have to apologize, Justin. I know what I'm going to do now."

"You do." Justin looked at his friend.

"Help me up, J. My knees are too weak for me." Lance requested.

Justin submitted to Lance's request and helped him off the floor. They returned to the room and Lance could see the concern written on every face in the room in addition to the anger.

"That bitch is going to die!" Joey launched toward Lance, taking him into his arms.

"Don't hurt her." Lance said.

"Don't hurt her? She hurt you." Chris reminded him.

"Sooner or later, it'll come out. I just didn't want the whole world to know about my sexuality from some late night gossip show on E! Furthermore, I wished I was the one to tell my family."

"So, what are you saying, Lance?" Chris asked.

"Tomorrow, I'm going to come clean. I'm going to reveal to the world the true Lance Bass. I want everyone to know the real me and to accept me for who I am." Lance explained. "I can't do this anymore. I can't go on hating myself. I have to do this for myself."

"Lance, you don't have to do this." JC told his friend.

"No, I do." Lance said before asking everyone to leave his room thus allowing himself to get some sleep.

Justin was reluctant to leave his friend behind at first, but Lance insisted that he was alright. He needed his sleep and so did Justin.

"Are you sure?" Justin asked. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I've never been so sure about anything in my life." Lance said, giving Justin one of his irresistible smiles.

Lance had no intentions in enlisting his friends to help. He got up extra early and quickly freshened himself up by taking a warm shower. He grabbed the soap bar and began to wash his body vigorously as if to rid himself of the filth he had been living because he was forced to hate himself for being gay. When the soap bar finally reduced to half its original size, Lance turned the water on more and allowed the water to pound against his bare body. At last, he had been cleaned of all dirt, which symbolized his self-hatred for the past few years. He reached for his towel and wrapped the towel around his waist. He opened the bathroom door and to his surprise, he found Justin sitting on his bed, waiting for him.

"I didn't know you were a morning person." Lance said.

"I didn't either." Justin told his friend. "Last night I couldn't fall asleep. I kept thinking about you. I wanted to be with you when you do what you have to do."

"No, you don't." Lance said, getting dress in front of his long time friend. "You don't want to be present when the media rips me apart. You don't understand how it feels to be trapped inside. I knew that I was gay for awhile, but for the past few years, I was forced to keep my true self hidden from everyone. I was forced to live a lie that I concocted to please everyone. I don't want to live like that anymore."

"Lance." Justin jumped to his feet. "I-"

"No, Justin. You've done more than I ever could ask for. You've been such a great friend. That I thank for. Tell the others that I'll be catching a flight back to Mississippi as soon as I'm done with LA."

Lance ignored Justin's continual pleas to help. He walked away and shut the door behind. He slowly walked down the hallway toward the elevator. He got into the elevator. As the elevator doors opened, Lance froze. He couldn't bring his foot forward to step out. He didn't want to leave all he ever loved behind. He loved the friends he made from being in 'N Sync too much. They had become more than just business associates, more than friends, they were family. However, he must love himself first. He must do what needed to be done for himself. He stepped out of the elevator and as he walked by the receptionist, he blew her a kiss and got into the limo. It was time for Lance Bass to come out of the closet.

***Lance, too! Is there anyone left in this story who is straight for us straight women? Will the Backstreet Boys succeed in destroying Lance? If they fail, will they stop? If they refuse to stop, what evil plans will they concoct? Now that Lance has entered the picture, will that change possible couples/pairings? Burt, I want to hear from you on that. Tell me who you want to be together (***note: does not imply ending up) in the coming chapters and who do you think will be together. Other relevant discussions are welcomed via email. So, plese email me. ThanksJ