This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it…continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!

By Billy Burrew

Last Time on XTREME NSYNC….

Bill leaned down and took Nick's dick into his mouth as he used his telekinesis to rub and squeeze Nick's engorged prostate. Nick arched up off the bed and let out a yell as he shot his hot spunk into Bill's mouth. Bill made sure to get every last drop out of Nick before moving back up and kissing him on the lips, letting Nick's juice slide back into Nick's mouth. Nick moaned a last high pitch moan at the taste of his own seed and then Bill broke the kiss.

"Wow!", Nick moaned, "Please tell me I can stay over tonight!"

Chapter 18 Begins Now….

Bill laughed and got up off the bed, helping Nick to his feet and slapping his ass as Nick ran past Bill into the bathroom. Lance was just emerging from the tub as Nick entered the room. Nick kissed Lance as he squeezed by him and into the shower.

"What was that all about?", Lance smiled as he dried off.

Bill smiled and kissed Lance then watched as he finished drying off and then begin to dress.

A few minutes later, Nick poked his head out from behind the shower and grinned as he watched the two men.

"Hey! I am just about done in here...Did you wanna use the shower or did you want me to shut it off?"

Lance looked at Bill for a second and smiled, "You reek of sex again....get back in there and make it quick!"

Bill smiled and kissed Lance once more then stripped his clothes off again and headed back into the bathroom. As he pulled the curtain aside and stepped in, he was grabbed and pulled into the shower quickly.

Nick grinned as he secretly copied Bill's powers, "I said I was almost done. Can you scrub my back?"

Bill nodded as Nick turned around and handed him a washcloth. As Bill scrubbed Nick's shoulder and neck, Nick moaned and slid his hand back and began to stroke on Bill's cock, which instantly grew hard. Bill moaned lightly and pushing his hips forward, he pressed his dick between the globes of Nick's ass cheeks. Nick moaned, using his copy of Bill's powers to slow time down for them as they fucked, then he bent forward, "Yeah...oh yeah! I need this so bad! Fuck me again!"

Bill leaned further in, pressing his dick into the knot of Nick's ass and paused, giving Nick time to get used to the intruder. Nick moaned and slammed his ass back onto the cock, impaling himself entirely on it. Bill moaned as he felt Nick's tight ass cover his pole entirely. Bill grabbed hold of Nick's hips and began to grind in and out of Nick's ass. A moment later Nick urged Bill to fuck him harder and Bill happily complied, slamming his hips savagely forward, his balls slapping noisily against Nick's ass.

Nick grunted and then smiled as he used Bill's powers once more, slipping a long telekinetic cock up into Bill's ass and fucking him. Bill groaned from this unexpected intruder and immediately began to cum, shooting his hot load up Nick's tight ass. Bill slumped forward onto Nick's back as he reached around him, jerking on his hard cock with one hand, and using his other one to tweak his nipples as he continued to slam his slowly softening cock inside Nick's ass. Nick leaned back and turned his head, kissing Bill hard and moaning into his mouth as he shot his load against the wall of the shower.

Bill continued to jerk Nick off, using Nick's own cum as lube for his actions, causing Nick to thrash like crazy. The feelings he received from his hyper-stimulated cock caused his legs to give way and Bill's still erect cock slammed back deep into his ass, the head smashing against Nick's abused prostate, causing two last spurts of cum to jet out of Nick's softening dick. Bill smiled and pulled out, turning Nick around and pinning his arms against the walls of the shower. Bill and Nick's lips smashed together and for a while they just kissed and embraced passionately. Bill then pulled back and rinsed Nick off, taking a washcloth and cleaning up the mess of semen that had begun to drip down Nick's legs from his ass. Nick moaned as Bill opened his hole up, letting the rest of the spooge drip out. Bill wiped some up with his hand and rubbed it across Nick's lips. Nick opened his mouth and licked Bill's fingers clean of the sticky mess.

"That tastes so good! I can't believe how horny you two make me!", Nick moaned. "I can see why Lance likes you so much."

Bill's eyes widened and he grinned, "Oh really? Well...I try to make my lovers happy."

Nick's eyes fluttered closed as he leaned forward, kissing Bill deeply on the lips, his tongue playing lightly against Bill's teeth.

As he pulled away he sighed, "I'm very happy now...oh yeah!"

Bill chuckled and turned off the spray of the shower. "Lets go, OK..time's a'wastin'!"

Nick pulled aside the shower curtain and grabbed two towels and threw one to Bill as he started to dry off. Nick watched as Bill stepped out of the shower, the water running down his form in little rivulets. Nick's gaze continued down to linger on Bill's cock, which despite its recent activity, remained half hard and slightly throbbing. Nick smiled as he looked back up as Bill threw the towel over his head and began to slowly rub his hair dry. Nick, amazed at his own bold horniness, quickly knelt down in front of Bill, taking his cock into his mouth. Bill stopped rubbing the towel through his head and moaned as Nick began to slurp up and down on his hard cock, grasping his balls with his one hand and fingering his ass with the other. Bill groaned as Nick's mouth began to work a miracle, pulling yet another load out of him. A moment later, Bill shot his load down Nick's throat.

"OK...Now we really have to get outta here.", Bill smiled as he leaned down and kissed Nick on the lips. "Lance is gonna think we drowned or something."

Nick smiled as he got off his knees and finished drying off, then he used his copy of Bill's powers and sped time back in the other room back up as he walked back in.

Lance looked up from where he sat on the bed and smiled, "Bill's showering now?"

"I thinks he's done now...I made sure that he came clean.", Nick said sardonically, a dry grin stretching across his face as he pulled back on his clothes, "He should be out in a minute."

Lance's eyebrow raised up questioningly as Nick sat down beside him and leaned in for a long kiss.

Bill stepped out of the bathroom and got dressed and then watched as Nick quickly ran back into the bathroom to futz with his hair. A few moments later, Lance and Nick waited as Bill sped time back to normal around their room and then the three of them headed down to the restaurant, only 20 minutes late.

As the three guys approached the table and took their places, Kevin stood up and looked angrily at Nick and then to Bill and Lance.

"What did Nick do now?...do you want me to kick his ass?"

Bill and Lance giggled and stared at Nick, "We're all cool now. We...um...worked it all out. We just had a few things we had to hammer out...but I think we came to a reasonable climax...er...accommodation."

Nick choked on the glass of water he had been sipping and Brian slapped him on the back a few times until he stopped coughing and looked up at Bill and Lance with an embarrassed grin.

"Let's eat!", Bill said.

"We ordered for you guys since you were late...we got you a tossed salad and sandwiches."

Nick looked up at Lance and chuckled, "I think Lance and I will skip the greens, we've had our salads tossed enough for one afternoon."

Lance blushed and Bill began to snicker as the rest of the table looked at the three newcomers with a puzzled interest.

The rest of the meal went quickly as the guys ate their food and got ready for the activities that were planned afterward. The guys all piled into the two vehicles and, after a brief shopping trip to pick up some super-stretchy lycra shorts to cover Kevin's privates in his transformed state, the guys hit the mostly deserted recreation park off Jones Ferry and Damascus Church Roads in Chapel Hill. Joey used his powers to fly up and reconnoiter the area, checking for any other people in the area. Finding none, he descended and gave the OK to proceed. Bill explained the premise of the game, which was basically setting one side against the other in a quest to find and then also have to fight against and neutralize Bill and his defenses to obtain the goal and grab the red flag. Bill smiled as he grabbed Kevin's underwear as he changed and announced that since he was fresh out of red flags, Kev's undies would have to suffice.

The guys all smiled and waited for Kevin to finish changing clothes. Bill announced that both teams would have to pick their team leaders and then disperse and begin to strategic and implement their plans to win. Bill then turned and launched himself into the air and was gone in a flash. Kevin and JC shook hands and then walked back to their teams, huddling together as they set up their plans to locate Bill.

JC and his team set forth first, walking in the direction of the sun. As soon as they were out of sight of the other team, JC opened up his powerful mind and began to sweep the area for any signs of Bill's mind.

'Uh-Uh-Uh JC', Bill's mind sang back from every direction, 'I totally foresaw you doing something like this...better luck next time.'

"Damn!", JC grinned, "He's masking his location from my mind guys, so we're gonna have to try something else."

Joey smiled, "Let me give it a try."

The others watched as Joey flew upwards, carried by a huge gust of wind, into the sky. The guys watched as Joey circled around a few times then began to descend. About halfway back down, the guys gasped as a boulder about 3 feet across flew upwards and just missed Joey's head.

"What the hell?!?", JC exclaimed, "That had to have been Kevin!"

Joey was prepared for the second boulder. As he spotted it streaking towards him, he simply raised his hands and used a hurricane wind to knock it away.

A second later, Joey smiled as he saw where the boulder came from and called forth some lightning, sending a powerful bolt down into the area where he believed the boulder had come from. Joey then descended back down to his team.

"No luck! I couldn't spot him anywhere."

Lance closed his eyes and opened his mind, using the connection that Bill had opened with him as a compass to try to indicate what direction his lover had gone off to.

Lance smiled and opened his eyes and pointed towards the thicker forest area,"He's over that way!"

As JC turned to proceed he heard a twig snap and an order to "ATTACK!"

JC looked over in the direction of the noise as Kevin, Nick, Brian and Howie all stepped out from behind the trees and proceeded to charge across the field towards them. Brian focused his eyes on the tree behind JC and Justin and a blue beam cut through the air from his eyes and sliced through the tree like a hot knife through butter. Justin pushed JC out of the way as the tree fell towards them then held up his left arm as he used his powers to grab a hold of the base of the falling tree.

Justin turned and bowed courteously to Brian, "Thanks man...you just saved me some time!" Justin then threw his arm forward like he was passing a football and the tree flew forward, cutting across the distance between the two groups instantly, slamming into Kevin with a crushing force.. Kevin and the tree flew backwards the length of a football field until they hit the base of another large tree. Kevin's transformed arms and legs, which lay still...motionless, were the only things visible from between the two tree trunks.

Brian's eyes bugged out as he watched his cousin take the awful hit, then he turned to Justin and growled, "OK....no more Mr. Nice Guy!"

Brian focused his eyes on Justin and let loose another beam of light. Justin laughed and put up his shield and watched Brian's beams deflect off his shield.

"Is that the best you can do?", Justin laughed a second later as he lowered his shield, "My momma could have....." Justin's words were cut off as a second set of beams caught him in the chest slamming him back into the ground.

"Justin...man...it's called a diversion.", Brian grinned as he stepped over Justin's unconscious form.

Lance watched from the edge of the clearing as Howie and Chris, Nick and JC, and Joey and Brian fought their battles. As he watched, he shook his head, thinking himself to be a "bench warmer and nurse" yet again, that is, until he heard the crunch of leaves behind him. Lance smiled to himself, then sighed loudly, letting the last Backstreet Boy think that his approach had gone unnoticed, letting him get close enough for Lance to fight or use his powers on.

Lance stood still a moment longer, until he felt a presence directly behind him. Lance then yawned and stretched slowly and languishly, convincing his opponent that he was not detected. In the middle of the stretch, Lance turned quickly and threw a powerful roundhouse. His fist connected with face and Lance smiled as Bill immediately became visible.

Lance smiled and shook his head, "Nice try AJ!".

The phony Bill look began to morph, taking the shape of AJ who then started forward and grabbed Lance in a headlock and began to fight with him. Lance felt himself being easily overpowered and began to get very angry, and a second later Lance used his own powers on himself, increasing the levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine in his blood to amazing levels. AJ gasped as Lance grabbed the arm he had secured around his neck and began to squeeze the two bones together. AJ yelped as he felt Lance snap the bones in his forearm and then threw him an elbow to the stomach. AJ keeled over from the attack and Lance threw a wicked punch to AJ's temple, quickly dispatching him.

Joey smiled as he watched Brian turn around from nailing Justin with a beam of power from his eyes. Joey waited until Brian was facing him before he let loose with a mini-typhoon, drenching Brian with unrelenting rain and hail, then blasting him backwards into a tree with a hurricane wind. Dripping and wet, Brian's head drooped forward and he fell flat on his face.

Howie watched Chris "pop" in and out from around him, biding him time as Chris did his best impersonation of "stick and move". Finally Howie heard an explosion of air directly beside him and he grabbed hold of a startled Chris by his shirt and threw him jujitsu style , opening a portal where he would land and letting Chris fall directly into it.

JC jumped as he felt a pair of hands cover his eyes.

"Guess who?"

JC's stomach dropped as he heard Nick's voice.

"Umm....Britney Spears?", JC said dryly.

"Um..NO...I'm like totally blond...and I have no tits!"

"Oh!", JC said with a laugh, "well...Christina Aguilera then!"

JC turned and grabbed Nick and held him up to a tree.

"C'mon Nick....physically you're no match for me. I am totally stronger than you..."

Nick's body began to turn from flesh and bone to a dull grey metal and JC immediately knew he was in trouble. He looked to the left side of Nick and saw Kevin rubbing his head as he regained consciousness.

"You were saying?", Nick said with a smile as his clothes began to fill out, as his copy of Kevin's powers worked to rapidly expand his body. A second later, JC's unconscious body hit the dirt about two trees away as Nick knocked him out in one punch.

Kevin stood up and moaned, "Is it over yet...my head...is KILLING ME! I feel like I got hit by a falling tree!"

Nick smiled, "You kinda did!"

Lance started back as he watched Howie emerge immediately in front of him from one of his portals.

"OK Howie...I'll try to make this as painless as possible.", Lance said with a cocky grin as he went to touch Howie, and try to use his powers on him.

"That's kewl...I'm not gonna say the same....Look up Lance...you've got an old friend dropping in to see you!", Howie said with a smirk.

Lance looked puzzled until Howie winked and pointed upwards. Lance looked up in time to see Chris fall out of a portal, screaming at the top of his lungs and falling in a high speed dive directly over where he was standing.

"HEELLLLLPPPP!", Chris screamed as he dropped from about 7 feet up.

Howie giggled as the look on Lance's eyes bugged out and his facial expression became similar to that of the cartoon character Wyle E. Coyote just before something horrible falls on him. Lance muttered an obscenity and threw his arms up to protect his head and neck just in time as Chris landed on him, sending both boys to the floor and to unconsciousness.

Nick looked up and saw Joey gliding up in the sky as he walked over Brian's wet unconscious body. Nick growled lightly and leaned down, grabbing Brian's head and kissing him passionately on the lips, copying his powers. Nick then looked up and spotted Joey again, this time, two beams of blue/green power shot forth from Nick's eyes, blasting Joey right in the chest and sending him into a clump of bushes in the far side of the clearing. A second later, Brian stirred and groaned.

"uhh...Nicky....wha happened?", Brian moaned.

"Joey ambushed ya!", Nick replied with a smile as he bent down and put his arms around Brian and pulled him up.

"And you came to my rescue?", Brian smiled weakly then kissed Nick on the lips, "My hero."

Nick smiled as Brian's lips kissed his hungrily. "Let's go fix up AJ."

Nick walked over to where Howie stood smiling victoriously over Chris and Lance.

"Good goin' Sweet D. You got both of them, huh?", Nick said as he leaned over and touched Lance, absorbing his powers, then using them to quickly heal AJ as Kevin and Nick bound up the rest of the unconscious NSYNC guys. After they had been bound together, Nick touched each one of their unconscious opponents, healing their injuries, but taking care to keep them sedated.

Nick stood up and smiled at his handiwork, "Good...Right...Now...all we have to do is find...", Nick's voice trailed off as he turned around and almost jumped out of his skin as he saw Bill hovering a short distance away.

"The mountain came to Mohammed this time Nicky! Good team effort there guys! Now all you have to do is grab the flag...er..underwear from me."

Brian smiled, "How 'bout you just give us the briefs and we'll say you put up one hell of a battle?"

Bill grinned, "Sorry Bri...not that easy."

"So you think", Brian said as two beams hugely powerful beams of energy lanced out of his eyes towards Bill.

"I know this trick already, Brian...let's see how you like it.", Bill said with a smile and held up both of his hands. Brian's beams reflected off Bill's hands, one hitting Kevin in the chest and sending him flying, the other reflecting back to Brian himself, slamming him full force in the head, causing his body to flip backwards, his head slamming into the ground as his feet and legs flew up in the air..

"Ow!", Bill grinned as he looked down at Brian's body, "Now that sure looked like an Ibuprofen moment."

AJ smiled and concentrated on his powers, immediately becoming invisible as he began to silently move towards striking distance of Bill. Across from AJ, Nick leaned over to Justin and touched him, copying his telekinetic abilities then using them to push himself into the air.

Bill smiled and nodded as he watched Nick join him in the air.

Howie stepped behind a tree and decided to bide his time and wait for a weak moment to strike against Bill.

Nick used his new power to pick up a huge tree and toss it at Bill. Bill smiled and waved it away, using his telekinetic power to slam it down beside AJ's invisible form.

"AJ, babe", Bill said with a grin, "What exactly are you tryin to blend in with?"

AJ jumped as he realized that Bill could see him and. AJ looked down at his body onto to find that it was not invisible, but that through Bill's manipulation of his powers, AJ's clothes were covered with little flourescent pink triangles that would have made him stick out, even almost to a blind person. AJ's eyes widened as the realization overcame him that he was a sitting duck and that with Bill's powers, he was fucked.

"Say goodnite AJ", Bill smiled then extended his hand towards the youth, sending him flying hard into the base of a thick maple tree.

"Three down...Two to go.", Bill said as a small boulder whizzed past his line of vision, bouncing off the globe of the telekinetic shield that he had put up in place at the beginning of the battle.

Bill turned and saw Nick's eyes widen and heard him swear under his breath at his failure. Nick quickly turned and grabbed a hold of every object that he could get his mind on and threw it at Bill, attempting to buy some time until he was inspired to another means of attack. That inspiration came to Nick a second later as Nick threw a pair of large boulders at Bill. He ran over to JC and put his hand on his head, quickly copying his powers, then he turned and held up both hands, using his copy of JC's powers to enter Bill's mind, breaking past his mental defenses, then doing his best to slow down Bill's response and attack times.

Bill's eyes widened in shock as he found his body almost unable to move, and his mind numbed from Nick's new attack.

Howie saw the crack in Bill's defenses instantly and stepped out from his hiding place and calling for Nick to charge and attack. Nick turned and nodded and then began to half-run towards Bill. Howie smiled and reached out with his powers, opening an invisible portal in front of Nick that would take him directly behind Bill, inside his shielding where Bill would be defenseless. Nick jumped in shock as instantaneously and unexpectedly he was transported directly behind his goal. Nick concentrated all his power into his hand, manifesting all his telepathic energy into a physical weapon of destruction.

Sensing his defeat looming at hand as he watched Nick disappear into the portal, Bill focused his his telekinetic power, untying the captive boy band members in front of him, then quickly using his telepathic powers, he awakened them.

Howie watched as Nick appeared behind Bill and manifested his copy of JC's telepathic powers in the form of a large telekinetic dagger. Nick stepped forward and plunged it into the back of Bill's head, where his neck meets the base of the skulll.

Bill screamed as he felt the dagger plunge deep into his mind, cutting through his defenses like so much thin paper and then reeling in pain as it shredded his mind, tearing his psyche apart.

The last thing Bill remembered was seeing Justin and JC's eyes pop open as he fell to the ground.

Justin and JC watched as Bill sank to knees, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. Panicked by the sight, Justin used his powers and grabbed two of the large boulders that lay where Nick had tossed them earlier and hurled them at the two Backstreet Boys. Nick, unprepared for any more physical attacks was caught in the chest and driven into the ground. Howie ducked behind a tree just in time to avoid the attack. JC, his blood boiling, opened his mind, pushing easily past Howie's defenses and into his mind, shutting it down as easily as turning off a light. Lance shook his head to clear his mind as he slowly got up, then looked over in horror at Bill, who lay motionless, his eyes half-open and his breathing erratic.

"Oh my GOD!", Lance screamed, "NICK! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!?"

Lance ran over to Bill and put his hands on Bill's chest, using his powers to assess his injuries.

Lance blanched as he realized that physically, Bill was fine, tho mentally he was beyond Lance's abilities. Lance looked over and pleased to JC, who came over and put his hands both on Lance and on Bill. Lance gasped as JC used his powers to modify and manipulate Lance's powers, and begin to heal Bill's shredded psyche. A few moments later, JC groaned as his powers were stretched beyond their limits. Lance threw off JC's hands and walked over to Nick's unconscious body.

"Get UP!", Lance yelled, then pulled Nick up, his power surging forth into the other blond, healing his bruised chest and waking him from unconsciousness.

"Lance?", Nick moaned.

"GET UP!", Lance repeated, "Get over there and help us fix up your fuck up. If you've hurt him, I'll never forgive you!"

Nick nodded and then followed Lance over to Bill's prone form. Lance and JC linked powers again and tried a second time to repair the damage Nick had caused. Nick leaned over and placed his hands on JC and Lance's shoulder's simultaneously copying both of their powers, instantly gaining a mastery of them, then channeling the force needed to rebuild Bill's shattered mind through them and into Bill. Moments passed and Nick closed his eyes in concentration as he worked through Lance and JC to repair the damaged cells and neural pathways. Several minutes later, Nick moaned and let loose of Lance and JC and fell over from exhaustion.

"It's done.", Nick said right before he passed out.


Next Time on XTREME...

Is Bill going to be OK? Who is the traitor?What is Marshall's plan of attack?
These questions and many more will be answered soon!

Until Then...

-Billy Burrew


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