Yesterday's End-100

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 100



Quote:            I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone.

                      The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.


                        Robin Williams


                       Laugh in heaven with the angels, good soul.




Los Angeles, California


Lucas smiled, watching the young man dive off the diving board, Colton's smooth swimming trunks-clad body disappearing under the waves.

He smiled, two lips kissing his neck, two arms wrapped around his own smooth body.

"He's settling in. He loves the pool." Josh said, his lips kissing Lucas' ear, the young man sighing with love.

"We all have our special things we love." Lucas said, Josh smiling, his blue eyes scanning over Lucas' swimming trunks-clad body.

"Yes, we do. And I love every inch of you."
Lucas smiled his Josh smile, his man snuggled against him on the roomy lounge chair.

"Calmness, my love. Our friends will be here soon. You know they love free meals."

Josh laughed, Lucas' lips kissing his man's soft lips.

"We've been with them all week. When do we have some alone time?" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Soon, babe. But we'll never be alone now." Lucas smiled, his violet pools going to their pool in front of them, Colton's smooth form swimming to the edge of the pool in front of their chair.

"Yes, we now have a child. A big strapping boy, too." Josh grinned, Lucas laughing, lightly slapping his smooth chest.

Josh laughed as well, Colton smiling towards both men.

"The water's so warm, guys. Nothing like this back home. Creek water's damn cold!" Colton said, Lucas smiling and sitting up in the lounge chair, Josh sighing and sitting up as well, both men smiling at the teenager.

"California sun warms a lot of hearts, Colt. You'll get used to it. I did." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him again.

Colton smiled at both men, the young man pulling himself up out of the water, sitting on the pool's edge, his feet dangling in the water a few feet in front of them.

"I love this place, Luke. You have a beautiful home, Josh." Colton said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll tell you what I told Lucky the first day he arrived here. It's a home, for all of us. Make it yours in any way you like."
Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"But no farting."

Colton laughed, Josh and Lucas smiling at the young man's wide smile.

"I'm a guy, guys. That comes with the territory."
Lucas laughed, kissing his man's cheek.

"I know, Colton. And my Joshy's could peel paint."

Josh looked surprised, Lucas bursting out into laughter.

"Oh, really? I'll remember that the next time I snuggle with you after burritos. Pee-yew!"

Colton laughed loudly, Lucas smiling at his happiness.

It was their first day back in Los Angeles, the group having arrived late last night from Massachusetts.

This was their first day of quiet relaxation, Lucas sensing the young man just wanted to get his bearings.

"I'm sure we all aren't roses." Colton smiled, Lucas kissing Josh's lips again.

"My man's scent fills my nostrils with love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, Colton smiling at Josh as the man's arms pulled his man closer.

"Get used to our love showing, Colt. Josh fills my heart with love. I'll always return it." Lucas said, Josh smiling more at his man.

"I'm fine with that, guys. Don't change your lives for me." he said, Josh smiling at the young man.

"You're in our lives now, Colton. We're fine with that as well."

The young man smiled at Josh, Lucas smiling between them.

"Thank you both for taking me in. I know my uncle was feeling a little apprehensive about looking after a teenager. I think he's been alone too long." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Gideon loves you, Colton. He just sees that I can give you more. Youthful exuberance we both have. Two kindred spirits."

"So will Josh be like our daddy?"

Lucas laughed, Colton joining him, Josh blushing.

"I'm not that old, Colton." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his man.

"No, that you're not. My middle-aged tiger still roars."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas on the lips again, Josh's blue pools meeting Colton's blue.

"It's just Colt, J.C." Colton said, Josh smiling at him.

"And I'm just Josh."

Colton nodded, Lucas smiling and standing up, Josh looking up at his man's muscular body.

"That water does look warm, Colt."

Lucas moved with a flash of speed, the young man cannon-balling into the pool right in front of Colton, water spraying over him and hitting Josh behind him.
"You sneak! It's not that warm!" Josh said, the man moving off his chair, diving into the water beside Colton, the young man watching his smooth toned body fly by him.

Colton smiled, taking in both visions of muscled beauty as they met, their arms going around each other in the middle of the pool.

Wow, oh wow.

They're both so beautiful.

Josh is even more beautiful than his photos.

And Luke is an Adonis.

He smiled, the young man getting up as he sensed his desires hardening within him.

Colton blushed, diving back into the pool to hide his showing center.

Josh smiled, swimming towards the young man, the two chatting in the water, Lucas smiling at both.

He saw Josh's calm way with the young teenager; his talking on his own level, not an adult to a child.

Lucas smiled, sensing the young man would find a good friend in his Josh.

Perhaps more.

Lucas stared at the young man, sensing his own magic, and his own thoughts.

The last day had been an emotional day for him, Lucas remembering their parting from Westonshire.



The Previous Afternoon


Colton's blue eyes scanned the quiet field, his shoulder leaning against the old oak tree.

His eyes glanced behind him, seeing Lucas seated on the dead tree stump by the fence.

The two were alone, Lucas having driven the young man over to the farm just after lunch.

Colton had been surprised when Lucas had suggested it, the young man thinking he'd not have a chance to visit it again before they left on their evening flight.

He sensed that Lucas had sensed his feelings, the young man smiling at him with friendship the whole ride over.

"Thank you for suggesting this trip, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him from the stump.

"I sensed you'd want to say goodbye, Colt. This place will always hold a special place in your heart. I sense you'll come here again throughout your life."
The young man seemed surprised by that, moving and walking over to Lucas, sitting down beside him.

"You. . .you sense things in me?"

Lucas smiled, his arm going around the young man, Colton feeling the young man's giving friendship.

"I will never invade your mind, or sense your thoughts, Colt. That's not the essence of my magic. The essence of my magic is love. You are your own self. And you have every right to your own thoughts and ideas. And your own mood swings or doubts. I'm here as a friend in any way you need. I have good ears for listening, and not a bad voice for suggestions." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at him softly.

"I've never met anyone like you." Colton said, Lucas smiling more.

"I'm too unique to be duplicated."

Colton smiled more, his eyes scanning the quiet farm again.

"Life moves on, Colt. Memories are made going forward. But the past is always in our hearts. Hold onto it but don't let it rule your life. The present is the past of tomorrow."
"Live each day as its own." Colton said, Lucas nodding.

The young man's violet pools stared into Colton's blue irises, the teenager sighing.

"Why haven't you asked about it?" he said, his eyes looking towards the oak tree.

Lucas stared at the youth, his hand rubbing his shoulder.

"Hidden secrets are best kept hidden. For moments of destiny."

"You know I have it."

"Yes, I've always known." Lucas said, the young man looking at him.

"Do you want it? I. . .I sense perhaps I should give it to you. She said I had to know when. And who."

Lucas nodded, his eyes scanning the quiet farm.

"It's not mine to have, Colton."

The young man looked surprised, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I thought. . .that you. . ."

Lucas sighed, his eyes looking at the old oak tree.

"The secret of the ring is in its reality, Colt. You are charged with keeping it safe, and one day perhaps giving it to he that needs it, that's destined for it."

Colton stared at the man seated beside him, lost in his melodic voice and the words of steeped destiny.

"Rosy said I was supposed to give it to the magical one. I thought she meant you."

Lucas smiled, his arm going around the younger man.

"I am of magic, but I'm not of the ring's purpose. That ring is on a path of its own. And I just have to reason out the connecting lines between the two paths."

Colton nodded, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Our families are steeped in mystery, Colton. But you and I are two of a different reality. We're not of the real path."

"We're not. . .we're not real?"

Lucas smiled, hugging the young man closer.

"You feel real to me, Colt. Am I real to you?"

Colton nodded his head, Lucas smiling.

"We're real, Colt. We're living and loving."

Colton softly smiled, looking across the field towards town.

"Josh's love completes you, Luke. You're so lucky."

Lucas smiled, kissing the young man's cheek.

"You'll be lucky as well one day. I see love in your future as well."

The young man blushed, feeling the warmth of the handsome young man against him.

"Lucas, I'm. . .I'm gay."

"I know, Colt."

The young man's blue eyes widened a bit in surprise, Lucas smiling at him with friendship.

"Kindred spirits and such. And I've seen your wandering adoring eyes."

The young man blushed, Lucas rubbing his back.

"You don't need to be embarrassed by your thoughts or desires, Colt. Life is about being yourself. None of my friends or myself would ever deny you your happiness."

The young man softly smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"Besides, I know Justin will be honored to have a young groupie."

Colton blushed more, Lucas smiling more.

"Just teasing, Colt. But I have seen your idolizing eyes. He's an ever greater friend than an idol. Once you get past his ego."

Colton laughed, Lucas joining him.

"He's beautiful, Luke. All your friends are."

"Their greatest beauty is their friendship and love. They'll give you both."

The young man smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Thanks for accepting myself, Luke."

"You're coming to live with me, Colt. I'd like you to think of me as the big brother you've never had. My love and friendship is there for you in any way. And I know Josh's is as well."

The young man nodded, his eyes going around the farm again.

"This was my life once, Luke. I once thought I'd find all I ever needed here. But it was all taken away from me. I need to find something to fill the void in my soul. I think it starts with your friendship."

Lucas smiled, hugging the young man closer.

"It does, Colt. And from that you'll find your heart's and soul's greatest dreams."

"Reading the future again, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Seeing the hope and love in your eyes, Colt. From that you'll find the answer to your soul's confusion. And I plan on being there all the way."
Colton smiled, the young man rising from the stump, walking over to the oak tree again.

Lucas' eyes followed him, seeing the young man pull a small branch out of the tree's trunk, a small hole showing on that trunk now.

His small fingers went into the hole, pulling out a small cloth bundle.

Colton dropped the branch, walking over to the stump again, sitting down beside Lucas again.

Lucas looked at the bundle of cloth he held out in his hand.

Colton opened the cloth, Lucas staring at a golden ring.

His violet eyes softly glowed a bit, staring at the golden circular band.

Its surface was smooth and shiny, its top a flat surface of etched beauty.

In its center was carved a star, its center a small diamond.

That diamond's shape was of another star.

"A star within a star." Lucas softly said, Colton's eyes meeting Lucas' violet glowing pools.

"Your. . .your eyes are glowing, Luke!" Colton said in soft amazement, the other young man's violet pools returning to their usual radiant colour.

"The presence of the past, the hope of the future. And the path may right itself." Lucas softly said, his eyes moving from the ring, meeting Colton's blue again.

"Keep it safe, Colt. Hidden and unknown by all. The time of its reality will come soon enough. And then I'll do what must be done."
The young man nodded, closing the cloth bundle again, it disappearing into his jeans pocket.

"What do you have to do, Luke?"

Lucas' eyes went around the farm again, the young man sighing.

"Damned if I know, Colt. But the path opens before us."
The young man nodded beside him, Lucas smiling at him again.

"I think we should go, Colton. It's time we both walked into our future. Their love follows you."
The young man nodded, moving forward and hugging Lucas tightly, the man smiling as he felt the younger man's warm friendship.

"Thank you for walking with me, Luke."

"Brothers for life, Colt." Lucas said, the younger man releasing his hold on him.

"Yes, brothers for life."

The two smiled, rising from the stump, walking back towards Lucas' vehicle.



Los Angeles


Lucas felt two lips kiss his neck, the man setting down the tossed salad he'd been tossing at the kitchen counter.

"Lower, Justin. My ass needs that magic touch you have."

A hand slapped his ass, Lucas smiling and turning around, Justin's warm lips meeting his.

The two parted, Justin's handsome smiling face inches from Lucas'.

"That would only start the fun, Lucky. The end result would be you wanting me forever."

Lucas smiled, his own hand slapping Justin's cargo short-covered ass.

"I'd match you desire for desire, stud."

Lance laughed behind them, Lucas smiling at him.

"Keep going, I'm getting so turned on. I know what sandwich I want for lunch!"

The three laughed, Finn walking into the kitchen, followed by their bandmates and friends.

"Are the gay celebs about to start their orgy?" Finn smirked, Lucas smiling towards him.

"We can now, the cream's arrived." Justin said, Lucas bursting into laughter, high-fiving him.

Finn blushed, folding his arms, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"You walked into that one, my love." she said, smiling at him.

"Are you guys going camping? I see a couple of tent poles." Finn smirked again, Lucas shaking his head.

"No wind can blow them down. We need a Welsh hurricane." Justin said, Lance laughing again, Finn shaking his head with amusement.

"You wish, Timberlake! This cyclone would rock your world!"

Justin laughed, Finn smiling at him.

Skyler, Finn, Trish and Andrew had been out shopping all morning.

They were staying at Josh's as well, Lucas happy his friends surrounded him.

No concert work was scheduled for the next week, the group relaxing before continuing their tour.

"Head out to the pool, guys. Colton's all alone out there." Lucas smiled, returning to his salad, everyone smiling at him.

"How's he doing? All settled in?" Trish said, leaning against the counter beside her brother.

"He's adjusting. He's fallen in love with the pool. Among other things." Lucas said, his violet pools glancing towards Justin.

The singer smiled, Lance's arms going around him.

"My babe's idol to millions." Lance said, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Colton's got the hots for Timberlake? How sweet!" Finn laughed, the gleam of mirthfulness showing in his icy blue eyes.

"Tone down the humour, Shecky." Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

"He's gay, Luke?" Skyler asked, Lucas smiling at all his friends.

"He's opening up about it. Let him tell you himself. And take his worship in stride guys. He's smitten with all your celebrity greatness. Justin's just the center of it." Lucas said, another voice entering the conversation.

"What's not to love? We're all beautiful."

Lucas smiled, Chris Kirkpatrick's blue eyes meeting his violet.

Josh had just walked into the kitchen with the two Chrises in tow.

"Yes, you all are, bears notwithstanding."
Finn laughed, Chris blushing, Piney's arms going around his man.

"This cub loves his daddy bear." Chris Pine said, Chris smiling at his man.

"He's young, guys. And he's maturing, sexually and emotionally. I plan on helping him with everything he's feeling." Lucas said, Trish leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"You never cease to amaze us, brother. What you're doing for him and his uncle. Giving that young man your friendship and love."

Lucas smiled, looking at everyone smiling at him.

"He's part of my family now, guys. I'll always give everything for my family. Half of it surrounds me right here."

Everyone smiled, touched by Lucas' words.

"So does this make you our Daddy?" Harry said, Finn bursting into laughter.

Everyone laughed, Alain's arms around his man, Harry smiling at Lucas.

"No, that's Josh's job. He's the oldest." Finn chuckled, Josh folding his arms.

"Into the pool, Welshman! I'll match you lap for lap!"

Finn laughed, his arm going around Josh, kissing his cheek.

"You'd just have to deal with my ass in your face, what with me always being ahead of you."
Josh laughed, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, Lucas seeing his loving happiness.

"That I'm up for, but I like to tongue deep."

Finn blushed, the room filling with laughter again.

"Go on, guys. The pool awaits. And tear Finn a new one, beautiful." Lucas said, Josh blowing him a kiss, the group heading out towards the pool.

Lucas smiled, returning to his salads.


Colton's blue eyes looked up from the pool's edge, his eyes taking in all the famous faces walking out of the house.

His blue eyes widened seeing Chris Kirkpatrick and Chris Pine walking towards him, the young man taking in Chris Pine's handsome face.

The young man stood up, his arms folding around his naked chest, staring at everyone as they walked up to him.

"Good afternoon, Colton. I see you've found the best part of this place." Finn said, the young man smiling at the younger man.

"I love the sun and the pool, Finn." he smiled, the two Chrises walking up to him.

"Hello, Colton. I'm Chris. And this is my friend Chris Pine." Chris said, introducing the actor to Colton, Colton shaking both of their hands, both smiling at the teenager.

"Nice to meet you both, sirs."

Finn chuckled, Chris glancing at him with a soft leer.

"I'm not old enough to be a sir, Colton. Just call me Chris. This is Piney." Chris said, the other Chris smiling at Colton.

"Sorry, sir. . .I mean Chris. And hello to both of you. How long have you been together?"

Chris' eyes widened in surprise, Piney smiling at Colton.

"You have to be related to Luke. Your magic is amazing."

The young man softly smiled, Chris staring at him with soft concern.

"Relax, Chris. My being here gives you my assurances of privacy. Luke's love makes me friends with all of you. And I'd never not respect your privacy."
Piney smiled, his arm going around his soulmate.

"Let's hit the pool, babe. We'll talk later, Colton." Piney said, Colton nodding with a smile.

The young man felt a hand go to his shoulder, his eyes turning and staring into two blue pools.

Justin had removed his shirt, Colton's eyes widening as he took in the masculine image showing before him.

His eyes scanned every inch of Justin's toned muscled physique, the man smiling at the teenager.

"How finds your first day in La La Land, Colt?" Justin asked, the young man blushing and staring into his blue pools.

"It's. . .it's nice, Justin." he softly said, Justin smiling at him.

"Yes, I'm sure it is for you." Finn smirked, Skyler smacking his ass, the man blushing a bit, the Welshman pulling off his own shirt, his toned hairy chest on full display.

"Let's hit the water, guys. A nice dip before Joshy's biatch feeds us." the man laughed, taking in Colton's staring eyes.

"I'm beautiful, Colty. But no touching!" Finn laughed, the man running at the pool, diving into the blue water.

Colton felt an arm go around him, the young man meeting another set of green pools.

Lance smiled at him, kissing his cheek.

"Welcome to their friendship, Colt. Take their humour and friendship as what it is."

Colton softly smiled, looking at Justin again.

"I'll try, Lance. But do I have to groom Finn? I thought I saw fleas in that hair."

Everyone laughed, Colton smiling more.

Shirts came off, everyone heading for the pool.

The young man quietly stared at all the revealing male beauty, his eyes showing their worshipping wonder.


An hour later the group sat on the patio at two tables, relaxing and eating Lucas' large luncheon fare.

"You never stop, Luke! This taco salad is amazing!" Piney said, filling his plate again.

"I feed with love, Piney. Your Chris looks well past stuffed." Lucas smiled, Chris leaning back in his chair, his hands on his stomach.

"Those burritos were weighty, Carver. I feel like a stone's settled into my stomach."

"That would be the weight of the six you ate, love." Piney said, Chris blushing.

"Okay, they were good." he said, smiling towards Lucas.

"Thanks, Chris."

Lucas' eyes met Colton's blue, the teenager sitting between Justin and Gideon, Justin having guided him there.

Everyone saw the young man's adoration and fascination with Justin's good looks and toned physique, the young man indeed idolizing him.

Gideon had arrived just before lunch, the man introduced to the two Chrises, Colton's arms around him.

Everyone saw the uncle and nephew's love had reunited, the two now close.

Lucas smiled at Colton.

"After lunch you and I'll roll the whale out onto the pool's edge so it can sun itself before we roll it back into the water, Colt."

Everyone laughed, Colton's youthful laugh the loudest, Chris blushing again.

"Ha. . .ha, Carver. Whale jokes? You can do so much better!" Chris smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Sorry, Chris. Jet lag and all."

Colton smiled between the two men, Lucas smiling at him.

"You guys are twisted."

Everyone laughed, the young man smiling.

"So how do you like the place, Colt? You have a beautiful home, Josh." Gideon said, Josh smiling at him.

"It's Colt's home now, if he so wishes." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his lover sitting beside him.

"I love the place, Uncle Gideon." Colton said, Gideon smiling at Lucas.

"Glad to hear, Colt. My place is about half an hour away." Gideon said, Josh smiling at him.

"You're welcome here anytime as well, Gideon. Colt needs you in his life."

The two Carlisles smiled at each other.

"Thanks, Josh. And I hope you and I can do some sightseeing as well, Colt." Gideon said, Colton smiling at his uncle.

"I'd like that, Uncle Gideon."

Everyone smiled, Chris looking at Gideon.

"So you're a lawyer, Gideon? Corporate law or what?"

"I'm a criminal lawyer, Chris. I'm a member of a prestigious law firm downtown."

"Ah, a crusader against the injustices of life." Piney said, Gideon smiling at the handsome actor.

"I've always wanted to help people in trouble, Chris. Some people are thrown into evil not of their doing. I like to help."
Lucas stared at the man, feeling his own truths in his profession.

"A knight against a noble cause." he said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his.

"Something like that, Luke."
The young man smiled, looking at Colton.

"Summer's almost over, Colt. We'll have to see about getting you into a local high school in September." he smiled, Colt sighing.

"I never was much good at school, Luke. Or crowds, either." he said, everyone looking at the young man and his softening quietness, Lucas smiling at him.

"We'll figure something out, right Gideon?" Lucas said, Gideon smiling at him, seeing Lucas wanting to include him in everything concerning the young teenager.

"There's always private schooling, or maybe home studies." Gideon said, Colton looking at him.

"You mean I could school at home?"
"It's expensive, but yes." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at Colton, his eyes meeting his with a soft hope shining in them.

"Nothing's too expensive when it comes to your future, Colton. We both want you to succeed in life." Lucas said, Gideon nodding his head as well.

The young man smiled at both, everyone seeing the two showing him a hopeful future.

"Thanks, guys." he said, his blue eyes looking towards the pool.

Justin smiled at the teenager, Colton's blue eyes meeting his.

"How about we hit the pool again, Colt? I could go for some more idol worshipping. Want to wash my back?" Justin said, Colton's eyes scanning his athletic shirt-covered chest, the young man blushing deeply.

Lucas smiled, Justin's arm going around the young man.

"Relax, Colt. I sensed you're smitten with me and my beauty." Justin said, Colton's eyes widening with surprise.

"Way to go, Mr. Ego." Chris said, Justin smiling at his friend.

"I'm. . .I'm not." Colton softly said, Justin smiling, leaning forward and kissing Colton's cheek.

"We're all friends here, Colt. We'd like you to be comfortable around all of us." Lance said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his green.

His blue pools went to his uncle's blue pools, Gideon looking at Lucas.

"Lance is right, Colt. Open your heart to all of us." Lucas said, Colton softly smiling at him.

The young man looked around the tables, seeing everyone smiling at him with friendship.

"I'm. . .I'm gay, everyone. I've known for quite some time. And I see around me so many visions of male beauty. I feel so out of place here, surrounded by all this beauty. I'd never do anything against your friendships, you must believe that. You especially, Justin. You're. . .you're just so beautiful."

Justin smiled, Lance smiling beside him.

"Way to go, Colt. Now he'll be unbearable." Chris said, everyone laughing, Justin smiling more.

"Thanks for the compliment, Colt. And thanks for being honest with all of us. We're all here as friends, Colton. You'll soon get used to us, fame and all. We're just regular people who live life as you do. Our friendship is greater than our fame. Just relax around us." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend's offering friendship.

"Thanks, Justin. I'm sorry for ogling." Colt said, Justin smiling as Lance wrapped his arm around him.

"Ogle all you like, Colt. I'm flattered. But Lance is my soulmate. You'll find your own, never worry."
Colton smiled, his body relaxing a bit, Lance smiling at him.

"Thanks, Justin. And Lance is indeed lucky. As are all of you. I see the beauty and the love all around me."

Colton's eyes met his uncle's, Gideon smiling at him.

"I'm sorry if I'm not what you expected, Uncle Gideon."

The man's arm went around his nephew, Colton's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"I applaud your courage and openness, Colt. And I'll always be proud of you as the man you are. I'm gay as well." Gideon said, Colton's eyes widening in surprise.

"And they're all delicious. You have excellent taste." Gideon said, Justin laughing, Lucas joining him.

Gideon smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I love you, Uncle Gideon."
The man smiled, hugging his nephew, his eyes looking around the table, seeing only welcoming friendship.

"Colton's uncle has a courageous open heart as well." Lucas said, Gideon smiling at him.

"This place and you all are amazing. And my nephew has indeed great taste." Gideon said, smiling at Justin, Justin smiling back.

"Don't I know it." Lance said, kissing his man beside him.

Finn shook his head, Chris patting his shoulder.

"The boy's smitten by blond airheads. He doesn't know what he's missing." Finn said, Chris nodding his head.

Colton smiled, as did Justin, the teenager staring at Finn and Chris.

"Sorry guys, I'm not into whales or apes."

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn's and Chris' eyes meeting.

"Shall we?" Chris said, Finn nodding.

The two men rose with a burst of speed, Colton pulled out of his uncle's arms, the young man screaming with laughter as the two older men ran towards the pool carrying him, the young man becoming airborne, hitting the water with a big splash.

Everyone laughed, Colton coming to the surface, smiling at the two men standing on the pool's edge.

"I guess I deserved that!" he laughed, the two men smiling at him, his blue eyes widening with happiness.

"Just as you deserve this."

The two men looked confused, two sets of arms going around them both, the two men propelled forward by two others wrapped around them, all four hitting the water.

Chris and Finn came to the surface, staring at two wide smiling faces.

Justin and Lucas had quickly removed their shirts, the two running across the patio, then jumping the startled men and guiding them face first into the water.

"Damn it, Carver! I just changed into this shirt!" Chris said, slapping water into Lucas' face.

Lucas laughed, smiling at Colton swimming beside him.

"I guess the whale didn't want to sun after all."

Everyone laughed on the patio, the five in the pool smiling at each other.

"Good one, Luke. Good one." Chris smiled, Finn's blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"But why the hand down my shorts, Justin?"

Justin hit Finn with a handful of water, the Welshman laughing, slapping water back.

"You wish, Delaney! And I didn't find anything big!"

Colton laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Come on, guys. How about some water polo?" he smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"You're on my team, Colt. You too, Gideon!" Justin said, Colton beaming, his uncle rising from his chair.

"Just call them 'Justin And His Tasteless Groupies', Chris." Finn laughed, Chris joining him.

Justin dunked the Welshman, Colton on top of Chris as well, the four disappearing under the water.

Lucas smiled, their friends joining them around the pool, lunch finished.


Lucas felt Josh's arms wrapped around him, his lips attached to his.

Lucas was pressed up against the hallway's wall between the kitchen and the living room, his man against him.

He felt Josh's love and heat in his kiss and warm body, the young man's hands settling on his lover's firm clothed ass.

They parted their kiss, Josh kissing Lucas' chin.

"Calmness, my love. We'll continue this upstairs shortly." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes staring into his violet.

"I need you, Luke." he softly said, Lucas softly smiling.

"You have me, Joshua. In any way and in any desire." he said, Josh smiling.

"I love you, babe."

"I love you more, my tiger."

Josh smiled, his hand going into his soulmate's, the two walking towards the living room.

It was late, the day a joining of friends and happiness.

Everyone had left that evening around ten, Colton hugging them all goodbye, the young man more relaxed and happy.

Justin had been the last to hug him, the young man lost in his welcoming friendship, and the warmth of his body and scent.

Lance had smiled, seeing the infatuation still there, but a glowing happiness of friendship showing on the young man's face as well.

"Talk to you tomorrow, guys." Justin said, kissing Josh and Lucas both goodnight, his blue eyes looking at Colton again.

"Sweet dreams, squirt." he smiled, Colton blushing but smiling.

"That I'll indeed have." he softly said, Lucas smiling at the teenager.

Here now it was about an hour later, Josh having helped Lucas with the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

The two walked into the living room, both smiling at Colton seated on a leather couch, the young man's feet up on the coffee table in front of him, the large screen television on on the living room wall, showing a baseball game on the screen.

"Someone's made themselves at home." Josh smiled, the man sitting down on Colton's right side, Lucas sitting down on his left, the young man in the center of their love.

"It's comfortable, Josh. It does feel like a home." he smiled, turning down the sound on the television a bit.

"Where's everyone?" Josh said, Colton smiling at him.

"Your friends' love drove them upstairs. Both couples looked rather amorous. Finn practically was carrying Skyler out of here." Colton said, Lucas smiling, knowing his bandmates were as love struck as himself.

The warmth and happiness of the day--and the lateness of last night's arrival--had delayed all their joining love.

Lucas sensed the house would be filled with desirous love tonight, if not already.

"A baseball fan, Colt?" Lucas said, Colt looking at the television screen.

"Yeah, just checking the late highlights."

"Who's your favourite team?" Lucas smiled at the television, Colton smiling.

"I'm a Boston Red Sox fan, Luke. I'm from that neck of the woods." he smiled, Josh smiling as well.

"Hey, you're in L.A. Only Angel fans here." Josh grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"What about the Dodgers, Josh?" Luke asked.

"The National League sucks, Luke. Pitchers shouldn't bat." Colton said, Josh high-fiving him in agreement.

"I don't really know the game, sports fans. Give me soccer any day. Now that's a sport!" Lucas smiled, Josh and Colton smiling at each other, rolling their eyes.

"He's from over the pond, Colt. They don't know good sports." Josh smirked, Colton grinning.

"Yes, they like cricket. That tells you something right there." Colton smiled, Josh chuckling to himself.

Lucas smirked, seeing his Josh's including Colton into his fun.

"I know the only sport that matters to me."

"What's that, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas smiling at Josh.

 "Josh jumping!" Lucas said, the young man moving with a flash, climbing over Colt and attacking Josh, the man bursting into laughter as Lucas' fingers found his armpits.

"Stop, Lucky! I'm going to pee!"

Colton laughed, his hand slapping Lucas' backside, which was right across his lap.

"Alright, alright! I'm sorry!" Josh screamed, his laughter filling the room, Lucas smiling and moving to his next target.

"And you're next, accomplice!" Lucas said, diving on top of Colton, the young man screaming with laughter as Lucas' fingers found his ribcage.

Josh smiled, Lucas lessening his tickle fight, the young teenager gasping for air.

"I'm sorry, too!" he gasped, Lucas smiling and backing off the young man, sitting up on the couch.

The young man smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Josh smiled at his lover, Lucas winking at him.

"Both of you are forgiven. But that's a warning. Make fun of me and you pay the consequences." he smiled, both men smiling and nodding.

"Is this like foreplay, babe?" Josh said, Colton laughing, Lucas smiling at Josh.

"You wish, horndog! Tonight you're on your own." Lucas said, Josh showing a big pout on his face, Lucas smiling at Colton.

"Who can say no to that face?" Lucas said, Josh blowing him a kiss.

"I don't think anyone could, Luke." Colton smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Thanks for the compliment, Colt."

The young man softly blushed, Josh patting his shoulder.

"So how did you find your first day in L.A.?" Josh said, the young man smiling as he settled back into the couch again, Josh and Lucas relaxing back into it as well.

"An awesome day, guys. Your friends are so nice." Colton said, Lucas patting his knee.

"They're your friends as well, Colton. Always remember that." Lucas said, Colton nodding.

"Lance is really nice. He's so open and understanding."
"Yes, I saw the two of you deep in discussion. You trying to get in good with Lance to get at Justin?" Josh said, Colton blushing, Josh laughing, slapping his arm.

"I don't think I'm ever going to live that down." he softly said, Lucas leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Justin has, you should too. Infatuation always gives into friendship. I was just as wonderstruck when I first met him as well." Lucas said, Josh smiling at Luke.

"He was the same with me. My friendship and love made the mystique of fame disappear rapidly. You'll see we're all just regular people." Josh said, Colton smiling at him.
"I already see that, Dad."

Lucas laughed, Josh softly blushing.

"I'm not going to live that down either. Just because I'm the old one." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Old of years, but young of heart and soul."

Colton and Josh both smiled, Colton seeing Josh's shining love for Lucas.

"I think you two should head upstairs as well with those looks." the teenager said, Lucas smiling at Josh, Josh's arm going around Colton.

"It's early, Colt. We'd like to chat for a while with you."

The young man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, guys. I'd like that."

The young man moved a bit, snuggling into Josh's side, Lucas smiling at his familiarity now with Josh.

The young man began to talk, the two listening to him, joining into the conversation as well.

He told them of his still hidden loneliness, Josh hugging him closer, Lucas' hand going to his knee.

He opened up about his past, his life and his own ideas on love and happiness.

The two sensed a unique, exceptional young man sitting between them.

A young man with a giving, yet lonely soul.
"Life is ahead of you, Colt. I promise you it'll get better. Maybe even great." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"A little clairvoyance there, babe?"

Lucas smiled, Colton staring at him.

"A little perhaps. But I'll never tell."
The young man sighed, Lucas' smile relaxing him.

He yawned a bit, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Time for bed, son."

Colton laughed, smiling at both men.

"Yeah, I am tired. I think I swam twelve miles today."

"He's part fish, Lucky."

Colton laughed, the two men rising up as the young man rose up, the young man hitting the remote, the television going off.

Lucas hit the light switch by the door, the living room going into darkness, the three men walking up the stairs to their bedrooms.

Colton's room was across the hall from Josh's and Lucas', the three standing in the hallway.

"Goodnight, Colton." Josh said, the young man moving forward and hugging the older man, Lucas smiling at Josh's soft surprise.

"Goodnight, Dad."

Lucas smirked, Colton hugging him next.

"Goodnight, Mom."

Josh burst into laughter, the other two joining him.

Lucas' finger went to his lips, the two quieting down.

"See you in the morning, guys. Thanks for everything." Colton smiled, the two men smiling as he went into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Lucas' arms went around his man, kissing him with tenderness.

"Mmm, what was that for?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That was for being you, Beamy. For welcoming him so easily into your home and heart."
Josh smiled, hugging his man close.

"I feel the deepness of your new love for him, Lucky. That guarantees my love for him as well."

Lucas teared up, Josh kissing his lips now.

"I love you, Josh."

"Show me how much, babe." Josh said, pulling Lucas slowly towards their bedroom, the young man smiling and feeling the giving needful love coming from his soulmate's soul.

The two walked into their bedroom, their passion igniting the moment Lucas closed the door behind them.



End of Chapter 100


A new friend walks into Josh's and Lucas' home life.

Colton is welcomed into their close group of friends as well.

As is his uncle Gideon.


We settle back into a regular family life again.

But who am I to ever let someone relax?

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