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A U T H O R ' S B A B B L I N G

Okay, I know there are a lot of BACKSTREET BOYS story out there and most of them are centered on people having with crushes either BRIAN LITTREL, NICK CARTER or KEVIN RICHARDSON. I try to make this a little bit different from the usual with the celebrities themselves falling for the fictional character.

I admit that I am not a BACKSTREET BOYS fan although some of their songs really caught my attention. But I am, indeed, a very big fan of BRIAN LITTREL and KEVIN RICHARDSON, but since it was BRIAN LITTREL who had a heart problem, I think it was best to center this story around him. No, I don't think that he is gay, but it would certainly be interesting if he is.

D I S C L A I M E R :

I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else's life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn't state anything about BRIAN LITTREL'S sexuality or choice of lifestyle, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a composition based totally on the imagination of the author.

This story contains a homosexual premise and has homosexual undertones. If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

Please enjoy!!!

Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

T E N   T H I N G S

X	See a rainbow at dawn
X	Taste the first snowflake of winter
X	Go to Disney World
	Flash someone from a car
X	See the dawn
	Be a star
X	Touch a snake
X	Make someone smile
	Talk to God
	Kiss my soulmate


C h a p t e r 6

We got out of the hospital just a few minutes before I heard the front desk clerk explode. I was now laughing hysterically. Tevyn turned to me, still giggling, and said. "Did anyone tell you that you are pure evil?"

"A lot of times, but those are only the ones who loves me. Those who hate me prefer to keep their distance." I laughed. I asked him as I led him to my car in the parking lot. "Okay, Tevyn, so what did the letter say?"

"I haven't opened the envelope yet." He smile with a tense grinned. "Oh, Brian, what if it's still not the one."

"One way to find out." I exclaimed as I grabbed the envelope from his hands.

"Hey, that's not yours!!!" He shouted as he tried to seize it back. "Brian, give it back!!!"

"Oh no!!! You'll just going to stare at it, like a mother hen watching her eggs." I laughed, taunting him as I waved the results to his face, running around the parking lot like a crazed animal. "DO YOU REALLY WANT IT? YOU HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST, HEHEHE!!!"

"Brian! Give it back!!!" He giggled as he followed me.

"NO, I WON'T!!!" I shouted back as I moved around like a forward in basketball game.

"BRIAN!!! GIVE ME THE DAMNED LETTER!!!" He laughed out loud.


Suddenly, I heard Tevyn trying to call me. "Brian,... Brian, stop... please!!!"

As I turned around, I saw him leaning and slumping beside a red, beaten-up Toyota. Tevyn was on his knees and grabbing his chest, wheezing and panting. As fear crypt inside my heart, I ran back to him and knelt beside him. Stammering, I held his shoulders and tried to choke out some words. "Tevyn,... are you okay, please tell me that you're okay."

"Brian,... I will be fine..." He tried to say some words in between his breath. "I think... Brian... please..."

"Wait..." I cried out, trying hard to keep a calm face, fighting the tears from flowing and streaming down my face. "Let me call some doctor, I'm sure there's one..."

"Brian,..." He interrupted me, still panting and breathing with difficulty. "I don't know if,..."

"Don't say that!!! Don't you ever say that." I shrieked at him.

"Brian,... open the letter please."

As quickly and swiftly as I could, I tore off the side of the enveloped and clumsily pulled out the collection of papers containing the results. I scanned the pages at a breakneck speed. I was finally able to get the part containing the results of my bone marrow test. "Good God, I passed,..." The expression of my face was unidentifiable. It was some sort of a hybrid of surprise, happiness, fear and sadness. Quivering with happiness and eyes filled with tears, I exclaimed. "TEVYN, I PASSED,... I PASSED!!! Please, don't die now, please…"

"Really?,... you've passed the test?…" Tevyn smiled his trademark angelic smile. He then quickly stood up and casually walked away as if nothing had happened.

Dumbfounded and totally caught off guard by Tevyn's faked attack, I could only utter some words. "Tevyn, you,... you just, ahhh,.. uhmm... Aren't you in,..."

"Oh! Come on now, you thought that I was having an attack?" He started to laugh hysterically. "Get real, Brian, I just left the hospital and I still have so much things to do!!!"

"But I,... I thought that you,... you,... you are..."

"Dying?… Hey, come on. Get real!!! You have your kicks, I have my own!!!" He gave me a shrug and a rather indifferent kind of smile. "Get use to it."

Relieved but somewhat angry, I could do nothing but just laugh. I thought of what I did to Kevin several days before and, then, I silently said to myself. "I think I finally found my match, holy hot goddamn." I swore and smiled. "I think I'm going to love this guy!"


@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----


We went back to the hospital and directly had a meeting with Dr. Murray. "So what are you plans for the transplant, Mr. Winters." Dr. Murray asked Tevyn while scanning, which I presume, his leukemia charts and records. "I don't think I have to explain the urgency of the situation."

"Actually right now, I plan to go back to Canada." He explained. "Every year, I usually go to Prince Edward Island for my spring break, and get some things off my chest."

"But what about the operation?" Dr. Murray inquired with concern. "We have to face the facts, every second counts and, quite frankly, it's not like you have a lot of time on your hands."

"Tevyn..." I said, interjecting slowly. "We have to do this while there is time."

"But, I have to go to Prince Edward Island." He said, having a twinge of force in his voice. He paused and though deeply for a while. His face brightened up and said. "Why don't I just have the operation in Toronto? You can just send the bone marrow tissue there. They can be frozen and then shipped, right?"

"Unfortunately, we can not do that, Mr. Winters. In your case, however, the bone marrow tissue has to be freshly extracted. We can't risk giving you anything that has been frozen over time. There might be a chance of specimen contamination or complication if we do that, not to mention the dangers of gangrene and infection. No, we just can't gamble with fate here and, I definitely won't gamble with any of my patients." Dr. Murray explained as he shook his head ruefully. "No, I'm sorry, Tevyn but there is definitely no other option but get your operations here."

"You could get it right now while your still here." I offered.

"No, I can't do that right now. If I get the operation now, I will have to stay here to recuperate. I have to be in Prince Edward Island by tomorrow." He argued. "I mean I should left for Toronto yesterday. Isn't there any other way, Doctor?"

"I'm afraid not." The doctor shook his head sadly.

I could see Tevyn's desperation as he sighed loudly.

"Wait..." He pleaded, biting his lips uneasily. "Wait a minute, Dr. Murray. Give me a week Doctor, just a single week. Can I have a week? I will come back here for my operation. Do you think you could spare me a week?"

"What is in Prince Edward Island that could be so important?" The doctor asked in exasperation. "You could just go there anytime you want after the operations. Why not then?"

"Personal reasons, Dr. Murray." His eyes narrowed. "Very personal reasons."

"You would let these personal reasons interfere with your personal welfare, Mr. Winters?"

"I have to take care of some very personal matters, Dr. Murray." He said grimly. "I may not have the chance to it again."

"I see..." The doctor rubbed his chin. After some quiet and thoughtful moment, Dr. Murray grabbed his prescription pad and started jotting something on it. "I, supposed, if you are hell bent in going there, then I could not stop you."

He scrutinized it as if to see if he had written the right prescription. He, then, handed the piece of paper to Tevyn. "Here, take this. This is a prescription for some anti-biotic and vitamins. It will help you get along for the week stay there. But you must take it three times a day religiously. Your body will need all the help and resistance it can get. And please don't skip any of it, okay?"

"Yes, doctor, I will do that."


@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----


"So you are ready to go?" I asked him as we neared the airport.

"I should go." He said. "I should be there by tomorrow."

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" I asked in concern. "I mean this is a rather long trip and you will be all alone."

"I know that I will be alone." He looked at me with a very serious expression on his face. "That's is why I intended to hang a huge tag around my neck that says 'HELP, I'M STRICKEN AND DYING OF CANCER'"

"WHAT??!!!" I raised my left eyebrow and asked in confusion. "ARE YOU KIDDING??!!!"

"Of course, I'm kidding!" He laughed and then assured me. "Don't worry about me, I have done this a thousand times. Should I remind you that I have been flying around all my life? I'll be fine."

When we reached the airport, I got his things out of the car and help him find a porter. He turned to me and said. "So I guess this is goodbye."

"UNTIL NEXT WEEK, RIGHT??!!!" I hastily added.

"Yeah, right, until next week." He said in a very non-committed manner. That certainly frightened the socks off me.

"You WILL be coming back, right?" I asked, stressing every word I've said.

"What? Did you say anything?" He said absent-mindedly, then, quickly added. "Could you rerun it for me that again? I was thinking of something else!"

"I said that you WILL be coming back, right?"

"Oh, of course, I will!!! I will come back, you know that." Still saying in the same none-too-serious manner.

"Why don't I trust you?" I asked in a half-joking manner.

He didn't say anything. Tevyn just gave me a grin, a mixed kind of smile. Slowly, he turned his back and, then, Tevyn began to walk away towards the glass doors of the Airport. I quickly pulled him back and hugged him tightly. I don't understand why I did it. I guess it was just something that I had to do. 

Surprised of my sudden and rather erratic behavior, he managed to laugh and croak out some words. "Come on now, Brian. People are watching us, you know. We don't want to give them any ideas now, do we."

"I know, but I just can't bear the fact that you might not come back."

"Brian, don't be such a mother hen, I am going to be okay!" He quipped. "I can take care of myself, I am a big boy now."

I, then, let him go and watched him walked into the airport. He turned around for a minute, gave me a quick wave and blew me a kiss. Then Tevyn disappeared into the crowd. With a heavy heart, I went back in my car and drove off to the highway, thinking whether I might see him again or not.

I started to speed off towards the road exit for the freeway, still deep in thought about what I'm going to do to save Tevyn. Then, just I before I got on the highway, a sudden inspiration dawned over me. I stopped over the curve and turned over my emergency parking light.

I got off my car looking for the best reception. Quickly, I got my mobile phone and dialed the number of my personal assistant. "Hello, Cassidy,... This is Brian! I need your help. Can you come over to the airport?

"Brian, am I hearing this right?" He asked quizzically. "I think your mobile isn't working too well. Did you just say to meet you at the airport?"

"That's just what I said. Can you meet me at the airport." I said. 

"There seem to be a fuzzy sound! Where are you?" Cassidy, still confused, asked me. "I keep on hearing something about an airport."

"Yes, you've heard me right. That's what I said. Do I need to keep on repeating this, Cassidy? It's definitely getting lame." I rolled my eyes, tired of keeping on recapping things. "The airport, can you meet me in the parking lot by the next thirty minutes?"

"Brian!!! Slowly and clearly, could you explain to me why the hell are you at the airport?" He screamed. "Why the fuck are you at the airport!"

I explained in a very hurried manner. "I know this may sound a little sudden, but this is some sort of an emergency. I have to go to Canada"

"WHAT!!!" His screamed so much that I had to tear the phone from my ear to preserve my hearing. He continued his cussing. "DID YOU JUST SAY CANADA??!!!"

"Yes, I said Canada." I said non-chalantly. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"CANADA? BRIAN, ARE YOU NUTS? DO YOU KNOW WHERE CANADA IS?" Cassidy just blew his top. "Canada is like half a hemisphere away! Canada is like in the North Pole? They speak French over there,… IT'S ALMOST LIKE YOUR IN FRANCE. WHAT CAME OVER YOU?… HOLY SHIT!!! Brian, did the doctor prescribe you the wrong pain relievers or something?"

"HELLO? FYI! Canada is actually just about 6 hours north from here, but that's besides my point!" I exclaimed in retaliation. "Just answer me this. Can you meet me at the airport parking lot within the next thirty minutes?"

"But I'm leaving for Georgia this afternoon. Brian, I am still packing my stuff!!!"

"Please, Cass. Hey, aren't you the one who said that I'm paying you for this?"

"Shit you, Brian!" He grumbled. "But you owe me a big bonus for this."

"That's great, thanks, Cass." I heaved a sigh of relief. "And, oh, before I forget, could sent an autograph 8 by 10 glossy of mine to the hospital and give it to Mrs. Terry Lawrence? And could you address the picture to Laney Lawrence? I kind of promised to give a picture to her daughter about four days ago." I laughed sheepishly

"OH, FUCK YOU, LITTREL." He laughed in exasperation. "I could have you arrested for the kind of abuse of power."

"Thanks, I owe you one." I said and then I added. "Got to love you, man!"


"I owe you big time, Cass." I assured him and before I hung up the phone, I added. "And, oh Cassidy, that's Mr. Littrel to you!"

"THEN FUCK YOU MR. LITTREL!!!" He laughed as he hung up.

I turned my mobile off and I proceeded back into my own car. "That's two down... and here..." I said to myself, as I placed my mobile phone down. I looked over my back and put my car in reverse. I drove away as I said. "And here goes nothing."


@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----		@);-,'-----


I walked along the aisle searching for my seat. I was able to buy my ticket at a moment's notice and I was even able to find a desired aisle seat in the economy section, how's that for luck? Another stroke of good luck, Cassidy was able to get to me within the prescribe time.

Slowly and carefully, I made my way down the rather tight passageway of the Airbus. It was rather a difficult feat in locating my seat. People where everywhere, blocking the passage, children were screaming their head off and flight attendants walking around making sure everything and everyone were in their proper places.

The interior of the plane was very much like a refugee camp along a war zone border. Some of the people are already in their respective seats. Others were still trying to cram their big and oversize hand-carry items into the ridiculously small overhead compartment. Still some, like me, are trying to locate their designated seat.

"41-B, there it is!" I exclaimed as I found my seat.

Would you imagine that my good luck didn't end with me getting an aisle seat to Canada? Sitting exactly on 41-A, with his headphone stuck to his ears, moving his head from side to side in rhythm to the music and eyes shut tight was Tevyn. I walked over to next to him and I gently tapped him by his shoulders and asked. "Excuse me, sir. Is this seat taken?"

He opened his eyes, full of pleasant surprise. I took his earphones off and smiled his trademark sweet grin. "Hello, stranger. Come here often?"

I sat down beside Tevyn, just as the same time the flight attendant began explain the mechanics in case the plane crashes.

- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -