Yesterday's End-101

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 101


The next week flew by with happiness and a calming home life.

The group relaxed, enjoying the quiet time with their soulmates and their friends, love shining around Josh's home.

Colton took in the extended happiness of his new friends, the young man becoming a regular part of their happiness.

On Tuesday his uncle had taken him out sightseeing around Los Angeles, the young man staying overnight at Gideon's home.

The next day Colt returned with a large smile, Gideon's just as wide.

Everyone had sensed the two had bonded even deeper.

Josh and Lucas enjoyed their quiet time together, their friends surrounding them.

Lance and Justin had been by often, Colton's friendship with both greater now than his idolizing wonder.

Lucas had cleaned the house, cooked the meals and tended to his friends' happiness, Josh marvelling at his enjoyment at doing it.

Several times Josh had tried to get him to relax, Lucas voicing his own take on his constant working.


He just loved to make his friends happy.

In his cooking, his talking and his listening.

And he hated being idle.

Josh had his own quiet time with his love, their passion flowing all week in quiet moments alone.

He himself benefited from Lucas' need to please.

His body and his soul were well sated.

Josh's love seemed to only increase each day, his man's love stoking his life.

Mid week--on the same day Colton had gone out sightseeing with his uncle--Justin had called, Josh talking to him for a few minutes as Lucas filled the breakfast table with a large bounty, Finn diving into it with gusto, Andrew right behind him.

"You'd think you hadn't eaten in days." Lucas smirked, Finn smiling at him.

"Colton's not here, we're dividing his share. This way we get more than his leftovers." Finn said, the ladies rolling their eyes.
Lucas laughed, Finn joining him, Andrew chuckling.

"He's young, they always eat heartily." Lucas smiled, smiling towards Josh leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Tell Timberlake he'd better be quick if he wants anything." Lucas smiled, Finn chuckling, Josh smiling at his man, walking over to him as he sat down at the table, handing Lucas the phone.

"Tell him yourself, babe. He wants to talk to you."

Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek as Lucas took the phone, the man taking the offered plate of bacon from Finn.

"Morning, Jus. Why aren't you and Blondie over here? The food's disappearing fast, and Colton isn't even here. Finn's claiming most of it." Lucas smiled, handing Josh the coffee pot off the table, the young man walking back into the kitchen as Finn raised one hand in a risqué salute.

"Morning, Lucky. Lance had an early meeting this morning with his foundations, I'm all alone."

"Then get that fine ass over here. But there's no groupie for you."

"Guess you'll have to do. Actually Luke, I have something I'd like to discuss with you. Could you come over here? There's something I'd like to show you." Justin said, Lucas smiling, shutting off the warming oven.

"I've seen all you have to offer, Timberlake. I'll be there in a flash."

Justin's laughter filled the phone, Josh laughing at the table.

"I'll be over after breakfast. Want me to bring you something?"

"I made Lance breakfast before he left. I'm fine."
"Fine you are, damn fine. Be over shortly. See you soon, sexy." Lucas smiled, Justin saying goodbye, Lucas closing off the phone.

He smiled, walking back to the table, sitting down beside Josh.

"Ditching me, babe? For a blond cutie?"

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek, filling his plate in front of him.

"Never, my love. He just needs my advice on his soul."

Josh looked into Lucas' violet pools, Lucas smiling at him.

"Is he okay, Lucky?" Josh asked, Lucas kissing his cheek again.

"He's fine, Beamy. In fact he's more than fine."

"He's in love, we all see it." Andrew said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, that he is, Drew. As are all who surround me." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"You working at love again, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"No, Finny. Love's already on its true paths. All of them. The magic begins." he said, eating off his plate, everyone exchanging glances.

Josh's hand went into his, Lucas smiling at him.

"The magic's been flowing since I met you, Lucas. Your love is the true magic." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Finish breakfast, my love. Finn's about to start bawling. I hate soggy toast."

Finn raised his hand again, Lucas laughing as his friend picked up the bacon plate again, a one finger salute showing.


Lucas pulled through the iron gates, driving up the long circular driveway, stopping in front of the large spacious house before him.

He climbed out of the small convertible, closing the door behind him.

He smiled at the large house in front of him, its immaculate design and grounds showing its rich heritage.

Justin had told him it was a former home of a movie mogul in the thirties, its inner decor opulent and rich.

But Lucas sensed Justin's own self in its inner sanctum feel.

Lucas and Josh had been over before for dinner one evening a few months back, Justin inviting them.

Lucas had found the home cozy and reflective of Justin's own tastes.

He sensed to Justin it was a home not a mansion.

Lucas smiled, walking up to the front door, hitting the doorbell at its side.

He saw someone approaching through the opaque glass on the door's edging, the door opening.

He smiled, staring into Justin's blue eyes, the man dressed in a black tank top and jean shorts.

The man smiled at Lucas, Lucas taking in his famous handsome face.

"Morning, beautiful." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Your beauty left you already, Jus. I see the need in your eyes."

Justin smiled, extending his hand inward, Lucas walking past him and into the home.

Justin's arms were around his friend the minute he closed the door, the two trading a tender kiss of friendship and love, Lucas smiling as Justin's arm still remained around him.

"Damn fine, indeed. Want to fool around?" Lucas smiled, batting his eyelashes.

Justin chuckled, Lucas' violet pools scanning up and down Justin's toned body.

"Nah, that would only leave me wanting more. And I just made the bed."

Lucas smiled, Justin releasing his tender hold on his friend, guiding him into the kitchen, his arm still around Lucas.

The two were about to sit down at the small kitchen table, Lucas' eyes seeing the remains of breakfast on the kitchen counter, the sink filled with water, dishes drying on the dish draining board.

"Let me help you finish, Jus. I've interrupted the maid's work."
Justin smiled, nodding his head, Lucas walking up to the counter with him.

The two finished the dishes and cleanup of the kitchen, talking while they worked.

"Colton seems happy, Luke. You're doing a wonderful thing for him." Justin smiled, Lucas nodding.

"I want him to have another life of love, Jus. Similar to what he had with his family. A man always needs family to make his life complete."
Justin nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"So how are you and Lancy doing? I can smell the love permeating off these walls. It must be really intense upstairs." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"We're hopelessly in love, Luke. I love him with all my soul." Justin said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek, Justin draining the water out of the sink, the dishes finished and put away.

"I know, Jus. I feel it in that loving soul of yours."

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with him, Luke. Loving him and seeing him live life. I want my love to be his always."

"It always will, Jus. Your love is nothing if not total. Very few experience that total love. Lance now does. As do Josh and I."

Justin smiled, wiping his hands on a dishtowel, Lucas smiling at him.

"I want to show you something, Luke. How that love creates within me." Justin softly said, Lucas pulling him against him, their eyes meeting again.

"The table's cleaned off. Show me all of your love."
Justin laughed, slapping Lucas' ass with his right hand.

"Later, sexy. First I need to show you my heart, or rather, what Lance does to my heart."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

Justin moved, Lucas following him down the hall off the kitchen, the two walking into a room at its end, Lucas remembering what it was.

He walked into the large office slash recording studio, seeing the inner sanctum of Justin's soul.

He knew Justin used this room for his creative soul.

The desk was strewn with papers, a guitar sitting against its edge.

A keyboard was laying on a leather couch by the large window, sheet music sitting on the small coffee table in front of it.
Framed records and awards hung on the walls, small golden awards on shelves above the couch.

"The inner sanctum of the talented Justin Timberlake, singer to millions, heartthrob to billions."

"And soulmate to only three." Justin said, kissing Lucas' cheek, feeling Lucas' mirthful giving love.

"That's true, Jus. Lance, Colton and Finn are all smitten with you."

Justin's hand found Lucas' ass again, slapping it playfully.

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's cheek back, the man smiling at him.

"I meant you, Josh and my Lance."

Lucas smiled, nodding, Justin leading him to the leather couch, Justin picking up the keyboard, Lucas sitting down, Justin staring down at him.

Lucas watched as Justin went to the desk, Lucas' eyes scanning the sheet music laid out on the coffee table, picking up one sheet, scanning the notes and lyrics.

Justin pulled a small portfolio out of a locked drawer, Lucas watching him unlock it with a key he pulled out of his pocket.

"Keeping secrets from Lance, Jus?"

Justin smiled, closing the drawer, carrying the portfolio back to his friend, sitting down beside him, setting it on the table with the sheet music.

"No, Lucky. Just a surprise of love." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Why haven't you told Josh, Jus?"

Justin stared at his friend, Lucas raising the sheet of music.

"I see what I have in my hand, Jus. It's a beautiful song. One of many I see here half finished, some more than that."
Justin softly blushed, Lucas patting his hairy muscled knee.

"He's been so happy lately with the music you've given him. He's singing again. I saw what you did for him." Justin said.
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"My love flows in many ways, Jus. I knew he needed music in his soul again."

Justin nodded, staring at his friend with deep love.

"Just as you knew I needed it as well."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"You've given my bandmates and myself so much guidance, Justin. I felt it was time you were guided to your heart's happiness. I guided you to Lance's love, your own love following the truer path to his love and your own happiness. I knew the next showing of that love would be you putting it to music."

Justin teared up, the man's arms going around Lucas, hugging him close.

Lucas smelled the scent of Justin's own essence, covered by a fresh shower and soap, but his own self filling Lucas' nostrils.

Justin's lips met Lucas', Lucas feeling a lot of love in that tender kiss.

The two broke their kiss, Justin's blue eyes staring into his violet.

"You know all of us so well, Lucas."
"I've made it my job to always guide those I love to their total happiness."
Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' lips softly again.

"I haven't had you yet, that would make me complete."
Lucas laughed, Justin smiling and chuckling as well.

"Don't ever lose that bravado and sexiness, Jus. You stoke all three of our hearts, Lance the most."

Justin smiled, sighing, his eyes going to the portfolio.

"I haven't shown anyone this. It's part of my heart. And Lance's love echoes through it. He's my muse and my inspiration."

Lucas smiled, Justin opening the portfolio, pulling out some sheets of paper.

He looked into Lucas' violet pools, handing the sheets to his friend.

Lucas smiled, his violet eyes staring down at the pages, Justin remaining seated beside his friend, Lucas staring at the pages, his eyes suddenly closing.

The room was in silence, Justin staring at his friend.

"Are you alright, Luke? Say something."

Lucas' violet pools opened, Justin seeing tears in both eyes, the young man pulling Justin against him, wrapping his arms around him, Justin feeling his deep embrace of love.

"It's. . .it's so beautiful, Jus! Every word speaks of Lance, of your love for him!" Lucas said, Justin tearing up, hugging his friend against him.

"Really, Luke? It's that deep?"

Lucas broke their embrace, the young man staring at his friend.

"I can write good songs, Jus. You, my friend, can write masterpieces."

Justin blushed, but smiled, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his lips tenderly.

"He'll be blown away, Justin. I take it you want to surprise him with it?"

Justin nodded, staring at his friend.

"I'd like to sing it for him on our wedding day."

Lucas smiled, staring at his friend.

"He'll already be crying that day, so more tears will flow. Those filled with love."

Justin smiled widely, Lucas handing him the sheets back.

"Do you want me to play it for you, Luke?"
"No, Jus. I saw it in my mind. Your voice, your love and the beauty of the moment. We'll all be floored by it. Lance most of all. This will be the cornerstone of the beginning of your long lives together as married soulmates."

Justin teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"No date set yet?" Lucas asked, Justin smiling at him.

"I've left it up to Lance to decide, Luke. I want him to accept me when he's ready."

Lucas shook his head, smiling at his friend.

"He accepted your love the moment you declared it to him. If not before. He loves you, Jus. He always has. And I see easily that you love him just as deeply."

Justin smiled, taking the sheets from Lucas, placing them back in the portfolio and closing it.

"I do, Lucas. I hope that hasn't broken your heart? I know you want me bad."

Lucas laughed, Justin grinning.

Lucas moved forward with a flash of speed, pushing Justin backwards, the man losing his balance, he and Lucas tumbling to the floor.

Justin stared up into Lucas' violet pools, the young man on top of him, Lucas having moved Justin's hands above his head, Justin trapped under his muscled body.

"I have you now, Timberlake. Right where I want you. Ready for the taking." Lucas smiled, his lips moving forward, kissing Justin's nose.

Justin felt Lucas' muscled body against his, the young man's heat and beauty against him.

"I. . .I was only kidding, Luke!" he said, Lucas kissing his lips, Justin feeling the young man's tongue against his lips, Justin opening his mouth.

Lucas' tongue went forward, duelling with Justin's, the young man pulling back as they broke the heated kiss, their eyes meeting.

"Lucas. . .I. . ."

"I love you, Jus. I feel your love for me. In that kiss, and in what's pressed against me." Lucas said, the young man's body moving more into Justin, the man softly gasping.

"Why. . .why do we do this to each other, Luke? Why can't we just love each other as much as we love our soulmates.? Why do we always tease each other?"
Lucas smiled, the young man releasing Justin's arms, the man moving them, Justin wrapping his arms around Lucas as the young man's head went to Justin's toned chest.

"We do love each other as much as we love our soulmates. Just as much as you love Josh and I love Lance.  I will accept anything and everything you want to give, Justin. As I will with Lance. As Josh will with both of you. But you've already voiced your total love for Lance. And his for you. As I have for your best friend. We have the desirous love we need, Justin. Let's just call what we have a teasing prelude to their love."

Justin smiled, staring down into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love him, Lucas. He's my everything. But I can't hide my feelings for you and for Josh."

"We all know that, Jus. We've all accepted that you are the center of our desires. Or rather, that we all radiate our love into your soul, which in turn stokes your libido."

"I'm. . .I'm sorry I'm always so turned on."

Lucas smiled, raising his head, his lips kissing Justin's warm lips.

"We wouldn't want you any other way, Jus." Lucas said, Justin smiling softly.

"He's got that right."

Justin raised his head, seeing Lance's upside down face, Lucas smiling up into his green-eyed beauty, the man standing over them.

"You're back early, babe." Justin said, Lance smiling down at him.

"Yep. Just in time for the floor show."

Lucas smiled at Lance, Justin blushing.

"Babe. . .I. . .Lucas came over and. . ."
Lance smiled, going to his knees beside Justin's head, his lips meeting Justin's upside down lips, the man feeling his unchanged love.

Lance broke the kiss, the man's lips then meeting Lucas', the two kissing with tenderness and love.

The two broke the kiss, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"What are we going to do with him, Luke? He's so giving of his love. His clothes can't confine it." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling and climbing off his friend.

"We should neuter him, I think."

Justin blushed, about to sit up, Lance climbing on top of him.

Justin looked surprised, his man's lips meeting his again, Lance's body now on top of him.

Lucas smiled down at the two, seeing Justin's total submission to Lance's deep love.

"I'll let you two finish the love I feel rising. Later, boys." Lucas smiled, the young man quietly walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Lance broke the kiss, Justin slowly opening his blue pools, staring into two green pools of love.

"I love you, Lance." he softly said, Lance smiling, his fingers caressing his smooth cheek.

"I love you, Justin. I'll have to thank Lucas for stoking your fires. I feel the deeper heat between us."
Justin smiled, staring at his soulmate.

"That's all your doing, my love."

Lance lightly laughed, smiling at Justin.

"Nice try, babe. But I know Lucas' beauty stoked that fire I feel against my own."

Justin softly blushed, Lance kissing his warm lips.

"Like I said, I'll have to thank him." Lance said, his lips meeting his again, Justin feeling the warmth and love coming from his soulmate.

Lance broke the kiss, his lips going to Justin's earlobe, sucking on it.

"Oh, God! Speaking of fires! God, Lance! You know what that does to me!"

Lance smiled, the man raising his head, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"I'm heading for the pool, babe. Be there in two minutes. I want you wet and as you were born."

Justin smiled, Lance rising off of him, the man's hands going to his polo shirt, pulling it off in one motion, Justin staring up at his toned smooth chest.

His eyes scanned down his toned body, seeing the large tent showing in Lance's tight fashion jeans.

"It's all yours, Justin." Lance smiled, the man walking out of the office, Justin rising to his feet, staring after his lover.

Justin looked at the coffee table, picking up the portfolio, quickly returning it to its locked drawer.

He smiled, pulling off his tank top, his jean shorts leaving his toned legs, his briefs thrown on top of them.

He smiled, rushing out of the office, heading for the heat and wet love that would soon consume him.


Lucas smiled, walking into the living room, the young man tackled by a flash of youthful happiness.

Lucas hit the floor, a young vibrant teenager on top of him.

"Miss me, Luke?!" Colton smiled widely, Lucas staring up at him, another smiling face behind the young man.

"And you are?" he said, Colton rolling his eyes, Lucas laughing.

The young man moved with a burst of strength, Colton upended, Lucas moving with speed on top of him.

"Too slow, youngster!" he grinned, his fingers going to Colton's armpits.

The young man screamed with laughter, Lucas feeling another set of arms wrap around him.

"A Carlisle ambush! Where's Harry, Gideon?" Lucas laughed, the young man moving forward, Gideon's momentum going forward as well, Lucas flipping the man over his shoulder, Gideon landing on top of his nephew, Lucas rising to his feet in triumph.

"You're both acrobatic, but no one's a match for my magic. My senses are too tuned to my surroundings. And don't even think of trying it, Finn." Lucas said, Finn stopping behind him, a glass of ice water raised in his hand.

"Damn, Carver! Can't anyone catch you off-guard?" Finn said, lowering his hand.

"Only one, Finny. And that love always throws me for a loop." Lucas said, Finn rolling his eyes, two arms wrapping around Lucas' waist, two lips meeting his.

"Tone it down, horndogs. It's the middle of the day!" Finn said, Skyler's arms going around his waist.

"See, Finn. I'm ambushed by love." Lucas smiled, Josh's arms still around him.

Colton and Gideon both smiled, climbing off the floor.

"This town's awesome, Luke! Uncle Gideon took me all over! We saw a lot of stuff!" Colton said, Gideon smiling at his nephew.

"It wasn't that amazing, Colt. Just the Tinsel Town landmarks."

Lucas smiled, his arm going around Colton, the young man smiling at him.

"So you were stargazing? Justin's going to be so jealous."

Colton smiled, blushing softly.

"He's the star of my eyes. For now."
Josh laughed, Colton smiling.

"Tell me all about it over lunch, Colt. I'm volunteering you to cook." Lucas said, the young man looking at him with awed wonder.

"I. . .I can't cook, Luke."

"No, it's not that you can't, Colt. It's that you haven't tried. The vacation's over. This is a family, we all chip in. I'm just the one to see you gain some skills. I'll show you how to do it." Lucas said, a smile showing on his face.

The young man softly smiled.

"Alright, Luke. I do want to do something to thank you all."

Everyone smiled, Finn patting his shoulder.

"To the kitchen, biatches!"

Lucas laughed, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue.

"The master's spoken. The master-bator!"

Colton laughed, as did others, Finn blushing.

"Yeah, Skyler's gotten tired of his theatrics. The old dog can only do so many tricks." Colton smiled, Skyler laughing.

Lucas' laughter following Colton to the kitchen, Finn's raised finger ignored by both.

"Now there's two of them!" he said, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"You didn't think Lucas wouldn't train the boy how to handle you, did ya?" Josh said, Finn staring at him.

The Welshman smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, the boy's a chip off the old block. Or is that blockhead?" Finn said, Skyler groaning.

Gideon laughed, Finn smiling at him.

Everyone walked out of the living room, heading out towards the patio, the other guests of the house relaxing outside.


Colton smiled, seeing everyone's praising smiles surrounding him.

"You cooked all this, Colt?" Justin said, sitting down at the table, Lance sitting down beside him.

The two had just arrived, met at the front door by Lucas, both receiving tender kisses on the lips.

"I can taste the love, and it's wet." Lucas had smiled, Justin's smile widening.

"Heaven's best when it's wet and delicious." Justin said, his arms around his man, the two kissing each other.

"Tone down the love, guys. Colton will be right randy."

Justin laughed, Lucas guiding them out to the patio.

Here now he and Colton had laid out the buffet on the large table, everyone walking up to it, staring at the large luncheon Lucas had helped Colton prepare.

"Praise him, not me. I just showed him what to do. It's all his doing." Lucas had smiled, Colton smiling with pride beside him.

"Is Chris coming? This is too much for all of us." Finn grinned, Lucas smiling.

The doorbell rang again, Lucas walking into the house.

Everyone began to fill their plates from the buffet, couples joining together at the tables.

Lucas walked out of the house with the two Chrises, Finn smirking.

"I knew it! That man can smell out a free meal anywhere!" Justin laughed, Finn joining him.

Chris blushed, Piney kissing his cheek.

"My man's already fed on my love." he smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"I still need energy, my love. For dessert." Chris smiled, Finn rolling his eyes.

Lucas chuckled, Chris and Piney heading for the buffet table, the young man following them.

Colton smiled around at everyone, words of praise for his food surrounding him.

Lucas smiled at him often, the young man seated between Gideon and Justin.

Josh's arm was around Lucas' waist, the man having finished his second plate, Lucas rubbing his athletic tank top-covered stomach.

"You're getting a paunch, babe. You need your own workout." Lucas smiled, the two kissing.

"Later, babe. Let's get rid of all these friends and I'll chase you round this house." Josh said, his voice laced with needful flirtation.

"Don't catch him in the kitchen. We eat there." Finn smirked, finishing the potato salad off his third plate.

Lucas' violet pools met Finn's, the man sensing his mirthful love.

"Let's stay clear of Finny's room. I don't want to lay in shedding hair."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"Me and my big mouth."

Alain smiled, Finn blushing more at his own words.

"Enough said, Finny." Lucas laughed, Alain joining him.

Everyone smiled at their close friendships, the group seated as one.

"This is nice. Relaxing, enjoying friendship and love." Lucas said, snuggling back in his chair, his man's arm around him.

"A relaxing week, before our return to the spotlight." Finn said, his arms around his Skyler, her head against his t-shirt-covered chest.

"Back to our music, my friends. Return to love." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"And I start my new job." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man seeing the greater happiness on Harry's smiling handsome face.

"Yes, my new assistant slash chauffeur slash friend." he smiled, Alain smiling.

"I'll help any way I can." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him, Finn chuckling.

"Great, Alain. You can rub down this monkey after his sweaty performances. He's always so wet." Finn laughed, Josh smiling at his lover.

"Just like I like him. And that's my job, Alain."

Alain smiled, his dark brown eyes looking at Finn.

"Guess I'll just have to rub you down, Finny? My hands are very good." he smiled, his eyes leering at him, his tongue licking his lips.

"He's all mine, Alain. But you can rub that ass." Skyler said, kissing Finn's cheek.

Finn blushed again, his remarks backfiring.

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling as Josh kissed his lips.

"So when do we leave, Jus?" Lucas said, the man smiling at his friends.

"Our flight to Houston is at seven on Sunday." Justin said, Colton smiling at the man, Justin winking at him.

"So I'll stay with Uncle Gideon while you're away, Luke?"

Gideon smiled at Lucas, his blue eyes meeting his nephew's blue.

"Now where would the fun be in that, Colt?" Gideon said, the young man looking confused, Gideon kissing his cheek.

"I'll be working, Colt. You'd be alone a lot of the time."
Colton's blue eyes went to Lucas, the young man smiling back at him.

"Orion has its official first groupie. You didn't think we'd let our biggest fan out of our sight, did you?"

The young man's eyes widened in surprise, Justin's arm going around him seated beside him, Colton's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Welcome to the tour, Colton." Justin said, the man taking an envelope from Lance, the man having risen from the table and returning with it, Lance having set it down in the kitchen.

Justin handed Colton the envelope, Colton taking it from him.

"Inside are your tour credentials, passes and itinerary. Keep your pass on you at all times. It hangs around your neck. Along with this." Justin said, the young man's eyes widening in surprise again.

Lucas had moved from the table, the young man standing beside Colton's chair.

In the man's hand was a gift bag.

Colton stared up into his violet pools.

"A gift from all of us, Colt. The beginnings of your new career."

The young man looked confused, Lucas handing him the bag, Colton taking it from him.

The young man looked around at the table, Lucas' bandmates smiling at him.

Colton pulled out the tissue paper from the top of the bag, it concealing the treasure inside.

Colton's eyes widened in surprise, the young man pulling out a box from the bag.

He stared at it, seeing an expensive Nikon camera showing on the box's top.

"A. . .a camera? It looks so expensive!" he softly said, Lucas smiling as his hand went to Colton's shoulder.

Justin smiled at his friend, Lucas smiling back, nodding.

"As the group's manager and friend, I welcome you officially to the tour, Colt. And as such you're not going to be just a watching fan, Colt. We've all agreed you need something more to keep you busy." Justin smiled, Colton staring at him.

"We'd like you to be our official photographer, Colt." Lucas said, the young man's eyes widening in surprise.

"Really, guys?" Colton said, his blue, tearing, happy eyes staring around at the four bandmates.

"Really, Colt." Trish smiled, her eyes meeting her brother's.

"Yes really, sweetie." Skyler smiled, Finn smiling at the young man.

"Yep, Colt. We want you to immortalize us all in photos. Backstage, on stage, everywhere." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Aww guys. I'm so. . .so touched." Colton softly said, his blue eyes looking up into Lucas' violet pools, the man rubbing his shoulder.

"Tour life can get repetitive and monotonous at times, Colt. This will keep you happy. But no saucy photos. Unless they're of Finn's ass." Lucas said, everyone laughing, Finn saluting his friend, his face showing a large smile as well.

Colton stood up, setting the camera box down on the table, his arms going around Lucas, hugging him close, everyone smiling at the touching scene and the large smile on Lucas' face.

"Thank you, Luke! Thank you so much! Thanks to all of you!!" the young man said, his voice filled with emotion.

Gideon smiled at Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"So open up the camera, Colt. Let's see it." Gideon said, the young man breaking his hold on Lucas, the two smiling at each other.

The two returned to their seats, Josh kissing his man's lips, feeling Lucas' happy heart.

Colton beamed, the young man opening the camera box, Gideon and Justin helping him assemble the camera.

Everyone smiled, seeing the happiness on the young man's face.

The camera was ready, Colton staring at the large camera in his hand.

His blue pools went to Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"You can bring it on Saturday to the party, Colt."

"Party, Luke?" the young man said, Justin smiling at the young teenager.

"My company, Tenneman Records, is having a celebration of the band's milestones on Saturday at our building downtown, Colton. A night of acknowledgement for all you've accomplished, guys. A night to celebrate the rising star in the sky of fame." Justin smiled, the four bandmates smiling at each other.

Justin had informed them last week of the party, the four beyond happy.

They would be in the center of the music scene's world.

"A lot of celebrities will be present, Colt. You might as well capture the moment of our new happiness." Lucas smiled, the young teenager smiling with awed happiness.

"More celebrities?" he beamed, Finn smirking, then laughing.

"Watch out, Timberlake. The boy may dump you for someone more famous! Or someone younger!" he laughed, Chris joining him, Colton blushing.

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Colton's.

Justin's face took on a pouty look, Lance smiling at that famous adorable look.

"You wouldn't leave me for someone hotter, would you Colty?" he pouted, the young man softly blushing but smiling.

"No, Justin. I don't think anyone could be hotter." Colton smiled, Justin grinning.

Lance laughed, kissing Justin's lips.

"Got that right, Colt!" he smiled, as their lips parted, Chris and Finn gagging.

Colton grinned, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"I'd like the first picture to be of you and Josh, Luke. I want to start my career with your showing love."

The two men smiled, Finn smiling at both.

"Don't take your clothes off, guys. We don't need to see your total love."

Chris laughed, Josh saluting both, Lucas rising up from his seat, pulling Josh up with him.

"Let's stand in front of the pool my love. Let the water be a backdrop to our shining love."

Everyone smiled, Colton rising with his new camera, following the two to the pool's edge.


Lucas walked out of the bathroom, Josh's blue pools taking in the naked vision of his man's total beauty.

"Wear that tonight and you really will shine in the heavens." he smiled, Lucas winking at him, the young man walking over to the walk-in closet.

His violet eyes scanned Josh's clothed beauty.

Josh wore a black silk shirt, a few buttons opened to reveal his smooth chest and the crystal stone hanging in its smooth center.

Black pants hugged his taut legs, black Versace shoes completing the ensemble.

"My man looks delicious in black. And you'll blend nicely into the dark corners where our love will need to show." Lucas smiled, Josh's blue pools seeing Lucas' soft center begin to stir in its length.

"Calmness, babe. Or I'll carry you back into that shower." Josh said, his voice laced with love and need.

"A third time today would be awesome. But let's leave that till later, after my night in the lights of fame. I know all that young famous beauty tonight will have me right randy." Lucas smiled, Josh softly blushing, lowering his eyes.

Lucas pulled on a pair of black briefs, walking over to the bed, and kneeling before it, his lips touching Josh's, the man feeling his man's total love.

The two broke the kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"No young beauty of fame or ego will ever change the love you see in these violet pools. Their beauty will only add to the desire I see and want in your blue eyes. It's you and me forever, babe."

Josh smiled widely, seeing Lucas' love washing away his own doubts.

"Aren't I the lucky one?"

Lucas smiled, his finger touching Josh's cheek.

"No, I'm the lucky one. I'm Josh's Lucky."

Josh smiled, watching his man rise from the floor, going back to the closet and dressing.

Lucas pulled on a navy blue suit, a soft baby blue silk shirt covering his muscled, toned chest, Josh seeing the ridge of his abs and his two perky nipples showing through the light-coloured shirt.

"Wear the coat, babe. That shirt leaves little to the imagination. Or it would stoke many imaginations."

Lucas smiled, donning the navy blazer, smiling at his man as his feet went into two black Versace loafers.

Josh's eyes went to the ruby stone hanging in the middle of Lucas' taut chest, its beauty matching his own crystal stone.

"You look stunning, my love." Josh said, standing up, Lucas smiling as his man's arms wrapped around him.

"Out into the magic light of fame I stroll. But the greater happiness I have is here in your arms." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"Me as well, my love."

Lucas smiled, his hand going into Josh's.

"We should get going. I want to see Colton's happiness in the center of La La Land's fame."

Josh smiled, staring at his man.

"He's beyond happy, Lucky. You're making him come alive."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Something greater will do that." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, seeing the greater look of happiness on his man's face.

"I've never seen your look happier, my Lucas."

Lucas' arms went around him again.

"I'm in your arms, my music is being celebrated and life is good. There is only one more moment of greater happiness ahead."

"And what's that my love?"

Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing Josh warmly.

Josh smiled when they broke their kiss, the man smiling at his Lucas.

"On the day we commit our love forever, my Joshua. From that day onward my life will have its greater happiness."

Josh teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's walk into the light of fame, my love. And then let's return to our own love."

Josh smiled, his arm going around his man, walking out of their bedroom.

They met everyone down in the living room, all the men standing around, chatting and laughing.

"The ladies are late as usual. The two queens have arrived, we only wait for our princesses." Finn smirked, Josh saluting him, smiling at the handsome Welshman.

Finn wore a light grey Armani suit, his beauty shining brightly, a black silk shirt matching the greyness.

"Looking good, Finny. My hands will be all over that grey ass." Lucas said, Finn laughing.

"I wore rubber briefs to protect it from all the pinching." he laughed, Alain's hand going to the young man's ass, kneading it, he and Harry standing behind Finn.

Finn jumped, Alain grinning.

"First dibs." he smiled, Lucas laughing, his arm going around his friend.

"Are you sure they aren't rubber in case you have an inebriated accident later?"

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn blushing more.

"They're just regular boxers, guys! I was joking!" he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"All the more fun for Sky, Finny. Easier access to her treasures."

Finn smiled widely, Lucas' love calming his embarrassment.

"Lucky me."

Everyone's eyes turned, Skyler and Trish standing in the doorway, both looking stunning.

"Wow. . .wow!" Finn softly said, his fiancée smiling at him as she walked up to him,  Trish's dress-clad body wrapped in Andrew's arms almost immediately.

Trish wore a tight navy blue dress, Andrew wearing a navy blue suit, the two matching perfectly.

Skyler's dress was a silvery grey, a black shawl covering her bare shoulders.

"You look amazing, my love. So. . .so beautiful." he softly said, Skyler smiling at Lucas standing beside them.

"I feel so bloated." she said, rubbing her stomach, her motherhood now showing.

"You look radiant, my love. My silver trophy of shining beauty and love."

Skyler teared up, Finn kissing her lips.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Colton's blue.

The young teenager wore a white cotton dress shirt, open at the throat, black dress pants covering his slim legs.

A camera bag hung from his shoulder, Lucas smiling at him.

"All ready for the celebrity world, Colt?"

The young man beamed, Lucas smiling at him.

"They're just regular people, Colt. Once you get past the fame and adulation they're just really nice, normal people. Well, most of them." Lucas said, Josh smiling as his arm went around him.

"On to the happiness, my friends." Lucas smiled, everyone following him and Josh out of the home.


Lucas smiled, sipping at the drink in his hand, his violet pools looking around the large room.

The party was in full swing, the large lobby of the Tenneman Records building the main area of the party.

A large fountain stood in the lobby's center, a bar set up in front of it.

People were milling around the large room, tables set up around its circumference.

Lucas' eyes took in all the famous faces, the man seeing new acquaintances of fame and familiar faces of their tour's family.

Everyone from the tour was on hand, Justin's party also to thank all of them for their hard work.

He stood near the bar, Justin at his side, the man talking to Nick and Drew Lachey.

Lucas had met them earlier, the young man taking their giving praise with heartfelt happiness.

He was quietly listening to the three men, Lance walking towards Lucas, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools going past Lance, focusing on two men walking into the building through the main entrance.

"Great crowd, Luke." Lance smiled, the bartender beside them taking Lance's drink order.

"A grand party, Lancy. Justin's invited most of L.A.'s music talent." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling towards Justin, his blue eyes meeting his green.

"Nothing but the best for his star group." Lance smiled, taking the two drinks the bartender set on the bar.

Lucas smiled, Lance handing a drink to Justin, his soulmate smiling at him with a hidden wink.

Lance talked with Nick and Drew, the two smiling at Lucas, the young man answering their offered questions.

A few minutes later the two singers excused themselves, Lucas thanking them for coming, both men leaving with smiles, Justin and Lance smiling at Lucas' showing happiness.

"You're a big hit with everyone, Lucky. All four of you are the talk of the room." Josh said, the man walking up to his lover, Justin and Lance smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to Finn and Skyler, the two in front of an ice sculpture, both surrounded by Janet Jackson and Randy Jackson, Finn's eyes wide with happiness.

Lucas saw his sister talking to Shakira by the front door, Andrew's arm around her.

Lucas smiled seeing Colton walking around with Harry and Alain, the young man's eyes wide with fascinated wonder, his camera hanging from his chest.

Justin had walked around earlier when he'd seen some of the famous people looking at the young man with his camera, the crowd let in on the young man's past and relationship to the group.

After that, the young man had even been allowed to take pictures of celebrities posing with his friends, the young man's face wide with happiness.

"Colton's on cloud nine. Ah, to be that young and innocent." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"You're still young and innocent, my seductive prey." Lance softly said to him, Lucas catching his words.

"Our tiger will always be young in our hearts." Josh said, Lucas smiling, Josh having heard it as well.

The four's conversation was interrupted by two men stopping in front of them.

Lucas smiled, the young man having seen them walk in earlier.

"Hello, Lucas." a melodic soft voice said, Lucas' violet pools staring into two blue pools.

"Hello, Adam. Hello again, Usher." Lucas said, his three friends staring at the two men.

Adam's eyes glanced towards Justin and Lance, Usher's eyes on Justin's as well.

"Hello, Justin and Lance. Hello, Josh." Adam said, his voice laced with a soft nervousness.

"Hello, Adam." Josh said, his arm going quietly around Lucas, Lucas surprised at his protective love showing in public, although the small group was a little secluded at the end of the bar.

"It's alright, Josh. I'm not here to create a scene. I'm actually surprised I was invited." Adam said, his blue eyes looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"The future for all of us begins with the past's righting, or its ending. Forgiveness is key to that." Lucas said, the young man's eyes going to his two friends, Justin and Lance staring at him.

"I invited them, Jus. Through Usher." Lucas said, Justin looking surprised.

Lucas' eyes met Usher's, the handsome black man smiling at him.

"I was surprised by the invitation, Lucas. My Adam's former discretions carried a heavy price for him in regards to everyone here." Usher said, Adam looking at Usher.

"Your Adam?" Lance softly said, Usher smiling at him, Adam softly smiling at Usher.

"We're officially a couple, guys." Usher said, Adam smiling more at Usher.

Lucas smiled, seeing their hidden love shining in their eyes.

The other three men saw it as well, all their eyes going to Lucas' violet pools.

"We go forward as we are, guys. Couples of love. Forgiveness is the beginning of the next path. I've forgiven both, as you all should. The love hidden and showing is enough." he said, the other three staring at Adam, Justin staring between him and Usher.

"We ask your forgiveness, all three of you. For paths once walked in domination, in pain and in not-so-glowing favor." Usher said, Adam sighing beside him, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue, then Lance's green.

"I know you can't wholly forgive me for what I did to both of you. I just wanted you both to know I've changed." the man said, his blue eyes looking around him.

"Usher's love fills my soul. I've found in him all I've ever wanted. I'll never walk the path I walked before again. That's all I wanted to say." he softly said, the man beginning to back up, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

The man's blue eyes met Lucas', another man's voice filling the quietness.

"I forgive you, Adam."

Adam's eyes met Justin's blue, the man softly smiling at him, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green, Lance smiling at him.

"I forgive you as well, Adam." Lance said, the man's face showing soft surprise.

"Really, guys? After all I. . .?" he said, Justin staring at him.

"We've all found our future, Adam. That future is love. The past of pain, hurt or loneliness can't hold a candle to that." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, thank you both." Adam softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

Usher smiled as Adam's hand went in his, the men in front of them smiling.

"Still sticking your nose in things best left alone, Carver? You've ruined too many of my conquests."

Lucas' eyes met two blue pools, the man behind Adam and Usher smiling at the young singer.

Josh's eyes widened in surprise, as did Justin's and Lance's.

Bruno Mars stood beside a young man, the singer looking in confusion at everyone.

"You know everyone, Jacob?" he said, Jacob Addison smiling a soft smile of widening bravado.

"Intimately, Bruno." he smirked, Lucas' violet eyes darkening.

"You've chosen the path, Jake. Judgment comes." he said, the quietness broken by a fist hitting Jacob Addison's handsome face, the young drummer thrown backwards.

Josh and Justin lunged forward, their arms going around Finn, Harry now at their side as well, all three trying to hold back the young singer.

"Get up so I can kill you, Addison!" he screamed, Lucas staring at his young friend, his eyes lowering with resignation.



End of Chapter 101


Oh, no!

Jake's entered the picture again!


Adam and Usher have returned again as well.

And it seems Lucas' giving love has shown his own friends their forgiving hearts.

Will the two truly be forgiven by everyone?


How did Jake show up here?
And what will happen next?


The story may darken a bit going forward, but trust in me to shine the love throughout.


Hugs, Angel.