This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it...continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!


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GET UP!", Lance repeated, "Get over there and help us fix up your fuck up.If you've hurt him, I'll never forgive you!"

Nick nodded and then followed Lance over to Bill's prone form. Lance and JC linked powers again and tried a second time to repair the damage Nick had caused. Nick leaned over and placed his hands on JC and Lance's shoulder's simultaneously copying both of their powers, instantly gaining a mastery of them, then channeling the force needed to rebuild Bill's shattered mind through them and into Bill. Moments passed and Nick closed his eyes in concentration as he worked to repair the damaged cells and neural pathways. Several minutes later, Nick moaned and let loose of Lance and JC and fell over from exhaustion.

"It's done.", Nick said right before he passed out.

Chapter 19 Begins Now....

The sound of whimpering and warm splatterings of salty liquid on his face and lips was the second thing that Bill noticed as he regained consciousness. The first thing was the incredibly awful pounding in his skull. Bill moaned and opened his eyes a slit, barely enough to see through. The first thing that came into sight was a magnificent pair of green eyes. Bill opened his mouth and spoke, his voice barely a whisper, "Hey blondie...what's with the waterworks...didja think you lost me?"

Lance pulled Bill in tight and began to kiss him,stifling his own sobs with the kisses.

"Oh God! I thought Nick turned you into a mindless vegetable there. I was so worried."

Bill ran his hands through Lance's hair and smiled faintly, "You'll never lose me, Lance."

Bill touched Lance's temple and expanded his mind, ignoring the screaming pain that the action caused him. Bill pushed deep into Lance's mind and established a incredibly strong link deep within Lance's psyche. Lance gasped as he felt his mind merge with Bill's through the link, then sighed at the love and warmth that emanated through the link.

'As long as I live...you will know me...you will be with me. I love you.'

Lance leaned his head down and pressed his lips against Bill's, kissing him tenderly and deeply.

'I love you too...I thought my life was over when I saw you drop in that clearing. Nick doesn't know how close he came to having his head exploded clean off of his body.'

Bill chuckled at the thought then shook his head, "He was just doing what he was supposed to do..."

Lance stood up and dropped Bill's head on the floor.

"Don't....just don't defend him, OK?", Lance said angrily, "What he did was brutal and unnecessary for just simple training exercises."

Bill moaned as Lance dropped his head and it bounced off the floor. Bill then looked up at Lance and shrugged, "I don't know what this says about my abilities, if I get beaten that badly."

"Are you insane? You were fighting against 10 people...with ten different powers. You have limits you know."

Bill nodded, "So this has been twice that you've had to save me, huh?"

Lance stopped pacing and looked at Bill with a small smile. "I'll let you make it up to me tonight in bed."

A knock at the door brought the two men back to reality and they got up and opened it. Brian stood outside the door, a slight smile played on his face.

"Feeling better?"

Bill nodded and smiled as Brian waved his hand down the hall and Bill leaned out to see Nick's head peeking out of a half closed door of his room at the other end of the hall.

"Brian. Tell Nick that he can come out and play."

Brian giggled and walked over to Nick's room and pulled him down the hall.

Nick smiled as he saw Bill conscious and functioning again, then his smile fell as he looked down at Lance who was desperately trying to stare a hole through his head."

"Lance...it's a good thing you don't have Brian's powers or my head would have been blown completely off by now, with you givin me the evil eyes like that.."

Bill and Brian chuckled and even Lance managed a smile.

"Nick...you didn't do anything wrong...that exercise wouldn't have any real feel to it if no one played to win.", Bill said and Lance sighed, acknowledging the truth in the statement.

"So...was it my imagination...or did I see you two involved in some major face grubbing today in the clearing?", Bill asked smugly, grinning at Nick and Brian.

Brian and Nick both blushed deeply and Nick took Brian's hand in his own.

"Yeah. We got to talking after Nick woke up from putting you right and we've decided to start a relationship.", Brian smiled.

Bill smiled and hugged the two young men, "That is awesome!"

Bill and Lance both grinned as Nick led Brian said their goodnight's and Nick led Brian back to his room, and closed the door.

"Well...that's good...they make a cute couple.", Bill smiled as he shut and locked the door.

Lance looked at Bill and raised his eyebrow, "Not as cute as us, tho."

Bill giggled and kissed Lance lightly on the lips, his one hand unbuttoning Lance's shirt as his other snaked around his waist, under his trousers and squeezing his ass.

"Definitely not as cute as us. We've had days more practice at being cute."

Lance rolled his eyes and chuckled, as he pulled up Bill's shirt, rubbing his hands across his stomach.

Bill grinned as he reached out to Lance's body with his telekinetic abilities, dissolving the thread that held Lance's clothes together, causing them to fall to pieces to the floor.

Lance sighed, "Either you're real impatient or just showing off...I can never tell...well..unless...."

Lance pulled the front of Bill's shorts down, uncovering his hard throbbing cock and smiling, "Whoa...I am gonna have to vote for impatient."

Bill giggled as his clothes fell to pieces as well, "I am showing off too. Each time I get my ass kicked like I did today, I seem to really see an increase in the strength of my abilities."

Lance giggled then gasped as Bill pulled him into a tight embrace, sucking on his left nipple while his fingers began to explore Lance's puckered hole.

"Oh....uh...", Lance moaned as he felt one of Bill's fingers slip inside his hot ass, "I like impatient....ooooh yeah....remind me to have Nick kick your ass more often...unnnngghhh!"

Bill smiled and slipped a second finger into Lance and moved to the other nipple, taking time to suck and nibble on it until it was red and swollen with excitement.

Without moving his hand from Lance's ass, Bill slid down the length of Lance's body, kissing his chest and stomach, then lightly licking the head of Lance's dick. Lance hissed as he the pleasure he was feeling grew exponentially as Bill began to lick and suckle his hard prick.

"You like that Blondie?", Bill smiled as Lance nodded his head vigorously, "What do you wanna do next. I gotta pay you back for saving me again."

Lance smiled and grabbed the back of Bill's head, pushing it down on his dick. Lance began a slow rhythmic thrusting into Bill's mouth, pulling almost the whole way out, then slamming it back to the hilt. Lance continued this motion for a while until Bill pulled off and began to nuzzle and suck his balls. Lance groaned loudly and spread his legs wide. Bill took his time, sucking in each ball and rolling it around in his warm mouth, tonguing over the sensitive sac and causing a plethora of moans and grunts to issue forth from his lover. Bill then moved to Lance's hole and he began to rim him, swirling his tongue around the sensitive pucker and then forcing it in as far as Lance would let it go. Lance spread his legs as far open as he could, offering Bill the most access to his ass. Lance moaned as he felt Bill's tongue spear his hole.

"Oh....Uhhhhh.....Jeez.....uhhhh....I...Bill...I want....please....uhhh...fuck me....now!", Lance moaned.

Bill grabbed Lance's ankles and slid his dick into Lance's tunnel in one stroke. Lance gasped as he felt the entire length of Bill's dick fill him to the max.

"Oh shit....Oh.....Ahhhh!!", Lance groaned as Bill's dick slammed hard into his prostate.

Bill began to fuck Lance slowly, spurred on by Lance's requests for a hard, fast dicking. Bill looked down at Lance and moaned as he felt Lance's ass tighten up around his dick and then saw Lance's dick spurt its juice into a high arc that landed on Bill's chest and Lance's stomach. Bill felt his balls tighten up and his orgasm approach.

"Lance...I'm gonna....", Bill started to say, then he looked into Lance's eyes, which held his gaze.

"Gonna what...I think you're gonna just keep fuckin my ass!", Lance smiled confidently.

Bill moaned as he kept fucking Lance, slamming his dick into the young blond, his orgasm somehow kept just at bay as he continued to thrust. A few moments later, Lance moaned, "Oh shit...I'm cumming again!"

Bill gasped as he felt Lance's hole clamp down on his lingham like a vice. Bill continued to fuck Lance through his orgasm, causing him to moan and wiggle as the incredible sensation of orgasm was compiled with the overwhelming sensations he felt as Bill's dick prodded his sensitive prostate.

A light dawned upon Bill then and he smiled and scooped up a handful of Lance's cum from the pool that had formed on his stomach and began to work it into Lance's dick, rubbing the hypersensitive head as he began to pull the whole way out of Lance's ass and then slam home again roughly. Lance felt like someone was shooting off fireworks inside of his head and he threw his arms around Bill and sunk his fingers into the tender flesh. Bill began to slam home harder and faster as his hand rubbing Lance's cock sped up to a blur. Lance screamed as a third orgasm rocketed through his wiry frame. Lance moaned once more and fell back onto the bed.

As Lance reached his third orgasm, Bill smiled as he immediately felt the power that kept him from cumming ebb and then moaned as his own orgasm overtook him. Bill pulled his dick out of Lance's ass then jerked it furiously, shooting his load on Lance's neck, chest and stomach. Bill scooped up his lover and held him close, nuzzling his head in Lance's neck.

"That was amazing!", Lance said quietly.

"Nice delay tactic you used on me there.....by the way.", Bill smiled and kissed Lance's neck, sucking in the flesh and giving him a red hickey.

"So you noticed that, huh?", Lance grinned and began to stroke Bill's cock.

"Yeah. I figured you were using your abilities to keep me holding out."

Lance blushed and then kissed Bill on the lips. "That's not the only thing I can do...check this out."

Lance moved lower and began to suck on Bill's cock, and to his own amazement, it immediately responded, growing rock hard. A second later, Bill grunted and unloaded into Lance's waiting mouth. Lance looked up and smiled, then used his ability to get Bill back to complete arousal and orgasm again in less than a minute. Bill gasped as he felt Lance's mouth sucking every drop of cum out of his nuts as he used his abilities to make him cum a half dozen more times in the next hour. Exhausted, Bill grabbed Lance by the shoulders and wrapped him into a tight embrace. Moments later, the two were completely asleep.

Had either of the two blond lovers been awake, they would have noticed the side of the room blur unexpectedly as a dimensional doorway opened along the length of the wall. Howie stepped out and sneered at the young couple as they slept.

'Filthy maricones", Howie thought angrily, "You are about to get what's coming to you. Enjoy this while it lasts...cause its all gonna end tomorrow."


What will happen tomorrow???

Tune in and find out in the next installment of....



(oh.....btw...the word of the day for this chapter is "lingham". Its an OLD term for dick. Now watch...in the next chapter, I think I'll continue this use of the obscure obscene terminologies and use "firkytoodle"...which is another OLD term for dick. <lol> I am really dangerous when I get my hands on a thesaurus.)


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