Thou Shalt Not…
By Billy Burrew

Legal Disclaimer:
This story is totally fictional and not meant to imply anything about the sexuality of Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, or Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. If youare under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, go grab a nice mocha or some chai tea, or hot cocoa,and a box of Kleenex, then get real comfy and ready to suspend your disbelief. Have Fun and Enjoy the Story.


Previously on Thou Shalt Not...

Brian laughed and took Mike's hand and got up, "I have to go take a nice LONG HOT shower now...and hope my nuts descend from their impromptu visit to my colon."

Mike snickered and watched Brian's ass as he walked into the bathroom and got back in the shower.

"What an ass!", Mike laughed, then grinned at the double meaning his words held.


And Now...Chapter Three...

Mike woke up the next morning, rested, but yet groggy and somewhat disoriented due to the previous night's flight and his unfamiliar living quarters. Mike got up and walked to the the bathroom, stripping off his clothes and taking a quick shower, just to shake the last of the sleep out of his mind. Mike stepped out of the shower and walked back into his room, dressing and thinking about what might be in store for him today. Mike hadn't brought any records of his writing or anything and he guessed he would just start another story if he got bored or had some down time. A knock on the door snapped him out of his revelry and he looked up as Brian opened the door and stuck his head inside.

"You awake yet? We're all downstairs having breakfast."

Mike nodded and tied his shoes and got up from the bed and headed down beside Brian.

As Mike rounded the corner, the biggest of the security guards grabbed the newspaper that way lying open on the table and folded it up under one arm. Mike shrugged and went about getting breakfast for himself, which consisted of some cereal and toast and a banana. After Mike had finished he looked over at Brian who he noticed had been staring at him intently for most of the meal. Brian's eyes widened as he realized he had been caught looking and he tried to come up with some conversation to brush off his embarrassment.

"So how did you sleep?"

Mike shrugged, "Pretty groggy this morning. I think I am still feeling some after effects to whatever that guy gave me on the plane to relax."

Brian nodded.

"How is "lil Brian" today. Has he come back from his visit to Mr. Colon yet."

Brian blushed and smirked. "Yeah. He was up and about this morning, now he's resting comfortably."

Mike smiled as he noticed that all other conversation in the room had stopped.

"I am glad of it. I wouldn't wanna be known as the man who ruined Brian Littrell for the rest of the world. I'd have millions of angry prepubescent females out to kill me rather than just some insane band of terrorists."

Brian raised his eyebrows and grinned, "You are full of yourself this morning, aren't you? Ruined me for the rest of the world? You aren't that good in bed."

Mike's eyes widened and he began to blush as the guards at the table let out a low whistle and proceeded to get up and make themselves busy washing dishes.

Mike shook his head and smiled, "Next time, at least let me try to get it the whole way in before you say that."

Brian choked on his coffee and began to beat his fist on the table in front of him. One of the guards came up behind him and pounded him lightly on the back.

"Well....enough talk about your endowments, let's move onto to bigger and better what are we supposed to do now that we're here."

Brian coughed lightly once more and looked at Mike with a mock sour expression and he raised one eyebrow and shook his head.

"Bigger and better, huh?"

An incessant beeping noise and the steady thrum of what could only be assumed to be an air compressor nearby were the first noises that the Watcher heard as he reemerged into consciousness. The Watcher began to open his eyes and moaned at the incredible pain he felt from the tiny effort. A second later, he saw a shadow move out of the side of his right eye and heard a familiar voice speaking softly into his ear.

"You have been seriously injured and are in the Intensive Care Unit of the Orlando General Hospital. Your target had fled the country. You and your group walked into a trap set by your target."

The Watcher sighed and went to shake his head in disgust, but the pain of doing so almost caused him to pass out. The man in the shadows tutted and patted his shoulder lightly in an attempt to comfort him.

"Your responsibilities have been reassigned to another Watcher...the FBI is guarding the door and you have been placed under arrest."

"Under Arrest....the FBI?" The watcher moaned nervously, sensing what was about to happen to him in the room.

"Your service to the NAU has been admirable and long, but we cannot allow you to be interrogated under any circumstances. The secrecy and anonymity of the NAU must be maintained...and that will only occur through your own rather untimely and accidental looking death."

The Watcher groaned again, reaching his hand out to grab the alert button to call for help.

"Out of respect for you, your life will be terminated quickly and painlessly when the drug I put in your IV enters your system and takes effect. I am sure it will come as small consolation to you, but your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed by the rank and file of the NAU."

The Watcher moaned as he began to feel the drug take hold and his life begin to ebb from his body. Moments later, the monotone trill of the EKG machine resonated through the room as the Watcher's lifeless eyes stared dully ahead at the wall where his compatriot, now his murderer, had last stood.

A blond man walked out of the service entrance of the hospital and got into a waiting sedan and sped off into the night.

"So...Did you get any information from him before you put him down?"

The blond man shook his head.

"All he knew is that he walked into a trap...and by police reports we know that he got blown across the street by the backlash of the blast. I am surprised he even lived to make it to the hospital."

"Any leads on where his target had gotten off to? How far could a fiction story author have gotten on his own?"

"I think he's gone...and that's because I don't think he's on his own anymore." The driver exclaimed as he slammed his cellphone down and brought the car to a halt at their destination. "The little faggot hired himself some protection. That was our contact at the police department. They found a letter under the front seat of our van, and it seems that the guys he hired knew we'd come calling and set up that trap. This guy we're dealing with....he's a smart SOB. But he's bound to screw up...and then we'll have him!"

Mike and Brian spent the rest of the morning sitting poolside talking and sunning themselves in the enclosed courtyard area of their house. Mike smiled as his conversation with Brian became more animated and interesting, enabling Mike to temporarily forget the situation that had landed the two of them together in the first place. That temporary moment came to an abrupt end as Mike got up to pour himself a glass of water and saw the front page of the paper that the bodyguard had accidentally left laying by the pool.


Brian was up and at Mike's side a moment later, having already seen the picture showing the grisly remnants of what he assumed used to be Mike's apartment in Orlando.

"They bombed my house?!? Everything I own, everything I gone."

Without thinking Brian piped up. "You still have your health." Brian immediately regretted his words when Mike turned to him, his eyes small and his face turning red with anger. Mike threw down the paper and roared with anger as he grabbed Brian under his left arm and between his legs and picked him up in a dead lift. Brian assumed this newfound strength of Mike's was a byproduct of his complete testosterone driven rage, and he hoped that Mike would have enough strength to be able to put him down without harming either of them. As it turned out, Brian's fears were put to rest immediately after Mike picked him up when he turned and tossed him three feet into the deep end of the pool. Brian's entire body hit the water's surface completely parallel to it , somewhat mimicking the Nestea plunge. The force of the throw combined with the drop caused him to hit the water hard and the loud, painful sounding slap of his body echoed through the enclosed courtyard.

The guards had heard Mike's bellow and had made it to the courtyard in time to see Brian hit the water. The guard in front was in the water in an instant, and had pulled Brian up and out of the pool before the rest of the guards had made it out to the courtyard. "What the HELL are you two doing?" The guard asked as he pulled himself out of the pool after he rolled Brian out of his way. Brian rolled onto his side and moaned, clutching his back with his free arm.

"That.....HURT! That was more painful than the time Nick pushed me in to a pool and I landed flat on my face. Aw....Jeez....I...."

"Oh well...At least you have your health." Mike said and rolled his eyes.

Brian began to giggle, softly at first and then with increased volume, until he rolled onto his stomach and began to pound his fists onto the concrete as he laughed.

Mike tried not to smile as he realized that, as stupid as it sounded, Brian had been right, he could have been in that building and been dead. He should have expected this to happen or something like this and yeah....he did have his health. This realization made Mike join Brian in the gigglefest and soon the two boys sat in the middle of the circle of bodyguards laughing their asses off.

"It's only day one and they've already cracked....we're in for a LONG job this time guys." The guard said as he shook his head in disgust and walked away.

Mike and Brian looked at each other after the guard walked away and Brian rolled his eyes, causing both men to fall back into yet another fit of laughter.

Later that evening after dinner, Mike turned on the computer upstairs and signed onto the internet, typing in the url for his e-mail service and logging in to check his e-mail. Mike had a few dozen e-mails waiting to be read and so he took a quick look through the headers, deleting any that had to do with "college diploma's", "making money fast", and "Remember me? I'm Chrissa from High School". Mike smiled as he trashed the last one, shaking his head.

"There wasn't even a girl in my high school class named Chrissa. I hate spam."

As he glanced through the remaining e-mails, nothing urgent came to his attention, until he hit the inbox button and found a new message, from an unknown sender.

Mike looked around the room cautiously, nervous that they had somehow found him already, then proceeded to click on and open the message.

From: <none>
Sent: Wednesday, February 31, 2005 6:05 AM

Subject: <none>

Hello Mike-

That was a nice trick with the bomb. You took out a whole team of armed soldiers with that little explosion as well as killing one of our top Watchers. We won't underestimate you again. We have some leads as to where you are at now, and we will find you. When we find you, let me assure you that you will die slowly and painfully.

The N.A.U is now at full alert and you have moved up to the top of our "most wanted list", edging out that singer you write about in your fag stories, Brian Littrell. I would advise you to make peace with your creator soon Mr. Ellison, because your days are numbered.


Mike stared at the screen, reading the words over and over, trying to divine what was real and what was meant to scare him into doing something stupid and revealing himself. The corners of Mike's lips twitched up almost into a smile as an idea occurred to him. It was time to take off the kid's gloves....time for him to stop being such a damn scaredy ass wuss and take back his life from these freaks.

Mike logged out and powered down the computer then walked over to his bedroom and sat down at his bedside to think his idea through.

Brian knocked on the doorframe of the bathroom a while later and Mike looked up at him and smiled, "Sorry about the pool just...something snapped....and..."

Brian held up his hand and nodded, "I totally understand. I woulda snapped if I were in your shoes too. What I said out there was said with the best of intentions, but was just the wrong piece of advice at the time."

Mike shook his head. " was very sound advice. It helped a great deal. I got to get out a lot of what I had building up inside of me."

"Yeah. I guess it did. I've heard of women picking up cars to save their kids through the sheer strength of estrogen...or testosterone...or..."

"Epinephrine....and nor-epinephrine." Mike said as an aside. "The flight or fight response."

Brian nodded, "Yeah...that. Well...that was all you today."

Mike nodded. "Sorry if I hurt your back. Did you want a massage? Maybe I can make it feel better.'t say anything that might make me so mad that I snap your spine."

Brian laughed. "Yeah. A massage would be great. That landing did a hell of a job on my back. It feels like someone hit me with a 2 x 4."

Mike winced, "Sorry....Here...take off your shirt and lie down."

Brian took off his shirt and laid down on his stomach on the bed, arms at his side. Mike straddled Brian's back and used his butt as a seat as he slowly began to knead and massage Brian's extremely tense back muscles. Brian moaned, groaned and grunted as Mike's fingers found their way into the knotted, cramped and strained muscles of his back, loosening them up and massaging away the tension that had caused him pain.

Mike scootched himself back to give his arms room and get into position to massage Brian's lower back. As he pushed back, he looked down and his breath caught as he realized he had pulled Brian's shorts down in the back as he had moved lower. Mike's eyes glazed as they took in the firm round globes of Brian's milky white ass. Brian's squirming under him broke his trance and he looked up in time to see Brian turned his head and look over his shoulder.

"Are you OK? I've been talking to you for like 2 minutes....and you haven't said a word. I was wondering if you were still breathing."

Mike blushed and nodded and then pushed down on Brian's lower back, causing the young man to groan.

Mike continued to work on Brian's back, and he finished up quickly, smiling to himself as he resisted the temptation of rubbing his hands lower down and feeling up Brian's perky bubble butt.

Brian sighed as Mike got off him and sat down beside him on the bed.

"Thank you. That was amazing!"

Mike smiled, "No problem."

Brian looked over at Mike and smiled evilly, "So tell me, you think my butt looks big?"

Mike's jaw dropped and Brian smiled as he watched the young man turn to him.

"Why do you ask?"

Brian laughed. "You were totally scoping it out, if anyone can tell me, it's you."

Mike blushed a deep, deep shade of red.

"No. It's...perfect...Eer....I mean...It's not big. It's fiiiine. No...Dammit! I mean..your ass looks good to me. SHIT! You know what I mean, ya jerk!"

Brian rolled around on the bed laughing as an embarrassed Mike stuttered and sputtered his answer. When Brian heard Mike say it looked good to him, he rolled to the right so hard he fell off the side of the bed and landed hard on the tile floor.

"OW! Damn!"

Mike giggled as he turned to see Brian get back on the bed.

"Kharma comes back to get ya!"

Brian shook his head, "I don't believe in all that kharma crap. It's only God for me."

Mike smiled, "Fine. The God that killed Cain and squashed Sampson just got back to work on you. It seems that God is very quick these days."

Brian's eyebrows shot up and he smiled. "I've never heard it put that way before."

Mike laid back on the bed and sighed, "Speaking of God...and killing and squashing...I just got another e-mail from our friends. It seems like I pushed you out of the top spot with that bomb. You have to settle for being #2 now."

Brian pulled up face to face with Mike and looked at him, gravely serious.

"For real? Those freaks e-mailed you again? We should tell the guards so they can tell Steve and James at Jive."

Mike nodded, "Yeah. I was thinking of that too...and I have a plan as well. I think it's time we took the offensive."

Brian's eyes opened wide, "Really...and do what?"

Mike smiled, "Here's my plan...."

Next Chapter....Men Strike Back! (sorta)

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