Thou Shalt Not...
By Billy Burrew

Previously on Thou Shalt Not...

"I am just so scared....What the hell is going on...why me...?"

"Mike...we don't know the answers to that just yet...but I promise you that we'll figure this out and keep you safe."

Brian looked over at Mike, shocked by the look of despair on the face of the young man, " heard him...we are gonna get through this...together. Come on man...let's go get our stuff and go where they'll never find us."

Steve coughed and shook his head, "Umm...we'll just get you both some new stuff, we can't risk you going back to your of this moment, you guys are officially going under cover.

And Now...Chapter Two...

The private jet glided through the humid night air, setting down in a small, deserted airstrip just a meters from the coast. A dozen figures dressed completely in black hustled out of the plane and hustled inside the dilapidated hangar, quickly opening the doors, allowing the small plane t to slowly taxi inside. Moments later, after the hangar doors had been closed and secured, two sports utility vehicles emerged from behind the hangar and headed swiftly up the gravel road that flanked the coast.

Brian watched Mike as he stared out the window of the vehicle, his face still wet with his tears and his eyes red from constant crying and anxiety. Brian's initial response to Mike had changed from anger to sympathy, and now he sat quietly and searched his mind for a way to help Mike recover from his bouts of crippling fear. Brian sighed, remembering how the physician that accompanied the two boys as part of their security team had to sedate Mike as the jet had taken off from Orlando. Mike's eyes had been wide with terror and he had begun to hyperventilate. Brian had gotten up and sat beside Mike and taken ahold of his hand to help him deal with what fear and anxiety that remained even after the drugs took effect.

Brian sighed as he watched another tear fall from Mike's chin. Brian scootched over in the back seat close to Mike and threw his arm around Mike's shoulders, pulling him close and letting Mike's head rest gently on his chest.

"It's gonna be fine. We're gonna be fine. Nothing is gonna happen to us, Mike. We're gonna be kept safe until my company finds the nutcases that are after us and put them away for good."

Mike sighed and his breathing began to even out as he allowed Brian to slowly stroke the back of his neck.

Mike pulled away from Brian and frowned, "Thanks, man. But how can you be so calm, so...brave in the face of all this craziness? I have been scared shitless for the last two days. I haven't been able to sleep or to eat or to barely think."

Brian shrugged and smiled a small wry smile, "I've had to deal with craziness for a few years now. Mind you, this is a totally different flavor of it...a more intense, kinda deadly arsenic flavored ilk as opposed to more vanilla teen-hysteric induced stuff I am used to, but its craziness nonetheless. I mean, if you think terrorists are bad, try having 12,000 screaming teenage girls running after you with nails as sharp as knives and a definite desire to excise a piece of you...any piece of you they can tear off. Hell...I think if it's a choice...I'll take the terrorists...cause it'll be quick and a heck of a lot less painless than being thrown to the mean the girls."

Mike's eyes widened as he listened to Brian's response and before he knew it, a smile had broken out on his face. As Brian finished, Mike did what he thought was impossible, he began to giggle.

"So you find more appeal in the hands of terrorists than the hands of your fans. That will make a nice blurb in the next issue of Tiger Beat."

Brian grinned widely, proud that he could cheer Mike up, "I think they'd agree with me that there's not much difference between those two groups. They both wanna see me tied up and served on a platter with an apple in my mouth like a ceremonial hog."

Mike leaned forward in his seat and began to laugh loudly at Brian's odd sense of humor.

"I've had that fantasy. I think it found its way into one of my stories."

Brian rolled his eyes, "You've had that fantasy, huh? I suddenly feel a twinge of nervousness."

Mike leaned back as the smile fell from his face, quickly replaced by a somber expression.

"Why. I am nothing more than a wuss. That's why these guys are threatening me. Cause they think I am an easy target who will do what they want me to. You have nothing to fear from me."

Brian shook his head. "Naaah...I think you've been quite a unpleasant surprise to our pursuers...You did what they least expected you to do. You got help and you got away from them. They don't have you to make good on any of those problems, and that's gonna prolly drive them nuts!"

The Watcher had spent several hours waiting inside the large van with his team. Tonight's target, a fan fiction author who lived on Ocala Way in Orlando. The van was parked just outside the apartment and they had been waiting for several hours for their target to leave his house. The Watcher's eyes scanned the streets for any sign of movement, and seeing none, he turned around to face his comrades and let his impatience make the next move for him.

"Ok men. He's not coming out. You know the procedure, get in, get the victim, get on the radio to me, I come in and take him out, executioner's style. Questions?"

The five guys in front of him nodded and proceeded to slip out into the night. Less than 2 minutes later, the Watcher smiled as he saw his men slipped easily into a first floor window. Seconds later, a voice came over the intercom, "Boss...there's nothing here...and it looks like he's not been here today. A bunch of his stuff is gone...clothes and shit."

The Watcher cursed under his breath.

"All right. Touch nothing. I'm coming in to look myself. Unlock the front door for me."

The Watcher quickly got out of the van and headed up the stairs towards the door to the apartment. As he stepped up to the door, turned the lock and pushed on the door, he heard an unnaturally loud clicking sound and a swift inrush of air from around him.

'TRAP!' was the last conscious thought the Watcher had before the explosive blast engulfed his entire body, igniting it just before the blastwave sent it flying back into the air; clear across the street. The badly burned, broken and unconscious body landed on the soft canvas top of a convertible that was parked a space away from the van. It quickly gave, and the body half fell through the tear in the canvas down onto the cool leather seats below, leaving a pair of burned and bloodied legs sticking out of the top of the vehicle. Quickly, the sounds of approaching police and fire sirens began to overshadow the sounds coming from the fiery hulk of the apartment building.

The door of the convertible opened suddenly and James Caldwell smiled darkly down on the badly burned face of the injured and unconscious terrorist.

"Still alive. Lucky bastard! No time to finish this though, with the police coming and witnesses crawling out of the woodwork."

Steve pulled an envelope out of his pocket and walked over to the van and quickly put the envelope under the front seat of the van and then walked slowly away from the crime scene.

'If these N.A.U boys know what is good for them, they'll find themselves some new targets in a hurry', Steve thought to himself, 'they probably don't have any idea who they're up against."

Brian and Mike looked around the spacious villa that was to become their new residence. Security already insisted that the two of them sleep in the same or adjoining rooms to make guarding them that much easier. Mike sat down on the bed and looked over at the computer that stood on the desk and sighed, "At least I can do some writing if I get bored."

Brian sat on the bed in his room, looking through the door that led to Mike's room, smiling as he saw the computer on the desk by the far wall.

"At least I can play some games on it if I get bored."

Brian got up and began to unpack his clothes, putting every item into a specific drawer of closet. Minutes later, after tucking his suitcase under his bed, Brian decided it was time for a shower and then to go to bed, so he pulled off his shirt, shorts and underwear. Brian walked across the room to the bathroom door and opened it, gasping as he came face to face with an equally naked Mike. Mike's eyes widened as he shifted his gaze from Brian's face down to his own naked body, then up to take in the lines and features of Brian's body. Brian repeated Mike's motions, taking in the sight of the naked man that stood before him. Brian looked up and smiled as he noticed Mike's eyes glued to his crotch.

"Hey Mike...Didja get yer eyes full?", Brian said in a husky southern accent and he pressed his body against Mike's and slid by him into the shower, leaving the blushing young man to gawk at his retreating form until Brian grinned and slid the shower curtain shut, blocking off any further viewing.

Mike stood there for a few minutes before shaking his head clear of his jumbled thoughts. Mike wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back to his bedroom and sat back down on his bed, leaving Brian the uncontested domain over the bathroom. Mike stared up at the ceiling, even after hearing the water turn off. Minutes later, Brian walked into his room, wrapped in his own towel and stood by the bed.

"It's all yours now, Mike. Sorry if I embarrassed you."

Mike looked down from the ceiling and caught Brian's eye.

"That's OK. I guess I wasn't ready to see you in all your nekkid glory."

Brian chuckled, "Was it everything you had dreamed of."

Mike got up off the bed and brushed past Brian, letting his hand drift down Brian's towel to the bulge of the crotch. He smiled and shook his head, "Actually, in my dreams and in my stories you're a lot better endowed."

Brian's jaw dropped open in shock and Mike smiled and grabbed his towel, snapping him on the ass with it. Brian watched as Mike laughed and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

"Damn! Mike...don't lock the....", Brian yelled out as the audible click of the lock sounded through the room. "door."

'Shit!', Brian laughed, 'the little shit....he locked me out of my own room....I'll have to streak down the hall to my door and get in that way.'

Brian opened the door and ran out, getting halfway to the other door at the far end of the hall before hearing cat-calls and whistles from the security guys that were obviously in the hall behind him.

'DAMN!' Brian thought as he felt the color rise to his face, "I am SO busted!"

As Brian reached his door and began to open it, one of the group of security guards caught up with him and slapped him on his ass.

"Nice ass Littrell! Already showing it off to the new guy?"

Brian didn't think he could blush any further, but it seemed that he was being proved wrong.

"No! to airdry said that was...uh...good for the skin." Brian lied as his face turned scarlet and he ducked into his room.

"Uh huh. Next time Brian...air dry off in your room...less the glare off that lilly white ass of yours blind us and prevent us from guarding you."

Brian slammed the door and walked over to the sink, picking up a bucket of water and adding ice from the mini freezer.

'Practical joker, huh? We'll just see about this. I didn't live with Nick in my life for the last six years and not learn anything!' Brian smiled evilly as he made his way to the bathroom and silently opened the door.

Mike's scream was heard through the whole house, and just split seconds after it ended, the doors to Brian's room flew open as the bodyguards armed with guns ran in, finding a still naked Brian splayed out on the floor outside the bathroom, his face beet red from laughing hysterically as he hugged the now empty ice container.

"Mother FUCK! GODDAMN!" Mike screamed from the bathroom as the door suddenly slammed open, hitting the guard squarely in the face and sending him sprawling.

Brian looked up at Mike and dissolved into laughter again.

"Think you're really funny, eh Littrell?" Mike growled as he grabbed the ice bucket away from Brian then stormed off, back to his room.

Brian lay back, still laughing too hard from the prank to do anything else. Hearing footsteps, He looked up just in time to see the bucket full of ice and water come down right on his crotch as Mike sat on his chest and held him down.

"AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!", Brian screamed, unable to move from his pinned down position. Mike snickered and grabbed the container and smashed it down, grinding the ice and water into Brian's crotch before getting up and looking down at Brian.

"Enough! No more stupid pranks!"

Brian shuddered as he pulled the ice container off his groin and turned on his side, sending the ice spilling down his thigh and onto the floor.

"Yeah....that's enough! You win! Shit...Talk about shrinkage. "Lil' Bri" will never recover!"

Mike laughed and spoke down to Brian's crotch, "Sorry..."Lil' Bri", but this whole little game started with you...and so I ended it with you."

Brian laughed and took Mike's hand and got up, "I have to go take a nice LONG HOT shower now...and hope my nuts decend from their impromptu visit to my colon."

Mike snickered and watched Brian's ass as he walked into the bathroom and got back in the shower.

"What an ass!", Mike laughed, then grinned at the double meaning his words held.

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