Hey, this is a story I’ve been thinking about for a while, I hope you enjoy it.
If you are under 18 or find the concept of homosexual concepts offending then please go away and don’t read this. This is a work of fiction and in no ways implies the sexual orientation of any of the BSB’s or nsync.

Part One:

Matt knew that things couldn’t have been better for him right now. For three days now he had been living off a boat that was moored in a bay off Catalina. When his friend Marian had invited him along for the week, he was floored. Marian and him and been friends ever since graduating from high school, but recently they hadn’t seen each other much, her being at UCLA and him taking classes at San Diego State. When she had called to invite him he was completely taken by surprise.

Marian stepped out on deck handing him a glass of orange juice. “What should we do today?” she questioned him.

“Oh, I was thinking about going for a swim a little later.” Matt answered after taking his drink. He looked over and noticed Marian was giving him one of ‘those’ looks. She had mastered this look during high school when ever she wanted Matt to do something and he knew what was coming.

She cleared her throat, “I was thinking we could take the dingy to shore and spend sometime hiking around the west end today. There’s hardly anyone on this end. Everyone spends there time at the Isthmus or Avalon.”

Matt knew it was pointless to argue with her. He agreed and they went below to start preparing for a day wandering around Catalina. Marian started packing some food in their backpacks while Matt changed into some shorts and his new hiking boots he had just picked up previous to the trip.

“ooooohhhhhh, I had forgotten what pretty legs you had,” Marian joked, throwing him his pack, “ and it looks like you’ve been working out.”

Matt grinned, “Well, one of us needs to stay pretty. The years certainly haven’t been kind to you.”

Marian glared at him. “Okay funny boy, get your ass upstairs and get the dingy ready.” She picked up her pack and made to throw it at him. Matt knew when to quit and ran upstairs to get the dingy set. As he pull the rope to tug the little boat close enough to get in, he smiled to himself. This was truly a great week, he had been getting real lonely in San Diego and Marian’s invite was exactly what he needed to get his mind off his troubles. Marian came out and they jumped into the dingy. Turning towards shore, Matt sat back and just took in the beauty of the island. ‘How can people not want to spend every weekend here’ he thought.

They pull the little inflatable boat far enough up the beach so it was above the high tide line. Pulling on their packs they started walking down the beach. After a little ways they came upon a dried river bed and decided to follow it up and see where it lead.


Nick woke up and looked around confused. He didn’t recognize anything around him. He sat up and saw Brian asleep on a bunk across from him. He laid back down remembering what was up. The group had rented a boat in Marina Del Rey and headed out for Catalina for a short vacation before they had to get back to work on the second leg of their U.S. tour. At first, Nick and A.J. hadn’t been to excited about it. They had been to Avalon before and didn’t like the crowds or hoards of tourist that would be sure to recognize them. Kevin agreed with them and had told them about the Isthmus, informing them that it was a small town located towards the west end of the island. It wasn’t a tourist attraction, just a small party town that had drinking and dancing almost nightly for the boaters that came over to let loose. This had won them over in no time. They were all ready for some partying.

Nick stretched and then got up and headed for the forwards cabin, making sure to bump Brian on his way up and wake him up.

“ahhh whhhaaa”, Brian snorted and rolled over to protect himself from any further onslaught.

“Get up, its almost noon, and I’m not gonna spend all my time at Catalina sleeping.” Nick said. He pulled Brians blanket and left to go out on deck, taking the blanket with him so Brain couldn’t go back to sleep. He found Howie on deck working on his scuba gear. Howie was ecstatic about being able to get the chance to dive, something he didn’t get to do often.

“Hey, when you heading out?” Nick asked, probing for how long the small motorboat would be gone so he could plan his trip to the Isthmus.

“Me and Kevin are gonna go west a little ways to a bay we saw earlier and go diving around there. You wanna go?”

“Naa I was just wondering when we were going to get to go to town.” Nick answered. He sighed knowing that they would be gone for a couple of hours with the boat. “I guess I’ll go swimming around the boat till you get back.”

Kevin walked up, “Why don’t you come with us and you can tool around the beach for a while till we’re done and then we’ll go to town tonight. The party doesn’t normally start until dark anyway.”

Nick thought about and thought that would be cool. He ran below and convinced Brian to go with him. Together they dragged A.J. out of his bunk and told him where they were going, and since they weren’t going to let him sleep, that he should join them. He looked a their determined faces and agreed. They changed into their suits and t-shirts, grabbed some towels and went and joined Kevin and Howie in the motorboat.

After about 20 minutes of puttering west. they anchored the boat off shore in the bay. There were already about ten boats here but it didn’t look like anyone was around or on the beach. Kevin and Howie prepared to dive as the other three swam to shore holding their shoes and towels above their head.

They spent about a hour just laying back on the shore, taking the occasional opportunity to scoop up some wet sand and throw it at each other. Nick looked up the beach and noticed a inflatable dingy that they hadn’t seen before. He didn’t see anyone on the beach so he assumed they were off exploring. ‘Hey that sounds like fun’ he thought.

“Hey Brian, want to go check out the island?” he asked.
Brian thought about it. Kevin and Howie had just started their dive and wouldn’t be up for a little while. He shrugged, ‘Why not’ He threw on his shoes and and they started running up the beach.

“Hey guys, wait for me,” they glanced back to see A.J. running after them. “I’m not gonna stay o the beach by myself. This could turn into another Blair Witch Project.” Brian and Nick laughed and then proceeded to tackle A.J. After wrestling around a bit they got up, brushed the sand off the best they could and then started back up the beach. Soon they found the dry river bed and turned to follow it up.


Matt sat down on a huge rock. He was exhausted, they had spent the morning following the river bed. About a half mile up they found that there were still traces of water running down, so they had to jump from rock to rock and walk along side. Along with that it had gotten more dense with plants and gradually steeper. This wasn’t the easiest way to go but it was quite a challenge. About two miles up they had found a old mine and had spent a little time exploring the entrance. They hadn’t brought a flashlight so they didn’t go that far inside. Marian sat next to him and handed him the water she had pulled from her pack.

“I love this, I don’t think anyones been up here for a while,” She told him. She was a sucker for the hiking thing. They had spent their senior year hiking around the foothills around their town.

Matt agreed, “Yeah this is cool, but I think I’m ready to head back down. I’m tired and if we’re going to town tonight we have to get ready.”

Marian agreed and after a few more sips of water they got up and started making their way down. They walked for about 15 minutes when suddenly Marian froze.

“What is it? you finally hear your biological clock ticking?” Matt teased.

“No, shut up, there's someone walking this way.”

Sure enough, Matt soon heard people talking further down the river bed.

Marian pulled on his arm, “I look horrible, lets hide until they pass so they don’t see us.”

Matt looked up at the sides of the bed, it was pretty steep. The river was cut right between two hills, creating a very narrow canyon. “I don’t know where, those sides are pretty steep.”

“Well I’m gonna climb up and hide behind a tree, I’m not gonna let anyone see me like this.” Marian snorted out. She started on all fours climbing up the side. Matt sighed, and started after her. they crouched down in the deep wheat like grass and waited for the people to pass.

Listening, Matt heard the people almost right below them. He glanced over at Marian and gave her a big smile, feeling a bit silly about hiding out. He adjusted his footing and reached around to grab his backpack. Suddenly he felt his feet slipping, before he knew it he was falling down the side of the hill. He heard Marian scream out his name. He rolled into a ball and threw his arms out to protect his head from the rocks he knew were below him. Just then he smacked right into something and all his breath was knocked out of him.

He had his eyes shut tightly and it took him a few seconds to get his breath back. He groaned, he hurt all over and just knew he had broken something. He heard Marina scrambling down the hill calling his name. Just then he noticed that the ground was surprisenly soft. Slowly he opened his eyes. Right above him looking down at him with concern and surprise was the most beautiful set of eyes he had ever seen. He realized that he had crashed right in the people that they had been trying so hard to hide from and he was lying in the lap of the person with those amazing eyes. Trying to gather as much dignity as he could he held out his hand.

“uh Hi,” He croaked out.

(to be continued)

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