This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it...continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!

Author's Note: I wanted to say a few words of thanks here to some and write out some props for some other nifty authors whose stories I read faithfully. To LHW (author of BSB-NSYNC Chronicles) I hope this chapter of XTREME is long enough for ya! And there's more to come, too! To Kyle (author of Not Meant To Be) NMTB is one of my fave stories and I can't wait to see where you take it next. To the authors of "Model Romance" and "Lonely Lance", and "Justin's Journal", I think that these stories have GREAT potential and I can't wait to see what will happen in each of them. To Gemmini (author of Lance's Song) another really good story that I am always excited to see updates of. To Kyle Smiley (author of Animal N'Styncts) I like this story a lot! It's a nice premise and tho the chapters are short...I always look forward to reading them. BIG Props to Evan (author of Justin's Dark Angel) for continually pulling out gripping chapter after chapter....this story is really awesome! Also to DJ (author of Forever), I was so sad to see this story end....I really enjoyed reading this one...it too was so well written that it just sucked me in as a reader and totally suspended my disbelief! To Micheal (author of Studio in the Country) His story is really one of my most favorite stories and I literally drop everything to read it when I see it. And props to a non-nifty author, a gal by the name of FictionLyn, whose wonderful sagas keep me checking her site for updates on a daily basis. (http://www.crosswinds.net/~fictionlyn/index.html) And last but certainly not least props to Clive(A Grand Encounter) who I count myself lucky to chat with almost daily...he keeps me from going "postal" at work. There are of course other stories and authors to mention...but I'll leave that for next time.


by Billy Burrew

Last Time on XTREME NSYNC....

"Bill?", Lance asked worriedly as he walked over and touched Bill's shoulder, "What's the matter?" Lance gasped and froze as he touched Bill's shoulder.

JC walked over to the other side of Nick and quickly pushed into Nick's mind as well, gasping at the what he saw in Nick's mind.

"...How and when are you gonna do this?" Lou asked curiously.

Marshall smiled maliciously, "Oh...I am gonna bring them down from the inside...you see...I have someone there who's all ready to betray them to me, and is just waiting for the appropriate time."

"Oh...and Marshall...", Lou said as he turned around, his eyes glowing with an amber color, "Don't fuck this one up...I won't be nearly as forgiving as I was last time. Now pick your new team and get this taken care of."


Chapter 16 Begins Now....

(The Astral Plane Inside Nick's Mind)

"Nick! Stop this right now.", Bill yelled out angrily as Nick slowly lowered the rope that bound him by his wrists into the pool of molten lava that Nick had created in his mind.

"Fat chance asshole.", Nick snarled and let the rope slide further down, "You should have never fucked with me....or taken Lance from me."

Bill shook his head, "Nick...listen to yourself. You sound like a B movie stalker villain. Look man...Lance doesn't want anything to do with you, he's told you as much. So just stop pursuing him. Find someone else...move on...spank your monkey..."

Nick's eyes blazed red as he snarled and let go of the rope, dropping Bill into the pool. Nick's eyes widened as Bill's fall stopped just an inch above the pool. Nick spun around as he felt the presence of JC and Lance's minds behind him. Nick saw that JC had his hands up, using his mental abilities to halt Bill's fall. Nick then stepped back as he saw Lance's eyes turn a blazing green.

"THAT IS IT!", Lance shouted and pulled back and smashed Nick in the face. The sound of Nick's nose breaking resounded loudly in the mental plane that Nick had created. Nick fell backwards clutching his face in agony.

"L...Lance...please....I still wanna try to...", Nick pleaded.

"No! HELL NO!", Lance yelled, "Don't you get it? I don't want you. I am not some damn prize to be won or fought over. I make my own choices about who to love...I CHOOSE! NOT YOU!"

Nick pulled his hands away from his face and hung his head, beginning to cry.

JC watched as Bill looked down at his bonds, his eyes glowing a vibrant red. A second later, the rope began to decay and fall away. Bill set his astral body down by the edge of the molten pool and he smiled and waved his hands and instantly the pool disappeared. Bill walked over behind Nick and motioned for Lance and JC to move in beside him. Nick looked up as the three men grabbed him into a tight embrace, Bill's powers laying bare Nick's bruised ego and psyche as Lance and JC healed all the wounds Bill uncovered. Nick began to cry as he hugged the three men.

"I am so sorry. I am just so alone. Since we broke up Lance, I've been all alone.", Nick cried.

Lance softened as he looked from Bill to Nick then he began to frown, "Nick. I wanted us to be friends. I wanted us to part on friendly terms so that if you needed me like you did, you could have called me."

Nick sobbed and Bill looked over as JC waved goodbye and disappeared from the astral plane.

(The Physical Plane)

JC's arm pulled free and he gasped as his eyes popped wide open and his body fell backwards.

"JC!", Kevin and Brian yelled as Kevin dived and caught the falling youth.

"What happened?", Brian asked as Kevin layed JC across the bed.

"Nick had captured Bill's mind and held him hostage. He was trying to kill him. I kept him from killing Bill until Lance could knock some sense into him.", JC exclaimed.

"What are they doing now?", Brian asked, his brow knotted with worry for his friend.

"They're working out their issues. I think we need to give them some time and space. C'mon...let's go over to my room.", JC explained as he got up off the bed and headed towards the door.

The guys filed out of the room, with Brian exiting last as he walked over and put his hand on Nick's face.

"Come back to me Frack.", Brian said quietly then he turned and left the room.

(The Astral Plane Inside Nick's Mind)

"Nick", Bill said as he turned the younger man's head with his hand so that their eyes would meet, "Let me open up your mind to your powers, OK?"

Nick nodded and then gasped as the scene around them changed as Bill cleaned up Nick's mind and proceeded to pull down the barriers that surrounded Nick's powers. A second later, Nick's astral body almost glowed with his newfound knowledge and power.

"Come join us on the physical plane Nick...then we can all talk.", Lance said and then his astral form disappeared. Nick looked at Bill as he nodded to Nick to follow him and then he too winked out of Nick's mind. Nick looked around and smiled then let himself fall back into the physical plane of existence.

Nick opened his eyes and blinked a few times as his eyes focused on the two men in front of him.

"Hey guys...", Nick said quietly, "...thanks! Thanks for talking me down in there."

"No problem Nick. I didn't think that you had gotten closure with me...I hope we're clear now.", Lance said quietly as he sat down between the two men.

Nick nodded slowly.

"So what is your ability Nick?", Lance inquired with a sly smile.

Nick grinned, "I can mimic others powers. If I touch you, I make a copy of your powers and can use them for about an hour or so...or until I make a copy of another power."

Bill smiled, "OK....lets see it then."

Nick grinned and stood up, moving a few paces away from the bed, then turning to face it. Nick raised his hand up and using his copy of Bill's powers, telekinetically picked up and threw the young man across the room, slamming him violently face first into the wall. A second later, Bill's unconscious body slowly peeled itself off the wall and landed on the floor with a sickening thud. Lance turned pale and scrambled to get up, hysterically yelling out the name of his lover as he rushed across the room towards him. At the sound of Lance's scream, the door to the room crashed open and Kevin and the rest of the guys rushed into the room.

"Nick!", Kevin bellowed out as looked at Bill's prone form, then rushed towards his young blond bandmate to stop him from doing any further damage. As he approached Nick, Kevin's body changed to his new organic metal form, "What the hell did you do to Bill, Nick"

Nick's eyes widened as Kevin barreled towards him. Just as Kevin was about to reach him, Nick extended both his hands and froze Kevin in mid-stride The guys gasped as Nick then shook his head and walked quickly over to Lance, who was bending down to try and heal his lover. Lance looked up, his eyes glowing the color of fire jade.

"Don't come any closer to him or I'll kill you myself...I swear to God!", Lance hissed.

Nick stepped towards Lance and raised his hand, freezing Lance in much the same way he had frozen Kevin. Lance gasped as his body refused to obey his will. Nick smiled and leaned over and kissed Lance deeply on the lips.

Lance moaned and fell backwards as Nick's freeze power wore off. As soon as their lips met, Nick absorbed Lance's healing powers and lost Bill's telekinetic powers. Nick quickly leaned down and used his newfound powers with a mastery that defied conception, instantly healing the injuries that Bill had attained by his hand.

A second later Bill sat up and groaned as he rubbed his face. "Nice power Nick. I'll tell you this for sure tho, if you ever try a stupid stunt like that again...I'll hold you down and turn it back off myself."

Marshall smiled as he looked over the group of nine "talents" that he had selected from the list of promising recruits. Marshall had selected those with the most "active" abilities. Their powers were diverse and would be more than a match for the ones that NSYNC had demonstrated in the tapes that Marshall had appropriated from the airport. He would have them beat...this time, there would be no mistake. He was so sure of the abilities of his team that he had cast himself as not only the leader of the group, but also as the tenth member of the team.

Marshall's team was training against another group of ten strong talents and had begun to coalesce as a team as Marshall rallied them to his cause. Seconds later, Marshall's team executed his battleplan perfectly, entrapping and neutralizing the opposing team.

'No', Marshall thought to himself with a smile, 'They'll be no match for us this time.'