Waiting for Nick...

By Terabithia

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Kevin looked around the room. Kids they were all kids even if one was his cousin. And they wanted him to work with these kids. Hey you aren't that old yet a voice told him in his head and what's it really matter if you guys can make it in the big bad music business.

First there was Howie who admittedly wasn't that young but it still felt that way the. And then there was AJ who actually frightened him a little bit at this point but he was sure he'd get used to him eventually. And over at the TV with his cousin was Nick... thirteen the kid was thirteen. So what if he had the voice of an angel he was thirteen. It scared Kevin how close it was to a decade between him and their youngest member. But then Brian wasn't much older and the two already seemed to be fast friends. And well his hyper active antics certainly could be funny. And he was cute for a kid. Oh great. He thought now I'm not just the old man of the group, I'm a dirty old man looking at the kid like that.


As time passed the age differences between Kevin and the guys didn't seem to matter quite as much, except Nick's. Brian's might've too if he wasn't Kevin's cousin, and AJ well he was oddly mature and very weird. But Nick... Nick just seemed so young. So it was something of a shock for Kevin to realize as he watched Nick tear into if presents at his fourteenth birthday party, that some where along the line he'd fallen in love with him.

"You can't love him," he told himself. "He's just a kid. A child. Immature. Illegal."

"Children grow up." A little imp in his mind pointed out. "He'll be an adult before you know it."

Yes children did grow up. Well it was a long time yet. We'll see what happens he thought. Not wanting to spoil the warm glow that had come with the realization of his feelings for Nick. In the next few years who knew what could happen, he'd most likely get over this and fall for some one much more suitable before Nick was even close to available.

*** *** ***

"Arg." Nick shouted throwing down his pencil. "I hate this. I can't do it." The 16 year old moved to slam his books when a soft clearing of a throat stopped him.

"Ahem." Kevin said gently. "Did you lose something?" He asked holding up the pencil.

"Umm... I guess I did." Nick shrugged extending a hand to take back the pencil.

"You want some help?"

"I can't do it." The blond said stubbornly. "I'll get Peter to help me tomorrow."

"Nick." The older man admonished softly. "I believe we talked about this." Nick had been falling behind in his schoolwork because of this. At the slightest problem he gave up waiting until the next meeting with is tutor to try again, which then put that days lesson behind schedule and it kept going from there. "You can't afford to fall any further behind. I'll make you a deal, you take a break go play Nintendo with Brian for say half an hour then we'll work on it together for a while."

"Okay." The boy said a little sullenly, then perked up as he bounded out of the room. "Hey Bri!!!"

Kevin smiled slightly and shook his head. Ahh youth. Sitting down he looked over the math problems his young friend was struggling with. He knew it was tough for Nick. The others had all sailed through their homework tonight and had been loudly playing Nintendo in the entertainment room for the last hour or so and bus walls were just too damn thin.

Forty minutes later Kevin was still waiting then there was a loud moan from the other room accompanied by a wave of complaints. Then a loud, "oh shit," and a moment later Nick skidded in to the kitchen area.

"Sorry I'm late Kevy. But me and Brian made it to this cool new level and I just wasn't paying attention to the clock." He said still bouncing with excitement as he slid on to the bench beside Kevin.

*** ***

A few hours later Kevin flipped off the TV and headed back to the bunks. His band mates were all fast asleep in their respective bunks. He smiled at the sight of Nick curled up in a ball, it'd only taken about a half hour for Nick to solve the remaining problems in his homework with Kevin's help. A little prompting here and there was all it took. Nick knew what he was doing he just forgot the order the steps went in from time to time. And the smile that graced the young man's face when he got a problem right, there wasn't anything equal to see the one you love smile a real smile. Tonight proved it, every one of those smiles went straight to Kevin's heart and made him feel warm and fuzzy all over. He sighed; someday maybe they could have something.

Shaking himself out of his reverie he quickly checked on the rest of the guys. "Good night boys." He said softly to the sleeping forms as he climbed in to his own bunk.

*** *** ***
*** *** ***

Nick burst in to Kevin's room. "Kev you gotta help me." He gasped out.

Kevin blinked, at 17 (and a half as Nick was always reminding them) everything in the young man's life was either wonderful or a total disaster. "What's the problem Nick?" He asked.

Nick looked around the room carefully, then shut the door behind him. "Well I've got this problem." He mumbled shyly.

"And this problem is..." The older man prompted.

"Well I have a date tonight."

"And this is a problem?" He asked keeping the little green eyed monster that had just reared it's head firmly in check.

"No, well not exactly. Well it's like our third date, and well... I mean I'm going to have to do more then just walk her to her door eventually. But... but... wellIneverreallykissedanybodybefore and I don't want her to think I'madorkcauseIcan'tkiss." The blond explained staring at the floor and rushing through the embarrassing parts.

Kevin blinked. "Okay... and I can help you how with this?" Kevin asked slightly confused.

"You can teach me."

"I don't think giving you a good description is going to give you much more to work with then you've learned from TV."

"No I mean.... Well I know you kinda go both ways so I was hoping that maybe you could well... TEACH me."

Kevin blinked. "Oh." Definite oh... kissing Nick... wow what a concept. He'd never even let himself dream of that ever really happening

Nick panicked. "No... forget it... it was a stupid idea." He said backing towards the door again.

Kevin was still stuck on the concept of teaching Nick to kiss... THAT way. It was a bad idea, asking for trouble, playing with fire... a dream come true. A chance to kiss Nick he'd only been dreaming about that for how long. Finally some part of his mind did notice the younger man backing away from him.

"Nick wait." He blurted out. "It's okay. But I mean do you really want your first kiss to be with this old man. I'm sure you'd do fine with out any help."

"No I won't... I'll screw up." His bandmate mumbled. "Besides you're like my second best friend... and well I couldn't really ask Brian for help on this one... who better for me to ask one of my very best friends who I know won't make fun of how much I suck at kissing." As he spoke he approached Kevin finally sitting on the bed beside him shyly. "Please Boo."

The nickname was Kevin's undoing. "If you're really sure." He said.

"I'm sure Kev."

"Okay." He said. But then he paused how did he go about this. He couldn't over do it or Nick might realize something was up. He'd just have to be careful. Yeah he could do careful. With that he shifted closer to Nick putting his hands on the younger man's shoulders and lowered his head just slightly to bring their lips together. Bliss. Was all he could think for a moment. He was actually kissing Nick Carter the object of his affection for the last four years. And it was everything he'd ever imagined and more, his friend's lips were soft and he tasted welll... well like Nick full of energy and sweet but with an almost bratty tang. Slowly he started to move his lips over Nick's until he felt the younger man respond then he eased back ever so slightly letting Nick take charge. That was as far as he'd meant to let it go. But Nick had other ideas. The blond trace along the lines of Kevin's lips with his tongue urging them apart. Kevin couldn't help it he opened his mouth giving Nick access gasping slightly as he felt Nick's tongue stroke against his encouraging him to respond.

The kiss continued until Kevin felt Nick's arms around his waist. To far. He knew it; he had to stop this now. 'No no no. This is what you always wanted.' Shrieked a little voice in his head but he ignored it. It was better for both of them if this stopped now. With that thought he softly eased back breaking the contact between their lips. Nick's blue eyes gazed up at him almost disappointedly. He swallowed heavily. "Trust me you'll do just fine with her Nick." He managed to get out.



"Cool, thanks Kev." Nick exclaimed pressed an impulsive kiss on Kevin's lips and bounced out of the room.

Kevin flopped back on the bed and groaned. That was such a stupid thing to do. He thought but that didn't stop him from raising a hand to touch his lips with his fingers. It was one thing to long for his band mate with just brotherly hugs for his imagination to work with. Now he didn't have to image what kissing Nick would be like. He knew. A WOW was it amazing. Rolling off the bed to his feet he crossed the room and locked the door, moving back to the bed he lay down again sprawling on his back legs spread. Reaching down he fumbled for a second with the fastenings on his pants before getting them open and pulling out his half hard cock. If just one kiss with Nick did this to him full-blown sex would probably kill him. The image of sex with Nick made him moan softly as he began to stroke his cock feeling it hardening the rest of the way in his hand. As he continues to stroke himself he considered his list of Nick fantasies before settling on particular favorite to bring himself off to. He softly cried out Nick's name as he came over his hand some minutes later, he'd had lost of practice being quiet.

*** *** ***
*** *** ***

Nick was fooling around in the hotel pool with Howie and Brian. While AJ and Kevin lounged on the patio. Kevin couldn't keep his eyes off Nick. In the last few years the last of the young man's baby fat had disappeared being replaced be well-defined muscles. He was in a word beautiful. He was so caught up in watching one band mate he completely missed what another said to him. It took several seconds for AJ's question to register in his distracted mind.

"Why don't you just admit you're in love with him and be done with it?" The group's resident wild child asked as he watched Kevin watching Nick.


"Come on Kev anyone with any powers of observation knows you've loved him forever."

"But, but... You can't know." Kevin gaped.

"I can and do, and so does Howie. Don't worry 'bout Bri he's blind as a bat to these things."

"N-n-nick." The oldest BackStreet Boy stuttered no sure if he wanted to know the answer. If Nick knew and had known for any length of time... he would die of embarrassment. And it would mean he didn't have a chance, because Nick hadn't done anything... didn't want him. Kevin's thoughts jumbled over each other in a mad panic until he heard AJ's next words.

"Nope, come you know him, if Nicky knew you'd know he knew. Now why don't you just tell him? He's not a kid anymore."

"But he's still so young. I mean I'm going on 30 and he barely 20. And I practically raised him and... well... umm...." Kevin babbled desperately trying to get away from the question.

"Those are really lousy reasons Kevman." Was all AJ said then turned back to the magazine he was reading.

*** ***

Nick pulled himself up in the side of the pool. He looked over to where Kevin and AJ were sprawled. Damn Kev looks good he thought. He was very fond of his oldest bandmate Kev had always just been there looking after him making sure he was okay, helping him when he needed it. He thought he might even love the older man but he tried to avoid thinking about that. If he wasn't sure then it was easier to ignore. He still dreamt of his first kiss with Kev. That was probably one of the best memories he had. But that had been friendship, and he wanted more then that. Kevin also happened to be nearly a decade his senior with no reason to be even remotely interested in a kid like him. After all how many men wanted to date a much younger kid they'd helped raise. Not a lot that weren't either in jail or on their way there. Nick sighed heavily barely noticing as Brian hauled himself up beside him.

"So are you ever gonna admit you like my cousin?"

"No I mean he..." Nick responded automatically then trailed off staring at his best friend mouth gaping open.

"You're going to catch bugs." Brian chuckled using a finger to push Nick's jaw closed. "Now are you gonna tell me or not."

"I... ummm... that is...he..." Nick stammered.

"You think he's hot and you like him lots right."

"Umm... well yeah." He mumbled wondering and the surrealism of the moment.

"Do you love him?"

"I... don't know."

"Don't know, and haven't really considered."

"Brian!! Where the heck is this coming from you aren't supposed to know this stuff." Nick hissed hoping no one else had heard.

"I'm your best friend how could I miss it."


As they talked neither notice Howie lurking in the water behind them. As he slipped away silently. He had plans to make.

*** ***

Brian was just coming out of his room when two sets of hands reached out of the door across the hall and yanked him in. "Ahhh." He yelped in surprise, then seeing his 'captors' he grumbled. "You idiots." Howie and AJ grinned.

"We gotta discuss something with yas Bri." AJ said.

"Such as." Brian drawled.

"Well you see I could help over hearing you and Nick chatting today." Howie explained.

"Howie that was private. Not exactly something Nick and I wanted to share." Brian said upset.

"Wait, wait." AJ broke in. "Howie over hearing was a good thing it let the two of us compare notes. You see I asked Kevin pretty much the same thing you asked Nicky today."

"You what?"

"Only he got a better answer then you did."

"You're loosing me here."

"Kevin loves Nick, he always has. Nick has finally grown up and is realizing he loves Kevin. Do you need me to spell the words too?" AJ asked grinning like a mad man.

"Kevin loves...." Brian trailed off, and then he started to see it. "Where the heck was I when this happened?" He complained.

"He always loved him. Since the start when Nicky was like 13... you just missed it cause you were busy watching Nick fall for your cousin." Howie explained. "And we missed Nick falling 'cause we were watching Kev."

"Okay so we all know they love each other where does that put us?"

"We know, they don't. They need enlightenment." AJ said gleefully.

"I don't know if that's such a great idea." Brian said warningly.

"Oh why not, we can't have the two of them moping around and sighing from now until forever. It was wearing thin with just Kev being all brooding, now Nick is starting too."

"Besides think how happy it'll make them."

Brian ran over memories from the past. And now he saw the looks Kevin had giving Nick. Longing, but accepting he'd never have what he desired. Well that was about to change. "Alright. We need a plan." He said grinning at his coconspirators.

*** ***

Kevin looked around the room. This was not good, not good, not good. Apprently someone had called and changed the group's reservations leaving the boys with only two rooms. One containing only a king size bed and the other a two doubles. Brian, Howie and AJ and promptly said they'd take the room with the doubles, leaving Nick and him to share the king. This was so not good. Nick was in the shower, and just knowing that was doing things to him, how the hell was he supposed to sleeping the same bed with him. With a sigh he moved to sit down on the bed noticing for the first time the sketchbook sitting on the bedspread face down. It looked like one of Nick's curious he picked it up flipping it over. There was a little sketch on the page nothing fancy, just doodling really, like that that filled the edge of the page. As he looked over the doodles he nearly dropped the book. There were little hearts and initials. At first he felt hurt blossom in his heart, Nick was in love with someone. Then he actually read the initials. KR+NC. Then further down the page. Kevy and Nicky forever. His numb fingers finally did just let go and let the book fall. Nick was in love with... him? No it couldn't be, it just couldn't. It was too good to be true. It couldn't be true and yet there it was in front of him in Nick's sketchbook. Okay now what did he do now. Just pounce Nick the second he came out of the shower. No that wouldn't be any good. Maybe he could take him out to dinner yeah that was better. No that wouldn't work; crowd twenty teenyboppers deep outside the hotel doors. Okay room service and a movie. Picnic on the bed and a movie with the lights off. This could work, yes this could work. Scrambling across the bed he snatched up the room service menu.

Nick emerged from the bathroom his hair still damp from his shower. As he stepped out in the room Kevin shot to his feet. "Nick!" Then seeming to realize the volume of his voice the older man blushed. "I... I ordered some room service for us I hope that's okay."

"Sure that's great Kev." Nick said crossing the room to the bed he saw his sketchbook on the bed. Reaching down he snapped it shut and put it on his luggage. He was sure he hadn't unpacked that yet. How on earth had it gotten on the bed?

"I thought maybe we could watch a movie while we ate." Kevin said behind him. "They've got some good ones on pay per view."

"Sounds good." Nick said absently and he picked through his bags.

The food arrived a few minutes later just as the movie was starting. Nick was shocked when Kevin grabbed the tray and put it down in the middle of the bed, the older man was an eternal neat freak he'd probably never dreamed of eating on the bed. But, hey who was he to complain.

"Hey Nick you should try some of this dip." Kevin said sticking a carrot stick in to the dip from the veggies and dip he'd ordered and holding it out towards his friend. To his delight Nick just opened his mouth and let him feed it to him.

"Hey that's pretty good." The blond exclaimed sticking his finger in the dip and trying some more.

"Hey use a veggie." Kevin admonished. "I don't even want to know where your hands have been." But despite his protests watching Nick suck the dip off his finger left him nearly breathless. When the food was gone Kevin watched Nick who was watching the movie. How did he go about starting this... he could just... no no... stretching to drop an arm around someone was just over done. Maybe if he just kinda half stretched then slid his arm along the headboard. Just like so... yes that worked his arm was half behind Nick. Then the younger man shifted actually moving closer to him.

Nick blinked had Kevin just done that. Faked a stretch to get his arm up behind him. Nah he must be imaging it why the heck would Kev do something like that. Oh well no reason he couldn't pretend a little in his own deluded little mind, he thought with a bit of a smile and slid over a little bit.

Okay got this far what now. Kevin thought desperately. He turned his head slightly to look at the young man beside him, and suddenly found himself looking in to a much loved pair of soft blue eyes and suddenly it seemed easy. "Nick." He murmured very softly as he raised a hand to run his fingers over the soft skin of Nick's check. To his delight the blond leaned in to his touch, never breaking eye contact. Cautiously Kevin dropped his arm off the head board and tightened it around Nick drawing him closer as he slid his other hand from the soft cheek to the back of his love's neck and pressing their lips together so much like that first kiss years ago. Nick lips were still so soft and he tasted just as wonderful. The sweetness and tang still perfectly the same.

Eventually Nick draw back just enough to break the kiss but not any further then was absolutely necessary some where along the line his arms had wrapped around Kevin's waist. He opened his mouth to speak but the other man beat him to it.

"I love you." Kevin blurted out he hadn't meant to but suddenly it'd seemed vitally important to say it.

"Oh." Nick blinked in surprise then smiled. "I love you too." Up until that moment he hadn't been really sure he did. But when Kevin spoke it had suddenly become stunningly, brilliantly clear. He loved Kevin Scott Richardson. He always had.

Kevin's worried look was replaced by one of pure happiness. "You do?"

"Yeah." Nick grinned grabbing the remote he shut off the TV as he leaned back towards Kevin sealing their mouths together again. The older man moaned into his mouth in pleasure.

Some time later found them laying on the face to face on the bed talking softly in between exchanging long sweet kisses.

"How long have you loved me?" Nick asked as he traced a pattern on one of Kevin's palms with the time of a finger.

"Since you were fourteen." The older man admitted shyly.

"Really." Nick blinked. "Wow, why didn't you say anything?"

"Well I had to wait for you to grow up for starters."

"Kev I was legal like 2 years ago."

"That's not exactly what I meant."

"Oh... okay so you finally decided I was mature enough and told me." The young man said pressing a kiss to the palm he'd been tracing on.

"Ummm... well."

"Kevin?" Nick questioned a bit worried.

"Well I hadn't really planed on saying anything. Ever."


"Don't get upset. Please don't get upset." Kevin pleaded. "The age difference just seemed too much, I didn't see how you could ever love me back, and..."

Nick silenced his panicked babble by pressing their lips together in a quick closed mouthed kiss. "It's okay Kev." He murmured when they parted. "I can see what you were thinking. So what made you change your mind?"

"I saw your sketchbook."

"My sketchbook?" Nick questioned in confusion.

"Yeah the doodles."

"Doodles? Kevin I don't doodle in my sketch book."

"But they were there, I saw them while you were in the shower... that's why I... I." Kevin trailed off he felt like the rug had been yanked out from under him everything he'd based his actions on was crumbling.

Nick could see Kevin getting upset quickly he rose and retrieved the sketchbook from on top of his bags, and returned to the bed. Flipping it open to a random page he found blank pages starting back at him. He flipped a few more pages all blank. Then he found one with a sketch. It wasn't his work, nor were the doodles that graces the side of the page. He took in the hearts and initials.

"Well it's not mine." He announced to Kevin who's eyes went wide in something like terror. "But I'm rather fond of these little works over here." He said tracing one of the hearts with his finger.

"Not yours?"

"No, I never leave blank pages like that, I smell a set up. I'm going to kill Brian."


"He's the only one who knew how I felt."

"The other two knew about me though..." Kevin fell silent and pressed a finger to his lips as he heard a quiet scuffling outside. Rising he walked to the door, yanked it open and in tumbled Brian, Howie, and AJ."

"Ahem." He said looking down at them as Nick stared wide-eyed from his seat on the bed.

"So are you guys together yet?" AJ asked with out getting up.

"You guys are a bunch of gold plated nuts." Kevin sighed looking down at the tangle of men of the floor. Then looked up at Nick and held out his arm. Nick climbed off the bed and came to his side wrapping his own arm around Kevin's waist.

"I think that's a yes." Brian grinned. "It is right."

Nick smiled and kissed his love's cheek. "Yes it's a yes. But you guys are still in trouble I'd suggest you start running." The three untangled themselves and bolted out the door. Nick just laughed and swung the door shut behind them locking it "Now where were we?"

"Right about here." Kevin murmured kissing pulling Nick tight against himself and kissing him passionately.

"Kevy and Nicky forever huh?" Nick asked breathlessly when they parted. Kevin just smiled and nodded.


*** *** ***

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