This story is totally fictional and does not imply anything about the superpowers (or sexual orientations) of the "real" NSYNC or Backstreet Boys. If you enjoy reading fantastical fictional stuff with gay content in it...continue on, intrepid reader and enjoy the story!!

Last Time on XTREME NSYNC....

Exhausted, Bill grabbed Lance by the shoulders and wrapped him into a tight embrace. Moments later, the two were completely asleep.

Had either of the two blond lovers been awake, they would have noticed the side of the room blur unexpectedly as a dimensional doorway opened along the length of the wall. Howie stepped out and sneered at the young couple as they slept.

'Filthy maricones", Howie thought angrily, "You are about to get what's coming to you. Enjoy this while it lasts...cause its all gonna end tomorrow."

Chapter 20 Begins Now....

Bill awoke the next morning, mentally and physically refreshed after his night of lovemaking with Lance. He opened his eyes and watched Lance, who was laying against him with his head resting half on his pillow and half on Bill's chest. Lance was still asleep, and Bill, without using his powers, surmised that his dreams must have been pleasant as his lips would twitch every now and again and curve into a small smile. Bill watched Lance a bit longer and then sighed, hating to wake his young lover from his pleasant slumber. Bill slowly pulled out of Lance's grasp, easing out quietly and slowly so as to try not to wake him. Bill made his way into the bathroom and made quick work of his morning shower, shave, and toothbrushing then he came out and smiled as he saw that his lover hadn't stirred since he left. Bill picked up the phone and called room service and placed the order for everyone for breakfast, wisely remembering to order for 11 people. Bill then placed the phone on the receiver and laid down behind Lance, nuzzling his neck and waking him gently with kisses.

"Hmmph?" Lance mumbled a second later as he slowly began to regain consciousness.

"Wakies wakies, loverboy." Bill said with a grin and then began to kiss alongside of Lance's ear over to the side of his cheek as his hand reached around and tweaked his sensitive nipples.

"oooh..." Lance moaned as he eyes fluttered open and he turned his head and latched onto his lover's lips, sliding his tongue deep into Bill's mouth in a passionate wake-up kiss.

Bill smiled as he broke the intense kiss and reached his mind out to the groggy youth.

'Good morning sleepyhead. Did you sleep well.'

Lance smiled and swung his arm around Bill's back, bringing his head close and kissing him again.

'Oh yeah. Like a baby. Is breakfast on the way or do we have time for some morning fun?'

Bill smiled and put his finger against Lance's lips. "It's on its way up. No nookie this morning."

Lance frowned and stuck out his bottom lip at Bill's mental reply, then grinned evilly, "But you can give us some time, can't ya?"

Bill chuckled and said out loud, "No....Get in the shower Lance. We'll have fun later today."

Lance stuck his bottom lip out and made a great show of pouting as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

'If you keep that lip out like that' Bill said telepathically to Lance, 'a bird is gonna shit on it.'

Lance's giggling from the bathroom assured him that Lance was only kidding. Bill put on his shoes and walked out into the hallway, walking to each of the other NSYNC guys' rooms and getting them up for breakfast. Bill then did the same for the Backstreet Boys, telling them that breakfast would be ready soon and to come over to Lance's room.

As Bill walked back into Lance's room, he caught the end flash of a thought, a very negative thought that involved the guys from both bands. As Bill shook his head, two doors down the hall opened and Howie walked out of one, AJ and Kevin out of the other.

"Hey fellas!", Bill smiled as they walked down the hall towards him.

"Hi Bill", Howie replied politely, "What's on the agenda for today?"

Bill shrugged and smiled, "That's up to you guys I think. I got the next few days off work and I am just gonna hang out with Lance and the rest of y'all."

The door just down from Lance's room opened and JC and Justin walked out, holding hands.

"Hey Justin.....whoa!", Howie called out, obviously surprised by the fact that the two young men were holding hands.

"Hello Howard", JC replied cooly, then walked behind Bill and into Lance's room.

The rest of the Backstreet Boys turned to look at Howie with shocked looks on their faces.

"What was THAT all about, Howie?", AJ asked.

"I didn't know they were together....I...guess I need to get used to it, that's all!"

AJ and Kevin looked at each other puzzlingly and then grabbed each other's hand and smiled.

"You're cool with us tho, right?", Kevin asked cautiously as he watched Howie's eyes widen slightly and then close for a second.

"Fine, Kevin", Howie said calmly, "Perfectly fine."

AJ looked over at Howie for a second and then rolled his eyes and looked at Bill and shook his head slightly.

Bill nodded and then telepathically relayed to the rest of the guys to "86" any further unncessary displays of affection in front of Howie, eliciting a round of telepathic grumbles from JC, Justin, Nick, Brian, Joey, Chris and Lance. Bill stifled a giggle at what Howie's reaction would be to being the only totally straight guy in the room, then shrugged as he realized that Howie was gonna have to get over it one way or another and soon.

Lance had emerged from the bathroom showered and dressed by the time that Bill and the rest of the guys entered the room for breakfast. After several minutes of quiet eating, Brian asked what everyone's plans were for the day. JC and Justin voted for shopping and Lance, Chris, Kevin, AJ, Joey, Nick and Brian all opted in for that. Bill smiled and shrugged and said he was in as well. Nick looked over at Howie and smiled, "You in too, D?"

Howie shrugged, "I'll catch up. I am gonna hang around here for a while and sit and think...Where are you going to go shopping?"

Eight sets of eyes turned to stare at Bill for a moment and he realized that he was the only one that knew the area.

"Oh...", Bill grinned, "umm.....Crabtree Valley Mall. It's the best mall in this part of North Carolina."

Howie nodded and got up off the bed and walked to the door.

"Ok. Cool. I'll meet up with you there, say around 3?"

Kevin nodded and Howie glanced once more at Bill who smiled politely, then he exited.

"JEZZUZ!", Justin said quietly, "was that twilight zone material or what? What the hell crawled up his ass?"

Kevin turned to Justin to reply when Bill spoke up, "Howie needs some time alone...to adjust...I say, let's go and let him have it."

Nick smiled and the group nodded and got up, heading for the door and then to the elevators.

As Bill pulled into the garage of the mall, he felt JC's prescence in his mind.

'Hey there....got a minute...we have to talk.'

Bill nodded and told the rest of the guys that he and JC were gonna go grab a drink at Starbucks and that they'd catch up in a second.

'Whassup', Bill thought quietly to JC as he waited in line for his drink.

'Howie. Man.....There's something goin on with him...something no good.'

'How so', Bill thought, 'besides that he's acting kinda fucked up...I just attributed that to him getting a handle on the whole gay issue.'

'Bill....', JC thought, 'Just after you woke us all up this morning, Justin and I were getting ready to come over for breakfast and I heard something, it was weird...like a one sided conversation up here in my mind, but I could only hear one side of it...and it was Howie....and what he was saying wasn't at all pleasant. I think he has connections with whoever hired Karen. The conversation was frightening enough, but there was this overwhelming feeling of evil there too....I can't put my finger on it tho.'

Bill nodded as he and JC picked up their drinks and sat down at a corner table.

'That's very disturbing, then....I think maybe you and I should combine efforts and try to get into his mind and see exactly what he does know. Normally I wouldn't condone such an all out intrusion into his mind, but...if he's been brainwashed by these guys, I wouldn't have known that when I released his powers...or that might have been the key they used to turn him against the rest of you guys....waitaminute....JC...help me remember...'

JC watched as Bill's eyes opened wide and met his own, their minds melding temporarily together.

'JC.....I need you to look at my memory of releasing his powers and see if you see anything out of place....or something that my releasing his powers might have triggered.'

JC quickly delved deep into Bill's memories, immediately finding the exact one and studying it, second by second, like watching a VCR on slow motion. As he "saw" Bill free Howie's power from its bonds, JC paused the memory and entered it. JC looked around and saw on one side of Howie's mind, that a door had indeed been opened, and a darkness had immediately begun to emerge. JC went over to the door and waved his hand, causing a light to illuminate the darkness, immediately gasping at what he had seen there.

JC's head snapped back as his mind returned to his own body.

"What did you see, JC?", Bill said aloud.

"OH SHIT!", JC said nervously, "I saw it who's behind all this!"

"Excuse me?", a small voice spoke from beside JC. "Are you JC from NSYNC?"

JC turned to see a young man standing nervously beside the table and he smiled.

'Why yes I am. Are you a fan?"

The young man nodded vigorously. "I love the way you guys sing....I got to see you guys the other day and you were just amazing! I know you're out just kinda shopping, but would it be cool if I got your autograph?"

JC grinned at the young man's politeness."Sure man. Anything for a fan!"

The young man grinned and held out a Teen magazine with their picture on it and smiled, "I guess it's lucky I just bought this, huh?"

JC laughed and found a pull out poster of them and signed his name in the space over his head.

"Here you go. If you want, we were just about to join up with the rest of the guys, you can get all their autographs."

The yound man's eyes widened, "Really? You wouldn't mind me hanging out for a few minutes."

JC smiled, "Naah....you're cool!"

The young man beamed up happily at JC and then looked over at Bill.

"Hi. I'm Scott."

Bill smiled and held out his hand, "Bill....good to meet you!"

The young man shook Bill's hand and then stood nervously as JC and Bill got up and the three of them made their way back to the inside of the mall. A few minutes later, after a brief telepathic exchange between Lance and Bill and JC and Justin as to where they were and that JC and Bill were bringing a fan to meet the rest of the guys, the three men caught up to the large group.

Adam's eyes, which were already wide, threatened to pop out of his eyes as he recognized both the members of NSYNC and those of Backstreet Boys.

"Hi guys!", JC said quickly, noting the look of idol worship in Scott's eyes, "I'd like you all to meet Scott. He chatted us up in the coffee shop and was wondering if you all would mind giving him your autograph."

Nick smiled goofily at Scott and nodded, "Got a Backstreet picture in that magazine?"

Scott nodded and with a trembling hand, handed the magazine to Nick, who paged through it to the appropriate picture, saw his pose and groaned, "Ick. I wonder if there is any GOOD pictures of me in here. What was the photographer thinking when he took this shot?"

Nick smiled and held the magazine up for the rest of the guys to see as they chuckled.

Scott coughed nervously, "There's a real good picture of you near the back..you look pretty hot in that one..."

Nick's eyes lit up and Scott shrank back in embarrassment as he realized what he had just said.

Scott turned around and began to walk away, feeling too embarrassed to stay any longer.

"Scott", Nick replied, catching up with him in just a few steps and turning him around, "You're cool. It's cool. We're cool. OK?"

Scott looked up at Nick and wiped the tears off his face.

"I...I'm so embarrassed."

"Why? I am kinda glad you think I am hot. It's really flattering that a pretty cute guy like yourself thinks I look good since I've been getting ragged on so much lately for looking "pudgy!""

Scott's jaw dropped as he listened to Nick's words and he looked into Nick's eyes.


Nick nodded and winked, "Yeah....C'mon....let's go back to the rest of the guys and I can promise you that, just like me, they're all cool with the whole gay thing too!"

Scott's smile broadened as the deeper meaning of Nick's words sank in.

The rest of the guys were standing around signing the magazine that Scott had brought and looked up as Adam and Nick returned.

"I think once Nick signs it, we'll have gotten everyone's signature here except Howie, he's joining us later.", Brian said with a shy grin.

"Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.", Scott said with a huge grin as Brian handed Nick his magazine to sign.

As Nick signed the magazine, Scott looked up and half smiled, "Oh..here comes Howie now...with some...ummm..interesting looking friends."

Kevin and AJ turned and looked as Howie, leading a group of men and women, walked quickly towards them. Kevin and AJ walked over to greet Howie and were immediately slammed against the wall of the hallway by an unseen force.

"What the hell!...", Kevin growled as he fought against the pressure that held him bound against the wall.

'LOOK OUT!', Bill and JC cried out telepathically to the group, 'Howie's not on our side anymore!'

Uh-Oh! Looks like the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan! Check back soon to find out what happens in the next chapter of XTREME NSYNC!

-Billy B