Yesterday's End-104

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 104


Josh placed the phone back on its cradle, Justin's arm going around him.

"What did Uncle Gideon say, Josh?" Colton said, Josh staring at the young man, everyone seated around the living room.

Josh moved, sitting down beside Colton on a couch, his arm going around him, Justin returning to Lance's side across from them.

"He's at the precinct, Colt. He's meeting with Lucas. They've just finished processing him." Josh said, his blue eyes looking at Trish, Andrew's arm around her.

"A blessing in disguise, Colton. Your uncle being a criminal lawyer, I mean." Chris said, he and Piney seated in an overstuffed chair, Piney on its arm, his arm around his lover.

"I still can't believe this!" Finn said, the young man leaning against the fireplace, Skyler's arms around him.

Harry and Alain had followed the policemen and detectives to the precinct, Lucas only allowing them to go.

He didn't want his famous friends involved in this or the surrounding paparazzi outside following them.

"None of us can believe it, Finny. Lucas isn't a murderer!" Skyler said, Finn's arm going around her.

"I thought. . .I thought they were coming for me." he softly said, his blue eyes lowering.

"We would never believe that either, Finny. And I'll never doubt my Lucas' innocence." Josh said, Colton looking at him, the man's arm still around him.

"Lucas is hurting, Josh. I feel it in his soul." he softly said, Trish moving, sitting down on the young man's other side, Colton looking at her.

"You. . .you feel his soul?" she said, everyone staring at the young man with soft surprise.

The young man's eyes looked around, his cheeks softly blushing, Josh pulling him close.

"Colton's soul is magically connected to Lucas', everyone. You all know that Colton has some magic. The two have created a deep bond with each other." Josh said, Colton smiling at him.

"Our love is its center." he smiled, Justin smiling at him, the young man's eyes lowering again.

"He's hurting, Colt?" Josh said, worry showing on his face.

Colton raised his eyes again, staring at Josh.

"Lucas knew, Josh. He knew that they'd come for him." Colton said, everyone looking surprised.

"How. . .how could he have known, Colt? His magic?" Lance said, the young man looking at him, nodding his head.

"Yes, Lance. He told all of us that he'd had a vision of Jake's death. I think he saw a greater truth in that vision."
"You mean he saw his own arrest for Jake's murder?" Justin said, staring at the young man with awe.

"I don't know the truth of that, Justin. Only Lucas knows that. It's just I felt something in him this morning. Worry. Not a worry of danger but a worry of protective love. I think he was worried that you might be still in danger, Finn."
Finn stared at the young man with shock.

"You mean Luke thought that I'd be arrested?"
"Perhaps, Finn. I don't really know. All I know is that Lucas' magic has been flowing since last night. I felt it the moment we walked into the party last night. I sense he knew Jake would show himself there last night."

Josh now remembered Lucas's calmness when Jake had appeared.

"Lucas saw his vision coming to fruition. I think that's why he left here last night. I think he's changed the vision in some way."
"Changed it, Colt?" Josh said, Colton seeing the worry in the handsome man's face.

"I think so, Josh. I just can't understand or sense what he's changed." the young man said, his eyes looking around at everyone.

"What's going to happen, Josh?" Trish said, Colton's arm going around Lucas' sister.

"Lucas is going to be okay, Trish. He has to be! I've just found him! I'm not going to lose him as well!" the young man said, Josh looking at the young man's handsome face, seeing the determination and love in his blue eyes.

The love he now had for Lucas.

"Lucas promised he'd always be here for me! I'm going to hold him to that promise!" the young man said, everyone seeing the soft tears in his blue eyes, Josh's arm going around him again.

"We all are, Colt. Lucas has promised all of us his love. It's always going to be here for us." Josh said, Colt softly smiling.

"Uncle Gideon's a great lawyer, Josh. He'll help Lucas. He loves him too!"

Josh smiled, his thoughts on his man.

Lucas had remained calm when they'd handcuffed him, the young man's violet pools meeting Josh's, then everyone else's.

"It's alright, everyone. I'll be okay." he'd softly said, Detective Cameron looking at Justin.

"You need to get him a good lawyer, Mr. Timberlake. We're booking him on the charge of murder." the older man said, Detective Harris beaming with pride, the younger man staring at Justin, Justin ignoring him.

"We'll have a lawyer down there immediately, Detective. Call Gideon, Lance." Justin said, Colton looking at him, Justin's arm going around the young man.

Lance had walked into the house, searching for Lucas' phone address book.

"Make it a good one. We've got lots of evidence." Harris said, Cameron staring at the young man, the detective lowering his eyes at his partner's steady gaze.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. You are under arrest." Detective Cameron said, Justin looking at his friend.

"Must you handcuff him? You saw the media mob out there!" Justin said, the older man looking at him, Detective Harris' hand going to Lucas' arm, gripping it.

"The law doesn't care about fame, Mr. Timberlake. He's a criminal like any other." the young man said, Justin's blue eyes glaring at him.

"He's innocent till proven guilty, Harris." he said, the young man blushing, lowering his eyes from Justin's focused glaze.

"Come on, Carver. We're leaving." the young man said, his bravado showing again, pulling Lucas towards the patio doors, Harry looking at Josh.

"Alain and I will follow them. He won't be alone." Harry said, Josh looking at Lucas' cousin, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I'll be okay, everyone." he said as he was led towards the patio doors, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

Lucas' soul shone in those violet pools, that love calming Josh a little, but the man saw a deeper worry shining there as well.

"We'll get you out as soon as we can, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding, the young detective moving Lucas forward again, Detective Cameron and the two officers following them into the house, Harry and Alain behind them.


Here now it was a couple of hours later everyone awaiting Gideon's, Harry's and Alain's return to Josh's home.

Gideon had met Harry and Alain at the police headquarters, the lawyer then meeting privately with Lucas after his booking in a private meeting room, a police officer bringing him into the room.

The young man was wearing an orange jumper, his jewellery and clothing gone.

"How are you, Luke? I can't believe these charges!" Gideon said, the two hugging once the police officer had stepped back against the door.

"I'm alright, Gideon. Shaken but alright." the young man said, the two breaking their embrace, Gideon looking towards the policeman.

"Let's sit down, Luke." he said, guiding Lucas to a small table with two chairs in the middle of the room.

The two sat down, Lucas facing Gideon, his back to the policeman.

"Lance called me from the house, Luke. He briefly explained all this to me, as did Alain and Harry outside. Now I want to hear everything from you. Please walk through all of it for me." Gideon said, Lucas staring at him.

Gideon opened the briefcase that he'd brought in with him, placing a small micro recorder on the table, along with a notepad.

"Alright, Gideon." Lucas said, the young man beginning to speak, relaying all the events of last night and that morning.

Gideon made notes, listening to all Lucas said, the two exchanging glances between each other.

Lucas talked for about half an hour, Gideon staring with silent shock at all that had unfolded.

"So Jake was alive after Finn left but you found him dead about an hour later?"
Lucas nodded, sighing.

"I should have stayed away. But for Finn's sake I had to make sure he was okay." Lucas said, Gideon's hand going across the table, patting Lucas'.

"He's your best friend, Luke. We've all seen his love for you and yours for him. You would have done the same thing for a brother. And you'll always do more."

Lucas softly smiled, looking at Gideon.

"Can I get out of here tonight, Gideon? I know Josh and Colton are both deeply worried about myself." Lucas said, Gideon staring into the young man's violet pools.

"I think you should be worried about yourself as well, Lucas. This is a serious matter. A murder charge backed by unknown evidence, Luke. I don't know what they have on you but it must be something incriminating." Gideon said, the young man's eyes meeting his.

"I know how serious this is, Gideon. I knew the moment I saw Jake floating in that pool."
"What's going on here, Lucas? I sense you're not telling me something. If you want me to be your lawyer I have to know everything."

"I have you first as a friend, Gideon. And I totally trust your expertise as a lawyer."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm both, Lucas. I'm going to help you in any way I can. As your friend and as your lawyer. I've already informed my partners of that."
Lucas nodded, staring at Colton's uncle.

"I won't keep anything from you, Gideon. You'll know all that I know, as it's needed." Lucas said, Gideon staring at him.

"This is going to turn into a media circus, Lucas. You need to be prepared for that."

"I am, Gideon." Lucas said, the young man remembering the surrounding paparazzi outside Josh's home, Lucas in the open in a police cruiser, his handcuffed hands now captured in photographs.
"But first and foremost I don't want my friends and family involved in this. Josh and Justin don't need to be in the middle of this."
"They already are, Lucas. In their association with you and with Finn they're already connected. And you know both will stand with you through all of this."
Lucas sighed, nodding his head.

"That will make this an even bigger fiasco. The reporters are already circling."

Lucas lowered his head, Gideon patting his hand again.

"Chin up, my friend. First off we have to get you out of here. A bail hearing is set for tomorrow morning before a judge. Unfortunately you will have to stay in here tonight, Lucas. I'm hoping with your unblemished police record and celebrity status that you'll be granted bail." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"I'm innocent, Gideon. Of that you have to believe me."

Gideon smiled, patting Lucas' hand again.

"I fully believe that, Luke."

Lucas smiled softly, staring at the young lawyer.

"Stay at our place tonight, Gideon. Colton needs you tonight." Lucas said, Gideon smiling.

"I wouldn't be anywhere else, Luke. I know he's greatly worried for you. I see he's deeply bonded with you."
"And with you, Gid."
Gideon smiled, shutting off the recorder, placing it and his notepad into the briefcase again.

"Thank you for giving him your friendship and love, Lucas. We're both going to give you the same back."
Lucas smiled, the young man rising.

"See you in the morning, Gid."
Gideon's eyes looked towards the policeman, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

The young man pulled Gideon into another hug, Lucas whispering in his ear.

"Tell my Josh I love him. I'm going to be okay. And I know Jus and Lancy will look after him." he softly said, Gideon breaking their embrace again.

"I shall, Luke. Until tomorrow."

Lucas nodded, the young man walking over to the policeman, the officer guiding him out of the room through the locked door they'd entered.

Gideon sighed, closing his briefcase, walking over to another exit door, walking out of the room.

Outside in the hallway, Harry and Alain stood up, looking at Gideon.

"Let's head to the house, guys. I'm sure everyone's worried." Gideon said, Harry staring at him.

"Is he okay, Gideon?"

"He's Lucas, Harry. He's strong and focused. And he seems calm. That speaks volumes to his new lawyer."

Harry nodded with a smile, the three men walking towards the front desk.


Josh and everyone else stood up as he heard the front door opening, Gideon walking into the living room, Harry and Alain behind him.

"What's the verdict, Gideon? How's Lucas doing?" Chris said, Piney's arm around him.

"He's been booked and charged. There's a bail hearing tomorrow. He's unfortunately incarcerated for the night. There was nothing I could do about that. But he seemed in calm spirits." Gideon said, Colton rising from the couch, the young man's arms going around his uncle, Gideon hugging him close.

"I feel his calmness now, Uncle Gideon." Colton said, Gideon nodding, Colton looking towards Josh.

"He's going to be okay, Josh. He'll be home soon." Colton said, Josh smiling at the young man, Colton and Gideon sitting down on a couch, Josh sitting down beside them.

"He hugged me at the last moment before we parted. There was an officer in the room, so he needed to be discreet. He whispered to me to tell you that he loves you, Josh. And that he's going to be okay."
Josh nodded, Justin sitting on the armrest of the couch, his arm going around Josh's back.

"We all know that. He's Lucas. The boy's nothing if not courageous." Justin said, Josh smiling up at him.

"I just want him back here with me. I still can't believe this."
"You have to believe it, Josh. The charges are real. And you all should know the police have issued a statement. Lucas' troubles are in the media's eyes now. Your front gate is becoming a free for all. We had to fight our way in." Gideon said, Harry and Alain nodding.

"And we'll have to fight our way out." Justin said, Josh looking up at him and then around at everyone.

"You're all welcomed to stay here tonight." he said, Chris smiling at him.

"Let me at that press. I'll show them our belief in Lucas' innocence. Piney and I are going home. We'll take them all on." he said, Chris Pine smiling at his soulmate.

"More of a ferocious bear than a teddy bear my man is."

Chris smiled, Piney kissing his lips.

"I'll stay, Josh. Lucas asked me to stay for your sake, Colt." Gideon said, Colton smiling at him.

"Great, Uncle Gideon."

"Jus and I'll stay as well, Josh. You need both of us." Lance said, Josh nodding.

Gideon softly smiled, sensing Lucas was right about Justin and Lance being there for Josh.

"Thanks, guys. But it's Lucas I need." he said, Justin rubbing his back.

"We know, Joshy. He'll be home tomorrow. And then we'll fight this. Right, Gideon?"

The young lawyer nodded, looking around at everyone, his eyes meeting Finn's.

"I'll fight it with all my firm's resources, Josh. And with all my experience. I'm here for Lucas completely." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"We all are, Gid." he said, the man smiling at the Welshman.

"Lucas just used that nickname tonight. I'd welcome all of you calling me Gid as well."

Everyone smiled at the lawyer, Gideon's eyes meeting Finn's again.

"I'd like to go over your version of events as well, Finn. Lucas went through everything he saw. I'd like to get your perspective. Any little detail--regardless of how minute you think it is--will help."

"Let's go into the kitchen, Gid." Finn said, Skyler looking at her man, his arms around her.

"Won't be long, my love." he said, Skyler kissing his lips.

The man walked out of the living room, Gideon rising and following him.


The group quietly talked, Lance and Colton bringing coffee and light food into the living room, everyone surrounding Josh.

Finn and Gideon talked in the kitchen, drinking coffee and eating small sandwiches as well, the lawyer going over the night with Finn.

Harry and Alain sat across from Josh, Justin and Lance on one of the couches, Josh looking at both men.

"Did you get to see him, guys?" He said, Harry shaking his head in the negative.

"No, Josh. Only Gideon saw him." Alain said, Harry sighing.

"If they only knew him they'd know Lucas could never do such a thing!" Harry said, Skyler moving and sitting down beside him.

"They don't know him, Harry. They have to go by the law. I know Lucas doesn't fault them for that. And we all know the depth of Lucas' innocence. We now have to focus on proving that innocence." she said, her eyes looking towards the hallway to the kitchen.

"How's Finn doing, Sky? He's been really quiet since Lucas left." Trish said, the woman's blue eyes meeting her blue.

"He's upset, Trishy. As we all can see. But I think there's something else bothering him." she said, looking towards the hallway again.

"We refuse to believe Finn had anything to do with it either. Other than the fist fight he and Jake had. He left Jake alive." Lance said, Skyler nodding.

"I know that with all my heart, Lance. I just sense there's something else going on here." she said, Justin nodding.

"It's a mystery, alright. But we don't know about Jake's past, or the paths he's walked, as Lucas said earlier." Josh said, thinking on Lucas' words.

"I think Lucas does, Josh."

All eyes turned, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"What do you mean, Colt?" Justin said, Lance meeting his lover's blue eyes.

"Lucas was so calm all day. He seemed to be resigned to his fate, so to speak. I think Lucas knew he'd be implicated in this. Perhaps because he knows who's behind it."
"You think Lucas knows everything?" Josh said, Colton looking at his friend.

"I don't know the truth of that, Josh. All I know is that Lucas seemed very calm, very determined. I think his magic is simmering through all of this. He knew Finn was in danger and went there to aid him at his own risk. I think I may be right in regards to Lucas changing the path last night."

The young man sighed, snuggled between Justin and Josh.

"But what did he change on that path? And why?" Josh said, another voice filling the quiet room.

"I think he changed it for me."

Everyone's eyes went to the hallway, Finn and Gideon standing there, Finn having spoken.

The young man's face was showing a soft look of emotion, the Welshman walking into the living room, sitting down beside his Skyler, Harry and Alain giving him room.

"For you, Finny?" she said, her arm going around him, Finn nodding.

"I think Lucas has taken the blame for me." he said, Skyler staring at him.

"What are you saying, Finn?" she said, Finn staring into her blue eyes.

"I didn't do it, never doubt that, my love."

"I don't, my Finn. I know your loving heart." she said, Finn smiling, the two kissing, Skyler's finger rubbing his bruised cheek.

"What I meant was that Lucas has somehow drawn the focus of the police to protect me. I should have been the one charged. I was the one who fought with him last night twice. Anyone would believe that I killed him in that last fight. Me and my damn temper!"

"We don't believe that, Finn." Harry said, Finn softly smiling at the bodyguard.

"I feel all of your love, guys. Thanks for believing in me." he said, Alain's hand going to the Welshman's shoulder, he sitting on Finn's other side.

"We believe in both of you, Finn." Alain said, Finn's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"I believe in Lucas' innocence, Josh. We'll find the truth."

Everyone nodded, Gideon looking around at everyone, the man sitting down beside Colton again, Justin giving him room, the young man handing his uncle a cup of coffee.

"Thanks, bud." he said, Colton smiling, sinking into his uncle's side, Gideon's arm going around him.

Josh smiled, seeing Gideon's protective love of his nephew.

"Tomorrow the real challenge begins. I'll try and find out what they have on him. Then we'll do our own investigating. Into Jake's past and his recent endeavours. Someone hated that young man enough to silence him. What the reason is we'll just have to find out."

"Will this go to trial, Gid?" Finn said, Gideon looking at the young singer.

"If there's enough evidence, yes. But let's focus first on getting Lucas home. Then we'll take on the truth." he said, setting his coffee cup down.

"You should be in bed, Colt. It's after two." the man said, Colton smiling at his uncle.

"You can bunk with me, Uncle Gideon. I want to snuggle. I need your love."
Everyone smiled, seeing the smile on Gideon's face.

"I snore, squirt."

Colton laughed, hugging him.

"So do I, Uncle Gid. Kindred spirits."

The man smiled, patting his nephew's back.

"A Carlisle trait. You head up to bed, I'll be up shortly." he said, Colton nodding, rising and hugging everyone goodnight, Justin the last he hugged.

"Sweet dreams, squirt." he said, Colton kissing his cheek.

"You'll be in them, beautiful." Colton smiled, Justin winking at him.

"Josh needs to snuggle too, Justin. He needs your love too, Lance."
The two men smiled, Josh kissing the young man's cheek.

"Goodnight, Colt." he said, Colton smiling, walking out of the room, heading up the stairs in the foyer.

Everyone sat back down again.

"That boy's amazing." Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate as his arm went around him, Josh smiling at both.

Gideon's blue eyes met Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"Lucas snuggled with him last night, he fell asleep in his arms." he said, everyone smiling.

"That man was everywhere last night." Lance said, Josh nodding.

"On many paths alone." he said, sighing.

Justin's arm was around him again, Justin sitting between Josh and Lance.

"He didn't intentionally lie to you, Josh. I sense he did that for a reason. And we now know it was for Finn's protection. He wanted to be sure Finny was safe." Lance said, Josh nodded, Finn staring at Josh.

"You're tired also, Joshy. Colton's right. Lance and I will help you sleep." Justin said, Josh looking into his friend's blue pools.

The man softly smiled, looking around at everyone.

"I don't think I'll be able to sleep without Lucas in my arms."

Everyone nodded, feeling Josh's soft emotions, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"Just focus on tomorrow, Josh. He'll be in your arms tomorrow." Piney said, Chris' arm around him.

"I think I will call it a night. I just need some time to think in quietness." Josh said, Justin nodding at him.

"Come on, Josh. I'll walk you up." Justin said, Josh nodding, the man rising, everyone standing up.

"We'll all call it a night." Chris said, everyone hugging Josh, hugs exchanged, the two Chrises leaving the house.

Harry locked up the house for Josh, the bodyguard seeing the two Chrises' Jeep disappear through the gate out front, flashing lights surrounding them, Harry seeing the four security guards by the gate.

Alain's arm went around him, the two kissing as Harry shut off the downstairs lights.

"We're safe, Harry. And Lucas' love is still here." he said, Harry smiling, his man walking him upstairs.


Josh sighed, settling back into the pillows, his two friends smiling at him.

"Comfy, Joshy?" Lance said, the man standing by the bed, Josh smiling at him.

Josh had let Lance and Justin remove his clothing, the man now laying in bed in his boxer briefs, satin sheets half covering him, his smooth chest on display.

Lance had removed his own shirt, his smooth chest shown, Justin smiling at his lover's beauty, Justin seated on the end of Josh's bed, his shirt off as well, the man removing his socks.

"Yeah, Lance. But this bed feels so empty without him. I still smell him in the sheets." he said, Justin smiling at his friend.

"His love surrounds us, Josh. Just think of him as hidden from your touch."

Josh softly smiled at his friend, Justin seeing tears forming in his blue eyes.

Josh moved upwards and forward, Justin's muscular arms going around him.

"Oh God, Jus! What am I going to do without him! He can't go to prison! He can't!"

Lance's eyes were filling with tears, hearing Josh's emotional soul.

"Oh, Josh! Lucas isn't going anywhere! He's going to be free! His love will never leave us!" Justin said, holding his friend close, his blue eyes looking up at his lover.

"His love will never leave all three of us." Lance said, the man removing his pants, placing them and his shirt on the chair by the bed, Lance then joining Josh and Justin on the large bed, his arms going around Josh as well.

The man was cocooned in the love of his two best friends.

Josh turned his head, Lance leaning forward and kissing his soft lips.

"Justin and I are both here for you tonight, Joshua. Our love will stand in for Lucas'." Lance said, Josh moving, sinking into Lance's smooth chest, Justin rubbing his smooth back

Lance moved backwards, Josh moving with him, Lance sinking back into the pillows, Josh's smooth body going against his smooth sleek form, his head going to Lance's smooth chest.

Justin smiled, rising and removing his own pants, placing them with Lance's on the chair, the man walking around the bed in his white boxer briefs, climbing in on Josh's other side after extinguishing the lights.

Josh felt his friend's smooth body go against his back, Justin's arms going around them both.

"Thank you both for being here. I just wish my Lucas was." Josh trembled, Justin kissing his neck.

"He'll be back tomorrow, Jus. And his love will be in all our arms. I'm planning on hugging him for at least an hour." Lance said, Josh softly smiling, Lance leaning over his smooth body, kissing his soulmate's lips.

"Me too. I love rubbing his ass." Justin said, Josh staring up into his blue eyes.

Josh smiled, wiping his own wet eyes, Lance kissing his forehead.

"You wish, Jus! That ass is all mine." Josh said, Justin smiling, snuggling against Josh.

"Then I'll have to settle for yours." he smiled, Josh feeling Justin's hand on his clothed ass cheek, kneading it, Lance smirking.

Josh smiled, moving around, laying on his back now, Justin snuggling against his left side, Josh between him and his lover.

"I love both of you. I'll need your love tonight so much." he said, Justin leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"We're both here for you, Josh. Now close your eyes." Justin said, his head going against Josh's shoulder, Lance snuggling into Josh as well, his head on Josh's other shoulder.

Josh smiled, closing his tired eyes.

"I feel your love, guys. It's enough for tonight. But please be okay, my Lucky. I love you. Goodnight, wherever you are." he softly said, Lance and Justin's eyes meeting.

The two moved their arms, joining them across Josh's abs, the man sighing, sinking further back into the bed, feeling the warmth of the two beautiful men surrounding him.

It was almost as warm as his soulmate's love.

Justin leaned across Josh's smooth chest, his lips meeting with Lance's, both men snuggling more into Josh, Justin's arm moving and pulling Lance closer to both of them, Josh in the center of their love.

The two men closed their eyes, Justin and Lance both kissing Josh's cheeks.

"We love you, Josh. Lucas' love is here also. In our hearts and souls." Lance said, Josh not answering him.

Lance's green eyes opened, staring at Josh's handsome sleeping face, his eyes then meeting Justin's opened blue.

"He always falls asleep fast surrounded by love. I'm sure he's in the center of our Lucas' love somewhere." Justin softly said, Lance smiling.

"His love sends all to a calmer sleep, my Jus."

Justin smiled, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"I love you, Lance. And I love Josh and Lucas."

"We all love you, Jus. Me the most."

Justin smiled, snuggling against Josh.

"See you all in my dreams, beautiful." Justin said, Lance smiling at him with love, his green eyes looking again at Josh's handsome sleeping face.

"Dibs on Joshy."

Justin smiled, closing his eyes.

Lance smiled, feeling Justin's hand on his hip, his own eyes closing.


Lucas' violet pools stared out into the semidarkness, the young man feeling the silence around him.

He lay in a bunk in a windowless cell, he the only one in the barred room.

His eyes scanned the darkness, the lights in the hall on the other side of the bars casting a twilight effect, the dimness making the room shadowy.

He sighed, closing his eyes, listening to the relative silence.

He felt in his soul the love far from him, the young man smiling, feeling his Josh's centered love.

You both love him, and he loves you.

And I'll always show all three of you my total love.

He smiled, suddenly feeling a stirring in his mind, his mind lost in a warmth of love.

He felt the warmer heat of sunshine even before he'd opened his eyes.

The sun hit him in his face, Lucas covering his eyes, moving his head to his left.

His vision took in the waterfall in front of him, Lucas smiling.

His violet pools adjusted to the brightness, Lucas scanning his pool.

"My dreamt sanctuary. Tonight I need your calmness so much." he softly said, staring at the cascading water falling into the clear pool.

"That is why you designed it. It is a sanctuary of love."

Lucas' violet pools moved, staring into two small blue pools.

"Rosa Sharon?" Lucas said, staring at the small girl smiling at him a few feet away from him, she seated on a small boulder.

"Hello, giver of love." she smiled, Lucas staring at the small girl, seeing the pink ribbons in her blond hair, her smile warm and loving.

"Hello, Rosa Sharon. Your brother's okay."

The young girl smiled, nodding her head.

"I know, Lucas. I feel his happiness and love through our bond." she said, Lucas nodding.

"He loves you, Lucas. Your love covers him."

Lucas smiled, staring at the little girl.

"I've been wanting to meet you, Rosa Sharon. Colt speaks highly of your loving soul."
The young girl smiled, looking out into the sunshine.

"I am of love from all my family's love." she said, Lucas quietly watching her.

"I wasn't sure if we'd ever meet face to face, Rosa Sharon. Joshua said I couldn't see you here." he said, the small girl smiling at him.

"We've met many times, Lucas. Here in the world of your true self."

Lucas looked confused, the girl looking out into the water.

"I've never met you, Rosa Sharon. Only in passing visions, like at your grandmother's funeral."

The young girl nodded, looking at the handsome young man across from her.

"I am here because you let me in, Lucas. Your love and magic stretches across many voids and many realms."

"You've met Joshua, haven't you? You're as riddled as he."

The young girl giggled, smiling more.

"I have watched him, through past and present endeavours. But I only watch."

"Are you an associate of the man called The Watcher?"

The little girl smiled, staring at the handsome young man.

"He is another entity of his own self." she said, the man looking at her.

"Who is he?"

"I don't fully know that, Lucas." she said, Lucas staring at her.

"You seem very relaxed, calm and assured, Rosa Sharon. You're only a child."

She smiled, standing up and walking to the pool's edge, staring at the water

"Eternity's waiting reality gives a soul time to focus on all, Lucas. With the next path your soul heightens. Love is real, Lucas. It is the foundation of all existence. I think that's why you're so amazing."

"I'm amazing? Why?"

She smiled, turning and staring at him.

"Because you hold more love than life's ever warranted." she said, Lucas looking surprised.

"You mean I am greater than I should be?"

"Greater in love, yes. And in magic and in life." she smiled, walking over to him, sitting down beside him on the boulder he sat on.

Lucas tentatively reached out, his hand going to her small shoulder, the young man feeling her warmth at the touch.

"You feel real, Rosa Sharon." he softly said, the little girl smiling.

"I am real in your love, Lucas. And it's just Rosy." she smiled, Lucas softly smiling.

"Okay, Rosy. Why are you here, here in my sanctuary?"

She smiled, looking up into his violet pools.

"Because you gave me safe haven, Lucas. Or rather your love did."

Lucas looked around at the pool, his eyes taking in its quiet beauty.

"Have I given many sanctuary here?"

The little girl smiled, looking at his thoughtful gaze.

"A few lost souls, yes. Your love is ever-giving. I saw Leila here a few weeks ago. She was swimming with happiness, her soul lightened." the little girl said, looking out into the clear pool.

"And then I saw the joining light fill the pool's center. She's gone on to the final path, her soul welcomed in God's love. Your love calmed her before her final voyage."

Lucas stared out at the pool, remembering the shadowed vision of Lynn's long dead cousin.

"I only wanted her to find a final peace."

"You gave her that, Lucas. Your love guided her to God's love."

The young man smiled, looking into the young girl's blue eyes.

"And what can I do to guide you onto that same path?"

She smiled widely, leaning upwards, kissing the young man's cheek.

"You're doing it, Lucas. You're giving your love to Colton and Uncle Gideon. Their love is growing, and I am a part of that love. But I think I'm something more."

"Something more?"

The young girl nodded, looking around the sanctuary.

Her blue eyes moved, staring at the stone hanging around Lucas' neck.

Lucas hadn't been that surprised when it had returned to him.

The police had confiscated the necklace, removing all his jewellery.

And hour after Gideon had left and Lucas was in his cell alone it had reappeared around his neck.

"What makes this stone so special, Rosy?" he said, seeing her staring at it.

"It is the heart of love. Or so the Watcher calls it." she said, her small fingers going forward, touching its star-etched center.

Her blue eyes softly glowed, the young girl smiling.

"Of course!" she smiled, Lucas staring at her.

"Of course what?" he said, the girl's fingers moving back.

"The conduit of love, hidden from his eyes. What an intelligent man." she said, their eyes meeting.

"Who, Rosy?"

The young girl smiled, staring at Lucas.

Lucas saw a lot of love and compassion in those small blue eyes, the young girl's smile calm and loving.

"Do not burden your heart with worry, Lucky. Your soulmates' love is the answer to your hopes and dreams."

Lucas looked confused, the young girl smiling.

"Their love isn't that far away. It lays here always." she said, her blue eyes staring at him, her hand moving forward again, laying against his chest, covering his heart.

She smiled, rising up from the boulder, smiling down at Lucas.

"I have to go watch again. But the worries of life and your present situation can be overcome by the love you have shining in your heart, Lucas.  You're on the correct path now. And we shall all follow. And it's going to be amazing."

Lucas stared at her, the young child smiling, waving goodbye to him, her small pink and white form disappearing in front of him.

Lucas stared around the pool, the young man alone.

"You haven't given me any answers, little watcher of love." he said.

He smiled, standing up, looking around the sanctuary.

His hand went around the stone hanging around his neck, the young man suddenly smiling.

"Perhaps you have, Rosy."
He smiled, closing his now glowing violet eyes.

He felt a soft rumble of sound around him, then a breath of warm air, Lucas' violet pools slowly opening.


The young man smiled, taking in the vision of love before him.

Lucas moved forward, his arms wrapping around the nearly naked man standing in front of him.

Josh stood on the pool's edge, his man's strong arms enveloping his brief-clad body.

Two violet pools met his blue, Josh staring into his life.

"I love you, Joshua. No one will ever take you from me."

Josh gasped as felt Lucas' hand slip into his briefs, the young man's lips meeting his, Josh feeling Lucas' total ownership.

The singer became lost in the love possessing him.


Josh gasped, his blue eyes opening, a pair of blue and a pair of green staring at him in silent wonder.

"My God, Josh! You're soaking wet!" Justin said, moving back in the bed, Lance rising from his laying position.

Both men had beads of water spray on their chests, Josh's body covered in wetness.

Justin's blue eyes were gazing downwards, staring at Josh's now naked body, his briefs missing.

His whole body was soaking wet, his center's shaft long and hard, Justin's blue eyes staring at its well remembered beauty.

He saw a small bead of semen on its tip, sensing Josh had had an orgasm.

Lance's green eyes had also been scanning across Josh's smooth wet body as well, seeing Josh's state of arousal, that hardness now slowly deflating.

His green eyes met Justin's blue, the man softly blushing, his eyes scanning Josh's body again.

Lance moved more, sitting up, staring down at Josh.

"You. . .you were at the pool?" he said, Justin's eyes widening in surprise, meeting Josh's blue pools, Lance staring at him as well.

Both men saw a deep look of satisfied love staring back at them, Josh on the edge of ecstasy.

"It was. . .it was Lucas! He. . .he was so real! His love and touch was so real!" he softly said, his chest raising and lowering with deep breaths, the man's wide eyes meeting the other two sets of love.

"He. . .he pulled you to his love?" Lance softly said, Justin softly smiling.

"I guess his touch will never be hidden from you."

Josh smiled, his eyes looking down his own wet body seeing he was naked and soaking wet.

"I'm sorry, guys. For showing you everything and wetting the bed."

Justin smiled, scanning Josh's revealed beauty.

"I'm not. Well, about the free show anyway." he grinned, Lance smiling, his green eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"The boy's a slut."

Josh laughed, smiling at Justin.

"Yes, but he's our slut."

Justin blushed, Josh rising from the wet sheets, his nude body climbing out of the bed, Justin and Lance watching him, seeing that his back and ass were soaking wet as well.

"We need to change the sheets, guys." Josh said, standing naked before his two friends.

Lance and Justin both rose from the bed as well, Josh's blue eyes taking in the two tents showing in both men's tight wet boxer briefs.

Justin's was standing straight out, showing his total hardness, Lance's basket was large but well rounded, his height of arousal more than half way there but not as heightened as Justin's.

"Glad to see my wet beauty get a rise out of both of you."

Both men blushed, Josh smiling at both.

"Don't be ashamed, guys. I'm not, standing before you like this. We all know we love each other deeply. And with that will come a total openness. I love both of you. Thank you both for standing in for Lucas' love. But I now know I'll never be without it. But I welcome both of your love. Emotional and visual." he smiled, scanning both handsome visions.

Justin walked up to Josh, staring into his blue eyes, Lance smiling at both men.

He felt no jealousy in his soul for Justin's showing love for Josh.

He, in fact, loved the handsome man just as much as Justin did, although he hadn't experienced all of Josh's love.

Justin's hand went to Josh's naked shoulder.

"This wasn't a dream, guys. You went to Lucas' pool, Josh! And he was really there!"
"Yes he was, Jus. He was so real, so beautiful. And his soul was so needful. I became lost in the love. It was so intense. I. . .I gave into his need. It was so beautiful."
Lance smiled, walking up to the man, his eyes scanning Josh's still naked form, the man's shaft now fully deflated, resting on his large balls.

Josh's eyes met Lance's, then Justin's.

"He needed my love tonight, as I needed his. His love is always with me. And that pool of his love will be the place we can meet when we're apart. He said it was the conduit of his love. I'll never be without his love." Josh said, his eyes showing glistening tears.

"Enough of the tears, Joshy. We're both already wet." Lance smiled, Josh smiling.

"Sorry, guys. I think the path between both realms is the gathering wetness of Lucas' love."

Lance smiled, his eyes scanning down Josh's body again.

"You came back to us on the edge of an orgasmic flow, Josh. I take it Lucas' love was all-consuming?"
Josh smiled with a blush, nodding.

"He let me return after I gave him everything. We both left beyond happy, our love cemented in our souls."

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"Lucky man. He knew exactly what he needed. He'll sleep with your love tonight in his soul. I remember its totality."

Josh smiled, Lance smiling at both men.

"And that's what we should do as well. Sleep. You two hit the shower and clean up, and I'll remake the bed. We'll all get a good night's sleep with Lucas' love surrounding us. All of us carrying it within us."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"Hurry and come in with us, my love. Remember, you had dibs on Joshy. Why shouldn't it be a wet happiness?"

Josh and Lance both laughed, Justin blushing.

"Get to it. I'll join you soon enough. But keep it calm."

Josh smiled, he and Justin walking towards the bathroom, Lance's eyes scanning Josh's naked backside.

He smiled, looking towards the wet bed.

Your love echoes through all dimensions, Lucas.

And ours is here for you always.

I need all of you.

You the most, my loving Justin.

Lance smiled, hurriedly pulling off the wet sheets, his mind on the two awaiting him in the shower.

A few miles away a young man lay on his cell cot, his face wearing a soft smile, his body relaxing towards slumber.

Josh's love had calmed his soul, its reality always in his soul.

Lucas' violet eyes softly glowed, the red stone laying between his pecs glowing as well.

He smiled, closing his eyes, his thoughts on the future.

And the love of his three soulmates.

I love all three of you.

And now I can walk the true path.

And truths are coming.

Lucas smiled, sleep claiming him on the edge of tomorrow.



End of Chapter 104


Well, Lucas seems to believe he's on the true path now.

He's been booked for murder, awaiting a bail hearing the next morning.


He's alone in his cell but not alone in his soul.

He drew Josh's love to him in his sanctuary.

And Lance and Justin felt the wetness of that reality.

Josh was given Lucas' love on a higher plane.

But surrounding both of them is the real love of Justin and Lance.


How far will that quartet of love go?

Only the author knows and he's being his usual self.


Up next:  Lucas greets a new day with his usual determination.

And mysteries abound.


Hugs, Angel.