Yesterday's End-105

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 105


Josh paced the corridor, Justin's blue eyes focusing on him.

"It won't be long, Joshy." he said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"I hate waiting." he said, Lance's arm going around him as he stopped in front of him and Justin.

"We know, Josh. It will be over soon." he said, his green eyes meeting Harry's blue.

The young bodyguard sat on a long bench with Alain; Andrew, Trish and Finn beside them, Finn's arm around Skyler.

Colton stood beside Justin, the young man looking at Josh.

Everyone sat or stood outside a courtroom at the main courthouse in Los Angeles.

The group had left Josh's home as one entity, three cars driving through the paparazzi and surrounding mayhem.

The security guards had protected them enough for the three vehicles to move through the throngs and then gathering speed, leaving the reporters behind.

Pictures had been taken, the group remaining silent through the ordeal.

They'd met another slew of reporters outside the courthouse, the group arriving for Lucas' bail hearing.

They were awaiting entrance into the courtroom, the hearing room already containing the District Attorney, the judge and Gideon; Lucas soon to be present as well.

Lucas had been driven from the police jail to the courtroom, no one having seen him, the young man arriving through a private entrance, away from the surrounding pandemonium outside.

The door of the courtroom opened, a court officer walking out.

"You may enter now, everyone." he said, the man smiling at all the famous faces surrounding him.

Everyone rose from their seats, Josh walking past the officer, everyone following him.

They walked into the courtroom, Josh seeing Gideon, the man seated at a table at the front of the courtroom.

Across from him sat an older man at another table, Josh sensing he was the District Attorney.

He appeared to be in his early fifties or late forties, the man staring at the people walking into the courtroom.

Another man sat beside him, talking quietly to the lawyer.

The judge's bench was empty, the bailiff guiding the group to the seats behind Gideon.

Everyone sat down, Josh seated right behind Gideon, a long wooden railing separating them.

Gideon turned around, smiling at everyone.

He turned back to the front of the court, a door at its side opening, the bailiff standing by the judge's tall bench.

"Everyone rise, the honourable Judge Leonard Clayton presiding over this court."

Everyone stood up, the judge walking into the court, walking up behind the bench and then sitting down.

Josh took him to be in his early sixties, grey hair surrounding his jovial, round face.

Two eyes of piercing, intellectual brightness stared around the room.

Josh sensed the man was someone who took life seriously.

"Everyone please be seated. What's first on the docket for today, Clarkson?" he said, flipping through some papers on the desk in front of him.

"The state versus Lucas Carver, your Honour. Initial hearing for verifying charges and bail affirmation." the bailiff said, the judge nodding, finding the papers he was looking for, perusing them.

"All lawyers present?" he said, the District Attorney standing, bowing his head.

"The District Attorney is present, your Honour." he said, the judge looking towards him.

"Good morning, Mr. Waterman. And the defendant's representative?" he said, Gideon standing.

"I am Mr. Carver's lawyer, your Honour." Gideon said, their eyes meeting.

"Ah, Mr. Carlisle. You grace my court again. Looking for number thirteen?"

The District Attorney glanced towards Gideon, the man smiling towards the judge.

"Looking for justice for my client, your Honour."

The judge nodded, looking at the bailiff.

"Bring in the defendant, Clarkson."

The bailiff nodded his head, hitting a buzzer on the side of his small desk beside the judge's bench.

Another door on the other side of the room opened, Lucas walking through it, two uniformed policemen following him.

Josh's eyes were on his man, Lucas' face showing a calm steady gaze when their eyes met, a soft smile showing also.

The young man looked well rested, his orange attire baggy and loose fitting, his hands in handcuffs.

Lucas walked around the table where Gideon stood, the two policemen nodding at the lawyer, releasing Lucas' hands from the handcuffs, the two officers then moving to seats behind the District Attorney's table.

Lucas rubbed his wrists, looking at everyone behind him, his eyes moving back towards the judge.

"Good morning, your Honour."

The judge's eyes met Lucas'.

"For you, that may depend on this hearing, Mr. Carver." the judge said, Lucas staring towards him with calmness.

"You may be seated."

Everyone sat down, Lucas joining Gideon at his table.

Josh stared at his man's back, Justin's arm going around his friend.

Lance smiled at his lover, seeing his caring love for Josh and Lucas both.

Justin's blue eyes were on Lucas as well.

"Read the charges for the court, Clarkson." the judge said, leaning back in his chair, folding his hands in front of him on his bench.

"The charges against Lucas Carver as laid out yesterday by the Los Angeles Police Department are as follows: One charge of first degree murder causing death to one Jacob Addison.  One charge of wilfully destroying evidence. One charge of leaving the scene of a crime and one charge of robbery."

A couple of those charges confused everyone, Lucas remaining silent, quietly staring at the bailiff.

The bailiff moved, handing Judge Clayton the writ, the judge perusing it also.

"These are serious charges, Mr. Carver. How do you plead?" the judge said, Lucas about to rise, Gideon's hand going to the young man's shoulder stopping him, Gideon rising from his seat.

"My client pleads not guilty to all charges, your Honour." Gideon said, the judge nodding, looking towards the bailiff.

"Enter the plea, Clarkson. The charges stand." he said, the clerk nodding, writing in the ledger laying before him, the judge looking towards the young man seated at the defendant's table.

"Please rise, Mr. Carver." he said, Lucas slowly rising from his seat, Gideon looking towards the judge.

"You wanted to state something, young man?" Judge Clayton said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, your Honour. I wanted to state my innocence." Lucas said, the judge staring at him.

"That's what a trial will determine, Mr. Carver. You may speak your mind there. These are indeed serious charges. You do understand what's happening to you, am I correct?"

"Yes, your Honour. I understand the charges. And I'll meet that challenge with the truth."

The judge nodded, looking down at the papers again, then meeting Lucas' violet pools again.

"There is indeed a challenge ahead of you, young man. Very well, let's get to it then. Sit down again, please."

Lucas sat down again, Gideon looking at the judge.

"The charges are filed, the state's version logged. I'll issue a writ for a trial scheduling. What are your issues in regards to bail being set, Mr. Waterman?" the judge said, looking towards the District Attorney, the man now standing at his table.

"The state wishes to waive the rights to bail for Mr. Carver, your Honour. He is a serious danger to the community. The victim was brutally murdered by this sadistic individual. Los Angeles would be better served by having this nefarious young man behind bars." the man said, looking towards Gideon and Lucas, Lucas not looking at him.

"And your views, Mr. Carlisle?" the judge said, Gideon rising again.

"The victim was indeed murdered by a sadistic individual. But my client at the moment hasn't been found to be that individual. He has had no involvement with anything nefarious or criminal, your Honour. His record is clean and law abiding. In this country and in his homeland of Wales." Gideon said, looking towards the District Attorney.

"Ah, yes. You're not American, Mr. Carver. You do understand that the laws of the United States are different than English laws?" the judge said, looking at Lucas.

"My client understands that, your Honour. He is willing to stand in front of any country's justice, American or not. He is innocent of the charges." Gideon said, Lucas smiling up at him with genuine affection.

The judge nodded, looking towards Lucas again.

He looked again towards the District Attorney, sighing.

"You do have a spotless record, Mr. Carver. Bail is set at one million dollars. Ten percent mandatory for release. You cannot leave California until the outcome of this trial, Mr. Carver. You will turn in your passport and remain in the state."

Gideon looked towards the judge.

"My client is a musician, your Honour. He's presently touring the United States with his band." Gideon said, the judge looking towards Lucas.

"I am well aware of who your client is, Mr. Carlisle. The surrounding reporters outside made that clear this morning. My decisions stand. Next case will commence after a short recess." the judge said, banging his gavel.

Lucas looked towards the judge, their eyes meeting.

The judge stood up, everyone rising, the judge walking back into his chambers.

The two guards walked towards Lucas, Gideon nodding at him, the young man standing up again.

"I'll take care of the bail, Lucas." Justin said behind him, Lucas turning and looking into his blue pools.

Lucas smiled at him, his eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"We'll get you squared away, Luke. Everyone will be waiting for you." Gideon said, the young man nodding, walking up to the two officers, one handcuffing him again, Lucas led back through the door he'd come through earlier.

Josh sighed, Lance's arm going around him.

"He'll be home soon, Josh." he said, Josh nodding his head, his friends surrounding him.

Gideon's blue eyes looked towards the District Attorney, his blue eyes on Gideon.

"Another famous case, Gideon. You'd be wise to drop out of this one though. We've got him dead to rights." the man smiled, opening his briefcase, his assistant picking up their papers.

"We shall see, Derrick." Gideon said, the man smiling at him.

"Thirteen is an unlucky number, Gideon. It will be the beginning of your downfall." the man smiled, walking out of the courtroom, his assistant following with his briefcase.

Finn's blue eyes met Gideon's blue, the lawyer softly smiling at him.

"He doesn't seem to like you, Gid." Trish said, the lawyer nodding his head.

"Adversaries in law, Patricia. He's even more tenacious than I." Gideon said, Finn nodding his head.

Gideon closed his briefcase, the lawyer following his friends out of the courtroom.


"That was beyond intense!" Lance said, Justin's blue pools looking at him, he and Lance seated across from Lucas and Josh in  a vehicle.

The two men across from them were locked in a deep kiss, Justin smiling at his friends' showing love.

Lucas pulled back, Josh sighing.

"Yes it was." he smiled, Lucas smiling back at him, his arms going around his Josh, Josh's head going against his lover's chest.

"I was referring to our hectic departure not that amazing kiss." Lance smiled, the two men across from him both smiling.

"Yeah, that was intense also." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I've been in bigger crowds." Justin smiled, Lance looking at him.

"But those were fans, Justin. Not frenzied paparazzi. They've ripped your shirt." Lance said, his hand going to Justin's right arm, a long rip going down his silk shirt's arm.

"I think it caught the cuff on a reporter's thrusting mike." he said, Lance looking at the rip.

"It's ruined I'm afraid, babe."

"Should I take it off or would it be too much for the convict to handle?" Justin said, Lucas laughing, winking at Justin, blowing him a kiss.

"I've got all I need. My old ball and chain's right here." he said, Josh smiling, raising his head, their lips meeting again.

"Are you sure you're okay, babe? That last thirty feet to freedom was damn intense, as Lance said. Good thing Harry and Alain were both in front of us."

Their friends were in the two vehicles behind them, the group heading back to Josh's home.

"I'm fine, Josh. It was intense, but I'm fine. We all are, thank God."

Everyone nodded, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, the younger man seeing the beginnings of soft tears in Justin's blue.

"We're all glad you're back with us, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, moving Josh from him, the man sitting up, Lucas leaning forward, his lips meeting Justin's, then Lance's, both feeling Lucas' giving love.

Both men smiled as Lucas leaned back, Josh's arms going around him again.

Lucas had been released, the young man changing into a set of clothes that Josh had brought to the courthouse, the young man leaving with all of them through the middle of a slew of reporters.

He answered no questions, the young man surrounded by his famous friends, Harry and Alain fighting a path through them to their waiting vehicles.

"It's good to be free again." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Thank you both for looking after our Joshua." he smiled, Justin smiling at the young man.

"We love him and we love you. Our love looks after both of you." he smiled, Lucas smiling at the handsome man.

"I'm free, my friends. I'm glad to back with my loving three as well."
All three smiled, Lucas snuggling against Josh.


Lucas sighed, moving back from the table, two arms wrapping around him.

He sat at the patio's table, the young man surrounded by his friends.

"You ate too much, my love." Josh said, one of his hands rubbing the young man's clothed stomach.

The young man smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Jail food was crap, my love. I hungered for Colton's brunch fare." he smiled, Colton smiling back at him, the young man and his uncle seated beside Lucas on his left side, Justin and Lance on his right side, Lucas and Josh at the end of their table.

Chris and Piney were at the other end, another table filled with everyone else.

Lucas smiled, sighing.

"Hell of a day, Luke. We'll all so glad you're home again." Finn said, the Welshman seated behind Lucas at the next table, his hand rubbing his shoulder.

"So am I, Finny. Back in the love that completes me." he said, Finn smiling at his friend.

Lucas' eyes went to Justin's blue pools, the man smiling at him.

"Thanks for posting my bail, Jus. I owe you one." he said, Justin smirking.

"Nah, I think ya owe me a hundred thousand ones." he smiled, Lucas blushing.

"I'll pay you back, Jus."

Justin smiled, waving his hand.

"I'll get it back when you're proven innocent." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I talked to the bailiff. The first available trial date will be October thirteenth. I'll finalize it if you want." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"That's fine, Gid." Lucas said, the lawyer nodding.

"That's over a month away!" Trish said, she and Andrew seated with Finn and Skyler, Harry and Alain rounding out their table.

"That's fast actually, Trish. Most trials are backlogged sometimes up to a year." Gideon said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"But I warrant immediate dispatch." Lucas said, Gideon patting his hand which lay on the table.

"You're in the eyes of stardom, Lucas. I think the judge wants the notoriety to end quickly." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"I'm sorry, Justin. And most of all I'm sorry, guys." Lucas said, his violet pools looking into the eyes of his three bandmates behind him.

"For what, Lukey?" Trish said, Andrew's arm around her.

"This is going to throw a big wrench in our tour, guys. I can't leave the state." he said, Finn's hand going to his shoulder.

"We can reschedule things. Right, Justin?" he said, Justin nodding his head.

"My team's already working on it. You don't need to worry about that, Lucas. Focus on clearing you name. The tour can continue after that."

Lucas sighed, nodding his head.

"I feel like I'm letting you down." he said, Finn smiling at him.

"Never, Luke. We'll just take a mini vacation. After the trial we'll sing our hearts out. Maybe you'll have some time now to work on some new songs." Finn smiled, Lucas nodding again.

His violet pools looked into Gideon's blue, the young man sighing.

"We'll take the thirteenth, Gid. I want this over with. And it's an omen. Destiny intertwines with life." the young man said, everyone looking at him, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Destiny, babe?"
The young man sighed again, smiling at everyone.

"My life is a pattern of weaving destinies, everyone. Of drawing forces. October thirteenth is the birth date of all my ancestors, my father included."

Everyone looked surprised, not clueing into that fact as quickly as Lucas had.

"What does that mean, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It just means my life's on its path. And everything collides with it." he said, Josh staring at him.

"I'm me, babe. You know the paths I walk. I've just added another. A path of justice and truth." Lucas said, Josh nodding, everyone quietly staring at the young man.

Gideon's blue eyes were staring at Lucas as well, the young man smiling at him.

"So we have a few weeks to ready our case, Gid." Lucas said, Gideon nodding.

"I'm going to delve into Jake's background and his recent endeavours. Something's not jiving here." Gideon said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"What do you mean, Gid?" Finn said, the lawyer looking at the Welshman seated behind Lucas.

"That condo Jake was staying in was very expensive. As were the clothing and vehicles he had. I think the young man was being bankrolled by someone."

"You mean he was being kept by someone? Maybe Mars?" Finn said, Gideon looking at him.

"I'm not sure who, Finny. It just seems that he suddenly became a well off man. From what you've all told me he wasn't even working." Gideon said, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"What about Jake's funeral arrangements, Gid?" the young man said, everyone looking at Lucas.

"His body has remained unclaimed, Luke. No one's come forward to tend to that." Gideon said, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"I'll do it then."

Everyone looked surprised, Josh's blue eyes meeting Lucas' raising violet.

The young man looked around at all his friends.

"Jake was lost, everyone. Lost in a cycle of greed, lust and want. I once loved him albeit in a one-sided, false relationship. My heart still holds a deeper sympathy for the path he chose. I can't let him be thrown out like garbage. Everyone deserves the respect of a decent funeral." he said, Josh's arms tightening around him.

"I understand, Lucas. Your loving soul always gives."

Lucas softly smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"I'll take care of it, Lucas. He'll be buried with respect and care." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"Thank you, Gid. Send me the bills." Lucas said, the young man sighing again.

Colton's blue eyes were on his violet, Lucas smiling at him.

"Ask your question, Finn." Lucas said, the young man's violet pools turning, staring into Finn's blue eyes behind him.

The young Welshman was surprised, staring into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the deep love there.

"Lucas, did you. . .was I. . .?"

"Did I take the blame to stop them from arresting you?" Lucas said, their eyes staring into each other's hearts, everyone watching the two men.

Finn slowly nodded, Lucas moving from Josh's arms, his hand going around Finn's shoulder.

"That would be a chivalrous thing to do. But that's not what I've done."

"What have you done, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas' eyes meeting Josh's blue.

The young man sighed again, looking around at everyone.

"I've changed the path, my love. And in doing so I made the path follow its true destiny. A destiny I now realize I could never change."

Everyone looked towards Colton, the young man quietly staring at Lucas.

"Colton said he'd thought that you'd changed the path, Luke." Trish said, Lucas' violet pools looking at the young teenager.

"Our magic flows to our hearts, Colton." he said, the young man smiling softly.

Finn's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"What do you mean, Luke? What did you change?" he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"I was the one who invited Bruno to the party, Finn. For I knew he'd bring Jake."

Everyone looked surprised, staring at the young man.

"Why. . .why would you do that, Luke? After what he meant to you, why would you want him there?" Finn said, staring at his friend.

Lucas sighed again, the young man rising up from his chair, walking across the patio onto the pool's marbled edge.

He stood at the pool's edge, staring into the blue waters in front of him.

Everyone quietly stared at him, Josh beginning to rise up, Colton's hand going to his shoulder, the man stopping.

Lucas turned back to his friends, everyone quietly staring at his handsome face, seeing a few tears showing in his violet pools.

"That vision I had at this same pool so many months ago was a vision of Jake's death. But it also was a vision of something else. A duality of colliding paths, so to speak."

"A duality, Luke?" Colton said, Lucas staring at the young man.

"Yes, Colt. Two paths of death."

Lucas' violet pools turned, staring at Finn.

"You my friend, were supposed to die with Jake."


Everyone looked stunned, Finn rising from his chair, walking up to his friend, staring at Lucas in shock.

"I. . .I was. . .that night I was supposed to die?"

Lucas looked into his friend's shocked blue eyes, his hand going to the Welshman's shoulder.

"Yes, Finn. I saw Jake floating in that pool, and I saw you laying on his living room floor. Jake's murderer would have murdered you as well that night, Finnegan. If the path that I had seen had stayed true it would have been a double homicide."
"I don't understand what you're saying, Luke! Did you. . .did you save me?" Finn said, staring at his young friend, Lucas' eyes lowering, Finn seeing the familiar look of timid reluctance showing in Lucas' violet pools.

"You did! You somehow saved me that night!" Finn said, his hands going to Lucas' arms, Lucas' head raising, Finn seeing tears in his violet pools.

"You're my best friend, Finn. My brother! I had to change the path. . . I. . .I couldn't allow you to leave me! I need your love!" Lucas said, his eyes watering more.

Finn moved, enveloping his young friend, holding him close.

"Oh, Lucas! What have you done?" he softly said, Lucas slowly backing up, staring into Finn's blue eyes.

"I thought I couldn't save you, Finn. I thought that night when I went to Jake's that I'd find you laying dead there on the floor. But when I walked into that condo and didn't find you there I realized that my plan had worked. The feelings I sensed earlier weren't on the correct time line. The path did indeed change."

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Gideon said from the patio, Finn guiding his young friend back onto the patio, everyone staring at the young man, Lucas sitting down in his chair again, Josh's arm going around him, Finn sitting close to him.

Finn's blue eyes met Skyler's, his fiancée's eyes filled with awed emotion.

Lucas' eyes met Gideon's blue pools, then returned to Finn's blue.

"What plan were you talking of, Lucas?"

The young man sighed, staring into Finn's blue pools.

"As I said, I had the vision of Jake's and your death, Finn. I saw where it was, every detail. The layout of the condo, the pool, the bat, everything."

"That bothered me before, Luke. You had no way of knowing where Jake lived. How did you find his place that night?" Lance said, Lucas sighing, looking around at everyone.

"I've always known where Jake was."

Everyone looked surprised, Finn's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"You mean. . .you mean since he left you?"
Lucas nodded, Josh's arm tightening around Lucas.

"It's your magic." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"I've always felt Jake in my subconscious. Not a precise location, but always somewhere off in the distance. That feeling's heightened ever since the day he showed himself in your recording studio, Justin. Since then I've always sensed his presence. Like my magic was zoning in on any potential threats to my safe being."

"Like a security measure?" Harry said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Harry. He moved into that condo about three weeks ago. It was easy for me to find him there. My magic found him."

"You said your feelings weren't on the correct time line, Luke." Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"When I was home here that night and I felt Finn's anger, I realized that you were angry too early, Finn. That what I had set up may have worked. You went to Jake's place too early." Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

"How did you change that?" he said, Lucas sighing.

"I called Bruno the day before the party. I sensed in my connection to Jake that Bruno and he were well acquainted. So that I knew there was a good chance Jake would come with Bruno. He was looking for any way to weed himself into my life."
"You mean you felt their. . .their involvement? Bruno Mars is gay?" Gideon said with surprise, Lucas nodding.

"Jake's last few weeks of life were a cascading waterfall of lust. A lot of famous people in this town have experienced the essence of Jake's talents." Lucas said, Justin staring at his friend.

"Anyone else we know, Luke?" he said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"I'll never name names, Jus. I'm sure those people are dealing with their own memories of Jake after his death."

Finn's blue pools met Lucas' violet.

"I saw a few of them leave Jake's place that night before I ventured in." Finn said, Gideon looking at the Welshman.

"You did, Finn? That could be revealing. Who were they?" the lawyer said, Finn's eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Lucas is right. They weren't involved in this. They were only there to use Jake. Let their memories of Jake's lust sink into their souls." the man said, Lucas softly smiling at Finn, his eyes meeting Gideon's.

"Alright, Finn. I'll trust both of you on that judgment." Gideon said, both men smiling at him.

Finn's eyes met Lucas' again.

"So you knew Bruno and Jake were having fun?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"I knew that Jake would cajole an invitation out of Bruno to Justin's party. I used that hope to change the path."

"You keep saying you changed the path, Lucas. What did you do?"

Lucas sighed, looking at his friend.

"I did something unscrupulous, Finn. I used you."
Finn looked confused, seeing soft tears in Lucas' violet pools.

"I thought that if Jake showed up at the party he and you would fight there. I know your protective love. I knew you'd lay into him. I hoped that you would fight him there and not back at his condo as my vision had shown. I just didn't realize that in doing that plan, I changed the vision's path to its correct correlation. I only baited your anger at the party. His showing up at the party guaranteed your anger's brewing all evening and then you going in search of him later. But you went earlier than you were supposed to. You didn't show up at the juxtaposition of the true vision. You missed the attack on Jake. And therein you missed your own death at the hands of whomever murdered Jake. My plan in the end worked." Lucas said, his eyes lowering.

"You. . .you created another path for me to walk? A path of rising anger that would send me there early? You. . .you saved me, Lucas?"

Lucas' head raised, staring into Finn's blue eyes.

"I love you, Finn. I would do all in my life's end to keep you safe."

Finn pulled the young man into his arms, hugging him close, Lucas' head against his chest.

"I'm sorry for using you, Finny! For goading you into anger to save you!"

Finn smiled, hugging the young man tightly, Lucas actually gasping.

"I can't breathe, Finny!" he gasped, Finn smiled, breaking the intense hug, the two men staring at each other.

"You're one of a kind, Carver. The best kind."
Lucas softly smiled, staring into Finn's blue tearful pools.

"Forgive me, Finnegan."

Finn smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas on the lips.

"You have nothing to be forgiven for. You know me so well. You used my volatile temper to save me, Lucas. I will never forget what you just gave me. What you just gave me and my family." Finn said, his eyes showing tears now as he looked towards Skyler, the mother of his coming son.

"I gave you my love, Finn. I need my brother here with me."

Finn smiled, his blue eyes going to Skyler's again, seeing the young woman half crying, rising from her chair.

"You made the missus cry, Luke."

Lucas smiled, looking at Skyler.

The young man stood up, Skyler moving, her arms going around him and Finn, who'd stood up as well.

"Oh, Lucas! Your love never ends! Thank you, thank you!" she cried, Lucas softly blushing, everyone smiling at his usual reluctance.

Finn and Skyler kissed, everyone seeing their love in their eyes.

"I love you both. I love all of you." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Gideon's blue.

"I had full intentions of telling you. I just wanted to be free of that jail before I did." he said, Josh rising to his feet, his arms wrapping around him.

"You're so loving, Lucas. And you're home. We're all happy for both."
Lucas smiled, Finn's hand going to his shoulder.

"I love you, my brother." Finn said, Lucas smiling.

"Sorry, not into fur balls."

Everyone laughed, Finn smiling through his tears.

"Later, sexy. I've never had a convict."

Lucas laughed, everyone surrounding the two men, hugs exchanged.

They all sat down again, Lucas quietly talking through all the events of his vision and the path he'd created.

Colton sat in quiet silence, his blue eyes softly glowing towards Lucas.


Lucas sighed, walking out of the bathroom, two blue pools meeting his violet.

Josh smiled, staring at the muscled smooth vision that walked into their bedroom.

"How was the shower?" he smiled, the man laying back on the bed, wearing an athletic tank top and boxer briefs, both black.

Lucas smiled, a towel wrapped around his waist, his smooth muscled chest on full display.

"It was wonderful. I feel clean for the first time in over a day." he sighed, walking around the bed, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas sitting down on the bed beside Josh, the two kissing.

Josh smelled the cleanness of Lucas' body, his own scent coming out from under the soapy odor.

"I love you as well, my Joshua." he said, breaking their kiss, their eyes meeting.

A soft knock came to their door, Lucas smiling at Josh.

"Come in, guys." he said, the door of the bedroom opening.

Justin and Lance both walked into the room, their hands joined.

"We're just heading for bed, guys. Wanted to say goodnight." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at both men.

Justin smiled at Lucas, his blue eyes scanning the young man's smooth chest, Josh moving in the bed, his arms wrapping around his man's back, Lucas feeling his close love.

"Everyone in dreamland?" Lucas smiled, patting the spots on both sides of his towel wrapped body.

Lance and Justin both smiled, the two men walking across the room and sitting down on both sides of the young's man's body.

"Colton's still up. He's watching a soccer match from Brazil on ESPN." Justin smiled, Lucas nodding.

"He loves his sports." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"Must be all those masculine, muscled guys." he chuckled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Then why's he infatuated with you?" Lucas said, Lance laughing, Josh joining him, Justin blushing.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips.

"Just kidding, my love. We all worship at the temple Timberlake."

Justin smiled, winking at Lucas, his eyes scanning over him again.

Lucas smiled, his head turning, looking into Lance's green pools.

He leaned forward, kissing the man's soft lips, Josh and Justin both smiling at each other.

"Don't want you to feel left out, our toned green-eyed Adonis."

"Thank you, Lucas. We all feel your love." Lance said, Justin's blue eyes meeting his green.

"And I feel yours." Lucas said,  both men smiling at him.

"We'll let you two love each other. Josh needs you tonight, Lucas." Lance said, the man beginning to rise up from the bed, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder, Justin stopped as well from rising by Lucas' other hand.

"I wanted to thank you both for being here last night for my Joshua, and in essence for me as well."

"For you, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"I felt your love for each other last night, through the path of our joined love. Your loving each other calmed my own lonely soul." he said, Josh staring at him.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh on the lips.

"You haven't talked of it, my love. I sensed you wanted to talk about it alone. Our friends felt the realness of it as well. We four have no secrets." Lucas said, Justin and Lance smiling at Lucas, Josh's blue eyes locked with his violet.

"Was it real, Lucky? Did I really meet you there?"

Lucas' violet eyes met Josh's blue again, the young man smiling.

"Realness has several plateaus of reality, my love. I feel in my heart it was." Lucas said, Lance's hand going to his naked shoulder.

"Your magic drew both of you there?"

Lucas smiled, looking at his three soulmates.

"I was drawn there by someone surprising."
"Who, Lucky?" Justin said, the man moving his long legs, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

"By Rosa Sharon, everyone. I've finally met Colton's loving sister." he smiled, the three looking surprised.

"She's still there at the pool? I thought you couldn't see her there?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"I thought that as well, my love. I think that child has a surprising magic of her own." he said, the three staring at him.

"What did she tell you, Lucas?" Justin said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"That I've drawn others there as well. She seemed a little evasive on things, but she did say she saw Leila there."

"Mom's cousin?" Justin said with surprise, Lucas patting his knee in front of him.

"If you remember I told all of you that I'd guided her there because of her longing for a quiet swim of happiness. Rosa Sharon said that God took her from there. She's gone on her final path, Jus. I think your mother would love to know that."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"Remarkable, Lucas! The magic and love you possess!"

Lucas smiled, Justin staring at him.

"You three have felt both, in my heart and soul. And I last night felt your joined love. I believe that's why I was drawn there. Rosa Sharon showed me that the pool was an extension of my love. I'll always be able to find sanctuary there. And I'll always be able to add to it."

"Add to it, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think I've reasoned out what that pool is."

"What is it, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling, turning and kissing Josh's warm lips.

The two parted, Justin and Lance smiling at both.

"Joshua called it my sanctuary. An escape for me when the world's dramas overwhelm me. I think he's not quite right."

"What did he have wrong, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling.

"It is a sanctuary, that he had correct."

"But it's not yours?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Correct, our little slut."

Justin blushed, all three staring at Lucas.

"You heard us call him that last night?" Lance said, Lucas smiling.

"I felt the conversation of your love through your love. My magic, I believe, is intertwined with love. The love I give and need. That pool is a fabrication of my magic's love. I created it not for myself but for others. Rosa Sharon, Joshua, Leila and, I believe, others. I think even the Watcher's been there."

"Why. . .why was I drawn there?" Josh said, Lucas smiling with love at his man.

"Because my magic felt the need within you, Joshua. Your need for me."

Josh nodded, Lucas' arms pulling him close.

"I felt so lost last night without you, Lucas. Justin's and Lance's love was close--and needed--but I longed for you."
Lucas smiled, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"I know, Josh. I felt your heartache from my cell through the pool to this room. Rosa Sharon drew me there so I could, in turn, draw you there. As I did her, Leila and Joshua."

"But. . .but I'm real, Lucky. They're. . .they're no longer of this world."

"I know, Josh. But their love is no less real. Rosa Sharon, Leila and Joshua all had--and still have--loving souls."
All three men nodded, Lucas smiling at each one.

"The pool, I believe, is the center of me."

"The center of you?" Josh said, Lucas smiling again at him.

"The center of my love. The magic has created a sanctuary in the center of my existence. That's why I could draw all of them there. That's why I can now bring you there when we're separated. We'll never be alone, Joshua. Our love transcends all realms."

Josh teared up, Lucas hugging him close.

"That's. . .that's so beautiful, Lucas." Josh said, Lucas smiling, the young man seeing tears in Justin's and Lance's eyes as well.

"I don't know if the physical real us is there, I only know that our real love is. It felt so real to me. Not a dream, but something more." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"It felt as real as every moment you and I have loved, my Lucas. Overpowering and amazing."

Lucas smiled, a soft blush showing on his cheeks.

"Thanks for the glowing review, my love. You'll have the slut salivating soon."

Josh laughed, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"Your man came out of it with a great happiness, Luke. He was hard to calm down." Justin smiled, Lance chuckling.

"No, he was just hard."

Justin laughed, Lucas smiling, Josh blushing himself.

"And you both were beyond happy." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance both softly blushing.

"It's alright, guys. I felt Josh's calmness after, and his unabashed openness. You feel his love as greatly as I do."

The two men smiled, Josh smiling at both, Justin's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"I remember the beauty of that love. I have it again in my heart." Justin said, Josh smiling, Lance smiling as well.

"Wait till you have mine, Justin. I think I'll draw you next to the pool. Or maybe both of you."

Justin beamed, Lance smiling widely.

"I'd prefer both of us, Luke. I love seeing my man overcome with love."

All four smiled, Justin leaning across Lucas' naked chest, his lips meeting Lance's.

Lucas smiled, Justin parting from his lover.

"It starts always with you, my love." Justin said, Lance smiling.

Justin sat back, Lucas smiling at all three.

His eyes met Josh's, the man smiling, nodding.

Lucas' violet pools moved to Lance's, then Justin's.

"We'll let you two get some sleep. Or rekindle the lost happiness." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'd sooner rekindle the love of all three of you."

Justin's blue eyes met Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"It's a big bed, as you well know. Tonight, we all should bask in Lucas' love. It's too beautiful not to share."

Justin smiled, Lucas rising from the bed, the young man walking over to the dresser, his hands going to his towel.

He threw it on top of the dresser, Lance and Justin staring at his revealed backside.

Lucas smiled, opening a drawer, pulling out a pair of boxer briefs, slipping them over his feet, drawing them up his muscled legs and over his smooth muscled butt.

Lance's green eyes were on Justin's silent face, watching his man staring at Lucas' revealed beauty.

Lucas turned, leaning back against the dresser, his violet pools staring at all three.

"Yesterday was the hardest day of my life." he softly said, the three seeing an emotional look cross the young man's face.

Josh rose from the bed, Justin and Lance rising as well, the two men following Josh across the room.

Josh stopped in front of Lucas, the young man's violet pools staring into his blue pools of love.

"I feel the hidden emotions, my love." he said, Lucas moving forward, Josh's arms going around him, Justin's and Lance's hands going to the young man's smooth back, the three surrounding him.

"When I felt those handcuffs close around my hands I felt the chance of my greatest loss. I felt that I'd lose all three of you. That the vision would come true." he said, his voice etched with emotion, his eyes now showing tears, his head against Josh's smooth chest.

"Another vision, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas raising his head, his wet eyes staring into Josh's blue pools.

"The same one, Joshua."

"What do you mean, Luke?" Justin said, his hand rubbing Lucas' warm back.

"There were two other parts of the vision." he softly said, Josh staring at him.

"You saw your arrest for Jake's murder, didn't you?" Josh said, his eyes clouded with worry.

"Yes, Josh." he said, his eyes lowering.

"I thought that I'd be ripped from your love. From all of your love. But that hasn't happened. Yes, I saw my arrest, and now I have to stand trial for that vision." Lucas said. "But I'm not afraid anymore. For I still have your love. I have the three of you in my heart, and soul. And here surrounding me." Lucas said, the three softly smiling at him.

"I'm not afraid anymore. I have your love. That will see me through all of it. And the final part will right all wrongs. For the past and the present." the young man said, a look of deep love on his young face.

"What was the last part of the vision, Lucas?" Josh said, the young man staring into Josh's blue eyes, hugging Josh against him, his arms then moving, both arms pulling Justin and Lance close to him.

"I'm sorry, my loves. That part I have to keep in my own soul. Destiny's path must be walked." he said, the three seeing a calm look on the young man's face.

"You don't seem worried, my love." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"For myself, no. I have your love. I'll always have it. That'll get me through all of this." he said, a soft smile showing now on his lips.

His eyes turned, staring at Justin, then at Lance on his other side.

"Will all three of you love me always?" he said, the three seeing the tears again in his violet pools.

"Yes, my love. We all love you." Josh said, Justin leaning forward, his lips meeting Lucas'.

Lucas felt Lance's lips on his neck, the two close and loving.

Justin parted with Lucas, his blue eyes staring into his violet.

"I and my Lance will both love you forever, Lucas." he said, Lance smiling at his man.

Lucas smiled, Lance's lips meeting his now, Josh smiling at his two friends' giving love.

Justin smiled, his lips meeting Josh's.

The four parted, Lucas smiling at the other three.

"I need more than my Josh's love tonight, my friends. Will you and Justin surround me?" he said, Lance smiling.

"Always, Lucas. In any way you need."
Justin smiled widely, Lucas smiling.

"Only your love, horndog."

Josh laughed, his soulmate's arm going around him again.

"Let's go to bed, everyone. Lose the clothes, our loves."

Justin and Lance both smiled, Josh and Lucas walking back to the bed, climbing back in.

Justin smiled, looking into Lance's green pools.

Lance smiled, pulling his polo shirt over his head, his smooth chest on full view.

Josh smiled, remembering its smoothness against him last night.

Justin's shirt joined Lance's on the chair by the dresser, their pants joining them.

Josh and Lucas both smiled, seeing the revealed beauty of the two men standing at the end of the bed.

"I need your warmth and love, Lance." Lucas said, Lance smiled, the man's slim, toned body climbing into the bed, moving to Lucas' left side, Josh against his man's right.

"And where do I belong in this sandwich?" Justin smiled, all three staring up at his near-nude muscular, smooth body.

"My man needs the warmth of your love as well, Jus." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling, walking around the bed and climbing under the covers, snuggling against Josh's warm back.

"Like old times, Joshy." he smiled, kissing Josh's neck.

"Can the foreplay, Timberlake. Douse the lights." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling.

"You're no fun, Carver. And here I was going to climb the hills of Chasez to reach the Promised Land." Justin grinned, Lance laughing.

"Climb all you want, Justy. I'm against the Great Wall of warmth." Lance smiled, his hand rubbing Lucas' leg.

Everyone laughed, Justin leaning back and hitting the lamp switch, the bedroom going dark.

The four smiled, snuggling together, Josh feeling Justin's warmth behind him, Lucas feeling Lance's.

"Cocooned in love, Lucky."

"Wrapped in life, Beamy." Lucas said, Josh leaning forward, kissing his man.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm whole again." Josh said, his head going against Lucas' smooth chest, Lance's head on his shoulder.
"We all are, Joshua. For we have each other's love."

All four smiled, three sets of eyes closing.

Lucas stared upwards, the young man laying on his back, three of his heart surrounding him.

A single tear ran down his cheek, his silent thoughts on the end of that revealing vision.

All is worth the risk, when love is the reward.

I give all to get all.

He smiled, closing his violet pools.



End of Chapter 105


So, Lucas is once again free.

Awaiting his trial for murder.

He seemed to know more than he's letting on.

Which isn't unusual for him.

What is the ending of that vision?


Four have joined again in surrounding love.

And Lucas' magic now has a greater purpose.

Its greatness can now pull others into his pool of love.


Perhaps two others of showing love will be drawn there as well.

Justin seems more than game for that.

Our loving giving slut.




Up next:  The family draws to Lucas, their love uniting.

In more ways than one.


Hugs, Angel.