Yesterday's End-106

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 106


Lucas hung up the telephone, the young man's violet pools meeting two blue pools walking into the kitchen.

"Morning, babe. Who was on the phone?" Josh said, the two kissing, Josh's arms going around his man.

"Good morning, my love. Will you marry me?" Lucas said, Josh smiling into his violet pools.

"On New Year's Eve I shall, my love."

Lucas smiled, pulling a fry pan off the stove, Josh staring at him.

"It was Grayson, Josh. He's flying in today as per my grandfather's wishes." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

"Your grandfather loves you, Lucky. As do all your family."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

Yesterday afternoon and evening the house had been flooded with calls, all Lucas' family and Josh's calling with their concerned love.

Justin and Lance's parents and Joey had called as well, Lucas feeling all their giving love.

The news had broken, Lucas' charges all over the television and internet yesterday.

"I know they do, Beamy. Their love is a part of me. Where are the other two of our love? I left the three of you lost in slumber." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, the man wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of black cargo shorts.

"I left them in the shower. Justin was his usual remembered erotic self this morning. Lance sounded beyond happy."

Lucas smiled, pouring the bacon grease into a grease pot.

"I awoke to find you gone and myself between the two of them." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"And your love woke them in turn?"

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"Actually Justin woke both of us with his giving love."
Lucas smiled, Josh smiling as well.

"Our ever loving slut."

Josh grinned, kissing Lucas's lips again.

"They're both beautiful. As is their love. But they're not you."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips again.

"I awoke early. I decided to make breakfast for everyone."  Lucas said, Josh's eyes scanning the surrounding food on the counter top.

"What time were you up, babe? This is a feast." Josh said, Lucas smiling and picking a piece of bacon off a warming tray, Josh taking it into his mouth as Lucas fed him.

"I have to keep my men fed. And I was up at six-thirty."
Josh's arms pulled his man close.

"I'm okay, Josh. A new day, a new path."

"You're going to be proven innocent, Lucas. Your love is going to be free. As free as it always was." Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"My love comes with a price, Joshua."

Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling more.

"The price is all your love."

Josh smiled as Lucas kissed him again.

The two became lost in the kiss, a new voice interrupting their love.

"Not over the food guys! Finn will have a fit!"

Lucas smiled, breaking the kiss and his embrace of Josh, Josh turning his head.

Colton's young smiling face greeted both men, the young man walking into the kitchen, his arms going around Josh's released form, the man smiling at the young man's tender hug.

"Morning, Poppa!" he smiled, Josh chuckling as Colton hugged Lucas next, the young man breaking the embrace, smiling at Lucas.

"Morning, Dad!"

"Morning, sonny boy!" Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at his good mood.

"You beat me to it, Luke. I wanted to surprise all of you with breakfast." the young man smiled widely, Lucas ruffling his blond mop, handing him a glass of orange juice he'd just poured out of a carton he'd pulled out of the fridge.

"You surprise us with your love, Colt. Where's your uncle?"

The young teenager smiled, staring at Lucas.

"He's in the shower. It was nice to wake up in his arms this morning. His love is as warm as yours, Luke."
The young man smiled, handing Josh a cup of coffee, the three heading to the table, Lucas grabbing the coffee pot as well as a cup for himself.

The three sat down, Colton smiling at Josh and Lucas.

"And where are the other two of your love?" he smiled, Josh looking at Lucas.

"He knows, Beamy. Colton's magic feels our quartet of love."
Josh looked softly surprised, looking into Colton's blue eyes.

"We're. . .we're deeply fond of each other, Colt. But it's not completely what you think."

The young man smiled, patting Josh's arm.

"I only think it's beautiful. Four friends deeply in love. The privacy of it is your own. I'm just happy for all four of you. You the most, Luke. For you deserve a unique, unbelievable love."

The young man smiled, nodding at Colt, his violet pools meeting Josh's.

"Unique it is. Each a mirror of the other, the three together unbelievable."

"Thanks for the review, babe!"

Everyone's eyes turned, Justin and Lance standing in the doorway, Justin's arms around his man, he being the one who'd spoken.

Lucas smiled, winking at Colt.

"Meet the cream that is the center of this dessert. He goes straight to my thighs!"

Colton laughed, Justin blushing but smiling, he and Lance walking up to the table, leaning down and kissing all three, Justin pecking Colton's cheek, ruffling his blond hair.

"Watch the 'do, guys!" he smiled, Justin grinning.

"I thought you'd love me running my fingers through you hair, sexy?"

Colton smiled, looking at Lance, the man smiling at him as he sat down at the table, Justin joining him.

"Watch him, Colt. He's a real flirt."

"That he is, Lance. I'll try to control myself. I hope he can."

Everyone smiled, seeing the young teenager was more relaxed and natural around them.

"I smell food!" a voice came from the hallway; Finn, Skyler, Trish and Andrew walking into the room, the two couples hand in hand.

Gideon, Harry and Alain walked into the room behind them, everyone now down for breakfast.

Finn's naked chest was on full display, the man wearing his usual breakfast attire, Colton's blue eyes scanning its muscled hairy beauty, the Welshman winking at him.

"Coffee's on the table, Finny." Lucas smiled, rising from the table, Finn kissing his cheek, the seven sitting down around the table, greetings exchanged.

"How'd you sleep last night, Lukey?" Finn said, filling a cup for himself and for Skyler, handing the coffeepot to Andrew.

"Slept good, Finny."

The Welshman smiled, winking at Justin.

"Interesting. I'd have thought Timberlake and Bass would have kept you up for hours." he grinned, pulling on an athletic top Skyler had carried into the kitchen, Justin smiling at him.

"Only in your most perverted dreams, Finny." Lance said, Justin laughing, Finn blushing.

Lucas chuckled, carrying over platters of food, Lance smiling up at him.

"Do you ever notice the ones who talk the most about sex are usually the ones who don't get any?" he said, Lucas laughing.

Finn blushed a little more, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"Don't ever change, Finny." Lucas said, the young man staring into his friend's blue eyes, seeing the bruising had lessened, his face still showing some of the effects of his fight with Jake.

"Love me as I am, Luke." he said, staring up at Lucas' blemish-free face.

"Love heals me always, Finnegan. I'll help your face with some of mine after breakfast." the young man smiled, Finn smiling at him.

Lucas sat down at the table, Josh smiling at him.

"Did I hear the phone earlier? Who was calling this early?" Trish said, Lucas staring at her.

"It was Grayson, everyone. He's flying in later today." Lucas said, handing the platter of sausages to Finn, the man thanking him.

"Who's Grayson?" Gideon said, Colton looking at Lucas as well.

"He's my grandfather's lawyer, Gid. My grandfather's requested his loving presence around me."

"Is he corporate or family law?" Gideon said, filling his plate with sausages and scrambled eggs.

"Corporate mostly. He's shrewd, intelligent and resourceful. But he may be of great use to you." Lucas smiled, the young lawyer nodding.

"We can use all the help we can get, Luke." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

His violet pools went around the table, everyone softly smiling at him.

"The next path begins, everyone. The path of justice and truth, and perhaps something more." Lucas said, filling his man's glass with orange juice.

"You seem well focused on this, Luke. And I sense you're not worried that greatly." Gideon said, the young man's violet pools meeting his blue.

"It's life, Gid. My life. It will always be surrounded by drama." Lucas said, Josh's hand going in his.

"It will also be surrounded by love, my love." he said, Lucas smiling, his violet pools met by Justin's blue and Lance's green.

Those violet pools looked around the table again, everyone staring at the four men at its end.

"I'm sure you've all sensed a deeper love between myself and these three surrounding my heart." he said, Finn nodding, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Before your loving mind fills with scenes of debauchery, Finny, it's not that kind of love. The four of us have joined as one soul. One caring, loving, giving soul. We're all here for each other. Paths walked in the past--and joining paths of hurt, love and need--have joined us four. It's a love I welcome with all my heart. For now I need it deeply. For the future and for the present." Lucas said, his three soulmates staring at him with love.

"We understand, Lucas." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend, seeing a soft look of emotion on his rugged handsome face.

"Before you get all teary-eyed, Finnegan, your love is in my heart as well. All your love." he said, looking around at all the softly smiling faces.

"I share a great bond of friendship, love and life with all of you. You are all my family. Justin and Lance--and my Joshua--are the center of it."

Finn smiled, looking at Justin, then Lance.

"I envy both of them, Lucas. For your love would be unbelievable in that center." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Timberlake's beyond happy. I swear, the boy lives for nakedness." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing, Finn laughing, smiling at Justin.

"Should I cover my nipples before I get milked?"

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing more, Lance's lips kissing his cheek.

"That's one milking machine that goes full throttle, Finny. And this old cow's beyond happy." Lance smiled,  Lucas smiling widely, Justin smiling at his soulmate.

Finn laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"No worries, Finny. Too much work foresting through that jungle hair to find those small things."

Everyone laughed, Finn winking at Justin.

"Half the fun is the hunt, Timberlake." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's again.

"So what's the verdict on the tour, Jus? We're fine for the shows this coming week in Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. But what of the larger schedule?"

"I was waiting on your decision for this week. We can reschedule those dates for a week or two."
"No, Jus. The fans have bought their tickets, we won't disappoint them." Lucas said, his bandmates smiling at him.

"Okay, Luke. We'll deal with this week first. My staff is rescheduling the other dates across the country. It's going to be fine. Those fans will just have to wait a bit to show you their adoration." Justin smiled, Josh's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I need to show some adoration as well. We're taking a shower after breakfast, babe." he said, Lucas smiling with flirtatious love at him.

"Please, I'm eating!" Finn said, Josh smiling at the Welshman.

"Any meal is great when you have dessert after." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Finn's lucky, Josh. He had his dessert before." Skyler said, Finn's blue eyes staring at her with showing love.

"Eww! Hetro love! I'm eating too!" Josh said, Lucas laughing, Finn smiling at him.

"It's good to see you smiling, Luke. Nothing seems to change your demeanour."

"I'm living life, Finny. However surprising it turns out to be." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

The young man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Eat up, everyone. I've got a date with a sponge. A fantastic, beautiful sponge." he said, his violet eyes staring at Josh's handsome, smiling face.

Justin smiled, Lance filling his plate with scrambled eggs.

Lucas smiled at his friends, the young man eating off his plate.


The day continued, the group relaxing in quietness, the outside world not leaking into their sanctuary too much.

Josh wore a soft smile all morning and afternoon, everyone sensing Lucas' love and their alone wet time a large part of that smile.

After lunch Lucas had welcomed the four security guards into the house, the young man meeting all four on a friendlier level, the four seemingly great guys.

They took their job seriously, but their demeanours were open and friendly.

They all knew Justin from doing security on his previous tours, the singer introducing all four to Lucas.

Josh knew the head guard Clive as well from the N*SYNC days, the man patting Josh's shoulder.

"We're here to keep you all safe from intruding eyes and cameras. They're tenacious but we're well-seasoned. We've already thrown three back over the fence." Clive smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"You all go about your regular home life, we'll just guard around you. The outside perimeters will be secured." Karl, the largest of the four said, Justin smiling at him.

The guard smiled back, his brown eyes on Lucas.

"We've pulled many a young fan off Timberlake here, Mr. Carver. Reporters are even easier to conquer." Mario smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'm just Luke, guys." Lucas said, the four nodding.

"Okay, Luke. We have your schedules, and you have one of our walkie-talkies in the kitchen. Just inform us of incoming visitors and your own outgoing forays and we'll surround both." Clive said, Lucas nodding at him.
"Thanks, guys. You seem have it all in hand." Lucas said, Josh smiling at the four guards.

"It's our profession, Mr. . .I mean Luke." Simon, the youngest guard said, smiling at Justin.

The four shook their hands again, walking back out the front door.

"They're nice guys, Jus." Lucas said, closing the door behind him, seeing the atmosphere beyond Josh's front gates, a large crowd and vans still shown.

"Old friends, Luke. They've had my back through many tight situations. I trust all of them with my life." Justin said, Lance's arms going around him.

Lucas nodded, looking through the bevelled glass on the door's frame, the young man feeling Josh's arms wrap around him.

"Prisoners in our own home, Josh. I never wanted that." Lucas said, Josh's lips kissing his cheek.

"We're home, Lucky. We've privacy and security. The real world will come soon enough." he said, Lucas turning and smiling into his handsome face.

"How about a swim, beautiful? It's been a while since I've made Justin drool."

Everyone laughed, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"More like I'm the god-like Adonis, Luke. I think I'll give Colton a big thrill." he smiled, pulling his polo shirt off over his head, Lucas smiling at his smooth revealed chest.

"More dog-like than god-like, Jus. Our horndog!" Lucas grinned, Justin laughing.

"Wait till the pool, sexy. You three in Speedos will horn me up nicely. Come on, babe. Let's grab our Speedos."

"Why not the thongs, Justin? Might as well give Finn a chubby." Lucas said, everyone laughing, remembering the small thongs Finn had given them for the island.

"I think we know where those thongs are." Justin smiled, remembering the four small briefs with broken strings.

"No little pouch could ever hold Lancy." Josh said, Lance smiling widely, Justin looking at his man with deep love.

Lucas smiled, Lance and Justin heading up the foyer stairs, Josh smiling and meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"They loves us, Lucky. Aren't we the lucky ones." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"Come on, babe. I know what boybander excites me most." he smiled, Lucas' hand going under Josh's polo shirt, tweaking his left nipple.

"Chris isn't here, Luke."

Lucas rolled his eyes, Josh laughing, his man pulling him towards the stairs.


Lucas smiled, rising from his seat at the patio table, the young man walking across the patio, hugging the older man into his arms.

Lucas had a white t-shirt on and a pair of cabana shorts on over his Speedos.

Everyone had finished swimming, all now relaxing around the patio and pool.

"Welcome to Los Angeles, Gray." he smiled, releasing the lawyer from his warm embrace, Grayson overcome with emotion at the warm welcome the young man gave him and the endearing name he'd called him.

Lucas stared into his blue eyes, seeing the shining love there.

"It's good to see you in good spirits, Lucas. And these charges are--as your grandfather himself said--total balderdash!"

"That they are, Gray. But it's my life." Lucas smiled, releasing the older man, Josh shaking Grayson's hand, the others on the patio and around the pool greeting him with words and waves.

Lucas introduced his grandfather's old friend to Gideon and Colton, both shaking his hand, Grayson's blue eyes meeting Gideon's blue.

"You have had a stellar career, Mr. Carlisle. Your twelve preceding cases were exemplary in their surprising outcomes. Your intelligence mirrors your tenacity. Both made you victorious."

Gideon looked with surprise at the older man, Lucas smiling beside him.

"A great asset indeed we'll have in Gray, Gid. I have no worries now." he said, Grayson and Gideon both looking at him, the young man directing Grayson to the patio table, Colton walking into the house for refreshments.

The lawyer sat down, Lucas sitting down beside him, everyone else returning to their seats on the patio or around the pool.

"How are my grandparents, Gray? And my parents?"

"Emerson is beyond happy, Lucas. Francesca's reappearance has enlivened his soul. And your father's returned love has filled it to overflowing. I've never seen Em so happy. It's as if twenty years have fallen off his shoulders. His walk is spry, his form energized. Horace is beyond himself with worry." Grayson said, smiling.

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Franny's opened up the old house, its beauty returning to its splendor. They're both beyond happy. I see their old love shining." Grayson said, the man's smile wide with love.

"Love revitalizes all of us, Gray." Lucas said, the lawyer nodding.

"Your parents left the Havens a few weeks ago, back to Wales with your aunt and uncle. Emerson thought it best that they disappear off of Haven's radar." Grayson said, Lucas sighing.

"Any word from the other side of the drawn line?"

Grayson's eyes looked around, everyone quietly staring at him.

"None, Lucas. Haven's taken a defensive stance. The moratorium has him mostly sequestered at work. He's laying low. But I sense him patrolling the outer defenses."

"You make it sound like there's a war begun between him and your employer, Mr. Wainwright." Gideon said, Grayson looking at Lucas.

"Gideon's a friend and family now, Gray. As you sense the name concurs."

The lawyer nodded, staring at the younger lawyer.

"A hidden branch of the Carlisle family. It's amazing what you've found, Lucas. Francesca and Emerson were both so surprised, as we all are."

"Not entirely hidden, Gray. Just waiting on the path further ahead." Lucas said, Grayson's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"You continue to amaze me, Lucas. And your grandfather. And perhaps we haven't seen anything yet." Grayson said, Lucas smiling.

"Sometimes I amaze myself, Gray." he said, Josh's arm going around his man.

"Your love is beyond amazing." Josh said.

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips.

The man smiled, Lucas snuggling into him more, their two chairs seated close together.

"Your grandfather asked me to aid you in any way you see fit, Lucas. I'm at your complete disposal." Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You would never be disposable, Grayson. Your intelligence is legendary." Lucas said, Grayson smiling, Lucas smiling at Gideon.

"The two of you can talk over the facts and the forthcoming tactics. I'll abide by whatever you decide. But you both need to understand something."

Both men stared at Lucas, the young man staring back, the patio suddenly going quiet, everyone staring at their table.

Lucas' face showed a soft calmness, Josh quietly staring at him.

"I'll stand against justice, I'll stand against falsehoods. I have full intentions of clearing my name. I am innocent of all those charges, save perhaps one."

"Which one is that, Luke?" Gideon said, looking confused, two violet pools staring at him.

"I'll divulge that at the necessary time, Gid. Trust in my love and friendship in letting you know everything then."

The young lawyer nodded, looking towards Grayson.

Lucas smiled, Finn quietly staring at his friend.

"Some of those charges surprised us, Luke. Evidence tampering? Robbery?" Finn said, Lucas staring at him.

"Gideon and Grayson will find out the validity of those charges. I already know what's valid." he said, Gideon staring at him.

"We'll unearth all of it, Luke. No secret in Jake's past will remain hidden."

"We all hold secrets, Gideon. But the past always returns to the scene of the crime. So to speak." Lucas said, Grayson staring at him.

"Amazing as ever." he softy said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Gideon can use your help, Grayson. Your well-seasoned networks can filter out the lies and the hidden truths."
Grayson nodded, smiling at the young man.

"You give an old man fresh gusto, Lucas. I have been feeling a bit off center lately. Thank you for guiding me to a new foray of amusement."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I guide all to their life's path. And you can thank my grandfather as well, Gray. His love for you guides you always forward through life."

The man smiled widely, looking at Gideon.

"We'll go over everything after dinner, Mr. Carlisle."

"It's Gideon, sir."

"And I'm Grayson."

The two smiled at each other, Colton walking out of the house with two trays laden with drinks, Justin rising from his chair, Colton smiling at him, the singer wearing a long athletic shirt over his Speedos.

Justin took one tray, winking at the teenager, the young man walking up to the table.

"Dinner's stewing, everyone. We have an hour or more to relax." the young man said, Grayson smiling up at him, taking the offered drink Colton gave him.

"Thank you, young man. I'd like to freshen up before dinner." he said, Trish rising from her seat, Lucas smiling at her.

"His room is the last bedroom on the right, Trishy. Next to Finn's and Skyler's."

She nodded, guiding Grayson into the house.


Colton smiled after the lawyer, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Another walking in your love, Luke." he smiled, Justin smiling at the young man.

"It's a big heart, Colt. Room for everyone." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at his young friend, his blue eyes meeting Colton's blue.

"Let's have a race, bud. Ten laps, winner gets the other's dessert at dinner." Justin grinned, Colton smiling at him.

"You're on, Justin. I've made a nice homemade carrot cake. I'd love two pieces."

Everyone smiled, Justin grinning and pulling off his athletic shirt, Colton's blue eyes scanning his muscled, smooth form, the singer wearing black Speedos.

"This is going to be so easy." Justin laughed, seeing the idolizing blue eyes staring into his, Justin heading for the pool, Colton following him with adoring eyes.

"The boy wants to eat him alive." Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Oh, he's going to eat him alive alright." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"Justin thinks he can use his idol beauty to lull the boy into timidity. Colton's zest for competition is even greater than Justin's." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at his man.

"And Justin's not as energetic as he used to be." Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

"I wouldn't say that, Joshy. The man never stops. Hence my smile." Lance said, Josh smiling at him, remembering Justin's effervescent energy.

"Lucky us, Lance. I know the feeling." Lucas smiled at Josh, the man smiling at him with love.

Finn was making gagging noises, everyone laughing, all their eyes drawn to the pool.

"This should be good." Finn smiled, staring towards the pool.

Colton pulled off his t-shirt, his slim smooth torso on view, the youth wearing blue swim trunks.

Justin and Colton both dove into the pool, the two swimming to the deep end, Alain and Harry waiting there on the pool's edge.

Everyone watched as Justin and Colton lined up against the wall, Alain smiling down at the two, he and Harry asked by Justin to judge.

Everyone rose from their seats to take in the competition.

Within seconds the race was on, the two swimming across the pool, Gideon and Lance standing at the pool's edge now, cheering the two on.

Everyone smiled, seeing the two close to each other, Colton matching the taller man stroke for stroke.

They moved up and down the pool, Lucas watching the two fly through the water.

He smiled, rising from his seat as the two came down to the last two laps.

He walked over to the pool's edge, standing beside Lance.

Lance smiled at him, the man seeing Colton moving slightly ahead of Justin now.

"Come on, babe! He's leaving you behind!" Lance yelled, Lucas smiling.

"Come on, Colt! You're part fish!" Gideon yelled, the young teenager hearing his uncle, that praise giving the boy renewed energy.

Justin fought the water, the man seeing his young friend moving ahead of him.

They turned at the end of the pool, the last lap now beginning.

Everyone smiled, standing at the pool's edge, their cheering filling the backyard.

Lucas smiled, seeing Justin beginning to move faster now, gaining on the younger swimmer.

Half way down the pool's length the two were neck and neck beside each other.

Colton turned his head, his eyes meeting with Justin's wet blue eyes, the older man smiling.

With a burst of speed Colton moved forward, leaving the older man behind.

He touched the pool's edge a good ten seconds ahead of Justin.

Everyone cheered, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"This will bruise his ego." Lance said softly, Lucas smiling at him.

His violet pools moved to the pool, smiling.

Colton was waving his hands in the air, his victory salute matching his grinning face.

The young man felt two arms go around him in the water, his blue pools meeting Justin's blue.

"Congrats, Colt! You just made me feel old!"

Colton blushed, moving forward and kissing his cheek.

"You'll never be old in my eyes, Justin." Colton said, Justin hearing the adoration and love in the young man's voice, his face a wide smile of showing love.

"You were fantastic, squirt!" he smiled, the young man beaming with happiness.

"And you're slow, Timberlake!"  Finn yelled, laughing, Justin raising a one-fingered salute, everyone laughing.

Colton smiled at Justin, the singer swimming over to the pool's edge in front of Lucas and Lance.

"You gave it your all, my love. He was smaller and faster, that's all. You get points for being beautiful." Lance said, leaning down to his knees, kissing Justin's raising lips.

Lucas smiled, staring down at his near-naked friend.

"Age gives over to youthful energy. You're still our youthful tiger, HD." Lucas said, Justin smiling up at him.

"HD, Lukey?" Finn said, the young man smiling at his friend.

Justin beamed up at Lucas, knowing his new initials meant horndog.

"An inside joke, Finny." he said, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I don't need to know where Justin's been." Finn laughed, the young man not catching Justin's sudden movement.

Finn felt himself moving forward, the Welshman hitting the pool, Justin having grabbed onto his leg, propelling the younger man face forward into the pool.

Everyone laughed, the Welshman coming up for air, his t-shirt and shorts soaking wet.

"Ha. . .ha, Timberlake! I just dried off!" he said, slapping water at Justin, Justin laughing.

"Now who's all wet?" he smiled, Finn smiling back at him.

"I guess I am. This must be a dream for you." Finn smiled, pulling his wet t-shirt off, Justin staring at his wet, hairy chest.

Finn grinned, blowing a kiss at Justin.

"Gimmee somma dat!" Alain screamed, the black man cannon-balling right in front of Finn, sending the Welshman under again.

Harry laughed, diving into the pool, others joining them in the pool, removing their shirts and shorts first.

Lucas smiled at Lance, their eyes meeting.

"When in Rome." Lucas grinned, grabbing hold of Lance, picking him up off his feet, the man's eyes widening.

"No, Lucky!" he screamed, he and Lucas jumping into the pool.

Josh laughed, staring down at the two as they came up in front of Justin, the man smiling at his soulmate and Lucas.

"I just got dry, Lucky!" Lance said, splashing water at him.

"I like you both wet. Why should Beamy have all the fun?"
The two men smiled, Justin's wet arms going around Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Then take all the wetness you need. Come on in Joshy!" Justin said, smiling up at his friend.

Josh smiled, removing his t-shirt and shorts, his red Speedo-covered center diving into their love.

Everyone swam, love and friendship filling his pool.



Three Days Later


"Hello, everyone. Morgan Sheppard here again, reporting live for ABC World News Tonight, outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Today marks the arrival of Orion, the Welsh pop group that's filled this stadium for its first concert on its west coast tour.

A World tour that's been largely postponed because of the charges levelled against the group's lead singer, Lucas Carver.

As we've reported all week, the young man's in the center of an infamous murder case.

He's been officially charged with murder, and remains tethered here in California, unable to leave the state until the end of his trial, which we've learned is scheduled to begin in mid October.

It seems his newfound celebrity status is gaining him new friends.

Justin Timberlake, his record label's owner, has even posted the young man's bail.

The young man's been seen lately in the center of the cream of music's top celebrities.

And now the trial's been moved up, in hopes of an early outcome so the young man can continue their upcoming tour.

Sources we have talked to say that Carver doesn't seem too worried about these substantiated charges.

The victim has been identified as Jacob Addison, a young American drummer who Lucas Carver dated for over a year in England.

Lucas Carver as you know is gay.

That intimate open relationship between the two men ended suddenly over a year ago, but Addison had been seen around Los Angeles and around Lucas Carver himself.

Word around the group is that the victim and Carver weren't on the best of relations.

The young drummer was involved in an altercation with another member of the group hours before his death at a party hosted at Justin Timberlake's record company in Los Angeles last week.

Hours later the young man was savagely beaten, then murdered, in his West Hollywood condo.

The police had enough evidence to implicate Lucas Carver in the man's death.

Tonight the young man and his friends are continuing their tour as if nothing's happened.

Is this Lucas Carver showing his bravado?
Or is he just another greedy young pop star seeking the light of fame?

I'm hoping to meet the young man  this evening and ask him that question among others.

He's been keeping a low profile with the media since the news broke.

That appears to be changing tonight.

He's currently staying at the home of J.C. Chasez, former member of N*SYNC and former celebrity judge on America's Best Dance Crew.

The young man's in the center of a media storm, right where some believe he loves to be.

Stardom and fame may drive this young Welshman's heart.

I'll keep you posted on the latest developments in regards to his fame and his notoriety.

I'll have a full report tomorrow morning on GMA.

This has been Morgan Sheppard reporting outside the upcoming concert for Orion in Los Angeles.

Back to you, David."


Lucas sighed, Justin shutting off the television.

Josh's arms were wrapped around the young man's waist, the two leaning against a wall in the arena's private area.

"That man's so full of himself." Finn said, seated with Skyler on a couch, Lance and Justin sitting beside them.

The group was in their private waiting room awaiting their appearance on stage.

Tracy and her band were already on stage, opening the night's festivities.

"He's a reporter, Finny. They're all after only one thing. The big story." Alain said, he and Harry seated on another couch.

"And I may be the biggest." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"The bigness of you is your heart, my love."

Lucas smiled, staring into his man's eyes.

"What about the rest of me?" he said, Josh smiling.

"That's all damn fine too." Justin said from the couch, Lucas smiling at him.

The door of the room opened, Colton and Gideon walking in, the two followed by the stage manager.

"Thanks for the tour, Noel." Gideon said, the man smiling towards Justin.

"Tracy's set is almost finished, guys. You're on in twenty." he said, Justin nodding at him, the man closing the door behind him as he walked back out.

"This place is freaking awesome, Luke!" Colton said, Lucas smiling at the teenager, seeing his blue eyes wide with excitement.

His camera hung around his neck, Lucas putting his arm around him as the young man walked up to him.

Gideon smiled, sitting down beside Trish and Andrew, seeing his nephew's bursting happiness.

"I hope you got some good shots of Tracy's group?" Lucas smiled, Colton nodding.

"You bet, Luke! And of the audience. The place is packed! They're loud and happy." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his own showing happiness.

"Apparently we're liked." he smiled, looking at his bandmates.

"We have Colt's seal of approval and he hasn't even heard us sing yet!" Finn laughed, the young man blushing.

"Tracy's wowing them, you're all going to send them over the edge."

Finn smiled, standing up and walking up to the young man, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"So she's getting them all hot and bothered and we're going to make them orgasm? Kinky, Colt!"

Colton blushed more, his blue eyes staring into Finn's blue.

"I hope you brought your Viagra, Finn."

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn blushing but smiling, staring at the teenager.

"Good one, squirt! You've been hanging around Timberlake too long."

"Well, he is my idol."

"And what are we, squirt? Think carefully, you're at our concert." Finn smiled, folding his arms across his chest, Colton looking around at the band.

"You're all my friends. I'm here to hear my friends' love."

Everyone smiled, Finn laughing, kissing the young man's cheek, Colton smiling.

"Well said, Colt."

Lucas smiled, someone knocking on the door again, Justin saying enter.

Jimmy walked into the room, followed by two security guards.

"The arena's packed, guys. A sold-out crowd. Standing room only. Security's in place, in and outside the arena." he smiled, Lucas nodding, looking towards the silent television screen.

"We're secure here, Luke. We won't be bothered till after the show." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

Leaving Josh's home and entering the stadium here had both been frenzied ordeals .

The media had surrounded them, their vehicles almost halted by the surrounding mayhem.

There had been just as many awaiting them at the arena as they arrived, security finally guiding them through a cordoned off entrance.

"I don't like your idea of doing an interview after the show, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas' arm going around his man.

"We can't hide, Josh. I have to live my life, however needful they are. I'm just going to be honest and speak from my heart. Orion needs to sing, my love. And I need my freedom. As much as can be given me with their following eyes." he said, his bandmates smiling at him, Trish and Skyler rising from their seats.

Lucas smiled at them and Finn, the young man standing with his bandmates.

"We do need to sing, Luke. And life needs to be lived. We're here for you." Finn said, Lucas smiling.

"We're here for each other, Finny. Let's wow them. With our music and our love." he said, the young man pulled into a group hug, everyone around them standing up.

Colton stood behind them, his camera going off, the young man smiling.

They broke their embrace, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Make sure you keep focused on Finny on stage, Colt. He usually strips when he's in the spotlight."

Colton grinned, Finn laughing.

"I may pop up in the boy's dreams yet." he grinned, Colton blushing.

"Sorry, Finn. I'm not into Ewoks."

Everyone laughed, a knock coming to the door again, Noel's head popping into the room.

"Ten minutes, guys. Tracy's set's over."

The four bandmates smiled, everyone surrounding them hugging them.

"Let's go to our seats, Colt. Then let's see what all the fuss is about." Gideon smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Front row center, guys. Watch out for the throwing brassieres and panties."

Everyone laughed, the group walking out of the room, security following.


Morgan Sheppard puffed on his cigarette, the man leaning against the stone wall of the arena's north entrance.

Around him stood several other reporters, everyone smoking.

His own cameraman stood beside him, tossing his cigarette on the ground, smashing it into the cement.

"It's almost time for the main event." the man said, Morgan looking at him.

"Find us a spot dead center. I'll join you shortly, Ben. Just want to finish this toke." the man said, the cameraman nodding.

"Don't be long. This should be interesting." he smiled, Morgan nodding.

"Just another celeb with his nose in the air." Morgan said, Ben staring at him.

"What's your beef with him, man? I sensed all week your needling him every chance you get. You haven't even met him yet." the cameraman said, Morgan staring at him.

"He's looking to be famous, Ben. I don't like people who strive outside their means."

The cameraman stared at the man, taking in his rugged good looks, the man in his early thirties.

The two had had their own fun, Ben always a believer in working close with someone.

Why not as close as you can get?

"You're in the celeb game too, Morgan."

The man stared at his friend.

"And I have a job to do. We both do."

The cameraman smiled, looking over towards the other reporters who were talking together, ignoring them.

"He's a hot little number. I like the open gay part. Wonder if he'd be game for some fun?" the young cameraman said, Morgan staring at him.

"I'm sure he'd think we were both out of his league. We're not famous enough." the reporter said, Ben smiling at him.

"I've got more than he can handle, as you well know."

The reporter stared at the cameraman.

"Kept it focused, Ben. I'll take care of that later."

The cameraman smiled, the man moving towards the double doors leading into the arena, the other reporters dousing their cigarettes and cigars, following the man.

Morgan was left alone in the early evening's cooling air, the man puffing on his dying cigarette again.

His cell phone went off in his pocket, the man pulling it out, staring at the showing number.

He answered it, staring around him.

"Yeah, I'm here." he said, listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.

"It's all a go. I've got the questions ready. He'll be easy to agitate." the man said, tossing his cigarette onto the ground, stomping it out.

"Yes, I'll focus on that. Believe me, it will set him off. And that in turn will show the other's true self. I know how to handle all of them. You'll get your required result. And I'll get the price you promised."

The voice replied back to him, the reporter smiling.

"You picked the right one, my friend. And I'm going to be even better. Talk to you later."

The man closed off his phone, staring at the number still showing.

"Don't know what your game is in this, but I'm game for the end result to go my way."

The man smiled, looking towards the doors.

"I'm coming, Carver. And your price in all this will be a life behind bars."

The man laughed, walking into the arena, heading for the awaiting media show.



End of Chapter 106


The group has returned to their touring life, albeit a shortened tour.

Their world tour is on hold, pending Lucas' trial.

The media surrounds Lucas' life.


And a new character stands in the wings, his desire the inner story surrounding Lucas' life.

Or maybe he's desiring more?

Who was Morgan talking to?
What has he got planned for Lucas at that upcoming media meeting after the concert?


Colton and Gideon have blended into the group's center, two others joining Lucas' inner circle.

There's lots planned ahead for both--some obvious, some hidden.

Trust in me to flow the magic.


Hugs, Angel.