Tests of Friendship, Chapter One:



Well, I tried writing another story before. It got to 20000 words before I became unhappy with it and decided to try something from a completely different premise for me. I’ve wrote several science fiction novels before, and I was trying in some way or other to combine the stories with a level of more dramatic fiction story that I have used to write. Alien invasion of Earth, Military coverup sort of thing. I’m going to try a slightly different basic story line for this one, but it’ll probably morph as it goes on. This story may have some similar ideas to other stories, I apologise for any which may appear, and it probably accidentally rather than purposeful. Ideas get into your head as you read, and some of them are extremely good, which I have used before. It’s hard to make a completely unique premise now with the number if stories out there, but I’ll give it my best effort! This story is not meant to imply anything about the sexual preferences of any of the members of the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync and I might even throw in a few others at a later stage.  The character I portray in this is not real, and is not even that much like me  Any resemblance to real live people or events is completely unintentional. I’ve never even been to a music concert... Well, I’ll stop blabbering on and get on with the story. I don’t know where this story will end up, but send me constructive comments. If you don’t like it, tell me why, or don’t bother telling me at all. Suggestions are always appreciated.


Well, I might as well start of with a bit about myself. My name is Simon Williams, I live in Nottingham England. I’m not a fan of modern music in general, I’m more of a 60s music person really, but one or two groups aren’t that bad. One of them is The Backstreet Boys, who were touring England back in June. My parents died two years ago in a train accident and left me all there money. I sold the large house because of the painful memories it left me. My parents left me somewhere in the region of a million pounds. I spent only about 80 thousand on the house, which in England doesn’t get you much in a decent area! I purchased a Bentley Azure with the rest, put 20000 in an instant access account and the rest in a deposit account for five years, with 3 years left now. I inherited my parents own private business, a chain of luxury car dealerships, which I kept going. I had always been into cars, and used to help my Dad out a lot. I left the business to the rest of the board at the end of 1998 and became purely a silent partner. Somehow or other I had managed to fit in a degree course in the little spare time I had left. I came away with a degree in Computer Science with Physics in Feb last year, but have not yet put it to use. The car business took up all my time, and since I became a silent partner, I’ve been on a long holiday. I’m now 23, 6 ft 1, slim build with a generally friendly nature when I’m away from business. People tell me I’m handsome, but I’ve never been in a relationship. My parents never knew I was gay, and I did my best to keep it from everyone. A few people at school found out by hacking onto my computer, which I considered relatively secure. A lot of people didn’t believe it, since I denied it. My closest friends did I think though, but it didn’t seem to bother them much. Only the people I never liked anyway took an offence to me, and they got kicked out the school for drug taking when I was 16, which lightened the remaining two years of school. I went to uni and took my degree course, taking the first two years with my parents still around. The third year was hectic, but by the fourth year I got a good balance between work and education. I never came out to anyone even then, and still haven’t now. It’s not so much I don’t like what I am, it’s just that I think most of my friends will.

Anyway, I decided to goto the joint Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync concert at the NEC (national exhibition centre) at Birmingham. For those of you who don’t know UK geography, that’s about 50 or 60 miles south of Nottingham, which is about in the middle of England, not GB or UK, England. The NEC’s assistant director was a University colleague, and managed to get me front row centre seats. Although I never told him, he knew I was gay, but he never openly asked me or challenged me. It was one of the reasons he was one of my best friends. He moved to Birmingham, the hell hole that it is in my opinion, and our contact lessened slightly. The concert was on the 14th of June, and it was rapidly approaching. Well, the 14th came and I drove down to Birmingham at about 4 o’clock, since it didn’t start till 7. I must have been doing about 110mph on the deserted road when I heard the police sirens coming up behind me. I cursed as I looked in the mirror. I pulled over into the hard shoulder and awaited for my license to be revoked. To my near shock the car just sped on by as I pulled over. I just about jumped for joy. I started back up and drove off, keeping to 90. I turned off and into the NEC at about 5:30 and was shocked at how packed the massive car park was already. Cars were being sent to the other side of the centre for parking already.

I parked the car and put the roof up on the nice summer day. I was wearing a YSL shirt and Versace jeans, about as casual as I got. I decided to walk about the half a mile to the main centre and set off. It took me about 15 or 20 minutes to get there and I handed over my ticket and looked for Jon, my friend. I saw him over at one side talking to the security people. I waved and walked over to him. I shook his hand and said a few thank yours before heading back towards my seat in the already crowded arena. I sank down into the seat and pulled out my Psion from my pocket, lining up my Ericsson SH888 phone with the infra red port, a rather delecate balancing act on my knee. I checked my email and sent a few business replies before shutting it up and returning both items of business into my pocket, making sure to turn the ringer off. By this time it was approaching 7, and I sat slightly more upright and returned my attention to the stage. Suddenly the main lighting went off leaving just the stage lighting on. The concert started and progressed extremely quickly. I looked at my watch after what seemed only half an hour only to find it was approaching 9 already. Both groups gave an excellent performance, taking alternate turns on stage before taking a joint reciting of ‘I Want it That Way’ and ‘I Want You Back’. They left to a near total standing ovation from the crowd, which I joined in with. I looked directly at each of them in an attempt to gauge there reaction to such a reaction, and much to my surprise I was pretty certain my eyes locked with Justin’s for just a few seconds, before we both glanced away. I remained seated at the security people exited each row in series to avoid over crowding at the exit. The front row was one of the last to leave rather annoyingly. It was past 11 when I finally got out the crowded arena. It was the final concert in Birmingham, the first stop on there UK tour, and they were heading upto Manchester next. I hoped into my car and headed out onto the M42 back upto Nottingham. I was driving along at about 90mph when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I took it out and pushed it onto the hands free kit. I started talking when all of a sudden the steering joint on the car failed. I looked in front and saw the car heading fast towards the back of a large Rolls Royce. I hit the breaks only to find they weren’t working either. I shifted down the gears and pulled on the parking break, but it wasn’t enough. The car ran into the back of the Rolls limo, skidding out of control to the side before coming to a stop blocking the outside lane.

I jumped out the car and walked over to the limo which pulled up just in front of me, along with another limo. I walked over to the drivers door as he stepped out and started shouting at me.

"Just shut the hell up for a minute will you. I was looking where I was going. The steering rack collapsed and the breaks have failed if you really must know. Some kids must have sabotaged the hydraulic systems when the car was parked at the NEC. It must have been a slow leak, and they jsut went on the motorway. I’m sorry for any damage I’ve cause you. Was anyone injured?" I said motioning towards the back of the stretched car. Suddenly the door opened and I almost fell on the floor as Joshua Chasez stood out and walked over to my side. "We’re all fine, thank you for your concern. Do you need a ride or something, your car is in no fit state to go anywhere." He said looking towards the Bentley, the front smashed in, and a pool of hydraulic fluid running out into the road, along with petrol. Shit was all I could think to myself. There must have been 10000 worth of damage to the car. "I’ll call the AA up to pick the car up, but it’ll take ages tonight. I wouldn’t want to intrude though, You’ll have to head out of your way to take me home."

"How do you know that?"

"Because your next stop is Sheffield for your concert tomorrow night. You’re concert was excellent tonight by the way." By this time all the guys had pilled out both limos and were standing in the hard shoulder. I walked over to my car and started to push her over to the hard shoulder to unblock the motorway. The steering was still locked straight ahead, as I lifted the parking break off and got behind the car. All the ‘N Sync guys got at the car and helped me push it off the road. The BSB guys walked over and helped them stop it from falling off the verge at the edge. "Thanks for your help guys, but I couldn’t intrude on you really."

"Where do you live?"


"Well, we were going to stop over in Nottingham since it’s too late now to make it all the way to Sheffield. Tell you what, you recommend us a hotel and we’ll drop you off. You can call the AA and tell them where your car is, I’m sure they will pick it up for you, and you can get it tomorrow?"

"You are making it very hard for me to refuse you know" I said smiling.

"Just make your call, lock up your car, give the AA a bell or whatever else, get in the limo and give the driver directions to a good hotel!" Justin ordered. I laughed that time and just did as he said, locking up car, giving the AA a bell and telling them where the car was left and what the door code was to get in if needs be. I hopped into the limo and introduced myself.

"Well, I know all your names, but I can’t really say I know who you are though, I’ve never met you. My name’s Simon Williams, I suppose I’m a fan of your music really and I’m on holiday from work and just finished uni. That’s just about it for me I suppose."

"Sounds cool, what do you do, sell cars then?" Justin spoke up.

"Yep, I’ve got Jaguar, Rolls/Bentley and Toyota/Lexus dealerships and a second hand garage. They’re all inheritances from my parents, who died two years ago."

"Oh, I’m sorry." Justin said looking down.

"Don’t be, I’ve got over it. It was a very nasty accident, a train crash."

"What did you study at Uni?" Joey spoke up from the other side of the limo.

"Computer science with physics."

"Sounds complicated."

"Not that bad." I said looking round at all the guys. "You all seem pretty ordinary people really. I must say I was surprised you offered my a lift to be honest. Not too many English people would do that I must say."

"We are ordinary people, just that a lot of people know who we are." Lance spoke up for the first time. "We never really asked to become masked in fame, it’s just something that came along with being in ‘N Sync, and the BSB for those guys." Lance said motioning towards the limo in front.

"Your concert was excellent tonight, I don’t think you ever hit a single note off."

"Good, we would have been in for an ass kicking if we were off!" JC spoke up smiling.

"Shall I call up and make you all a reservation at the Royal?"

"Ok then, we’ll need twelve sleeping positions, but we can double up really. We’ve got the drivers to stop over as well."

"That won’t be a problem" I said, reaching out my phone and dialing the number off by heart.

"Hello, the Royal Hotel Nottingham, how may I help you?"

"Oh hello, this is Simon Williams speaking. I would like to reserve my usual floor for tonight please ma’am."

"Of course Mr.Williams. I will just check the penthouse is available exclusively tonight sir. How many nights will you be staying?"

"Just until tomorrow."

"That will be no problem sir. How would you like to pay?"

"Charge it to the company account. The number is 4002 5542 6453 1334."

"Thank you sir. Your apartments will be ready for when you arrive sir;" I hung up as she said this and turned back to the guys.

"Oh no you’re not paying!" Justin exclaimed from his seat.

"I just did. It’s the least I could do after this mess tonight., now shut up and stop talking back to your seniors." I said at Justin in a semi comical semi serious tone.

"JC, this nasty man just told me off." Justin pouted with mock tears looking over at JC. I just burst out laughing at his behaviour. I glanced out the window and saw we were heading into Nottingham.

"Can I speak to the driver to give him directions?"

"Sure." JC spoke, handing me the telephone to the front. I gave the driver directions to the Royal before handing it back to JC.

" You’ve not said much Chris?" I said, turning my attention to the silent Chris.

"Oh, it’s nothing, I’m just tired."

"Probably, but you’re also a very bad liar. I presume it’s something with me?"

"Yes, I saw you at the concert, and I’m wondering whether you’re gay or not?" Chris blurted out frankly, much to everyone elses amazement. I thought everyone else had probably thought it, but I wasn’t expecting Chris to come out with it like that.

"Well, yes I am. If that’s a problem you can stop the limo now and I can get a cab."

"I’m not all for it, you’ve probably guessed that. I’m sure you’re a nice person and all, and it’s nothing personnel, I’m sure you’re a nice guy, I’m just not that keen on gays." Chris blurted out.

"Don’t worry Simon, it’s no problem, the rest of us are fine with it. Just ignore Chris, he can be a bit ignorant at times." JC spoke out, looking bitterly at Chris. He just looked down to the floor. I looked back up and was pretty certain I saw Justin wiping a tear from his eyes. I didn’t say anything though. The limos both pulled up outside the hotel and we pilled out the limo. I walked into reception and got the key cards, which I handed to the guys. "I’ll show you upto your rooms and I’ll catch a cab home."

"No, you can stay here tonight, if there’s room that is." Justin spoke up quietly.

"If it’s ok with you guys?" looking towards the rest of the two groups. Chris didn’t say anything, but the rest just nodded, Kevin saying, "You paid for the rooms, you’ve got more right than us to stay in them." With a slight smile. We pilled into the elevator and went to the top floor. There were 10 penthouse apartments, each holding about 4 or 5 people. "You’ve got plenty of room, the key cards will open any room, so split up. I’ll be in the end apartment if you want me." I said walking towards the door on the end of the corridor. I opened the door and sank into the sofa. I was surprised by Justin and JC walking in. "Hey guys, what’s up?"

"We were going to stay with you if that’s okay, two rooms need three people."

"Oh sure, no probs. The master bedroom is over there, and the other two are there and there." I said pointing. "The kitchen/bar is over there, and you’re in the lounge."

"Ok, we’ll take the other two, you can have the master." JC said.

"Want a drink?" I said getting up over to the bar.

"Sure. I’ll have a rum and coke." Justin spoke up. "Sure, same for me." JC said.

"No probs." I said pulling out the bottles from the fridge, quickly mixing up there drinks, and pouring myself a whiskey. For about the past year I had a double measure of whiskey every night. If I didn’t I found myself plagued by nightmares of my parents dying, something I lived with since they died. I went back to the sofa and sat next to Justin. JC had gone to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I heard the shower start and I turned towards Justin.

"Justin, if you don’t want me to continue, just say and I’ll stop instantly. I saw you crying when Chris said he didn’t like gays." I saw a few tears well up in Justin’s eyes as I pulled him into a hug. "Don’t worry, forget I ever asked it." I said to Justin as his tears wet my shoulder. I rubbed his back, my paternal instincts controlling my actions. After a minute or so, he sat up straight, regaining his composure.

"No, you have a right to know, you were totally honest with us. I’m gay." Justin said quietly, not wanting JC to overhear. "You saw what Chris was like, he totally hates gays, calls them every name under the sun. If he every really knew how much it hurt me. The other guys sometimes joke along with them in private after a clearly gay fan tried to get our autograph of something. Even JC has joined in once or twice in laughing with them. They don’t mean it as much as Chris, but they just try to fit in. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if the rest of the guys found out. I would probably be kicked out the group or something." Justin said, starting to cry again.

"They were fine with me weren’t they. Only Chris seemed a bit off about it, but it wasn’t that bad. JC doesn’t mind spending the night in the same hotel suite as me, so that says all that needs be there. I’m sure if you told JC he wouldn’t mind, and you would feel a lot better." I said, giving Justin a slight hug again. The bathroom door opened and JC stepped out, a towel around his waste. JC must have noticed my occasional glance at my body, because he smiled and said, "If you’re going to look at me just do it!" he shouted out, smiling. I was taken aback by his directness, but still tried not to look at him. I had to admit, he had an excellent body for someone who says they don’t do that much working out. I personally had always found Justin more attractive though, he’s got a boyish cuteness in his face that I couldn’t resist. "Anyway, tell me what?" JC spoke up, obviously catching the last line of our conversation, if not more.

"Er.. nothnig JC, it doesn’t matter. Nothing important." Justin quickly stuttered out, very nervously.

"Well, now I know something’s wrong! It can’t be that bad Just, spit it out, it’s not like you’re gay or anything" JC said, obviously not catching the earlier part of our conversation. Justin just burst out in tears grabbed onto my tight. I just looked over to JC and cringed. The only thing JC could manage was ‘shit’. He ran over to Justin’s side to try and apologise. As soon as JC sat, Justin swung out his arm and hit JC square in the face, causing his nose to bleed from the force of the impact. He wiped away the blood and it soon stopped. "Justin I’m sorry, I had no idea. It doesn’t matter. I just said it without thinking. You’re my best friend, I’ve known you for years, you’ve got to forgive me." JC pleaded.

"You’ve made your feelings clear when you said it’s not like your gay. All these years you’ve insulted gays, you had no idea how it made me feel. To say that then, it shows just how much of a friend you are JC, taking someone’s sexuality to be a sum of their character. You made it sound like being gay was a disease, something bad." Justin spoke with such bitterness I didn’t think possible for someone so young. I had never heard such evil in someone’s voice for years. Justin just got up, still crying and locked himself into his room.

"You put your foot in that one JC. How are you going to sort that one out. I’ve never seen anyone so young with such rage in there eyes. He was on the verge of trying to kill you then."

"I didn’t mean it, it just sort of came out. I’ve got nothing against gays, if I did, would I be in your room now?"

"I know you don’t, you get used to people saying things about gays in an insulting manner because it has become an common insult, people don’t think about exactly what it really means half the time, it is just an insult towards a person. They have no idea how much it can hurt. Now go to bed and try an sort this out tomorrow morning. I’ll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. He said rejection by the group was what he most feared in coming out, and this really isn’t a good start." I said, forcing JC into his room. I knocked on Justin’s door. "Just, it’s me, Si." I said through the door. There was no reply, so I giggled the handle until it unlocked, a bad fault in this hotel. I walked in and sat next to the Justin on the bed. He wasn’t asleep, still crying as he lay down. I lay down next to him and put my arm round, trying to comfort him. I pulled him close as he cried. I didn’t have anything sexual in mind, it seemed purely the right thing to do at the time. Justin cried himself to sleep in my arms, and I fell to sleep shortly afterwards.

I woke up abruptly at about 5am. Justin was sweating profusely, tossing and turning in his sleep. I tried to calm him, rubbing my hand through his hair and across his forehead, but he was having a very bad nightmare. I thought it would be best to wake him up. I gently shook him until he suddenly jumped bolt up right, tears in his eyes. I pulled his soaking wet body into a hug as I rubbed his back again. "Don’t worry, it’s ok. It was just a nightmare Justin. I think you should have a shower and dry off, and come back to bed."

"I dreamt that JC went and told all the guys, and they laughed at me and called me names. They started hitting me and beating me up. They were going to throw me out the band, but first they wanted to beat up the little fag." Justin said, still crying.

"Come on, let’s try and dry you off, you can’t go to bed soaked like this. Justin was still wearing all his clothes, as was I. He stripped down to his boxers and walked into the bathroom,. He came out about five minutes later dried off and lay down in bed. "Do you want me to stay with you?" I asked quietly as he lay back down. Justin just nodded as I lay down next to him. He pulled himself tightly up against me and drifted off to sleep.

We went round to 7am before finally being woke up by the sound of a weak knock on the door; I opened my eyes to see JC standing at the open door. I gently got myself untied from Justin’s tight grip onto me and walked over to him. I motioned for him to walk into the lounge area. "He had a bad nightmare last night JC.. He dreamt that you went and told the rest of the guys and you all beat him up before kicking him out the group, literally and figuratively. His clothes were soaked. You better do something to try and comfort him or he might just do something stupid out of fear or desperation. He thinks everyone would hate him if he came out, and your words last night only helped him to prove it with what you said last night. I know you didn’t mean it to say you hated gays, it’s just something you said, but Justin didn’t see it that way. You’ll have to wake him up soon, and sit with him and have a talk about it. I’m sure he’ll see you’re still his friend. After all, he’s the same person you’ve known for the past several years, nothing whatsoever is different."

"You’re right. I’ll get him up in half an hour, and I’ll have a talk. I’ll get him to go have breakfast with the rest of the guys. I have something of a secret of my own to tell him." I just raised my eyebrow, in a Mr.Spock sort of way, which made JC laugh. I stood up and went over to the bathroom to have a shower. I heard JC knock on Justin’s door before I started the water flowing. I stayed in there trying not to over hear any of there conversation. I caught the odd shout but not much more.

JC knocked on Justin’s door and walked inside. Justin was lying on the bed, awake, he’s eyes open, moist with tears. JC walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. He reached to to hold Justin’s hand, but he pulled away. "Justin, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said last night. You’re still my friend."

"Then why did you say it?"

"I wasn’t thinking, I never even thought you might be gay. You know it doesn’t bother me. While, I was sort of trying to cover up for myself."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I thought that by saying things like that about gays, people would never suspect I’m gay." JC said quietly, looking down at the bed.

"YOU"RE WHAT!!!!!" Justin shouted, sitting bolt upright in bed.

"I knew I shouldn’t have told you. You hate me now."

"What do you mean, I’m gay you fool." Justin said, grabbing hold of JC to stop him walking out the room. "I’m just really surprised, I never suspected you were gay."

"That was the idea."

"What shall we tell the other guys?"

"I don’t know. You know what Chris thinks, he really doesn’t like the idea."

"I know. I dreamt of you all beating me up and kicking me out the group, you went and told everyone."

"You know I wouldn’t do that. I could never hurt you Justin, I love you." JC said quietly. He slowly moved in towards Justin as if to give him a kiss, but Justin pushed him back.

"JC, I love you too, but as a brother, not like that. I could never feel towards you like that, you’ve been part of my family for years."

"You’re right Just. Come here." JC said, pulling Justin into a hug. They just sat there like that for a couple of minutes till I walked out the bathroom and knocked on the door.

"I take it you’ve made up?"

"Yep, we’ve discussed it and everything is fine." Justin said, breaking away from JC.

"Good. Now you two can go down for breakfast with the rest of the guys." I walked from the doorway and put some clothes on out of the wardrobe. The hotel staff always keep some of my clothes in the suite, as I use it a lot when entertaining guests. I always bring them to the hotel, since my house isn’t large enough.

As soon as I left Justin spoke up. "You know JC, I think I like him. He was so nice to me last night."

"What do you mean when you say you like him?"

"You know what I mean, I think I might be falling for him."

"He lives in England, you live in America. It could never work Just."

"I know. I don’t know whether to tell him how I feel or not."

"He’s seems cool enough and all, you might as well tell him how you feel, but I don’t want to see you getting hurt Justin. Now get ready and we’ll go for some breakfast. Do you want to tell the guys?"

"No, you know Chris won’t take it too well. He thinks gays are different or something."

"But he won’t turn his back on his friends. It might make him realise that anyone can be gay. I don’t know what his problem is. Let’s just go for some breakfast. The BSB guys are here as well you know, we can’t really come out to them as well. Howie’s a bit like Chris in his attitude I think." Justin got ready, having a quick shower before collectively walking out towards Kevin’s suite, where breakfast had been delivered. I walked down with them, after standing in the hall way waiting. We walked in the room to find the other eight guys already eating. We sat down at the table.

"Good morning gents. Sleep well?" I asked as I sat down next to Justin, away from the rest of guys, especially Chris. I just got an array of nods. Chris was reading over the newspaper, ‘The Sun’ of all the junk he could pick up. I had already read the headlines though, and I was silently hoping he wasn’t going to say anything.

"Have you guys seen this? Stephen Gately has come out as gay. Thank lord we don’t have any gays in our group. I don’t know how the rest of Boyzone could live with someone who’s checking them out all the time." I cringed inside, but kept my composure, hoping Justin and JC would do the same. Chris just stared at me, and I smiled back. Justin lost it though and stood up and walked over to Chris, taking a swing at him, knocking him square in the chest. He swung his left arm into his face, causing him to fall out the chair onto his knees. He quickly followed up by swinging his knee into Chris’s chest. Chris fell to the floor, winded by Justin’s attack. Joey stood up and restrained Justin doing anything else. Lance had to step up to help, since Joey could barely hold the struggling Justin. They pulled him onto the sofa.

"Do you have any idea how much you might hurt someone you knew if they were actually gay Chris, you little mother fucking bastard. You have no idea how much you hurt me saying stuff like that."

"You mean you’re gay?" Joey and Lance said simultaneously. Chris was still huddled in a ball on the floor, trying to get his breath back.

"Yes I’m gay. Do you want to kick me out the group now or something?" Justin screamed, the same rage burning in his eyes as last night.

"No, you’re still the same person we’ve always known. You know what Chris is like, he never thinks about what he says, it never occurred to him someone in the group could be gay." Lance spoke up trying to comfort Justin. By this time, Howie had walked over to where Chris was on the floor and helped him up, the rest of the Backstreet Boys to stunned to say anything.

"Guys, we’ll leave you here to sort out your own internal difficulties." Kevin said, motioning for the rest of the BSB to walk out the room. They followed Kevin leaving just ‘N Sync sitting in the room, and me.

"Guys, we weren’t planning on doing this today, but it looks like now’s as gooda time as any. I’m gay as well." JC spoke up, still sitting down.

"Oh great, you two having a nice make out session before you came down," Chris shouted, emphasising the ‘came’, "or was it a nice three some, the three gays having a nice bout of gay sex?"

"Chris," I said standing up and walking over to him, "Shut the fuck up." I grabbed him by his neck, and with a show of strength that surprised even me, lifted him clear off the ground, and throwing him a few feet backwards. He quickly scrambled to his feet, but didn’t seem to be able to grasp how much he was hurting Justin.

"I take it that’s a yes?" He shouted at me.

"No, that’s a no. JC found out last night when he made a wrong choice of words and Justin started crying. I presume JC told Justin this morning, and I just found out. Now, shut up Chris, or I will do something I will regret later." I turned round to Justin, who by this time was in tears, both Joey and Lance trying to comfort him, without a drastic amount of success. I went and sat next to JC and put my arm round his shoulder, a couple of tears in his eyes at how bad Chris actually took it.

"I suppose that could have gone better." JC said, with a weak laugh.

"It would have been hard pushed to go much worse, I’ll have to say that. He’ll adjust though, you’re still the same people he’s always known, nothing’s changed. It’s probably just the initial shock." I looked over at Chris, who had his head down sitting at the breakfast table. I let go of JC and gave him a pat on the back before walking over to where Justin was sitting crying. I sat next to Justin, Joey moving away and put my arm around him.

"He’ll adjust you know Justin. Give it time."

"What the fuck do you know!" he snapped at me.

"I sorted it out last night didn’t I. Now, stand up and let’s leave these guys in peace and let them discuss matters with Chris. I’m sure they will be able to get some sense in him." I pulled Justin up and walked out with JC. When we left the room I started speaking. "I think it would be better if I drove you two down to Sheffield. I doubt you want to ride in the limo."

"Thanks, but you’re car’s wrecked."

"I am in charge of a car dealership franchise, getting another car is no problem. I know I’m not actively involved in it much, but I’m still the boss, and it’s my money which buys the cars. I get all the profit, and then pay the wages. It’s just that I leave it all to others to do it for me now. I’ll catch a taxi down to the main dealership, pick up a car and be back in less than half an hour. I’ll drive you down to Sheffield, and you can meet up with the rest of the guys there. JC, you can go and tell them if you like. I’ll be back in a few minutes." I gave Justin a quick hug and looked at him a few seconds, wiping a couple of tears from his eyes. I went into the elevator and headed to the ground floor. To my surprise, there was a group of fans being kept in the lobby by hotel security. I walked over to reception.

"If you want my continued custom at this hotel, get rid of these fans, and sack whoever leaked they were here." I said to the assistant manager, walking straight off before he had a chance to say anything. I got into a waiting hackney cab and gave the driver directions. I exited at the large dealership garage, ‘Williams Executive Cars. Official Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Rolls Royce and Bentley Dealership.’ I walked inside the large glass display building. A new assistant I had never seen before came over to me, then again, I hadn’t been to the garage in almost 3 months, and they were hiring some new staff.

"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes you can, I would like to see Paul Loch, and tell him to bring the keys to something nice."

"I’m sorry sir?"

"Mr Loch, he is the manager of this branch. I want you to go and get him, and tell him to bring the keys of something nice. It’s not that hard to understand really son."

"I don’t know what game you’re playing, or who you think you are, but Mr Loch doesn’t deal with customers, I do."

"Exactly, that is why I want to see Mr.Loch. I’m Simon Williams, I own this place."

"Oh, sorry sir, I didn’t realise, I will go and get him immediately for you." I sat down for a few seconds before Paul walked over to me. I shock hands.

"Long time no see Simon. What can I do for you?"

"My Bentley was wrecked last night, some kids destroyed the steering rack, and cut the break lines. I need something to run while it’s being repaired."

"Sure, we’ve got a new Silver Seraph spare if you want it. We’re fresh out of Azure’s though. We’ve got another one coming in from Bentley within the next few days though. There’s a nice 600SEL in the forecourt, and a 600SEC as well."

"I’ll take the Turbo R I think, I’ve always been a fan." Paul smiled and gave me the keys, which he had in his pocket. I thanked him before hoping in the car and driving off through the open doors. I went straight back to the hotel and found the lobby area cleared out. I went back upto the top floor and found JC and Just talking to Lance. They stood up when they saw me arrive.

"Ok guys, see you later. We’ll be heading off ourselves as soon as the limos get back here." Lance said. I acknowledged him before walking off back to the elevator. We got to the car in silence and I drove off. Justin sat up front with me, JC in the back.

"Joey has calmed down a bit, but he still hasn’t apologised yet." JC said from the back after about a minute of silence. A nodded as I continued driving. JC reached forwards and poked Justin’s arm, trying to encourage him to speak. I was curious, but never said anything. "Justin has something to tell you Simon." I noticed out the corner of my eye Justin blushing slightly, and by now my curiosity was very heavily sparked.

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