Please be aware that this is a mature story of a Homosexual nature. This is fiction it is no way a reflection of the actual sexual orientation of any of the BSB. Enjoy and please e-mail me your comments. LOL

Chapter Three

The rented car stops in front of the Police Station in Front Royal Va. I look out the window at the steps leading into the station. I reach for the handle and it begins to shake. I grabbed it and held until it stopped shaking . Foricng my hand to close around the handle I opened the car door and step out of the car. Kevin and Brian follow me into the Station. It had been less than 12 hours since I found out the news that my wife and son had died in a car accident. Kevin and Brian had insisted on coming with me. It was all still a dream to me. This time yesterday I was a husband and father. Today I was a widower and a father of a dead son. We walk up towards the front desk. I see Detective Jackson and he sees me. He quickly stands up and walks around the desk and shakes my hand.

"I am so sorry about what happened Jason. If there is anything that we can do please let me know," he says with sympothy in his eyes. He leads the way to the morgue. We walk in and I stop.

"I can't do this," I sob. Kevin takes on arm and Brian takes the other and lead me towards the refridgerator units that held the bodies of my wife and son. With a nod from Kevin the Detective opens the first door and pulls out the slab. I refuse to look. I feel a hand on my face and it pulls it to the right. I look into Kevin's face.

"You must do this Jason. It is time to face the reality of this. We are here for you we're not going anywhere," he pleads.

I look back down at the body of my wife. It was her. I nod my head once yes. And the Detective closed the door. He opens the other one. I nod again to let him know that I have identified my son. That part was over. We signed for the release of the bodies. We step outside of the station I look to the left and see the Church that we attended for the last 3 years. St. Johns. "I would like to go in and pray for a few moments," We walk across the street and into the church. I bless myself and head into the main body of the church. I walk up to the front and kneel in the front pew. It hits me finally. The tears comes and the sobbs rack my tired body. I began to scream at the top of my lungs.

"Why, God why did you take them from me?" I continue to cry until my voice would no longer let me. Finally I collapsed in the pew. I lay there for God knows how long. Finally I come to. I am drained emotionally. I get up and walk to the back of the church. Brian and Kevin are waiting for me. They look at me worried. "Don't worry about me. I am going to get through this."

We next go to the funeral home and make the arrangements. After they help me with the Funeral Arrangements.

Fifteen minutes later we are on our way to the South Fork. (South Fork is an estate that borders along the south fork of the River. Hence the name South Fork. It was my wife's home I bought it for her when I sold my first screen play.) The car pulls into the front gate. Kevin and Brian are quiet and not saying anything. But I can tell they are amazed at the size and beauty of the house. The car pulls around to the front of the house. The butler is standing there waiting. The car stops and we get out.

"We are so sorry about your wife and son Sir," said the Butler as he held open the doors of the house. We walk into the gathering hall. "Would you like me to take your bags to your room Sir."

"No take them into the guest room at the north east corner. And set these guys up in the rooms next to it," I said. I was not going near our room. She was there. Her smell and her presence. I wasn't ready to face that yet. I look at Brian and Kevin. "Why don't you guys get settled in your rooms and come join me on the back patio for lunch?"

Kevin and Brian head up to their rooms. "Man this house is huge. You noticed that he wouldn't even go into his bedroom?" asked Brian as they walked up the spiral staircase.

"Can you blame him? I mean he just lost his wife. I think he is doing pretty good for losing his wife and son." Replied Kevin. They come to the rooms assigned to them. Kevin chooses the one closest to Jason's and Brian Chooses the one next to Kevin's. The rooms were huge they had been remodeled a few years ago. Each one had its own bathroom and sitting room. The sitting room had a set of french doors that opened out on the balcony that wrapped around the house. Kevin finished unpacking and stepped out onto the balcony. He knew why Jason had bought the house for his wife. It was a nice house it had nice views too. This was nice country it had that small town feeling a feeling that he could get used to. Thinking to himself, 'Now that he is alone I wonder if I have a chance with him?' He quickly dismissed the thought. A knock at the door woke him from his day dream. He shook his head to clear his mind and he yells out. "Comon in." The door opens and Brian steps in.

"Hey Kevin, where are you?" Brian shouts.

"I'm out here Brian." Kevin yells back. Brian walks out the french doors and onto the Balcony. They walk around the house until they reach the back of the house. It had a stairway leading to the patio. They see that I am already there. They see me lift a cigar to my lips and take a drag from it. Kevin shakes his head and slowly descends the strairs. Once down on the ground the two cousins walk up to the patio table and sit in the chair. I am quiet smoking my cigar and drinking a brandy. My German Shepherd is stretched out beside me. He had been the family for the last four years. We got him three days before Timmy was born. I looked down at him and he looked up at me. His eyes were sorrowful as if he could tell that something was wrong.

"Yea, Boomer Timmy is gone. He is in Heaven now," I said. Boomer gets up and walks over to Brian and lays his head in his lap. Brian strokes Boomers ears this makes Boomer happy instantly. "You know now he will expect that forever now." I laugh picking up the cigar and raising it to my lips. A hand snatches it from my hand and snuffs it out in the astray. I glare at Kevin who is wearing a concerned look on his face. "Why did you do that?" I asked.

"Because you don't need that. You can kill yourself smoking those you know?" replies Kevin.

"I know it's a nasty habit but it's mine," I retort. I thought about getting another one but than thought better. Besides the butler had brought lunch. Kevin and Brian dug in at once. I choose a piece of fruit and munched on it. I wasn't hungry but realized that I had better eat something before Mr. Worry Wort interviened. Too late, he noticed that I only chosen an apple so he picked up a plate and piled some meat and cheese on it and handed to me and ordered me to eat. I gave in. I ate as long as he was paying attention. This was going to get old he was turning into an older brother or a father. Brian gets up to walk back into the house.

"Hey Kevin do you mind if I steal your Cousin for an hour?" I asked. He looked at me strange and shook his head no. "Come on Brian, lets go for a walk." Boomer heard the word the walk and he started jumping around. I laugh at him. "Ok Boomer you can come too. He falls in step behind Brian and me. We walk out into the back field. Once we get out of ear sight from the main house I turn to Brian and ask.

"What is with Kevin? I mean he always hovering," I asked. Brian looks at me and laughs.

"Oh so you've noticed huh? Well you see Kevin takes his friends very serious. He's had a hard child hood. He lost his father at an early age. So he tends to be a bit clingy if you know hat I mean. I mean you should see him when he is full Kevin mood," he explained. We continue on our tour of the grounds and Brian gives me the low down on the rest of the group. We also talk about his family. They are strict Southern Baptists and do not condone gays in their church so Brian or Kevin hasn't let their families in on the secret. For the next hour Brian and I continue our walk. Finally we end up on the front porch of the Mansion.

"How old is this house?" asked Brian.

"It's over one hundred years old. I've only had it for two years. I bought it for my wife," I replied. Thinking back when I first brought my wife out here to look at the place. She fell in love with it when she first saw it. Remembering her happy smile was too painful. Tears came back in full force. I got up and walked off. Brian got to follow me but thought better of it. He watched me stroll down the driveway. He had no idea what was going through my mind I felt totally alone. Oh I know I had family I could fall back on. My mom was still alive and she was staying at the house but she kept her distance. She knew what it was like to loose a spouse. Only she had no idea what it was like to loose a child. I continue to walk until I came to small oak tree. I knelt beside the oak tree and placed my hand on the small white marble Marker. It was Carved in the shape of a father holding a child. After spending a few moments there I get up and walk back to the house. I walk into the house and up the spiral staircase as I approach the top of the stairs I see a light coming from my son's room I gather my strength and walk into the room. There I see Kevin sitting on my son's bed looking at a photo album. I walk in sit beside him.

"Four years just wasn't enough time," I mumbled.

Kevin looked up at me, "I am sorry I intruded. If you want me to leave I will."

"No that's alright. I need to do this. I can't lock up my memories of him forever. I don't want to lock up my memories of him. He was the best thing that ever happened to me," I said. I thought about all of the good times we had as Father and son. He was a curious child always wondering how this worked and how that worked. And than there was Boomer. He was my son's constant companion. He was also his protector as well. "You know I can't help but think of all of things he will never get to see. He'll never get drive a car, or go to a concert, or kiss a girl. He was my son for four short years. Just not enough time." By this time I was breaking down again. The tears were flowing again. I got up and walked to his toy box and knelt beside it. I picked up his Nintendo game cartridge and just stared at it. He would spend hours playing on that stupid machine. You could always tell when he was winning, you could hear him yelling all the way down stairs. Boomer would get in the act too with his barking. It was hard to believe that I would never hear his voice again. What I would give to hear him scream with laughter again. The tears came with more force now. I started sobbing uncontrolably now. I vaguely felt someone pull me into hug. It was Kevin. He had gotten up and walked over to me and was trying to comfort me. He started rubbing my back slowly. I stopped crying and looked up at him, and in those incredible eyes. All I saw was concern and love. With out realizing he bent forward and kissed me on the lips. At first I resisted because I was shocked. Than I surrendered to him. His tongue probed my lips trying to find an opening. It wasn't long when I felt an immense amount of Guilt. So much guilt that it tore my heart in two. I could see my wife's face glaring at me with a look of betrayal. I pulled away and got up and ran out of the room. On my rush to get out I ran into Brian we both fall to the floor. I scramble to my feet and race down the stairs and out the front door. I ran down the driveway to the only place of comfort left in my life. The Oak tree.


Well here it is Chapter three. What is the marker at that oak tree? What does it have to do with Jason's past? Why did Kevin kiss Jason? Will their love blossom or will It shatter? Stay tuned for the next episode of Twists and turns. Please e-mail me you comments bad and good at LOL