A Tale of Two Boybands: Annoucement 08/20/00

Now that the BBSA is behind us, we can focus on more important issues. In the very near future, Baby JuJu will be making an important life-altering decision in his young adult life. Help Justin make the right decisions because God knows he can't make a decision on his own, right, JC? Is he going to stay with the one who loves him or is he going back to the one he loved?

Who should it be?

JC "Control Freak- I'm your Big Daddy" Chasez or Brian "Horny Dog- I'll be B-rocking your world" Littrell. Cast in your votes now! Will Brian triumph, again? Or will JC come out on top of Justin this time? *no pun intended* To those who hate emailing the writer or are too scared to email, this is the time to express your opinion on the all-important issue at hand. JC or Brian? And while you're at it, go vote for Justin at the following sites: http://aolsvc.aol.com/teens/special/kingandqueen/king_stand.adp and http://www.cosmogirl.com/celebs/0004_ce_sexiest_01.html because we all know he so deserves all these hotties awards.

Okay, that's it, peeps. I'm signing off.

Bye, bye, bye,