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Drew's Date

"Hey, who are you calling babe? This's only our first date, don't get so involved that quickly!"

"Sorry... I just thought..." Drew starts to appologise but is stopped by his date.

"Relax, man. I was only joking. I don't mind you calling me that. But I believe you deserve more to be called 'babe' since you're just so cute."

Drew blushes, "Thanx!"

"You're even cuter when you blush. Do you know that?"

"Thank you so much for embarrassing me! Now, can we go to dinner? 'Cause I'm starving bad." Drew tries to put on a scornful face while turning a deeper shade of red but cannot help smiling.

"Did you say 'sushi', or was I just hearing things?"

"'K. Let's get going then."

"Hey Sprout, still up?" Jeff says as he gets into Drew and his apartment, spotting Drew lying on the couch.

"Yeah, don't feel like sleeping yet. I haven't finished this book I bought earlier and it seems a perfect time for some night-time reading. Also, I wanna see when you decide to come home." Drew winks.

"Mind your own biz, Sprout." Jeff slaps Drew's arm playfully, walking pass him into the bathroom.

"So, what've you been doing all night? I bet you didn't catch a ride with Tony, did you." Drew does not give up on his quest to find out his roommate's night adventure.

"Really, nothing."

"You can't hide from me, bro. I know you long enough not to take that from you."

"'K. I was at the hospital chatting with Jason. Satisfied?"

"The Jason guy with badly twisted ankle, right? I know you have the hots for him. He's totally your type like I told Tony. Did you manage to find out whether he's gay or bi?" Drew sits up from the couch, getting all excited.

"He's gay. And he said yes when I asked him for a date. We're going out on friday night."

"That's real cool, bro! You know how worried I am about you not seeing anyone for such a long time? I'm so glad that you finally make up your mind to ask someone out."

"Thanks, D. I know how much you care, both you and Nick. Tell you the truth, I was so nervous talking to him this whole night. Now, I'm even more nervous to be going out with him. I just don't know what to say and do. It seems, so darn new to me. It really has been a long while." Jeff frowns a bit, coming out of the bathroom. Standing next the dinning table. He sighs lightly.

"I can't say I understand it totally, but I know it's been real tough for you. But I'm sure seeing this guy will do you good. You may not know it yourself, but I haven't seen you smile as much as you do tonight in a very long time."

"Am I smiling silly again? Gawd! I must've been doing this whole night! I can't believe I acted like a silly fool in front of Jason."

"Relax, bro. First, you should've looked into the mirror more. Your smile is gorgeous."

"Oh, thanks. That's so relieving." Jeff snorts.

"Hey, I'm telling you the truth. Besides, since when you've cared so much how you look in front of another guy? You obviously like this guy quite much." Drew teases.

"I argh..."

"Okay, okay. That's enough teasing for you tonight. Anyways, I think I'm going to hit the sack now."

"Not so soon, D. I told you about my night and now you're going to tell me about your date tonight."

"Do I have to?" whines Drew.

"Yes, you do. Now, how did you first meet her? You've been a monk for about a year already, right?"

"Jeff, there's something I have to tell you before going on about how my date has been."

"It sounds serious, D. But you know you can trust me, right?"

"Scott is the name of my date. I'm bisexual, Jeff."

Silence falls.

"Bro, are you mad?" Drew asks, worriedly.

"A little bit. In fact, both Nick and I have suspected this for a few years already. But we want to wait for you to be ready to tell us. Even as prepared for this news as I am, I still can't help but be slightly mad."

"I'm sorry, man. I thought I'd never meet any guy so I didn't tell you two. Please, don't be mad at me. 'K?"

"You know I can never be mad at you for long, D. You're the baby brother that I never had." Jeff smiles a little, for he knows in his heart that what Drew will not lie to him.

"Thanx, bro. I'm so lucky to have you and Nick to be my brothers."

"You're always welcome, D. Now, will you continue on your date with this Scott guy?" Jeff smiles and sits down next to Drew on the couch.

<< Going back in time, how Drew and Scott first met... >>

It had been two months since Drew last heard from Martha, his best female friend from college. They befriended when Drew was dating Martha's roommate then. So, he decided to check on his old pal by calling her. He almost hanged up since it rang so long, but finally someone answered the phone.

"Hello?" the female voice on the other said, trying to catch her breathe.

"Hey, Martha? This's Drew."

"Oh, hi. 'Sup?" Martha said a little annoyed.

"Is this a bad time? I just wanna check on you since I haven't heard from you for so long."

"Well, it's really a bad time, Sprout. But hey, you're my best friend, I can't complain, can I?" Martha giggled.

"Thanx. So why haven't you called? Too occupied with all your boyfriends?" Drew teased.

"In fact, I was just cursing the person who made me come to the phone while I was happily making out with my cute boyfriend." Martha said laughingly. She knowed exactly what to say to get Drew all embarrassed.

"Oh... I'm so sorry..." Drew apologized, face blushing.

Martha laughed out loud. Although she could not see Drew's face, but she knew for sure it had to be as red as a fresh tomato. "It's ok, Sprout. It's my fault for not calling. What do you say we do a little catching up tomorrow night over dinner? I'll bring Scott, my current boyfriend. You bringing any girl with you?"

"I'd love to but I'll be on duty tomorrow night. How about wednesday night? And I'm not seeing anyone right now." Drew suggested.

"Wednesday's fine. So, I'll see you at the italian restaurant around the corner from my apartment at 8. Is that okay?"

"Yeah. See you then, sweetie."

Drew's eyes were caught the moment when Scott walked into the restaurant with Martha in his arms. It was not just Scott's striking blue eyes, his cute dimples and his irresistable youthful outlook that caught Drew's attention, but also his care-free confident laughters. Drew always like a guy with confidence. He felt his heartbeat going faster than usual. He had feelings as strong as this before - not many times though, maybe once, at most twice. Yet, he knew well enough. He liked this Scott. But too bad, Scott was straight and he's Martha's boyfriend.

"Hi Drew! Meet Scott, my boyfriend. Wolfie, this is my best guy friend from college, Drew." Martha said introducing the two.

"Since when you started to hit on guys that are younger than you, Martha?" Drew said playfully.

"I don't like guys younger than me!" Martha half screamed. Turning to Scott, she added, "See, I'm losing count how many times people think of you as younger than I am. Do I really look that old?"

Scott just smiled and said to Drew, "Thanks. I guess that's a compliment from you. In fact, I'm eight years older than Martha. And by the way, call me Scott. Some people like to call me 'Scooter' though".

"Wow! I can't really tell. I thought you'd only be around 23 only." Drew exclaimed. "And what's with Martha here calling you 'Wolfie'? You always howl or something?"

"She's playing with my family name, which is 'Wolf'." Scott explained.

"'K, guys. I'm sitting here starving and you two just keep chit-chatting like highschool girls. Can we order, please?" Martha complained. With that she motioned the waitress over and started ordering.

The dinner went on. Drew was almost successful to pull his mind off how attractive he found Scott was. Although such kind of attraction towards the male species was not new to Drew, seldom had it come so strong. Aside from that, he and Scott did hit off quite well. Martha was obviously glad. She would not want her best friend and her boyfriend not getting along. Now she's got her mind on where to find Drew a nice girl so there can be two couples going out enjoying themselves.

The trio did get together once in awhile after that first dinner. Sometimes, when Martha was on duty, it would be just the two guys doing 'guy-stuff' - mostly watching either NBA or baseball games in a sports bar, or playing pool in another. Each time, Drew had to use all his will power not to stare into Scott's blue eyes, otherwise he would be lost in their beauty. Sure maybe Scott was several years older than Drew himself, but it didn't show on. In fact, it only brought the magnetic attraction from mature and confident man, while still having an young angelic face.

Then one night, things changed without warning.

There was a knock on the door. Drew was alone in the apartment while Jeff was out. Opening the door, Drew saw Martha there, eyes all red.

"What's happened, sweetheart? Anyway, come in first." Drew said. He knew that something bad has happened. He sat Martha down on the couch and went for a cup of hot tea. "Here, have some of this and tell me what's going on." Drew sat down next to Martha and brought his arms around her pulling her close.

"Scott's seeing some other girls." Martha told Drew. She had obviously been crying and tears started to fall again. "We went to the movies earlier and went home. We were making out like usual and while I was kissing his neck, he moaned 'Oh yes, keep that on, Angel'. I couldn't believe that he called out other girl's name like that! We had a huge fight and I stormed out of my apartment and came here."

"Oh poor girl. It'll be alright. He just doesn't realize how lucky he is having you. Maybe he's just being stupid. I'll talk to him later on." Drew pulled Martha closer for a tight hug. "So, sweetie, you want to me walk you home or you wanna stay here for the night?"

"I don't want to be alone tonight. Can I stay here, please?"

"Of course you can. You can take my room and I'll stay in Jeff's. He's standing in for another guy at work, so he won't be back tonight."

After helping Martha to settle into his own room, Drew called Scott.

"Hey, pal. What's on you mind? Martha came to me crying you've got another girl." Drew was obviously mad and tried to hold down his voice, avoiding to wake Martha.

"Drew, don't be mad. Please listen to me. I really don't have another girl."

"Bullshit! You called out her name! 'Angel', that girl's name is 'Angel'. Martha heard that." Suddenly, Drew was not sure why he was so furious. Martha surely was one of his best friends. But somehow, he was not sure whether he was mad because Scott is unfaithful to Martha, or if that was because he was not eligible to be the one on Scott's mind.

"Drew, listen to me. It's not 'Angel'. For Christ's sake, I don't even know any girl with that name."

"Don't lie to me, Scott. I thought you were a friend and you loved Martha. If there's any misunderstanding, explain now. But it'd better be logical and believable."

"You want the truth, Drew? 'K, let me tell you the truth. The truth is, yes, I've got someone else on my mind. But that's not some girl called 'Angel'. I still love Martha. I just realise she's not the one I want most. I don't wanna hurt her. It's my fault and I'll make sure I make it up to her"

"Now you admit it!" Drew was even more furious now.

"Yes, I admit. But you have to know, there's no 'Angel'. That's 'Andrew'. It's you who's been on my mind since we first met, Drew. I like you alot. I like you more than I do towards Martha. Damnit! Haven't you noticed how I look at you for all thee times? You really have no clue about it, haven't you?"


"Drew?" Scott whispered into the phone.

"I have to go. Bye." Drew hanged up, hurrily. He was lost. The objection of his affection for the past three months had just confessed to him that he was having feelings for him too. But that guy was his best friend's boyfriend. He knew he likes the guy alot. But does this mean cheating on his best friend? Poaching on his best friend's lover was one of the last things on his mind.

<< Back to present time... >>

"That happened about a month ago, right? I remember standing in for Eric one night." Jeff asks.

"Yeah. Scott later had a talk with Martha, telling her all his feelings. I also confessed to Martha about me being bisexual. She's very understanding towards me. She even said it'd be okay for her if I wanted to see Scott but she just didn't want to meet Scott that soon. I guess she's still mad at Scott, 'coz she thought he was the one to keep. I really feel sorry for her." Drew sighs.

"Martha is a nice girl and I truly believe she's going to be alright. There'll be a nice guy out there for her."

"I surely hope so. I still feel guilty around her. Funny that, she always comforts me saying I haven't done anything to betray her friendship. 'Things like that just happen.' as she puts it."

"She's so very understanding."

"Yes, she really is a great friend. After formally breaking up with Martha, Scott called a couple of times. He finally asked me out last week."

"So you enjoyed tonight?"

"Yeah, we had great time. He's cute & adorable and still wise and mature. I enjoy being with him. He's quite possessive - not that I'm complaining. In fact, it feels nice to know that I'm his."

"I can't say no to that. Nick was possessive as well. Just hope Scott won't overdo it, that's all. I'm happy for you, Sprout."

"Thanx, Sugar bro. What do you say if I bring him over for dinner sometimes so you can meet him? You can bring Jason if you want to." Drew suggests excitedly.

"That's a good idea. But let's see what happens on friday night first. Oh god knows how nervous I am about that."

"Relax, bro. You'll be just fine."

"Hopefully... You tired? Think I'm going to bed now. There's been enough going on today - or last night." Jeff smiles.

"Yeah, for both you and me." Drew smiles as well. Both guys get off from the couch and go into their seperate bedrooms. Probably, they'll be dreaming of their guys tonight.

End of Part 03

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