By Billy Burrew

This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it...continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!

Author's Note: I wanted to take a minute out here and give some positive feedback on some stories that I've been reading and that I like. "Open Arms" by Carter has really gotten me hooked in the last few chapters. I really enjoy reading this one a lot. Another really great NEW story is "Beneath It All" by Scotty T. This story has a great approach and I can't wait to see where it goes to next. I was happy to see a new chapter of "Rude Awakening" by Francis O'Ratigan. This is a great story, and I always enjoy reading it when I see it updated. Finally (I am gonna keep it short and to the newcomers tonite), "Old Friends" by Hamado23 (real name I have no idea). This new story is kinda nice...it has started out kinda slow but it looks like it's gonna take off here and really go places...and I can't wait to see where! Well..that's all for now. -Billy B

Last Time on XTREME NSYNC...

Lance moaned and fell backwards as Nick's freeze power wore off. As soon as their lips met, Nick absorbed Lance's healing powers and lost Bill's telekinetic powers. Nick quickly leaned down and used his newfound powers with a mastery that defied conception, instantly healing the injuries that Bill had attained by his hand.

A second later Bill sat up and groaned as he rubbed his face. "Nice power Nick. I'll tell you this for sure tho, if you ever try a stupid stunt like that again...I'll hold you down and turn it back off myself."

Marshall's team was training against another group of ten strong talents and had begun to coalesce as a team as Marshall rallied them to his cause. Seconds later, Marshall's team executed his battleplan perfectly, entrapping and neutralizing the opposing team.

'No', Marshall thought to himself with a smile, 'They'll be no match for us this time.'


Chapter 17 Begins Now...

Nick grinned at Bill as Lance helped him up from the floor where he had fallen. After a few minutes of assuring everyone that he was OK, Bill took a breath and instructed everyone to get ready to eat some light lunch and then get ready to do some "war games". JC smiled and nodded as the rest of the guys headed out the door and downstairs to the hotel restaurant. Bill watched as everyone filed out, leaving just Lance and Nick and himself alone in the room. Kevin turned as he walked out the door and shot a look at Nick.

"C'mon Nick. I think they've seen enough of you for a while."

Nick frowned, "I'll be down in a few minutes, DAD!"

Kevin shook his head and grumbled then disappeared outside the door.

As the door clicked shut, Nick looked up at Bill and Lance.

"I just wanted to say that I was sorry I tested my powers out on you like that. It was supposed to be a real test and that seemed like a good way to do it.", Nick shrugged.

Lance began to turn red with anger as he got up off the bed.

"THAT seemed like a good idea to you?", Lance boomed. "Are you stupid or just crazy? Do you have any ANY consideration of the people around you. I can't believe you sometimes Nick. Is there anything intelligent rattling around in that piece of flesh you call a head?"

Nick put his head down and stared at the carpet.

"Lance.", Bill said as he put his arm around the younger youth. "It's OK. I agree with what he said about it needing to be a real test, tho I don't agree with his motives or the way he approached it."

Nick's head shot up as he looked at Bill.

"You DO?!?", Nick said questioningly.

"YOU DO!!!?", Lance yelled incredulously.

"Yeah, Nick...Lance, I do!", Bill said with a small smile, "You needed a test that was "real". No situation was present to really test your powers...so you made one. Now, because it was me that was sorta the guinea pig, I didn't really appreciate THAT...but...it was a true test. You showed that you could pick up my powers, then Lance's powers...and even if it didn't work out...Lance could have healed me."

Nick nodded.

"But what if I couldn't heal you. What if you were too injured for me. I can barely heal a minor injury as it is....what you received was much worse!", Lance frowned.

Nick looked over to Lance, "That's cause I used your powers differently than you do. When I take a power, I can use it like I've always had it...like...on a master level. I knew everything there was to know about your powers the instant I touched you and absorbed your power."

Lance's eyes widened, "So you can do more with my powers than I can?"

Nick nodded, "Yeah...But I only have use of them for maybe an hour or so at best. So its compensated out in the end kinda."

Nick and Lance stared at each other for a while as Bill lay back on the bed resting. Bill watched as the two barely blinked over the next few moments.

"Lance...Nick...stop it!", Bill said after a few minutes, "Come here both of you. You two have to start letting the little things go. Lance...look at me...I am fine. Nick. Look at Lance. He still cares for you...but he's moved on from what you had. You two both have to move on from where you were, or start over from the beginning."

Lance looked at Bill and sighed, 'I dunno..."

Nick looked at Bill and shook his head, 'I can't...He hates me...and he has you.'

Bill heard both of their thoughts and shook his head, 'Lance...kiss him!'

Lance looked down at Bill and then over to Nick with a confused look. Bill repeated his mental thought to Lance. Lance nodded and leaned over and kissed Nick, lightly at first, and then Nick responded back with greater passion.

Bill leaned up and put his arms around both of them, drawing the three of them together closely. Nick broke the kiss and looked over at Bill hesitantly. Bill smiled and leaned in and nibbled on Nick's lower lip, then kissed him with an animal-like passion. Nick moaned at the roughness of the kiss. Lance got up and got behind Nick , kissing his neck and pulling off the blond youths shirt, leaving his hairless chest bare. Nick moaned as Bill proceeded to unbuckle and pull off his pants and underwear. Nick closed his eyes and opened his mind as Bill had instructed him to. Bill and Lance quickly shed their own garments and began to slowly make love to each other and to Nick. Nick moaned as Lance began to lick the underside of his dick then pull his balls into his mouth for some hot sucking. As Lance took care of the lower half of Nick, Bill began a slow treatment of nibbling and kisses on Nick's ears, neck and then his nipples, taking each one into his mouth and biting lightly, causing them to get hard and red. Nick moaned and wriggled as the two mouths brought him closer to the edge. Bill smiled and then moved down to join his lover as he sucked Nick's hard cock. Lance and Bill would kiss passionately then alternate from sucking Nick's throbbing piece and suckling his balls. Nick began to moan louder and grasp the sheets as he came ever closer to releasing his load. Bill and Lance stopped and pulled up off Nick. Nick began to whimper pitifully as he opened his eyes and looked down at the two. Bill nodded up to Lance and he moved up to the top of the bed, straddling Nick's face.

Nick moaned as he watched Lance stroke his hard meat at the base of Nick's chin, smiling and waving it around invitingly in front of Nick's face. Nick opened his mouth and Lance slowly inserted the whole of it inside. Nick gagged slightly at first then took the whole thing in, amazed as it slid quickly down his throat. Lance moaned as he felt Nick's throat muscles massage his hard dick. Lance began to ease his cock in and out of Nick's mouth, slowly and gently fucking his face.

Bill watched as Lance began to fuck Nick's face, then he lifted Nick's legs up into the air, hooking them in Lance's arms. Nick's ass was open and waiting. Bill slowly began to lick Nick's cherry ass, probing his tongue deep inside the depths of Nick's warm crevice. Nick, his face stuffed full of Lance's hot meat, moaned and bucked his hips upwards, mashing his puckered hole against Bill's face. Nick's thick, hard cock stood tall and fast, like a lone ivory tower. Lance spit on his hand and wrapped his fist around Nick's cock, pumping up and down from the tip of the head to the base. Nick's groaned and let Lance's hard tool fall from his lips as the blond youth pumped his dick. Nick's body began to tense up as he felt his orgasm approach. Just as he thought he had reached the point of no return, Lance stopped and bend down towards him, kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Uh Uh Uh", Lance leered lustfully, "No cumming just yet."

Nick moaned as he felt Lance slide down his body. Lance straddled Nick's hips and began to lick and nibble on Nick's sensitive nipples. Nick pushed his head back into his pillow as the intense pleasure sensations overwhelmed him. Lance began to moan deeply a moment later and Nick watched in a lusty haze as Bill began to lube and loosen Lance's ass up. A few moments later, Lance looked deep in to Nick's eyes as he slowly impaled himself on Nick's throbbing cock. Nick moaned and bucked upwards, slamming the last remaining inches of his meat home in Lance's hot ass. Lance groaned and began to ride Nick's pole, slowly at first, then building up speed and force.

Nick moaned as he felt his own ass invaded by Bill's probing fingers. Bill's fingers easily penetrated Nick's spit soaked ass and in no time Bill had added two additional digits to the first. Nick began to breathe hard as Bill's fingered opened and widened his hole for the greater penetration of a cock. Lance also noticed Nick's discomfort and leaned down and began to nibble and suckle roughly on Nick's tits. Nick gasped and his own dick spasmed as Lance began to coax sensations out of Nick's tender nipples that he had never before experienced, and which totally made him forget about anything else.

Bill removed his fingers from Nick's ass and then slowly began to insert his dick. The transition between digits and dick went so smoothly that Nick gasped in surprise as he felt Bill's pubes scrape against his asscheeks. Bill began a slow rhythm, fucking Nick's ass with the full length of his cock, pulling it out almost all the way, then back in. Nick began to moan and pant as Bill's cock stabbed at his sensitive prostate. Nick's hands gripped the sheets again as he desperately held off his impending orgasm.

Again, as it had happened last time, as Nick passed close to his point of no return, Bill stopped fucking and withdrew his cock at the same time that Lance pulled the whole way off Nick's cock, keeping the tip outside his rosebud. Nick began to whimper loudly, craving release.

"Please...Let me cum!", Nick begged Lance, who leaned forward and kissed Nick lightly on the lips.

"Not just yet.", Lance smirked.

Bill moved under Lance and positioned his cock as close to Nick's as possible. The two dicks were almost evenly matched, where one won out in length, the other made up in girth. Bill grabbed the two cocks around the bases and mashed them together. With his other hand, Bill reached up and put his hand on Lance's shoulder, pulling his ass back down, this time onto both dicks. Lance moaned loudly as his hole slowly expanded to accommodate 2 cocks...or twice the width of the single one he had just had. After a few moments, Bill moaned as he felt Lance's ass bump against his pelvis. Nick held his breath as he watched his and Bill's dick disappear up into Lance's warm ass. As Nick saw the last inch disappear, he shook his head and moaned.

Lance's eyelids fluttered as he felt completely full, with both cocks inside him. Lance moaned as he leaned backwards onto Bill's chest and turned his head and began to kiss his lover.

'This is amazing! I love you so much.', Lance said as Bill and Nick began to slowly move in and out of his ass.

Nick began to move his cock in and out of Lance's ass, gasping at the friction created by the movement against the other cock against his as well as the increased tightness of Lance's ass caused by the double penetration.

'Uhhhh.....Damn...I can't believe this is happening...I've only ever seen this stuff happen in porno flicks....uh.....I can't hold out much longer!"

Bill smiled and relayed Nick's thoughts to Lance. A moment later, Lance's ass clamped down on the two cocks buried deep inside it as Nick slammed into Lance's prostate and pushed him over the edge. Lance moaned loudly and jerked his cock one last time before it exploded, shooting globs of his hot juice over Nick's head, onto his face and in his mouth, then onto his chest. Nick's orgasm overtook him as he watched Lance's dick explode onto him. Nick felt Lance's ass clamp down onto his dick milking it as it exploded, coating Lance's insides with his hot load.

Bill felt Lance and Nick's intense orgasms, both physically and mentally as he pulled his mind away from them and shielded it for all their benefits. A second later, Bill moaned and leaned forward into Lance, sinking his teeth into the area between Lance's neck and shoulder as his dick began to spew its hot load into Lance's ass. Lance groaned as he felt Bill's mouth clamp down on him as he came and this caused Lance's dick to spasm one last time shooting one final rope of cum right into Nick's open mouth. Lance moaned as he felt both dicks soften and slowly slide out of his ass. Lance fell forwards onto the bed on one side of Nick as Bill moved up and fell to the other side. Nick shook his head and sighed as he turned to face Lance, spooning up against Bill.

"Why....What...How?", Nick stammered nervously as he looked at Lance.

"Nick.", Lance said with a smile, "You were convinced that I hated you and that Bill was against you. We're not. We're together now, Bill and I...but we wanted to show you that it doesn't mean that we can't all be friends...or more."

Bill murmured his agreement as he nuzzled against the back of Nick's neck. A moment later, Nick smiled slightly and turned onto his back, grabbing both Bill and Lance into a tight hug.

"Thank you!", Nick said happily.

A moment later Lance's head snapped up and he moaned to Bill, "Oh God! Tell me you did that time thing you can do on us...or we totally just blew off eating at the restuarant with the guys."

Bill smiled, "In thier time...we've only been up here for five minutes...let's take a shower and get down there, this slowing down time stuff is kinda taxing...I hadn't realized it til now."

Nick's grinned, "You slowed down time for us, huh? Thank God you did or Kevin would've be up my ass for being really late."

Bill snorted, "I've been up there...there's plenty enought room for Kevin."

Lance's eyes widened and he began to laugh.

"Nice!", Nick smiled and blushed.

Bill leaned in and placed a kiss on Nick's lips as his hand cupped Nick's ass, "Its a nice ass...very nice!" Bill slid two of his fingers back inside Nick's ass and Nick moaned, "Ughhh....that feels so hot! If you get me going again...you better finish what you start."

Bill pumped his fingers in and out of Nick's hole, making sure to rub against Nick's sensitive prostate as he looked over at Lance, whose dick had grown back to being rock hard while he watched Nick and Bill.

"I think I am gonna take a shower and let Lance finish what I started. Lance is a great top!"

Nick moaned as Lance's dick replaced Bill's retreating digits. Bill smiled and kissed Nick and Lance once more before heading into the bathroom.

Bill smiled as he heard the moans of the two men as he showered off. As he finished the last of his ablutions, he heard the door to the bathroom open and Nick and Lance stagger in.

"Jeez!", the two boys moaned, "I am gonna be so sore!"

Lance looked over at Nick and sneered and gave him the "talk to the hand gesture".

"Oh PLEASE!", Lance groaned, "I had the 'two for one special' up my ass....lets not talk about stretched out and sore, OK?"

Nick blushed and giggled, "You win.....I admit....that was porn quality bottoming."

Bill snickered from the shower as he opened the curtain and stepped out onto the bath mat and dried off, allowing Lance to squeeze by him and give him a peck on the lips before hitting the shower.

Nick watched as Bill finished drying off and hung the towel up to dry. Nick followed Bill back out to the bedroom and sat on the bed as Bill put on a fresh pair of boxers and a t-shirt.

Bill smiled as he watched Nick watch him dress. As he pulled on his t-shirt, he fell on the bed and grabbed Nick up in a hug, kissing the back of his neck tenderly.

"Are you OK with me and with Lance and all this?", Bill whispered tenderly into Nick's ear.

"Yeah....yeah I am.", Nick said quietly. "I had such a crush on Lance...and seeing you two "together" right off the bat made me go nutz! Now...I understand it all better...and myself too! I had another opportunity staring me in the face since Lance and I split up but I was too hell bent on getting back with Lance that I totally ignored it."

"Brian?", Bill said quietly.

"Yeah.", Nick nodded, "He is as head over heels for me as I used to be for Lance."

Nick turned to face Bill and began to kiss him lightly on the lips, holding the bottom lip in his mouth and nibbling lightly on it. "Thanks for forgiving me for treating you like I did and helping me with my issues."

"Nothing I wouldn't do for a friend...", Bill smiled, "...or lover."

Nick moaned as Bill's kiss deepened and he ran his hands over Nick's ass.

"I can't believe I am so damn horny around you two!", Nick moaned as he stared down at his throbbing dick.

"Jerk yourself off Nick...let me watch you...", Bill whispered in his ear.

Nick smiled at Bill as he rolled onto his back and began to jerk himself off, his head turned towards Bill. Nick moaned as his hands pumped his dick furiously. Bill alternated between kissing Nick, tweaking his nipples, and lightly squeezing his nuts as Nick stroked himself closer to a 3rd orgasm. Soon, Nick looked into Bill's eyes and moaned, "I am so close..."

Bill leaned down and took Nick's dick into his mouth as he used his telekinesis to rub and squeeze Nick's engorged prostate. Nick arched up off the bed and let out a yell as he shot his hot spunk into Bill's mouth. Bill made sure to get every last drop out of Nick before moving back up and kissing him on the lips, letting Nick's juice slide back into Nick's mouth. Nick moaned a last high pitch moan at the taste of his own seed and then Bill broke the kiss.

"Wow!", Nick moaned, "Please tell me I can stay over tonight!"