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May 31st 2000:

"Hello" Chas Mulhouland answered his cell phone

"Hi Chas, It's Teri I got those tickets that you and Taylor wanted, I even managed to get backstage passes!"

"Teri, I'm sorry had to do all of that work, but I'm not going"

"What!!, Do you have any Idea how hard. It is to get front row center seats and backstage passes to N*SYNC, even if you are a Mulhouland?"

"Teri, Taylor and I broke up"

"Chas, I'm so sorry, But I did Tell you this would happen"

"I know I should lean to listen to you."

"So what happened?"

"Well I told him that after six months that I expected monogamy, and well lets just say that he held to the Bill Clinton school of thought on that issue.

"Wow, So how did you find out?"

"I sorta saw him with someone at the club, but he was so into the moment that he didn't even notice anyone in the room.

"Well, you were too good for him anyway"

"Thanks Teri. Tell me, is it too much for me to ask for a man that will love me and only me?"

"Hell No!! It's not. Chas, you are quite a catch you know. Smart, good-looking, young and add to that the fact that your family owns half of Fort Worth and you have an unbeatable package, hell if you were straight I'd snatch you up in a second.

"Well right now that sounds very tempting, I mean this is two in a row, one more and I think it qualifies as a streak"

"Chas I know that there is someone out there for you and your going to find him very soon"

"I hope that you right, it is getting very discouraging out here"

"So are you going to let Taylor win or are you going to get out there and find you a man to go to that concert with?"

"Teri, After the week that I have had I don't want a man of any sorts. Hay I have an Idea why don't you go, with all the work that you have been doing with that new government job you need a break, I'm sure that I could convince dad of that, what do you say?

"Sure, I love the boys and I would love a chance to get away from that office"

"Well, It's a date then, I'll even see if I can get Sam to drive us, I'm sure that dad will let us use the limo"

" We be styling. I have truly moved on up"

"Teri I've got to go I just pulled up to the gate and mom has a fit if I talk and drive at the same"

Chas keyed that pass code into the key pad. The rod iron gates slowly rolled open allow this Ranger Rover to pass through. He pulled into the circular drive in front of the large plantation style home. As he entered the front door he heard cursing coming from upstairs

"Hi mom, need a hand with anything?"

"Hi honey, nope I have everything under control"


You see the Mulhouland's maid, Kat's mother had surgery on her back and so she had gone to help her through recovery, which would take about six weeks. Patricia , being the woman that she is decided that instead of having a temp she would do the cooking cleaning for the duration of the time. Joe, Chas' dad gave her three days before she gave in and called for a temp. It was day five and Chas had made $20 off of the bet. He had given her seven, although she seemed to really be committed to this. She had at one time had to do these things for herself, before she met Joe, all be it on a much smaller scale.

"Chas, Taylor called while you were out, that makes seven times since yesterday, is something wrong between you two?"

"Yeah, mom something is, I saw him with Jon the new tennis pro at Rivercrest. He was so into the moment that neither of them noticed that I was in the room. I left as soon as I saw that scene, I've been avoiding him since.

"Chas, I understand that seeing that upset you, but this is not the right way to go about this, you have to address the situation. Ignoring things only makes them worse.

" I know, I'll call him later and tell him what I saw and that is not my idea of what a relationship is all about."

Chas climbed the stairs and entered his father's study. He saw his mother standing on top of the cherry executive desk in an attempt to reach the chandelier.

"Mom, your going to break your neck, let me get that I'm a few inches taller than you."

"That's OK I'll manage. Honey I'm sorry about what happened with you and Taylor, I though that he was a really nice person. Chas, did Teri get a hold of you?"

"Yeah she did. She got the tickets that Taylor and I had wanted. When I told her that we broke up and that I wouldn't have anyone to go with she threatened to kill me after al the sting that she had to pull to get both tickets and backstage passes, so we decide that we'd go together.

"Oh that will be fun, you know how crazy that girl can be, you're apt to have to pull her off of the stage naked or something."

"Mom, did dad say when he'd be home, I wanted to talk to him about using the limo on Tuesday night for the concert, you don't think that he'll mind do you?"

"Oh of course not it's not like we have anything planed for Tuesday night or anything, but ask just in case there is something that I don't know about"

"What? Your mother admit that there is something that she doesn't know, I have to get this on tape" came Joe's voice from the entry"

"Dad, your home early, is everything all right?"

"Well a man comes home before 10pm and the world has toped spinning on its axis. Can't a man spend some time with the people that he loves?"

"Sure, I just thought that with this new contract that you were real tied up at work"

"Oh, believe me, I am. I have to fly to Washington on Monday, the government bean counters want to go over all of the man hour projection and such since we bid it on a cost-plus bases. So I have to get stuck on the jet with two nerds from accounting, don't get me wrong they do a wonderful job, but they lack the conversation skills to make a three-hour flight very interesting, is there any way I could talk you into coming for the week?"

"Well as much fun as that sounds I have to ogle teen pop stars on Tuesday night so I think that I'll pass, besides that shipment from the German factory arrives on Thursday in Austin and I'll need to be available in case something is wrong, you know that we tend to have problems from the new factories."

"Son, I'm really proud of the way that you have run things around here. I'm so happy that you took an interest in the business and wanted to lean how to run things, you've done a fabulous job of things and I don't know what I'll do when you go off to NU this fall?"

"I'm sure that you'll manage. Dad, as much as I love you and mom I'm ready to experience a side of the world that is not so, polished and perfect.

"Chas, I you mother and I have worked very hard to insure that you were sheltered from the less desirable parts of society"

"Dad, that's just it I want to decide what is less than desirable. I want see to people who aren't rich, white Texans. Did you know that Teri was the first black person that I ever knew on a personal level? I know that y'all are not closed minded I just want to experience all of the things that I have missed in life.

"Why can't you experience them at TCU or SMU they both have good music programs and there not in that hell hole that is Manhattan. I worry about my baby" Pat chimed in

"Mom, dad that the hole point is to see how the rest of the world lives from day to day"

"Fine, lets change the subject"

"Ok, Dad can I use the limo for Teri and I to go to a concert on Tuesday, if Sam is willing to drive.

"Sure, I thought that you and Taylor wanted to go to that concert"

"We broke up, at least we're going to as soon as I tell him that he got caught"

"Oh, sorry,"

"It's no big deal I'll make it, besides now I'm free for the man of my dreams, I hope that I get to meet him Tuesday. Chas' eyes glazed over at the thought of Lance.

"Earth to Chas" came his mothers voice " You really have it bad for this guy, don't you, I mean posters all over the wall of your room, you were never the groupie type."

"I know, that's what makes it so weird I'm usually so level and grounded, but when I look at those green eyes I just melt."

"Ok TMI for me to know"

"Sorry, dad I just get caught up some times."

That night as Chas turned down the covers of his bed he gazed at the poster hanging on the wall behind it

"Good night my sweet three more days till I meet you and make you fall madly in love with me"

Chas grinded at his last statement "yeah right me, who am I kidding"

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