DISCLAIMER:  This story is COMPLETELY fictitious. It is not intended to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned.

If you're too young to be reading this, LEAVE, otherwise, keep going, you might like it :-)

Hi, again. I was very bored at work one day and wrote this little story. Hope you like it!

And yes, this one is definitely different from the other stuff I've posted.

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The Setting:

"Okay guys, settle down!" Kevin tried to shout over the noise of nine other guys talking. Finally the voices lowered and everyone turned to look at him. "Because we're going to be touring together for the next few months, management came up with a new way for everyone to get to know each other better. So if you don't like it - blame them, not me." Kevin waited until the groans died down. Management was famous for their big ideas. "We're going to flip a coin. I'll let one of 'NSYNC call it. If you win, you guys get to draw our names, to see who will bunk with whom, for the next month." Everyone stared at Kevin.

"You've got to be joking!" Lance finally said, speaking for the rest of 'NSYNC.

Kevin smiled ruefully and shook his head. "Sorry guys. Who wants to call it?"

Justin stood up. "I will. Heads."

Kevin tossed the quarter into the air and caught it. He removed his hand. It was heads. "Okay, 'NSYNC guys, decide who wants to draw first." Kevin grabbed a paper bag from the table behind him. The letters BSB were scribbled on it. Justin, JC, Chris and Joey lined up in front of Kevin. Kevin looked over at Lance.

Lance shrugged. "Why bother? I get whoever is left." Kevin gave him a sympathetic half smile and opened the bag, letting Justin reach in.

Justin read the name on the paper and turned to look at the BSB guys. "Looks like its you and I, Alexander James McLean," he said with a shy smile.

AJ smiled back. "We shouldn't have a problem as long as you call me AJ." Justin nodded and grinned.

JC was next in line and withdrew the small piece of paper. He hid a smile and just nodded to himself, walked over, and sat beside Howie. "Hey D," he said.

Chris pulled out a name and groaned. "Sure, stick me with the guy voted most likely to have his room broken into by zealous fans." He was referring to an earlier incident when Nick's room was trashed by five fans that managed to sneak into the hotel.

"Hey!" Nick protested. "I can't help it if I'm the only one the fans want," he said with a smirk.

Brian smacked the back of Nick's head. "Just do that once in a while Chris and you'll keep him in line." Chris laughed.

It was Joey's turn and he smirked to himself before looking at the other guys. "Hey Nick, any suggestions for keeping that blond in line?" he asked, indicating Brian.

Nick grinned. "Talk to me later," he said slyly earning another light smack from Brian.

"Oh my god!" AJ suddenly exclaimed. Everyone looked at him. He grinned. "Do you realize who that leaves together? The two slave drivers!" All eyes turned to look at Kevin and Lance.

Kevin looked at Lance and grinned. "Good, we should have lots of time to plan how to keep these guys so busy they can't even think about getting into trouble." Kevin and Lance laughed wickedly, while the rest of the guys groaned.

They all headed out to their respective rooms, each man unaware of what his new roommate was thinking. Oh, those thoughts!!!!

Chris and Nick

Chris and Nick walked down the hall to their room, which was at the end of the floor. Nick kept glancing at his new roommate. No doubt about it, Chris was hot. Of course, to Nick almost any man was hot as long as they let Nick have his way. Nick decided he would establish the rules as soon as they got inside the room.

"So I heard that none of the other guys will room with you and that’s why Brian always get stuck with you. That true?" Chris said casually, wondering if the other rumors he had heard about Nick were true too. He could only hope.

Nick smirked. "Could be. You'll just have to wait and see."

Chris opened the door and walked in. Nick followed and immediately tossed his suitcase down and grabbed Chris tightly from behind, wrapping his arms around Chris and forcing Chris' arms to his side. Nick leaned forward and nipped the back of Chris' neck. "Now its time for some fun!" he whispered in Chris' ear. Nick couldn't see Chris grin.

Suddenly Chris moved and spun around, catching Nick by surprise. Chris turned Nick and shoved him against the closed door. He held him against the door while leaning the entire length of his body against the back of Nick's. "You're right, Nicky," Chris whispered back. Nick laughed. Could he have found someone as bad as himself? Chris used one of his legs to spread Nick's legs like a cop about to search a suspect. Nick leaned against his forearms on the door while Chris ran his hands down Nick's back. Chris reached around Nick and unzipped his pants. Grabbing the pants and the waistband of Nick's briefs, Chris hauled them down to the blond's ankles, exposing Nick's round firm ass.

Chris leaned against Nick and rubbed his erect, but covered cock between Nick's ass cheeks. He grabbed Nick's hair and pulled his head around so he could kiss Nick's full lips. With his free hand Chris reached back around Nick and grabbed Nick's growing cock. Nick groaned and thrust his hips back against Chris. "Yeah, you want that, do ya Nicky?" Chris asked harshly.

Chris moved back and stripped off his own pants and boxers. Nick remained leaning against the door, his breath quickening in anticipation. Chris returned to Nick and ran his hands down Nick's sides and hips. Chris knelt down behind Nick. Using his strong hands, he parted Nick's ass cheeks and leaned forward to run his tongue down the crack. He quickly found Nick's hole and began rimming it. Nick began to moan loudly.

A couple of minutes later Chris stood up and spit on his hand. Using his own saliva as lubricant he prepared his cock, then moved close to Nick. He positioned the enlarged head of his cock at Nick hole. Without warning, he thrust his hips forward and the entire length of his cock entered Nick.

Nick yelled. "Oh fuck!" He leaned his head against the door and tried to catch his breath as the initial pain quickly faded. Chris only allowed him a moment to adjust before he began to move, withdrawing then shoving all the way back in. He leaned against Nick's back and ran his hands up Nick's arms. He found Nick's hands and entwined his fingers with Nick's against the door. He pounded himself into Nick's ass. Before long, Nick was grunting and shoving back against Chris, meeting him thrust for thrust. Chris grasped Nick's hips for better leverage and continued his assault. His breathing quickened as he felt his entire body tense.

"Here it comes Nicky," Chris gasped as his entire body spasmed and his cock began to unload inside Nick's tight channel. He continued to pump as the tightness milked every drop out of him. When the orgasm finally subsided Chris' limp cock slid out of Nick and Chris dropped to the floor.

Nick rested against the door for a minute then spun around. He grabbed Chris and flipped him onto his stomach. Nick slumped down on Chris and began to lick the back of his neck. He moved his lips to Chris' ear. "My turn!" Nick whispered as his hand moved down to Chris' ass. Nick ran his hand over his own dripping cock and collected the warm precum.

He pulled Chris back, forcing him onto his hands and knees. Nick roughly inserted his slick middle finger into Chris making him gasp. His ass muscles tightened automatically around Nick's finger. Nick added a second finger and began to vigorously finger fuck Chris. Chris could feel his cock returning to life from the stimulation. He began to move in unison with Nick's movements.

Nick knelt down behind Chris and pulled out his fingers, only to replace them with the head of his cock. As Chris had done to him, Nick used his muscles to drive his cock completely into Chris' ass. Chris grunted loudly and clenched his teeth. As soon as Nick began to move, Chris released his held breath and sighed, enjoying the intense pleasure Nick was giving him. Because of Chris' fuck, Nick was already close to the edge and he began to drive quickly in and out of Chris as he approached his sought after release.

Too soon, Nick's muscles clenched and he grabbed tightly to Chris for one last deep thrust before his cock erupted, sending his warm juices deep into Chris' ass. Nick collapsed across Chris' back while he caught his breath. Then he slid off and rolled onto the floor on his back. Chris turned over and lay down beside him. Both men were panting and covered in sweat.

Chris rolled his head to look over at Nick. "This is going to be a hell of a month!" he said with a grin.

Nick grinned back. "Oh yeah!"

As their breathing slowed Chris stood up and offered a hand to Nick. The two naked men walked over to the nearest bed and laid down, staring into each other's eyes.

"I didn't think anyone was as much of a sex addict as me," Nick confessed as he reached out and ran his fingers through Chris' short dark hair.

Chris laughed lightly. "I think you found your match in me, babe," he said as he returned the caress, stroking Nick's straight blond hair. He rolled off the bed and quickly walked to his suitcase. A moment later he returned to the bed with a bottle of lube.

Chris suddenly moved in for a deep kiss and the two men fell back on the bed, their lips never separating. Chris covered Nick's body with his, their cocks rubbing against each other. He ravaged Nick's lips, kissing, sucking and nibbling on them until Nick was thrashing beneath him.

Nick ran his fingers down Chris' muscled back, finding his taunt ass and gripping the ass cheeks. Chris thrust against Nick, causing their cocks to slam against each other. Chris straddled Nick's waist. Nick was flushed and panting hard. He glanced down his chest to find Chris's hard cock staring him in the face. He leaned forward until he was able to flick his tongue across the purplish head, tasting the precum dripping out.

Chris gasped and pushed Nick back. "Not till later, baby," he said softly. "Right now, I want something else from you." Chris slid back, separating Nick's legs so he was kneeling between them. He raised Nick's legs, bending them at the knees. Reaching forward, he grabbed Nick's cock again, running his hand up and down the shaft. With his other hand, he managed to get the lid off the bottle of lube. He poured the liquid over Nick's cock, allowing it to run down his flesh, around his large balls and through his crack. Nick jumped a little when he first felt the cool liquid on his skin. Using some of the lube, Chris began to jerk Nick off. Setting the lube aside, he began running the fingers of his other hand through the lube, trailing its path past Nick's balls and along his crack. He found his target and ran the lube around the outside of Nick hole.

Nick began to moan again and clench his muscles at the new feeling. Chris continued his motions, gradually working an oiled finger into Nick. Chris used both hands expertly, bringing Nick closer to orgasm, while massaging his hole, finger fucking with first one finger, then two.

As the orgasm finally began, Chris moved into position. He shoved a third finger into Nick while the younger man's cock erupted and spewed warm cum over his stomach and Chris' hand. Nick was lost to his sensations. As the orgasm subsided, Chris could feel Nick's muscles relaxing and moved forward. He positioned the engorged head of his cock at Nick's entrance and pushed forward quickly. Nick's eyes popped open and he gasped as Chris entered him. Then Chris began to pull out, rubbing his cock along Nick's prostate. Nick moaned at the sensual feeling.

Chris could see Nick was okay and began to fuck him, hard. He leaned down over Nick to kiss him as his hips moved, pulling him out then driving him back into the young blond. He moved in hard, deep strokes, the way he liked it. By regulating his tempo, Chris knew he could continue to fuck Nick for a long time.

Nick had no control over the situation and found himself being pounded by Chris. Chris had Nick's arms locked against the mattress as he continued his relentless fuck. Nick soon found himself settling into the rhythm. His twice-spent cock began to rise again, bobbing in unison with the motion of Chris's thrusts.

Chris continued, speeding up then slowing down, switching from long, hard strokes to quick, short ones, then back again. Chris was lost in his own lust and eventually released Nick's arms. Nick reached down and grabbed his own aching cock. If Chris wasn't going to take care of it, Nick would; he had to. He soon caught onto the rhythm of Chris' thrusts and began to jerk himself off in unison. Quicker than he expected, he felt his body tense and he suddenly found himself in the throws of another orgasm.

His orgasm caused his muscles to tighten, catching Chris by surprise. His cock was clenched by Nick's tight ass, sending Chris into ecstasy. His thrusts became quicker than before as he slammed into Nick, finally erupting and filling his ass again. He waited until the orgasm passed before pulling out of Nick and flopping down on the bed beside him to catch his breath.

Nick wasn't a virgin, but he wasn't used to getting fucked, especially not so hard, twice. He lay on the bed gasping. He couldn't believe it when a short while later Chris reached over and began to stroke his cock. Nick was even more surprised when his tender cock began to respond, slowly rising to attention for the fourth time.

"Just lay back baby and I'll do all the work," Chris told Nick softly.

Nick relaxed into the pillows and watched. Chris leaned down and wrapped his lips around the sensitized head of Nick's erect cock. Nick shuddered and closed his eyes. A hot tongue swirled around the slit creating a whole new range of sensations. Nick's hips bucked up. He suddenly felt the bed move as his cock was abandoned. He opened his eyes part way and saw Chris grabbing the lubricant, which had rolled onto the floor. Nick opened his eyes wide and began to sit up.

"Chris I don't think I can take it again," Nick whispered hesitantly. Chris glanced at Nick and shook his head, smiling slightly.

"Don't worry baby," he said, gently pushing Nick back against the pillows. To show Nick what he meant Chris poured some lube on his hands and began to spread it on Nick's erect member. Nick relaxed slightly knowing that Chris wasn't going to fuck him again, just yet, anyway.

Nick could feel his cock throb at the touch. Nick watched in fascination as Chris finished with his cock then crawled up on the bed, straddling Nick. Chris reached behind him to spread some of the lube on his own hole, then positioned himself over Nick's pulsing cock. He smiled at Nick as he slowly lowered himself onto the cock.

Chris paused to adjust to the fullness. Once the discomfort passed, he sank down further, until he was sitting on Nick, completely impaled by Nick's cock. Nick groaned ecstatically as his cock was swallowed by Chris' tight channel. He closed his eyes wanting to lose himself to the sensations.

Chris wasn't going to let him off so easily. He reached down and stroked Nick smooth cheek. "Open your eyes baby," he commanded quietly. Slowly Nick complied.

Chris locked his gaze with Nick's and began to move, rocking up and down while staring into Nick's bright blue eyes. He always found this to be incredibly erotic and he wanted Nick to experience that. Nick kept his eyes locked with Chris' and found it was turning him on even more. He began thrusting his hips up to meet Chris motions, causing their bare flesh to slap together. Nick reached forward and grabbed the bobbing cock in front of him causing Chris to gasp.

Nick soon matched the pace of his thrusts and began to jerk Chris off, their eyes never breaking contact. He found Chris' gaze intense and felt himself blush under the scrutiny as he continued to thrust up as Chris moved down. The sounds of their fucking permeated throughout the otherwise quiet room.

Having already cum three times, Nick's cock was extremely sensitive and the tight warmth of Chris' ass was creating an exquisite pain. Nick sped up his thrusts and his hand movements trying to bring Chris and himself to the edge. After what felt like an eternity, Chris finally began to cum, shooting his juice all over Nick's pounding chest. The tightening of Chris' channel was all Nick needed to end his torture. His sensitized organ spewed warm cum up into Chris.

Chris finally rolled off Nick and crawled up beside the spent man. Nick had never cum so many times in one day let alone in a couple of hours. His body felt like lead and sleep was quickly overpowering him. Chris pulled Nick into his arms and held him gently.

"Sleep baby," Chris whispered as Nick drifted off. "You'll need all your strength tomorrow."

Josh and Howie

Howie got the key to the room from Kevin and quickly gathered up his luggage and walked down the hall. He walked in and left the door open slightly for JC. Howie put his suitcase on one of the beds then walked over to look out the window at the late afternoon sun. He heard his new roommate walk into the room but didn't turn around. Neither man said a word as JC set his suitcase down then went into the bathroom. A minute later the bathroom door opened. Howie remained by the window.

Finally, he felt two strong arms wrap around his waist and warm, sensuous lips began nibbling on the back of his neck. Howie's indifference fled as he spun around and wrapped his arms around JC's neck, leaning in to find those perfect lips.

Howie began frantically kissing all of JC's face, causing JC to giggle. He reached up and took Howie's face in his strong hands. "God, I love it when you do that," he whispered. Howie smiled and pulled JC into a tight hug.

"Can you believe our luck?" Howie asked. "I was so sure we were going to be allowed to pick our roommates, Josh. When Kevin said we had to draw names, I wanted to cry." He leaned against the solid chest and JC hugged him tighter.

"I know babe. I was even thinking about getting another room under another name so we'd have some place to be together." He pulled back to look into Howie's deep, brown eyes. "But, everything worked out perfectly." He smiled tenderly and Howie grinned, leaning in for another kiss.

"I've missed you so much, babe," Howie whispered. "I want you so much," he said huskily as he began to run his hands up and down JC's back, gently cupping his firm ass cheeks before moving his hands back up.

JC moved up against Howie so their groins were pressed together. They could feel the growing desire in each other. "I want you more," JC said as he allowed his hand to run down between their chests to the front of Howie's pants. He gently squeezed the hardness he found there and Howie moaned in appreciation.

"It's been too long, Josh. Make love to me, please?" Howie begged, grinding himself against JC.

JC grinned. "I thought you'd never ask, Sweet D," he said softly, kissing Howie's tasty lips. He took Howie's hand and led him towards one of the beds. He turned and began unbuttoning Howie's shirt. Howie reciprocated and grabbed the bottom of JC's shirt, pulling it up over his head before tossing it away. JC pushed the shirt off Howie's shoulders and he shrugged out of it, allowing it to fall to the floor. Simultaneously they both reached for the other's pants, their hands bumping. Their eyes met and they giggled.

JC proceeded to unbutton and unzip Howie's pants, shoving them down. Howie kicked them away and returned to help JC out of his own. Howie knelt in front of his young lover, noticing the growing wet spot on his boxers. He licked his lips before reaching up and pulling the boxers down, freeing the object of his desire. He inhaled the intoxicating male scent before lightly flicking his tongue over the wide head.

JC moaned, "Oh D, I love you so much." Howie smiled and moved back in for more. JC put his hand's lightly on the back of Howie's head, simply running his fingers through the long, black hair. He didn't need to force Howie. Howie knew exactly what JC wanted.

Howie gradually worked his way down JC's shaft, moving in then back, taking a little more each time. He knew JC wouldn't last as long as normal; it had been so long since they'd been together. When Howie thought JC was getting too close, he stopped. JC groaned in frustration.

Howie stood up and kissed JC. "Not yet babe. I want you inside me," he whispered.

JC grabbed Howie and gently shoved him back on the bed. Howie slipped out of his own boxers and moved up the bed, leaning against the cushions. JC quickly walked over to his suitcase and grabbed a bottle of lubricant. Returning to the bed, he crawled up it towards Howie. Howie already had his legs up and spread; he was flushed with anticipation. JC knelt between his spread legs and Howie reached out, grabbing the lube from his lover. He poured some into his hands, then grabbed JC's throbbing cock. He began to run his fingers up and down the shaft and over the head, spreading the lube all over the bare flesh.

JC grabbed one of Howie's hands, and ran his fingers across the palm, collecting some of the lube for his own use. While Howie continued working JC's cock, JC ran his slick fingers between Howie's legs to his hole. He spread the liquid around the edge before gently pushing inside the tight channel.

Howie groaned, "Oh babe, that feels so good."

JC leaned forward between the spread legs to passionately kiss his lover. "Mmmm. And its only going to get better," he promised. Howie shivered in anticipation.

JC removed his hand and began to enter Howie. He moved slowly, knowing that it had been a long time since they had made love. He waited for Howie to nod his head, signaling him to proceed. Slowly, he sunk the entire length of his cock into Howie. He remained still for a minute, instead focusing on kissing those full lips he had missed so much. Finally, Howie began to squirm.

"Please Josh, make love to me. I want to feel you move inside me," Howie whispered, and JC obliged. He used long, slow strokes, pulling almost completely out before sliding deeply back inside. With every thrust, Howie moaned softly. God, he'd missed that. Howie's cock was trapped between the two hot men. As JC moved, the warm bodies rubbed Howie's cock. He could feel himself growing and throbbing as JC continued to make love to him.

Both men were lost in forgotten ecstasy. Their separate lives had kept them apart for too long. Howie felt the tears begin to fall as he thought about how much he loved JC and had missed him. JC leaned down and tenderly licked the tears away, knowing exactly what Howie was thinking; he always did.

JC suddenly felt his entire body tense. He'd known he wouldn't last long, and couldn't delay it any longer; he needed the release. He quickened his pace, shoving faster into Howie, making him squirm. Finally, his cock pulsed one last time before ejecting his warm cum into Howie.

Howie felt the spurts of warm liquid and shuddered, loving the sensation. While his body emptied of seed, JC reached between the two men and grasped Howie's cock, running his slick fingers up and down the shaft. As the orgasm subsided, JC pulled out of Howie and lowered his lips to Howie's neglected cock. He knew exactly what Howie liked and proceeded to tease and torment Howie's cock as it continued to pulse and surge. He reached up and teased Howie's nipples as his lips worked their magic and brought Howie over the edge. JC greedily sucked up everything Howie gave him as Howie thrust his cock quickly in and out of JC's mouth. As Howie's orgasm ended, JC crawled up on top of his lover, laying his head in the hollow of his neck. They wrapped their arms around each other.

"I love you so much D," JC said softly.

Howie ran his fingers through JC's short brown hair. "Love you too, Josh."

They lay entwined listening to their heart beats slow down, and their breathing calm.

A while later, Howie began moving his hand up and down JC's back, moving lower and lower until he found the firm mounds of his ass. He rubbed the solid, yet pliable flesh, eliciting a soft whimper from JC.

He trailed his finger up the crack between the ass cheeks and JC instantly thrust his hips back. "Mmm, D. you know what that does to me," he pouted.

Howie giggled. "Exactly, babe."

JC lifted his head to look into Howie's eyes. "All you had to do was ask," he said huskily. Howie bent his head to kiss JC, already feeling the blood rushing to his cock.

Howie rolled over to lie on top of his lover, never breaking the contact between their warm lips. He ground his hips against JC; their cocks throbbed together. Howie began his ascent, slowing planting tiny kisses down JC's body, across his chest, then his bellybutton and stomach to his pelvic bone. Howie kissed his way through the dark pubic curls. He ran his tongue around the erect shaft in front of him, but didn't remain there. Instead, he worked his way lower. He raised JC's legs to allow himself access to the rest of JC. Howie's tongue trailed softly over JC's balls and below. He found the beginning on his crack and licked the soft, sensitive flesh leading to JC's hole. JC was twisting and moaning above him.

Howie found his target and began licking around the edge of JC's anus.

"Oh…yeah, baby…god Howie…" JC stammered in his aroused state. Howie continued licking, gradually shoving his tongue into the hole making JC suddenly buck. Howie reached up and grabbed JC's thighs, holding him down while his tongue continued to work in and around the hole, teasing while loosening and lubricating.

When he thought there was enough saliva, he moved up between JC's legs. He leaned down to passionately kiss his love as he positioned the head of his engorged cock at JC's hole.

JC began to whimper. "Do it baby, please," he begged and Howie obliged. He moved his hips forward and slid the large head into JC. JC gasped loudly at the initial discomfort and Howie stopped, gently nibbling on JC's lips while his body adjusted and relaxed. Howie wished JC would use lubricant but he preferred it without. He said the initial discomfort was quickly replaced by better, more erotic sensations. JC began to move beneath Howie, indicating that he was ready for more.

Howie started sliding the rest of his cock deep into JC until his balls touched JC's ass. JC wrapped his arms around Howie and held him tightly, sighing loudly.

"Oh D, that is the most incredible feeling," he whispered. "I wish we could just stay this way forever."

Howie kissed JC's ear. "What? You don't want me to do this?" Howie whispered as he moved his cock within JC making the younger man gasp in ecstasy.

Then JC giggled. "Okay," he gasped, "maybe you could do a little of that!" Howie wiggled his hips, causing his cock to rub against JC prostate and JC's muscles tightened in response, squeezing Howie's cock.

He slowly pulled out before just as slowly pushing himself back in. He knew the slow strokes would drive JC crazy. He kept up the methodical rhythm until JC began to whimper.

"God, please baby…harder…I can't take it…I need to feel you," JC gasped as he moved his hips, trying to encourage Howie to thrust harder and faster. Howie finally relented and began to build up his speed. He continued moving in long strokes though, pulling almost completely out before sinking right down to the base and reaching the innermost recesses of JC's channel.

Sweat covered the toned flesh of both men as their lovemaking continued. JC's cock, trapped between the joined men was stimulated by the bare flesh and JC suddenly felt his body twitch.

"Baby, I gonna cum!" he whispered to Howie. He pulled Howie's chest down to his and passionately kissed his lips as his body erupted shooting warm cum over their bodies and Howie continued to drive into his ass. JC's orgasm was all Howie needed to reach his release and his own body began to fire, sending streams of warm cum deeply into JC.

Howie held tightly to JC as his body trembled and shot its load. As the orgasm ended, he remained locked to his lover. "Oh babe, I love you so much," Howie whispered into JC's ear.

JC gave Howie a squeeze. "You are everything to me, D," JC said softly.

Howie loosened his grip and allowed his limp cock to slip out of JC, before moving up next to JC and pulling him against his chest. "I never thought it was possible Josh, but every time we make love, it's better than the time before," Howie murmured as he stroked JC's shoulder.

"That’s because every time I see you I can feel our love for each other growing," JC whispered back as he snuggled against his lover and closed his eyes.

Both men were satiated and in the arms of the one they loved. Before long, they drifted to sleep; each dreaming about the other.

Justin and AJ

Justin walked in front of AJ as they made their way to their room. Justin was happy about bunking with AJ, but he was nervous too. For a long time now he'd had a crush on the unique Backstreet boy. He wondered if he should just confess and maybe they could both laugh about it. Then he decided against it. He'd rather just keep his fantasy, that AJ would be his first, to himself.

AJ watched the young man walking in front of him. His eyes raked over the perfect body and he felt himself harden in his pants. Since the first time he'd seen 'NSYNC, AJ had been captivated by the tall, young blond. He wanted to run his fingers through the wild, curly hair. He wanted to see that perfect body hidden beneath those clothes. AJ's cock twitched again.

'Fuck,' he swore to himself. It was going to be a long month if he had to visit the bathroom ten times a day to relieve his fantasies.

Once inside the room, both men claimed a bed. Justin walked out to the balcony while AJ rushed to the bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind him and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, facing into the tub. His back was to the door. In his haste, one of the hotel's towels became caught in the door, preventing it from locking. AJ unzipped his pants and pulled his aching cock out.

Justin gazed out over the city, thinking about how he was going to survive rooming a month with AJ, without letting AJ know about his dreams. He sighed and walked back into the room. Justin had heard AJ go into the bathroom and was surprised that he wasn't out yet.

He walked over to the bathroom door and was about to knock when he heard a low moan. He realized the door wasn't shut tight because a towel was blocking the lock. Justin debated with himself about what to do. He could just go back out to the balcony and wait, or he could knock.

Another loan moan came from the bathroom, and this time he heard something else, AJ whispering. "Oh yeah, Just, that feels so good. Yeah baby, suck it." Justin froze. It was obvious what AJ was doing, but was he thinking about Justin in the process?

After a moment of hesitation, Justin decided to take the chance. He gently pushed the door and it swung open. AJ had his back to Justin and was busy looking down. Justin stood there, transfixed. A moment later, AJ sensed something and raised his head. Glancing to the side, he could see Justin's reflection in the mirror.

"Oh shit!" AJ shouted, taken by surprise. He tried to jump up but became tangled in his jeans that were around his ankles. He fell to the bottom of the bathtub with a thud. Justin ran over, afraid AJ had hurt himself.

AJ was lying in the tub on his back with his eyes closed. His jeans twisted around his ankles, his knees leaning against either side of the bathtub, and his hands grabbing the new bump on the back of his head.

Justin stood for a moment looking down at AJ then knelt beside him. Tentatively he reached out and touched the pulsing erection that was standing up above AJ. AJ's eyes flew open and he looked at Justin. Justin smiled shyly. "I could take care of that for you, if you want," he suggested. AJ's eyes widened then he smiled and nodded. He put his arms back behind his head, this time as a pillow and closed his eyes. Glancing at AJ's closed eyes Justin took a deep breath and reached down, grasping AJ's erection firmly in his fingers. Having never touched another man like that before he was hesitant at first. He thought about what he liked and tried to give AJ the same. Slowly he began to move his hand up and down. AJ's hips moved slightly in response.

Justin remembered what he'd heard AJ saying before. He'd been picturing Justin sucking him. Another quick look at AJ's face showed his eyes were still shut. Leaning over the bathtub, Justin lowered his head, wanting to taste the man before him. He trailed his hot tongue over the moist cock head, tasting the slightly salty juices leaking out.

"Mmmm, yeah Just, that's good," AJ encouraged the younger man. AJ kept his eyes closed and let Justin do what he wanted. AJ didn't know how much experience Justin had and didn't want to push him. The bathtub wasn't the most comfortable place, but he didn't want to break the mood.

Justin lowered his mouth further and took the head of AJ's cock between his lips. AJ's hips bucked up a little, pushing his cock further into Justin's hot mouth. Justin quickly adapted and began to lick all over the warm flesh in his mouth. He found he liked the taste of AJ and wanted to taste more.

The cold enamel of the bathtub was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for AJ. Reluctantly he opened his eyes, watching Justin tentatively suck his cock for a moment before reaching down and touching Justin's hair. At the unexpected touch, Justin lifted his head and looked at AJ.

"Was I doing it wrong?" Justin asked shyly.

AJ shook his head and sat up. He pulled Justin's face close to his and softly kissed the full, sensuous lips. AJ smiled gently. "Not at all. But why don't we move this out to the bed?"

Justin nodded and stood up, helping AJ to his feet. AJ kicked off the clothes around his ankles, leaving them in the bathtub as they walked into the other room. AJ stripped off his own shirt before he turned Justin around and reached for his shirt, pulling it upwards. Justin hesitated and AJ stopped.

He looked at Justin intently. "What's wrong sweetie?" he asked softly.

Justin looked at the floor. "I've never … been with a guy before," he whispered.

AJ gently lifted Justin's chin. "Do you want to be with me?" AJ asked.

Justin looked into AJ's expressive brown eyes and nodded. "I've dreamt about it…I've dreamt about you," Justin confessed, blushing a little.

"Really?" AJ asked, delighted that Justin had been thinking about him. "I've been thinking about you too, Just," AJ said truthfully.

Justin could hear the sincerity in AJ's voice. He reached down and pulled his t-shirt over his head. "Alex, I want you to be my first," Justin said softly and shyly.

AJ grasped Justin's chin gently and forced the young man to look at him. "Are you sure Justin?" AJ asked.

Justin smiled sweetly and nodded. AJ stroked his cheek, then took Justin by the hand as they walked to the bed.

AJ was going to have Justin lie on the bed but Justin stopped. "Let me finish what I started in the bathroom, Alex," he suggested. AJ smiled and lay down on the bed. Justin sat down beside him, allowing his eyes to wander up and down the length of AJ's naked form. He took in the multitude of tattoos, fascinated by some of the symbols. But there would be time for that later. He looked down at AJ's groin. His erection hadn't subsided at all. Slowly Justin returned his head to the pulsing shaft.

AJ gasped in pleasure as Justin's mouth surrounded the sensitive head. His soft lips were driving AJ wild. Gradually Justin adjusted to the flesh in his mouth and was able to take more. He worked his way down the veined shaft, before pulling off completely and quickly licking across the head. AJ jumped and Justin grinned happy that he was pleasing AJ. Justin repeated the action over and over until AJ thought he would go crazy.

"Justin, please," AJ pleaded. Justin began sucking the head while running his fingers lightly up and down the shaft. AJ's body convulsed. "I'm gonna cum, Just!" AJ warned. Justin continued his movements wanting to taste whatever AJ had to offer. He suddenly felt a warm liquid splash into his mouth and flow down his throat. He quickly swallowed it and opened his mouth for more. AJ thrashed on the bed as Justin's lips worked magic, sucking the juices out of AJ until he had nothing left to give.

Still Justin wouldn't relent. He continued sucking the sensitive head of AJ's cock after the orgasm ended. It was exquisite agony and finally AJ pulled Justin off him and up the bed. AJ kissed his young lover passionately.

Justin pulled back and smiled at AJ. "Was that okay?" he asked innocently.

AJ hugged him tightly. "That was incredible Just. You're a natural," he added with a laugh.

Justin lay against AJ's chest feeling the pounding heart beneath him. AJ ran his fingers lightly up and down Justin's silky flesh trying to catch his breath. He was amazed by what had just happened. As his pulse slowed, AJ lifted Justin's face so he could kiss those soft lips. It was AJ's turn. He gently rolled Justin over so the young blond was on his back. He stroked Justin's solid, smooth chest, letting his hand stray down to the pelvic bone before moving back up again. Justin whimpered softly and AJ smiled.

AJ lowered his head to taste Justin, licking roughly over his taunt nipples, one then the other. He felt a shudder course through Justin at the touch of his tongue. "God, you're so beautiful Just," AJ murmured as he licked his way down Justin's chest. AJ was becoming intoxicated by the scent of this man. He could taste the saltiness from the thin sheen of sweat that covered Justin's body. Justin writhed on the bed as AJ's hands trailed down the bare flesh, stroking and kneading his muscles.

AJ's head moved lower and began to kiss through the coarse light brown hairs before finally reaching Justin's throbbing cock. He stopped to look at the piece of flesh standing erect in front of his eyes, knowing he would be, aside from Justin, the first man to touch that proud manhood and taste the juices already dripping from its head. Slowly his fingers wrapped around the base and Justin whimpered loudly at the new sensation of another's hand touching him there. AJ lowered his lips and softly licked the head, savoring the sweet taste of the sweet boy. Another whimper escaped Justin as another new plateau was obtained.

AJ's mouth suddenly engulfed Justin's member, taking it down his throat right to the base. "Oh my god!" Justin gasped loudly, never having experienced anything like what AJ was doing to him. Justin's hips began to move instinctively, slow thrusting his cock into AJ's warm mouth. AJ allowed his young lover to fuck his face for a few minutes before he pulled completely off Justin's cock. Justin moaned at the abandonment.

AJ's tongue resumed its work as he moved down to Justin's balls, taking them into his mouth and gently sucking on them, making Justin thrash on the bed. Once again, AJ abandoned his position to move down even further. Justin's legs moved of their own accord, spreading and lifting, allowing AJ free access to Justin's virgin hole. His tongue left a wet trail as it moved from the ball sac along the tender flesh to the puckered hole. AJ flicked his tongue across the hole and Justin bucked, never having felt a touch like that.

AJ reached up and softly stroked Justin's chest. "Relax baby, you'll enjoy this, I promise," AJ said softly.

Justin forced himself to relax a little and AJ returned to his new position. He flicked his tongue across and all around the edge of the hole before pushing it gently against the puckered flesh. He applied a little pressure and the hole reluctantly spread, allowing the warm, wet probe access. All Justin could do was grip the bed sheets and pant.

Justin couldn't take it any more and suddenly his cock pulsed and began to unload its store of cum. The warm liquid shot over his chest and abdomen. AJ felt Justin's body tense and he moved up. He milked the remaining cum from Justin before leaning down and licking up the juice from Justin's warm flesh. Justin reached down and grasped AJ's head, bringing his face up. Justin stared into AJ's brown eyes. "Please Alex, make love to me?" Justin begged softly. AJ leaned in and kissed Justin passionately.

He rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom, returning a few seconds later with condoms and lubricant. Justin felt his pulse increase in anticipation and fear. AJ knelt back on the bed and opened a condom, unrolling onto his engorged member. He took the lubricant and poured some into his hands. After spreading it liberally and completely over the condom he moved closer to Justin.

"Just, lay back and relax," he said gently as he tasted the young man's trembling lips again. Justin did as he was told and AJ took his slicked hand and began to stroke down Justin's cock, across his balls and down to his crack. He quickly found the hole and began spreading the lube around the edge. Slowly he worked a finger into the hole. Justin tensed at the strange feeling, but as AJ continued moving his finger, Justin relaxed. AJ watched Justin's face and as soon as he saw Justin settle down, AJ slipped a second finger inside. The new sensations caused Justin's cock to return to life. AJ began moving his fingers in and out, slowly finger-fucking Justin as he lubricated the hole and loosened the ring.

Finally, AJ moved into position. He leaned down over Justin and kissed him deeply, as the head of his cock found Justin's hole. AJ could sense Justin's hesitation. "Baby, it will hurt a little at first," AJ told him honestly. "But try to relax and let it happen. It will be worth it, I promise." Justin smiled at his new lover and nodded. He believed AJ.

AJ slowly pushed the head of his cock against Justin's entrance. As the ring gave way, the head popped in and Justin cried out in pain. It hurt like hell. AJ stopped and tenderly kissed Justin, licking the tear that trickled down his face. Justin breathed deeply and forced himself to let go of his fear. As his body relaxed, the pain subsided, leaving a mild discomfort. He held tightly to AJ. "Keep going Alex," he whispered.

Moving slowly, AJ gradually pushed his cock into Justin's tight channel. Justin felt his body being stretched but there was no more sharp pain. AJ finally reached the base of his cock and lay down on Justin, letting him adapt to having the entire length of AJ inside. When AJ felt more of the tension leave Justin he began to move. Using his hands to support his weight, he pulled out, leaving only the head inside. Then he thrust back in. Justin gasped, but this time it was a sound of pleasure. AJ smiled to himself as he began to build up a slow rhythm as he fucked Justin. No, as he made love to Justin, AJ corrected his thought, realizing that it was lovemaking and not some one-time fuck.

Justin's erect cock bobbed between the sweaty bodies as AJ quickened his pace. He looked down at his young lover and felt his heart surge as he realized he was falling hard for the rival singer. AJ reached between them and took Justin's cock in his hand. Very quickly, he brought Justin to the brink.

"Oh god Alex," Justin shouted as his young body tensed and streams of cum shot from his cock for the second time. AJ's own orgasm began seconds later as Justin's body clamped down, tightening the channel around AJ's cock even more. AJ thrust hard and deep one last time into Justin, before collapsing on Justin's chest as his body filled the condom deep inside Justin.

Once the orgasm ended, AJ carefully pulled out of Justin. He removed the filled condom and threw it in the garbage. Returning to Justin's side, AJ pulled the tired young man against his chest and wrapped his arms around him.

AJ kissed Justin's forehead. "Are you okay?" he asked in concern, surprised to feel Justin trembling.

Justin tilted his head back to meet AJ's gaze. "That was so … incredible," Justin said quietly.

AJ smiled tenderly. "I agree," he whispered as he bent to kiss Justin's full lips. "Just, I love you," AJ said simply.

Justin stared into AJ's eyes and found the truth there. He smiled broadly and held tighter to AJ. "I love you too, Alex."

Joey and Brian

Brian walked happily down the hall to his room. Finally, he had a new roommate and a cute one too. He'd adapted to Nick's habits and needs, but was glad to be rooming with someone else.

Joey looked sideways at Brian as they entered the room. He'd heard stories about Brian and Nick and wondered if they were true. He'd been paying closer attention to Brian since learning they would be touring together. He'd found himself drawn to the shorter man with wavy brown hair.

Brian dropped his stuff beside the bed and flopped down on his back. Joey took his shave kit to the bathroom, then did the same thing, but then rolled over on his side to look at Brian on the other bed.

"Anything in particular you want to do, Brian?" Joey asked, unable to keep the lust out of his voice.

Brian glanced over at him, wondering about the tone in his voice. "Not really. What about you Joey?" Brian moved to the side of the bed and sat up, looking at Joey. Joey decided to use the opportunity given him. He rolled off his bed and walked over, sitting down beside Brian.

He reached out and lifted Brian's face to look at him. "I know what I'd like to do," Joey said huskily, making his desire perfectly obvious. "You interested?"

Brian felt his heart sink as he realized that this was probably going to be just like it was with Nick. Oh well, at least he knew what to expect and what was expected from him. He slowly nodded. "Sure," he said quietly, he knew better than to fight it.

Joey grinned. "Great! Be right back." He jumped off the bed and dashed to the bathroom. Brian stood up and began to strip.

As he had done on numerous occasions with Nick, he removed all his clothes then stretched out on his stomach on the bed, just the way Nick liked it.

In the bathroom, Joey quickly stripped down to his boxers before grabbing some condoms and lubricant. He walked back out to the bedroom and stopped, stunned to see the naked form of Brian splayed across the bed.

He moved to the side of the bed and sat down, resting his hand lightly on Brian's bare back. "Is this how you like it?" Joey asked curiously.

Brian shrugged. "It’s the way Nick always does it," he said quietly.

Joey began running his hand over Brian's flesh. "But what about you? How do you like it?" he persisted.

Brian turned his head to look at the wall, away from Joey. "I don't know. I've only ever done it this way," Brian said so quietly Joey had to lean down to hear him.

Joey then sat back, bewildered. "Brian? What about when you fucked Nick?" Brian didn't respond. Joey was stunned. "Are you saying that you've only ever been fucked by Nick and always from behind?" he asked, more harshly than he'd intended. Brian just nodded.

Joey reached across Brian's back and grabbed his shoulder, rolling him over onto his back. He immediately saw the sadness and unshed tears in those startling blue eyes. Joey let his eyes roam down the bare flesh in front of him, taking in the perfect six pack, the smooth flesh, and the beautiful cock, slowly rising to attention. He moved his eyes back to Brian's.

"The boy is a fool, Brian. Why would he not want to look into your beautiful eyes while fucking? And he's even more of a fool if he's never felt you inside him." Brian watched Joey closely and couldn't believe what he was hearing. Maybe things with Joey would be different. "Did he even help you out when he was done?" Joey asked as he began running his hand over Brian's chest and abs. Brian closed his eyes at the new sensation of someone touching him and shook his head to answer Joey's question.

"What an idiot," Joey murmured before he lowered his mouth to taste Brian, the first man who'd ever done that.

Brian gasped loudly. "Oh god, Joey!" Brian began to thrust his hips as Joey's lips enveloped Brian's cock. His hands grabbed the sheets on the bed, squeezing the material in his fists. Joey wouldn't let Brian fuck his face. Instead, he maintained control, only taking the head of the cock in his mouth while he sucked and licked. Finally, he moved down and began licking around the shaft like he was eating an ice-cream cone. Brian began to whimper. His body was overwhelmed by new sensations.

After ten minutes of wonderful torture, Brian began to beg. "Please Joey, please," he pleaded. A tear trickled from his eye as he begged for release from the exquisite sensations. Joey looked up into Brian's face and saw the tear. Turning his head back, he bent down and took all of Brian into his mouth, working the cock to the back of his throat. He began to suck vigorously, moving up and down on the shaft. His hand moved to Brian's balls and massaged them. He could feel Brian begin to tense and knew he was close. He continued his powerful sucks until Brian convulsed and let out a low scream. Joey pulled his mouth back to the head so he could swallow the warm cum that began to stream from Brian.

The orgasm finally ended and Brian lay back, limp on the bed. Joey moved up next to him and kissed him tenderly. Brian could taste the remains of his own cum on Joey's lips. Brian didn't know what to say. No one had ever made him feel the way Joey had. With Nick, it had always been slam, bang, then nothing. Joey pulled Brian to him and softly kissed his forehead.

"Brian, will you let me show you how good it can be?" Joey asked intently, meeting Brian's piercing gaze. Joey wanted to show his new lover how good fucking could be; something he'd obviously never experienced. He could see Brian's hesitation and didn't want to force him.

Brian studied Joey for a moment then made a decision. "Yes," he said softly, and watched a sweet smile spread across Joey's face. Brian had only ever been with Nick and he wanted to know if it would be better with someone else. Brian smiled back.

Joey leaned in and kissed Brian hard, forcing his tongue into Brian's mouth where it teased and tormented Brian's tongue. He reached to the nightstand for a condom and the lubricant. Joey put some lube on his fingers then reached between Brian legs, moving down to his entrance. Brian raised his legs, allowing Joey easier access. Brian watched Joey's face as the other man concentrated on what he was doing. He saw him unconsciously lick his lips as one of his fingers slid into Brian. Brian shuddered at the feeling.

Joey sat back and put the condom on before adding more lube. Brian couldn't take his eyes off Joey. He'd never watched or seen the cock as it began to enter him. He watched as Joey moved between his legs and began to insert the head of his cock. Brian winced at the initial penetration, but watched in fascination as Joey's cock slid completely into him. It was erotic, watching his own ass stretch to accommodate the large tool.

Joey leaned forward and lifted Brian's chin so their eyes met. Joey watched Brian's expression as he began to move, pulling out, then sliding all the way back in. Brian's face showed the intense pleasure Joey was giving him. Brian threw his head back against the pillow as his body was assaulted by sensations never felt before. He could feel his cock swelling in response to the stimulation. Before he could reach down himself, Joey grasped his cock and began to run his hand up and down in unison with his thrusts. Brian's cock and ass became one giant erogenous zone and he quickly approached the breaking point.

"Joey…I'm gonna cum…" Brian panted as he felt his body tense and his cock swell. Joey's response was to quicken both his hand motion and hip thrusts. As Brian's body began to give up its warm liquid, Joey shoved deeply into Brian one last time and lost himself in his own massive orgasm. Joey milked every drop from Brian, then brought his hand to his mouth to taste Brian again. Brian grabbed Joey's hand and licked it clean, tasting his own cum. Joey finally pulled out of Brian, tossed the condom and moved up the bed next to Brian.

Brian was trembling slightly, still feeling the effects of his orgasm. "I had no idea," he murmured as Joey wrapped his warm flesh around Brian.

Joey smiled to himself and brushed some of Brian's dark blond curls away. "That was just the beginning," he whispered. Brian shivered, not in fear, but anticipation. He closed his eyes and relaxed against the muscled chest beneath him.

Their heart rates slowed as they remained in each other's arms. Over half an hour later, Joey began running his hand up and down Brian's chest. Soft moans escaped Brian's lips. Joey moved so he could look into Brian's clear blue eyes.

"Brian, will you fuck me?" Joey asked, wanting to give this man the pleasure he'd never experienced before.

Brian's eyes widened and he nodded. "Yes!" he whispered. Both men sat up.

Joey reached over and grasped Brian's newly erect cock making Brian gasp. He met Brian's gaze. "Do you want to be on top?" he asked. Again, Brian nodded. Joey smiled and reached to the bedside table for the lube and a condom. Joey tore open the condom and began to unroll it over Brian's pulsing member. Brian moaned slightly at Joey's touch. Joey took the lube and applied it liberally to the condom-encased cock. Brian grabbed the lube from Joey and gently pushed him back on the bed.

"I think I can take it from here," he said with a seductive smile. Joey ginned and relaxed, allowing Brian to take control. Brian put some lube onto his hand and moved between Joey's raised legs. He grabbed Joey's cock in his slick hand, taking Joey by surprise.

"Geez Brian," he gasped. Joey was already close to the edge. Brian began to move his hand up and down, bringing him even closer. Finally Joey stopped him by grabbing his wrist. "Bri, stop. I wanna cum while you're fucking me!" he explained.

Brian nodded and released his grip. His hand began moving down Joey's sensitive flesh, below his balls to his hole. Brian rubbed one greased finger around the edge causing Joey's ass muscles to tighten in reflex. Brian continued his movement and began to work a finger inside, thoroughly spreading the lube. Joey threw his head back against the pillows and panted. Brian could see an increasing stream of precum flowing from Joey's cock and knew he was close. Brian wanted to feel Joey cum while he was inside the other man.

He quickly removed his finger and moved up over Joey, guiding his cock head to Joey's hole with his hand. He met Joey's eyes and Joey nodded. Brian knew how it was done, but had never done it before. His muscles tightened as he pushed forward and felt the head of his cock pop past the anal ring. It felt incredible. Joey tensed slightly at first and Brian paused to make sure he was okay.

Joey closed his eyes for a moment to adjust. Then, when he felt the surge of ecstasy spread through him he opened his eyes and stared at Brian. "Okay, Brian. Fuck me!" he commanded huskily. He wanted Brian to slam into him.

The new sensations along Brian's cock encouraged him on and he began to pull out then drive back into Joey's ass. Joey's channel was so tight it felt like he was enclosed in a glove, every inch of his cock was rubbed by the tightness. As Brian moved, Joey pulled him down to kiss his succulent lips. Brian's body rubbed against Joey's erection sending shivers through Joey.

Brian closed his eyes and lost himself to the new sensations. His hips thrust in a steady motion in and out of the tightness. Joey began to thrash on the bed as Brian's cock tormented his insides, grazing his prostate. Joey reached down and grabbed his own shaft, unable to stand the torture any longer. He quickly began to jerk himself off as Brian continued pounding his hole. Joey finally felt that familiar tightening of his muscles.

"I'm gonna cum Brian," he whispered hoarsely. Brian sped up his thrusts wanting to cum at the same time as Joey. Seconds later, both men shouted out the other's name as their bodies spasmed and two cocks began to explode. Joey's orgasm caused his ass to tighten and it milked Brian's cock, filling the condom. Brian leaned down to kiss Joey passionately as the orgasms gradually subsided. Sitting back, Brian pulled his spent member out of Joey and removed the condom.

He laid down next to Joey, resting his head on Joey's heaving chest. Brian softly stroked the damp flesh beneath him as both men calmed their breathing. "Thank you Joey," Brian finally said.

Joey laughed softly and put his arms around Brian. "Any time baby, any time," Joey said softly. As the two men slowly drifted to sleep, Joey thought about how much fun the next month would be, turning Brian into a perfect lover.

Lance and Kevin

Lance grabbed his suitcase by the door and moved it over to the bed that would be his for the next couple of nights. Kevin had already started to unpack his clothes. Lance walked over to the closet and hung up his coat. Turning back he noticed Kevin sitting on the end of his bed, rolling his head around obviously trying to loosen up his muscles.

"You okay Kev?" Lance asked as he walked over to his new roommate.

Kevin looked up at the younger man and tried to smile. He ended up grimacing. "I'll be fine Lance. I guess I didn't cool down enough after my workout this morning and all my muscles are objecting. I feel like one giant knot," he said jokingly.

Lance nodded in understanding. "Oh, I've had that happen too. Not very nice. Maybe I can help." Lance climbed onto the bed and moved so he was kneeling behind Kevin. He grasped Kevin's shoulders and squeezed. Kevin groaned loudly. "Geez, Kevin, everything feels like its knotted in there." Lance sat back on his feet for a second while he thought. "It would probably be easier if you took your sweater and t-shirt off," he finally suggested.

Kevin immediately complied, pulling them off in one motion. Lance stifled a gasp of pleasure when he saw the broad, muscled shoulders before him. Kevin's skin was tanned a nice light brown and his skin was flawless. Lance had to drag his concentration back to the task at hand. He reached out again, this time a little tentatively, to touch Kevin's shoulders at the base of his neck.

Lance began rubbing small circles with his thumbs while squeezing with his strong fingers. Kevin moaned. "Wow, James, you have incredibly strong hands."

Lance paused. "Why'd you call me James?" he asked curiously.

Kevin looked back over his shoulder. "That's your name, isn't it? If you want me to call you Lance, I will." Kevin turned back around and Lance began moving his hands again.

"No, that’s okay. Call me James." Only his parents and the guys called him James, to everyone else he was Lance of 'NSYNC. He liked that Kevin thought of him as James.

Lance moved his hands outwards along Kevin's shoulders then began to work down the tense back. He couldn't believe how good Kevin felt beneath his fingers. He soon realized that as he moved down, the position he was in would become awkward. Lance shifted and began to move off the bed.

Kevin let out a little gasp when Lance stopped. "Oh! Thanks James, that feels better," he said, although he was disappointed that Lance had stopped.

Lance walked around to stand in front of Kevin. "I'm not done yet! If I'm going to do a proper job I need you to lie down on your stomach on the bed," he explained. Kevin couldn't hide his smile as he stood and moved onto the bed. Lance could feel his pulse quicken as he watched the muscles in Kevin's back ripple. "Um, Kev do you have any skin lotion or something? It makes it easier."

Kevin rolled on his side to look at Lance. "I have some oil in my bag in the bathroom, if you want?" Lance nodded.

"I'll get it, if you like," Lance offered and Kevin agreed. Lance ran to the bathroom and opened the black case. A quick search found the bottle of oil. As he began to zip the case he noticed something else, a box of condoms. Hmmm!

He walked back out to the beds. Kevin was still on his stomach and was resting his head on his arms. His eyes were closed. Lance climbed on the bed and straddled Kevin, sitting on his ass. "Is this okay Kev? I can work from the side, but it's easier from this angle."

"It's fine James," Kevin said quietly.

Lance opened the oil and poured some onto Kevin's back. He watched as the muscles rippled at the new sensation. Setting the bottle aside, Lance began to work again. He started at Kevin's shoulder blades, running his fingers in circles, then trailing his fingers right down. Kevin moaned again softly.

The hands on Kevin's back were amazing, strong yet gently. He'd never had a massage like it before. He allowed his thoughts to wander and he began to think more about James. Before long, the combination of his thoughts and Lance's hands on his skin had Kevin becoming uncomfortable lying on his stomach. Kevin began to squirm a little, trying to find a better position.

"You okay Kevin?" Lance asked in concern.

"Uh, yeah," Kevin said.

Lance swung his leg over Kevin so he was to the side. "Why don't you turn over and I'll finish with the front of your shoulders and your collarbone?" Kevin reluctantly complied, hoping Lance wouldn't notice his growing state. Kevin closed his eyes as Lance reached down to his neck and throat.

Lance decided against straddling Kevin, not wanting Kevin to notice his aroused state. Lance let his hands work, firmly rubbing Kevin's shoulders and collarbone. Without even thinking about it, his hands moved lower, running over Kevin's nipples, causing them to instantly harden. Lance closed his eyes. He just wanted to feel the flesh under his hands. His fingers worked over Kevin's six-pack and across his taunt stomach.

A louder moan escaped Kevin as Lance's hands moved down even further, grazing Kevin's pelvic bone. Both men suddenly opened their eyes and stared at each other. Both quickly noticed the growing bulges in the other's pants. Kevin raised his hand, putting it behind Lance's head, running his fingers through Lance's short blond hair. Without much effort, he pushed Lance forward, bringing their faces together.

Their lips met in a tentative first kiss. Without separating their lips, Lance stretched out on the bed beside Kevin. He was half-lying on Kevin and reached up to run his own hands through Kevin's dark hair. In response, Kevin wrapped his arms around Lance's back. The kiss deepened as they both opened their mouths allowing their tongues to meet. Kevin suddenly rolled their entwined bodies so he was lying partly on Lance. He lifted his head to look deeply into the pale eyes watching him. Both men were breathing hard and Lance licked his lips, before smiling at Kevin.

That was the only encouragement Kevin needed as he lowered his head again to Lance's mouth. Lance ran his hands lightly down Kevin's muscled back. Kevin stroked Lance's face, feeling the shape of his jaw, the contours of his cheeks and the softness of his skin. With his other hand, Kevin reached between them and pulled at Lance's t-shirt. He wanted to feel Lance's bare flesh against his own. Lance wiggled out of his shirt quickly before returning his lips to Kevin's succulent mouth. Their warm flesh melded together and Lance moaned in pleasure.

Kevin investigated Lance's face, his ears and neck. He flicked his tongue lightly around the edge of Lance's ear causing the younger man to shiver. From the back of the ear Kevin ran his tongue down the side of Lance's neck across his collarbone then back to his Adam's apple. Lance writhed beneath Kevin and tangled his fingers in Kevin's soft hair. Kevin was bombarding him with sensations that were driving him wild. He'd been with a couple of guys before; he'd even had a short fling with Joey, but no one had made him feel the way Kevin was making him feel.

Kevin's hands moved slowly down to the waist of Lance's pants. Lance tensed when he felt the fingers begin to unbutton his jeans. Kevin quickly looked into Lance's pale green eyes. "James?" Kevin said huskily. Lance could see his own desire reflected in Kevin's eyes and relaxed, allowing Kevin to undo his jeans. Lance lifted his hips as Kevin slid the clothes down. Kevin's mouth returned to cover Lance's lips, tasting them, toying with them, while his hands ran all over Lance's bare flesh.

Lance gasped when Kevin's fingers began to rub his erect cock through the thin cotton of his boxers. Lance wanted the same luxury and gently pushed Kevin off, rolling him onto his back. At first Kevin thought Lance was telling him to stop and the confusion showed clearly in his eyes. Then Lance reached down and began to unbutton Kevin's pants and the grin returned. He helped Lance pull off his pants.

The two men found themselves head to toe, with the other's cock close to eye level. Without saying a word, both men reached out and touched the other. They glanced at each other and smiled. Kevin slipped his hands over Lance's hip and beneath the material to his ass. He pushed the boxers down over the smooth flesh, exposing the twitching cock before him. Tentatively, he leaned forward and gently licked the moist head.

"Oh Kev," Lance murmured. He shuddered at the feeling and wanted to give Kevin the same. He copied Kevin's actions and pushed Kevin's boxers down to his knees freeing Kevin's engorged head. Lance stared at the sight before and hesitantly reached out to stroke the broad shaft. Kevin's hips moved in reflect, bucking forward at the touch. Lance grasped the shaft in his fingers and moved his lips to kiss the wide head, tasting the precum leaking out.

Simultaneously, both men moved their mouths and began to gently suck on the organ in their hands. Kevin licked his way up and down the sides of Lance's shaft while Lance engulfed the head of Kevin's cock in his warm mouth.

As Lance's mouth worked the head of Kevin's cock, he reached out and took Kevin's balls in his hand, squeezing and massaging them. He heard Kevin moan at the touch. Lance worked his mouth down further on Kevin's shaft, gradually taking more and more into his mouth. He just wanted to give Kevin pleasure.

Kevin had the same thought in his mind as he licked the entire surface of Lance's cock before running his tongue over the slit on the head. Lance's hips moved slightly forward in response. While one of his hands ran up and down the shaft, Kevin's other hand slipped between Lance's legs. He trailed his finger around the balls and down the tender flesh to Lance's hole. His long fingers played with and around Lance's hole while his lips and mouth vigorously sucked the wide head of Lance's cock.

Lance's diligent work finally paid off when he managed to take Kevin right down to his base. Kevin gasped loudly when he felt Lance's mouth and throat wrapped around his organ. "Oh James, that's amazing," he murmured before returning to his own work.

Kevin continued to tease Lance, flicking his tongue across the head while playing with his hole. "Kevy, please!" Lance finally begged, wanting Kevin to take him over the edge.

Both men were quickly brought closer and closer to orgasm by the mouth and hands of the other. Suddenly Lance's entire body tensed. "Kev, I'm gonna…" Lance stuttered as the intensity of the orgasm washed over him. As he began to cum, Kevin continued sucking, swallowing everything Lance gave him. One of Kevin's long fingers found its way inside Lance, giving him even more pleasure.

Seconds after Lance began to cum, Kevin felt his own body spasm. He couldn't warn Lance because his mouth was full of Lance's cock and juice. Fortunately, Lance felt the change in Kevin and pulled back so only the head of Kevin's cock was in his mouth. As the warm liquid began to spurt into his mouth, Lance swallowed it greedily, loving the slightly salty taste.

Gradually, both men came down from their orgasmic high. Kevin turned around on the bed and joined Lance up on the pillows. They lay on their side and stared into each other's eyes. Kevin softly stroked Lance's cheek. "Thank you James, that was wonderful," he said quietly.

Lance smiled and tenderly kissed Kevin's fingers. "I thought so too," Lance said in agreement. Then another thought occurred to him. "Weren't we supposed to call the others and all get together for dinner?" he asked as he glanced at his watch.

Kevin noticed the clock then shrugged. "We were, but I guess they all found other things to do," he said as he leaned forward to kiss Lance. "We certainly did!" he added with a grin.