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Chas was counting the dots on his ceiling tiles when he heard a knock at his door. He looked over at the clock on the night stand and saw that it was already 9:00am.

"Come in"

"Hay honey, how do you feel"

"Much better, thank you"

"Great, you will feel even better when you see what your father got for your other graduation gift"

"Presents, I love presents"

"You'll love this"

"What's in the bag?" he raised an eyebrow

"Your clothes"

"Oh well"

"Mom, do you think you could give me a hand with my pants, it hurts my head to bend over"

"Good, your less likely to get into trouble that way." Chas turned about 10 shades of red

"Mother I'm ashamed of you"

Pat grabbed his pants out of the duffel and helped him with the blue jeans.

"Do you know how long it has been since I did this, you must have been five"

"Mom, I love you"

"Chas, What do you want?"

"Nothing just wanted you to know"

"I'll find out soon enough"

Chas signed his release forms and was reluctantly wheeled out. Pat said that she'd go bring the car around when she pulled up, Chas' jaw dropped. There before him was a new black Bentley convertible, top down, shining like a new dime

"So you like It?" Chas was speechless. He just stood there and stared. Pat got out of the drivers

"You going to get in, or just stare"

"For me ?"

"What the hell would I want with a convertible, it plays hell with my hair"

"I thought that the two-month trip to Europe was my gift?"

"Well that too, but we wanted you to have a new car to go to college with, I just couldn't stomach the thought of you having to ride the subway just makes me ill"

"Mom thank you so much" as he got behind the wheel

"Hay what are parents for"

Chas pulled out of the parking lot and onto the freeway. When he accelerated it pinned them to the back of their seats.

"Wow! this thing has some power"

"Wonderful, now don't ever do that with me in it again"

"Mom, you were right"

"About what"

"I do Want something"

"What, you just got a car"

"Well the concert is day after tomorrow and I have nothing to wear."

"Oh please you have a closet the size of a small country that is full of clothes"

"Nothing cool" he gave the big puppy dog eyes

"Alright where?"

"I think that Saks has some new Dolce and Gucci, oh and the new Versace versus stuff"

As they pulled into the parking lot a few people admired the car.

"Boy this thing can sure attract attention"

"Is that a bad thing"

"Not necessarily" seeing a tall blond check out the car

As Chas walked through the door David, his usual sales person lite up

"Hay Chas what's up. Haven't see you in awhile. I heard about what happened at the club, you ok?"

" Yeah I got out of the hospital today. David I got tickets to *Nsync concert on Tuesday night and I want something cool to wear."

"Really, your going to, I won tickets over the radio, front row"

"Teri and I are going she even managed to get backstage passes"

"Wow! must be nice"

"Hay why don't you go with us, dad is going to let us use the limo you live in Arlington, so your right on the way"

"Cool that would be great"

"Well enough about the finest guys on earth lets find something that will make Lance want to jump my bones"

"Well, how cool do you want to go?"


"Ok, well we just got these new Gucci Jeans. They have 5% spandex that gives them a close fit, what do you think?"

"Great, I need a 46 Italian"

"I've got one, last pair

"Oh, Oh! I have to have this shirt"

he held up a short-sleeved black button-up with a blood red sheen

"Mom, what do you think of this?"

"Cornball Chas, how about some of this Polo?"

"It's perfect I'll take it"

"Anything else, maybe a pair of the new shoes"

"Chas you have those awful Gucci Frankenstein shoes, no shoes"

"Well then I guess that'll do it"

"Great, your account or dads?"

"Dads. Hay give me your number and I'll call with details on Tuesday."

"Sure here you go I can't wait"

"Chas $1,200 for a shirt your father is going to shit when He gets that bill"

"Mom it's Dolce, besides you'll have to deal I 'll be in Europe, anyway we'll call this even for that trip that I had to make to Mexico while he was in Oklahoma to straighten out that order"

"I thought that was what you got paid for"

"Kill Joy"

After 45 nerve racking minutes Chas deposited them safely at home. Pat swore she was never getting in the car with him again, ever. Pat prepared a great meal, rack of lamb, roasted potatoes, asparagus and chocolate layer cake for dessert. Conversation over dinner turned to Joe's trip.

"Hay dad what time do you leave tomorrow, early?"

"Yeah, I have a 9:00am meeting so I need to leave hereby seven, I've already called and had the jet fueled and ready to leave, so you don't need to worry about that."

"Thanks, you make my job so easy"

"Don't get used to it , you'll have do it all someday I plan on take your mother some place warm and tropical after you take over, hell I'm 70 years old"

"You deserve it dad"

"Enough business talk at the table you. Chas did you ever get any luggage to take with you to Europe?"

"I picked up some Louis Vuitton last week in Dallas"

"Good, your old set was looking pretty worn"

"So, son, what group are you going to go see"

"*Nsync dad, you know the ones who's posters I put all over my room"

"Oh I though that only 13 year old girls went to their concerts?"

"Guys that cute have to have a massive gay following dad"

"I never thought of it that way"

Chas finished his meal and excused himself to his office where he fiddled around on E-bay for a while looking for something to catch his eye. He found nothing of interest. He said good night to his parents who were in their sitting room talking and went to get ready for bed. He preformed his usual nightly ritual of blood-brushing his teeth and flossing each one, he was extremely anal about his hygiene. He changed into a fresh pair of silk Pjs, his other were at the cleaners. He bid Lance's image good night and crawled into the large king size bed.

**************************MONDAY JUN 1ST*********************************

Chas awoke the next morning, somewhat relived and at the same time kinda disappointed to find that his dream had not returned. He wen in to the bathroom and emptied his balder. He put on his trunks and wen t for his morning swim. He finished his 50 laps and went t get something for breakfast. Mom wasn't cooking this morning and dad was already gone, Chas will thought that he'd catch him before he left, but he always called from the plain to so goodbye. Chas rinsed himself off a peach and poured a glass of juice. His father had left the morning paper on the counter. Chas sat on one of the bar stools and opened it to the arts section . There in all of their ful color glory was *Nsync. It was the usual press, the start of the group, Justin And J.C. day on MMC etc. The article went on to say that the Guys would be signing copies of *NO STRINGS ATTACHED* at the Sam Goody at the Galleria this evening from 5 till 9pm.

"Probably be way too many screaming girls, I'll just wait till tomorrow and have them all to myself"

Chas made a few calls around lunch time to some of the oversees factories to make sure that the deliveries were already gone for the day and called Dallas to make sure that the Dowchem parts all met tolerances, they did not. Chas had to raise holly hell with the new German factory to overnight replacements.

Pat knocked on the office door and Chas beckoned her in while talking on the phone . After a very heated discussion involving a 10mm difference Chas hung up the phone

"Well that 10mm just coast us 2 million dollars"

"Wow somebodies head is going to roll when dad gets back":

"It already did. Dad told me to handle this, I did"

"What ever you need to, it's all really yours"

The rest of the day went by without any other excitement Chas stayed home while his mom went to Neimans. She came home with a car full of bags and preceded to give Chas a fashion show of the days purchases. Chas showed mock interest, to please mom. She fixed fried chicken for dinner and the y ate in her study.

"So, are you excited about the concert tomorrow?"

"Yeah I think that It will be fun"

"Chas I want you to know that I love no matter even if you never do give me grandchildren"

"Thanks, I know that, and maybe you can have grandchildren, there's always adoption"


"Goodnight Mom, I love you"

"Goodnight Chas, I 'll see you in the morning"

Chas went to sleep that night dreaming of Lance, Little did he know that tomorrow would me the first day of the rest of his life.

Ok cliffhanger, just kidding, read on

*********************TUESDAY JUN, 2 CONCERT!!!!!***************************

Chas awoke very early, he was so hyped about the concert that he barley got any sleep last night. He called Teri at 11:00.

"Hay, What time do You want to leave here?"

"Well your dad has me off all day so I thought that I'd just come over and hang till the concert , so when ever you want to leave."

"Great, come on over "

Teri and Chas swam and just lounged around the house for a few hours. Trei just wore her same clothes and Chas changed into the new ones That he had bought. Sam met them with the limo out front at 5:30 to leave plenty of time for them to pick up David Chas called him as they approached Six Flags and got directions, it was a good thing that they allowed plenty of time for delays, David was in far north Arlington, almost HEB after all were finally on there way as breathed a sigh of relief

"Hay David I think that I can probably get you backstage with us, wana come?"

"Absolutely, if security will let us "

"Don't worry I'll take care of them"

The parking at Reunion was a nightmare, when am finally got them to the entrance they had all of 10min to get to there seats. Chas and Teri took theirs in center aisle and David as just one section over.

The show was spectacular. Chas was fixated on Lance for the entire show, at the introduction for *GOD MUST HAVE SPENT* Chas swore he made eye contact. His heart skipped a beat, he just liquified right there in his seat.. The rest of the show was just a blur After the second encore the guys said their goodbyes and left the stage. As the house lights came up Chas was still a in a daze

"Earth to Chas, Hello?"

"Huh, Oh I 'm here"

"No, you were gone"

they went and grabbed David and headed backstage. Chas had to bribe security to get him back sine he didn't have a pass. Once backstage they just had to kinda wander. There were Stage hands and sound crew all over the place.

"Guys I'm going to go see if I can find a restroom someplace"

"There's One a couple of doors down the hall "( First actual words of Lance)

Chas turned round to see the most beautiful set of green eyes. He froze, he was totally mortified"

"Hi I'm Lance"

"I,I.." he shuddered

" It;'s great to meet you, he's just a huge fan" Teri saved him from making a fool of himself

"Great you guys want to hang out with us ?"

"We'd love to" Teri answered for the group

"Cool, I need to hit the head too, I show you the way, the guys are right down the hall you can go ahead they won't bite

Lance led the way and Chas just trailed behind and enjoyed the view. While in the bathroom Chas couldn't help but stare at him(get your mind out of the gutter) While Lance was washing his hands Chas was checking him out in the mirror. Lance turned around and shot Chas a devilish grin. He flushed red with embarrassment, he knew he was caught.

"Lets go meet the rest of the guys"

Chas followed Lance into the large play room that the guys had setup for themselves backstage. Teri and David were engrossed in conversation with Justin and J.C. and Joey and Chris were very involved in a N64 game.

"Hay guys this is Chas if found him with the other two wandering the halls"

Joey and Chris threw up their hands, to focused to utter a greeting.

"Hi Chas, come join us, we were just getting to you" Justin said

"All good I hope"

"I told them about your leather fetish" David grinned

"As long as you didn't tell them about he bodies"

That caused a round of laughs from the room"

"Damn it Chris lay off, I ready own you a my life savings chill"

"Joey, you're the fool who thinks that you might just get lucky and win one of these days"

"Guys we have company, behave" J.C. admonished the two

The two left their little huddle and join the rest of the group

"So you guys want to hung with us tonight" Lance offered , smiling at Chas

Chas was thoroughly confused, Lance seemed to be hitting on him, but it had to be his imagination he couldn't be gay life just is that kind.

"Um. Well where?"

"The label put us in Ft. Worth to hopefully avoid a mad fan rush"

"Really, that's where we're from, but I really don't club that much, Teri might know of some place(he still wasn't surr about the guys so he thought that The Village might not be a good place)

"Well actually Lance, Justin and I thought that we'd just go back to the hotel and crash. Why don't we go Wednesday night we don't leave till Friday?"

"Ok you kill joys, go rest" just then Lances cell rang to the tune of Beethoven's 5th

"Hay Johnny what's up?, they what!, how? well God damn it! Ok we'll be here, bye. Hay guys, bad news the crazy fans turned over the limo, Johnny is going to send another one, but that's going to take a while"

"Guys, at the risk of sounding like an obsessed fan your welcomed to ride with us "

"That's cool Chas, but we won' all fit in your car, I'm sure"

"Lance, I think that we can all fit in a 18ft limo"

"ok well you don't seem like an ax murder, what do you say guys?"they all nodded in agreement

"Great I'll have Sam pick us up at the service entrance"

"Lance, could we talk to you for a sec" Justin and JC pulled him aside

"What the fuck was that!" JC fumed

"What?" Lance said sheepishly

"That Whole Oh Chas fuck me right here bit you were putting on"

"JC back off I can take care of myself"

"Lance is he even gay, do you know?

"Yes, I saw him checking me out, besides many straight male single guys do we have who would go to the trouble to get backstage passes?

"Point, but do you want a one night stand? I just don't want to see you hurt any more"

"Thanks JC, but I can take care of myself, so back off"

"Lance just be careful" Justin pleaded

" Guys the care is out back, you ready?"

"Very" Lance fowled him out, it was his turn to enjoy the view :)

San was waiting with doors open when they made it outside. His mouth went agape when he saw the entourage that Chas had brought

"Looks like someone is going to have a busy night"

"Sam , shut up" Chas snapped. He was always so snide where Gay stuff ways concerned

They dropped of David at his house and the guys noticed Six flags. Justin said how much he loved roller coasters, but the fans were always a mob at amusement parks, so they were not an option. Fortunately the park was one of there customers so Chas said that Teri could set up something for tomorrow morning before the park opened. The guys were thrilled even if they did have to get up early.

"So what hotel are you guys at"

"The Worthington, downtown, not to out of your way I hope"

"Nope we have to go through downtown, were in the far west side"

"Good I don't want you to be put out" Lance said

Joey started laughing till Chris slapped him

They pulled round 5th St, to see a huge crowd of fans had already gathered round the entrance to the hotel.

"Jesus it's midnight Don't these people have a home there is no way we can get in and it will take an hour for the hotel to clear them out . Shit!" Justin exclaimed

"Guys I don't want to be to Misery ish but you could always crash at my place ,it is plenty big and plus it would save me a drive in the morning too.

"I think so what about the rest of you guys?" Lance inquired. They all nodded in agreement

"Cool let me call Johnny and tell him not to worry"

"I'll call mom and tell her that were having company"

Pat sleepily picked up the phone


"Hay mom I wanted you to known that We'd have company tonight"

"Really, who?"


"Chas you woke me up at 1230 for a practical joke!, I'm hanging up"

"Well won't she be surprised"

"So you still live at home, how old are you anyway?" Lance asked a bit dismayed

"19, I go to college this fall, don't worry we'll have the whole wing to ourselves"

"Cool, you must have a big house"

"Yeah it's comfortable'

"Wing sounds a little more than comfortable" Justin said

Lance's mouth went agape as Sam pulled into the circular dive in front of the massive house.

"So this is comfortable, it's the size of my home town!"

"Gee You own this" Joey said

"Well the family does, yes"


"Hi mom I'm home" Pat came down the stairs in her night grown and robe

"So where is ..." her fell open

"I told you the we'd have company"

JC was the first to step forward "Nice to meet you Ms. Mouhouland"

"Please call me Pat, Y'all make yourselves at home mine going to bed, I'll be much more coherent in the morning, goodnight"

"Goodnight Pat" Lances Deep voice even sent chills here own spine

"Y'all want to chill off a while?" Chas inquired

"I think I'll just go to bed" JC said

"Me too" Justin spoke up

"Ok there are two rooms in the guest house, out by the pool, or there are four rooms in my wing and three in the guest wing at the far side of the house"

"We'll take the guest house" JC answered for both

"Cool are the rest of you such kill joys?"

"Nah lets hang out for a while" Joey said"

"Great I'll go get some wine out of the cellar and find some munchies"

Chas returned a few minutes later with some munchies and a magnum of Market Cabernet.

"Hay guys got some chesses and stuff and some red wine, is that ok for Y'all?"

"Sure Chas, you don't have to wait on us you know, not that we mind ,but we you like to get to known you it is rare to meet a normal fan"

"You mean you" Joey mumbled, Chris shot him a go to hell and that shut him up

"So where are you going to go to college?" Lance inquired

"NYU, I want to study music theory and composition, maybe eventually write some pieces"

"Cool, you play anything"

"Yeah the piano and the violin, not bad at either, can't carry a tune to save my life though"

"Good, If you could do that too we'd all be in some serious trouble" Chris laughed

"So Chas how do you have so much cash" Joey asked causing the other two to flush red

"We'll we hold a few patents on some very useful gears for conveyers and stuff"

"Oh, cool" was his response, totally clueless as most people were.

"Is that my the park is one of your customers? They have to be?" Lance asked

"That's the idea" Chas smiled and poured the wine

The evening drug into morning Chas and were obviously flirting as the night wore on they seemed to forget totally about Joey and Chris who excused them selves after about 30min of this. Lace asked about his life and described his own. His small town in Mississippi and his wonderful parents and sister. The group and how much they all cared for one another. Chas mostly listened while the adonis spoke. He loved the way his mouth moved. It was the sexiest thing that Chas had ever seen. He was totally mesmerized by this god. Then the earth moved

"Chas, this isn't just the vino I've liked you since I saw you, I usually avoid fans, but I thought you were just beautiful"

He leaned in and kissed Chas passionately on the lips, he thought about pulling away but just fell in to it. When the kiss broke the they stared deeply into the eyes of the other

"Lance, is this new to you?"


"Do the guys know?"

"Yeah, they do"

"Wow, life is wonderful" Chas kissed him back

"So I'm acceptable"

"Oh God yes"

"Lance I really like you but I don't put out on the first date"

"Me either, but could I hold you tonight"

"Most definitely, I'd like that"

The two boys fell asleep in each others arms, in Chas big bed Chas was nestled in crook of Lances neck. When Pat awoke at the early dawn, she went to check on, as had been her habit for years. When she saw the two together a smile came to her lips, She shut the door and muttered a little prayer

"Please God, just let him find someone who loves him"

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