Chapter 2
Author: manoffun

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Will and Rich
Chapter 2

     Well Will slept until about three o'clock in the afternoon.  When he got up he was a little disoriented because he did not recognize his surroundings.  Then he remembered that he was at Rich's house in England.  He decided he should go take a shower and get dressed before he saw Rich, because he always wants to look his best for him.

     While Will is in the shower.  Rich remembers that he has not put any towels into that bathroom.  So he decides to go get some towels from his bathroom and put them in the guest bathroom.  When he gets into the bathroom he sees that Will is already in there.   'Man I hope that he does not see me in here........  He has a great body.  I wish I could put my hands all over him.'  Rich thought.  Rich continued to put the towels up until he saw what Will was doing in the shower.  Rich just could not believe that he is was witnessing Will jacking off in his shower.

"Oh, Rich" Will screamed while continuing to jack off.

`Should I respond' Will thought.

"Rich........... Rich................. RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Will screamed even louder then before.

`I am going for it and going to respond but I can not tell him I am gay yet.  It could hurt my career to much for me to that.' Rich Thought "Yes" Rich said.

 Will just froze in his tracks when he heard Rich's voice.  He did not know what to say.  So he just ran out of the bathroom to his room.  He face was red as blood.  He just stared packing thinking that he was not going to welcome anymore.  He was about to leave when Rich came into the room.

"Why are you packing."  Rich questioned.

"Because you do not want a little fag in you house." Will Stated.   No response.  "I knew I was right."  Will then ran out of the room crying.   He did not know where to go.  He had never been to England.

"WILL WAIT!!!!!!!  WE NEED TO TALK!!!!!!!!!!!" Rich screamed.

"Why?  You HATE me." He said as he fell down on his knees.

"No I do not hate you.  I think you are really cool."

"You can not think I am cool.  I am gay, and I am falling in love with you.  I know I have not known you that long, but I know that is how I fell about you."  Will just broke down and started crying even harder then before.  "Ever since I first saw you in a music video, and I looked into your eyes.  I feel in love with your innocence, your voice, but most of all you."

`He would not hurt me.  He just said he loved me.  I have to tell him how I fell.  I have to tell him that I am gay.'  Rich thought.  "Will...... I..........  I......... I am gay" Rich started to cry to.  "and I think I am falling for you."


"Yes......  Please do not tell anyone.  I have not even told the group yet.  I just did not want to lose you  yet."


"Yes, Yet.  You have to go back some time don't you.  I do not ever want you to, but I know you will have to.  Won't you?" `I hope he says he can stay forever and be with me forever.  I do not want to lose him.'

"I do not know.  I will talk to my school see if I can go full time over here."

     They stood up and walked over to each other.  They just stayed there for a second steering into each other eyes.  Then Will slowly leaned forward and kissed Rich for al he was worth.  Rich started to lead to the bedroom but Will stooped him.

"Rich,  I am not ready to do anything yet.  I love you and would love to give you my virginity, but not yet.  OK?"  Will stated after he broke there kiss.

"I understand honey.  I do not want to ever hurt you." Will said with the biggest smile possible.  "I agree with you 100%."

"What time do we have to go meet the guys?" Will asked

"OH MY GOSH.  I am completely forgot about them.  We are supposed to meet them at noon."

"Well it is nine now.  Rich you really need to tell the guys about your sexuality."

"I will tell them today if you stand by me"

"I promise!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"OK.  I will do it at lunch."

     With that they decided to go get ready.  It seemed as if every couple of minuets they would be in each other arms again. It was nearing noon really fast.  They were almost ready and were about to leave to meet the other guys at Sean's house for lunch.  Rich was really nervous because he did not know how the guys would react to the news.  `Would they kick me out of the group' That thought just keep running though his head.

     Will was starting to worry because Rich face was pale white and he did not know what was on his mind to make him so scared.  "Baby, what is wrong?" Will asked with concern in his voice.

"I was just think that they want to kick me out if i tell them i am gay and you are my boyfriend.  I just to do not know what to do."

"Baby i will be there with you.  Just trust me.  You need to tell them."

"OK.  I will tell them.  I trust you with my whole heart.  It is time  yo go honey."

"Sure baby.  I am ready .  You know what?"




"Haha.  Lets go."

     They headed out to the car not knowing what to expect when they arrived to the house.  Rich wa going to tell the guys about him being gay and about Will being his boyfriend. Will was scared becuase he was going to be in a room with four guys he barely knew.  They were pulling into Sean's house and they were starting to gett really worried.  Will was sweeting all over, and Rich was just blushing.  They were both nervous.  If someone would have knocked on teh window right then they would of pissed in there pants.

"Lets get out of the car and go in.  It is time to face the music." Rich said

     That made Will even more nervous then he already was.  He did not know what to expect. `Will they except me?'  Was the only thing runnning though his head.

Knock Knock

"Come on in" someone yelled

To be Continued................


OK i know it is short, but i will try to have the next part out within two weeks.  I need your help.  Should I have it where they do not accept them or do they?  If they do who else do you want to be gay.  I will not make the whole group gay because it is not relaistic.  Ideas, Comments, Suggestions, And even Flames.  Send to manoffun.  All e-mail will be responded to.