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Chas awoke the following morning in a pool of sweat. He had that damn dream again, except that this time was more of a mess.

"Great, of all the times for mom to star doing laundry, when I start having wet dreams"

Chas changed out of his silk pj's and striped the sheets off of his bed. He placed both items in the laundry chute and hoped that mom would not noticed them with the rest of stuff. He headed to pool to do his morning laps. Swimming was the only that got him ready to face the rest of the world. After he finished his 50 laps he showed and went to the kitchen to fix something for breakfast. To his surprise Pat was already up fixing Joe some coffee

"Hay mom it's only 7:00 am what are you doing up?"

"What can't a mother fix her family breakfast?"

"Sure, I"m just not used to it, that's all. Are you and dad dying or something, I mean he comes home early and you star making breakfast"

"Chas, that's a terrible thing to say. Of course not, we just want to get as much time in before your gone for a long while. You leave for Europe next week and then a week after you get back you have to go to New York to get ready for classes.

"Chas I can't believe that my baby is leaving home"

"Mom, you have to cut the apron string sometime, I can't be little forever"

"I know, I'll be fine, eventually"

"Chas don't forget your tennis lesson today"

"Oh damn it, not that bastard"

"What?" Joe was very puzzled

" That little kinky S.O..B. is one that cheated with Taylor"

"Oh, sorry, do you think you could make this lesson, It's too late for another instructor. I promise that I'll get you a new one next week, please?

"Ok but I refuse to be civil."

"Just don't make a scene"

"Don't worry mom I won't embarrass you"

Chas actually did not much care for tennis, he simply did it to please his father. Joe had insisted that he lean it, for business purposes. Chas was a little bit too clumsy for the sport. He had a bad habit of tripping over himself and was simply not always that motivated to go after the ball. He arrived at this lesson a few minutes late, eliciting a displeased look from Trent.

"Your late"


"What, long night last night" He said with obviously innuendo

" Fuck you Trent, can we please just get to my lesson?"

"Well somebody isn't getting any"

"Can't imagine why" Chas glared at him

Trent realized that he had been caught. His face flushed a very brilliant shade of red. The lessen was awkward, to say the least. Chas was actually playing better that he had in, well ever. In the final serve of the match Trent dropped the ball just inches over the net. Chas scrambled to return it. The precess he fell head long over the net. He tried to move, to no avail. The last thing he remembers is Trent standing over him, then blackness.

When Chas awoke he was in the hospital with his mom and Teri standing over him.

"Hay sleeping beauty, have a nice nap?" Teri smiled

"Yeah, wonderful. I feel like I've been hit with a ton of bricks"

"Honey, you took a pretty bad fall the doctors want to keep you overnight. You had a mild concussion and they want to make sure that there are no complications.

"Mom the only complication will be when you have to hire F. Lee Bailey to defend me for killing Trent"

"Don't you worry about him, your father took care of it."

"What did he do Teri?"

"Lets just say that Rivercrest will some very clean toilets for the next few months"

"Good enough for the cheating prick"

"Well now that you've come around Teri and I had better be off. The doctor said that you needed plenty of rest."

"Speaking of shouldn't he be in here to check on me now that I'm not comatose? Well speak of the devil." Chas said as a man in a white lab coat entered the room.

"Hi Chas glad to see you awake. How are you feeling ?"

"Well other than the liberty bell that's ringing in my head, I'm fine"

"Well you did take a pretty nasty fall, that's to be expected. You have no swelling , but I'd still like to keep you overnight , just to be on the safe side"

"Yeah, mom told me"

"I'll give you something to help you sleep and take the edge off of that headache"

The nurse put something Into Chas' iv . Chas drifted off to sleep. His dream returned, this time more vivid than ever.

He was sitting by the pool watching Chas do his laps. Chas glanced over and smiled at the piecing set of green eyes watching his every move. Chas quickly finished his laps and meet his lover pool side.

"Hay, I made you lunch" Lance motioned to that sandwiches and fruit laid out on the patio table

"Thank you, but I see something that I'd much rather have" Chas grinned

Lance cupped Chas' face in his strong hands and kissed him firmly on the lips. Chas returned the kiss even more passionately.

"Lance as much as I enjoy exhibitionism, I 'd bet that Mrs. Rosencranz is watching with her field glasses. Why don't we take this to my room.

Chas led his lover by the hand into his spacious bedroom. Lance scooped him up in his strong arms and set him on the bed. Lace trailed his tongue over Chas' smooth chest. Lance flicked Chas' tiny nipples till they stiff peaks. He slowly trailed his fingers down inside the waist band of Chas' trunks, working them around his stiff cock. Lance slid the wet trunks off and let them fall to the floor. Chas violently undid the buttons on Lance's shirt. He explored the hard plain of the blond's well-defined torso. He massaged the growing bulge in Lance's shorts. Lance let out a low moan, urging Chas to continue. Chas freed lance 10in member from it's prison inside of his boxers. Chas rolled Lance of the top and pinned him below. Chas trailed soft kisses over his tight abs, finally engulfing his massive cock Chas took him in up to the hilt. He swirled his tongue around the base of the head. He licked the shaft from base to tip. Lance groaned in pleasure. Chas washed his balls in his warm saliva. He sucked and licked lance till he filled his mouth with hot cum. Chas tried to take al l of it in but a little dribbled out of the corners of his mouth. Lance kissed Chas, roaming his tongue over Chas' own delving into his mouth.

"Boy I taste good" Lance licked himself off of Chas' chin


"Chas I want you to make love to me"

T hat was all the urging that Chas needed. He tongued lanced moist hole , running his tongue deep inside, probing his depth. Chas put Lances legs on his shoulders and began to slowly fuck Lance's tight ass. Lance and Chas settled into a steady rhythm. Chas and Lance were both to the brink in no time. Lance sprayed another massive load on Chas' chest just as Chas shot his in Lances tight hole.

Chas woke up with a broad smile on his face

"Whatever it is that they put in my iv, I want to take some home with me"

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