Tests of Friendship, Chapter Three:



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Chapter Three:

"Sure. You didn’t have to jump on us like that though!" Justin said smiling. He noticed the same thing I had, something was definitely wrong here. We let it drop though. I did a few more laps of the pool before some regular guests joined the pool. I climbed out and walked over to the steam room/sauna. I took a seat on the bottom rail and relaxed. I closed my eyes and didn’t see Justin run over and do a flying leap into my knee. It hurt my legs slightly but I didn’t say anything as he leaned against me. JC and Nick sat opposite us, sitting next to each other. I just lay back and tried to relax, ignoring the weight of Justin pushing down on me. After about five minutes I abruptly pushed him off my knee as I heard footsteps approaching the sauna. The same two people who came down to the pool sat in the corner of the room, not that far from Nick and JC. They were in there mid-forties and showed no recognition of the guys. We walked out the sauna and picked our towels up, drying ourselfs off as we walked towards the elevator. The doors opened to reveal a couple of young teenage girls, who near on fainted when they were confronted by the three guys with a towel round their wastes. I found it hysterically funny as they helped them stand up and signed a couple of autographs before heading into the elevator back upto our floor. JC and Nick went into there own rooms, and we entered ours. I was pretty certain I heard the sounds of doors opening and closing after we entered, but I put it down to just being the pipes. I didn’t think Nick was gay, but rather found the issue of homosexuality embarrassing. He and JC did seem a bit close though, and JC must have been in Nick’s room earlier.

"Justin, do you think there’s something going on between Nick and JC?"

"I don’t know, they were both acting a bit weird. It doesn’t matter though, if it makes them happy. Nick has always been very close to Brian and all, he might be gay." Justin said as he pulled off his swimming shorts and lay down on the bed naked. "Well, what film are we watching?"

"Ever seen ‘Event Horizon’?" I asked, trying to avoid looking at Justin.

"No, too scary to watch by myself."

"Good, then you can watch it with me." I ordered the movie off the onscreen menu system and lay down on the bed next to Justin. "Don’t you want to put some underwear on or something?"

"No, I’m fine." Justin said grinning intently.

"Well, I feel a bit uncomfortable. If you lie like that I might not be able to control myself, and I want our first time, touch wood, to be special." I said, tapping the table with my finger. Justin looked bemused.

"Don’t worry, it’s just one of those habits you pick up." I said as Justin pulled on a pair of boxers and lay down next to me. He put his arm round me, and during some of the more scary/horrific bits of the movie I felt like all the air was being forced out of me he pulled me in so tight. The movie finished at about 5:15 and we got dressed. As I was neatening out the bed someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I shouted out.

"It’s Kev, can I come in?"

"That depends on if you’ve learnt how to turn a door handle."

"I guess that’s a no then." Kevin said walking in the room. "I was just coming to tell you we’re meeting outside the elevator at quarter to."

"Have a good time wherever you went?"

"Yep. We just went touring round the city, went in a few bars. AJ got drunk, Howie chatted a girl up, Brian sat in a corner miserable for some reason. I just had a good time."

"Fair enough. See you later Kev." I said as he walked out the room and shut the door.

"Hey, Justin, how long can it take for you to get ready!" I shouted through the bathroom door.

"This long." Justin said smiling as he walked out he door, his hair looking like he had meitculously prepared ever individual strand. I couldn’t resist the urge to try and ruffle his hair up, but he managed to dodge me, before grabbing hold of my hands and restraining me against the wall. He leaned in and kissed me releasing my hands. We broke off after a few seconds and I went into the bathroom and packed up the little I had out there. I put everything in my suitcase and forced the lid down. I walked into the hall, where the others were already gathered, except for Brian. We waited for about five minutes until he walked out of his room, looking forlorn. We went into the elevator and got out in the lobby. The two limos were waiting and the guys piled in. I got into my Rolls Royce in the car park and Justin followed me, followed by JC and Nick. I was surprised but didn’t say anything as they got in the back. I drove off behind the limos, preparing myself for the relatively long drive upto Edinburgh. I adjusted the seat to get comfortable and set off following the limos. The drive took a little over four hours, and by the time we got there the other three were asleep. I pulled up behind them in the hotel car park and woke Justin and the other two up. They had remained silent for the whole journey, but I had a strange feeling they were trying to say something, but kept backing down. By now I had some ideas, but let it lie.

They groggily stepped out the car and followed the other guys upstairs as I parked. Justin waited in the lobby for me while I parked the car. I walked into the lobby and we headed up together, Justin barely awake. This surprised me, since it wasn’t even eleven o’clock by this time, but car journeys often make people tired. We headed to our room and we both changed down to our underwear. I pulled a t-shirt on, since it was a rather cold night and snuggled up under the covers next to Justin. He quickly fell asleep, while I stayed awake, watching his sleeping form for almost an hour until I finally fell asleep myself.

I woke up early the following morning, about 5:30. I called my associate director and made a few arrangements before sitting at the bureau and tying up a few essential items of business on my laptop. I closed it up and placed it back in my case before going into the bathroom and freshening up. I spent about half an hour getting ready before walking out and changing into some new clothes for the day. I walked out the corridor to see who else was up, now approaching 6:30. I heard a couple of voices coming from Lance’s room and knocked on the door. He walked over and opened it, inviting me in. Joey was sitting on the bed and said hi.

"Just wondering who else was up."

"Just us two with the looks. How long you been awake?" Lance asked, inviting me to sit down.

"5:30. Sorted out a few loose ends before we leave tonight. You?"

"Not long, not even half an hour. Why did JC and Nick travel with you?"

"Don’t know. They never said anything the whole journey. You have a nice ride?"

"Not too bad. Anyway, let’s stop beating around the bush here. You came here for a reason." "I did. How’s Chris. He’s not even been within ten metres of me or Justin unless absolutely necessary."

"He’ll adjust, we had a word with him. The BSB are fine with you guys. Chris is a nice guy, I think it just freaked him out a bit, that two of his closest friends was gay, and he was a nice person. He’ll adjust." I just nodded. "It was a little hard to take in at first for all of us. I think somewhere deep down we always thought Justin wasn’t completely straight, he’ never been that interested in girls or anything. JC caught us really off guard though, we had absolutely no idea whatsoever. We had him down as straight as an arrow."

"I must say I was surprised when JC came out, I didn’t have any idea. Then again, Justin surprised me too I suppose. Everything that’s happening is still a lot to take it. Meeting two of my favourite pop groups, falling in love with one of the cutest guys out there, and actually trying to form a relationship." I said smiling.

"I suppose, a big leap really. What actually made Justin come out?"

"I saw a couple of tears in his eyes when Chris insulted gays in the limo after I ran into the back of you. I asked him about it at the hotel, and he started crying. Then JC walked out, and asked what was wrong, saying ‘it’s not as if you’re gay or anything’. Justin locked himself in his room and JC realised. I didn’t think he was gay at the time though. He must have came out to Justin the following morning when he tried to make up. You know the rest."

"So if it wasn’t for Chris being ignorant you two would have never got together." Lance said laughing slightly.

"Yeah, I suppose. Remind me to thank him later." I said, laughing also. We were disturbed by another knock on the door. This time it was AJ. He walked in and took a seat without invitation.

"So, what’s up? Gossip, discussions on what you’re going to get pierced?" AJ said, smiling at me.

"Not quite, just discussing the Chris issue."

"Ah, that one. I don’t think braids would work, but maybe if you dyed it blond..." AJ said, still smiling. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, smiling. He through it back at me and soon enough a pillow fight emerged. Lance and Joey got drawn in the action and I was soon overpowered by the three of them, two pillows versus three. They pinned me down and started to viscously tickle me. I was laughing uncontrollably when Justin walked in and joined in on my side, tackling Lance to the floor, while I was still under the mercy of AJ and Joey. Another minute passed when JC walked in and started to get Joey. I fought back against AJ, as he stopped tickling for a second. I forced him onto the bed and pinned him down, sitting on his stomach while I held down his hands.

"Oh, kinky. I like this." AJ said grinning.

"Hey Just, I think AJ here wants a little something." Justin walked over the fight with the others over. He started tickling AJ like mad while I held him down. He was struggling like hell to get out, but I kept a firm grip. Finally he begged for mercy. I let him go and leaned over to his ear, "I’m already taken, get your own." AJ pouted and walked out. What he didn’t realise is that his bathrobe got caught on the door and his boxers had slipped down. His robe was pulled off and he walked a couple of steps naked. He quickly pulled on his bathrobe, turning red as a beetroot before returning to his room. We all burst out laughing. I looked over at the clock and it was now 7:15. I said buy to the others and me and Justin returned to our room.

We were both ready so we sat next to each other on the bed. After a few seconds we were passionately kissing. We were interrupted by someone coughing at the door. I turned over to see Brian standing in the doorway, the door wide open. Justin blushed heavily while I just at up. "What’s up Brian?"

"Just wanted to tell you, breakfast in Kev’s room in 30 minutes." Brian said, standing in the doorway.

"No, I was just thinking. I’ll leave you two to get back to your kissing, and whatever else you were upto." Brian said, walking out, a look of thought on his face.

"Is anyone round here acting normal anymore. Chris has gone haywire, Nick and JC are clearly hiding something, Brian has something bothering him. I wonder what’s wrong with him?"

"I don’t know, I’ve never known Brian that well, he’s never really talked to me much. I never really took it personally, he jsut doesn’t talk to me."

"Oh, that’s not personal, he talks to everyone else except you." I said smiling. "I might ask him about it. Anyway, what shall we do for the next thirty minutes?"

"I don’t know. How about we just sit here?"

"Sounds fine to me, as long as we sit together."

"Sure." Justin said as we cuddled up next to each other in bed. Suddenly my phone rang, disrupting the moment. I picked it up off the table and spoke for about five minutes before hanging up.

"It turns out I can’t travel with you guys tonight. The company plane is in Edinburgh and needs flying over to Munich to pick up some guests from BMW. Another pilot will fly them to England and back again, returning the plane to England."

"I never knew you were a pilot. What sort of plane is it?"

"Cessna Citation. Nice plane, 9 seater luxury cabin. But that will mean I will have to meet up with you in Germany."

"But our first concert is in Munich anyway, followed by Frankfurt, Bonn and Berlin. We then go to France and do Paris and Marseilles before flying back to the US from Heathrow on Concorde."

"Well then, there’s not much of a problem. Have you changed your schedule or something?"

"Yeah, we were originally doing Berlin first, but the arena is being refurbished and so we had to put it back a few days. We can fly on your jet can’t we?"

"It’s only a nine seater, so one person will have to sit in the cockpit with me. There’s no co-pilot."

"That sounds fun, ride in the cockpit of a private jet. I’ll tell the other guys at breakfast and see what they think. It will be better than flying on a commercial flight though."

"I suppose so, as long as you don’t mind being flown by me. I’m fully qualified, but I’m sure Chris will find the thought of being flown by a gay uncomfortable for some reason or an other."

"Don’t worry about him."

"I’m not, I’m worried about you."

"That’s so sweat." Justin said, pulling me into a kiss. It seemed every bit as good as our first ever kiss only a few hours ago. Even though I had only known him for three days really, I felt like we had been together for a life time. We got up and knocked on Kevin’s door. He opened the door and invited us in, a large tray of food on the table. Most of the guys had already arrived except for Nick, Brian and JC. I picked up a dish and poured myself a bowl of cereal and milk. I sat down at the table and ate, as the guys were in their on conversations. Brian walked in and had some cereal, closely followed by Nick and JC, who had a full English breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, fired bread, toast). Justin finally spoke up.

"Guys, Simon has got to fly to Munich in his private jet tonight, so I thought we could co along in the jet, there’s room for all of us, and it would be nicer than flying on a small commercial flight. The crew could come on the commercial flight and we would meet them there." Justin said, looking around the room for comments.

"Sounds fine to me, and we would get a little more privacy than on a commercial flight." Kevin said, looking round the rest of the guys. They all nodded in agreement. "That’s settled then, we’ll fly on Simon’s company jet, and the crew will come along on the booked flight." Kevin said, as he finished eating. "Well, as soon as you’re all finished we can have a wonder round until midday, when we have to get down for rehearsals. The concert starts at 6 and we should be away by 11 at the latest. There was a competition for some backstage passes and 10 people have won some backstage passes and an hour or so with us before we leave." We all finished breakfast over the next ten minutes and headed out. Our hotel was in the centre of town, so exploring so no problem. We went round in three groups, two fours and a three. Justin, Lance and myself. We wondered round until about 11:30, when we hailed a cab.

"Justin, I’ve got to go down to the airport to check the flight plan and stuff for the flight. I’ll register a departure time of midnight, but I should have a lot of flexibility by that time at night if we are any earlier." I said as they climbed out the cab at the arena. I waved as the driver pulled off. I got out the cab at the airport and walked through. I checked the filled flight plan and signed it, handing it back to the attendant, before checking on the fuel arrangements. I paid to have the plane fuelled to capacity here and then filled up in Munich again. The plane was currently parked in a storage hanger on the edge of the airport, but I had it arranged to dock at a gate for the guys to get on, and luggage to be loaded. I left the airport and headed for the arena, arriving at about 2.

I took a seat in the audience stand as I watched the guys run through the complete performance on stage. Justin’s attempt at a Scottish accent was almost laughable, in fact, it was laughable. I gave them a single man standing ovation at the end of their run through and went backstage. We all headed off to dinner, this time a Pizza Hut round the corner. We talked, and I even managed to say a few civil words to Chris. We didn’t quite get to conversation level, but our relationship seemed to be improving.

"How long have you been flying?"

"Four years now, jets for two. I can’t fly a commercial plane though, I’m red green colour blind. I can still see the difference on every display on virtually every aircraft, but they don’t agree. I might have done a commercial license otherwise. It’s still nice to be able to fly. I’ve got a small prop Cessna which I usually take a quick run around every weekend of so. The jet costs a bit too much money and requires over a 4000ft runway to take off." Our conversation ended at that point as he returned to eating his pizza.

By the time we returned to the arena at 5, the fans were already queuing outside and being let in. We were bombarded as we ran into the backstage door, which was quickly closed behind us by security. The only thing was I was shut outside. I waited for a few seconds until a very large security guy walked over and dragged me away form the door. I tried to explain, which only seemed to worsen matters as I was literally thrown into the street. Justin didn’t realise I was missing, still talking to me as he walked to the make up room. I shouted my head off to the security person to let me in, and that resulted in him threatening to call the police. Eventually he called through to see if I was known, after about 30 minutes of standing outside.

"Get out of here now. They don’t know you. If you don’t fucking well leave the premises I will call the police and get you arrested for harassment."

"Let’s try this one one more time my Neanderthal friend. Pick up the telephone and ask to speak to Justin Timberlake, Joshua Chasez, in fact anyone in either group."

"What the hell did you call me." He asked, clearly mad. I just looked upto the sky in hope. Suddenly the phone rang. After a few seconds he put it down. "I’m sorry Mr.Williams, it does appear you are expected. Please go right through, I’m sorry for any problems caused." The man said, backing down, appearing almost scared. I walked through the backstage door and found Justin in makeup.

"Didn’t’ you miss me?" I asked, pouting

"There you are, I presumed you had gone and sat down in the audience or something. I just went to look, and called outside just in case. What happened?"

"They slammed the door in my face when we came back from Pizza Hut, threw me into the street, called up and were told no one knew me, threatened with police arrest, and then you called through." I said, laughing slightly.

"I’m sorry, one of our assistants must have answered the phone." Justin said, pulling me into a hug. "Anyway, I’ve got to finish getting ready, we’re on first. You go and get your seat." Justin said smiling. I walked out the backstage entrance into the arena and headed towards my front row centre seat. As I approached my number it was clear someone else was already sitting there.

"Excuse me, but I think you’re in my seat." I said politely, to the young lady in the seat.

"Well, you should have got here earlier then, shouldn’t you." She said not even looking at me.

"Look here ma’am. This is my seat, get out of your own free will or I will have you removed." Still maintaining an air of calm in my voice.

"Piss off you fag. What is a guy doing here anyway. Go and get a life." She screamed at me in her strong Scottish accent. I walked down the hall way and put my head through the backstage door. I called one of the guys security people over and asked for his assistance. He walked back to my seat and had the girl escorted out of the arena, not even letting her return to her own seat mid way in the arena. I sat down, another guy sitting to the right of me.

"You handled that well. I would have had to hit her." The guy said, in a slight American accent.

"Doesn’t bother me much. You get used to it after a while."

"What are you doing up in Scotland." The guy asked. He must have been about 18y/o

"Holiday. I decided to pop into the concert. You?"

"Oh, I live in Scotland now, I originally come from LA. How did you end up getting front row exact centre seats?" He said, unconvinced.

"A bit of luck really, I might ask you the same question"

"I won a competition along with ten or so others to meet them after the show. My name’s John by the way."

"Simon." I said, shaking his hands. "Anyway, it looks like we’re about to start." I said, relaxing into my chair. ‘N Sync came on stage and performed ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ perfectly. I, as always, lost complete track of time, and the concert was over before I even realised it. I got out my seat and headed back stage. John followed me, handing over a backstage ticket. They went into the side room where the guys was, along with the other nine winners, all guys. They all started talking as I stood in the corner. They went out to the pizza hut and I followed behind, but I didn’t go in with them, but took a table on the other side of the room. After about an hour they all said there good byes and the ten people walked off, armed with autographs. I walked over to them.

"Great concert guys. Shall we get off to the airport. You’ve got all your luggage in the limos I take it?"

"Yep, let’s get going." Kevin said, standing up and walking out the restaurant. We got into the waiting limos and drove off. I had already left instructions for my car to be picked up and drove back. We pulled up outside the private terminal and walked into the waiting area. We walked upto the desk and I cleared us through to the terminal section. I hopped into a waiting car, and was drove down to the hangar where the plane was stored. I opened the plane and started her up, performing the pre-ignition checks before pulling out the hangar and towards the terminal building. I parked the plane and the access ladder was pulled to the door. I climbed out and helped the guys put the luggage onto the loader. I raised it upto the hold and loaded the luggage, with the help of the grounds person. The stewardess came entering the terminal as I finished loading the luggage. I closed the hold and backed the lift away. The guys boarded the plane via the ladder and I entered the cockpit. Justin came in and I invited him to sit in the co-pilots chair. I restarted the plane and put on my headset.

"Tower, this is hotel zulu 7429 requesting clearance to taxi to runway."

"7429 this is tower. You are cleared for taxi to runway 27. Follow marker 27." The voice came through the headset. I applied the thrust reversers and slowly pulled out of the terminal area. I turend the plane onto the taxi way and headed for the runway. "7429, you are cleared for take off on runway 27. Winds are 12 knots on 187, visibility 20km."

"Thank you tower." I said, flicking the intercom button. "Gentlemen, this is your pilot. Please fasten your seatbelts and return your seats to their upright and locked positions. Please turn off all electronic devices for takeoff." I eased up the power and released the break, the plane rapidly accelerating through to 100mph in under 8 seconds. "Rotating" I said as the front wheels left the ground at 180mph. " Tower we have takeoff. Proceeding on pre-designated course."

"7429, this is tower. You are cleared for your filed flight plan." I flicked on the autopilot and set in the course details and relaxed in the chair as the plane flew itself. I turned off my headset speaker and turned towards Justin. "Well, it’s a little under two hours at peak speed, I’ll just make a quick announcement." I flicked on the intercom. "We are now heading for an altitude of 28000 feet at a cruising speed of 450knots, approximately 510mph. Our estimated journey time is 1hour 58 minutes at current conditions. Please keep your seat belts fastened until we reach our cruising altitude." I said, adjusted the planes climb rate up slightly to 3000ft/min, adjusting the throttle appropriately. After about 6 minutes I turned off the fasten seat belt sign and adjusted the climb rate to 1000ft/min. I stood up out the chair and walked to the crew cabin. Maria, the stewardess was took out an orders menu and walked over to me.

"Hello Mr.Williams. What can I get you?"

"Coffee, black, tow sugars."

"I’ll have a rum and coke." Justin said as she wrote down the order. She walked into the cabin and took the rest of the drinks orders. I stepped into the cabin and looked around at the nicely decorated area. It looked more like a house than a plane, with a sofa at the rear, complete with seatbelts, two televisions, telephones at every seat. Maria walked into the crew section and started preparing all the drinks.

"Shouldn’t you be at the controls?" Nick asked, looking concerned.

"Na, I’ve left Justin flying." Nick looked scared stiff, believing me. "The autopilot’s on dummy. It can probably fly this thing better than I can." I said, as if on cue, the plane jerked slightly. Nick jumped out of his seat and grabbed onto Brian, who seemed deep in thought. "Don’t worry, just a patch of turbulence." I said as I walked back towards the cockpit and sat back down in the pilots seat, taking my drink from the holder. I took a few sips before checking the radar for anymore turbulence. It looked like there were clear skies ahead. I relaxed into the seat as Brian walked up into the cockpit and sat next to me. I was surprised when I saw who it was.

"Hi Brian, what’s wrong?"

"Nothing, just came to look at the cockpit." He said unconvincingly.

"Oh, anything else?"

"No, not really." Brian said, not moving from the chair. "You know there is, I just don’t know how to say it all. Ok, here goes. Simon, I think I might be gay and I don’t know what to do about it. I gave that guy at the meeting my phone number and I’ve been worried if he says something to the press of something. I don’t know what to do." Brian said, a couple of tears running in his eyes. I went to answer when the plane suddenly jerked downwards violently, loosing 300ft instantly. I turned my attention to the controls and pulled on my seat harness, Brian doing the same under my instruction.

"Ladies and gents, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts, we’ve encountered some bad turbulence." I said, continuing to let the autopilot retain control. We must have passed through a patch of colder air, changing the air flow pattern over the wings. The systems check came back ok and I relaxed a little. "Brian, I don’t think John will do anything, he seemed a nice enough guy. I understand how you feel, but you’ve completely isolated yourself. Don’t let it get you down. Try talking to Nick, he’s been your friend for years. People have often speculated about you two being gay, I’m sure he will understand and support you. You’re like brothers, hell you all are in the group from what I can tell."

"I’m scared incase he might reject me, not want to know me. I couldn’t stand loosing him over this." Brian said, a few more tears forming in his eyes. I put my hand on his and gripped it tight. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. "I have given Kevin hints, I know he knows about me, but he’s my cousin, I knew he would support me. I don’t want to scare Nick or anything."

"Brian, don’t worry. Nick will accept you just the same, he came swimming with Justin, JC and myself yesterday, three gay guys. It doesn’t bother him, he will accept you just the same. Anyway, I think I here Nick screaming hysterically back there, you should go and have a look at him." At the back of my mind I thought that Nick might actually be gay, and getting into a relationship with JC, but I didn’t know anything for sure, they might just be planning a surprise party for all I knew, or JC might not even have been in Nick’s room, it just all seemed a bit suspicious to me, and Justin. Brian got out his chair and walked back into the cabin, Justin walking up front and sitting next to me. The plane was still shaking about a little, but not as bad as the first jolt. They’re never very nice when you’re caught unprepared. Justin pulled his seat harness on and looked towards me.

"What did Brian want?"

"He wanted to see the cockpit." I said as I increased the throttle slightly, accelerating the plane to get out the turbulent patch. I wasn’t certain why it didn’t show up on radar, so it was probably due to temperature variation in the air, not resulting in reflection of the radar signals. "I take it Nick didn’t like it too much."

"He thought we were going to die, he started crying and grabbing onto me. I’m glad Brian took over." I flicked off the autopilot and took hold of the yoke.

"Tell me I’m evil."

"You’re evil." Justin said as I made the plane lurch downwards again, before quickly rising. I put the autopilot back on and flicked on the intercom.

"Sorry about that, Justin just knocked the controls getting into the chair." Quickly flicking off intercom before he had chance to say anything.

"I don’t believe you. What did I do to deserve that!" Justin said smiling.

"You didn’t kiss me when you walked onto the cockpit. Anyway, I’ll let them get an hours sleep now. You can join them if you like."

"I’m tired, I’ll try to take a little nap." Justin said leaning back in the seat and closing his eyes. I looked back into the cabin to see JC and Joey playing a game of cards, but the rest of the guys looked like they were asleep. I buzzed Maria for another drink which she brought upto the cabin. I quickly gulped it down before returning my attention to the dark skyline ahead of me.

I woke Justin up an hour later as we were coming to land. We were about 60 miles outside of Munich when I put on the cabin lights. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please return your seats and tray tables to their upright and locked position, and secure your seat belts. We are about to begin our decent to Munich. We will be landing within half an hour.  Sick bags are available on request from the Maria Nick!" I said smiling slightly, switching off the intercom. I switched to NAV2 and put on the ILS landing age. I put a 1000 ft/minute decent on the autopilot and turned into the ILS slope.

"Hotel Zulu 7249 you are cleared for ILS approach on runway 4. You have a clear path ahead."

"Thank you control, ILS approach on runway for, transponder 106.23." I responded, as I adjusted the decent onto the flight path. Maria came in and offered us some boiled sugar sweets. I never had any problems with landings, Nick on the other hand took a handful. We slowly edged forwards on a gradual decent as I deployed the landing gear at 10000 feet, and extended the flaps to 15. As the wheels touched I fully deployed the flaps, spoilers, thrust reversers and breaks. The plane gently touched ground and quickly decelerated on the run way. I pulled off and taxied to the terminal building. The commercial flight wasn’t due in for another half hour, so we had made good time. A ladder was pulled upto the plane and the guys got out, Nick practically running to get off the plane. I couldn’t’ figure out what he found so scary about flying. They took the baggage off the plane as I drove it to a hangar, since it wouldn’t be needed for two days. I rode back to the terminal building and met up with the guys. The airport was deserted, only being about 2am in the morning. We walked out the front of the airport, about 10 or so fans at the entrance to the terminal. They signed a few autographs before stepping into the limo. I rode with the ‘N Sync guys, wondering whether Brian had spoke to Nick. He was probably to occupied trying to stop him from dying of fright than adding in his own problems.

"You’re not a bad pilot Simon, I’ve always wanted to learn to fly, but our schedule is a bit too constricting." Joey spoke up.

"It took me a year to get my jet license, I never had the time to put in hours." I responded. "It would have been a better flight if Justin hadn’t have jerked the plane when sitting down though."

"Yeah Justin, you should be more careful." JC responded.

"It wasn’t me, Simon did it and then blamed me because I didn’t kiss him when I walked into the cockpit."

"Ah, how cute. You practically scared Nick to death." Lance said.

"I could tell from the screaming. What’s wrong with flying, it’s safer than driving." I looked out the window as we pulled upto the hotel, a few more fans standing at the entrance. We walked out the limos and passed them by into the elevator. A bell hop brought our keys over to us and took our bags out of the limos. We went upto our floor and entered our respective rooms. I collapsed on the bed without even changing. I was glad we weren’t flying much further, since I was incredibly tired. Justin still seemed full on energy however, which surprised me. Went into the bathroom and I could hear the shower running, but I didn’t have the energy to even get out of bed. I closed my eyes and never even heard Justin walk back out the bathroom.

I woke late the following morning, just before 9. Justin was still asleep besides me so I slipped out of the bed and stripped down, getting into the shower. I almost jumped out my skin when I heard the shower door open. I spun round to see Justin walking into the shower with me, completely naked. I attempted to maintain an air of composure, but it took everything I had to stop myself from fainting.

"Something wrong?" Justin asked as if it was the most natural thing to do.

"No, just a little surprised." I said, attempting not to stare at Justin. He wasn’t doing the same though, as I could tell was staring directly at me, looking over my whole body. I could feel myself becoming hard, and so was Justin. He reached out and took my cock in his hand, and I virtually came then and there. "Justin, I thought we were taking this slow and all."

"I’m only jacking you off. I’ll stop if you want me to though, or you could even return the favour." He said grinning from ear to ear, glancing down towards his own cock. I reached out and wrapped my hands round his 8inch penis and slowly began to move my hands up and down. It was obvious he was in at least as much pleasure as I was. He started moaning quietly, but quickly became louder.

"Justin, I’m about to, oh god, YES!" I screamed out as I came all over his hand and stomach. Justin erupted only a few moments later, my screams driving him over the edge. He washed the cum off me and then himself, before walking out the shower, still grinning. I just stood there in the water for a few more seconds, until he reached in and turned the thermostat to cold. I leaped out the shower as the water suddenly became freezing. I picked up a towel and started trying to whip him with it. He ran out the room and started to trying to attack me with his towel. We were laughing quite loud when suddenly the door knocked. We both stopped and put the towel round our wastes.

"Who is it?" we both said simultaneously.

"It’s AJ. We’re going for breakfast. You two should know the walls in this place aren’t very thick either. The floor below probably heard you, the lobby probably heard you." AJ said laughing as he walked back down the corridor. Justin turned a floursecent shade of red, while I jsut burst out laughing.

"I’m sure breakfast could be interesting if they all heard us." I said is I put on a shirt.

"Yep, I never thought about them being able to hear us, over the shower and all." Justin said, still slightly red.

End of chapter three

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