Yesterday's End-102

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 102


Lucas' hand went to Finn's muscled chest, his friend staring at him with anger.

"Calm down, Finn! We're in public, my friend." Lucas said, his violet eyes going around the room, seeing everyone staring at the group, security guards now surrounding Jake, the young man slowly rising to his feet.

"Fuck, Delaney! You're a pussy assed sucker-puncher!" Jake said, his hand holding his nose, Bruno staring at him with concern, his eyes going to Lucas and Finn.

"What's going on here, guys? Why'd you hit my friend?" Bruno said, staring at Finn.

"What are you doing here, Jake?" Josh said, his arm still around Finn, the young man still struggling with those surrounding him.

"I was invited, Josh. I'm Bruno's guest!" Jake said, Bruno staring at Josh, then at the young man.

"That's correct, Josh. I invited him." Bruno said, Lucas staring at the young singer.

"Your choice for friends needs to improve, Bruno." Lucas said, the young singer smiling at him.

"I choose my own friends, Lucas. And that's why I'm surprised we haven't connected." the man said, his brown eyes scanning over Lucas.

His eyes then looked at the two security guards surrounding Jake.

"This is over, guys. You can call off your security, Justin. It was just a private squabble. Jake here is my guest." Bruno said, the two guards looking at Justin, Justin nodding his head, the two uniformed men quietly walking away but remaining close.

"This guy's shit, Mars!" Finn said, Lucas looking into his friend's blue eyes.

Finn calmed a bit, seeing the calm determination in Lucas' violet pools.

"I'm me, Finny. And I've as much right as you to be here. You're as much a clinger on as I am, Lucky's bitch." Jake said.

Finn moved, Harry on him in a flash, holding him back.

"I said calm down, Finn!" Lucas said, Skyler and Trish now at Finn's side, Finn calming at Lucas' determined voice.

Lucas' violet pools met Jake's blue staring pools, the young man sneering at him.

"Why are you here, Jake? Besides as the thorn in my side you've always been."

Bruno's eyes met Adam's, the singer staring at Jake.

"He's here as my friend as I said, Lucas. Adam and Usher know him as well." Bruno said, Adam's eyes meeting Jake's, then Lucas'.

"I'm sure you all do." Lucas said, the young man's eyes going around the room, seeing the people had returned to their talking, music playing again, the guests mingling, some still glancing towards them.

The small group had some privacy, their conversations separate from the surrounding guests, the security guards between them and the bar.

"Jake's a talented man, Bruno. As I'm sure you've experienced. But you haven't experienced all of him." Lucas said, Jake smiling at Lucas.

"I make everyone happy, Lucky. You just have to know how to handle people. I knew how to handle you." Jake smiled, wiping his nose with a Kleenex Bruno handed him out of his pocket.

Finn's eyes darkened, Lucas feeling his friend's protective love behind him.

"Yes, I know well how you operate. That's why I left you. Before you destroyed me."

Bruno's eyes widened, staring at Jake.

"You two were together?" he said, Jake staring at him.

"A long time ago, Bruno. I upgraded from this punk's useless ass." Jake smiled, his blue eyes going to Adam's blue.

"Hello, Adam. I see Luke's sidelined you and Usher. Too bad." Jake smiled at the singer, Usher staring at the young man.

"We've upgraded ourselves, Jake. We're a couple. " Usher said, Adam looking at Usher, then at Bruno, seeing the younger Hawaiian singer's surprised face.

"Usher's correct, Bruno. We're both focusing on something more than random sex. Love is a greater happiness." Adam said, Usher softly smiling at him, Lucas staring at both.

"Lucas is correct as well, Bruno. I'd advise you to dump this trash." Adam said, Lucas looking at the singer, Adam's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"I'm sorry for bringing him back into your life, Lucas." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You need not apologize, Adam. I always knew he'd cross my path again. And you're indeed on your own correct path now." Lucas said, the young man smiling at Adam and Usher, both softly smiling back.

Lucas' eyes went to Jake's blue.

"People find in themselves the love they need, Jake." Lucas said, the young drummer smirking.

"Love's bullshit, Luke. We find what we need. Ecstasy." Jake said, Bruno chuckling again.

"I'd advise you to leave, Jake. I can't stop you in regards to Bruno here, he'll have to see the real you. But I advise you to stay away from my friends."  Lucas said, Jake staring at him.

"Don't threaten me, Lucky." Jake said, Josh's eyes darkening at the man using that name.
"I'll threaten you, Addison! I'll break your neck if you touch any of us, Lucas especially!" Finn said, Lucas' arm going across his friend's chest, Skyler looking with concern and love at her man.

"Luke your bitch now, Finny? Or was he always that?" Jake smirked, Finn's eyes darkening, Lucas staring at his former boyfriend.

Justin walked out from behind Finn.

"Walk away, Addison. You can stay for Bruno's sake, but I'm not very charitable for long. Do anything and you're out on your ass with the help of my security." Justin said, the young man smiling at him.

"My, our Lucky has a whole harem of masters. Or are you and he both everyone's bitches, Timberlake? I hear you're a wonderful bottom." Jake winked, Bruno softly laughing, his brown eyes meeting Justin's blue.

Justin blushed, his eyes darkening as well, his blue eyes looking around, the group private.

"No worries, Timberlake. But you should try a real man who knows how to work that ass. I'm game anytime you are. Bruno says you have an amazing ass." Jake smiled, Bruno leering at Justin.

"I'm not into slugs or thugs, Addison. Now back off, both of you." Justin said, his eyes looking towards the two security guards who were still standing off from the group.

"Let's mingle, Bruno. There's too many submissive boys in this corner for my taste. I need a real man." Jake smiled, the young Hawaiian singer smiling at Lucas.

"Don't we all." he said, his eyes lusting at Lucas, the young man ignoring him, his violet pools on Jake.

"Keep your dog caged, Lucky. Next time it will be me who does the hurting, Finn." Jake said, his blue eyes glaring at Finn, the man blocked again by Harry and Justin.

"Next time I'll finish it for good!" Finn said, Lucas sighing, watching Jake and Bruno walk away.

Everyone's eyes met Finn's, the man brushing off his friends' holds, Lucas staring at him.

"Your temper--however protective it is--didn't help, Finny." Lucas said, Finn looking at his friend.

"I'm sorry, Luke. Every time I see that man I remember what he did to you. I still want to hurt him for that."

Lucas smiled at his friend, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I have a real Rottweiler, don't I? But don't mark your territory, okay? No one needs to see you lift your leg and pee."

Finn laughed, seeing his friends calm love shining.

Others joined the Welshman's light laughter, Finn smiling now.

Lucas smiled, his humour breaking the tense moment.

He moved, hugging his friend, Finn softly smiling back.

Josh and Justin walked up to Lucas, the young man staring at them.

"What's he doing here, Lucky?" Josh said, his eyes looking towards Jake and Bruno, the two now by the ice sculpture, Bruno talking with Nick and Drew.

"He's walking his own path, Josh. And that path may lead to only one end." Lucas said, everyone staring at him, the young man's face changing from a reflective, pensive look to a softly smiling face.

"Let's enjoy the party, everyone. Life goes on." he said, his violet pools meeting Adam's blue.

"Will you join us at our table, Adam and Usher?" he said, the two men showing surprise, looking at Justin and Lance.

"It's over here, guys." Justin said, Lance following him, Adam and Usher looking at Lucas, the young man smiling at both.

"New paths walked. The past can't hold a candle to the present." the young man said.

The two softly smiled, following Justin and Lance across the room.

Josh's blue pools met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him, everyone following the men to their table.

Lucas' eyes looked back for a moment at Jake and Bruno, the young man sighing.


The group sat together, laughing and enjoying the evening.

Adam and Usher relaxed more around them, Lucas drawing from the two their last month of soul searching.

Adam and Usher both looked at each other often, everyone seeing their obvious love for each other.

And they felt the moving realizations the two men had experienced since they'd left Josh's home that revealing day.

Lucas had done an amazing thing.

Two former dominant sex addicts had found their life's desires in a surprising hidden place.

Each other's heart.

And that total desire was true love.

Adam and Usher had both tried to thank Lucas, the young man diverting their talk away to others, the two seeing his giving, reluctant soul.

Justin and Lance had both watched the two, seeing their love indeed shining.

And both felt in their hearts a forgiving happiness for both.

For their love in ways mirrored their own.

Justin's eyes met Lucas', the man seeing the young man's giving love in the new couple seated across from him.

He felt his own soul filling with Lance's and his own forgiving love.
The four talked together, the past falling away against the love and old friendships.

Lucas had smiled, seeing the four beginning a greater friendship.

Not one of dominance and abuse but of understanding and respect.

Josh had smiled at Lucas, his thoughts the same.

The group had kept a close eye on Jake Addison, the young drummer seen several times, Jake staying away from all of them.

Josh had voiced his concern over the man's presence, Lucas seemingly calm and not concerned.

That calmed Josh's soul.

Finn, on the other hand, was always watching the man, Josh seeing his protective nature on full view.

And the anger hidden behind it.

Josh sensed Finn would always hold deep hatred in his heart for Jake.

And Lucas' once wounded soul was the reason behind it.

Josh smiled, sensing the deep brotherhood between the two young men.

Everyone relaxed a bit later when they saw Jake and Bruno Mars leaving just after eleven.

The party continued, the group enjoying themselves more openly, Lucas actually dancing with his friends and others.

Justin smiled, seeing the four bandmates' wide smiles all evening.

He saw the stars of Orion shining in the heavens of their joined love.

His eyes met Adam's, the man smiling at him.

Justin smiled back, Lance's hand in his under the table.

Usher's was in the same place in Adam's.


Lucas threw his keys into the bowl at the door, two arms wrapping around him.

His lips were met by two warm lips, Lucas sighing with pent up happiness.

"I've needed that for hours, babe." Lucas said, Josh breaking the kiss, their eyes meeting.

"My love is yours forever." Josh said, kissing Lucas' lips softly again.

"A tender moment of love. Not like the last fifteen minutes in the limo. My ass feels like a pin cushion. And I have the biggest hickey on my neck." Lucas smiled, Josh blushing, others chuckling, Lucas smiling at him.

"I was looking for a pail of water in the car. You man was on fire, Lukey!" Trish giggled, Skyler laughing.

"I'm surprised you still have clothes on, Luke." Colton smiled, Josh blushing more.

"It was a long evening. I needed my man." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

The two ladies were bubbling with laughter, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"Where's your man, Sky?" Lucas said, Trish smiling at him.

"He's with Harry and Alain. They were heading for Justin's. He said he'd be home after the after party." she said, Lucas laughing.

"Meaning he'll be crashing his drunken ass at Justin's. Think of the wide empty bed you'll have tonight."

Skyler laughed, Trish giggling again.

"Fart free and hairless." she laughed, everyone laughing.

Lucas laughed as they walked into the kitchen, Josh's arms still around him.

"Anyone want anything before bed?" Lucas asked, everyone saying no.

Colton had taken a bottle of water out of the fridge, sitting down on one of the bar stools by the kitchen island.

"I have all I need." Andrew smiled, his arms around Trish, Josh smiling at him.

"So do I. But I need mine bare." he said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing the inebriated happiness in Josh's loving eyes, his man's hand resting on his cloth-covered ass.

"You wish, Horndog! You'll be in dreamland the second you hit the sheets, my inebriated wino."

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing but smiling.

"I'm not that far gone, babe." he said, his lips kissing Lucas' again, everyone smiling at his flirtatious showing love.

Lucas tasted the alcohol on Josh's breath, and the love hidden underneath.

"Lucky me." Lucas smiled, as they broke their kiss.

"On that note of love, we're hitting the hay." Trish said, Andrew's arms still around her.

The young Scotsman showed a soft glassiness mixed with love in his eyes as well.

"I'm still wired." Colton smiled, the young man's face wide with happiness.

"We all want to see the pics in the morning, Colt. You were a regular paparazzi out there tonight." Lucas smiled, patting the teenager's shoulder, the young man beaming.

"Everyone was so nice! So open and friendly. You were right, Luke. They are genuinely nice people." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'm always right, Colt." he said, Josh pulling him closer.

"Right for the night. A sight to ignite. . .my heart." he said, Lucas chuckling.

"On that saucy verse from the poet, we should all hit the hay. I need to put my stallion into his bay."

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling.

"My own poet laureate. God, I love you!" he said, his voice etched with love.

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's total love.

"Back at ya, Black Beauty."

Everyone smiled, saying their goodnights, Lucas leading his man up to their bedroom.

Colton smiled, the young man following everyone.


An hour later Lucas walked out of the bathroom, his violet pools looking towards the bed in the room's moonlit glow.

Josh was laying in its center, his soft snoring the only sound in the room.

Lucas had been correct.

The man had fallen asleep before Lucas had even finished undressing him.

Lucas had covered him up with satin sheets once he'd stripped him down to his boxer briefs.

Lucas sighed, staring at the love of his life.

Josh's smooth taut chest was on full view, its beauty etched within Lucas' soul.

The young man had taken a shower after Josh had fallen asleep, the tiredness he'd felt earlier now gone.

He now wore a velour robe, his taut clean body hidden beneath its warmth.

Lucas sighed again, walking quietly over to the bed, sitting down on its edge beside his Josh.

He leaned over, kissing Josh softly on the lips.

The man stirred a little but didn't wake.

I love you, Josh.

And I need to be free.

Free from the past and the deeper hidden pain.

He has to understand that.

Before it goes too far and ends as I've envisioned.

For all of you--you especially, my love--I'll risk all.

The past has to end, one way or another.

I love you.

Lucas leaned down again, kissing Josh's lips again.

The man didn't move, a soft smile showing on his sleeping face.

Lucas stood up, the young man staring down at his handsome face.

He quietly walked out of the bedroom.

He stopped in the hall, hearing no sound from the surrounding rooms.

In soft silence he walked downstairs, the young man alone in the darkness.

He saw a soft light under the kitchen door, the young man smiling, walking towards it.


Jake Addison lay on his back, feeling the hardness sunken deep into his ass, the young man groaning with pleasure.

He felt another wetness in his own center, that enlarged organ sunk into a wet mouth.

"Fuck yeah, Bruno! Eat that meat, you sausage lover!"

Bruno sucked on Jake's long cock, his fingers pinching Jake's hard nipples.

Jake moaned, the young man lost in ecstasy, feeling the increasing rhythm of the man above him taking him.

"Oh yeah, Drew! Pound me deep!" Jake moaned, Drew Lachey's hard shaft buried in the young man's tight ass.

"You're such a slut, Addison! This is the second time tonight!" Drew said, feeling his orgasm building again.

"You love it, Lachey. My ass is damn fine! Better than your wife's pussy I bet?" Jake said, Drew thrusting harder, trying to wipe his wife's image out of his mind.

Bruno's mouth came off Jake's hard cock, the young singer moving upwards on the bed, his own hardness inches from Jake's mouth.

The young singer was now on his knees in front of the young man, Jake licking his lips.

"His ass and cock are fine, but so is his mouth, Drew." Bruno said, guiding Jake's head forward, Jake deep-throating the Hawaiian singer.

Bruno moaned, looking down into Jake's blue eyes staring up at him.

"For a cocky top man you make a fucking amazing bottom, Jake. And you were calling Timberlake a slut?"

Drew's eyes met Bruno's brown.

"You've both been with Timberlake?" he said, Bruno smirking.

"No such luck, Drew. I think Lucas Carver's his new master."

"That young singer he's parading around town? He's got a hot looking ass!" Drew said, thrusting into Jake deeper, the young man gasping.

"JC Chasez owns that ass." Jake smirked, releasing Bruno's cut cock, licking down to his balls.

"Josh? Another fine ass. Damn, is everyone making the rounds?" Drew smirked, Bruno leaning forward, he and Drew French kissing.

"We can't all have a pretty wife at home, living the double standard." he smiled, Drew blushing.

"I like both sexes, Bruno. Right now this hot ass is my desire." Drew said, thrusting deep into Jake, the young drummer looking up into Drew's blue eyes, Drew staring at him with heated lust.

"You had fun with Chasez?"
"A couple of years ago, yeah. He's an amazing top. Carver's more than happy, I bet." Drew said, still thrusting into Jake.

Bruno grinned, looking down at Jake.

"Half of Hollywood and most of the music business is gay or bi, Jake. Your hot tight ass can have so much fun here. We'll introduce you to all our friends." Bruno said, Jake gasping as he felt the condom in his tight ass fill with liquid heat, Drew gasping above him, the young drummer feeling the man's body sink down on top of him.

"Fuck ya, Lachey! Fill me!" Jake moaned, the young man feeling Drew's hard cock suddenly leave his ass.

Jake sighed, then felt a larger hardness fill him, his eyes widening.

Bruno smiled above him, sinking deep into him, Jake moaning.

"I love a giving ass." Bruno said, his rhythm increasing.

Drew smiled, the actor moving around in front of Jake, Jake watching him pull off the semen filled condom from his still hard eight-inch organ.

"Clean me up, slut." Drew said, Jake beginning to tongue the wet shaft, tasting Drew's wet seed.

Jake had returned to his condo with Bruno, Drew following them from the party, at Bruno's request.

Haven had set him up at the lavish condo, the young man fully into his dominant possession.

Bruno had been surprised by the expensive condo, the young singer sensing that the young man was wealthy the first time they'd played here.

Tonight Bruno had sensed his meeting with Lucas had fuelled the young man's desires, his own self not enough for Jake tonight.

And Bruno always loved group fun.

Jake moaned, lost in the lust surrounding him.

"The boy's on fire." Drew smiled, Bruno kissing him as he leaned over Jake's sweating body.

"That's why your brother's on his way over. This slut can go all night." Bruno grinned, Drew laughing.

"Nice! I love Nick's cock." Drew smiled, his hardness beginning to lengthen again, Jake feeling it in his mouth.

He looked up into Drew's blue eyes, the man smiling down at him.

"Who do you think deflowered me when I was sixteen? He's the best. My brother's packing even more than Bruno here." Drew laughed, staring at the Hawaiian's smooth toned body, watching Bruno's large shaft slide in and out of Jake's tight ass.

Jake smiled, the night of hotness ahead filling his mind with need.

You're right, Bruno.

I'm going to love all of it and use all of you.

Then I'm going to do what I should have done a long time ago.

And Haven's going to pay me well for doing it.

And Finn's going to pay for all he's done.

Starting with his ass.

That greater satisfaction will be my own.

The young man smiled, then felt Bruno pull out of him.

Jake felt another weight on the bed, the young man staring up into two new blue pools.

"About time, Nick. He's well past primed." Drew smiled, Nick Lachey's famous smile looking down at the young drummer, then at his brother.

"Sorry, bro. Ryan was all consuming in the car." Nick smiled, another body moving onto the bed, Ryan Reynolds' lips meeting Drew's, the two kissing above Jake.

"Prepare for the best night of your life, slut." Nick said, Jake gasping as he felt a large hardness sink into him.

Above him Ryan and Drew were kissing, Jake staring at the actor's toned body, his large nine-inch cock brushing Jake's cheek.

Jake saw a mouth enclose around that large phallus, Bruno devouring it, Ryan gasping.

Jake's lips suddenly were met by Nick's, the man ball deep into the drummer.

Jake felt Drew move, the singer's lips finding Jake's hard organ, the young man in the middle of an orgy.

Jake smiled inwardly, his desires growing, his mind filled with happiness.

Claim my ass, Lachey.

All of you can.

Then I'm going to win big.

Jake smiled, feeling the singer pound his ass.


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, two blue pools meeting his.

"I couldn't sleep, Luke." Colton said, the young teenager seated at the kitchen island again, a carton of milk and a bag of cookies open in front of him, a glass of milk beside him.

"Chocolate Chip, my favourite." Lucas smiled, taking a cookie out of the bag, Colton smiling at him as he bit into it.

Lucas sat down on a stool beside him, the young man pouring him a glass of milk from the carton, Lucas smiling and taking it.

"To friendship and love." Lucas smiled, the two clinking their glasses together, drinking the milk with smiles.

"I still can't fathom the night I've had, Luke. All those stars! I've never imagined I'd be around them!" Colton said, Lucas smiling and patting his bare knee.

The young man wore a black t-shirt and a pair of red flannel shorts.

"Life gives us surprising paths, Colt. Some surprising in their newness and unbelievable wildness. I was the same the first night I stood on stage." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"I have you to thank for this new life, Luke. This life of surprises."

"You have my friendship and love, Colt. You're a part of my life now. All this is my life." Lucas smiled, looking around the kitchen.

"You have an amazing life, Luke. Your music, your friends, and Josh's total love. And Justin's and Lance's love as well."

Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at him.

"I knew you'd zone in on that." Lucas said, Colton grinning.

"Justin's got it bad. He practically glows around you two. Just as brightly as he glows in Lance's arms."

Lucas laughed, the young man smiling more.

"We love each other, Colt. The four of us have created a special bond. A quartet of love so to speak."

Colton nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"I understand, Luke. You do know that Justin wants more, right?"

Lucas laughed, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"You're amazing, my young friend. Your magic and your love meld together as greatly as my own."

Colton beamed, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"My soul feels the love. Justin's beyond happy."

Lucas smiled, knowing the truth in Colton's observations.

"He is, Colt. He has your friendship now as well." Lucas said, Colton beaming.

"I. . .I envy you four, Lucas. You have such a deep love." the young man said, Lucas' hand squeezing his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Will. . .will I ever have that deep a love, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, his smile one of deep friendship and love.

"Yes you will, Colt. It will be singular in its intense beauty and in its deepness."

The young man smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Seeing the future now, Luke? Your magic must be so great!"

The man smiled, patting Colton's shoulder, grabbing another cookie out of the bag in front of them.

"I do have visions, Colt. Of the past, the present and yes, the future. Trust in me to guide all of them to their realities." he said, popping the cookie into his mouth.

"What happened tonight, Luke?"
The young man's violet pools met Colton's blue.

"Tonight, Colt?"
"Yes, Luke. I felt a presence, like a shadow walking around us at the party. And I felt your magic increase. It was as if you were strengthening yourself against something hidden."

The young man stared at Colton, Lucas sighing.

"I forget that there's another of magic surrounding me. I didn't want to worry you, Colt. I'm sorry you felt it."

"What was it?" he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"I sensed the magic of life and fate, Colt. Staring at someone tonight I saw a vision of the future."
"And I felt your magic heighten, Luke. Is that vision bad?"

The young man sighed again, a soft smile crossing his face.

"It's only as bad as someone destines it to be, Colton. I've resolved myself to the task of changing it. It's up to someone else on how or if that vision will change."
The teenager's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, Lucas staring into his blue eyes.

"I'm here in any way you need, Luke. My magic and my friendship."

"What of your love?"

Colton smiled, the young man hugging Lucas, enveloping him in a warm hug.

The two parted, looking into each other's eyes, Lucas smiling at the younger man.

"Grab your glass, Colt. Let's snuggle on the couch in the living room. And there you can open your heart to your other thoughts."

The young man softly nodded, the two picking up their glasses, Colton closing the bag of cookies, not before pulling out a couple more.

He returned the bag to the cupboard, Lucas smiling at him, the two walking into the living room.

Lucas sat down on one of the brown leather couches, Colton joining him, the young man's head going against Lucas' chest immediately, snuggling against him, Lucas' arms wrapping around him.

"My dad always hugged me close, Luke."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Mine too. I think it's a father thing. I still love when he does that."
Colton nodded, his head still against his friend's chest.

"I'm always here for you, Colt. Just for this comfort, or just to talk."

The young man teared up, sinking more into Lucas' chest, the man holding him close.

"I miss them all so much, Luke. Even here in all this happiness I still think about them."
"Of course you do, Colt. They're your family, they always will be. They'll always be in your mind and your heart." Lucas said, Colton feeling his giving love.

"I loved them all so much. They were my life. Now I feel as if another life is beginning for me. I don't want to forget them."
"They're always in your heart, all three of them. Plus your grandmother. They're all watching over you. And you'll never forget their love or their faces. Can I tell you something?"
The young man nodded, raising his head, Lucas' fingers going to his wet cheeks, wiping a couple of tears from the young man's smooth handsome face.

"The day of your grandmother's funeral they were both there. Your sister and your grandmother."

Colton looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"When we were left alone at her gravesite, I saw your grandmother and Rosa Sharon standing a few feet away from us."
"They. . .they were both there?"

"Yes, Colt. Rosa Sharon, I believe, was there to guide your grandmother on to her next path. The path into her daughter's and son-in-law's love forever. I saw Sarah walk onto the invisible path to God's love. Rosa Sharon smiling after her, she remaining."

"Rosy. . .she loved Grandma so much."
"Yes, she does. As she loves you. I think you're a part of why she still remains here, Colt. She's staying here for you. And yes, perhaps for me."

Colton smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Thanks for telling me, Luke It's nice to know that Grandma was guided by my sister's love into heaven. And that she's now with my parents. And that she's still here with me."

"Her eternal love is as wonderful as your living love, Colt. You're still here. You've a life of love and happiness ahead of you. I've reasoned out that I'm going to be a big part of that happiness. And that makes me happy. For I'll enjoy seeing you happy. And Rosa Sharon will be with you as well."

The young man smiled, returning to Lucas' embrace, Lucas hugging him close with a smile.

"I want you here as well, Luke. I. . .I love you."

Lucas smiled, Colton raising his head again, kissing Lucas on the lips, the two smiling when they broke the tender kiss of friendship and love, the young man returning his head to Lucas' chest.

Lucas smiled, his fingers brushing through Colton's long wavy blond hair.

"I love you too, Colt."

The young man smiled, feeling Lucas' warmth around him.

"Can I call you Dad?"
Lucas laughed, Colton lightly laughing, Lucas' hand slapping the young man's flannel-covered ass.

"I'm only a few years older than you, squirt!"

Colton smiled, his fingers rubbing against the red stone on Lucas' chest.

His blue eyes softly glowed, the young man sighing.

"You have a fatherly love in you, Luke. You're mature beyond your years."
Lucas smiled, staring out into the darkness of the surrounding living room.

"In ways, yes Colt. But age belies a truer truth. And a greater magic and love." Lucas softly said, Colton smiling and snuggling against him more, softly yawning.

"Don't get too comfortable there, squirt. You're too big to carry to bed."
Colton laughed, lightly slapping Lucas's chest, the young man stirring.

Lucas smiled as the young man rose upwards off the couch, standing up, extending a hand down to Lucas.

The man smiled, standing up as well, his arm going around Colton again.

"Will you. . .will you snuggle with me in bed till I fall asleep, Luke? Your love calms my soul."

Lucas smiled, nodding in the darkness.

"Yes of course, Colt. I'm here for you always."

The young man smiled.

"Awesome, Daddy!"

Lucas chuckled, his hand finding the boy's ass again, Colton laughing.
The two smiled, Lucas guiding the young man upstairs to his room.


The Next Morning


Josh's blue eyes slowly opened, the man feeling his body wrapped in a warm embrace.

He felt warm breath on his neck, the man softly smiling, moving slowly, the body against him tightening its grip on him.

"I have to pee, babe." Josh softly said, a set of soft lips kissing his neck, a warm tongue licking his earlobe.

"Hurry back, my stallion. I want a ride before breakfast."

Josh smiled, the arms around him releasing their hold, Josh rising from his lover's embrace.

He smiled as he turned around, staring into two beautiful violet pools, Lucas laying back against the pillows, his naked chest on full display.

Josh's blue eyes widened in surprise.

"Babe, are you okay?" he said, his eyes focusing with concern, staring at Lucas' left eye, then his neck.

"I'm fine, babe. Just had a little fall." Lucas said, Josh moving forwards, his hand going to Lucas' face.

A soft bruise was showing under his left eye, a reddish scratch showing on his neck by his shoulder blade.

"What's happened, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' hand raising rubbing his cheek.

"I need to learn to turn on some lights."
Josh looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

"I tripped on the top step of the staircase, babe. I took a little tumble down them."

"Are you alright, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling and staring into his blue eyes.

"You tell me, babe." Lucas said, Josh's eyes scanning his smooth chest, Lucas moving his legs under the sheets.

"You seem alright. Just as loving as usual. Are you sure you're okay?"
Lucas smiled, his face showing his love.

"I'm fine, Beamy. Nothing broken but my blushing stupidity. Hit the bathroom, babe. You must be about ready to burst."
Josh smiled, leaning back.

"I'm here waiting, beautiful."

Josh's blue pools glanced over every smooth inch of Lucas' chiselled abs.

The man smiled widely, rising from the bed, his boxer briefs tented in front.

Lucas began to rise up, Josh seeing his lips going for his, Josh gently pushing the young man back onto his back.

"I need relief and I need to brush, babe. A night of bad alcohol breath. I want you to kiss an angel not a gutter wino."

Lucas laughed, blowing his man a kiss, Josh smiling and winking at him.

Lucas' eyes scanned over Josh's smooth chest, his two small nipples hard and erect, his abs ridged with beauty.

The man crossed the room, Lucas' violet pools following his brief-clad ass, two mounds of beauty moving with graceful enticement.
Lucas sighed, leaning back against the pillows.

He glanced out the window, seeing the rays of morning sunshine filtering in through the blinds.

He glanced at the clock on the nightstand, reading seven-thirty.

He sighed again, his mind filled with troubled thoughts.

His eyes returned to the bathroom door, Josh's near naked beauty walking out of it.

Lucas saw the mound in his center had deflated, the package still large but well-rounded.

Josh smiled, rushing across the room, diving into the bed, landing beside Lucas, their lips meeting quickly.

The two became lost in the intensity of the love filling them, Josh parting from his soulmate's lips.

"I love you, Lucky."
"I love you, Beamy. And your breath is tangerine fresh. Will you marry me?"

"Fuck yeah, sexy!"

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling, his hands going across the young man's chiselled chest, feeling its warmth and smoothness.

Josh's eyes went to the red scratch on Lucas' neck, the young man smiling at him.

"That looks red, babe. You should put some disinfectant on it."

"I'll let you, babe. I know how you love to rub my body."

Josh smiled, his eyes scanning Lucas' taut, muscled chest.

"There's more to me than my chest, babe." Lucas said, Josh smiling, one hand going under the sheets, Josh smiling when he felt his lover's nakedness.

"In the buff, just how I love you." he said, Lucas smiling, the young man moving, flipping Josh over in one burst of strength, the young man now on top of him.

Josh felt Lucas' hands move with a flash of speed, both removing Josh's boxer briefs in one quick move.

Josh felt Lucas' naked flesh press against his, their lips meeting again.

Josh felt a rod of heated love pressing against his own rapidly rising center.

"Babe, you're on fire!" Josh said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"I'm wrapped in your warmth, my love. That always starts my own flame."

Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Sure it wasn't that tasty young morsel you put to bed last night?"

Lucas stared at Josh with surprise, the man smiling.

"I know you guided Colton to bed with your love, and I know you held him while he fell asleep."

Lucas looked surprised, Josh kissing his lips softly.

"I awoke right after you left the room, babe. I went in search of you. I didn't intrude on your time with him. I sensed he just wanted to talk to you. And I heard everything you said to him."

"You sneaky burglar." Lucas softly smiled, Josh smiling back, Lucas sinking into his warmth, the two snuggling together.

"I rushed back upstairs when I heard you both end your conversation. Then I saw you walk him into his room. I fell asleep before you returned to me."

Lucas stared at Josh, the man smiling at him.
"He fell asleep pretty fast. I tucked him in and then silently returned here to my sleeping stallion."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas on the lips.

"So when did you fall down the stairs?" Josh said, Lucas staring at him.

"After I put Colt to bed I remembered he'd left the milk out."
Josh nodded, kissing his man's lips again.

"You'd make a great father, Lucas. I see why he called you Dad. It fits you more than me."

Lucas smiled, his head going against Josh's smooth chest, Josh hugging him close.

"Is that strange, Josh? That I feel like I want to be a father to him? That I want to guide him forward in life? To be there for him as a father figure, or maybe a big brother?"
Josh smiled, kissing his man's forehead.

"No, Lucas. You have a giving heart. You want him to have the life you had. A loving, giving father. And neither of you had a brother to love. So I think the two of you are searching in each other for something special. And I see it right in front of me. You both love each other."

Lucas smiled, raising his head, their lips meeting again.

"Thanks, babe. You really understand me."
"I love you, Lucas. What's not to understand?"

Lucas smiled, his finger rubbing Josh's left nipple, Josh softly moaning.

"I've always been attracted to younger men, Lucas. I guess I'll have to get used to worshipping an old Dad."

Lucas laughed, Josh laughing as well, Lucas smiling and kissing his left nipple.

"Want me to go get Colt, Josh? You want to give him the experience of your love?" Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"No, Lucas. My love's trapped in another's heart. And right now I want my heart's master to love me."

Lucas smiled, the young man moving more on top of Josh, Josh feeling his left hand wrap around his semi hard shaft.

Josh moaned, feeling that center rising, Lucas staring into his blue eyes.

"I love you, Josh. You're mine forever."
Josh smiled, their lips meeting again, Josh opening his mouth, Lucas' tongue invading it, the two deeply French kissing, Josh lost in Lucas' rising passion.

The young man broke their heated kiss, Josh feeling his man's body move, their eyes meeting again.

"I need to taste you, Joshua. And then I need to own your love."
"I am yours, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, the young man moving downward, his arms raising Josh's legs, Josh feeling his body contort, Lucas' face moving downward.

Josh gasped as he felt the tongue he'd just tasted dive into his center.

Lucas tasted Josh's center, licking around its pink hole, that tongue darting into it.

Josh became lost in Lucas' rimming technique, each tongue thrust sending a shock through the man's body.

Josh then felt Lucas' mouth on his balls, the young man sucking on both together, his hand stroking Josh's fully hard shaft.

Lucas' mouth then engulfed that shaft to its root, Josh gasping.

Josh felt the wave of euphoria wash over him, the man feeling two fingers slip into his center as Lucas' deep throated him.

"Oh God, Lucky!" Josh gasped, the man feeling the fingers do their work, Lucas continuing to suck Josh.

Lucas was lost in the taste of his man, a strong aroma of masculine beauty.

His soul needed something more, a greater possession.

Lucas' fingers slipped out of Josh, the young man's mouth coming off Josh's hardness, the young man moving upwards, his lips meeting with Josh's.

Josh felt the need and love in that kiss, tasting his own scent on his lover's lips, Josh feeling a large heated hardness against his center.

They broke the kiss, Lucas' eyes staring into his blue, Josh lost in the love in those pools.

"Own. . .own me Lucky! Please. . .I need you so much!"

Lucas moved forward, his center finding its opening warmth, the man's hardness sinking deep into Josh.

Josh gasped, his arms tightening around the young man against him, Josh feeling the young man raise upwards, Lucas now on his knees, Josh in his lap, the young man's arms around him.

Josh felt the head buried in him, Lucas' hands on his ass cheeks, the young man's strength pushing Josh upwards, the man's ass sinking back down on the shaft buried in him.

Lucas' strength took over, the man raised and lowered in a continuing rhythm of love, Lucas' mouth alternating between Josh's lips, his earlobe and his nipples, the man lost in Lucas' total possession of him.

The man trembled in his arms, Lucas feeling his total submission, his love giving in to the greater need of its soul.

The two made love, Lucas owning Josh's body, tasting all of it as he claimed his soul.

Josh gasped as he felt his own orgasm rushing through him, the man feeling a greater orgasm fill him, Lucas moving backwards, Josh falling on top of him, the man's ass feeling the deep warmth flood it, his own warm essence flowing all over Lucas' chest.

The two kissed and gasped, their bodies wet with sweat, Lucas' arms wrapped around Josh, his center still embedded in his man's center.

Josh moaned, feeling that hardness still rock hard, no deflation coming.

"Babe that was. . .you are. . ." he softly said, two lips kissing his cheek, a finger wiping a tear that slid down Josh's cheek.

"That was love, Joshua. Our joined love. And my soul burns for it. I need you, Joshua. I need your love to quench the fire of my need." Lucas said, Josh raising his head, seeing the tears in Lucas' beautiful violet eyes.

"My love and body are yours, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

The man moved upwards, lifting Josh with him, Josh surprised by the young man's strength, Josh feeling the man's hardness slip out of him, Josh still in Lucas' strong arms.

Lucas rose from the bed, Josh in his arms, the man's legs wrapped around Lucas' waist.

"Put me down, babe!" Josh smiled, Lucas' hands on both of Josh's butt cheeks.

"I need you wet, Beamy. And then I'm going to possess you again. I need all of your love." Lucas said, the young man carrying his Josh towards the bathroom.

Josh felt the young man's hardness against his ass again.

"Babe, you're on fire!"

"I'm with you, Josh. I'm in love." Lucas smiled, the young man walking into the bathroom, Josh carried forward on Lucas' path of love.


Hours Earlier


Jake stretched, the man downing the glass of vodka, wiping his lips.

He was clothed in a cotton robe, his body stretching out the kinks of exhaustion from his tired limbs.

His new friends had been possessive, his ass feeling their heated need.

He smiled, remembering every moment of their possessions.

Nick Lachey was a tiger in the sack.

He'd taken Jake twice, the man's possession total.

And he'd taken the other three as well, his appetite ferocious.

Drew had seemed beyond happy at his brother including him in his conquests.

Bruno and Jake had both been in the middle of a Lachey sandwich, the two brothers switching off on both ends of them, their asses and mouths filled with hard Lachey cocks.

Ryan had been demanding as well, Jake feeling the man's slapping hands often, the man a dominant top.

Bruno had enjoyed it all as well, he the last to leave Jake's condo.

Jake sighed, staring out at the pool on the other side of the glass patio doors in his living room.

The man heard someone knocking on his condo's front door, his blue eyes glancing at the clock on the wall, reading ten minutes to three.

The man sighed, smiling to himself.

He walked across the living room, going to the door and opening it.

"Who's back for more?" he smiled, opening the door, staring into a handsome face.

"What are you doing here? It's the middle of the night?" he said, staring at the person standing at his front door.

"We need to talk." the man said, Jake scanning his clothed muscular body.

"Sure it's not something more you're looking for?"

The man stared at Jake, the drummer smiling.

"Like old times, friend."
"I'm not your friend." the man said, Jake smiling, letting the man walk past him, Jake shutting the door behind him.

"You come across as arrogant and full of yourself. Show your bulldoggish masculinity to your friends. But I know what you like." Jake said, two determined eyes meeting his.

"I want you gone, Addison."

Jake smiled, staring at the young man in front of him.

"Fat chance of that. I've found a real nest egg here."
"You mean your celebrity masters? I saw them all leave. You must be more of a slut than I thought." the man said, Jake smiling at him.

"You know the falseness of that, stud."
The man's face blushed with soft anger, Jake staring at him, seeing his fists balling.

"Calm down, Delaney. You touch me and I'll tell Lucas and your bride-to-be everything. I still have my prize hidden."

Finn's face showed a soft concern, Jake smiling at him.

"What's it going to take for you to get out of here, Jake? Out of Lucas' and my life?" Finn said, Jake smiling at him.

"It's going to take more than you have to offer, Finny. I've already had you." Jake smiled, Finn's eyes darkening with sudden anger.

"I offer you only this then." Finn said, his now balled fist flying, hitting Jake in the face, the man falling backwards.

Finn moved towards him again, Jake on his feet in a rush, his own fists balling.

"Time to settle this score, Delaney! Your ass is mine again!" the young man said, lunging at Finn, the two falling backwards, their fists flying.


And hour later a man stood in the open patio doorway of Jake's condo, staring out into the moonlit backyard, the pool its central feature.

His eyes glanced back into the living room, seeing the shambles and the destruction around the room.

His eyes turned back to the backyard, staring at a large object floating in the pool's center.

The man quietly walked across the stone patio, stopping at the pool's edge, small lights along its edge showing the image floating in the pool's center.

Lucas stared at his former boyfriend's floating body, the young man obviously dead, blood seeping out of a large wound on the back of his half-submerged head.

Lucas' violet eyes closed, the young man centering his soul.

I'm sorry, Jake.

Sorry for what your greed led you to.

And what have you done, Finny?

Lucas' violet pools opened, the young man turning at a sudden sound.

Something hit him in the face and the shoulder, the young man falling backwards, hitting the water, submerging and sinking to the bottom of the pool.

Lucas regained his bearings, then struggled to the surface.

His lungs gasped for air when he found the surface, his violet pools staring around the backyard, Lucas alone.

The young man thought he heard the slamming of a door, Lucas swimming to the pool's edge, climbing back out.

He struggled to his feet, his clothes dripping water everywhere.

His eyes moved, staring down at a long object laying on the patio's edge.

He leaned down, picking up a wooden baseball bat, seeing one end of it darkened red with blood.

His hand went to his face and shoulder, the young man feeling no bleeding; a scratch he felt on his neck, but no blood.

His violet eyes went to the pool, seeing Jake's motionless, floating, bloodied body, the young man dropping the bat, the bat rolling, stopping at the pool's edge, then dropping into the water, floating on its surface.

Lucas moved quickly, leaving a wet trail through the living room, the young man disappearing out of the condo.

The condo was silent, the only sound the soft lapping of the water in the pool as Jake's body floated alone in death.



End of Chapter 102


And so Jake Addison has met perhaps his reward.

Someone's ended the unfortunate cad's life.


Was it Finn in his anger and love for Lucas?
What was Jake talking to Finn about?

Did Finn and Jake have a previous relationship unknown to Lucas?

Is Finn keeping his own secrets in regards to Lucas' former boyfriend?


Who attacked Lucas with a baseball bat?

And why did Lucas lie to Josh about where he'd received the black eye and scratch, now evident in last night's ending drama?


The day dawns with revealing love, and deadly truth.

Let's watch the drama unfold, and the mysteries right themselves.


I've got some devilish ideas brewing.

Read on, my friends.


Hugs, Angel.